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TC5000wn Inaccurate Reveiws / Price
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Post# 1044123   9/7/2019 at 18:04 (1,637 days old) by PinkPower4 (USA)        

I am checking out the reviews on Speed Queen for the TC5000wn, and I see the attached review and response (see picture). Does the TC5000wn even have a warm rinse?

Also, someone else posted a review they were happy the product has mechanical controls and no circuit boards to burn out (see attached picture). The TC5000wn has two control boards (per a review from a reputable dealer that showed what looks to be two control boards). Why doesn't Speed Queen add a statement that corrects that?

All companies should strive to make sure the product information at least on their website is accurate. The biggest disappointment to me was the TC5000wn has two control boards, which may cost up to half the cost of the washer each to replace. With that said, I believe all full-size washers sold today have at least one control board. I honestly do not see where it adds value. They are more expensive to replace than a timer for the ones I researched. I cannot solder parts :-(.

Also, the some of the authorized dealers (at least in my area) seem to be trying to take advantage and cash in by selling the TC5000wn for a higher price. Too bad Speed Queen cannot discourage that. For reference, what are some of you that purchased this product finding it retails for in your area (you do not have to give the location). I know for sure one retailer is since they are charging $300 more, but I am not sure about the other one.

Thanks for any information you can provide.

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Post# 1044127 , Reply# 1   9/7/2019 at 18:29 (1,637 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Those front-line phone reps aren't all that much trained on the intricacies of the machines.  Softener of course is intended to run out of those "holes," not to mention that it dispenses into the rinse which can't be hot or warm (the user guide confirms "all rinses are cold").  Perhaps a hot or warm wash will help flush residue from the outlet holes ... the Normal Eco cycle can't do a proper hot or warm wash.  As for the circuit board non-reply ... no reason to discourage potential customers with the truth.  :-)

Post# 1044128 , Reply# 2   9/7/2019 at 18:42 (1,637 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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There are two 1-star reviews on the TC5.  They won't display readable for me when that range is selected ... OR if the selection filter is cleared to show everything and sorted from lowest to highest.  2-star reviews do appear.

Post# 1044180 , Reply# 3   9/8/2019 at 09:10 (1,636 days old) by ladd (Maryland)        

Where are you finding these reviews? I have a TC5000 and am quite happy with it, but always like to read other people's experiences with it to see if I'm missing something.

In this particular case, I don't use fabric softener, so I haven't noticed the unsatisfactory performance the reviewer noted.

Post# 1044192 , Reply# 4   9/8/2019 at 10:50 (1,636 days old) by PinkPower4 (USA)        
@ladd and others RE: Reviews and Thoughts

The reviews were on Speed Queen's website under the TC5000wn. I could not get the 1-star reviews to display no matter what I clicked on. I was also interested in what questions others had about this washer, but the questions link did not work for me. There will always be people that are happy with a particular product for whatever reason.

With the Maytag, I try to remember to mention that the only half tub wash cycle is fixed to a cool wash and spray rinse. For some that is a one-star review. By looking at this, I can decide if that will be a factor or not in my decision.

May I ask what you paid for your TC5000wn? No doubt at least one dealer in my area is trying to cash in (washer alone would be over $1600! with taxes and delivery), but I am not sure about the other ones. With this washer, the suggested retail seems to be just over $1000, and that is what it is going pretty much everywhere I've seen online or where it has been mentioned in posts. This apple-like approach of less features for more money is a real turnoff for me. Even though it is a superior product, there is a point where I go to something else for this reason. Because the choices in washers are really limited, I have to be a little more tolerant.

In my area, this model is priced ABOVE even the suggested retail making it not an option for me. If SQ can blacklist a dealer for an honest review, can they discourage a dealer from dishonest intentions? It reflects poorly on SQ even though they do not set the price.

My experience with my local Maytag dealer was so much different in a good way. True Mom and Pop shop. They do not carry SQ though.

Other brand washers can often be found below the suggested retail.

In the back of my mind, I wonder if Speed Queen will go under if they are forced to continue to manufacture products made on these senseless guidelines, which result in inferior products. They will no longer have a product that stands out which is the whole reason they are successful. This is ridiculous that people passing these laws took no time to research the actual cause and effect.

Post# 1044277 , Reply# 5   9/9/2019 at 09:22 (1,635 days old) by ladd (Maryland)        

I paid full list price for the TC5000 ($1,039), including delivery and take-away of the 28-year old Kitchenaid (plus tax). Searching the Internet, I found one place somewhere in the mid-West advertising that they would sell it for a couple of hundred less, but that was a long way away from Maryland.

The Maytag was my first choice when I went into the appliance retailer with the SQ being my close second. I left with the SQ for a bunch of very small reasons that, added up, caused me to change my mind.

Little things I read on the Internet which may or may not have been true:

The Maytag has a painted cabinet and the SQ has an enameled cabinet. As our washer/dryer is located in the mud room between the garage and the main part of the house, they are the constant recipients of "I'll just put this here on top for now", so I thought an enameled top would be more durable.

Full Hot Wash: I had read that the SQ would fill will hot water direct from the heater and that the Maytag would only fill with a certain temperature (110°?) of hot water, mixing in cold to achieve that lower temperature.

Greater Longevity via Better Build Quality: We are a family that rarely buys something unless the older one dies. Must be our genetics. Cars, appliances, computers, etc. are purchased with longevity in mind, so they last. (Other appliances are all 28-years old, computers are 8-10 years old and still meet my needs (I don't do video work anymore), I buy a slightly used car about every 20 years, that sort of thing). So the better build quality reputation of the SQ resonates; if by spending a bit more at purchase, it lasts much longer (consulting crystal ball here), then one can come out ahead.

And mostly because my washing needs are simple, way less than that of a growing family, so any options that are NOT on the SQ I don't miss. I do six or seven medium size loads on Sunday, use mostly ECO mode with full hot, warm or cool washes NOT with Deep Fill). Rarely with Heavy Soil. Usually with extra rinse. Sometimes with extra spin.

I bought a small wall-mount surge protector which plugs into the wall socket and the SQ is plugged in to the surge protector. This is done on Sunday. Both the surge protector and the washing machine are unplugged for the remainder of the week.

If you have further specific questions about any of the features of the TC5000, I would be happy to answer them to the best of my ability.

Post# 1044282 , Reply# 6   9/9/2019 at 10:05 (1,635 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Ladd:  Full Hot Wash: I had read that the SQ would fill will hot water direct from the heater and that the Maytag would only fill with a certain temperature (110°?) of hot water, mixing in cold to achieve that lower temperature.
Ladd:  I do six or seven medium size loads on Sunday, use mostly ECO mode with full hot, warm or cool washes NOT with Deep Fill).
Have you checked to confirm the temperature you're getting in the tub after fill is complete?  My understanding is that the Normal Eco cycle does not run a full hot or warm fill.  It fills with the selected temperature for couple mins at most at the start, then changes to cold to finish filling to the target level.

Post# 1044290 , Reply# 7   9/9/2019 at 12:21 (1,635 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

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Wow! Another person who actually uses the Normal/Eco cycle on their Speed Queen. Now there are two of us, LOL. I have a 2017 Series 9 (electronic control panel) and regularly use the Normal/Eco cycle on medium-sized loads.

As DADoES mentioned in the post above, I’m pretty sure your machine—like mine—fills with a few inches of warm water, then fills the remainder with cold. The actual temp of the water once agitation begins is probably around 75-80 degrees—even if you choose a warm or hot wash temp. All the other cycles, of course, provide a true warm or hot wash.

Here’s what I do. Allow the machine to fill on the Heavy Duty cycle with true warm or hot water. Then power it down and switch to the Normal/Eco cycle. You’ll get a true warm or hot wash with the benefit of a water-saving spray-rinse.

On the other hand, most of today’s top-shelf detergents—Tide Plus Stain Release and Persil Proclean 2-in-1, for instance—contain enzyme cocktails that are designed to clean well in the cooler water of the Normal/Eco cycle. The cooler water won’t remove oil-based stains without pretreating, but they do well on loads that aren’t heavily stained. A true warm wash, of course, boosts their cleaning power significantly.

Congratulations on your SQ purchase and you were right: It will probably last longer with fewer repairs than the Maytag (which is the only other top-loader I’d consider these days).

Post# 1044293 , Reply# 8   9/9/2019 at 12:46 (1,635 days old) by mtn1584 (USA)        
User error in above review...........

I am willing to bet that the owner of the machine leaving fabric softener stains on their clothing did not read the owners manual and is using only the Normal Eco cycle AND adding liquid fabric softener which is a not recommended because the Normal Eco cycle only uses a spray rinse.

As far as the price going through the roof on the TC5, it's like the last of the 5 gallon flush toilets! If folks really want a top load washer that fills to the top, and the build quality to go with it, SQ is the only game in town. In Kirk Rivas video of an overloaded SQ vs. Maytag, the Maytag may turn over the load, but it looked like it was struggling to agitate, and I think one more load like that and the Maytag would've been finished. BTW why would you want to overload your washer like that? Bad for the machine and bad for the clothes.


Post# 1044328 , Reply# 9   9/9/2019 at 17:52 (1,635 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

frigilux's profile picture
Mike, I'd be willing to bet the farm you're right about the reviewer possibly trying to use fabric softener on the Normal/Eco cycle.

However...the response from SQ isn't clear, either. "...recommends utilizing hot or warm water whenever fabric softener is added in order to properly dissolve the product."

If they mean the reviewer should select a hot or warm wash temp, I don't see how that helps the situation when the tub fills with cold water for the rinse, anyway.

Maybe they mean the reviewer should dilute the fabric softener in the dispenser with some hot/warm water. I rarely use the stuff anymore, but when I do, I always add warm/hot water to bring it up to the 'full' line on the dispenser. Many of today's softeners are viscous/thick. I don't want undiluted softener gunking up the dispenser or the inside of the agitator.

Post# 1044347 , Reply# 10   9/9/2019 at 19:00 (1,635 days old) by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        

Speed queen sets a minimum allowable advertising price on the tc5 of $1039, I believe the msrp is much higher, the speed queen in general had a higher profit margin for the dealer so plenty of negotiating space eve at the map.

Post# 1044355 , Reply# 11   9/9/2019 at 20:24 (1,635 days old) by PinkPower4 (USA)        
Thank you, everyone!

I sincerely considered purchasing a TC5 now because of the 10-year warranty and the upcoming 2021 regulations especialy after those extreme test videos, but it is hard to justify the cost since my Maytag has been working well for me when used properly. The cleaning performance of this machine is second to none. Also, in my area these TC5 sell above the $1039 as dealers are looking to take advantage of their customers. SQ can blacklist a dealer for an honest and truthful review, but they won't discourage dealers from doing these tactics. This is worth emphasizing. It really does factor into my decision. Finally, what I really wanted was the true "Classic" at its old (less) price with mechanical timer and no control board.

For this reason I would still purchase either a Maytag mvwp575gw or the new LG wm3900 front load (looks easier to repair than my old model). I had LG FL before this Maytag. It last ten years with only two minor repairs before the bearings went out. I expect to get 10 years out of my Maytag or another LG washer :-). Both of these are under $800 where I live and delivered free of charge. I am just not a fan of the apple-like approach SQ or the dealers of them in my area have taken, but even Apple has the SE (or you can buy older model at discount). It's the same reason I bought a 2012 MB Pro in 2017 and upgraded the hard drive to SSD and the memory. I have a fantastic laptop with all the ports, dvd drive, and more at half the cost of the new ones that lack ports, not repairable by the consumer, and need expensive dongles.

SQ got rid of the tried and true real "Classic". So, looks like I can not have my cake and eat it too with this purchase.

I feel like SQ is missing out on a huge potential market of people like me.

I am always grateful for those who do these reviews and help out with these boards. My dilemma could have been much worse. I almost wound up with a "commercial technology" Maytag.

So the bright side of this long post, is looks like I get to be the guinea pig for the Maytag washer :-).

Post# 1044361 , Reply# 12   9/9/2019 at 21:34 (1,635 days old) by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
Speed Queen TC5 Top Load Washers

combo52's profile picture

Are much better than the recent models with mechanical timers, and the TC5 can easily be picked up for $850-900.


I do find that almost all the customers I have worked with use the normal-eco cycle most of the time and I am sure Mike you are correct that the customer that was having spotting is trying to use the agitator mounted dispenser on the NEC.


Unfortunately SQ customer service is not very smart about solving laundry problems [ which is what got them into the mess with the 2018 TL washers in the first place ]


Hi Pink, where do you live that you can't get the TC5 for less than a $1000 ?


John L.

Post# 1044398 , Reply# 13   9/10/2019 at 06:15 (1,634 days old) by PinkPower4 (USA)        


If I could find the SQ for the $850 or $900, I would get it. I love the top load design and am really concerned about the 2021 regs. The dealers in my area won't even negotiate down to the $1039, which is what I was trying for (more of a stretch than I really can make). I have room for two washers in my utility room, so I don't plan on selling the MT. Even though the TC5 isn't the old "Classic" I really wanted, I still think it is the overall best top load. I am not a big fan of the control boards, but SQ does build in surge protection. I realize the Maytag has one unprotected control board too. I use a surge protector and unplug when not in use.

@ladd summed up my thoughts well. I get what you all are saying about the suspension now. Why did they not show these videos in the beginning? With my Maytag, I manually control the temp through the washer outlet box for EACH load. If I did not use the Normal cycle so much and need a warm or hot wash, I would just relocate the sensor and use the knobs on the washer to do this to save wear/tear on my faucets. Either way, I have to be in the utility room until the wash tub fills. I also try to stay where I could hear it if it does go off balance because I what I already knew (thanks to you all) before now. Now, I am scared to leave it unattended at all as I would not hear it in the back of the house (I have some trouble hearing). That is completely unacceptable the way it handles out-of-balance loads. I went to Speed Queen's site and punched in my zip code. It gives me the locations nearest to me. I called them all. The delivery fee varies but can be as much as $75. There are no Costco near me either.

I would also consider buying some of these refurbed washers I've seen from Eugene or Kirk. I think DADoES had a Kenmore Series 90 that I was particularly interested in. I would also buy SQ that Frigilux might part with. I don't live close to any of them. I know what to look for now if I see it though :-).

I have taken the time to contact both Maytag and SQ. I am a little worried they may come after me for some of the posts I make or that the videos I do may violate some unknown issue, so I don't want them to connect the two. I work full-time and made around $25K when I purchased the MT. Sounds like a lot until you factor in I have been supporting kids on this. I had to have a job within daycare/school hours, with benefits, etc. so I had someone watching them while I work and could attend their school activities. I also have been taking college classes during this time. My choices were limited. The bottom line is SQ does not market this washer for people like me (and I know that), but people like me will spend more to get quality.

Looking at the bright side, is I would spend more than the cost of any one of these washer just during laundry at a laundry mat for one year. So if these last more than a year, I have at least broken even. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Post# 1044410 , Reply# 14   9/10/2019 at 08:48 (1,634 days old) by PinkPower4 (USA)        

If Maytag figures out who I am, it will void my warranty since I am using the machine with modifications (moving sensor) and setup not per instructions. I would fix it back before they come out. The warranty is all I have. At least it is good for five years, so I should at least save money over laundry mat 😊. Hopefully, using is correctly will get me at least 10 years. If not, I will look at what improvements have been made to Maytag or SQ to make my experience better or the LG wm3900 right now or future FLs.

Post# 1044418 , Reply# 15   9/10/2019 at 11:04 (1,634 days old) by UaVViperswife (Georgia )        

Hey all! I have been lurking for many years now and decided I would make my first post :)
Pink power I just ordered a TC5000 series washer last week from discount bandit website for 891. It seemed like it was too good to be true but it’s being delivered today. I just wanted you to have the website in case your interested in getting one. Best price I could find for it as well. Cheers!


Post# 1044427 , Reply# 16   9/10/2019 at 12:16 (1,634 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

frigilux's profile picture

Well, lurk no more--welcome!  You even did a good deed with your first post.  If I had a gold star I'd give it to you, LOL.

Post# 1044428 , Reply# 17   9/10/2019 at 12:24 (1,634 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        
Off-Balance Recovery

dadoes's profile picture
The off-balance situation in Kirk's overload video is mostly a one-off situation being that the machine was severely overloaded such that the refills/agitations couldn't enact a correction, and (presumably) a reasonable user won't be doing that.

It'd be better, of course, for automatic off-balance recovery to be a switchable option, or for the routine to run only once then the machine stops and calls for help.

Post# 1044778 , Reply# 18   9/13/2019 at 14:46 (1,631 days old) by ladd (Maryland)        

From DADoES:
> Have you checked to confirm the temperature you're getting in the tub after fill
> is complete? My understanding is that the Normal Eco cycle does not run a full
> hot or warm fill. It fills with the selected temperature for couple mins at most
> at the start, then changes to cold to finish filling to the target level.

I just did a hot water load of wash the way I normally do and the initial fill was fully hot for the entire fill.

Water heater in basement set to 120°
SQ TC5000 settings: Water Temp = Hot, Options = Extra Rinse, Setting = Normal/Eco

Fill 118° water (entire fill), agitate, drain/spin (no splash rinse), fill cold water, agitate, drain/spin (no splash rinse), fill cold water, agitate, drain/spin.

Post# 1044794 , Reply# 19   9/13/2019 at 17:32 (1,631 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

dadoes's profile picture
Thanks for checking.  Seems SQ reprogrammed Normal Eco on the TC5, which is a good thing.  Can you check at next opportunity if Warm is a reasonable warm?

Post# 1044795 , Reply# 20   9/13/2019 at 18:02 (1,631 days old) by ladd (Maryland)        

Water temps tested on "ECO" and "Heavy Duty" and were identical in both settings:

Water Heater Setting = 120°

Hot = 118°
Warm = 85°
Cool = 85°
Cold = 60°

I was quite surprised that there was NO difference between Warm and Cool temps. I repeated this twice to see if I had made and error, but nope, both the same.

Post# 1044800 , Reply# 21   9/13/2019 at 18:34 (1,631 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

frigilux's profile picture
Interesting that they’ve allowed a full selection of wash temps on the Normal/Eco cycle. Wish mine did that! It’s a minor thing to return to the washer and switch to the Normal cycle after it has filled with true warm or hot on the Heavy Duty cycle, but it would be nice to have been given the choice on my Series 9.

Cool water setting: Mine fills partly with true warm, then finishes the fill with some cold, so there is a difference between warm and cool.

The only things I’d miss compared to the new TC5000 are—first and foremost—a water level selector, and to a lesser degree, the soil level selector. It makes no sense to me not to allow for a small or medium load size. I wash a fair number of those.

Post# 1044819 , Reply# 22   9/13/2019 at 21:10 (1,631 days old) by dylanmitchell (Southern California)        
$1,029.00 at Aztec Appliance San Diego

dylanmitchell's profile picture
Interesting if minimum advertised is $1,039 they're $10 under. For about a thousand buck it's a good washer but no value proposition compared to what 2017 units sold for. Marked up it makes even less sense to buy.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO dylanmitchell's LINK

Post# 1044823 , Reply# 23   9/13/2019 at 21:30 (1,631 days old) by ladd (Maryland)        

>Cool water setting: Mine fills partly with true warm, then finishes the fill with
>some cold, so there is a difference between warm and cool.

Good point. When testing the water temperatures, I only measured the temps for a few seconds. So if, as you say, there was a possibility that an entire fill might have two different temps going in, I would not have noticed that.

I'll try to remember when doing laundry on Sunday to monitor temps for full fill of Cool and Warm.

Post# 1044838 , Reply# 24   9/14/2019 at 00:01 (1,630 days old) by Spinmon (st. charles mo )        

Compared to the plastic guts/coat hanger suspension Maytag 575,the SQ is worth the $1039,maybe not much more. (Glad I got my '12 AWN 542 for about $800.)
Possibly an exaggeration,I think my TOY '61- '64 Wolverine washers (crank or battery op) had more metal in the drive units than the new 'Tags possess.

Maytag's Tub/agitator and overall action look good. I just really doubt it will take any where near the use and abuse the SQs seem built for.

Post# 1044857 , Reply# 25   9/14/2019 at 08:37 (1,630 days old) by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
Reply #24

combo52's profile picture

Hi William, you are right on the money, while the MT is a decent performer the SQ will easily last twice as long if not longer making the $1000 price a barge in the long run, just think by the time the MT craps out in 6 years decent washers may all cost over $1,500.00.


The new MT& WP top load washers are like GE TL washers since 1995, they can work pretty well but they are basically throw-away machines.


John L.

Post# 1044877 , Reply# 26   9/14/2019 at 13:13 (1,630 days old) by ladd (Maryland)        


I had to do a warm wash today and it fully filled with 85° warm water. I will test the "cool" temps tomorrow to see if starts at warm and finishes with cool or cold.

Post# 1044886 , Reply# 27   9/14/2019 at 16:05 (1,630 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

eurekastar's profile picture

I purchased the Maytag Commercial model early last year.  After two warranty repairs, I moved it out into the garage to collect dust.  I then purchased a Speed Queen home style commercial unit and converted it to a Series 9 model by switching out the control panel.  That conversion cost me about what the TC5000 now costs. 


When the Maytag broke down, the dealer hauled to his store for repair both times.  When it started having issues a third time, I decided to scrap it.  To me, it was a waste of money.


I also realized that I missed having a water level control and greater control over cycle times.


I've been very satisfied with my Speed Queen conversion because it is a solid machine and allows for greater flexibility. 

Post# 1044971 , Reply# 28   9/15/2019 at 08:52 (1,629 days old) by ladd (Maryland)        

> Cool water setting: Mine fills partly with true warm, then finishes the fill with
> some cold, so there is a difference between warm and cool.

You are correct sir!

Just started up a "cool water" wash and that is exactly what happens. About the first 20% of the fill was warm (85°); the other 80% was cold water (60°).

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