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New Miele G 7000 dishwasher with PowerDisk
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Post# 1118746   5/30/2021 at 00:43 (363 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        

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Hi Everyone,

My Miele G6827SCi had a total failure after only 3 years, Miele swapped the machine over for a new G7919SCi.

So far, this machine is one of the best Miele dishwashers I have used. I was never very happy with the old model and I also thought something was never quite right with it.

Anyway, Miele delivered the new machine and took away the old one. I installed it myself and here are some pictures.

So far, I have tried a number of wash programs and everything comes out spotless, even hard baked on foods. The PowerDisk is very convenient and sometimes I still like to change detergents around.

The machine is very quiet and I can't believe how it cleans so well with so little water. Each fill is around 3 litres and an Auto program uses 12 litres for a full cycle. If you select Extra Clean, the dishwasher will add a prewash if the cycle doesn't normally start with one as well as an additional rinse.

The other feature this dishwasher has is SuperVison. I can track what the washing machine is doing from the control panel of the dishwasher.

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Post# 1118778 , Reply# 1   5/30/2021 at 11:39 (363 days old) by Jerrod_Six (South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA)        


Thanks for your information on your 7000 series dishwasher. Questions though. If the program already has a prewash can you add another one to it? If so will you tell me what that does? Does it do 2 prewashes before the wash?

In the supervision panel can you actually see the stage your washing machine is in like you can with the phone app?

Post# 1118781 , Reply# 2   5/30/2021 at 13:34 (363 days old) by agiflow ()        

Did Miele switch to a plastic bottom arm now ?

Post# 1118788 , Reply# 3   5/30/2021 at 14:35 (363 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        
Plastic bottom arm

The G7000 series has an entirely new wash system. All spray arms are plastic and very low internal volume.

The bottom spray arm also is the retainer for the filter, so to get to the filter you remove the spray arm.
Has a little twist release.
Quite nice, actually.

I have the entry line 7000 series G7100SCi.

Extra Clean does not add a second pre-wash to cycles like the Intensive or Delicate cycle.

Any sensor cycle forces a pre-wash, QuickPowerWash/QuickIntenseWash gets one aswell which was surprising.

It also elevates wash temps in the Auto cycle AFAIK.

More interested in what happened to the 6000 series machine that it got exchanged after 3 years only.

Has to have been multiple major parts going at once!

Post# 1118793 , Reply# 4   5/30/2021 at 15:15 (363 days old) by Jerrod_Six (South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA)        


Does your sensor wash already have a prewash or you mean it doesn't have one and extra clean will add one?

MIeleRod - I would also like to know what problems you had encountered with your 6827 machine since I have a G6987 - six series also.

Post# 1118795 , Reply# 5   5/30/2021 at 15:56 (363 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        

Sensor decides of it needs a pre wash or not.
High soil means a pre-wash, low soil skips it.

Extra Clean will force this prewash even with a low soil condition.

Post# 1118796 , Reply# 6   5/30/2021 at 16:25 (363 days old) by agiflow ()        

Just seems like cutting for corners for a company that is considered a premium brand.

Post# 1118813 , Reply# 7   5/30/2021 at 19:12 (362 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

Patrick, they've been plastic for 30 odd years. The bottom part is plastic, its just stainless sleeve on top. The middle arm is plastic totally and its only the top cuttlery sprayer thats been all metal.

Rodney, that looks great. I've got a full set of spare racks to go into my 6905 as they'd all rusted in the first 18 months, I've been hanging onto the spares until it gets bad enough to need to replace. Racks aside, the only issue I've had with mine is the inlet flow sensor, which they replaced under warranty at the 3 year mark.

I've never had an issue with the cleaning performance on mine, what were you finding?

Post# 1118817 , Reply# 8   5/30/2021 at 19:54 (362 days old) by agiflow ()        

I didn't know that. Thanks !

Post# 1118820 , Reply# 9   5/30/2021 at 20:46 (362 days old) by Washingpowder (NYC)        

That's surprising. I have a G894 and the bottom arm is fully stainless.
That said, I'm having issues with a sticking inlet valve so in considering repair vs buying a new one.

Post# 1118821 , Reply# 10   5/30/2021 at 20:56 (362 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
Program Sequence

What is the sequence for each program including the normal program?

Post# 1118839 , Reply# 11   5/31/2021 at 00:26 (362 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        

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Hi Jerrod_six,
SuperVision will only show the remaining cycle time on the dishwasher screen. You don't have the same functionality as the app.
If you select the Express option with the Auto program, it now starts with a prewash, where in the G6827 it would start with the main wash.
I also want to mention that the bottom spray arm holes are larger than the previous G 6000 series which I also think contributes to a better wash. The spray arms also work individually rather than top/bottom then middle, so 100% pressure in every wash arm.
I have also attached the program sequence chart.
I'm liking the QuickPowerWash with IntenseZone option. As I have my dishwasher connected to hot water, it only takes 60 minutes to complete or 48 minutes without any options.

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Post# 1118868 , Reply# 12   5/31/2021 at 10:10 (362 days old) by Jerrod_Six (South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA)        


Thanks for this information. If you will can you post a pic of the middle spray arm? I am interested to see the holes and their placement in the arm. I like that the express option will include the prewash on some programs. My 6 series works like yours in that the prewash was skipped with the express option. On most programs mine won't change the prewash water anyway, instead, it just dispenses the detergent into the prewash water and starts the wash.

You mentioned having a total failure on the 6 series What problems was it having?

Post# 1118890 , Reply# 13   5/31/2021 at 14:39 (362 days old) by Rolls_rapide (.)        
Miele G 7000 Series wash times

Regarding the 'Intensive 75C' programme:

How long do the following sequences last, in minutes, roughly?


I ask because my scraggy old Bosch - which incidentally I have never been happy with - does a prewash for 20 minutes (approximately), followed by 40 minutes of mainwash.

Usually, the prewash water is kept for the mainwash - and the detergent is merely added to that water.

Once in a 'blue moon' the performance is good. But most of the time it is pretty lacklustre. Tea stains are very troublesome.

Post# 1118893 , Reply# 14   5/31/2021 at 14:47 (362 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        

On my 7000 series, post wash rinses and drytime are about the same for Delicate, Auto and Intensive.

Rinsing starts somewhere around 1:00 to 1:15h left in the cycle.

So pre-wash and mainwash are around 1:30h to 2h.

Haven't run Intensive often, so can't say for sure right now, but on Auto the Pre-wash was 20min.
Don't think Intensive did a different pre-wash to Auto.

Main wash however is staged heating from what I was abled to tell.
First it heated to a warmish temp and then up to max.

Haven't had issues with stains in mine, but neither did we in any Bosch we used.

Post# 1118894 , Reply# 15   5/31/2021 at 15:04 (362 days old) by Rolls_rapide (.)        

Ah, thanks.

How long do the alternating spray arms operate for?

Post# 1118895 , Reply# 16   5/31/2021 at 15:41 (362 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
normal program

How long does the normal program last? What's the sequence?

Post# 1118933 , Reply# 17   6/1/2021 at 00:44 (361 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
Spray arm and total failure

mielerod69's profile picture

Here is the pic of the bottom spray arm. The spray jets in the new model are larger than the previous G6000 series.

@GELaundry4ever there is no Normal program. This has been changed to PowerWash, you can see the sequence in the program table.

@Jerrod_Six the total failure was a slow internal leak that wasn't detected when the machine was only 18 months old and the heater relay went on it. The salt reservoir in the door must have been leaking for a while which caused the salt to build up under the machine and short out the dishwasher.

This was only discovered when they came a second time and a senior tech came along and pulled the machine apart.

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Post# 1118939 , Reply# 18   6/1/2021 at 05:30 (361 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        

Why did they rename the normal program power wash?

Post# 1118940 , Reply# 19   6/1/2021 at 05:39 (361 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        
That's an EU thing

The new regulation that came in effect in March this year allow for only 1 cycle being the cycle used for testing.

No other cycle is allowed to be named similar to the label cycle which must be named Eco.
So, other cycle names prohibited are Normal, Daily, Regular etc.

And thus, they needed a new name for their normal cycle.

PowerWash was chosen to suggest thorough efficent cleaning of medium to heavy soils.
Further, BSH has a simmilar cycle called something like Heavy, so they probably just looked at that aswell.

Post# 1118961 , Reply# 20   6/1/2021 at 10:17 (361 days old) by Jerrod_Six (South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA)        

I think the Normal cycle is mainly found in North America and maybe Canada. In the USA the Department of Energy mandates that the cycle used for energy ratings must be named Normal, so we see dishwashers and now even all washers and driers having a Normal cycle. This mandate also says that if a dishwasher has a soil sensor then it must be used in the Normal cycle. I think the name Normal was chosen to fool consumers into using an Eco cycle. Thus Normal is the ECO cycle on a machine and is the reason some washers with heaters don't use them on the Normal cycle.

Thanks for posting a picture of the bottom wash arm. You mentioned that each arm has its own spray period. On my 6 series, most programs alternate every 30 seconds top/bottom, then middle on its own, and on pots and pans the alternating time is different. On your 7 series how long does each arm spray?

Post# 1118998 , Reply# 21   6/1/2021 at 19:11 (360 days old) by littlegreeny (Milwaukee, WI)        

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Congrats on the new dishwasher! The tub looked a little less cluttered on the old models when the supply pipes were hidden.

Post# 1121380 , Reply# 22   6/25/2021 at 16:19 (337 days old) by Jerrod_Six (South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA)        
How long for each area?


You mentioned above that your 7000 series DW washes each rack separately. Will you tell me how long each rack level gets sprayed before moving on to the next? I think my 6000 series currently sprays for 30 seconds, except for pots and pans which sprays for perhaps one minute 20 seconds - at least in the bottom.

Thanks in advance.

Post# 1121570 , Reply# 23   6/27/2021 at 22:23 (334 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        

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The dishwasher seems to stay on each level for around one minute. I've used the Extra Clean option and the dishwasher introduces a flush after each program segment. I thought it would've added an additional rinse.

Post# 1121625 , Reply# 24   6/28/2021 at 15:46 (334 days old) by Jerrod_Six (South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA)        

Thanks, Rod

I just ran the Sanitize cycle on my 6-series and discovered that it alternates every minute during the wash instead of every 30 seconds, but it is using the previous method of spraying the bottom/top, then middle. I thought extra clean might add a prewash, and change that water before the wash, but what is the flush you mentioned?

Post# 1131069 , Reply# 25   10/13/2021 at 17:48 (227 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
Cleaning results with PowerDisk

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Hi Everyone,
I'd like to show you how good this dishwasher cleans even the hardest baked-on food. I've been using this machine for quite a few months and its performance has been outstanding.
This was a load I did last night with four casserole dishes with baked-on residue.
Selected the Auto program with IntenseZone 2.25 hours. The machine used just 0.8 kWh and 11 liters of water.
I have the detergent set to 5.5 grams (default is 7 grams), the water softener set to 6 dH, and the rinse aid set to 1 ml.

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Post# 1131070 , Reply# 26   10/13/2021 at 18:05 (227 days old) by KIMP1 (Sydney, Australia)        
Setting the Detergent Dosage Amount

Hi Mielerod
I have the G7519 dishwasher and agree its cleaning performance is by far the best of any dishwasher I have owned. I thought the PowerDisk was a gimmick but once you've lived with it for a while I'm happy to pay the premium for the convenience and the cleaning results.
Just one thing - as far as I understand things, you cannot actually adjust the amount of detergent being dispensed. The amount of detergent that comes out is a factor of the design of the disk itself - with the current disks each time they rotate approx 7g of detergent will come out. If a full PowerDisk contains 400g of detergent then the machine will determine that it is nearly empty after approx 57 rotations (about 20 loads). Changing the "dosage amount" to 5.5g will likely result in your machine not alerting the disk is empty until it's completed 72 rotations (about 24 loads). If my theory is correct then the last four loads you wash will be done without any detergent actually coming out - although I think the light beam that measures the fall of the detergent may detect the problem and set off some error.
I have always ASSUMED the ability to "set the dosage amount" and "set the disk fill level" is to allow for any new disk designs that are released in the future that may store more/less powder and deliver more/less with each rotation.
At least that's my reading of the manual for my model but would love to be corrected if I've been reading it wrong and you can actually change the amount that comes out.

Post# 1131075 , Reply# 27   10/13/2021 at 18:58 (226 days old) by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        

Glad to hear the 7 series is doing great! Do you have any issues with items in the middle of the bottom rack not being clean? It looks like there is a big gap in spray coverage of the wash arm. Keep us updated.

Post# 1131087 , Reply# 28   10/14/2021 at 00:00 (226 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
PowerDisk amount

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Hi Kev,
It does tell me when it's empty and never had a problem with cleaning. There is a 15-gram reserve chamber, so once that is empty, the dishwasher notifies me.

Post# 1131090 , Reply# 29   10/14/2021 at 03:15 (226 days old) by Logixx (Germany)        

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Post# 1131129 , Reply# 30   10/14/2021 at 16:02 (226 days old) by Jerrod_Six (South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA)        

Nice to see you are getting such good results with your DW and in a 2:25 run time!

Post# 1136633 , Reply# 31   12/19/2021 at 23:27 by mielerod69 (Australia)        
Dishwasher temperature profile.

mielerod69's profile picture
Hi Everyone,

Following on temperature profile tests on heat pump dryers. I decided to do the same test in my Miele dishwasher. I ran two different programs and this is what I found.
Auto 45 -65 C + IntenseZone option. Running time 2 hours 34 minutes. Hot water connection.
Prewash - 30C
Main wash - 50C, then further heating to 57C during IntenseZone phase
Final rinse - 61C

QuickPowerWash + IntenseZone. Running time: 1 hour 4 minutes. Hot water connection
Main wash - 68C, then reheat to 68C during IntenseZone phase
Final rinse - 65C

The QPW impresses me with even baked-on dishes coming out spotless clean in around 1 hour. Amazing!

Post# 1145577 , Reply# 32   3/30/2022 at 19:11 by moon1234 (Wisconsin)        

This is very interesting. We have a high use household and I don't like having dishwasher tabs in the house. My wife loves them so we have the plastic jug of finish tablets.

The killer for me would be having to buy the detergent from Miele. I wonder if it would be possible to drill a hole in the side of the power disk about the size of a small funnel and then just refill it. That or make a small hole in the foil on the top, refill with a funnel and the cover hole with a piece of duct foil tape or duct tape?

That would surely reduce the cost of the detergent to normal and still get the AutoDos function. If Miele was not shooting for recurring revenue they could have very easily made that whole dispenser a simple flip open door you open and then dump in detergent of your choice, close the door and be done with it for the next 20-25 loads.

It should be simple just like the water softener salt chamber in the bottom of the dishwasher.

I really love the TwinDos option on my washing machine and refill on those bottles is very easy. Depending how long the existing dishwasher lasts I will have a little time to think up how to refill the cartridge.

Some enterprising company should think up a way of making a refillable cartridge. It can not be THAT difficult.

Post# 1145591 , Reply# 33   3/31/2022 at 03:41 by Logixx (Germany)        

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There are already "tutorials" on either drilling into the PowerDisk or cutting into the foil to refill it.

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