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Post# 1124577   7/31/2021 at 16:36 (492 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

I am in the market for a new laundry pair. My current Kitchenaid washer and dryer have had two repairs each. They continue to work but under noisy protest. I was attracted to the KitchenAid set because of the 3-speed motor, good warranty, solid construction, but mostly because they were supposed to be the quietest. My laundry is two feet away from the easy chair and television. I want to replace it with the quietest top loader I can find that can also clean and rinse. It must be a top loader due to the configuration of my house, I would never be able to open a front loader to put laundry inside it. If you could see my set up you'd understand.

I was pretty convinced that I needed a Speed Queen TR7 and I ordered one, but the one they installed had a bad part on it and the store said it would need to be exchanged with something in their inventory. They had no more of the TR7 so I returned the unit since my current set still works.

Now I've lost confidence in the SQ brand because of the broken unit. The Maytag Commercial feels like an option but I do not believe it has the features the TR7 does, extra rinse, load sizing, delayed start, etc.

I'm trying very hard to warm up to the idea of an HE top loader, but I'm not convinced they can handle pet hair well. I was wondering what all the experts and enthusiasts would pick for me.

Post# 1124583 , Reply# 1   7/31/2021 at 17:11 (492 days old) by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        

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i have this maytag set and it handles cat hair pretty well also here a vid i took of the washer in action with my phone

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Post# 1124584 , Reply# 2   7/31/2021 at 17:22 (492 days old) by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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Your KA set is better than anything new on the market.

Post# 1124588 , Reply# 3   7/31/2021 at 17:33 (492 days old) by Revvinkevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
^ ^ ^ What He Said!!

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ESPECIALLY when Compared to ANY of the current top load washers available today!

** But If I HAD to choose a top load washer, Iíd go with an LG.

Post# 1124595 , Reply# 4   7/31/2021 at 18:53 (492 days old) by Maytag85 (Sean A806)        

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Since you want a quiet washer, I wouldnít bother with a Whirlpool VMW washer since they are noisy and I wouldnít bother with a Speed Queen TR7 since itís expensive and has piss poor washing and rinsing performance. Iíd just would keep your KitchenAid set since it will outlast all newer machines made on the market and will wash and rinse better as well.

If you really want a quiet washer, get a early 70ís Lady Kenmore with the quiet pak since those quiet pak belt drive washers are very quiet in operation.

Post# 1124607 , Reply# 5   7/31/2021 at 20:23 (492 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

Thank you for the replies!

The first time I needed service was a few years back. I attempted to do it myself (and failed) but I could tell how well built my KitchenAid set was as I had gone to a sales floor to do pricing trying to determine fix or repair. All the new models seem so flimsy in comparison. I figured at that time that my set was worth at least two repairs. I've hit that benchmark now and have budgeted for their replacement.

The last repairman told me to just keep fixing what I got because I'll never find anything better new and I'd be hard-pressed to find something better used. He said if I had to replace it, to just get an Amana and let it go as long as it can, then get another one, and let it go as long as it can, etc. My mother has an old Amana washer that seems really well built but the quality is not matched in today's Amanas.

I've looked and looked at all the top load models and I still cannot wrap my head around the fact of how awful the selection is if you want a quality washer. Problem is, I can tell my washer is dying a painful and slow death. I feel like I have to apologize to it at times when I ask it to work something big. It makes this horrible ratchety sound. I'm nervous about it. If I could buy my KitchenAid set one more time brand new I would do it in a heartbeat.

I will look at the LG top load again. I do like the dryer with the versatile door.

Post# 1124609 , Reply# 6   7/31/2021 at 20:32 (492 days old) by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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Parts are still available (last time I checked, anyway) to mechanically rebuild your KA to new condition ... or to fix whatever is currently wrong regards to the ratchety noise.† I did three (a Kenmore and two Whirlpools) a few/couple years ago.

The early 1970s Lady Kenmore recommended above cannot be done as such, parts are long NLA except among collectors who have stockpiled.

Amana today is Whirlpool, as is Maytag.

Post# 1124612 , Reply# 7   7/31/2021 at 21:25 (492 days old) by agiflow ()        

Either fix or get the Amana NTW4516FW3. Had the washer for a year and would recommend.I sold it though because I wanted a DD again. Either get the KitchenAid repaired or get a refurbished Direct drive. Why not look into the Speed Queen TC5000 ? They have a nice rhythmic hum that shouldn't be too obnoxious.

Post# 1124613 , Reply# 8   7/31/2021 at 21:40 (492 days old) by gizmo (Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia)        
ratchety noise

pardon my ignorance but isn't a ratchety noise likely to just be drive dogs in the agitator?

If so, it must be a particularly easy DIY repair, plenty of capable people here able to talk/walk you through the repair.


I'm not familiar with the Kitchenaid machine, is it a direct drive Whirlpool under the skin?

Post# 1124615 , Reply# 9   7/31/2021 at 22:07 (492 days old) by Egress (Oregon)        

yes, the kitchenaid is a Direct drive.

Post# 1124616 , Reply# 10   7/31/2021 at 22:10 (492 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

KitchenAid was part of the Whirlpool family. It was the deluxe brand and then it wasn't.

I would be interested in having a mechanical rebuild done. Does anyone have hints on finding a place that can do it? What do I look for? I am not sure if it's something the guy I have had out here from time to time normally does. I haven't asked him but I can.

Thank you for your help! :)

Post# 1124622 , Reply# 11   7/31/2021 at 23:27 (492 days old) by Tomdawg (Des moines)        

I too would keep the kitchen aid over anything else out there. Kitchen aids are generally the quieter DD. The pump on newer machines can get awfully loud. Sure you can hear the kitchen aid, but itís a consistent smooth sound where as newer machines make different noises through out the wash.

Post# 1124628 , Reply# 12   8/1/2021 at 00:29 (492 days old) by RP2813 (Sannazay)        

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From what I've read, the "agitator dogs" are parts that are an easy DIY repair.   If as Chris mentioned above, the noise is coming from those, you should for sure keep your machine and make the repair.  I don't know what their real names are to research part number and price, but someone here is sure to have that info if needed. 


If you're able to provide one, a video of your machine making the noise would be helpful.

Post# 1124639 , Reply# 13   8/1/2021 at 08:46 (491 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

Hello everyone, and good morning!

I will work on the video later today, but here is the tag if that is at all useful. The two repairs I have had on it replaced a pump and the water intake connection.

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Post# 1124640 , Reply# 14   8/1/2021 at 09:18 (491 days old) by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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1998 model-year.† Factory production 1998, Nov 30 - Dec 4.

Be advised that videos cannot be uploaded directly into a post here like photos.† They must be put on an online sharing service such as DailyMotion, Vimeo, YouTube, etc.† Copy the URL for viewing the video and paste it into the "URL Link to Share" field when composing a reply.† Majority of folks here use YouTube.† The AW board software recognizes standard URLs to YouTube and embeds the video when pasted directly into the post (not necessary to use the link share field).† You'll see the video in the reply preview if it's working.

Post# 1124641 , Reply# 15   8/1/2021 at 09:37 (491 days old) by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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Regards to agitator dogs, agitator cogs may be a more accurate term but agitator dogs has long been the common term.

P/N 80040 is the four dogs.

P/N 285811 is an agitator repair kit that includes the dogs and the cam, thrust washer, cap seal, and agitator bolt seal.† Note that there are three repair kit choices depending on the design of the agitator ... short, medium, or long cam.† Yours is medium.

A simple test to check the dogs ... turn the spiral auger by hand.† Counterclockwise the dogs should grab and also turn the agitator base/fins.† Clockwise the dogs slip and the auger free-spins, the base fins don't turn.† The dogs are broken if the auger free-spins both directions, doesn't grip and turn the base counterclockwise.† It's normal for the auger to be a bit loose and wobbly.

Post# 1124643 , Reply# 16   8/1/2021 at 10:11 (491 days old) by PinkPower4 (USA)        
Fix your Kitchen Aid set if possible, but...

If you want a new washer closest to what you have, I'd go with the Speed Queen TC5 (be sure to get the newest model that includes the five year parts and labor warranty included in the price) or Maytag mvwp575gw (get THIS model--it has the five year parts and labor warranty included in the price). Both of these have short and efficient cycle times (about 25 mintues to 45 mintues, I think, if no extra options like a presoak or extra rinse are selected). Overall, Speed Queen TC5 would be my top pick if I had to choose a new one made today. It was not available when I bought my Maytag mvwp575gw, which would still be my overall second pick.

The Speed Queen TC5 is more durable in terms of its design: suspension, transmission, etc. It also has half load options for the main cycles. It uses tap hot too when hot is selected. Unlike your washer, this has a control board behind the knobs (they all do now) and a control board that works along with the transmission. The extra price for the dryer cannot be justified when compared to Maytag/Whirlpool that work well too at a lower cost. There is no water level selector like you probably have with your washer just a full or half tub fill. Just a thought, but many hotels (if you go on vacation) or laundry mats will have Speed Queen for their top loaders. You may be able to get an idea of the noise by trying them out? They are a true commercial top load.

The Maytag mvwp575gw is the one of the best performing cleaning washers you can buy today. It has one control board behind the knobs and uses a vertical modular design instead of transmission. It has the dual action agitator. It moves clothes down, in, and through the water well including the bulkier items like comforters or really dirty work clothes. This is because the agitator not only moves in a different direction than the tub, but the two pieces of the agitator move independently too. An agitator that just moves back and forth in one direction can't turn over comforter or get the really dirty items as clean quite as well. All deep water cycles have tap hot when hot is selected. Maytag says this is commercial. Though I think it is better built for residential use, I don't consider it a true commercial quality due to vmw design.

The biggest cons of the Maytag mvwp575gw washer is there is only one half tub fill option. Although it works well for quick washes and even smaller loads (except delicates), some may have an issue with these two things. Hot is warm and warm is cold with this cycle only. A spray rinse is used instead of half tub rinse. You can get around these by using an alternate method to fill the tub with tap hot and by just running this cycle twice without detergent the second time if you want the half tub rinse. The spray rinse is just a bonus. This washer uses a hung suspension. I haven't had any problems when washing like items, for example, a load of jeans or towels. If you wash items of different sizes like a bed bed, be sure to balance it with something of equal weight so it does not go off balance in the final spin. The matching dryer shouldn't disappoint. It's basic, simple, and should be well built to get the job done for years to come. Side note. I've had my washer for three years now without any warranty issues in my kid and pet friendly home. On some days, I've run it from morning to night one load after another too.

HE washers will likely add cold even when hot is selected. They also will not give you enough water. In some of the HE washers I've seen, the clothes just go back and forth. Whatever is on top stays on top. If there is not enough water, the top of the clothes don't even get wet. Cycle times are often much longer.

I personally would not get the Speed Queen TR series unless you have lightly soiled or office wear only. Also, this wash action is not as effective for turning clothes over. Cycle times are longer too.

I strongly suggest watching videos on YouTube especially by Loraine Furniture or Kirk Rivas before selecting your next washer. They do unbiased and informative reviews.

Post# 1124644 , Reply# 17   8/1/2021 at 10:15 (491 days old) by PinkPower4 (USA)        
Maytag Deep Water Cycles Clarification...

All Maytag Deep Water Cycles have a full tub wash and a full tub rinse. Hot is tap hot. Side note: Each of these cycle's wash actions work as expected. The delicates cycle has the shortest agitation time, so I always do a presoak with it.

Post# 1124657 , Reply# 18   8/1/2021 at 14:16 (491 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

This may need to move to the Imperial forum I am providing you a link to my KitchenAid in action, (it goes to my google drive) but I'll try to relate it to the new washers.

I have thought about the Speed Queen TC5 and the commercial Maytag. I know there's a trade-off between performance and longevity between the two. I like the agitator of the Maytag, looks a lot like what I currently have. It seems like everything is back-ordered though. I have an office job so I don't need a super cleaner, but I would like to have an extra rinse as soap and fabric softener bother me. I suppose I could do a 2nd cycle with the Maytag. I thought the issues with the TR7 has been solved from the 2018 version.

It's been a complete blessing to have a washer that works for two decades. Sometimes I would have to go to the laundromat to do quilts, but for the most part, I've been happy with my purchase. It cost a fortune at the time, but I knew what I was buying was a good set. The delivery people were so happy to install it. They said I had a great unit. That's the sort of quality I want again, so I am leaning probably more toward an SQ washer since they are reliable. I believe you get what you pay for. (Except that TR7 I had bought was broken new---now I doubt their track record).

As far as the ratchety noise, it was much louder and pronounced yesterday, but perhaps that is because my laundry room is an old hallway to the no-longer-existing back door and narrow, cave-like space projects sound. When I started this load the washer seemed pretty normal and then it started to increase. The noise stopped at the very end of the spin cycle. I think it's more noticeable for different cycles, but maybe that's just me.


Post# 1124667 , Reply# 19   8/1/2021 at 16:42 (491 days old) by Repairguy (Danbury, Texas)        

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So the agitator dogs definitely need to be replaced as the top of the agitator is not working properly. That is not the noise I think you are complaining about though. It sounds like the suspension is making the other noise that you are hearing. There are a few possibilities but it sounds to me like one of the springs is making noise possibly due to sticky suspension pads. Other than being annoying itís not really hurting anything.

Post# 1124702 , Reply# 20   8/1/2021 at 20:19 (491 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

Thank you folks!

DADoES it took me a while to understand what you were saying with the auger. Is this what you're saying I should get? See the link, please. It's about the same in price as the 80040 part. I rather have all the parts and just keep the spares if I don't need them.

Repairguy thanks for your help as well. I suspected it wasn't agitating correctly, but I wasn't sure. The noise is really annoying. It's right next to the living room. My house so small it's next to everything, it's almost in the middle of the property. The machine needs TLC. I YouTubed how to change the dogs, I think I can do it but may have a hard time reaching the bolt. The hardware store is almost next door though.

Can't hurt to try and I am unlikely to make my situation worst.


Post# 1124708 , Reply# 21   8/1/2021 at 20:53 (491 days old) by Repairguy (Danbury, Texas)        

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I would have the trusted repair person out to see about isolating where the noise is coming from. Like the others I wouldnít give up on this machine even if it costs some money from time to time to keep it going.

Post# 1124714 , Reply# 22   8/1/2021 at 21:32 (491 days old) by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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The part-kit you linked on Amazon is an aftermarket substitution, not a Whirlpool FSP (Factory Specification Parts) item ... it may be OK or the quality may be a bit lacking.

Just the dogs may be sufficient instead of the full repair kit ... but depends on the condition of the other parts.† The thrust washer may be worn down by now.† I may be overly cautious but I advise replacing the seal on the agitator bolt, an air-tight seal is called-for there to form an air bubble under the agitator for warding water away from the drive shaft seals.† The large o-ring on the cap inside the agitator may break when pulling the cap out.

Post# 1125173 , Reply# 23   8/6/2021 at 18:57 (486 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

Thank you everyone for all your help. I think I'm off the market now.

A repairman is coming tomorrow morning to take a look at my Kitchenaid. I guess as long as parts are available it doesn't make sense to replace it (when doing so is a downgrade).

I told him on the phone I needed new agitator dogs and said my machine was noisy. I will ask him if a mechanical rebuild is possible. I'm not sure if that's his cup of tea or not.

As a side note, I found a couple of beautiful-looking wringer washers on FB marketplace. One was a big, pink Kenmore ($400) and the other was a later model Maytag ($100), both in working order I believe. I know these old-style machines can clean clothes well. I honestly would prefer to buy one of these old units than a HE top load. But, an automatic washer is probably better for me and my lifestyle. Plus I have no space to start a collection. I do appreciate the simplicity of the design.

Post# 1125178 , Reply# 24   8/6/2021 at 19:04 (486 days old) by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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A full rebuild that I do includes the base pedestal (includes centerpost spin bearings), basket drive (which includes agitate shaft bearings), neutral drain kit and agitator shaft and oil change on the transmission.† Treatment and painting of any rust on the cabinet/top/lid (painting is my weak area).† Incidentals if needed such as motor coupler, pump, dogs, pads on the skate plate.† It wasn't outrageously expensive several years ago, but surely is toward that range today.

Post# 1125255 , Reply# 25   8/7/2021 at 09:36 (485 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

The repairman tested out my washer and acknowledged that it was loud but in working order. He did replace the agitator dogs and I think that alone has helped.

In asking about a rebuild, he said that a new transmission is $250 and he wasn't sure about finding a timer, but it could run $200. My machine wasn't worth it. He strongly discouraged me from getting a front loader when I asked if one could be turned so I could open the door. (The hoses would hang loose and be exposed.)

My expense for his time and the parts was less than $100. I don't know what I'm gonna do when this thing breaks permanently. I suppose I could pray that there are better options when it does.

Post# 1125258 , Reply# 26   8/7/2021 at 09:59 (485 days old) by 48bencix (Sacramento CA)        
My recommendation

You will be very happy with the Speed Queen TC5 and matching dryer. These units will last for 25 years. I got my Speed Queen set in 2017, replacing a Maytag set. I enjoy having a matching set because it is in my kitchen and I see it all the time. The TC5 does have a transmission so the agitator moves separately from the tub. That is the problem with the TR machines it takes too much torque to move the tub and agitator back and forth so the agitation is not as effective. My set is not TC5 but is roughly the equivalent. One thing the TC5 has is only two water levels, not a big shortcoming. I recommend using the heavy duty cycle not the normal cycle.

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Post# 1125262 , Reply# 27   8/7/2021 at 10:16 (485 days old) by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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A new transmission at the online source I often use is $151.83.

But, there's no need to full-out replace it when the internal wear parts can be replaced instead.† The trick is that servicers don't want to do that, it's much easier to swap the whole transmission ... and true that less labor-time is involved that way than the servicer pulling the existing transmission, opening it, draining the oil, flushing the interior & individual components, replacing the wear items, fresh oil, reassembling, and putting it back into the machine.† A DIYer doesn't have to pay those costs.

Recent new transmissions are known to be noisy ... thus it's better to repair an old one when possible.

Agitator shaft:† $78.88
Neutral drain kit:† $19.74
Gear oil at the auto supply: $7.50
Permatex Ultra Black Gasket Maker:† $9.00
Basket Drive/Brake: $80.07 (found another source $34.75 but don't know if I'd trust it)
*Tub Support: $131.38 ($129.99 another source)


*I mentioned previously to replace the base pedestal.† Should have said the Tub Support, which is a different item.† The base pedestal depends on if it's severely rusted or deteriorated.

Post# 1125267 , Reply# 28   8/7/2021 at 11:02 (485 days old) by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        
when buying a new washer question yourself on the following

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when buying a new washer question yourself on the following

1 how many washload you do per day

2 what cycle you need and use offen

3 price your willing to pay

washers you could check but ask if your local store has it in stock and check to see if new washer will not break the power outlet where the washer is plug in maytag vmax maytag power agitator model 2 i would sugess looking at if you went maytag maytag centinial unknow if you went the matching dryer but pics of both models are with there matching dryers

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Post# 1125277 , Reply# 29   8/7/2021 at 13:55 (485 days old) by Good-Shepherd (New Jersey)        
he wasn't sure about finding a timer, but it could run

Who said it needs a timer?

I wouldn't give up on this machine just yet but don't randomly throw parts at either.

Post# 1125293 , Reply# 30   8/7/2021 at 17:53 (485 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

What kind of washer do I need? How do I do laundry? What price am I willing to pay?

I tend to wash one day a week but I do several loads in that one day. I use a variety of cycles depending on what I wash. I do use the delicate/handwash feature about once a week. And, I launder my winter coats and mattress pads, and other water-resistant bulky items. I know I should go to a laundromat but it's a pain in the rear. It's one reason why I keep wondering if there's a way to get an FL in my old hallway that is now a laundry room.

Additional needs: Quiet, as I mentioned upstream. And, I have pets, two long-haired cats. I like having a full tub when I have a full load and extra rinse to get as much of the soap out as possible. I do not use fabric softener or dryer sheets or other additives.

As far as price, I prefer to buy something more expensive to get what I want, but paying over $1500 would probably be my top amount for just the washer. I think though it's a threshold that can be met. There would have to be something very special about that machine for me to justify it. I don't have a lot of money but I know how to budget and I think I could swing an unexpected expense.

I think that the TC5 Classic Wash > TR7 Perfect Wash is for me now, but I really did like the options the TR7 had, especially with the soak cycle and the easy-to-understand display. One thing I disliked about many of the new machines is the internet connectivity. I don't understand why this is necessary when a mechanical option will work just fine!

I mentioned to the repairman this morning that I've lost a bit of confidence in the Speed Queen brand because of the bad unit that was installed. I was extremely lucky to get my old Kitchenaid back, it almost didn't happen.

I think I'm off the market now for at least a year, but I've put out $700 in repairs for both the washer and the dryer (mostly the dryer). Let's hope I can get another decade out of them.

Post# 1125295 , Reply# 31   8/7/2021 at 18:20 (485 days old) by Repairguy (Danbury, Texas)        

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A washer and dryer is kind of like a house. A lot of times when a house gets to be 10 years old things start needing replacement such as appliances, water heaters, maybe hvac systems, and other maintenance type items. But usually once these things are taken care of you should be good for a period of time. On the laundry pair if you have to replace a heating element on the dryer it should last close to as long as the original if there are no reasons to help it fail prematurely. Same with say a motor, itís pretty costly but shouldnít have to make that repair again.

My daily driver is a 28 year old Chevy truck with 270,000 miles that Iíve owned for the past 19 years and yes it cost money to keep it going but everything works and I have the confidence to drive it any distance.

Post# 1125356 , Reply# 32   8/8/2021 at 14:32 (484 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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Simply because a machine has wifi connectivity doesn't mean it has to be connected. It will still work fine. All wifi does is allow you to control the washer from your phone or voice (alexa etc) and may give you some frivolous added cycles such as I found on my LG. Never use them, machine is no longer connected.

Post# 1125382 , Reply# 33   8/8/2021 at 18:59 (484 days old) by Egress (Oregon)        

my lg WM3900 handles bulky items like comforters with ease. I've even put a large rubber backed area rug in it a few times and it did fine. I'd like to see a speed queen even begin to turn over a rug. our LG also rinses beautifully and I rarely have to add a second rinse, thought I do sometimes, mostly with towels. the WiFi features are pretty gimmicky, and absolutely not needed to use the washer. the only download cycle I use with any regularity is the blanket cycle, and I only use it about once every 2 weeks. It also sends notifications to my phone when either the washer or dryer finish a cycle, and will automatically set the dryer to the corresponding cycle once the washer finishes.

Post# 1125389 , Reply# 34   8/8/2021 at 22:17 (484 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

The LG MW3900 is a front load, isn't it?

I probably need to stick to a top loader, but if my house was not as tight as it is, a sturdy, well-balanced front loader would be acceptable. As it is, unless the FL was turned and the hoses exposed, I would never be able to open the door to load it. I think it might be a bit of a hazard to not have those connections directly behind the unit. So, I'd feel better sticking to a top load if I can find the right one.

Even those apartment-sized laundry centers wouldn't work for me unless I got a carpenter to remove the storage cabinets that are in the old hallway/laundry room. I rather not do that. I use those cabinets. I considered this option for about two minutes before ruling it out.

I told my family that I had my washer fixed and that I was off the market for a while, but my mother thought I should go out and buy what I need anyway since I have the money saved and production is so backed up. Basically, get in line before there is a bigger issue. I hope by the time I actually must replace this machine the production issues at the manufacturers will be resolved and I'll have more options.

I appreciate the feedback, I really do. This is a very friendly crowd. I hope you all have a nice start to your week.

Post# 1125424 , Reply# 35   8/9/2021 at 12:42 (483 days old) by Aquarius1984 (Planet earth)        
Exposed hoses

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Well actually this wouldnít present any problems it would just be unsightly. But is there any reason you canít have some kind of free standing |_| shaped (then inverted) cover made from laminated board or something? Would cost barely dollars to make. This would make a cover for the machine. You could even put a back panel on with holes for hoses to escape if needed.

Post# 1125428 , Reply# 36   8/9/2021 at 13:20 (483 days old) by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        
maytag washer

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I have a Maytag top load pic in reply #1 and reply #28 i can connect it to WIFI but have not

Post# 1125440 , Reply# 37   8/9/2021 at 18:42 (483 days old) by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        

I highly suggest keeping and fixing the KA set as others have mentioned.
Though, I will say, I am very impressed with the GE GTW460 (new GTW465) that I have been using in our new house. The dual action agitator makes the machine work well. Keep it in mind if you end up buying a new machine! Keep us updated!

Post# 1125507 , Reply# 38   8/10/2021 at 18:22 (482 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

Aquarius1984, I went to Best Buy to look at an LG front loader, trying to decide if it is really an option or not. I got down low and I found it difficult to get my hands all the way back without discomfort. With my iffy back, I don't believe I have enough vertical space with the pedestal. I'm not sure if I have vertical space with the cabinets. An FL is an option for someone in this house, I don't think it's one for me. It is something to keep in mind though. Thank you for the feedback.

The Best Buy clerk was trying to sell someone on a washer that has a removable agitator without a floor model. (Boy, that sounds like a gimmicky, future repair to me). I guess there's a new model coming out after Labor Day, he was trying to tell the lady to wait it out because those will be in stock but he couldn't sell it before the release date. It sounds like inventory is very low from what I overheard.

Pierreandreply4, thanks for the pictures and video.

Lakewebsterkid, I did have a GE model written down about six months ago based on CR when I was researching. I think it was third on my list, first being the SQ, then Maytag Commercial, and then GE. I haven't really investigated GE further, but I've always liked the brand. I preferred a GE coil top range for cooking and canning. As a side note, I feel like my range should be replaced as well, it's an old Kenmore, coil top with a self-cleaning oven (but no oven window!). Such a strange combination of features.

Post# 1125513 , Reply# 39   8/10/2021 at 19:20 (482 days old) by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        
your welcome suedenim

pierreandreply4's profile picture
plus the washer i have picture and that iown you will find to features useful to you the extrapower button is one plus you can set the soil level to very heavy if you need to

Post# 1125525 , Reply# 40   8/11/2021 at 01:04 (482 days old) by Egress (Oregon)        

I'd stay away from that gimmicky agitator thing. removeable agitator? why would you want that? it would be something that gets used like
ever and then never again

Post# 1125530 , Reply# 41   8/11/2021 at 03:19 (481 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
Hunt for

a GE filter-flo set on craigslist. They're the best washers ever.

Post# 1125552 , Reply# 42   8/11/2021 at 13:00 (481 days old) by agiflow ()        

The Large capacity in a filter flo is too small though. A refurbished 27-in Super capacity direct drive is cavernous in comparison.

Post# 1125576 , Reply# 43   8/11/2021 at 19:11 (481 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
I think my first priority here is to fix your Kitchenaid, I would if it were mine. If you want a brand new direct replacement of the Kitchenaid, the Maytag Commercial is what I would go for. I would also give Speed Queen another shot if you're going for a brand new washer. I've used the TR7 before and I really like it. But the TC5 is my number one recommendation for a new top load washer today. Now one new top load washer that I would definitely NOT recommend today is this Maytag MVW7230HW. It's my brother's washer and his wife and I both really dislike it. Doesn't perform well, barely moves any clothes around, and it takes longer to clean.

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Post# 1125610 , Reply# 44   8/12/2021 at 09:24 (480 days old) by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        

pierreandreply4's profile picture
panasonicvac i have this model from maytag and i find it cleans real well and has a good turn over of clothes

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Post# 1125629 , Reply# 45   8/12/2021 at 12:29 (480 days old) by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
That's great to hear that you like yours so far. And that's what they originally thought after they bought that washer. But after a year of owning that washer, they don't really like it anymore and I agree with them as I've used it myself before. It's almost just as bad as their other washer they've had before this one. And when my brother and his family move out of their house here very soon, they're looking into leaving the washer (And the dryer) behind and just buy a brand new set at their new house that should work better than this Maytag. Keep in mind here that one washer is not going to please everyone. And everyone is entitled to their opinions.

Post# 1126270 , Reply# 46   8/19/2021 at 17:47 (473 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        
used front loader?

My machine is still making noises. It now also squeaks and rattles during the spin (but it was a big load). I don't think anything is off-balanced and my clothes still came out clean. I can work with this for a while yet, but it worries me.

Because I am close by, I took a walk to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and saw a very compact GE front loader for $200.00 and I believe it had a pedestal there too for $50. It was GE WCV4800K2WW and I think it will fit in the spot--I will measure. A brand new washer GE comparable one is $900.

The clerk said they run a load of towels to make sure it works before it goes out to the floor. I'm still iffy about buying it, it had all sorts of smells because they left the door closed after that test run, but $200 in on a decision I might regret beats $900.00. I wonder if the gasket can be replaced?

I'm posting these thoughts because I figure someone will say "stay away" or "it's a steal". If I hate it I can order something new, I'm only out $200, and whatever the help I get to get it installed.

The only top loaders there were Kenmore Laundry centers, one with a dual-action agitator the other three a single piece. All of them were $350. I wish I could take one of those instead but it won't fit in the spot.

Post# 1126275 , Reply# 47   8/19/2021 at 18:27 (473 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

petek's profile picture
Check the Restore daily or as close to daily as you can. Ours always has a few machines showing up each week, and they go fast.

Post# 1127084 , Reply# 48   8/28/2021 at 11:24 (464 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

I may be adding a Maytag wringer washer to my household. I found it on Facebook marketplace, it's only 5 blocks away, and, I know the seller from church. It's fate! She says it still works. $150 and I have something as a backup for when I am needing it. I rather have this than an HE piece of crap. I know they're a little more work but they can clean well.

As I understand, parts are still available for wringer washers, so fixable if it breaks down. Not sure why I need to tell you this but thought I would share just the same.

Post# 1127676 , Reply# 49   9/3/2021 at 20:50 (458 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        
The wringer washer for sale down the street.

It was a Maytag J model (I think) square tub with a removable lid. It was very clean, with very little rust, with a brand new agitator. But not easy to move. I said 'no' initially because I couldn't figure out how I could use it. I have to store it in a different room, but, looking at pictures, I think it's supposed to have casters!!!!

Does anyone know if those casters can be replaced with something you can buy at the hardware store? It would be a game-changer.

Post# 1158823 , Reply# 50   9/5/2022 at 22:17 by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        
It's been a few months with the new washer....

I ended up replacing my KA with a GE (GTW725BSN1WS) washer I bought from Costco in January 2022. The KA just sort of gave up on me and I couldn't deal with it anymore. Mom herniated her back and I was exhausted from helping her out and working all sorts of crazy hours at my job. I do miss the KAs quick cycles but not its noise.

My biggest complaint with the GE is I have to rebalance the tub more often, but other than that, I like the machine. I chose the model I have because of the warm rinse. There are some other features I like, such as delayed start and soaking options.

I have to pull out the soap dispenser after every load and dump the water that's collected in it during the cycle. I leave the lid of the machine open so it dries out and it doesn't become moldy.

I don't have anything that's unusual to report. It's okay for the lifestyle I have. I'm not blown away but I'm not up in arms either.

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