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My new LG 4000 series washer and dryer
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Post# 1125703   8/13/2021 at 13:16 (288 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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I just recieved the dryer today and had the washer delivered a few weeks ago. This set was rated well and so far performance wise it is impressive to say the least. This set replaces the Whirlpools that I bought last year. The Whirlpools that I had were sold off to a friend that wanted them. Here are a few pics

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Post# 1125704 , Reply# 1   8/13/2021 at 13:21 (288 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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These are the Whirlpools that I had. The washer did ok but it had issues with stain removal. I did like the dryer , but , it was a tad noisy compared to the new LG dryer. Whirlpool sadly has cheapened this dryer and they are not as they used to be years ago. .

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Post# 1125705 , Reply# 2   8/13/2021 at 13:33 (288 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Congratulations!!! My new DLEX4200 was delivered Tuesday, ordering it 7 days earlier. Thus far I've done a large load of towels, mixed shorts & t-shirts, and bedspread/comforter. Like the dryers very much thus far. I sprung for the pedestal to make it easier for me to retrieve items. I doubt I'll get a pedestal when I have to replace my Duet though. I'm going to give it time to determine if I notice anything special about using Normal with the AI function.

Post# 1125706 , Reply# 3   8/13/2021 at 13:53 (288 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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The 4200 is the next model up from the one I got. I did a load of towels and use the Towels cycle. That cycle doe not use the AI system. Only the Normal cycle uses it and that is with Normal dryness level. The AI on the washer is only for the Normal cycle and the Bright Whites cycle. I dont know why they just didn't do all the cycles with AI. I have the washer and dryer connected to the internet using the ThinQ app. That app has come in handy and with it being connected the washer had a firmware update that was done to enhance the cycles.
So far I am quite happy with new LG's.

Post# 1125707 , Reply# 4   8/13/2021 at 13:56 (288 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Oh and before I forget....The LG washer is American made , in Clarksville , TN at the new plant that LG built. The dryer is Korean made though.

Post# 1125708 , Reply# 5   8/13/2021 at 15:01 (288 days old) by Maytag85 (Sean A806)        

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Those Whirlpool washers work okay since I used one while visiting family on the east coast but it either didnt use enough water or filled all the way to the brim. I noticed all my clothes were much cleaner when I washed them in my Maytag A606 after I got back from my east coast trip.

Post# 1125709 , Reply# 6   8/13/2021 at 15:08 (288 days old) by DADoES (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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That app has come in handy and with it being connected the washer had a firmware update that was done to enhance the cycles.
It probably dumbed-down the water temps a little more. :-)

Post# 1125710 , Reply# 7   8/13/2021 at 15:13 (288 days old) by trappn (Illinois)        

One of the oddities of the Normal cycle is the temperature is clipped at the next to the highest setting. Except for towels, we usually don't choose anything higher than a medium setting.

You will come across other small things that will leave you scratching your head, but it's still a great dryer.

Post# 1125712 , Reply# 8   8/13/2021 at 15:34 (288 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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One thing I did think about the dumbed down water temps and it has not been an issue since our water in FL is a toasty 86F coming out of the faucet this time of year. To me that is odd since living in Mass our cold water temp got up to maybe 62F in the summer coming from the tap and and a downright chilly 36F in the winter. I have not encountered any issues so far with stain removal. The Bright Whites cycle starts off kinda coolish then the internal water heater kicks on and does a profile wash where the temps will rise and release stains that need a certain temp to release. The thing that kinda surprised me is that the Extra Hot temp is available on the Normal cycle, and this washer is not shy about getting to 150F.

Post# 1125713 , Reply# 9   8/13/2021 at 16:01 (288 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Trappn & Mike, thank you both for the comments. I realized the AI was locked into med. hi temp. that's actually the same temp as on towels. But I wanted to try it. The comforter was dried on Bedding, which is medium. I haven't worn any of the t-shirts or the wrinkle-free shorts that were dried Tuesday yet to see if anything shrank. One thing I forgot to mention was right after the installers left, I wanted to see just how sensitive the sensor was when empty. After tumbling on heat for two minutes, the dryer went to cool down. And it did that on all the cycles I tried so that I'm pleased with. As with the electronic control Maytag, I could start it empty on normal dry and it would take 10 minutes to get to cool down, very dry was at least 15 minutes. I had hear a long time ago that these modern electronic dryers are sensor controlled when it comes to cool down, it stops when drum temperature reaches at certain temp and stops. Well, things are still quite warm as far as I'm concerned. I will say the cooldown for the load of towels was about 7 to 8 minutes, but it hung on the 1 minute for those extra minutes. Also when it was still drying and was getting ready to change from 6 to 5 minutes, dry time was upped about 15 minutes, but in the end it was sonly about 12 minutes before it went to cool down. As far as I'm concerned, stopping the dryer before the inside is totally cooled down is wasted energy that should be used to finish drying the load. These days since I'm no longer working, I don't have slacks or shirts that have to be hung up out of the dryer. If I did, I'd probably use the app to switch the dryer to air fluff once it reached cool down.

Mike, thanks for letting me know about the temp when using ex hot on Normal. I would imagine it's similar if selected using Heavy Duty. I wish we could find out if on AI wash cycles, if the tumble patterns are impacted if user reduces spin speed from the default of the setting of Whites or Normal. AI is also "present" when selecting rinse & spin.

Post# 1125715 , Reply# 10   8/13/2021 at 19:10 (287 days old) by trappn (Illinois)        
Just Wondering......

Since we are including the washers, perhaps someone could provide a little insight.

powerfin64, please don't hesitate to comment.

Let's just say we have a set of bamboo sheets in need of stain removal. The instructions state they must be washed on cold temperature.

Obviously, the sheets will not be immersed in gallons of hot water on a front loader; so, is it OK to choose a higher wash temperature on a front loader for this particular set of circumstances?

These are the kind of questions that us laymen wonder about, but are afraid to ask.

It's clear the LG application engineers have their own agenda, but they aren't sharing.

Post# 1125723 , Reply# 11   8/13/2021 at 21:44 (287 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        
answer to tappns question

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yes and no. My partner has a set of bamboo sheets also. He follows the directions and washes his in cold.

Now we are discussing LG 4200 washers.

SO yes you COULD up the wash temperature if needed. OR you could wash
the bamboo sheets in which-ever cycle, choose the COLD WASH option(far right on the control panel) and it will extend the wash time for cold water washing. I have used the COLD WASH many times and like it. Just use a good quality
detergent for Cold water laundry.

Post# 1125728 , Reply# 12   8/13/2021 at 23:34 (287 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        

How did you like the turbowash360 option? Did you notice any pressure drop during the normal cycle?

Post# 1125788 , Reply# 13   8/14/2021 at 16:34 (287 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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I use the TurboWash feature on every cycle. I like the way that it moves the water onto the wash load and the way it utilizes every drop of water. There is no pressure loss with having 4 jets spraying onto the wash load. One thing though, the spray rinse has been reduced...the 3570 washer would spray the load in the final spin for about 45 seconds or so. This washer its less than 10 seconds at most.

As far as washing bamboo sheets in the washer, it can be done, but not on hot. I would do the Cold Wash as well and use the Bedding cycle since that cycle uses the TurboWash system in a way that when the washer stops its tumble the jets kick on and soak the sheets, then the jets stop and the washer tumbles the load. This goes on thru out the cycle. Imagine a soak/drench then agitate sequenced. . It does this even in the rinse cycles. The only thing is that the spin for this cycle is capped at Medium speed at 600 rpms so more water is retained. If one has an issue with that then a Spin Only can be initiated to get more water extracted from the load.

The other thing before I forget...the drain pump on this washer is a variable speed pump. It does sense if there is water in the sump and the issue with water surging around the drum during spin is well taken care of. This washer is much more refined than the 3570 washer I had.
The dryer so far is vey quiet and fast. Not to mention spot on with sensing the load when its dry. I am very happy with these two.

Post# 1125789 , Reply# 14   8/14/2021 at 17:21 (287 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mike, thanks for the confirmation of what I thought I was not imagining--spray rinses weren't as long as they used to be in older models, which is a disappointment. I was actually looking forward to seeing how the variable pump dealt with a long spin spray rinse. I think I would pretty much opt for a 2nd rinse on cotton loads. It's going to take me a few weeks to get several loads under my belt to compare dryer performance with the old DC dryer.

Post# 1125792 , Reply# 15   8/14/2021 at 18:34 (286 days old) by trappn (Illinois)        

Thanks for the insight.

So far, we are adding an extra rinse to each cycle. Sometimes, 2 extra rinses for items that had been heavily soiled. Not sure whether this is overkill, or not.

Back to the dryer.....we're still trying to figure out why LG has limited the options for some of the cycles. Small Load is clamped at the highest heat setting. Normal clamped at next to the hottest setting. Wrinkle Care can't be chosen for bedding, etc.

For most things, we prefer a softer heat but are not completely sure what's really going on in the dryer. For all we know, LG varies the heat temperature throughout all of the automatic cycles. We just don't want to cook our clothes.

Post# 1125798 , Reply# 16   8/14/2021 at 19:13 (286 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Trappn, I'm having the same thoughts, wonderings, curiosity, wishes, and trepidations you express. From the very first day I got my firt frong loader (Fridgemore October 2006), I only used medium for "high" and delicates for low & medium heat in the old Dependable Care Maytag. Bob

Post# 1125800 , Reply# 17   8/14/2021 at 19:23 (286 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
I use the accelawash

equivalent on my kenmore elite. On the normal cycle, it saturates the load and tumbles simultaneously. It would drop down in pressure with loads of towels and jeans. How did yours do on the default normal cycle?

Post# 1125801 , Reply# 18   8/14/2021 at 19:27 (286 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
lg pair

When my mom got her new lg pair in 2007, I discovered that normal uses medium heat. I was suspicious at first, but have gotten used to it. I use the 41 minute cycle on my kenmore elite, also made by lg.

Post# 1125802 , Reply# 19   8/14/2021 at 19:38 (286 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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The dryer does not cook clothes or anything for that matter. The dryer uses a variable heating element and I find that it kinda uses the Whirlpool Kenmore soft heat where the temp tapers down as the load dries. If you have a recent LG dryer like mine there is the Energy Saver button and that will drop the air temps down , yet the dryer will run longer to achieve the same result. There are ways to get what you want this dryer to do. You can also use Delicate where the Low temp is selected.

On the washer one can select up to 3 Extra rinses and each of those will do a spin between each rinse with a spray rinse in each of those spins. I find that rinsing is very thorough. Those spins are not low speed either...depending on the load you are doing. The AI works quite well I find in the Normal and Whites cycles.

Post# 1125904 , Reply# 20   8/16/2021 at 00:31 (285 days old) by trappn (Illinois)        

Appreciate the information. Thanks.

Post# 1125907 , Reply# 21   8/16/2021 at 03:12 (285 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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You guys are going to have to keep us updated........especially on the washers. I think if I had to buy a washer right now....spur of the moment - after the research I've done, it would be the LG 4000 Turbo wash.

Post# 1126076 , Reply# 22   8/17/2021 at 20:50 (283 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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This washer was well rated by CU and with the dryer in the washer and dryer pairs this set got an 87 and a #2 spot in best overall performance . This set is much more refined than the LG 3570's that I had back in Mass. Wash performance is in a word superb. Rinsing is superb as well and very thorough. I highly recommend these to anyone that is in the market for a new set. The dryer is quiet, fast and accurate. I have been using the Normal cycle for everything since it uses AI and nothing is shrinking so far. One thing that i did notice with the Whirlpool dryer that I had was when the dryer was running I could hear the blower pushing the air thru the exhaust duct. It was a high pitched WHOOOOOOOOOOO so everyone knew in my neighborhood that i was doing laundry. With the LG dryer that noise is gone.

Post# 1126151 , Reply# 23   8/18/2021 at 14:07 (283 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
highest rated washer and dryer

What was the highest rated washer and dryer behind yours?

Post# 1126157 , Reply# 24   8/18/2021 at 15:17 (283 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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That would be the LG 9000 series washer and dryer was at the top, this set was next and another LG set was after this one.

Post# 1126167 , Reply# 25   8/18/2021 at 18:26 (283 days old) by qsd-dan (West)        

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What cycles and temperature options does the internal heater have for the washer? I can't find any of that information on LG's website.


My brother has a plastic fantastic top load GE washer that is dying and not worth repairing. The matching dryer is "eh" at best. He has 3 small active girl's that get dirty so an internal heater is a must.

Post# 1126191 , Reply# 26   8/18/2021 at 20:28 (282 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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The Normal Cycle one can select from Tap Cold all the way to Extra Hot. If the Extra Hot is selected it will do a profile wash where the water starts off warm and then the heater kicks on to raise the water temp to 150F. To me that is plenty hot and it gives the washer time to release stains that release at certain temps before going to the Max temp. The washer also maintains the water temp if one selects warm so the water does not get cold like it would in an SQ front loader that does not have a water heater. The Allergene Cycle also uses the heater and the Bright Whites cycle uses it as well. One can also select the Steam Option and that will utilize the heater. This washer is very versatile and worth the money I paid for it. This washer has been removing stains that the Whirlpool top loader would leave behind.
This washer is also very quiet as well. And made right here in the USA.

Post# 1126198 , Reply# 27   8/18/2021 at 22:11 (282 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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In addition to the Normal cycle, steam is an option for Bedding, Whites, Heavy Duty, Allergene, and Sanitize. It is not an option for the Towels cycle, and heater isn't engaged most likely for the towels cycle. The same wash temperature options are available for Heavy Duty cycle also. Mike, I'm assuming the heater is engaged if HOt is selected on Normal to maintain temp too, just curious as to what that temp would be since Extra Hot is 150.

Post# 1126231 , Reply# 28   8/19/2021 at 12:40 (282 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Just curious

Didnt you at one time have both an LG and an Electrolux set, and prefer the Electrolux? If so what led you to go with LG this time around?

Post# 1126244 , Reply# 29   8/19/2021 at 15:12 (282 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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I did have two sets when I lived in Mass and I did like the Electrolux set very much, but, when I went to order a set of them for my new home here in FL I could not get them. They were backordered and nobody could tell me when I would be able to get them delivered to my home. I was told it could be months and possibly into the new year, maybe. This COVID hell is very real and is a royal pain all around.
So that said, I went with the LG's. I am liking them quite alot , in fact more than the Electroluxs now.

Post# 1126250 , Reply# 30   8/19/2021 at 15:41 (282 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
blood stains

How effective is the washer on blood stains?

Post# 1126268 , Reply# 31   8/19/2021 at 17:43 (282 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mike's experience with needing to replace his laundry pair with a new one and not being given any idea as to when new preferred brand/model would be available, is exactly the experience I had when needing to get a new dishwasher last May and the new dryer this month--hence my Bosch dishwasher and LG dryer.

Post# 1126285 , Reply# 32   8/19/2021 at 20:28 (281 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Depending on what you use for a detergent. I use German Persil MegaPearls Universal along with Clorox2 and Borax and a scoop of Charlies Soap Hard Water Booster since the water here is considered hard here in FL. Never had an issue so far where the washer didn't remove a blood stain.

Question I have is why are you asking GEL4? Did you get something bloodied and need to "wash" the evidence? A question like that one posed does make one think ya know...

Post# 1126475 , Reply# 33   8/21/2021 at 07:50 (280 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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I must have missed your post above earlier. You got a 4200? Wow! So what do you think thus far after having had a duet? Did you keep the duet washer? U must have multiple hookups?

Post# 1126490 , Reply# 34   8/21/2021 at 10:45 (280 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mark, I got the 4200 dryer, I still have the Duet. It was my 26.66 year old Maytag Dependable Care dryer that bit the dust.

Post# 1126491 , Reply# 35   8/21/2021 at 10:53 (280 days old) by Repairguy (Danbury, Texas)        

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What happened to the Maytag, Bob?

Post# 1126497 , Reply# 36   8/21/2021 at 11:07 (280 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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The motor died. And no, it wasn't a belt breaking. The motor had been making strange noises for the past 5 years when I would start it. Then on a major laundry Sunday, I put a load of 4 pairs of jeans in it, the last load of the day. Pushed start and it struggled to tumble. I removed all articles and just turned it on and it would tumble. So I split the load in half and was able to dry. Did that for a week. And it gradually struggled to tumble and then it just simply stopped tumbling, the motor would attempt to tumble the dryer and just groan. It's the same scenario that happened with my 1986 LK dryer. I later found out from Gansky1 that WP had problems with the model motors they put in their high-end models failing. I found out with the LK I really needed a dryer with a side-swing door. Hence the Maytag, even though it was smaller capacity than the 6.9 cu. ft. LK. The Maytag was a trooper since December 1994 and dealt with Bobloads from a reconditioned Fridgemore front loader I received from a member in 2006 and then the Duet arrived December 2011. In August 2016 I had the dryer looked at and serviced, the guy said he was so impressed how clean it was inside with relatively little lint acccumulation for its age.

Post# 1126499 , Reply# 37   8/21/2021 at 11:13 (280 days old) by Repairguy (Danbury, Texas)        

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Thanks for the reply. Curiosity got the better of me on what finally took out the Maytag.

Post# 1126508 , Reply# 38   8/21/2021 at 12:38 (280 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
Ahh. I see

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I assume since you got that model dryer that it's your plan to eventually get the washer?....but your Duet could last YEARS more. What if, say, you get another 5 years or more out of it...By then, the matching LG to your current dryer may not even be available.

I love my Whirlpool standard dryer that's right at 2 yrs old. But when it's time for a new washer, I'm going to get an LG...I don't care if I can't use AI

Little lint build up inside? If that's the case, I'm guessing your dryer vents directly outside with virtually no run...that would be my dream to live in a house where a dryer vents straight out.

Post# 1126509 , Reply# 39   8/21/2021 at 12:55 (280 days old) by SueDenim (Lincoln, Nebraska)        

How would you rate the noise and vibration level of the washer?

Post# 1126515 , Reply# 40   8/21/2021 at 13:56 (280 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mark, my choice was more a function of what was available to be delivered in a week or two where I live. No WP/Maytag front load matching dryers with steam available until possibly October. I've had my 2 matched sets, I don't need to keep up with the jones any more. It's not important to me to have a matched set any more. But I'll evaluate what washer meets my preferences/needs whenever that time comes. And yes, very short dryer vent length.

Post# 1126516 , Reply# 41   8/21/2021 at 14:06 (280 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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The noise level on my LG 4000 washer is very quiet. I can hear it when it fills but it doesnt use the "pulse fill" like the 3570 washer did. I had to use water hammer arrestors to keep my toilets and pipes from groaning. I did put water hammer arrestors on this washer since our water pressure here in FL is very high. Washing is quiet as well. One can hear the low hum of the recirculation pump and the clothes tumbling as the washer does its thing. The drain sequence is quiet and the drain pump is variable speed. I can hear it slow down and speed up to get rid of any water in the drum during spin. Its not annoying by any means. Spin is quiet and kinda sound like a UFO taking off...the only way to describe it. Vibration is almost non existent. This washer goes thru its load balancing routine and does its thing. Now I have this washer on a concrete floor. It should do ok on a wooden floor I would think. It won't shake your whole house if that is what you are wondering.
This washer and dryer are very well made and good value for the money I would have to say. Plus LG washers and dryers are always well rated by CU and I can see why ...

Post# 1126518 , Reply# 42   8/21/2021 at 14:32 (280 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mike, thank you for the comment regarding the pulse fill--I always referred to it as the spritzer on/off fill. I'll have to pay closer attention to the fills on this most recent series that includes the 4x00 models when I can find more videos YT online.

Post# 1126527 , Reply# 43   8/21/2021 at 16:19 (280 days old) by trappn (Illinois)        

Sounds like the 4200 club is growing.

Post# 1126550 , Reply# 44   8/21/2021 at 21:58 (279 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        

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yes it is, slow and sure!

Post# 1126583 , Reply# 45   8/22/2021 at 10:20 (279 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
German universal megapearls

Are absolutely wonderful. I love the German Color Megapearls too. Excellent cleaning yet still easy on blacks. And the current version of Tide Original powder cleans and whitens just as well as Persil if not better, but with better suds control. I am using it more and more. Tides current scent, their cheap bubble gum college laundry room scent with sandalwood added, is inferior to Persil IMO but I can live with it.

Post# 1126703 , Reply# 46   8/24/2021 at 06:37 (277 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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LG's are made in US and S Korea....right? Not China. Plz correct me if I'm wrong.

Post# 1126707 , Reply# 47   8/24/2021 at 09:42 (277 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Washers are made the in the US and my dryer tag says it is made in S. Korea.

Post# 1126721 , Reply# 48   8/24/2021 at 17:08 (277 days old) by littlegreeny (Milwaukee, WI)        

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I believe many are now made in the USA and some are still made in South Korea. I have never seen any made in China but I have seen a few made in Vietnam.

Post# 1126726 , Reply# 49   8/24/2021 at 18:01 (277 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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My LG 3570 washer was made in China. The dryer was made in South Korea. The new 4000 series washer made here in the USA. I think that the US built washer is well made. The dryer as well. My LG dishwasher is made in South Korea as well as my LG fridge. My LG range was made in Mexico , the microwave in China. They are no different than Whirlpool, GE, or Frigidaire Electrolux and Bosch.

Post# 1126744 , Reply# 50   8/24/2021 at 20:12 (276 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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My wm3700 was made in Vietnam. These days they can switch back and forth between factories in different countries at the drop of a hat for any reason.

Post# 1126755 , Reply# 51   8/24/2021 at 21:11 (276 days old) by DADoES (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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The nephew/niece's 2019 LG frontloader doesn't reference a manufacturing location on the model/serial tag. Where might the info be located?

Post# 1126761 , Reply# 52   8/25/2021 at 00:16 (276 days old) by littlegreeny (Milwaukee, WI)        

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Glenn, some models have a manufacturing label on the left side panel of the machine.

Post# 1126797 , Reply# 53   8/25/2021 at 10:44 (276 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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The silver sticker on mine on the right panel, top left corner. Highly visible

Post# 1126942 , Reply# 54   8/26/2021 at 20:09 (274 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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The dryer is the same way as well for the side sticker. Info can also be found in the upper left of the door opening.

Post# 1126946 , Reply# 55   8/26/2021 at 20:49 (274 days old) by DADoES (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Their 10yo LG dryer says Korea (interestingly, doesn't specify North or South) on the model/serial tag. Can't check the side tag on the washer, they're 2hrs 10mins distance.

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Post# 1126992 , Reply# 56   8/27/2021 at 11:07 (274 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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These are the stickers on my washer and dryer...the first pic is from the dryer, the second from the washer.

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Post# 1127014 , Reply# 57   8/27/2021 at 14:54 (274 days old) by whatsername (Denver, CO)        

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The black steel model with rose gold trim has been great so far. Our criteria for purchasing were:

  • Turbo wash
  • Heater
  • Matching dryer in stock

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Post# 1127024 , Reply# 58   8/27/2021 at 17:35 (274 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Same set as above but in black .

Post# 1127025 , Reply# 59   8/27/2021 at 17:37 (274 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Same set as above but in black .

Post# 1127030 , Reply# 60   8/27/2021 at 19:02 (273 days old) by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        
water temps

On my Kenmore 41982, Normal cycle on cold will actually engage the heater to heat the water to 74F. Warm was about 82F. Hot was around 113F. Extra hot would heat to 150F, but my machine would actually fill with tap hot once the prewash dispenser was flushed.
The loudest part of my machine is when it fills, though the new LG WashTower is silent when filling.
As others have said, very little vibration.

Post# 1127035 , Reply# 61   8/27/2021 at 19:18 (273 days old) by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        

Forgot to mention, my machine does NOT engage the heater on the Normal cycle with either warm or hot water selected. Nor does it use the heater on the Whitest Whites cycle. Odd.

Post# 1127036 , Reply# 62   8/27/2021 at 19:20 (273 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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LWK, that would be a huge disappointment to me!!!

Post# 1127054 , Reply# 63   8/28/2021 at 01:35 (273 days old) by Logixx (Germany)        

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Somebody on YouTube ran a whites cycle in his (older) LG and the hot setting meant 109F. I find it unfortunate that the final temp depends so much on the cycle, load size, inlet temp, soil level and maybe even other factors. These large washers are sold with precise temp control all over the world - just not in North America.

Post# 1127055 , Reply# 64   8/28/2021 at 01:41 (273 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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I agree Alex.

Post# 1127068 , Reply# 65   8/28/2021 at 07:06 (273 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        
"Precise Temp Control"

Can't completely agree tbh.

The EU versions of these only go to about 120F even if you select the non-eco 140F Cotton's cycle.

Though household machines of this size over here make little sense as even with our 2.x kW heaters in them, a 17kg rated load (something like 35lbs or so) just takes ages to heat up from cold.

But LGs never were the most temperature accurate machines over here either, so...

Post# 1127091 , Reply# 66   8/28/2021 at 12:52 (273 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Th thing is if one is concerned about the water temp in the Bright Whites cycle, Steam can also be selected. The Bright Whites cycle I use for all white loads and never have an issue with stain removal. I also use German Persil Universal MegaPearls so that alone makes a difference. Tide w/Bleach powder does an amazing job used with this cycle. The other thing is the fact that if one needs to have 150F water temps, the Normal cycle does allow it to happen and will extent the cycle to 1 hour and 40 mins..and the washer gets hot or even the Allergiene cycle does the same.
Most cycles that I use are Normal for darks/colors, Bright Whites for whites and white towels, Towels cycle for Towels....that is the longest cycle I might can extend the cycle time from what it says at sensing to in reality 2+ hours later. I will have to say that when I use the cycle it is the last load of the day for laundry. The wash cycle on that is not long, its the rinsing and spinning that consumes the time.
The Bedding was called Bulky on the 3570 washer...does quite well, but, extraction is short and so is the spin speed capped at 600 rpms. One can do a Spin Only and get more water out of the load if need be.

Post# 1127097 , Reply# 67   8/28/2021 at 14:02 (273 days old) by DADoES (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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... Towels cycle for Towels....that is the longest cycle I might can extend the cycle time from what it says at sensing to in reality 2+ hours later.
I'm wondering what's the need for a designated Towels cycle to be that long? Towels typically aren't super-filthy.

Post# 1127099 , Reply# 68   8/28/2021 at 14:37 (273 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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I agree they are not but on this cycle the washer spins in stages because of the nature of the towels and how water they absorb. Rinsing is very thorough on this cycle as well and I use the TurboWash as well to speed it along. I should have clarified when i made the comment because I have not used Heavy Duty or Allergiene so those cycles may run a tad longer...wont know until I try them.

Post# 1127102 , Reply# 69   8/28/2021 at 15:18 (273 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Towels is also recommended for jeans/denim. Yes, adding steam most likely engages the heater to heat wash water too. Also an option for bedding. Heavy Duty has the same water temp options as Normal, including extra hot. If max soil is selected, or if the machine senses an unusually large load for HD cycle, it will do some tumble pauses for a couple of minutes at a time according to the user guide. I'd probably use Normal for just about everything to have access to the heater and simply adjust spin speed to suit fabric. Does Towels use additional water?

Post# 1127108 , Reply# 70   8/28/2021 at 16:55 (273 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Methinks so. If you use Turbowash on Bedding, during those soak periods, the recirculation pump runs and throws the water into the load. When tumble begins, the pump stops and the load is power washed. It also happens during the rinse cycles as well. The Towels cycle does the same with the Turbowash option. I use it for every load.

Post# 1127119 , Reply# 71   8/28/2021 at 19:49 (272 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
I don't think

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I would ever run a load without turbo wash engaged. LOL

Post# 1127162 , Reply# 72   8/29/2021 at 10:41 (272 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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If one is wondering how the performance is n the Bright Whites cycle.this is a pic I just took of the load that I freshly washed, dried and folded this morning.

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Post# 1127215 , Reply# 73   8/30/2021 at 00:42 (271 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        
Bob have you

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checked all of your "download" cycles yet?? There is many of them to choose from, including a " Denim" Specifically for Jeans! How exciting!! Heavy Duty is geared for jeans/ Denims on High heat than the towel cycle which is Medium High heat, may be used just will be a tad longer in drying time.

Post# 1127220 , Reply# 74   8/30/2021 at 02:43 (271 days old) by Logixx (Germany)        

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It'll be interesting to see whether these extra cycle a new cycles or already existing ones with simply modified presets, like it's the case in Europe (from all I've read).

Post# 1127320 , Reply# 75   8/30/2021 at 23:28 (270 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Rich, no I've not gotten around to dealing with the wifi-network-download yet. I'm having to buy a new phone and will probably wait until after that acquisition.

Post# 1127334 , Reply# 76   8/31/2021 at 08:08 (270 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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I have the washer,dryer,dishwasher, stove and fridge connected with the ThinQ app. It does work well I might add.

Post# 1127344 , Reply# 77   8/31/2021 at 09:27 (270 days old) by DADoES (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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ThinQ. I recall hearing someone pronounce it in a video as "thin-que" ... but I imagine it's supposed to be "think."

Post# 1127363 , Reply# 78   8/31/2021 at 15:07 (270 days old) by trappn (Illinois)        

The ThinQ application has actually proven to be useful. Gives us periodic reports of the state of the washer: Which cycles are being used, whether any excessive vibration has been noted. When it's time to perform a cleaning cycle, etc.

Post# 1127388 , Reply# 79   8/31/2021 at 21:01 (269 days old) by Egress (Oregon)        

yeah, last winter it complained to us about not getting enough hot water during the clean washer cycle. turns out it was cold enough that we had to run the faucet for a period to make sure the washer got hot water.

Post# 1131595 , Reply# 80   10/21/2021 at 15:30 (219 days old) by littlegreeny (Milwaukee, WI)        

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Is there an advantage to use the normal cycle with the temp set to extra hot vs. using the sanitary cycle? And does the steam option just extend the wash time on those extra hot settings?

Post# 1131610 , Reply# 81   10/21/2021 at 20:55 (218 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Good question and I think that I can answer that since I have had some time putting the washer thru he paces here. One thing is that the Normal Cycle is one of the cycles that uses the AI feature. Now I thought that it was just a gimmick but I was wrong, it does indeed work. The Normal cycle allows the Extra Hot wash temp to be used and it changes the cycle depending on what one is washing. I use this cycle for towels and on the Extra Hot temp the washer senses the load and the display will show a 1 hour 35 min for the duration. The wash water temp does in fact get up to a toasty 154F and holds it there for the duration of the wash cycle. Then cold water is added to temper it down. The washer also sense just how much water that the load is absorbing and also adds more spin time between rinses and gives 10 mins for the final spin. I have not used the Steam option since the Extra Hot wash temp in my mind is plenty for what the load would need.
One thing that this washer does during the wash cycle, as the water is heating in the sump of the outer tub, the load will not move, then the jets kick on and throw that heated water on top of the stationary load then after a few seconds it will tumble the load and do it over again until the water temp hits the target temp. One can check what the water temp is by touching the Delay button and then the Temp select button and it will show the water temp in Celsius. The Normal cycle adapts to what ever you are washing and changes up the wash action profile to match the load it is sensing.
So far this set is alot of fun to use and the performance has been outstanding. The dryer is very quick in its task of getting the job done and I use the Normal cycle for most loads and I dont have any shrinkage on anything dried in that dryer.

Post# 1131618 , Reply# 82   10/21/2021 at 22:27 (218 days old) by littlegreeny (Milwaukee, WI)        

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Thanks for the explanation Mike. What does the steam button do?

Post# 1131621 , Reply# 83   10/21/2021 at 23:11 (218 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mike, how did you find out the dryer has a variable heating element?-- akin to Kenmore Soft Heat? Is variable heat only used for Normal cycle or other cycles?

Post# 1131622 , Reply# 84   10/22/2021 at 00:40 (218 days old) by Egress (Oregon)        

thats good to know about that temp trick, I'll have to try that on my WM3900

Post# 1131626 , Reply# 85   10/22/2021 at 06:18 (218 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        

The steam option fills only to cover the heater and then steams before the wash starts.

I don't think it has a variable heater per se.
It might have 2 heater banks and pulse the heater on/off.

Never seen a truly variable heater as in more than 3 power outputs.

Post# 1131632 , Reply# 86   10/22/2021 at 08:38 (218 days old) by appnut (TX)        
I'll say it agan

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The one thing I still don't like about the dryer is the pathetic cool down. Drying my compression stockings on Ultra Delicate, the cool down phase was actually shortened by 2 minutes. I did a BobLoad of towels last week on Towels and the cool down was extended 9 minutes (while watching the app on my phone) before it shut off. Once it did, I started the dryer on air fluff and let it run for 30 minutes. Used the residual heat to take care of any possible damp spots in the load. I've also gotten used to selecting the cycle that has the specific temperature I want to dry a load on rather than actually selecting the specific temperature I'd prefer. Perm Press and Bedding both use medium, but Bedding dries the load almost bone dry before it begins cool down. Same with Towels vs. Normal--both cycles using medium high.

Post# 1131637 , Reply# 87   10/22/2021 at 10:40 (218 days old) by trappn (Illinois)        
Dryer Cool Down......

You're not imagining it. As stated before, nothing very sophisticated going on here compared to the old Whirlpool.

Have tried experimenting with the Wrinkle Prevention option to improve finish on permanent press dress shirts. Doesn't help much; so, after the main cycle finishes, these shirts go for another 10 minutes or so on the Steam Fresh cycle. This actually improves the finish quite a bit.

Recall someone mentioning they loved the dryer's permanent press cycle, but it seems inferior to what we used to have.

Post# 1131640 , Reply# 88   10/22/2021 at 11:14 (218 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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I find that as the the load dries on the Normal cycle that the dryer throttles back the heat so that that nothing gets fried out much like the Soft Heat/ Gentle Heat feature that Whirlpool dryers have. If one is concerned about the heat then one can use the Energy Saver button and that will drop temps even further, but the heat does not kick on until a set period of time once the dryer is started. That will extend the drying cycle. I used it once and once was enough for me.

The Steam feature on the washer will extend the cycle depending on load size it can add a cool 35 to 40+ mins to a wash cycle. Now steam in a dryer is helpful if one does not want to iron or they want to refresh a load that was forgotten for a few days on the dryer...that never happens here since I am on top of it on laundry day. The cool down on a cycle is very dependent on room temp that the dryer is in. If the dryer is outside like mine is in my laundry shed and if the air temp is a toasty lets say 90F, the dryer will take longer to cool down a load to get to where the dryer thinks its good to shut off. I have seen the dryer hit the one min mark and not shut off for another 5 mins. But, with the cooler weather here and I did laundry yesterday, the dryer had no issues with holding at the one minute mark.
Getting back to the Steam Feature for the washer, in my opinion , its kinda useless unless you need to sanitize something. As far as stain loosening I would think that it would not do much. I normally will pretreat a stain and let the washer get on with the wash process, but that is me.

Post# 1131645 , Reply# 89   10/22/2021 at 12:02 (218 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mike, thank you. After I downloaded the app, I wanted to try the remote start feature. It was a load of towels and defaulted to Normal. With the app, you cannot cancel the energy saver option. And I knew it would tumble in room temp air for a while before heat turned on. All said and done, that load of towels took almost 2.5 hours. I obsrved the sensor adding time to the cycle twice to gt the towels dry, thus the very cycle. So, no more remote start for me. But I like the app so that I can keep track of how each load ends up adding or reducing cycle time. Plu I downloaded the Ultra Delicate cycle.

I've gotten spoiled with the Duet not having to go through the process of huting for and treating stains. With both the F Flo and the LK toploaders, I'd spend marahon laundry days with the time each wash cycle took, going through the pile for the next load hunting down and treating stains. And the subsequent Fridgemore wasn't much of an improvement either. The Duet became a Freemom Maker with not having to tie myself up to hunting/treating stains. I could do other things while loads being washed. So for difficult stained loads with an LG, I just use the prewash and then select hot or extra hot wash temps on Normal to give me an even better profile wash. Hence my disdain for topoaders that don't deal well with stains and requiring front loaders to include onboard heating.

Also, I haven't had an indicator from the app that I needed to download updated software for the dryer.

Post# 1131663 , Reply# 90   10/22/2021 at 18:20 (218 days old) by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        

I much prefer our Duet dryer over the LG Dryer we have in the house now. You have to use either Normal or a higher heat cycle to actually dry anything. I dont find that it runs hot enough. Not sure why. Permanent Press on Very Dry does not fully dry. The longer cool down is welcome, though not effective enough. I have had the same experience with other LG dryers I have used as well.

Post# 1131680 , Reply# 91   10/22/2021 at 23:17 (217 days old) by trappn (Illinois)        
The Emperor Has No Clothes........

Once again, two (2) engineers attempting to peacefully co-exist in the same household.

We sort of like our new LG dryer; but, would never choose to love it (as, it is currently programmed.)

We sort of love our LG washer for a number of reasons; but, we don't believe LG buys in to steam as an effective option for stain removal.

We like one or two of the dryer's steam options; but, would never advise anyone else to depend on these units for wrinkle-free clothes.

To be sure, the LG dryer has the capacity to handle our California King bedding;
and, the dryer's steam options are useful under certain circumstances; but, the LG dryer, in our opinion, offers no real benefit to anyone outside of it's superior capacity.

We already know that politics rules most things on this site, but we just couldn't mange to contain ourselves.


Post# 1131683 , Reply# 92   10/23/2021 at 00:53 (217 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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are sort of unexciting appliances - like a refrigerator or an oven (for me, anyway).. The action is in the clothes washers and dishwashers.. But I guess you could LOVE a dryer/refrigerator/oven if they perform well.

I hope to have an LG turbo wash when/if my Duet ever dies....But whirlpool classic dryers are my favorite.

Post# 1131694 , Reply# 93   10/23/2021 at 10:56 (217 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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That LG TurboWash feature that my washer has is quite effective I must say. The 3570 washer that I had only used two jets at the 4 and 8 o'clock positions and it was effective. But the 4000 washer that i have now has the TurboWash 360 and it uses two additional jets at the 10 and 2 O'clock positions and if the load is big the lower jets can sometimes get drowned out, but the top jets throw quite a bit of water on the load all the way to the back of the drum. and

I agree that dryers can be kinda boring but the LG dryer does the job well and is very well made I might add. the Whirlpool dryer that I had for a year, the drum itself was out of round so when a load was drying in would thump and the dryer was much louder than the LG. The Whirlpool dryer was not as sensitive as the LG dryer with the sensor drying. If the LG dryer senses that the load is already dry or that there is nothing in the dryer it will shut off within 5 mins...the Whirlpool, not so much. The LG dryer is much faster drying a load...think Maytag Stream of Heat ...the original design where the opening was in the upper right corner of the drum, before Maytag put the opening in the upper center of the drum. Plus the LG moves quite a bit of air thru that drum at 220 cfms...

Post# 1131704 , Reply# 94   10/23/2021 at 15:23 (217 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        
220 cfm

I still highly doubt that number.

That would mean the whole drum volume would be exchanged every 2 seconds.

Further, some rough back of the napkin math leeds me to believe that would mean the 5kW heater could only raise the air temperature by not even 40C.

I know I read some service literature somewhere that sad that.
But still don't trust it.

Post# 1131705 , Reply# 95   10/23/2021 at 15:26 (217 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mike, I keep forgetting to tell you this, but it looks like the downloadable cycle Jumbo Wash has the same cycle demographic as Bulky/Bedding, but it adds the option for a high speed spin rather than limiting to just medium.

Post# 1131713 , Reply# 96   10/23/2021 at 17:22 (217 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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The majority of the dryers here in North America are vented dryers, not heat pump or condenser dryers like what is available on the other side of the pond. Those dryers are also much smaller drum wise. Miele compact dryers come in at a cool 4.6 cuft if that and the mega Miele dryer was just 6.2 cuft and that dryer was pulling up to 275 cu ft of air a minute and that dryer had a hard time drying a load no matter what was dried in it and the load had to be spun at 1000+ rpms in the washer. I did an experiment once and used my Maytag 613 washer that spun the load at 618 rpms....the load was tossed into the Miele T9800 dryer and took well over 2.5 hours to dry.
Anyways, the LG dryer has this neat feature where I can turn the drum light on when the cycle starts and I can see the load billow open with sheets , T-shirts and other items when the load is being tossed into the airstream. I have seen dryer sheets ride the airstream on small loads, so yes i do believe the 220 cfm specs. The heater for this dryer is in a tube at the base of the dryer on the right side so there is plenty of time in the tube to raise the air temp...

Post# 1131721 , Reply# 97   10/23/2021 at 18:38 (216 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        

I know that manufactures throw around these huge airflow numbers.
Yes I am aware that these vented dryers are huge.

Just on paper, there is simply not enough energy there for heating at those massflows.

So, 220 cubic feet per minute convert to pretty much 6330 liters of air per mimute.
That is just about 105l of air per second.
105l of air weigh almost exactly 130g.
The energy needed to heat 1kg of air by 1K is just about 1kJ spot on.
So, to heat the amount of air flowing through the heater per second by 1K/1C/~2F, you need about 130J.

The heaters in these are roughly 5kW.
5kW translates to 5000J per second.

So, the heating energy available can only raise the air temperature by a maximum of 5000/130=~38.5K/C or ~77F.

No heater design or anything can change basic thermo dynamics.
If it only produces that amount of energy, that amount of air can only get so hot.

And 77F above ambient is maybe just shy of 150F - and these dryers can from my knowledge get quite a bit hotter than that.

And as they don't have a variable speed blower, 220cuft just don't make sense on paper.

That doesn't mean they aren't good dryers.

It's just that number that just seems off.

Post# 1131772 , Reply# 98   10/24/2021 at 07:17 (216 days old) by Logixx (Germany)        

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According to the data sheet, the 6.3 cu.ft. Miele Professional dryer has a "nominal air throughput in vented mode of 188 cfm".

Post# 1131773 , Reply# 99   10/24/2021 at 07:27 (216 days old) by Logixx (Germany)        

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LG state their commercial dryers' air flow at 160 CFM for the 7.3 cu.ft. model and 350 CFM for the 9 cu.ft. machine.

Post# 1131796 , Reply# 100   10/24/2021 at 09:57 (216 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        
The heating powers for refference

LGs smaller commercial offering has 5.4kW in electric and 5.8kW in gas; the larger one has a whopping 16kW and is only offered as gas.

Mieles offering is 6.15kW heating power and only available in gas.

For comparison, Mieles 9cuft commercial units can be shipped as either 13.5kW or 27kW electric (the latter one is new to me, but anyways) or as 15kW gas.
The electric version claims to be about 305fm and the gas one about 365cfm.
For comparison, the same unit can be equipped as a heatpump system running at 4.9kW system power converting that to a nominal 10kW comparitive heating power. That seems rather inefficent for a heatpump actually - though it apparently is still about 30% more efficent though it takes basically exactly double the time to dry a load.

Post# 1133239 , Reply# 101   11/11/2021 at 13:17 (198 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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As of this morning, I have completed the adoptiion of the other child, an LG WM4200. The Duet began developing the problem where it had extreme difficulty balancing and wouldn't go above medium spin speed at best. And this was even when it was completely empty several times. I've seen this problem mentionned several times and at age 10 years, I wasn't sure I could tolerate it. Took 1.75 hours to dry a very large load of towels. And HD had an even lower sale price than the pair did when I bought the dryer in August.

Right now I am having my own wash-in, running several loads of clean old towels.

Post# 1133293 , Reply# 102   11/11/2021 at 21:59 (197 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        
Welcome to the WM4200 Club!

powerfin64's profile picture
Glad you were able to get the matching 4200. You will find it's very quiet and does a great job with your laundry! alot of neat features on them.


Post# 1133296 , Reply# 103   11/12/2021 at 00:28 (197 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        

Does this have turbowash?

Post# 1133300 , Reply# 104   11/12/2021 at 05:12 (197 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

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Congratulations Bob! Sounds like a day full of bobloads! Enjoy your new machine!

Post# 1133331 , Reply# 105   11/12/2021 at 12:32 (197 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
Jumbo wash

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that's awesome. It's bulky cycle but not limited to medium spin speed. Is this downloadable for all LG washers that have turbo wash?

Post# 1133345 , Reply# 106   11/12/2021 at 13:44 (197 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Yes Mark, it's one of the downloadable cycles.

Post# 1133346 , Reply# 107   11/12/2021 at 14:03 (197 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Well let me sum up my day yesterday. I'm over the moon. A former member and I have been emailing off and on since 2009. He knows how fascinated with cycles and how things progress. He shared with me some intricasies of his WM4500. What I learned from him is with these LG's you can start a cycle and have it do something you want and then pause it, chaange to another cycle or even modify/change wash temperatures, number of extra rinses, soil levels. Contrary to my Duet, chnging cycles doesn't cause water to drain out and cancel the cycle. Let me say, firstly I wasn't too thrilled about water temps for Normal cycle has Warm wash being 86F degrees and hot being round 95F to 100F degrees. Other cycles, target temps for warm is 90F and hot is 113F. 113 for hot is pathetic. But now, I can start out the cycle for extra hot temp and monitor temp with the delay wash & then temp button to show temp in C. I did this yesterday. I can also set up an actual true profile wash. fill with cold or col water and let it tumble for about 10 or 15 minutes with heavy soil on Normal. Then switch to extra hot so it begans heating. And when it reaches the temperature I want, then change the cycle to Whites, Towels, Perm Press, ... Yesteerday when I watched heating starting on Extra hot, I let it go through the whole cycyel. I maxed out all optionns. Starting time was 2:51. At 1:30 the wash cycle finished Temp reached a peak of 156F. I'm still wnting to experiment and see how hot temp will geet with light soil level. I'm so thrilled to have this control that's similar to the Duet's ability to select Steam for Stains and it fills with warm water and heat with the heater heating the wash water gradually hot and sanitize levels also in combination with steam. Now I cn be a button pusher again!!!!

Post# 1133375 , Reply# 108   11/12/2021 at 17:47 (196 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
@ appnut

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Forgive me for maybe missing something. So you now have an LG washer? I know you had said you have the dryer, but I thought you still have the Duet washer.

I hope I comprehended what I read correctly. LOL

Post# 1133376 , Reply# 109   11/12/2021 at 17:49 (196 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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I just scrolled up. I see that you have the new LG. Please let us know all about this machine. I know you will.

Post# 1133378 , Reply# 110   11/12/2021 at 18:03 (196 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mark did you read my last posting in this thread? Ask questions also if you would like.

Post# 1133398 , Reply# 111   11/12/2021 at 22:05 (196 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Ya sorry I thought I had read most of this post but scrolled to bottom and missed the post where you said you got a new LG washer....

You seem to like it so far from what I gather. Where did you buy it? Did you buy water hammer arrestors? I ask because since LG's turn water on/off many times I hear you should get them....How do you feel about the cycles you've used so far in comparison with your whirlpool?

Unlike you - that would drive me crazy to have to do that to get a profile wash. The hot being only 113 is a bummer......So....say you use Jumpo wash, high spin speed, hottest possible (maybe you can't choose extra hot on that cycle? I don't know) I'm sure I have more questions but I can't think of them ATM

Post# 1133399 , Reply# 112   11/12/2021 at 22:28 (196 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        
hammer arrestors

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I have the same model, and I have hammer arrestors on mine, but the new models don't do the "pulse fill" thats with older models only. The hammer arrestors do help/stop the pipe banging when filling.
There isn't a Jumbo cycle, but there is a "full load wash" in the downloaded cycles which I have used a few times and can choose different options for it.

Post# 1133400 , Reply# 113   11/12/2021 at 22:36 (196 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mark, I'm not going to need to do a profile wash daily or weekly. Another approach is to do a cold prewash and then have it followed by Normal cycle with the extra hot water temperature. But I like the flexibility and being in control when I want the machine to do something I want or need it to do. It's nice knowing I'm not locked into a whole cycle from stat to finish. That I can make chnges on the fly so to speak and not cancel a whole cycle in the process. If you haven't figured it out, I love options and flexibility choose how I want loads of clothes or dishes done.

Post# 1133401 , Reply# 114   11/12/2021 at 23:17 (196 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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OK....... Say you do a prewash........then pause, turn to normal....what happens? Does it start a normal cycle as if it thinks it's started with a dry load? Also, say you do choose normal, is Extra hot an option that can even used on normal? Or is that restricted to the allergen or sanitary cycles?

Aside from that - how do you like the turbo wash function? Cuz I know you sat in front of it and watched it like I would. lol

Post# 1133403 , Reply# 115   11/12/2021 at 23:53 (196 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        

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pre-wash on normal is selected at the beginning of the cycle BEFORE you press start, and can be selected on most cycles. Extra hot is option for normal and a handful of other cycles.
Mark, your really overthinking it waaay too much. It's basic simple operations.
Select your cycle, options, press Start! ITs' smarter than you think! it will tell the dryer what cycle to use! GASP!(you have to have the matching dryer for that to happen, just so you know.)
any other questions???

Post# 1133404 , Reply# 116   11/13/2021 at 00:39 (196 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mark, I"m not sure I'll ever need/use Sanitary or Allergene cycles. I mean, extra hot and highestt soil level brought wash temperature to 156 degrees farenheit. I think the actual sanitize cycle eaches 160 degrees farenheit and Allergene is like 165 or more with steam injected. One thing I don't like is if you select steam, all soil level optoins are then deemed not available.

Rich, please email me. I have a question I need to ask. Thank you

Post# 1133416 , Reply# 117   11/13/2021 at 10:03 (196 days old) by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        
4200 Tub

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Is the 4200 tub angled slightly down like the early Neptunes? I believe I saw a video on YouTube some time back that said it was, but just wanted confirmation.

Post# 1133429 , Reply# 118   11/13/2021 at 13:10 (196 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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John, I'm unable to perceive that or not myself. Hopefully powerfin64 (Rich) can answer.

Post# 1133435 , Reply# 119   11/13/2021 at 16:37 (196 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Yes the drum is tilted a bit. The water pools into that back area and the load tends to migrate to that back area for the spin cycle. My 4000 washer uses plastic drum vanes to tumble the load front to back to prevent tangling and it works well. The 3570 washer was a beast tangling long sleeved shirts to the point of almost roping.drove me nuts having to dump the load after the cycle was done into a basket to untangle the load before hitting the dryer.

Post# 1133440 , Reply# 120   11/13/2021 at 17:04 (196 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Actually - I wasn't overthinking. I wasn't talking about selecting normal cycles and push start and go. I was talking about what appnut's post where he was describing about changing cycles to get different results. What I mean was, if you do this procedure.....say start with prewash, stop before prewash is done, change it to normal...appnut says the water won't drain but it will continue with the new cycle as if the old cycle never happened (at least if I'm comprehending the way he explained it. LOL

PS - I would likely not do this but it's interesting to me.

Post# 1133441 , Reply# 121   11/13/2021 at 17:07 (196 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Oh wait.......prewash on the LG's is a modifier, not an actual cycle like on my Duet (Forget I said that)

Which cycles can EXTRA HOT be used?

Post# 1133449 , Reply# 122   11/13/2021 at 18:18 (195 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Normal and Heavy Duty cycle offer extra hot Mark. And that doesn't include Sanitary and Allergiene, which can be even hotter from waht I undrestand. But 156 degrees F seems awefully hot enough.

Post# 1133452 , Reply# 123   11/13/2021 at 18:40 (195 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
Um yeah!

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I'm not 100% sure but I think that's even hotter than my duet gets on sanitary (LOL) I can't remember, but I think it's 153F. If not 153, I'm pretty sure it's 150s..

how long (if you choose extra hot on normal) I'll bet the cycle would be REALLY long.

I know turbo wash is supposed to speed things up. I wonder if you can't choose extra hot with turbo wash enabled since it would defeat the purpose of turbo wash? Although, for me, turbo wash isn't about's about saturating the load better. I'd always use that.

Post# 1133456 , Reply# 124   11/13/2021 at 19:11 (195 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mark, I tried a play load of a lot of towels, I set it on Normal, extra hot. highest soil level, maximum of extra rinses. The display time was 2:51. By the time it got to the end of the wash phase, display ways 1:30 and it was 156F temperature. A former member has been providing me with information. He told me sanitary the cut off point for the heater was 160 and for Allergene the cutoff with steam temperature as 165.

Post# 1133466 , Reply# 125   11/13/2021 at 20:15 (195 days old) by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        

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at the summer cottage my mom bough for the summer cottage the lg wm4100hba washer with matching dryer, on the washer should i suggest to my mom she use the extra rinse option?

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Post# 1133471 , Reply# 126   11/13/2021 at 20:26 (195 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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the bummer is if you DO NOT use extra hot, you're not getting anything close to hot....It's like this giant massive leap from Hot to extra hot.

Post# 1133486 , Reply# 127   11/14/2021 at 00:12 (195 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Pierre, that's something you & your mom need to work out. Me personally, whether TurboWash is on or off, I add an extra rinse.

Post# 1133487 , Reply# 128   11/14/2021 at 00:17 (195 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mark, exactly. That's why I am glad I can select extra hot for a while until the wash water is heated up to the temperature I prefer for "hot", and once that happens, pause the machine, either keep the same cycle, or switch to another cycle more appropriate for the wash, change the water temperature to Hot, and adjust soil level to probably light soil since the washer has been tumbling and heating for quite a while. And my laundry room is right off the kitchen so it's not too big of an issue. But I still need to experiment with selecting extra hot and lightest soil and see how high the temperature reaches before the wash cycle is automatically ended. Because on my one test, I just maxxed out soil level as well as extra hot.

Post# 1133488 , Reply# 129   11/14/2021 at 00:26 (195 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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It's not impossible really that they could eventually allow a personal or custom cycle you could program yourself, if not on the machine directly then on the app, and store it there and on the machine in the "downloaded" button.

Post# 1133498 , Reply# 130   11/14/2021 at 09:38 (195 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Now, I will admit, I've always suspected LG had more dudmbed down water temps as well as used the heater readily a lot less with its 105 kwh Energy rating as apposed to Whirlpool's commparable size washer having a rating of 141 kwh for the year. That's why I'd always preferred Whirlpool because they had one of the higher/highet kwh ratings for comparable sized front loaders and that meant to me more warm and hot water.

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Post# 1133528 , Reply# 131   11/14/2021 at 16:03 (195 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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appnut -

Yea but I totally can't see me doing that...I like to choose a cycle I like and use that for everything, maybe modify depending on what I'm washing. Like whites I would use bleach...My heater is set to 120 factory...and the water coming out of my tap is HOT...too hot to if hot target temp is 113, that's actually not too far off to what my water heater is set at...I MAY be able to live with that as hot...the big thing is knowing you have extra hot if you need it..I definitely never EVER use cold...but I would always always use turbo wash

How are you recording these temps.......??? I'm only asking to clarify if the machine tells you what the water temp is, or do you use something else?

Post# 1133530 , Reply# 132   11/14/2021 at 16:08 (195 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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I wonder what my duet does as far as temps? I'm almost always using either heavy duty or whitest whites for everything. sometimes add more soil, sometimes not. Always extra rinse unless it's something really small or a small load...My duet rinses really well. But say, heavy duty on mine...the heater kicks in shortly after filling is done for wash and is on for the duration of the wash (which isn't really long too) like the wash on heavy duty with no soil modifiers is right at 20 min's.... But, I think the water coming into the machine is tap hot, so it's already pretty hot.......and the heater takes it from there. My point is, even not using sanitary on my duet, but other cycles that use the heater, but aren't nearly as long as sanitary, I still think the temp gets up there when hot is selected I'd venture to say at least 120s, possibly 130....but I can't confirm this. I'm sure the literature says it, but I'm too lazy to search for literature on my ancient duet.

Post# 1133533 , Reply# 133   11/14/2021 at 16:52 (195 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        

I suppose that Whitest Whites and Towels might also use the heater on the LG.

But I guess that really is just a trial and error thing.
With the multitude of options these have and the highly advanced sensing it might even be a question of load type etc.

Post# 1133547 , Reply# 134   11/14/2021 at 18:14 (194 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mark, I understand. Your Duet was made in Germany I believe. My 2010 (introduced in mid to late 2009) was the first generation of Duets produced in Ohio and was the first direct drive Duet. I thinnk mine was designed whereby the heater came on as default for Whites, Bulky/Bedding, Heavy Duty, and Allergene. But I will tell you this, my hot wash associated with Heavy Duty didn't always get hot enough to require a cool down spray at the end of the wash (122 or 125 degrees) like it does for Whites. Me personally, I want hotter water in a front loader because I wanted freedom from LCB and the Duet gave me that. Fabrics/garments I use to use LCB, I noticed started lasting much longer with the higher wash temps versur chlorine bleach usage. 113F just doesn't cut it for me that way in cleaning and stain removal. I've never minded the long cycles if needbe. I have high expectations for my appliances when it comes to performance and delivering the goods as far as what they are designed for. Hence BobLoads for laundry and dishware expectations.

Here's the rundown from what I've gather from my source

For Normal and Heavy Duty on the LG, the heater definitely comes on to heat to those high Ex hot temps. Normal has the very dumbed down temps for warm and hot. If you add steam, hot temp is 104F. Similar for Heavy Duty. For Bedding, Permanent Press, Towels, and Whites warm & hot temps are 90F & 113F respectively for all those cycles.

Post# 1133561 , Reply# 135   11/14/2021 at 19:22 (194 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
freedom from LCB

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I don't mind using it as it's just a WEE little bit....but I get that some people hate using it. My aunt was like that. She couldn't stand the stuff. I can't be without it even though I use so little of it. I feel like a little of that stuff goes a LONG way.

I use it for three things. I pour some in the dispenser for whites which isn't much at all.

I pour a little in the dishwasher when starting a cycle

I fill a spray bottle with water and put a couple of teaspoons in to use when I clean around.

and it takes me forever to go through a gallon of it. It almost always expires before I can get close to getting through it, so I end up buying a small bottle instead.

Post# 1133738 , Reply# 136   11/16/2021 at 22:44 (192 days old) by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        
TurboWash Rinses

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Hey, Bob. From what I can gather, with TurboWash on, there is default 1 rinse. With TurboWash off, there are default 2 rinses. So, with TurboWash enabled the most rinses you can get are 2, correct? Have you found that enough to be satisfactory?

Post# 1133739 , Reply# 137   11/16/2021 at 22:55 (192 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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John, today I actually did my first real loads of laudry. One was a very arge load of darks/t shrts, flannels, long sleeve t shirts. I did on Normal with TurboWash as default required, but maxed out at a total of 3 rinses and 4 spray rinses.

Whites with TW may have a max of 4-5 rinses. Similarr for towels too.

Post# 1133742 , Reply# 138   11/16/2021 at 23:18 (192 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        
Depends on the cycle

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MOST of the cycles on the dial have ONLY 1 rinse by default, but you can add up to
3 additional rinses. One cycle has 3 rinses by default and can up to 2 more. A few other cycles have 2 rinses by default.
I have not turned off TurboWash. It's one of the reasons I bought it for.

Post# 1133745 , Reply# 139   11/17/2021 at 00:14 (192 days old) by appnut (TX)        
It's one of the reasons I bought it for.

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Me too. The only cycles TW isn't optional is delicates and sportwear.

Post# 1133751 , Reply# 140   11/17/2021 at 02:46 (192 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Yes....Leave TW on all the time lol

but the fact that it's not optional for "sportswear" is just weird

Post# 1133773 , Reply# 141   11/17/2021 at 09:37 (192 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        
certain fabrics

powerfin64's profile picture
require gentler washing action, for the type of light weight fabric to be washed. Delicate, Sportswear and a few other on Downloaded cycles, Turbo wash can NOT be enabled for that reason.
it's not rocket science to figure out.

Post# 1133776 , Reply# 142   11/17/2021 at 09:41 (192 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Turbo wash

isn't active on the bedding cycle, say's neighbor.

Post# 1133779 , Reply# 143   11/17/2021 at 10:23 (192 days old) by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        
Thanks for the info on the rinses

iiijohnnymaciii's profile picture
Sounds like its a great machine and well engineered with each cycle truly having a purpose.

Post# 1133780 , Reply# 144   11/17/2021 at 11:03 (192 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Mike, I've seen on YouTube videos of Beddng cycle, the TW sequence is backwards. It doesn't spray during tumbling, but does spray during the dwell period when it pauses to reverse tumble motion.

Post# 1133785 , Reply# 145   11/17/2021 at 14:43 (192 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Gentle wash action -

Isn't turbo wash just basic recirculation? Or is there more to it? I thought by enabling turbo wash it just sprays water on clothes. I didn't realize the wash action itself was different. I'm not sure how recirculation could be rough on fabrics.

Post# 1133801 , Reply# 146   11/17/2021 at 15:40 (192 days old) by Jerrod_Six (South Eastern Pennsylvania, USA)        

So for whites hot is 113F? Can you select extra hot to this cycle since 113F is not very hot?

Post# 1133802 , Reply# 147   11/17/2021 at 15:56 (192 days old) by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        

So, in theory, TurboWash does 3 major things:

a) Add recirculation
b) Add Spray rinses and drop one deep rinse
c) Change wash/rinse parameters

C can be a lot of things.
The main wash time is cut by half approximately on many occasions.
Rinse time is cut. However rinse water levels are raised.
From there on a lot can vary by cycle.

Delicates should keep the same wash pattern. So should Bulky.
However other cycles might increase agitation somewhat.

Some cycles might run dilution rinses that wouldn't otherwise.
Some might increase wash temps. Others might not. Some might employ the heater to maintain wash temps.

Being rough on clothes is a relative term.
Certain items might not tolerate the more intensive treatment but be resilient to longer, lower agitation.
With most day to day clothing I don't think that's the case though.
That's more a thing with lacy delicate stuff and Synthetics.

For most items, long gentle agitation and short intensive agitation should boil down to the same.

I think with TurboWash specifically and the way it generally operates, rinsing and type of soiling is more important than agitation for results on clothing.
First of, for some items, 2 deep rinses are just not equivalent to 1 deep rinse and 2 spray rinses. To mind come highly absorbent thick items like towels or less penetrable fabrics like dense denim.
On cleaning, stains and other dried in stuff might profit from the longer soaking time more than the agitation increase.

An additional thing I heard about:

Some TurboWash owners use the speed wash cycle instead of normal.
They just up the spin speed, soil level and add a rinse or two.

That apparently comes close to the normal wash with TurboWash time wise and uses tap hot or the respective temp.

Post# 1133806 , Reply# 148   11/17/2021 at 16:37 (192 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Jerrod, there are only two cycles that offer extra hot wash temp: Normal and Heavy Duty. Other cycles which offer steam an an option, which causes an increase in temperature from what I understand, are Bedding and Whites. Sanitary and Allergiene are in their own league. There are several download cycles, which are derriviatives of both Heavy Duty & Normal, also offer extra hot wash temp. I will be doing a large load of towels early next week on Heavy Duty with Extra Hot Wash and at Normal Soil level or either of the two less than normal soil levels and see how hot the water temperarture rises in teh alloted time of wash. There's no thermostatic holds. (but the Duet didn't either). One thing the Duet did the LG cannot do is select various soil levels when you want to add steam for stains. LG, once you select steam, you lose all control with regards to soil level. I'm also curious to see what tempeartures the various soil levels and exra hot wash temp selected results for temps between 55C & 69C for the alloted wash times. I want to be able to achieve wash water temps that fall between the anemic 113F and 155F-160F. I refusse to accept DOE-forced water temps. And this machicne provides me with the ability to try and do so as any potential Euro washer has extremely limited service coverage where I live.

Post# 1133845 , Reply# 149   11/17/2021 at 22:51 (191 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Ahhh. Thanks for that. All this time I thought Turbo wash was just adding recirculation.....LOL

Post# 1134385 , Reply# 150   11/24/2021 at 06:18 (185 days old) by roscoe62 (Canada)        
@Appnut, Powerfin64, & Nmassman44

How are you finding the rinsing and spin cycles on your new LG's, especially the final spin, do you have much noise and vibrating, or does it seem to operate relatively quiet? I'm seriously considering these as my new acquisition once I get this mess sorted with my Whirlpool's. Thanks in advance :)

Post# 1134390 , Reply# 151   11/24/2021 at 09:37 (185 days old) by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
The first thing I'll address is it's far quieter than my Duet was. I did a large load of towels Monday night and set for extra high spin speed. Final spin speed was 1110 rpms and I was amazed how much quieter the machine was at that spin speed vs. The duet. Also, very stable on my concrete floor. The first time I did a ply load of towels on Normal, the final spin was like 6 minutess long and the final spray rinse was at the 4 minute mark, which gave little time for a good spin. A former member and I have been emailsing off and on for about 10 years on dishwasher stuff. Turns out he has the WM4500 and has done extensive research on his. On sensing cycles, the load is weighed, it senses how heavy/large the load is and triggers a "long" or "short" cycle and a "short" cycle will predominantly be triggered on Normal. I had a large load of towels, that filled my Duet, and it still oonly triggered the "short" cycle. To manually force a "long" cycle is to pour 3-4 cups of water into the cyinder (goes into the sump) before adding garments. The "long" cycle will trigger the machine to more readily heat the water if needed; wash and rinse water levels are higher (a quart to a gallon more); wash times are slightly longer; rinse tumble times after fill are (as on Normal cycle) changed from 1 minute to 2 minutes) interim spins are slightly longer and on Normal cycle as an example, final spin is longer and the spray rinse is at 6 or 8 minntes rather than at 4 minutes, allowing more time for high speed spin. The normal cycle does something no other cycle does on it's deep rinse. It adds enough water to have some water in the cylinder and then it begins a slow spin for a minute or two before it adds the rest of the water to complete the rinse. I'm amazed at how much water the rinses use. I pretty much add an extra rinse for every lod, even with TurboWash selected. Just my preference. This same guy is my source for all the various wash temperatures for various soil levels and cycles that I have referred to up thread. As far as I'm concerned, the noisiest the washer is when running is when it's filling/adding water.

Post# 1134464 , Reply# 152   11/24/2021 at 22:01 (184 days old) by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        

powerfin64's profile picture
My LG washer is MUCH quieter than my last LG set. Minimal vibration, (any front load washer has some noise and vibration to it)
I think the rinsing is Very good, and the spray spin rinse really helps. The turbowash is excellent, using all the water.
The final spin is great. as long as your load is balanced good, there isn't much vibration and noise from it.
Mine and Bobs are the 4200 set, which is 5 CF drum, which is deep.
Mikes is the 4000 which is slightly smaller, 4.5 CF but basically almost the same machine.
Both machines have ALOT of cycles to choose from, including some downloaded ones, which I like well.
wonderful machines.

Post# 1134467 , Reply# 153   11/24/2021 at 22:59 (184 days old) by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        
Duet vs. KenLG

Our 41982 Kenmore built LG is significantly quieter while running, except for when filling. A lot of the newer TurboWash 360 machines have fixed this. Our Duet was an older model with belt drive and struggled with balancing. It did have some vibration issues as a result. One odd thing I noticed with the Kenmore was that it will not fill with both hot and cold water valves at the same time. The Duet would, and was very accurate with water temps. The Kenmore frequently fluctuates water temps by quite a bit when filling, but is fairly close once full. The Kenmore does suds lock significantly easier than the Duet. I think the Duet only did twice. That one I can't explain.

In my use with the Kenmore, the Normal cycle tumbles at a higher speed, tumbles less frequently, and with a longer wash period when NOT using TurboWash. It also uses a higher interim spin speed and much lower rinse water levels. I personally prefer all of these things except the lower rinse water level. My biggest gripe when TurboWash? The interim spin is not nearly fast or long enough. The fact that the drain pump does not run when it ramps down just adds to the effect because the extracted water remains in the pump. At least this is how my Kenmore and the WashTower that a relative has. Hence, why I typically do not use TurboWash. But again, that is my personal experience.

The final spin regardless of selection is too short, IMHO. It will ramp up to 1255 rpm and instantly slow down to call it quits when HIGH spin is selected. Extra High will spin at 1100-1255 for about 8 minutes. Far more effective.

appnut, I fully agree that I do not care for the DOE forced temps. These machines are efficient enough. If I want a Warm wash, damn it, give me a warm wash! Our Duet was spotless after 10 years when the bearings went. I attribute this to tap hot and true warm washes when using the Whites cycle.
The Kenmore would do a ~110F wash with Hot on every cycle including Whitest Whites. With ours, it did NOT heat the water or even maintain that temperature on any cycle. In fact, the only cycles that do heat the water or maintain a temperature are: Heavy Duty-Extra Hot,Normal-Extra Hot, any time Steam/Steam Treat is activated, Allergen, Sanitize, Speed Wash, and ironically enough, Normal-Cold. Normal-Cold would always fill at around 70F and heat to 74F, which really made me happy.
Our Normal-Extra Hot always would heat to 149F. It would be higher with increased soil level. The highest I ever read was 158F.

Post# 1134471 , Reply# 154   11/24/2021 at 23:56 (184 days old) by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
TurboWash is default on Normal & Heavy Duty and is optional for Whites, Perm Press, Bedding, Sanitary, Allergiene, Towels, and Speed Wash. I always have TurboWsh select4ed. On mine, after the tub coasts down following a spray rinse, the drum pauses and the pump discharges any water in the sump before filling begins for the rinse.

Post# 1134561 , Reply# 155   11/25/2021 at 21:09 (183 days old) by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        

They changed it then! I am glad!!

Post# 1134603 , Reply# 156   11/26/2021 at 12:03 (183 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Hey appnut...Just curious....have you timed the spray rinses?

Post# 1134604 , Reply# 157   11/26/2021 at 12:21 (183 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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They've been signficanty shortened from the older videos seen on youtube of up to a minute. They are now between 5-10 seconds. I'll time one when I do a load this Sunday or Monday.

Post# 1134774 , Reply# 158   11/28/2021 at 12:49 (181 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

mark_wpduet's profile picture
5 to 10 seconds is not long enough but it sounds like it's good at rinsing regardless...

The fact that it has a deep rinse is really good. I did not know that.

Post# 1134827 , Reply# 159   11/28/2021 at 23:17 (180 days old) by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        
wash action during the cycle

What do you think of the wash action during the cycle? For example, when I set it on normal, it will tumble about the same speed as the whirlpool duet. Also, I noticed during the rinse cycle, the fabric softener will knock down suds during the deep rinse action which is similar to the wash action.

Post# 1134874 , Reply# 160   11/30/2021 at 10:35 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
Well Mark, here's the answer. When running yesterday's large load, I timed the spray rinses are 10-15 seconds long. Spray rnses won't be triggered unless spin rpms are approaching 600. A few seconds later the tub begins coasting down for the next deep rinse and once the tub stops, the pump drains everything out of the sump after a fwe seconds of settling down before the pumping begins.

Post# 1134885 , Reply# 161   11/30/2021 at 13:39 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

mark_wpduet's profile picture
Gotcha and thanks :)

I'm a little jealous - to be honest, I still don't want anything to happen to my current duet. I did a bunch of laundry the last few days...Sheets, clothes, everything....and I noticed the final spins were so smooth...I still can't believe it still works!!

I have a queen bed in a box that's way too thick and puffy to fit into my duet..I have to take it once a year to laundromat (which I HATE doing) but I'll bet it would fit in your machine... Probably even a king would fit.

Post# 1134890 , Reply# 162   11/30/2021 at 16:20 by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        
I have to take it once a year to laundromat

eurekastar's profile picture



That is one reason I switched to a Front Loader.  I still love my old Maytag A608; however, I do love my LG 3900 too.  It's more flexible, efficient, and cleans very well!

Post# 1134920 , Reply# 163   11/30/2021 at 21:25 by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        
Its one of those machines!

iiijohnnymaciii's profile picture
Once in a great while a machine will come around that gets me excited. The LG TurboWash is one of those. I think it will be a classic.

Post# 1134921 , Reply# 164   11/30/2021 at 21:46 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
I think so too

mark_wpduet's profile picture
Ever since that guy (I forget his name) made a Youtube video of one of the early LG turbo washes I've kept my eye on them. I remember at one point LG had a rear control FL washer that I really liked the looks of....but I think this was well before turbo wash was introduced.

I really wish they still made rear control FL' would look so much better with a standard dryer...

Post# 1134930 , Reply# 165   12/1/2021 at 04:45 by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        

The Normal cycle with TurboWash seems to do long medium speed tumbles. I find the speed fine, but the duration is long, and the pauses are short, though this is designed for speed. The WashTower particularly uses this pattern in a slightly more aggressive manner versus my Kenmore. I have watched a few things get a little tangled, but it tolerates it fine.
On my Kenmore, Normal without TurboWash does short fast speed tumbles. I prefer this to keep things from tangling while still washing well. The longer pauses allow for a little extra wash time duration and enzyme exposure.

My Duet on Normal did 5 minutes of slow long tumbles. This tangled stuff easily. Then it would change to fast short tumbles for the remainder of the wash period. I was always impressed with the 'two phase' wash tumbles. It actually did really well despite a relatively short wash period of about 15 minutes average (normal soil).
Odd enough, when using Heavy Duty the tumbles were slow and long for 10 minutes, then would switch to medium and short for 10-20 minutes. If heavy soil was selected, it would do 10 minutes of fast short tumbles at the end. I did not care for this particular combo because it tangled clothes up very easily and did not clean all that great unless heavy soil was selected. Not to mention that this cycle used the lowest water level and slow interim spins, likely because Consumer Reports used the Heavy Duty cycles to test for a short period of time when these machines came out. The best cycle on my Duet hands down was Whitest Whites. It would do slow long tumbles while filling, then would proceed directly into the short fast tumbles for the remainder of the wash cycle. Water levels were perfect, interim spin was relatively quick and lasted about 1 minute, much better wash results, far less tangling and redistribution issues, and the cycle on light soil generally was quicker than the Normal cycle - normal soil. Water temperatures were more than appropriate too. True warm and hot washes were readily available! I do certainly miss that poor machine!

Post# 1134931 , Reply# 166   12/1/2021 at 04:53 by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        
spray rinses

On my Kenmore, the spray rinses before and after the deep rinse were 10 seconds a piece. It would turn on as the machine ramped up from ~400 to ~600 rpm, then would turn off and the machine would instantly ramp down. My pump never turned back on after the ramp down. Even if it would continue to ramp up to 800-1000 rpm with the pump on, then ramp back down, far more detergent solution would be removed. I just feel like the programing during this sequence is not the best.

I will have to see what the differences are on the WashTower with the spray rinses and see if they fixed the pumping out of the drain sump before the machine fills with the rinse water.

Post# 1138299 , Reply# 167   1/3/2022 at 17:18 by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        
Measuring Water Temps

iiijohnnymaciii's profile picture
What is a good way to take water temp measurements in these LG front load washers?

Post# 1138315 , Reply# 168   1/3/2022 at 18:21 by Egress (Oregon)        

I believe it can be read by pressing the Delay button and the Temp select button and holding both down.

Post# 1138329 , Reply# 169   1/3/2022 at 20:22 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
John, yes that is correct--while it's washhing, select delay wash & temperature buttons at the same time. Subsituting the wash temp with spin speed will show you spin rpm speed.

Last week I did a FULL load of towels on Heavy Duty, Extra Hot, and Normal soil level. Wash temp got to 142F before it drained to begin rinses. The 2 lower soi levels would result in a lower hot water temp if needed to be slightly less. Max wash temp I've observed with just using extra hot temp and max soil level on Heavy Duty is 159 to 160F.

Post# 1138393 , Reply# 170   1/4/2022 at 11:18 by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

nmassman44's profile picture
Bob I use the Normal Cycle to wash towels and I use the Ex Hot and if you tap the soil level one notch above Normal the washer will heat the water to 152F If you go Heavy soil then the AI function will cut out. Why that is i dont know. I wish that LG would send out another software update to have all cycles use AI not just the 2 that use it.

I have not had the need to use the Heavy Duty cycle for anything...yet.

Post# 1138409 , Reply# 171   1/4/2022 at 14:16 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
Mike, I realize that. I purposely didn't select heavy soil because I didn't need the temperature to be that high. What I am TYRING to replicate is the various hot water temperatures I had available on the Duet that allowed me flixibility for the various types of loads that needed different temperatures. And I want to demonstate that to those that might find that helpful. And I agree, I wish AI was a function on more than just Normal cycle. I used the Juice & Food stains downloaded cycle last weeked. After a prewash it filled with hot water which was about 115-120F, it decreased down to 89-90F and sayed there. The cycle selected the heaviest soil level and wash period was 70 minutes The load included my cotton napkins used for mealtime that undrstandably has all sorts of food soils. Everything came out clean with the default parameters except for 3. And that surprised me given hot water tempperature of 117F wasn't maintained. I rewashed those 3 with HD cycle, extra hot, and max soil level and those stains were gone. The load got to 160F. I am wanting to check out the Collars & Cuffs download cycle--the description is "with increasingly hot water for effective stain removal." I have a load later this week that could be appropriate for that cycle--not by the cycle name, but what I am wanting to see waht it does for the items--my kitchen towels tht are used for daiy activities, NOT wiping up food juices or similar (the cotton napkins are used for that). I wish the dryer cycles would off AI no more than Normal because I'd like to see AI applied to another temperature and dryness level.

Post# 1138421 , Reply# 172   1/4/2022 at 17:41 by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        

iiijohnnymaciii's profile picture
Thanks Marco and John. That's a nice feature.

I love all the different temperatures that you can get from these machines and that it actually maintains the temps. I love 140 for towels as well. I also like how it gradually increases the temps to release stains that would get set in if it just put out 140 degrees right off the bat. These machines are really something else. I can't wait to get one.

I was looking at the studio washtower to save space in my laundry room. By chance do you know if these 5.0 cu ft 105 kwh machines operate in the same way as the 4200 5.0 cu ft 105 kwh machines as far as temperatures go? I could just get a stack kit for the 4200s if it's not the case.

Post# 1138435 , Reply# 173   1/4/2022 at 19:17 by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        
Cuffs and Collars

I would imagine this is similar to "Sweat Stains" on our Kenmore. The cycle was nothing other than a Normal cycle with hot water selected. Let me know if yours is different.

Post# 1138445 , Reply# 174   1/4/2022 at 20:37 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
There's actually a separate download cycle for sweat stains in addition to the colars and cuffs.

Post# 1138448 , Reply# 175   1/4/2022 at 21:45 by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        

iiijohnnymaciii's profile picture
BTW. I meant thanks Marco and Bob. Not sure why I inserted my own name in there

Post# 1138454 , Reply# 176   1/4/2022 at 23:12 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
John, I was lookng at the LG web site. There are 3 Washtower versions--The WKx100 doesn't mention TurboWash 360 in two places where it should. The WKx200 does mention TubroWash 360. The LG Studio WashTower is the tol 5.0 cu washer model and also has TubroWash 360. In fact, I just looked at the manual for the washtower 100 and the washtower 200 models. The 100 did not mention or show turbowash on the control panel or in a listing of options and modifiers. So observe carefully. the other thing I don't like about the WAshtowers is the only cycles on the control panel for them is Normal, Heavy Duty, Beding, Speed Wash, Delicates and Download. Sanitary is optional step. If you wanted to use Whites, Perm Press/Wrinkle Free, Towels and Allergene (which are on the control panel of stand alone models), you have to download them. I"m finding that I tend to use the most Heavy Duty, Normal, and Perm Press. I"m finding I use Heavy Duty & Normal with Extra Hot for anything I want a hot wash for. LG's "Hot" 117F is kind of weak in my books. On Normal, warm is 86F and hot is 97F. Heavy Duty, Whites, Perm Press, Bedding, warm is 89-90F and hot is 117F.

This post was last edited 01/04/2022 at 23:38
Post# 1138544 , Reply# 177   1/5/2022 at 19:05 by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        

iiijohnnymaciii's profile picture
Thanks for your help Bob. It definitely makes more sense for me to get the 4200 and stack kit.

Post# 1138651 , Reply# 178   1/7/2022 at 08:24 by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

eurekastar's profile picture

Will water that hot deactivate the enzymes in the detergent?  I know bleach will. 

Post# 1138655 , Reply# 179   1/7/2022 at 09:22 by DADoES (TX,U.S. of A.)        

dadoes's profile picture

Not a concern if the temp starts lower and heats to the target. That's what's called a profile wash which is ideal for handling soils that shift at a range of temperatures.

I've often washed sheets with small blood stains at 115F up to 133F incoming water with typical-today enzyme detergents and/or Biz added ... no stains remain.

Post# 1139973 , Reply# 180   1/21/2022 at 12:40 by roscoe62 (Canada)        
Extended Warranty

So did either of you buy an extended warranty with your new LG's or is it worth it?

Post# 1140007 , Reply# 181   1/21/2022 at 17:59 by whatsername (Denver, CO)        

whatsername's profile picture
I did not buy an extended warranty, but when I bought my set in April or so, LG offered a double (2 year) warranty if they were registered within a few months. I signed up; it didn't affect my decision to purchase and hopefully I won't need it, but it's a nice peace of mind perk I suppose.

Post# 1140256 , Reply# 182   1/24/2022 at 15:07 by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        

iiijohnnymaciii's profile picture
Would there be any way that over time pet hair and lint could clog the recirculating lines or pump ? Or is there a filter for the recirculating pump?

Post# 1140647 , Reply# 183   1/29/2022 at 13:40 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
Mike, I have used the Denim and Full Load downloadable cycles thus far and AI indicator came on when I pushed start and stayed lit even on the heaviest soil setting.

Post# 1149696 , Reply# 184   5/28/2022 at 08:10 by roscoe62 (Canada)        
Water Temps

Nmassman44, Powerfin64,or Appnut
I recently purchased a new set and waiting for delivery, so are all the programs on the new 4000 series with dumbed-down water temps, would hot be the new warm, warm cool, etc?

Post# 1149700 , Reply# 185   5/28/2022 at 09:00 by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        

powerfin64's profile picture
yes. If you want a HOT wash, use the extra hot water setting, on the cycles that available for it. I really like my set. I use most of the water temp choices. which LG set are you getting?

Post# 1149703 , Reply# 186   5/28/2022 at 09:29 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
Rich is correct. Allergene and Sanitize will get you higher temps, in addition to extra hot on Normal and Heavy Duty. On Perm Press, Bedding, Towels, and Whites hot is 112F, warm is 89-92F. For Normal hot is 95F to 104F and warm is 82F to 85F. Steam option on Bedding and Whites will get you temps ranging from 145F to 160F, depending upon load size.

Post# 1149714 , Reply# 187   5/28/2022 at 10:03 by roscoe62 (Canada)        
Ok Good to know

Thanks guys :)

Powerfin64 I'm getting the 4100HBA washer and DLEX4200B dryer. I had ordered another set and found out it was cancelled. Most appliances are either delayed until dates like August 27th or temporarily unavailable and price have jumped up $100 per unit on a lot of them. Complete madness!

Post# 1149733 , Reply# 188   5/28/2022 at 13:42 by ryner1988 (Indianapolis)        

Bob, I meant to tell you I eventually ran across the video of a blind lady, I think she was the same woman you mentioned to me a month or so ago, Lucy somebody, who owned a wifi connected LG washer and dryer, either the same or very similar to what is being discussed here. She worked with LG on beefing up their laundry app to make it usable for visually impaired folks. It's actually really neat and makes me less intimidated about getting a new washer and dryer should the need arise. These are definitely the machines I would look into if I had to buy new. I think she said they made a Braille overlay for her as well so she could use the touch screen on the machine itself.

Post# 1149735 , Reply# 189   5/28/2022 at 14:32 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
Ryne, that is exactly who I was referring to.

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