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Servis super twin service
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Post# 1158707   9/5/2022 at 02:18 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        

Hey guys, does anybody have any knowledge on how to remove the pulley driven pump from The Twin tub, as the seal in the pump has gone and Iím wanting to repair it so I can get it into working order or if worse comes to worse replace it with an electric pump

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Post# 1158708 , Reply# 1   9/5/2022 at 04:46 by gizmo (Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia)        
vague memory...

I think you take off the rubber tyre and underneath there is a grub screw you remove with an allen key.

The screw might not be under the tyre, it might be on the hub, I don't remember. It was over 20 years ago I last played with one of these. But it is there... Look on the shaft, if you can see a flat, that is where the grub screw will be.

Post# 1158712 , Reply# 2   9/5/2022 at 06:30 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Oh I donít mean just removing the police, I meant removing

I meant removing the entire pump assembly, so that way I could replace the seals inside it

Post# 1158714 , Reply# 3   9/5/2022 at 06:51 by gizmo (Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia)        
Remove the entire pump

That is the easy bit.

It's a single bolt through the body of the pump. Maybe 1/2 inch nut?

Should be pretty obvious. Just undo the nut, then slide the pump off the stud (bolt.)

You can see the nut clearly in photo 2. Near the pulley.

Post# 1158721 , Reply# 4   9/5/2022 at 09:31 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Oh cool, Iíll definitely do that tomorrow and

You mean the knot in between the poly and the bolt with rust on it?

Post# 1158722 , Reply# 5   9/5/2022 at 09:32 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Oh cool, Iíll definitely do that tomorrow and

You mean the knot in between the poly and the bolt with rust on it?

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Post# 1158726 , Reply# 6   9/5/2022 at 11:37 by ozzie908 (Lincoln UK)        

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I think its the nut where the straw is ! Move the pump back and forth and see where it pivots thats usually the bolt that holds it on.

Post# 1158727 , Reply# 7   9/5/2022 at 11:37 by ozzie908 (Lincoln UK)        

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Take the front panel off that help a little make it easier to see what's what

Post# 1158808 , Reply# 8   9/5/2022 at 20:36 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        

How do you take the front panel off?

Post# 1158816 , Reply# 9   9/5/2022 at 21:28 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Good news I got the pump out

Bad news is I donít know no where the seal goes or even if there is a seal

Post# 1158817 , Reply# 10   9/5/2022 at 21:50 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        

So Iíve taken the pump apart completely, where would I find the seal for it and I noticed how there are appears to be some sort of little oiling well thing in the pump shaft, would that help create a seal or what?

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Post# 1158846 , Reply# 11   9/6/2022 at 05:56 by ozzie908 (Lincoln UK)        

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Where did you see the leak coming from? Was it down the shaft of the impeller or around the edge of the body??

Post# 1158847 , Reply# 12   9/6/2022 at 06:05 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
It came from the shaft And previously

And There was an issue where previously one hour was trying to drain the washtub, the pump wouldnít prime but once it was primed it would Leak water from where the shaft is I honestly am kind of thinking about changing it to an electric pump But I donít want to unless the original pump I canít really repair

Post# 1158848 , Reply# 13   9/6/2022 at 06:11 by ozzie908 (Lincoln UK)        
@Adam aussie vac

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Hmm I think it most likely would not turn as never known a Servis pump to not be primed, But a first time for everything...
Try cleaning all the gunk off the shaft I have a suspicion that the leak may not be repairable as there is no seal to my knowledge inside it was done bu machining a very smooth tight fitting shaft and you were right the oil in that port made it water tight all you can do is clean it all and grease it and see if you can get it to work.
But if not maybe a replacement could work instead?

Post# 1158850 , Reply# 14   9/6/2022 at 06:13 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Oh cool, I didnít realise it was such a tight seal

That oil actually makes the seal, thatís kind of surprising, Iíll try probably putting some three in one oil into it and then making sure that seals hopefully,

Post# 1158861 , Reply# 15   9/6/2022 at 08:15 by Slowspin66 (lincoln uk)        

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To replace the seal is easy . If itís a standard lip seal these are available from all good bearing shops . The shaft should be made of of a non ferrous metal. Take a photo of the seal and post it . Iíve taken seals out and they have fallen to bits so i have taken the pump body and the impeller shaft and the seal shop will measure the diameters for you and get the correct size . The shaft size is the most critical element as the outer seal size can be bonded in using a good gasket silicone . Iíve found this works fine . Good luck but itís an easy fix this is a pump I refurbed for a friend a few weeks ago . The seal is brand new . Best wishes Darren

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Post# 1158863 , Reply# 16   9/6/2022 at 08:43 by Slowspin66 (lincoln uk)        
Most can be saved

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This is the pump before repair
You can see itís not good plenty of holes . The red colour inside is a resin concoction I make to protect the metal surfaces from the water and soap to prevent further problems down the line Ö

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Post# 1158872 , Reply# 17   9/6/2022 at 10:19 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
It doesnít appear to be a standard lip seal

As it looks like itís metal, Iíll take the pump back out of the twin tub and then grab photos of it, what would you recommend as a gasket material?

Post# 1158885 , Reply# 18   9/6/2022 at 11:45 by Slowspin66 (lincoln uk)        

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If I have no originals I always use thin pond liner . Make a template out of the top of the pump
And where the screw fixings go through I use a hole punch Öyou can get off cuts very cheaply off eBay ..

Post# 1158930 , Reply# 19   9/6/2022 at 20:21 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Oh cool thank you Iíll be keeping in mind

Oh cool thank you Iíll be keeping in mind, I honestly thought about getting some sort of auto gasket material

Post# 1158948 , Reply# 20   9/6/2022 at 22:13 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        

I took some photos, what do you guys think?

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Post# 1158949 , Reply# 21   9/6/2022 at 22:15 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Oh on a related note, I need one new wheel

As that Wheel has quite a large flat spot (Castor wheel not pump wheel)

Post# 1158959 , Reply# 22   9/7/2022 at 01:45 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        

Great news guys, I got the water seals out , Iíll be going to see if I can try and find some seals like it at the bearing supply store in Fyshwick

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Post# 1158976 , Reply# 23   9/7/2022 at 09:18 by ozzie908 (Lincoln UK)        
Fair play

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You have gotten further into a Servis pump than I have . I also see there is a groove around the shaft that would indicate a small O ring type of seal but as Darren has shown above he goes way deeper than I do when it comes to restoring anything. He does a superb job too as I have seen the finished articles.

Post# 1158995 , Reply# 24   9/7/2022 at 14:33 by Slowspin66 (lincoln uk)        
Take the pump

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When you go to the bearing shop take the pump
Body and impeller . The rubber seal will have perished and wonít be a true size . Get them to measure the metal parts . I always give the pump
A good cleaning up with the Dremel Ö keep us posted with the progress ..

Post# 1159029 , Reply# 25   9/8/2022 at 01:12 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Great news, I went to the bearing shop and back

And Iíve installed it, it doesnít appear early but Iíve got a realign the pump to its pulley The pulley that measures with the pump wheel after filling it up with water it doesnít appear to leak, but itís not pumping with water in it so it probably means that the shaft arenít lined up properly

Post# 1159031 , Reply# 26   9/8/2022 at 01:36 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
So Iíve water tested it and it does still appear to leak,

Iím probably actually just gonna electrify the pump does anybody know how to attach a switch onto The rotating lever?

Post# 1159035 , Reply# 27   9/8/2022 at 03:55 by Slowspin66 (lincoln uk)        
Itís a pile of work to electrify

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Post a couple
Of photos of the pump in situ and letís see if itís resolvable Ö
Does the drive pulley spin ?

Post# 1159036 , Reply# 28   9/8/2022 at 04:29 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Partially, not very fast

As if it has trouble catching up, and water was leaking where the oil Goes into the pump, Past the seal that I already installed it fits on the shaft and it seems to gently slide in, do you think it might be the seal is not sealing to The outside of the pump?

Post# 1159037 , Reply# 29   9/8/2022 at 04:30 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
And at the moment I donít want to post pictures because

Itís a pain to get the pump out and in the machine

Post# 1159083 , Reply# 30   9/8/2022 at 18:26 by Slowspin66 (lincoln uk)        

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Did you manage to
Silicone the seal into the body of the pump housing ?

Post# 1159087 , Reply# 31   9/8/2022 at 19:42 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
I did not

As I didnít have any silicone

Post# 1159110 , Reply# 32   9/9/2022 at 05:01 by Slowspin66 (lincoln uk)        
It will need a little bonding of silicone

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When the pumps were manufactured the seals were often pressed into the housing of the pump and the tight thresholds between the seal and the housing achieve a good seal . However as the housing is worn and there would have been some corrosion it wonít achieve a reliable union between the two components so you will need a little silicone to bond the two together . There will be water passing behind the seal and into the oil port . Ö. Good luck but an EASY QUICK fix . Darren

Post# 1159115 , Reply# 33   9/9/2022 at 07:19 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        

Would this silicone work?

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Post# 1159120 , Reply# 34   9/9/2022 at 09:05 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Oh yeah, by the way what could I use to help the pump engage

To the transmission drive pulley? As itís no good if thereís a sealed pump but the pump doesnít spin, and I did notice the shaft does spin freely so Iím not sure if that is the steel spinning inside of the house thing or if the shaft itself is spinning But Iíll definitely drag it out of the bathroom to take the pump off and Iíll wait for your responses if that silicone can be used, as I do want to try and use the original pump, but I have already devised a method if after trying everything so it would be possible to electrify it As I had to change all the original drain hose stuff inside the machine and sorry electrifying the pump isnít gonna be that much of an issue if worse comes to worse

Post# 1159145 , Reply# 35   9/9/2022 at 13:11 by Slowspin66 (lincoln uk)        
The silicone will be fine

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Just be aware that the recess where the seal sits needs to be really clean . If you have a dremel clean it up with the mini sanding drum. If the impeller / shaft wonít spin make sure that the impeller blades are not catching on the body of the pump Ö if you have made a new gasket be aware that the blades can catch on a gasket thatís has excess material in its way This may help . Darren

Post# 1159169 , Reply# 36   9/9/2022 at 19:54 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Iíll definitely see If I can seal it up later

As iím about to take a trip to Melbourne and thatís when I would actually have some money

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