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Need Help Picking a New FL Set
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Post# 1186692   8/3/2023 at 10:06 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        

Hi all! Anyone have experience with GE Ultrafresh models?

We are in the market for a new matching set as our Speed Queen dryer bit the dust and my husband refuses to give the brand another try, though the washer still works great.

Iíd love any recommendations on a new front loading set. My main concern is having a sufficient water level / or at least a cycle which uses adequate amount of water. (Brand and model number please?) Internal heater and tub light would be great too.

Iíd really like to get a Miele set but I worry about the 120 volt dryer taking too long. But open to all suggestions!

Post# 1186699 , Reply# 1   8/3/2023 at 12:00 by henene4 (Heidenheim a.d. Brenz (Germany))        

Would personally just replace the dryer since the washer still runs.
Just cause it's cheaper - so at least sell the washer.

But I think that has been discussed in your other thread...

In general, best in terms of wash results and laundry care appear to be the ELux TOL series.

They aren't fast, but wash best in class and their dryers are very gentle.

If it's just about speed with decent results, LGs are the way to go.

They are not best in any one category, but overall very strong performers and FAST.

A model with TurboWash360 has the new inverter pumps (incredibly quiet) and washes really fast.
When TurboWash is selected water levels in the rinses are great and you can always add a rinse.

Their downfall are temps - getting "true" temps takes a bit of fiddeling.
You can get very hot washes, but getting a "medium hot" 120-140F appears to be rather difficult.

Both are good machines with different strengths and drawbacks.
LGs are far more common so more feedback about them, but the ELux have been top scoring for years as well and haven't heard much bad about them.

Post# 1186702 , Reply# 2   8/3/2023 at 12:35 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        
Go with LG

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I just had a service technician come fix our LG washer and he says that LG is still the best out there. He'd take a LG over any Speed Queen, Whirlpool, etc. Plus we've been really pleased with ours, I'd buy LG again if we had to get another set today.

Post# 1186706 , Reply# 3   8/3/2023 at 12:57 by Logixx (Germany)        

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Have seen videos of the recent GEs and what I saw was very lackluster. No recirculation, no spray rinse, if there are spins between the rinses (there hardly seem to be) they are slow, while the final spin is very long. Others have shown mold growing in the Microban door seal.

The LGs seem to do everything the GEs don't. I guess achieving water temperatures between warm and extra hot is difficult with any of the US washers.

The Electrolux washers are very nice as well. For me, a firm believer in thorough rinsing, the use of the extra rinse button would be obligatory for the same reasons that apply to the GE (short or lacking spins during the cycle).

Post# 1186709 , Reply# 4   8/3/2023 at 13:06 by kb0nes (Burnsville, MN)        

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Replacing that functioning SpeedQueen front loader with anything else would be an epic mistake. It will likely outlast several of anything else.

I don't recall what happened to the dryer, but it certainly can be fixed, although their dryers aren't necessarily the best of the best.

Some of it comes down to if you must have matching appliances. I'm soundly a form follows function person so it doesn't matter to me. I just can't see hemorrhaging money for something that doesn't matter (to me).

Post# 1186710 , Reply# 5   8/3/2023 at 13:16 by ea56 (Cotati, Calif.)        

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The OP’s washing machine isn’t a SQ FL, its a SQ TL AWN432.


I would agree with you though that just replacing the dryer would be smartest.  But I can understand that some may prefer to have a matching set, especially of their machines are in an area, other than a dedicated laundry closet that makes them visible.



Post# 1186731 , Reply# 6   8/3/2023 at 14:58 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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I have to say that LG with turbo wash...but I agree the Elux looks good (but for some reason they don't put a coin trap (kind of important).. And from what I've seen, the LG's are the easiest to work on should a repair be needed in the future.

As for temps... there may be fiddling...but at least it IS possible with some fiddling.

I'm really surprised they don't get as good of ratings as the Lux because the wash/rinse action looks so much better..

Post# 1186825 , Reply# 7   8/4/2023 at 14:53 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        

Thanks everyone for your feedback. We decided to go with the LG WM8900 set. The reasons were mainly for the capacity. They will be delivered and installed by end of next week and Iíll share some photos.

I really wanted a Miele set but they are so tiny and the 120V condenser set up scares us thinking it would not be able to serve our needs. If I were a single person I would have done it.

We also went with the LG for the drum light, internal heater, and Turbo Wash feature. Seems that it also may be easier to do a water pressure switch adjustment on them to raise the water level too? Hope so!! 🥳

Post# 1186845 , Reply# 8   8/4/2023 at 19:48 by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Before you go ahead and think about fiddling with the water levels in the new washerÖsee if it meets your needs first. I have an LG WM4000 that uses plenty of water and the TurboWash feature works quite well. You will find that the water levels in the wash cycle will be lower but that is to concentrate the detergent solution. Rinsing is superb since each spin uses a spray rinse and followed by a deep rinse. The water level will come to the bottom of the door boot and you can add up 3 extra rinses of if you like. The washer should have AI built into it as well. It will only work with Normal and Bright Whites cycles. At least in my machine that is how it is set up. Also connecting it to the internet will allow LG to diagnose an issue and also do software updates if needed. You will love this choice of washer. The dryer is superb and is very quick. Drying is spot on with the Normal cycle. It uses AI and adjusts the heat as the load dries much like Whirlpoolís Gentle /Soft heat so loads donít over dry. I use that cycle for everything. LGís are very well made in my opinion and they are reliable.

Post# 1186866 , Reply# 9   8/5/2023 at 00:00 by appnut (TX)        

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The towels cycle uses the most water. It also gives you 3 rinses.

Post# 1186873 , Reply# 10   8/5/2023 at 04:56 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Hey appnut. Glad you're still liking your LG... the moment my duet dies that's the one I'm getting.... I'm not sure which model...but definitely one with turbo wash.

Poster: I'm glad you're getting the LG....Hope you like it.. Getting a new washer in 2023 is so hard because everything is so sketchy! I've seen videos of modern washers in action on youtube and a lot of them I would only want to have if I was totally desperate.

I did come across a video of a recent whirlpool FL washer video...I was a little impressed with the recirculation... It was almost like a fan spray...but I swear it used so little water in wash/rinse/rinse (same levels on all of them)..You would think they would give at least a little more water in the rinses...but not at all from what I could tell. Perhaps it was the cycle chosen and it could possibly be different on other cycles... I don't know.. Also, the whirlpool/maytag with wash plates just don't seem to have as good of wash action as the samsung/LG/GE with wash least from the videos I've seen...and some of the HE top loaders that have an agitator looked awful..but then a few of them looked pretty good. For example: I saw two GE washers with an agitator. One of them, the agitator looked like one piece, while the other looked two piece.. similar to the dual action agitator..

Post# 1186882 , Reply# 11   8/5/2023 at 08:32 by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        
Yes Bob...

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Our machine does by default, but you can add 2 extra rinses for a total of 5 rinses.

I like the towel cycle, I use it also for jeans, does great. I do wish the finial spin was a touch longer.

Post# 1186897 , Reply# 12   8/5/2023 at 11:34 by GELaundry4ever (Nacogdoches, TX, USA)        
GE "ultrafresh"

The GE "ultrafresh" seems like a scam. As Logixx stated above, he's seen mold growing on the seal. Don't fall for that scam.

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Post# 1186932 , Reply# 13   8/5/2023 at 19:51 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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True... but if washer manufacturer designs something into the machine to inhibit mold/smells... It wouldn't stop me from buying it whether that part worked or not, because I would continue to do what I've always done.. Most people on here don't have mold issues...It's so freaking easy to keep that from happening..the only thing I would see being and issue "possibly" is if the washer is not in a climate controlled area... a house that doesn't have AC in a humid area..

Post# 1186974 , Reply# 14   8/6/2023 at 10:46 by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
Best new frontload pair

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In terms of performance, reliability and easy to repair is easily a speed, queen pair.

Next best would be something from Maytag or whirlpool. These are also union built in the United States.

I will not buy Chinese built machines notice LG Samsung and GE all have a high percentage of Chinese components, some of them are outright built and assembled there.


Post# 1186977 , Reply# 15   8/6/2023 at 12:29 by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Well LG and Samsung machines are designed in Korea and my LG washer was built here in the USA in TN. Many of the components are made here as well. Whirlpool/Maytag also have components made in China but if you look at the relabilty that LG has ...Whirlpool cant even come close. Now Speed Queens are way overpriced for what one gets water heater in the washer and the dryer lacks in so many ways for the price. Everyone has their opinions about certain brands and this is mine.

Post# 1186979 , Reply# 16   8/6/2023 at 13:48 by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        
I completely agree with Mike

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owning the 4200 set, been completely satisfied with them. I choose LG for the same reasons Mike said, which are important to me.
this is my opinion and view also.

Post# 1186984 , Reply# 17   8/6/2023 at 14:27 by appnut (TX)        

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And I "3rd" Mike and Rich's comments/reasons as the same as mine. I too have the 4200 set.

Post# 1186986 , Reply# 18   8/6/2023 at 14:46 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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Ours is the WM8100HVA along with the matching DLEX8100V electric dryer. We've been really pleased with them. Best laundry set we've ever had in our house.

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Post# 1187008 , Reply# 19   8/6/2023 at 20:40 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        
For Panasonicvac

That 8100 set looks really nice and almost exactly like the 8900 we are getting.

Definitely would love some recommended cycles to use from your experience with them; what is most important to me is a cycle with the highest wash and rinse levels. The Towels cycle has been mentioned by members several times.

Post# 1187009 , Reply# 20   8/6/2023 at 21:19 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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I think I trust WP refrigerators the most...and dryers
but their FL washers when they started using plastic instead of glass in the window turned me way off from their washers. I don't like that their TL HE washers with wash plate don't seem to have as good of wash action as the other TL HE washers I've seen (not that I would buy any of them)

It's really hard to escape CHINA products in anything

Lorainne(S?) Furniture did a full breakdown of the LG washers to see how easy a repair would be and he totally recommended them compared to others.
This was five years ago (the video) but I think it still mostly applies to their washers today.

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Post# 1187033 , Reply# 21   8/7/2023 at 08:08 by IIIJohnnyMacIII (North Carolina)        
LG Temps

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I believe from threads that Iíve read that LGs do get up to proper temps: 140 for hot, 105 for warm, ect. All you have to do is select the corresponding temp with the highest soil setting, I believe. You can even check your washerís temps with the press of a couple buttons. There is a great thread on it somewhere in here that explains it well.

Post# 1187036 , Reply# 22   8/7/2023 at 09:35 by appnut (TX)        

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John, great minds thn alike. I was gettng ready to address this subject. The temps you cite were before the latest round of energy star adustments in like 2016 or 2017.

Push the delay wash and temp buttons to see what Temp (in celcius) is. The following temps are for Whites, Perm Press, Bulky/Bedding, and Towels. Hot is 112, warm is 90. For these cycles the heater does come on but once the set temp is reached, it turns off an does not come back on to maintain. These temps are also the same for Heavy Duty, but the heater never comes on for those temps. For Normal hot is 95 an warm is 80. Extra Hot on Normal & Heavy Duty is pure hot water fill and depending upon soil level, wlll heat water from 140 to 160.

If you add 4 to 6 cups of water to the tub before puttng in laundry, that wll trick the machine into thinking it's a very heavy load. That results in more water being added per fill, each rinse segment is doubled (1 minute is 2, 2 is 4, ...) and the final spin is lengthened.

Extra high on Normal And Heavy Duty add about 18-20 minutes to final spin but doesn't get a spin speeed of more than 1120-1160, not the 1300 rpm. Seen a couple of comments in YT videos confirming this. Have only seen ex high spin speed get to 1190 to 1210 once.

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Post# 1187055 , Reply# 23   8/7/2023 at 15:03 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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I like using the towels cycle for towels, warm temperature for colored and hot for whites with bleach. I use delicates for stuff that can't go into the dryer. Speed wash for something I'd clean really fast with. And normal for everything else, warm temperature for colored and hot for whites, some whites I'd use bleach but some I don't. Only the towels I can get up to two extra rinse cycles while the others I can use up to three. And the delicates can't use the turbo wash jets while the other cycles can. I don't use the extra hot or steam temperature anymore as I find they don't make much of a difference from my experience. Bleach with hot water is what helps clean and maintains the washer tub from any build up, just make sure you leave the door open whenever someone isn't using it. If you're using powder detergent or fabric softener, be careful not to use too much as that can build up inside the dispenser tray compartment. Honestly, I don't use fabric softener. I'd rather use vinegar instead which can also help clean and maintain the tub. And I clean the lint trap out about once a month.

As for the dryer, I use the towels cycle for all the towels. Delicates for silk quilts. And normal for everything else with the wrinkle care mode on. Once in a while I'd use the steam cycle to unwrinkle some things, it works but it doesn't fully replace an iron or a hand steamer. If clothes or towels aren't completely dry, I'd use the timed cycle to finish up as it doesn't use the moisture sensor. Make sure all the lint is out of the trap before you'd start the next cycle which I'm sure you already know that. I vacuum out the inside of the lint trap about once a month with this attachment. And be careful not to open up the lint trap door completely as the plastic will break, mine broke from opening it too widely.

Post# 1187062 , Reply# 24   8/7/2023 at 16:50 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        

Thanks for the tips!

Which cycles have the highest water level for wash and rinse from your experience?

Post# 1187073 , Reply# 25   8/7/2023 at 17:58 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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I'm pretty sure the towel cycle since the towels absorb more water than the rest. But if you're looking to add more water in your washer, you should check this video out from one of our members here. I might try this someday to see how well it works.

Post# 1187105 , Reply# 26   8/7/2023 at 23:04 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Last night I got lost for 4 hours scrolling through youtube shorts...I just kept watching one, and scrolling down...watching another, scrolling down and I couldn't stop!!

I came across several videos that a couple of appliance techs out in the field doing repairs or cleaning stinky machines...They must really run across this MORE OFTEN than not...I just can't believe there are so many people out there who don't know how to do laundry and how many disgusting machines they come across...The techs seem to think people should stop using Fab Softener and don't use too much detergent...Like that's the CAUSE of their issues when it's so much more than that...

I think these people are packing their machines full and using way too much product and most likely using tap cold... a recipe for disaster as has been discussed on here a lot..

One tech was not a fan of anything but SQ....He basically bashes all other brands and I get where he's coming from. SQ's are built like a tank..but I've watched MANY LG videos and I think lots of people are very happy with them...sure, things can go wrong.. I still think people should plug their washer into a surge protector even though it's built in.

Post# 1187113 , Reply# 27   8/8/2023 at 07:07 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
Look at this

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I mean, one look at this and you can't see that whoever owned it just didn't care...and he's blaming the fab softener... does he seriously think that if you just took the fab softener out of the equation this machine would probably magically look perfect?

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Post# 1187137 , Reply# 28   8/8/2023 at 13:44 by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
Replies, number 26 and 27

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Thanks for all your research Mark do you have more patience than I do to watch four hours of videos of washing machines of course I work on washing machines all week long.

Reply 27 is barely worth a few seconds. It takes to watch it but it shows how little most repair people know about washing machines.

Yes, fabric softener can contribute to nasty build ups in washing machines, but the real problem is not washing in hot enough water using enough good detergent, etc.

If you use fabric softener, you must wash it out thoroughly both out of the machine and the clothing the next time you wash, so it really requires hot water and plenty of good detergent.

Speed Queen, washers and dryers are in a class by themselves they are the only machines you can buy that are based on machines that are intended for commercial use. Itís much like KitchenAid dishwashers of old. They were the same basic machine that was used in commercial establishments.


Post# 1187154 , Reply# 29   8/8/2023 at 17:39 by littlegreeny (Milwaukee, WI)        

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I always thought Speed Queens were well built but wonder when did they change the door latch to plastic on the FF7? It seems like that would break pretty quickly.

Post# 1187156 , Reply# 30   8/8/2023 at 17:54 by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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Ugh. Yes. My brotherís family washes everything in cold water. Even their undies. 👎

Post# 1187159 , Reply# 31   8/8/2023 at 19:00 by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
Reply number 29

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Hi David, Speed Queen has always had a plastic door strike on the door since their first front load washers almost all companies use plastic for this part I have never seen one break. Itís a really tough material. Here are pictures of my 18 year old Speed Queen frontload washer in my current three-year old one they use the same latch.

All door locks on all machines worldwide are plastic as well.

Youíre far more likely to have a door lock part of the machine fail. There are many parts on machines today that failed door locks on almost all washing machines are a problem area as our drain pumps and water inlet valves and there isnít much difference whether are talking about a Frigidaire or a Miele or Speed Queen.


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Post# 1187167 , Reply# 32   8/8/2023 at 22:53 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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I wouldn't say I spend a whole lot of time watching that...The other night when I was watching youtube shorts it was all sorts of different types of videos.(not just laundry)..and I found almost all of them interesting. I think it's because the videos are so short like Tiktok

I do wonder what changes LG makes in their FL washers with turbo wash from year to year... their latest one with AI looks like a nice machine, but I haven't actually seen it wash... It has turbo wash but I wonder if it's equivalent to one from a couple of years ago vs now. My fear is by the time I need one they will have dumbed everything down each year until I no longer like them...

Post# 1187174 , Reply# 33   8/9/2023 at 02:43 by Logixx (Germany)        

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This YouTube channel has some clips of the latest LG laundry with "AI" (also knows as sensors...🙄).

Post# 1187175 , Reply# 34   8/9/2023 at 05:07 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Thanks Logixx

Wow - whatever is going on after the first spin here is really cool.. It reminds me of what my duet does only this is even more extreme than mine...Like it spins after first wash then fills with water but the drum slowly keeps spinning pushing rinse water through everything...I haven't seen any of the other turbo wash cycles I've seen do this. I think whoever this is chose the normal cycle (shocking).. It looks REALLY good. I already like it

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Post# 1187177 , Reply# 35   8/9/2023 at 08:55 by RyneR1988 (Indianapolis)        
Reply #32

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Mark, what you are discussing is a major reason why I was contemplating buying a new washer even though my current machine works fine. I don't want to be in a situation where I wait for my washer to break down and then there's literally nothing I like out there to choose from. It could be that in a few years even FL's will have been hit with dumbed-down cycles so hard that most everything just kinda sucks. I hope that doesn't happen of course, but time will tell. But yes, I'd like a new washer at some point while the current offerings are available, because who knows what's coming next in the lineup of energy savor washers? And I'm not even against energy saving or government regulations, but I just wonder how far they can go before washers just aren't very effective.


Post# 1187178 , Reply# 36   8/9/2023 at 09:23 by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
Newer front load washers

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Itís very unlikely that anything is going to change much with the design and water use a front loading washers in the next five or 10 years.

They may get a little more expensive or they may even stay stable or come down in price some. I certainly donít see any reason to buy anything now if you donít need it.

There have been so many changes in the last decade is really a good time to wait and let things settle out a little bit so that reliability and so forth can be better predicted.


Post# 1187179 , Reply# 37   8/9/2023 at 09:26 by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
Turbo wash

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Or recirculated water, wow this looks exciting to watch and does get the detergent and everything mixed up and wet faster there is no proven benefit in cleaning and in fact, it picks up all the dirty, sediment and lint from the sump and just throws it back on your clean laundry constantly.

It also adds to the energy consumption of the machine and itís one more thing to break down make noise, etc.


Post# 1187182 , Reply# 38   8/9/2023 at 09:40 by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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I was just reading through this and saw that John just posted what I was thinking. When it comes to all these cycles on front loaders in particular there is a point of diminishing or no returns at all and the rest is just smoke and mirrors. For instance I have the LG WM3700 and my clothes come out perfectly clean on the regular or heavy duty cycle. Heck even a few things tossed in on Speed Wash 15 minutes come out clean. I can guarantee you that if I had the fancier model with "turbo wash" the clothes would come out no cleaner than my machine without that feature.

Post# 1187190 , Reply# 39   8/9/2023 at 12:15 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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About the waiting for the washer vs getting one now for fear they may all suck in the future... I doubt that will happen. Why do I say that? Because I've had this fear for years and years now and that fear never comes to pass. Each year there is something on the market that I would want....Granted, I don't feel like there are huge options..but there are always a few.

You're probably right about the turbo wash vs non-turbo wash... but why not go for turbo wash when you can get one for around $799? I remember when it first came out the turbo wash was a few hundred more

Post# 1187201 , Reply# 40   8/9/2023 at 15:10 by Logixx (Germany)        
Turbo Wash 1st Rinse

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That "distribution" rinse only seems to occur on the Normal cycle. Don't know how or if this changes if extra rinses are selected. It would be better if the jets were on to spray rinse water over the clothes. Without the jets, it looks like the rinse doubles as a tub clean cycle.

Skip to 21:20 in the video.


Post# 1187210 , Reply# 41   8/9/2023 at 18:03 by appnut (TX)        

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The extra rinses do not change the sequence on the normal cycle first rinse.

Post# 1187212 , Reply# 42   8/9/2023 at 18:17 by RyneR1988 (Indianapolis)        
Reply #36

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Thanks for the peace of mind John, as I've stated before I spent quite a bit of money early this year getting the DD repaired that came to me in poor shape. If I can keep it for a few years and just get something when it actually breaks that would obviously be preferable.

After all the DD is an old mechanical timer-style machine that I can opperate perfectly independently without modification why fix something that's not broken?

Honestly I'd like to get away from a top loader eventualy but right now that's what I have so it's totally fine.


Post# 1187251 , Reply# 43   8/10/2023 at 06:21 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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So I noticed watching this guys videos with the square door LG a couple of things and I are the two square models different from each other? And how are the other round door turbo wash models different from those? Also, I noticed that when rinsing, not only was turbo wash spraying constantly...but also the spray nozzle at the top was filling.. It looked like a water is the machine filled from 2 places? The bottom and the spray nozzle?

Post# 1187256 , Reply# 44   8/10/2023 at 09:01 by powerfin64 (Yakima, Washington)        

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Mark, the answers are:
1) they are different capacities- one is bigger than the other, different cycles/options.
2) If the model is labeled with "turbo wash" its 2 recirculating jets, if the model is labeled with "turbo wash 360" then its 4 recirculating jets.
3) Yes, it is, but mainly through the dispenser drawer

Post# 1187698 , Reply# 45   8/16/2023 at 00:10 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

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Actually with the Turbo Wash jets, I have noticed a difference with mine. Not only I find they do a better job washing but also they help reduce the time during a cycle. So energy saving wise, I don't think it matters really. While I do agree that it's just an extra thing that can go wrong on a washer, I think it's rare for it to ever break according to my research. But you don't have to use it if you don't want to. And I agree with Mark, why not get a LG with Turbo Wash jets for way less versus a SQ that doesn't even have that feature for the price they're asking?

Post# 1187713 , Reply# 46   8/16/2023 at 09:35 by RyneR1988 (Indianapolis)        

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What I'm not a fan of is that turbo wash models, from what I can tell, all come with other extras that I don't think I would want like steam and WiFi. The pricing structure of LG's lineup kind of stinks because you have the entry level machines, with very few add-ons, then you climb up the price tier and get several features such as turbo wash, steam, and WiFi. But i'm willing to bet turbo wash is the main extra folks care about, so I wish it was offered on their cheaper entry models and customers could ditch the other extras. You get the whole package whether you wantit or not and have to pay for it.

Post# 1187714 , Reply# 47   8/16/2023 at 09:38 by RyneR1988 (Indianapolis)        
Slight correction...

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I guess all of LG's machines have WiFi per se, in that they all have smart diagnosis but they don't all have full app connectivity. I imagine a lot of people don't care about full app connectivity but buy the model that has it, along with steam, just so they can have the turbo wash. I think that's a crappy pricing structure.

Post# 1187734 , Reply# 48   8/16/2023 at 14:56 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        
LG WM8900 Set

So itís been about a week since we got the LG WM8900 set - and so far so good. After trying out almost each cycle including the downloadable ones, I decided to adjust the water pressure sensor 1.5 turns and finally I have enough water for any and every cycle I use. The maximum it comes up to is just over the drum lip during rinses which is MORE than enough. During wash cycles (all except Bedding, which is higher) all levels are a couple of inches under the drum lip.

I understand people have passionate takes on water usage, but for our needs (lots of heavy bedding, big dog beds, stinky armpits) the adjustment was absolutely necessary. Itís amazing how skimpy the factory-set levels are. Who decides this stuff? It really is a race to the bottom to see how waterless they can go - and thatís not a compliment.

Also, most cycles on this new LG seem to default to one rinse whereas my brotherís 20 y/o LG TROMM uses two. His also has the Permanent Press cycle with a fill to the bottom lip while mine is factory set to skimpy along with the rest of the cycles outside of Bedding and possibly Towels.

Now that the water level has been set to an acceptable level, Iím really enjoying the Turbo Wash and variety of cycles, wash motions, and the app. And, we can easily fit all our large items in! The dryer is excellent too. I see us being very happy with these units as long as they have a decent lifespan.

Itís a shame our TL Speed Queen AWN432 set had to be replaced, but the dryer failed us twice and so we let the installers take it away. The washer is stored in our garage at my insistence since its manual controls are sadly a relic and I canít bear to part with it.

Just wanted to give you all an update, happy to answer questions if anyone is interested.

Post# 1187737 , Reply# 49   8/16/2023 at 15:24 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
I'd like to see pictures of the new set:)

Post# 1187914 , Reply# 50   8/18/2023 at 13:05 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        

The two photos here are of the final rinse in the Speed Wash cycle.

This is the highest the water level gets on any rinse cycle after the water pressure sensor adjustment was made. The wash portion uses about half this amount except on Bedding where itís about the same.

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 1187916 , Reply# 51   8/18/2023 at 13:18 by panasonicvac (Northern Utah)        

panasonicvac's profile picture
I like that it matches the floor really well!

Post# 1187918 , Reply# 52   8/18/2023 at 14:05 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

mark_wpduet's profile picture
Skimpy water levels...I don't feel like reading through this forum again... but I have a question... is this your first FL washer? or was your previous a FL?

I remember back in 2005 when I got my duet I was so freaked out about the water levels..I think it's a shock to someone who is sued to a TL washer...

The videos I've seen with your LG in operations with different cycles... it looks like it uses as much if not more water than my duet from 2005

Post# 1187920 , Reply# 53   8/18/2023 at 14:44 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        

This is actually my third FL washer and Iíve adjusted the water pressure sensor on all three.

First experience having one was 2004. I was horrified with how little water it used - it was a small, base level Frigidaire - and very irritated that I needed to manually pre-treat with bar soap to deodorize the underarms of all my shirts before each load. Stain removal was great with the low water level and concentrated detergent, but smelling fresh is equally if not more important for me. Second washer was also a Frigidaire but a larger, mid-level variant.

I grew up using FLs in laundromats, and remember the old Westinghouse units which had a visible water level, shorter cycle times, and no pervasive problems with mold and mildew. I donít recall ever hearing about such problems until the Energy Star/HE models came out. Seems logical since the low water levels, media push to wash everything in cold, and excessive use of detergent and softener by many can cause machines to gunk up.

Iím definitely guilty of some detergent overuse as seen in my photos - but am working on it :)

Post# 1187921 , Reply# 54   8/18/2023 at 15:02 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
I used Speed Wash 1 time. No spins between rinses and thought it was a waste. I just use Normal and lightest soil level.

Post# 1187923 , Reply# 55   8/18/2023 at 15:19 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        

I agree!

Very disappointing that Speed Wash doesnít have at least a brief spin between the wash and rinse.

As such, this necessitates an extra rinse :/

Post# 1187924 , Reply# 56   8/18/2023 at 15:22 by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
I found the extra rinse wasn't enough with no spin.

Post# 1187928 , Reply# 57   8/18/2023 at 16:57 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

mark_wpduet's profile picture
I'm very confused but I'm seeing adequate water in the cycles I've seen so far...Granted, I agree with you as I would always like a little more... but I think yours is every so slightly too much. For me, I'd want it to just touch the bottom of the boot... No more than that. These LG's must be way easier to adjust the water than on my 2005 Duet....because YEARS ago I tried this and it was a total fail...Here's what would happen when I tried that:

Turn screw a little at a time until you like the water level you're at... which is what I did...but there was never a noticeable I would keep turning a little, then a little more...until it went from one extreme to the other...water literally filling 1/2 up the freaking window... so I turned the screw back down to where it was and never messed with it again. Keep in mind that when I did all this, I did it exactly as was described online at the time for my machine...and each time you tried it... you had to make sure to drain complete, unplug, and start over...

Post# 1187932 , Reply# 58   8/18/2023 at 18:08 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        

I guess Iíve been lucky! On the Frigidaires I cranked up the water level to 1/3 the way up the window and was happy with it. But with the new LG, the drum is so huge that even when the water level is under the drum line, itís plenty.

Iíd also feel more comfortable with that rinse level being right at or slightly below the lip, but if I turn it down Iíll lose some of the wash portion water. So I think the way it is seems like a happy medium. I basically followed what Eugene from Lorain Furniture did in his video.

Post# 1187937 , Reply# 59   8/18/2023 at 18:44 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

mark_wpduet's profile picture
so just so I'm clear... even before any adjustments... the LG uses more water for rinses than it does for washes? It sounds like that's what you were describing above...

Yep - definitely too much soap in that one in the picture...You wanna know what's weird? Over the years of having my Duet, I have never seen the first soap bubble in it when doing laundry...the only time I've seen actual bubbles is when I'm washing something small.. I guess it's my hard water. I don't know.

Post# 1187965 , Reply# 60   8/19/2023 at 10:42 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        

Yes, I have noticed the rinse levels to be slightly higher on the cycles Iíve used both pre- and post-adjustment.

At the moment Iím running a Heavy soil load on Towels and wash level is at the drum lip. (It seemed to fill higher after I set it to Heavy.). Iím not sure if the rinse will get too much higher but Iíve never seen it more than the level in the pictures I posted.

Very interesting to learn about the ďEaster eggsĒ the machine seems to have based on selected cycles & option combinations, etc.

Post# 1187975 , Reply# 61   8/19/2023 at 15:30 by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

mark_wpduet's profile picture
Based on videos I've seen of this washer (before any adjustments) I think I'd be happy with the water because of the recirculation...Low water wash doesn't bother me.. low water rinse really bothers me..but it's really good to know you can make adjustments...but there's a fine line where the baffles won't work well with too much water and the clothes just roll around instead of lifting and dropping...and honestly, it doesn't take much more water before that actually starts happening..I'm thinking for me, 1/2 turn would be enough..

Post# 1187984 , Reply# 62   8/19/2023 at 19:13 by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

nmassman44's profile picture
One has to remember that with the LG washer the wash drum is tilted so the back of the washer has plenty of water for the clothes. I have noticed that with the Normal cycle the wash water levels are less than the rinse levels and it also bases the water levels based on load size sensed if that makes sense. Also AI is used in the Normal and Bright Whites cycles and it changes cycle parameters based on soil level, load size and what it senses that the load is. I use Bright Whites for , well , Whites and Towels. I find that the Towels cycle is painfully long while Bright Whites will cut an hour or so off the total time and yet still give me a 10 minute final spin time and the towels emerge damp dry. Heavy Duty cycle will use more water and it will default to Heavy soil levels. The Allergiene Cycle uses very hot water and the heater is on and it uses plenty of water.
I would have thought twice before fiddling with the water levels since if you ever need service , you might have voided the warranty for the washer. I am 2 years in with my WM 4000 and DLEX4000 dryer and have no issues with either one. They have performed very well and in fact CU rated this pair the #1 choice according to the website.

Post# 1188035 , Reply# 63   8/20/2023 at 11:13 by decodriveboy (FL, US)        

Interesting observations. I tried the Allergiene cycle and all it seemed to do was tumble and blow vapor for 50 minutes so I cancelled the cycle and wonít use it again. Maybe there is something different about it on my model? No idea, but plenty of other cycles to use and enjoy. I have not yet tried Heavy Duty mainly because itís such a long program.

I think at the moment my favorite cycle is Towels. It defaults to 55 minutes and all water levels come just to the lip of the drum. It has 3 rinses with spins in between (YES!) and I can select Hot for wash and the highest spin setting. Checks all the boxes!

As for the warranty - Iím not too concerned with that since itís only valid for a year and Iíd rather roll the dice to be completely satisfied with my purchase.

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