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Welcome to the Classic Appliance Vintage Video Library. The library will include live action video of some of our favorite Vintage Appliances in Operation as well as Vintage Appliance TV Commercials and home video of Applianceville members appliance related adventures.

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Vintage Major Appliance Television Commercials
[5.9mb] Westinghouse 1958 Here is the first in a series of 3 1/2 minute long Westinghouse commercials where Betty Furness shows off the entire Westinghouse line, even TV's in this spot.  The magic Westy refrigerator is rubbed and Betty appears!  The 1958 Laundromat and Dryer in this commercial are just beautiful.


Westinghouse 1959 Betty Furness tells us about Westinghouse Opportunity Days showing off the latest and greatest of the Westinghouse Home Appliance Line, including the new Westinghouse Program Computer Laundromat and the Roll-About Dishwasher.


Westinghouse 1959 Again Betty Furness and the "gang" show us why in 1959, 1949 was so special, staring the infamous Program Computer Laundromat again.
Vintage Automatic Washer Television Commercials

Part I

Part II

Westinghouse 1957 In Part I we have the ultimate in 1950's live TV commercials for the Westinghouse Laundromat.  This commercial was part of the Westinghouse Studio One program, staring Betty Furness, the Westinghouse spokeswoman of the time.  Part I is shown at the start of the show, the Laundromat and three other solid-basket washers are loaded with clothes, detergent and yes you guess it sand, then the machines are started.  While all of us here in Applianceville know what's going to happen next, the viewers at home get to wait another 50 minutes for the final commercial to reveal the results as shown here in Part II.  See if you can guess what brand washers are disguised behind Brand X, Brand Y and Brand Z?
[4.0mb] Frigidaire 1950 The beautiful, new, all-porcelain Frigidaire Automatic Washer WO-65 celebrates Christmas in 1950. This live commercial is set in a department store where a sales person shows a mother the wonders of a new Frigidaire automatic.
[3.9mb] Frigidaire 1957 Yes its the Famous Control-Tower. One of the most beautiful washers ever built.  Frigidaire Presents it's Control Tower Unimatic WI-57 the "Savingest" Automatic Washer Ever Built.  See the Control Tower in Action!
[4.5mb] Hotpoint 1953 In honor of Applianceville member Gansky1 (Greg) recently finding a beautiful 1956 Hotpoint Automatic Washer we present this fab-o commercial from the Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.
[0.9mb] Easy 1955 The Easy Spiralator Automatic Washer as sponsored by the daytime Arthur Godfrey Show.
[2.5mb] Bendix 1956 See the Fabulous '56 Bendix Duomatic Combination Washer/Dryer so you too can "Come Home to Clothes Washed and Dried" and even put away as this wonderful commercial subliminally suggests.
[2.5mb] Norge 1959 Tide and Norge teamed up to produce this wonderful commercial for the Norge Dispensomat Automatic Washer. She makes the appliance tech take off his shirt with 1950's innocence no less!
[2.4mb] Philco 1960 Philco and Clorox Bleach teamed up to produce this great commercial showing off the 1960 Philco-Bendix Duomatic Combination Washer-Dryer.
Vintage Clothes Dryer Television Commercials
[1.9mb] Hotpoint 1953 And here we have a commercial for the 1953 Hotpoint Automatic Dryer, Hotpoint produced the very first Water-Condenser dryer.
[2.1mb] Maytag early 1970's Here's a wonderful commercial from the 1970's for the Maytag Halo-of-Heat Dryer.  I was surprised to see how the Maytag's format choice for the commercial resembles detergent commercials of the time.
Vintage Automatic Dishwasher Television Commercials
[3.7mb] Hotpoint 1953 Take a look into Harriet Nelson's Kitchen to see her fabulous electric Hotpoint Automatic Dishwasher.  It saves her a full hour of disagreeable work every day!
[3.6mb] Frigidaire 1956 Here's a wonderful commercial for the Frigidaire Automatic Spray Tube Dishwasher, with the exclusive 11,000 whirling needle sprays of water every minute!
[1.3mb] Maytag early 1970's Here's another commercial dishwasher commercial, but from the early 1970's for the Maytag Dishwasher.
Vintage Refrigerator Television Commercials
[2.4mb] Kelvinator mid 1950's "What a dream of a kitchen come true, what a wonderful setting for you, and what makes it greater --- it's all Kelvinator, most modern, most youthful, most new..."  The Fabulous Kelvinator Food-A-Rama, and only 47" wide!
Vintage Small Appliance Television Commercials
[2.1mb] General Electric 1953 For you vacuum enthusiasts here is the 1953 General Electric Reach-Easy Vacuum.  I know I haven't had one "Drag-Around Tragedy" since I got my GE Swivel Top Vacuum.
Vintage Electronics Television Commercials
[2.4mb] Westinghouse 1959 Here is a spot for the Westinghouse Furniture-TV's, "Get The Most Beautiful Furniture You've Ever Watched".  This commercial has to be one of the most sexist commercials I have ever seen, thankfully we've all come a long way.  But its still fun to take a look back and see how we really were.
Vintage Soap, Detergent and Additive Television Commercials
[2.5mb] Ad 1955 Here's a wonderful commercial for AD featuring three 1955 Bendix Tumble Action Automatic Washers!
[2.6mb] Ad 1955 Here's another commercial for AD, but this time featuring wonderful mid-50's whimsical animation.
[1.6mb] Ad 1958 Here's an ad for AD featuring a 1958 Norge Time Line washer.
[1.5mb] All 1957 Here's why you should use ALL in your Automatic.
[1.6mb] All 1960's And here is me staring in a mid 1960's commercial for ALL right after getting my first Unimatic "My Wash Is Cleaner!".
[1.3mb] Cascade 1960 Had I had spots on my glasses, I too would have been embarrassed as seen in this 1960 CASCADE Automatic Dishwasher Detergent Commercial.
[2.6mb] Cheer 1960's CHEER from the early 1960's set in a laundromat,  can you tell what brand of very cool, rather rare, coin-op washers are installed in this laundromat?
[1.6mb] Cheer 1960's Another CHEER from the early 1960's, but more campy showing the Change in Cheer.
[2.5mb] Dash 1960s No need to adjust the rinse cycle lady, just use DASH!
[2.6mb] Dash 1966 DASH makes your automatic clean like it's 10 Feet Tall, this clip is a bit dark, but still very enjoyable, from '66.
[1.6mb] Dash 1960s Madam, did you ever think of drinking the rinse water from your washing machine?
[1.6mb] Downy 1960 A little DOWNY Fabric Softener in your final rinse, from 1960.
[2.0mb] Duz 1953 Here is a commercial for DUZ the soap that Does Everything In Your Washing Machine.
[2.3mb] Oxydol 1949 Here is one of the oldest detergent tv commercials I've ever seen and it's for OXYDOL..
[2.0mb] Salvo 1966 This SALVO Dirt Bomb has to be the most stupid detergent commercial I've ever seen, from '66.
[2.2mb] Wisk 1957 At last a 1957 liquid detergent for family wash New Blue Liquid WISK, prove it yourself next washday!
[1.1mb] Wisk 1972 Here's one of the famous Ring-Around-The-Colllar commercials for WISK! Can you name the Dryer in the Ad?
[5.0mb] Faultless 1965 You're Spraying Stars On That Shirt!  While a spray starch might be stretching it for a vintage washing machine additive, this Faultless Spray Starch commercial was too campy not to be included in our library.
Vintage Appliance Promotional Films
[6.2mb] GM Frigidaire 1956 Here we have a very unique 3.5 minute production, its called the Frigidaire Follies.  It seems to be the introduction of the "Sheer Look" for its new 1957 line of appliances and shows some fabulous dancers along with some fabulous music. Of course what's most fabulous is it shows some of the most beautiful appliances ever made.  While I'm not sure why this video was made or where it was shown but it is very campy.
Home Videos from Applianceville Members
[2.0mb] Aberdeen Farm 1997

Now for the first episode of the Aberdeen Farm Saga. This video was taken during the first Minneapolis washer convention in October of '97 when we all traveled to Aberdeen, SD to visit a very special farm, 8 acres full of discarded appliances from all eras! Film donated by Syndets2000.

[2.0mb] Aberdeen Farm 1997 Here we find our Happy Aberdeen Farm Travelers Examining the '56, then the '61 and then... Film donated by Syndets2000.
[6.9mb] JasonL 2002 Here it is, a video from the Classic Appliance Club's 2nd Annual Convention, this year in Washington DC.  A big thanks goes out to JasonL for his hard work and creativity.
[3.8mb] JasonL 1970's JasonL's " The Appliances in my Life" - A brief look at some of the Kitchen Appliances he grew up with.
[4.4mb] DADoES 1970 Glenn's "The Kelvinator that Started it All" -  Transferred from 8mm film, DADoES sits high-a-top his Grandmother's early 1960's Kelvinator Washer.

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