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Maytag DC Super Capacity is a really a Standard size tub
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Post# 351844   5/26/2009 at 10:08 (3,310 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

Has anyone else realized these tubs are the same size, but listed two different capacities?

Post# 351845 , Reply# 1   5/26/2009 at 10:10 (3,310 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

...Super Capacity is really...

Post# 351873 , Reply# 2   5/26/2009 at 12:15 (3,310 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
not sure what you mean...but, i have noticed by which agitator is being used to compare sizes...

if it has the straight vane then its large capacity

if it has the load sensor agitator then its super capacity

thats the only thing i could see.

Post# 351899 , Reply# 3   5/26/2009 at 13:38 (3,310 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

I mean the super capacity with both the loadsensor and powerflex 12 agitators is the same size as the maytag DC standard/large capacity tub.
I measured the super capacity Maytag DC to find out how big it was compare to the Maytag DP deep tub. The DC only measured 21" wide and 12 1/2"-to-13" tall.
Also measured the DC white, older style stardard/large tub and it had the same measurements.
And, I understand the loadsensor allows more usable space in the tub because of the 'dual-action' style agitator but, the dimensions are the same.

Post# 351986 , Reply# 4   5/26/2009 at 18:19 (3,309 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
well this goes back to what I said on another thread

for example GE filter flo....

there used to be a standard size and large available....

then as years went by...standard became large and large became extra large....but the tubs never really changed just the wording...and they think they fooled us.....idiots!

Post# 352000 , Reply# 5   5/26/2009 at 19:18 (3,309 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

Exactly, these manufactures fail to realiaze capacity is one of the most important features to the comsumer. Instead of keeping up with top washers with the largest capacities they decreased their tub sizes. The older maytag deep tubs are larger than the DC's. They should have at least kept those tubs or enlarge them. I don't get the misleading wording.
When I start building my Maytag 'DREAM MACHINE' which is the LAT9806AAW or the LAT9904AAW (computer touch) I'm going to install the older white, DEEP tub and use the power-fin agitator. I just need to find one.

Post# 352005 , Reply# 6   5/26/2009 at 19:41 (3,309 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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if you can find one...go for the many options and the adjustments are more than any dial could ever give you...there's just a lot more adjustments on the individual units than the stacked like I have....but I can increase wash time to 19min, rinse 6min and last spin to 8min...nice to have this amount of adjustment for those heavy loads...

if you get a chance...look at my collections...I don't have them all on there yet but take a look at the stackable I just got....I would have taken a dial set...but glad I found this on craigslist for $50.00...also would like a side x side units, but will keep looking!

Post# 352036 , Reply# 7   5/26/2009 at 21:46 (3,309 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        
on craigslist for $50.00...

Where!?! How far did you have to travel for the digital. I mean, 19 min for a wash, 6 min rinse and 8 min spin cycle, that's perfect. Even with my whirlpool 640 rpm spin I reset it about six times to wring out the extra water.

Here are some pics. The LAT9904AAW-1st choice

Post# 352039 , Reply# 8   5/26/2009 at 21:58 (3,309 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

2nd choice

Post# 352045 , Reply# 9   5/26/2009 at 22:08 (3,309 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

I NEED this one. 1985 Consumers Report rated this extra capacity (16 pounds).

Post# 352151 , Reply# 10   5/27/2009 at 07:05 (3,309 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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Only had to go to marlton,nj...just below cherry hill...about 40 minutes for I have to go to galloway, near atlantic city, about 35 minutes...just funny, looking for months and then bam, every week I find a new set....I even got last week a maytag gyrator wringer that works...needs some clean belt, new drain hose(no pump though)just lay hose on ground...I did a whole days wash in it just to see it work...not sur where to put it for display, inside or out...I have the matching galvanized rinse tub on never know...I like the A712...but would definately go with the digital if you can...

Post# 352334 , Reply# 11   5/27/2009 at 16:30 (3,308 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey) goes....

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picked up the new set today...washer is a helical drive A482...large capacity written on panel....16 inches deep

the one I got the other day at habitat is an orbital drive LA283...large capacity on the panel....14 inches deep

the orbital is newer and yet for a large capacity has the smaller tub....

did they think we would never notice? their both are a light speckled tub, not white...odd I thought...

Post# 352487 , Reply# 12   5/27/2009 at 22:53 (3,308 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        
large capacity...light speckled tub...

EXCELLENT! Hey, does the LA283 have the powerflex 12 and the A482 have the turquoise power-fin agitator? Yogi can you do me a big favor and measure the width of these tubs? Take the agitator's measurement plus the 'space between the agitator base to the sides' of the tubs and you'll have the width. That's with the agitator in the tub.

Post# 352623 , Reply# 13   5/28/2009 at 08:26 (3,308 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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the LA283 orbital has eight vanes...four at the bottom and four on the shaft, smaller base...

the A482 has the power fin with just four vanes at the bottom only, large base...

both have a filter in the agitator....the one I got yesterday, the old lady never knew there was a filter in the agitator...never cleaned in 20 years...packed and "YUK"!
and it had all the books for both machines...have no idea what I'm gonna do with all these machines

and, both tubs measure 21 inches across

Post# 352775 , Reply# 14   5/28/2009 at 16:42 (3,307 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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another thought from a previous thread...the helical drive indexed with the first wash and then stopped...only does it with a heavy load on ocassion...20 years old...may need new brakes eventually...but this doesn't affect performance from my point of view...

I know a lot of these guys drop mega bucks into refurbishing some of these machine...but I look at it two ways, if the parts cost a lot is it worth it...and if I was to sell it would I get most of it back...I ocassionally pick up machines from along side of the road...fix them and sell them...for about 100.00 a machine...but there's no way am I gonna sink a couple hundred dollars into a machine and try and get that back...most people won't pay that kinda money for a used motor, tranny, timer, pump or not...we invest in this stuff and, like you, build them to our liking(dreams), for the fun of it....but if it ain't broke...don't fix it....but do open it up to see whats happening my rambling thoughts...thanks for listening........YOGI/Martin

Post# 352995 , Reply# 15   5/29/2009 at 10:13 (3,307 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        
but if it ain't broke...

You're right Martin, if it ain't don't fix it. But, all the money I'll put into my dream machine will be worth it because it will be my daily driver, plus it will last for many years. I'm going to replace my Whirlpool Gold DD, I need to sell it. It's too rough on the clothes.

You say both tubs are 21" wide, see there's variations in the large tub sizes. I was told the A806 had a 21 1/2" wide extra (large) capacity tub. And, learned from the club that an A408's tub is 22" wide. The white tubs seem to be larger than the blue-gray/spreckled tubs. In all my babbling I just want to know which one has the largest tub. Like I said earlier, consumers report listed the A712 with a 16 lbs capacity, having the tub measurements would confirm everything.


Post# 353160 , Reply# 16   5/29/2009 at 19:00 (3,306 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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Well I don't think an inch here or there will really matter as long as its the deep tub and the agitator has 4 slots on each side....I mainly say this because no matter wether its helical or orbital with the 13 1/2 inch opening theres only sizes....

now tommorow, when I go to my moms I will measure the DC set opening and tub depth and width...these may be different than the older versions....seems like there is more space between the agitator base and the tub than the first orbitals that came out. especially since the opening and lid are much larger... I will get back to you...then you can think about which version you may want to go with....I have a feeling "super capacity" is gonna be the largest..but only as an orbital drive....unless you go with the "ATLANTIS" norge style with the dual drive....huge tub and slower better agitation...thats what I would rather have...will get back to you soon...

Post# 353264 , Reply# 17   5/30/2009 at 04:46 (3,306 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        
Maytag Computer Digital Touch Washer & Dryer set

Yogi, check out craigslist 'Maytag XL capacity washer & gas dryer set (separates)both for a $100.00 in Morristown, NJ'. The washer is A9900AAW.

Post# 353266 , Reply# 18   5/30/2009 at 05:14 (3,306 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

check it out!!! Both for $100.00

Post# 353280 , Reply# 19   5/30/2009 at 06:18 (3,306 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
they are really nice...too far of a hike for me...shame though...but not too far from the should check them out...100.00, and in great running condition...

Post# 353359 , Reply# 20   5/30/2009 at 13:30 (3,306 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey) we go.............

yogitunes's profile picture

tub is 21inches wide and 13 inches tall as far as water level..
total depth from top is 18inches...
opening is 16 3/4 inces wide...
maybe its the larger opening, or the extra plastic/tub balance ring, makes it seem bigger and deeper...suprised me I when I measured it...never thought they would have been the same...go figure...

but back to the same large capacity wording gone to extra large and now to super capacity...and yet all the same size...

this washer originally came with the twelve vane agitator...those small ones don't seem to do a thing...I switched it out for a load sensor version...really moves a load so much better...

Post# 353470 , Reply# 21   5/30/2009 at 22:23 (3,305 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        
And here we go...

You're AWESOME Martin!!! Thanks alot for taking the time to get that information.

Believe it or not, the maytag/norge 'atlantis' tub is 21" wide and 15" deep. The 15" agitator base makes the tubs look a whole lot bigger.

And you're right, it is the 16 3/4" wide larger opening and the plastic tub balance ring that creates a big illusion in the width and depth of the tub. Maytag might have been misleading in the advertising the features but, the LAT washer service manual (covering 1994-1997 models) list the capacity at ONLY 2.5 cu.ft.

It seems they thought by adding a 'dual action' agitator (LOADSENSOR), it would increase the usable tub space of the 2.5's to become their claimed (2.9/3.0 cu.ft) super capacities. WRONG!!!

Someone is selling an A712 washer & dryer set for $200.00.
They price is for the pair only, I need the washer alone. What do you suggest?

Post# 353495 , Reply# 22   5/30/2009 at 23:30 (3,305 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

sorry 'advertising of the features'...

Post# 353534 , Reply# 23   5/31/2009 at 09:07 (3,305 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
I would ask to see if they will sell them seperately...worst they can say is NO....or take them both...sell the dryer for 100.00...washer is free....

when I picked up the set the other day...stop at a diner for lunch and a guy asked if I wanted to sell them...and gave me his number if I changed my mind...he offered me 400.00 for the set....I may consider it...I really didn't need the set...just wanted something to play with, the only thing they needed was a good cleanout inside and out and new rollers on the motor, so you never know!

always options...I was thinking all day about getting them...but that ride I dreaded...if I didn't have so many sets already!...what can you do...the fish that got

Post# 353557 , Reply# 24   5/31/2009 at 10:51 (3,305 days old) by harold ()        



Post# 353566 , Reply# 25   5/31/2009 at 11:06 (3,305 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
sorry scrub...i thought you were talking about the first set...but just the same...see if they will come down in price or if you could get one only....or still yet take both and sell the other...of course never hurts to have another spare...they are getting scarce...

Post# 354188 , Reply# 26   6/2/2009 at 17:51 (3,302 days old) by super32 (Blackstone Massachusetts)        

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Had 2 sets of 9904. Left 1 set with first BF and sold the 2nd to a friend :( Wish i kept one of them. I see you guys got caught up in the whole agitator and tub size thing. 2 things to remember. Maytag only really had 2 tub sizes. The later years they just made the opening bigger. The other thing to remember is marketing.

Post# 354193 , Reply# 27   6/2/2009 at 18:29 (3,302 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture

thanks for your input, they just want to confuse we wouldn't notice....

wish our repair men looked like you, no such luck, we would have to lock you does your guy his hands off you....growl......

Post# 354365 , Reply# 28   6/3/2009 at 11:27 (3,302 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        
Had 2 sets of 9904...

Super32 let me know if you come across more LAT9904's close to or in NY.

Post# 354371 , Reply# 29   6/3/2009 at 11:50 (3,302 days old) by super32 (Blackstone Massachusetts)        

super32's profile picture
Yogitunes, i have had my share of offers. I have always been in a relationship so im always a good boy. No longer in a relationship now tho :( Yeah they try to keep people guessing. Tragic chef/Maytag got smacked in the 90's because they were advertising an 18lb, then a 20lb, then a mega 22lb. The tub size never changed.

Scrubflex, I will keep my eyes open. They didnt sell alot of them so they are kinda rare.

Post# 354396 , Reply# 30   6/3/2009 at 14:02 (3,302 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

Thanks alot Super32. It would be a TRUE miracle to find one and at a next to nothing cost. I'm only apprehensive about the fixed 5 water levels without a RESET option.

I wonder why Maytag didn't think to follow Whirlpool/Kenmore's lead? They were really the only ones that stayed true to their claim regarding capacity size and abillty.

Yogi, I found a FREE Maytag A612 washer.The ad says, "it's 15 years old and it works well". I'm waiting for the owner's reply.

BTW, do you know guys know what a POUND of mixed clothes consist of? I'd like to perform my own test to see just how much the DEEP tub will really be able handle.

Post# 354448 , Reply# 31   6/3/2009 at 17:26 (3,301 days old) by super32 (Blackstone Massachusetts)        

super32's profile picture
Scrubflex, the 9900/9904 had 5 fixed levels. BUT, only the 1st, 3rd and 5th, lo/med/hi are metered. Levels 2 and 4 are timed. The machine would time its self filling to the 1st and 3rd. Then estimate how long it should take to get to 2 and /or 4. It usually worked well but if the water presure drops for any reason, it would come up short. On the other hand if the pressure rises, it would overfill on levels 2 and 4. Also if you set it on the lowest (1st) level, it would automaticlly default to slow agitate, reguardless of cycle setting. It still was an awsome machine tho.

Post# 354458 , Reply# 32   6/3/2009 at 18:11 (3,301 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you for the free machine...can't beat for a pound of clothes, it was always hard to say exactly, considering the like of a fluffy comforter has little weight, best thing I do is my laundry baskets are the small 1 bushel size, add assorted clothes till a small mound forms on top, this is for a regular capacity machine, 1 1/2 of this is for a large capacity, now for my calypso, I add three of these small baskets, thats a foolproof way for me to wash, loads can't always be exactly the same like in a laboratory test...but the basket always allows for the same type of consistent results...try it!

and guy was a cable repair man...and like you the offers were often, men and women, especially when they sit on the couch and all luggage is not stowed away! must have stories can a man like you be single for long?

Post# 354494 , Reply# 33   6/3/2009 at 20:29 (3,301 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

Super32, how would you set the fast agitation speed for the wash cycle you want? Also, if you wanted to wash an 'extra large' load in between the 'super' and 'large' settings, could you set it at the higher level until the water reaches the place you want and set it back.

Post# 354508 , Reply# 34   6/3/2009 at 21:20 (3,301 days old) by super32 (Blackstone Massachusetts)        

super32's profile picture
Single? Because i havnt found the "one" i guess.

Post# 354713 , Reply# 35   6/4/2009 at 18:30 (3,300 days old) by yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
sometimes you just gotta sabotage the machine to get a second

Post# 354718 , Reply# 36   6/4/2009 at 19:16 (3,300 days old) by super32 (Blackstone Massachusetts)        

super32's profile picture
Dont think i

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