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ge vs. whirlpool vs. maytag
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Post# 72272   7/4/2005 at 16:55 (4,678 days old) by Westingcan ()        

Hi guys, I was wondering if you can give me some advice on choosing a top loading machine (yes top loading - had the front loaders before but my roomate insists on a top loader). I really like the 3.5 cu. ft. GE with the stainless steel tub but I've heard so many bad things about GE - although I've also heard their quality is improving again. My other choice is between an Inglis (Whirlpool) energy efficient 3.2 c/f. and a Maytag (not performa or Atlantis) 3.3 c/f. Maytag scares me right now - even worse than GE. Currently have a Maytag LA7800 - 1992 model was a great machine but it's on it's last legs! Whirlpool always seems to have the best ratings but I like the tub configuration on the other two better. Please help - confused in Canada! Westingcan

Post# 72277 , Reply# 1   7/4/2005 at 18:14 (4,678 days old) by mrcleanjeans ()        
Whirlpool makes a better way to face a busy day.

Get the Inglis.Maytag should now be called Play Tag for that is where they are at in terms of quality,or lack thereof,consistancy,and company status.And as for GE,only the Harmony is a half-decent machine, but WAY overpriced for what you pay,and their other machines should read "GE-we bring bad things to life".Of course they had to improve-they were rock bottom,and slight improvement will not bring them up to Whirlpool's level.Enjoy your new washer,whatever it may be.

Post# 72279 , Reply# 2   7/4/2005 at 18:36 (4,678 days old) by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
Please be aware that the energy efficient Inglish regulates temp of hot, warm, and cold temps. The hot is no more maxiumu than 110-120 degrees. Warm is 95 degrees and if there's a warm rinse, it's 75 degrees. Cold is regulated at about 65 to 70 degrees. So you're not going to have a very "hot" awrm or ot wash.

Post# 72304 , Reply# 3   7/4/2005 at 22:36 (4,678 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        

So why does the roommate insist on TL after having the advantages of FL? Usually once people experience a good FL machine, they don't want to go back.

Post# 72306 , Reply# 4   7/4/2005 at 22:40 (4,678 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

If you are shopping for a TL machine-Is there an Alliance-Speed Queen Dealer in your area? It may be worth checking out the SQ TL machines.they make both-can satisfy FL or TL fans.Otherwise I would go with the WP,KN or Inglis machine.I would think such a dealer could demo the machines for you.

Post# 72311 , Reply# 5   7/4/2005 at 23:09 (4,678 days old) by Westingcan ()        

Thanks for the advice. I'm inclined to go with the Inglis (Whirlpool) because it's always had such a good reputation. I thank you about the temperatures...must research that one further. I just don't trust Maytag right now (may heart breaks because if you asked me 10 years ago, there would be no contest!) Damn, what's happening to our domestic market these days! Anyway, really enjoy the input and trust your guys are this site!

Post# 72342 , Reply# 6   7/5/2005 at 10:55 (4,677 days old) by PeteK (Ontari ari ari O )        

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Me thinks you should take a drive to Vancouver or Calgary and check out the larger Trail Appliances stores, there's one in Kelowna as well but haven't been to that one.. lots of selections. Trail in Calgary just moved into the old Costco store location so it's huge and Sears has a huge Outlet store here with a wide selection of scratch n dents , returns etc. I've seen some Boschs and F&P's in there as well. And you'll be just in time for Stampede next weekend

Post# 72514 , Reply# 7   7/6/2005 at 13:01 (4,676 days old) by Gyrafoam (Roanoke, VA)        
In my opinion------------

Don't overlook the Calypso's. I've spent some time watching John LeFever's at work and I must say it does a LOT better than I imagined it would-----really rolls things over and moved them around well. I would be more tempted to invest in one of those than ANYTHING Amananorgetag is putting out. I've also seen the (Samsung built) GE in action and I am unimpressed. It may do well with light weight fabrics, but the heavy stuff like towels won't roll over well----and the impeller is whirling away on them-----the posibility of fabric damage is just too high for me. ALSO GE's SS tub is thin as rice paper! I don't think they could have made it any cheaper and gotten enough strength to hold it together at the seams!But that is GE's story anyway----always the cheapest quality. They do continue to make a good light bulb though.

Not that I am trying to plug E-Bay, but they do have some great deals on new stuff from the Sears stores and many of the stores are local so you can go a reasonable distance to pick the machines up.

Post# 72550 , Reply# 8   7/6/2005 at 17:33 (4,676 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Has WP-KN improved the Calypsos?I had heard of very bad results and reliability with those machines-many ended up at Sears and WP returns.also clothes ended up getting stuck under the "agitator" plate.-then breaking its transmission.With what I heard about them-would steer VERY clear of a Calaypso.CU also mentioned this.

Post# 72583 , Reply# 9   7/6/2005 at 21:27 (4,676 days old) by Gyrafoam (Roanoke, VA)        

Funny, John up in Maryland owns a large and successful appliance repair business and he has nothing but praise for the Calypso's! He is also a great promoter of Whirlpool and Kenmore products-------if they had such serious problems I think he would have passed on the information. His Calypso is his favorite machine for washing his work jeans and other very soiled items.

I remember reading articles in the Consumer Reports about reliability problems but don't remember a thing about clothes getting caught under the plate. I do seem to remember the reliability problems were not any worse than those expierenced by Maytag Neptune T/L owners.

Go figure.

Post# 72598 , Reply# 10   7/6/2005 at 22:02 (4,676 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

I saw the problems in the "Epinions" website.Read several reviews about the owners unhappy with the machines and returning them.Other reviews would say the owners were happy with them and no problems.I beleive the problems of clothes stuck under the agitator were small items like socks.One of the Epinions writers commented on that and how the transmission in his or her machine was damaged and had to be repaired a few times.But thats the advantage of this website where the machines are used by people with knowledge on how to use the machines rather than the Epinions which are from average people users.I wonder if some of the "problems" with the machine were the users.I did see a "dry" demo of a Calypso machine at the Lowes store-was sort of interesting.The agitator plate sort of moved like a "Tilt-A-whirl"Would have been more interesting to see it with water and clothes.I suppose its one of those where water is showered onto the clothes while the machine is agitating thus preventing you from watching it "wet"?

Post# 72684 , Reply# 11   7/7/2005 at 11:28 (4,675 days old) by spiralactivator ()        

If you're set on a new model, definitely go for a Whirlpool product. They're durable and they work well, even though the wash action isn't as dramatic as it used to be. Better yet, why not look in the used appliance stores for a classic? Maybe you could find a real Maytag or a belt-drive Inglis.

Post# 72756 , Reply# 12   7/7/2005 at 22:33 (4,675 days old) by Westingcan ()        

I must say that I have enjoyed all of your comments. Great tip on the temp thing...probably now going to go with the Inglis model 4500 ( - check it out even has warm spray rinses plus a deep cold rinse! Now how 60's is that? Anyway you're a great group and love the chat! Westingcam.

Post# 72760 , Reply# 13   7/7/2005 at 23:41 (4,675 days old) by Wmlask (Spring Grove, IL)        
Just my opinion

I would look at the new Speed Queen top load washers that are built like the old Amana's before Maytag bought them. They have a stainless tub, and porcelain coated steel outer tub. By far the best built machines you can get new. If that is not an option I would spend some money and get your old machine repaired or rebuilt.


Post# 72791 , Reply# 14   7/8/2005 at 08:58 (4,674 days old) by Gyrafoam (Roanoke, VA)        

John defeated the lid switch on his Calypso, so that is how I learned about how it works. I was really impressed as I did not believe it capable of good cleaning. It rolls over the largest load so I now know it is not just wearing the hell out of the stuff at the bottom. The water caacades in as it goes. It also has a fast spin available. I wonder if the Calypso's have a larger USABLE capacity than the F&P'S? And I would agree that a lot of the problems with washing machines in general can be traced back to the operator. The wasing machine still tends to be the most abused appliance in the average American household.

Post# 72805 , Reply# 15   7/8/2005 at 13:33 (4,674 days old) by westingcan ()        

Thanks for the Speed Queen tip - I'd love to buy one but they're not even sold in Canada any more! There was something about Whirlpool owning the right to the name. About 10 years ago you'd see Speed Queen branded coin laundry but the machines were made by Inglis. It's no different than Roper in Canada is made by Whirlpool/Inglis and not Maytag as in the States. Real Speed Queens used to be produced in Cambridge Ontario Canada buy the McGraw Edison company.

I wish we could get real Speed Queens here!

Post# 72810 , Reply# 16   7/8/2005 at 15:03 (4,674 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        
Roper is Whirlpool

In Australia Roper is Whirlpool, I was pretty sure that it is the same in the states as well.



Post# 72842 , Reply# 17   7/8/2005 at 17:50 (4,674 days old) by agiflow ()        
Roper is Whirlpool

It very much is.

Post# 72848 , Reply# 18   7/8/2005 at 18:28 (4,674 days old) by Westingcan ()        

Sorry about the Roper confusion. Actually, come to think of it isn't Admiral? Does Maytag make Admiral in the States? Whirlpool makes it in Canada and if memory now correctly serves me...didn't that have some connection why Whirlpool in Canada couldn't use the Speed Queen name? (My brain hurts!)

Post# 72951 , Reply# 19   7/9/2005 at 23:40 (4,673 days old) by PeteK (Ontari ari ari O )        
Confusing isn't it.

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Whirlpool Canada (Inglis/Roper/Whirpool/Admiral)

CAMCO (is joint venture GSW (McClary,Easy,Moffat) and Cdn General Electric (Hotpoint). Camco purchased Westinghouses Canadian assets but cannot use the Westinghouse name for home appliances because it belongs to White Con Ind USA for use in North America

Post# 73817 , Reply# 20   7/16/2005 at 08:34 (4,666 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        

is Maytag in the US

Post# 73826 , Reply# 21   7/16/2005 at 09:26 (4,666 days old) by The7 ()        
Huebsch is Speed Queen

You could get Huebsch in Canada which is equivalent to Speed Queen in US.

Post# 73874 , Reply# 22   7/16/2005 at 17:34 (4,666 days old) by westingcan ()        
ge vs. whirlpool vs. maytag

Agreed but I though Huebsch was coin laundry only. If not, where are they available.

Post# 73884 , Reply# 23   7/16/2005 at 18:35 (4,666 days old) by The7 ()        

Alliance Laundry System makes:
a) Huebsch (Home Style washers)- at
McIver's Appliances, Vancouver - 604-879 5222.
Phelps Apartment Laundries Ltd. Richmond - 604-257 8201.
Coast Wholesale Appliances Ltd - Vancouver - 604-321-6644
Haddon Holdings Ltd.- Vancouver - 604-325-3281
Eng Washing Machine Rental Ltd - Vancouver - 604-324-8889

b) Trail - rebadged Huebsch for
Trail Appliances Ltd - Richmond - 604-278 6133.

I personally saw Huebsch TL at MvIver's Store and Trail TL at Trail Store.

Post# 74199 , Reply# 24   7/18/2005 at 22:26 (4,664 days old) by Toto ()        
ge moffat vs. inglis roper

which is a better product for the money?

Post# 75001 , Reply# 25   7/25/2005 at 03:30 (4,658 days old) by Washerman007 ()        

Just curious where you get you're info on the GE Harmony. To start, they are built by LG (not Samsung). I have pair at home and LOVE THEM. They get everything clean, remove dog hair better than anything I've every had. Never had any issue with fabric damage (I've had unit almost 2 yrs). My SS tub looks as good as new.

Post# 75102 , Reply# 26   7/25/2005 at 17:06 (4,657 days old) by Monkeywards39 ()        
attention westingcan

of all ge, inglis, and maytag i would not buy any of them i would in fact by a stabersystem 2000 it may not have a matching dryer but it is from my researching online one of the best washers out there, and it uses less water then most and only one (1) ounce of soap to do a complete load of clothes.

Post# 75111 , Reply# 27   7/25/2005 at 17:34 (4,657 days old) by andrewinorlando ()        

Completely agree....go with a new Calypso. They did have problems with some of the first year models (of which I own one). But I've never had trouble with mine and it does do a great job of cleaning. Would buy another in a heartbeat. Takes some getting used to using, but once you get past its differences, I think you'll be very happy with it. Also has a very fast spin speed. Clothes dry fast, and it is SO quiet when its running, has full set of dispensers, auto soak, etc. Only drawback is that you can't change the spin speed, it's set as part of the cycle default. First year models had issues with bra underwires getting caught under the wash plate and destroying the leveler underneath. The machine has no traditional transmission and they are easy to service if you ever need to.

Post# 75490 , Reply# 28   7/28/2005 at 10:14 (4,654 days old) by westingcan ()        
ge vs. whirlpool vs. maytag

Thanks Monkeywards39 about the Staber advice, unfortunately, they're not sold here - never have seen them or even know of a dealer in Canada for Staber. The GE harmony looks interesting but haven't seen a Canadian dealer that handles them. GE.CA doesn't even show them on their website. Our Sears store stopped carrying the Calypso. I'm becoming increasingly confused.

Post# 79118 , Reply# 29   8/18/2005 at 23:47 (4,633 days old) by jch ()        
Staber *are* available in Canada

Take a look at the bottom of this page for details about availability in Canada:

Hope this helps,


Post# 82800 , Reply# 30   9/11/2005 at 16:42 (4,609 days old) by westingcan ()        
ge vs. whirlpool vs. maytag

Hello again! Update time. Against all advice and conventional wisdom. We bought a Maytag Performa PAVT244AWW Rev.23 and absolutely love it. The clothes have never been cleaner and talk about the big I can wash queen sized comforters. The wrinkle guard cycle actually works too so much less ironing. The clothes turn over in the tub is excellent.

The deciding factor was the dealer as much as the product. "Gords Maytag" has been around a long time and has won numerous times for the best business in the city. Besides getting a decent price $599 Cdn, there was no delivery or disposal charge for the old washer and this also included setup to satisfaction. Other places wanted almost an additional $100 for the delivery and disposal.

I also like the 10 year warranty on the transmission. So who knows. Maytag is the underdog right now and I can't help but think they get a bum wrap. It's kinda like the discussion on the bias of Consumers Reports. We all know that twice as many people bitch as praise so against all odds I'm glad I went with Maytag.

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