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your winter car...
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Post# 912563   12/25/2016 at 14:59 (542 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        

my main winter beater is a 1989 Dodge Raider-have been using this one for about 10yrs and this might be it's last winter as frame and body are badly rusted,engine and tranny tired(248,000 Mi)and rear axle housing cracked :)With Russian-made "Nokian"snow tires mounted,it gets around very well in the snow.A Mitsubishi Montero in Dodge emblems,it's similar in size and shape to a ~1966-77 Ford Bronco.
When the Raider is finished,a 1998 4.3 v6 Chevy 1500 4x4 may get activated once I get to fixing the heater controls and doors.The 2003 Land Rover Discovery is very capable and super comfy,but gets used very little since I haven't fixed the cylinder liner problem yet.My first winter car was a 1971 SAAB 99 I bought from a junkyard and fixed-had Nokia "Haakapillita"tires on that one :)

Post# 912617 , Reply# 1   12/26/2016 at 01:59 (541 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

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2001 GMC Jimmy 4x4 when we are expecting ice or sleet/ice/snow mix.  Never had any trouble driving my 2001 Beetle TDI either but it sits quite low to the ground when there are ruts.  The Escalade AWD stays parked...don't want it damaged (by other drivers)!

Post# 912671 , Reply# 2   12/26/2016 at 16:51 (541 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

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My winter car? Why a convertible of course...There is snow, but it thoughtfully keeps it's distance.


taken from my backyard

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Post# 912673 , Reply# 3   12/26/2016 at 17:15 (541 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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Same as my spring summer and fall car

Post# 912674 , Reply# 4   12/26/2016 at 17:28 (541 days old) by Brib68 (Central Connecticut)        

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That is a beautiful shot, Twintubdexter!

We used to have a second-plus hand '98 Ford Expedition for the winter beater back when we had a Mustang convertible for the rest of the year. Still miss that truck (except the gas mileage). Eventually it was just too scary to contemplate what was going to suddenly fail. The brake lines rusted out while I was driving Thank God there was an open grassy area I could steer it into and roll to a stop! Now we have a summer beater (1999 Saab convertible) and drive our DDs all winter. The Audi A4 quattro is a no brainer, of course, and my Lexus CT200h (Prius in a Brioni suit) is pretty good in snow when I set the dial to Eco mode. Both are standard-height cars with front scoops, so they don't go through anything TOO deep, but we don't need to be out in anything that bad, so it's fine.

The pics are from a storm in January 2011 and preparing for another big storm in February 2011. That beast BARELY fit through the garage door.

PS, kinda weird to call something g a daily driver on here that ACTUALLY DRIVES.

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Post# 912682 , Reply# 5   12/26/2016 at 19:09 (541 days old) by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        

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I have this one year round vehicle, and a Vette for nice days. And it had not been nice here, wished the weather was like this pix, not of the poor puppy with a satellite dish like what it is here. 4WD is a necesity here as the weather swings so bad, you have to be prepared. I envy you Joe, beautiful view and always nice weather

Post# 912711 , Reply# 6   12/27/2016 at 07:10 (540 days old) by joeypete (Concord, NH)        

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Well being in NH I decided last time I got a new car, the next one would have AWD. So after my unfortunate t-bone experience with my 200 over the summer, I bought a 2016 Buick Regal Turbo AWD. After thinking about it I decided I wanted an SUV too...but didn't want to pay the horrible expense of one new, so I also bought a 2005 Mercury Mountaineer V8 now I have 2 winter cars I guess LOL. I use the Mounty when there's more snow...though the Regal is a champ in the white stuff!

Post# 912719 , Reply# 7   12/27/2016 at 08:23 (540 days old) by firedome (Binghamton NY & Lake Champlain VT)        
winter 4 x 4

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and summer what grandson calls "up & down top car":

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Post# 912721 , Reply# 8   12/27/2016 at 08:43 (540 days old) by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

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Unless I've gone senile I can't ever remember riding in a convertible, with the top down anyways. Maybe I'm wrong.  Summer fun and a lot of my daily driving has always meant a bike for 40 odd years. Just no more long distance and she's parked when it rains. 

Post# 912722 , Reply# 9   12/27/2016 at 09:04 (540 days old) by Xraytech (S.W. Pennsylvania, near Pittsb)        

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Mine is a 2013 Cadillac XTS

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Post# 912724 , Reply# 10   12/27/2016 at 09:23 (540 days old) by joeekaitis (Rialto, California, USA)        
Sunny SoCal: One car, four seasons

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2013 Subaru Impreza hatchback

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Post# 912782 , Reply# 11   12/27/2016 at 18:30 (540 days old) by super32 (Blackstone Massachusetts)        

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This is Gracie. I got her in 2014 with about 31xxx miles on her. Now she has 39xxx miles on her. Finally seen her first snow about a week ago. Climbed our driveway without any issue. Slid down the driveway without any problem

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Post# 912790 , Reply# 12   12/27/2016 at 20:04 (540 days old) by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        

My winter car is a 93 Mercedes 300te 4matic. This wagon is amazing in snow. Full set of dedicated snow tires installed

Summer beater is a 2010 e63 amg. Something is terribly wrong with it as i seem to go through rear tires monthly. Probably user error

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Post# 912810 , Reply# 13   12/28/2016 at 01:32 (539 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

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"Something is terribly wrong with it as i seem to go through rear tires monthly. Probably user error "


or maybe it's leadfootitis!

Post# 912825 , Reply# 14   12/28/2016 at 06:29 (539 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
My car

was in the shop having some work done, so my step son sent a car from his job to take me home. He was in the driver seat, but not driving. The darn car was driving itself. It stopped at every light, and even parked itself.
I told him this will be a great car for people who text and drive, and stop or slow down in front of me for no reason, then I see them texting while driving.
Our son is very smart, graduated with highest honors from technical university.
He is in on his way and in tune for the future. We are very proud of him, and I even helped.

Post# 913378 , Reply# 15   12/31/2016 at 21:35 (536 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
raider out of commision

the cracked axle tube cracked the rest of the way through and has moved out about 1"so parked for now since truck will be immobile if axle comes unsplined from the diff...'98 k1500 not ready,so going to see how 2WD GMC Canyon gets around with tire chains :) Next warm spell,will see about pulling the cracked axle housing and welding it back up.

Post# 913383 , Reply# 16   12/31/2016 at 22:00 (536 days old) by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor)        

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Warm spell, as we may get that before 3 months in northern US, doubtful. If you could get it in a warmer place you may be able to do that, I wouldnt bother. Whats going to rot out next. Been there done that with my old truck. Finally said enough.

Post# 913481 , Reply# 17   1/1/2017 at 13:05 (535 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
winter "warm spells"

we get those sometimes here-will be 70* in january and people will be out riding motorcycles :)Ya,hearyou on the rusty winter truck situation-when I got the raider, both rear wheel wells were rusted out-made some new pieces and welded them in,got a good fix there then truck started rusting in other places...Got the chains on the GMC canyon and took it out for a test-does pretty good on ice and packed snow,but low clearance will be a problem when snow gets deep.

Post# 915081 , Reply# 18   1/11/2017 at 08:50 (525 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
One rough winter

back in February of 1979, we were dumped on with 19 inches of heavy wet snow within 8 hours overnight. The streets all had tire ruts and many cars were hanging up on them as they froze.
I had a Gremlin then which of course was useless, but my friend's moms '78 Olds Toronado just went through it all with no problem.

Post# 915098 , Reply# 19   1/11/2017 at 10:22 (525 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
winter ;78-79

that one was rough in Wyoming too-wasn,t driving then,but remember it well.GMC canyon did pretty decent with chains,but didn,t like to turn very well with the chains and posi rear a bunch of snow overnite,so LandRover in use today.I'm thinking that '78 toro was the last of the "big"ones,so wound benefit from ~5000# curb weight :)

Post# 915102 , Reply# 20   1/11/2017 at 10:33 (525 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        

iheartmaytag's profile picture

I lived in South-Central Illinois in the winter of 78-79.  We lived 20 miles out of town, so our nearest neighbor was over a mile away. 


We had 40 inches of snow from Thanksgiving to New Years.  There were times we were stuck on the farm for two weeks that we couldn't get to the main road.  Our winter car was a tractor with chains.  The livestock still had to be cared for.

Post# 915112 , Reply# 21   1/11/2017 at 11:17 (525 days old) by Kb0nes (Burnsville, MN)        

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My winter car and it looks the part today. Shod with it's steelies and Blizzaks it goes anywhere I need to be. I'd much rather drive a little light nimble car as the inertia of a big heavy vehicle just complicates the physics experiment that is winter driving!

Post# 915201 , Reply# 22   1/11/2017 at 18:48 (525 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        

weight and power still good for punching through deep,dense snow though :)-that was one weakness my '71 SAAB 99(2500#) had for certain winter use:back end too light,would ride up on denser snow and squiggle around some instead of just punching through like my heavier cars.Ice racers do like light and nimble though:they,in the past at least,liked the little '~84-88 CRX,integras,RWD twin cam '85-88 corrolas,and even the old Renault "Le Car"was once in favor because it was very light(~1800#) and well balanced with the engine behind the front axle line.SAAB 99s have been used for ice racing,but they are kinda nose-heavy.

Post# 915237 , Reply# 23   1/11/2017 at 21:34 (525 days old) by Dustin92 (Jackson, MI)        

My winter car.... Is the same as my spring, summer, and fall car. 2004 Toyota Prius with nearly 200,000 miles on it. As far as solely a winter car, don't bother, this car hates winter. Always starts up (rather noisily, especially when it's really cold, partly due to needing some exhaust work, partly it just doesn't like cold), and runs great, but even with 4 good, new snow tires, it doesn't go very well. Overly sensitive traction control that can't be turned off. Stops well though! The heater doesn't work very well if it's under about 30 degrees (F) because the engine runs very cool in general, and shuts off at any given opportunity (hybrid). Only getting around 35 mpg because of the cold weather and snow tires, gets 50+ mpg in the summer. Now don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the car, and will be getting another one if I wear it out (big IF, they are known to do 300,000 miles regularly), and it's been super reliable so far, needing only oil changes and gas in almost 30,000 miles/ 9 months. It could be better in the winter though! Yes, I have hauled appliances in it, back seats folded it will fit a full size washer with the hatch closed! It's been an awesome little car so far, and is surprisingly peppy and fun to drive!

Post# 915246 , Reply# 24   1/12/2017 at 00:02 (524 days old) by warmsecondrinse (Fort Lee, NJ)        

My winter car is the same as my spring, summer, and fall car. This is it's 5th winter. The original tires were fantastic for turning on smooth, dry roads... but absolute shit for everything else. They also wore out in 30,000 miles.

I replaced them with a set of Michelins (model forgotten) and every aspect of performance made a major improvement at a slight cost of turning on aforementioned roads. I haven't gotten stuck in the snow yet. I do have a set of chains I carry in the car, though. And yes, I've practised putting them on, lol. I haven't needed them yet, but better safe than sorry. This NE corner of NJ has a surprising number of very short, very steep hills. It's a constant up-down, up-down.

Heating and defrosting work beautifully. Has ABS and stability control. The only thing I miss are the heated mirrors my '93 Grand Cherokee had.

That Jeep was made for the snow: 318 V-8, fully automatic AWD (my ex would never have been able to manage anything else, lol), heat/defroster like a blast furnace and heated mirrors that were always clear of snow & ice. The thing was unstoppable in the snow. I never had to concern myself with whether or not a road was plowed. If there were no parking spaces I simply made my own in the nearest snowbank. This was with all-season highway tires, to boot!

Second best winter car was my '81 Rabbit (Golf outside the US). It hated any kind of water or moisture but as soon as the temp dropped below freezing the car underwent a major personality change: Motor started instantly, noise level dropped and ran as smooth as silk. Heat came up faster than in any other car I've had. I had 175/70 R13 Michelin MXL's and the car never once slipped or slid. Friends who drove it in the snow joked it had some kind of hidden AWD system.

Given how few miles I put on my car now I might not need another one for years. When I do buy another, I'll probably be too old to bother with chains so I'll look at the highest mpg, AWD vehicles available.


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Post# 915545 , Reply# 25   1/13/2017 at 18:24 (523 days old) by cfz2882 (Belle Fourche,SD)        
Land Rover getting the job done :)

Was -20 this morning,but rover started right up-oil in the gearboxes was plenty stiff though and power steering was a little reluctant even after a 30 min warmup.The electronic traction control does the job nicely

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