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old maytag dishwashers
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Post# 52197   1/1/2005 at 14:54 (4,920 days old) by bpetersxx (earth)        

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Does anybody have pictures and advice on vintage maytag dw

My junk sears TOL is going out and would like to
replace it with a vintage maytag

Rows of pushbuttons are preferred

Post# 52203 , Reply# 1   1/1/2005 at 21:10 (4,920 days old) by gregm ()        

I know some people have mixed reviews on these machines and maybe your looking for an "older" one but I have a '75 portable, I think its a great machine, noisy, but a great machine, I just replaced the whole "sump/impeller" assembly and the belt. Your suppose to "lightly" grease the belt so that it slips just a bit when the reversible motor kicks in.

Post# 52218 , Reply# 2   1/1/2005 at 23:03 (4,920 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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I found a 1971 model a couple of weeks ago at a sale. This is a little different from the Maytag belt-driven design of later years (began in 1975) as it has a separate pump & motor (direct-drive) in the back of the machine with a deep sump & filter assembly. This model is a pressure fill, not timed as all later models were. There is no fan-forced drying here, convection only using the heating element. It washes beautifully and is MUCH quieter, much to my surprise, than the later, belt-drive models.

I would also love to find one of the rapid-advance timer models (all push button control) machines.

Post# 52219 , Reply# 3   1/1/2005 at 23:05 (4,920 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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Here is the lower tank and sump area. The Micro-Fine filter (stainless steel!) is on the left side, the pressure switch on the right.

Post# 52220 , Reply# 4   1/1/2005 at 23:07 (4,920 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        
Ready to wash!!

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Here is the famous Maytag "upside down" racking. It makes a lot of sense in some ways and seems to utilize the capacity very well. Never a glass missed in this machine!!

Post# 52223 , Reply# 5   1/1/2005 at 23:47 (4,920 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Ahh a Maytag family, right in front of the 906's. Greg, your timer dial is more what I was familiar with on these units than GregM's.

Post# 52239 , Reply# 6   1/2/2005 at 06:32 (4,920 days old) by bpetersxx (earth)        

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adding to the fray this is the one I was considering

Post# 52255 , Reply# 7   1/2/2005 at 12:24 (4,919 days old) by lightedcontrols (Wytheville, Va.)        

By far the best dishwasher of this vintage is the WU901. It was the top of the line Maytag! I have one on loan to a friend in Florida. I was belt drive so if the pump leaked, it wouldn't short out the motor. The belts are still available too. Was a great washing system. Plates on the top and glassware, pots, pans, and anything else on the bottom. Only drawbacks to the machine was that they were a little noisy and that wash tower. Mark Lightedcontrols

Post# 52256 , Reply# 8   1/2/2005 at 12:48 (4,919 days old) by JerseyMike ()        

Mark (Lightedcontrols) mentioned "Plates on the top and glassware, pots, pans, and anything else on the bottom." That was one of my favorite things about those old Maytags! As far as I know, Maytag was the only company that offered that design.

(They made a top loading portable model too. You don't see very many of those. So they must be VERY rare!)


Post# 52279 , Reply# 9   1/2/2005 at 21:02 (4,919 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Pete, why didn't you do more than just consider that all-button rare model?

Post# 52290 , Reply# 10   1/2/2005 at 22:55 (4,919 days old) by maytagbear (N.E. Ohio)        
Oh, Memories!

Our first dishwasher was a WC400 from 1973. Lasted 20 years with only minor repairs.

I listened to the service man, and we got a new one in '94. (Not a huge mistake, but a mistake. By then, Maytag had gone to a plastic tank, and fake woodgrain top).

I loved that machine, and the racking.

If I could find a WC400 nearby, in running condition, I would love it. When it shows up, it will show up.


Post# 52301 , Reply# 11   1/3/2005 at 04:40 (4,919 days old) by bpetersxx (earth)        

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The all pushbutton model is one of the models I can choose from as the Maytag app dealer has about 6 models to choose from

Bad news is some of the models are newer models and have been parted out to fix other DW

Post# 52307 , Reply# 12   1/3/2005 at 07:27 (4,919 days old) by RE563 (Fort Worth, Texas)        

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I had one of those 3 button Maytags years ago when I lived in PA. I LOVED IT. It held everything and cleaned exceptionaly well. Sure wish Maytag would bring back that reverse racking on their new tall tub machines

Post# 52317 , Reply# 13   1/3/2005 at 12:33 (4,918 days old) by partscounterman (Cortez, Colorado)        
Loved my Maytag DW too!

I had a belt drive WC401 just like the one pictured. It was super simple to repair and maintain. It was a little noisy, but it did a job! My only gripes were that it did not heat its own water (you had to go to the all-pushbutton built in for that) and I thought that silverware would have fared out better in the bottom rack. Also, a little longer main wash cycle would have made the old Maytag belt drive on equal footing with any machine made today. I was very happy with mine. Never a dirty glass thats for sure!

Post# 52339 , Reply# 14   1/3/2005 at 16:50 (4,918 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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The 401 or "x01" series was the first of the belt driven design. I'm not sure about that model you had, but the WC-400 I have does energize the heater during the main wash and final rinses. The all-button models did have a sani-rinse option which would be nice...

Post# 52376 , Reply# 15   1/4/2005 at 02:31 (4,918 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
Speaking of Silverware...

Having had a chance to live with the flatware-in-door idea of Whirlpool, I can say now that I really prefer the traditional place somewherein the lower rack. I find that bits of food get stuck between the basket and the door, and I have to be careful not to put bowls and other large items at the front of the lower rack in order not to block the spray to the flatware. Other things I miss that the '78 Sears machine had:

cycle progression lights
time countdown
ability to modify wash times
Pots & Pans cycle had more water changes

In comparing cycles Ifound that equivalency was:

Sears Whirlpool
Water Miser Normal rinse,wash,rinse,rinse
Normal Heavy pre-wash,rinse,main wash,rinse,rinse

What the WP DOES have that's better is that Rinse & Hold has 2 rinses to the Sears 1

I wonder why Maytag did such a radical engineering change so soon after introducing their line of dishwashers.

The center tower thing is almost inescapeble. And even on my Sears machine, sometimes the arm that was bolted to the back of the tub to support the upper wash arm got in the way. The best system I've seen so far for supplying the upper spray arm is the later KA machines solution.

Post# 52377 , Reply# 16   1/4/2005 at 02:32 (4,918 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
Failing KM DW

So is the failing KM machine a D & M, GE, or WP built one?

Post# 52421 , Reply# 17   1/4/2005 at 16:31 (4,917 days old) by bpetersxx (earth)        

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I am not sure but we got it in 1995

model # 665.15921691

electronic model

Post# 52429 , Reply# 18   1/4/2005 at 18:03 (4,917 days old) by partscounterman (Cortez, Colorado)        
whirlpool built kenmore

665 in the model number means its built by whirlpool

Post# 52445 , Reply# 19   1/4/2005 at 19:49 (4,917 days old) by alr2903 (TN)        
question? about D&M

What happened to D&M, bankrupt or swallowed up by WCI? We had 2 D&M designed kenmores when I was growing up. The one thing i remember is the soft food disposer tended to chew food into bits that would plug up the small holes in the upper wash arm. other than that, they did a great job. both of ours had the square top rack, we never had the rotorack. Thanks alr2903

Post# 52491 , Reply# 20   1/5/2005 at 02:26 (4,917 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
D & M

Swallowed up by WCI

Post# 52492 , Reply# 21   1/5/2005 at 02:28 (4,917 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
1995 KM(WP) DW

1995 and it's failing already? What's going wrong? Especially since WP makes good stuff. Or at least somewhat better stuff than other companies (take THAT, WCI!)

Post# 52509 , Reply# 22   1/5/2005 at 05:31 (4,917 days old) by bpetersxx (earth)        

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The drain impeller shaft is cracked

I am going to insult sears whirlpool but they tightened the nut that holds the impellers WAY too tight as I as has to hold the wash impeller with water pump pliers and unscrew the nut with my fathers tru-test rachet wrench.

They also put the top cover of the ultra wash module on backwards and it distorted as I fastened it down.

Post# 52531 , Reply# 23   1/5/2005 at 09:14 (4,917 days old) by RE563 (Fort Worth, Texas)        

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I Too currently have a whirlpool with the silverware basket in the door. It's about 6 yrs old and came with the house when I bought it last december. I'M OVER IT. You have to start off by thinking to yourself as you open the door to remember to take the basket out first before pulling out the racks. I has always thought I wanted one of these as I thought it was a very clever design, NOT ANY MORE.

Post# 52583 , Reply# 24   1/5/2005 at 21:24 (4,916 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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I used to think the same way about the In-The-Door silverware basket, but since finding a >2 year old WP tall-tub a couple of weeks ago, I've softened my judgements. I've had no trouble with cleaning but will admit that a little more pre-planning or thought is required for loading as the bottom rack will cover the basket when pulled out. Many of the later models have small hooks on the back of the basket so it can be hung anywhere for loading and/or washing. I've known many with WP dishwashers and the In-The-Door basket that have loved it, it does add space to the lower rack that would otherwise be lost to the silverware. The other nice thing is that it keeps the knives and fork tines from stabbing and jabbing while loading and unloading the dishes...

Post# 52587 , Reply# 25   1/5/2005 at 21:46 (4,916 days old) by coldspot66 (Plymouth, Mass)        

I have always thought the W/P silverware in the door was a clever idea. You do have to be careful how you load, but Greg, you're right. With the "anyware" basket I used to hang it on the front of the rack and it's convenient when loading. Next best thing is the Elite splitable basket. It has 2 small baskets and one larger, and I can use as many as needed and put them in different places in the rack. Also between loads i put the upper rack in the lower postion and place the bigger single basket in the upper rack, and voila; almost as convenient as in the door. You just open the door and the basket is right in the top rack.

Post# 52611 , Reply# 26   1/6/2005 at 05:56 (4,916 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
door basket dis-advantages

The one thing I DO like about the door basket is the ability to just crack the door and drop in stray silverware that I find lying around the kitchen without having to pull out a rack and that loading is even. Silverware basket in Sears machine was lengthwise along right side of bottom rack and household members would tend to drop silverware in the front part of basket, not wanting to pull out the rack to place items further back in basket. I'd have to even out the silverware along the length of the basket before I ran it, and other people wouldn't do that if they ran it, leading to not clean flatware. Based on all the designs I've seen, the one I like best is lengthwise along the front of the bottom rack. Gives the aforementioned "drop-in" convenience, not sensitive to loading of items in lower rack, doesn't catch debris, let's the water jets come up THROUGH the basket intead of AGAINST it (if the concave side of a spoon is facing the door it doesn't get washed well in door rack), and more even random loading by unknowledeable household members

Post# 52612 , Reply# 27   1/6/2005 at 05:59 (4,916 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
Stabbing & jabbing

"The other nice thing is that it keeps the knives and fork tines from stabbing and jabbing while loading and unloading the dishes..."

I have yet to read any DW instructions that don't warn you to load sharp things like knives and forks downward

Post# 52613 , Reply# 28   1/6/2005 at 06:02 (4,916 days old) by chachp (Conway, AR)        

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My sister had an older Whirlpool model with the In Door Silverware basket. She didn't mind it so much because she was used to it. I didn't like it when I visited and did dishes for her. I hated the fact that the lower rack covered the silverware basket and it seemed like such a pain to continually push it in and out to load the silverware. It would have been nice if you could have hung it somewhere else or even put it on the counter while you were loading. As I recall the bottom was not flat so it had to stay in the door while loading. It sounds like the newer models allow you to be a little more flexible.

I am a Kitchen Aid lover from way back, and always loved the basket that went along the front of the lower rack. It was always easy to open the door and toss in a piece of silverware. I made a mistake in this condo when I purchased a Bosch dishwasher. It does a great job washing and it is probably the quietest dishwasher I have ever had, but I really don't like the lower rack and the fact that the silverware basket is in the middle of the lower rack and extends half way back the rack. It takes up a lot of room and really gets in the way of some of my bigger pans and bowls. My instinct was to purchase another Kitchen Aid, but I went with the Bosch because I liked the look. I won't do that again.

Post# 52625 , Reply# 29   1/6/2005 at 07:21 (4,916 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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cachp, what's your Bosch Model #, do you have a splitable silverware basket?

Post# 52630 , Reply# 30   1/6/2005 at 08:33 (4,916 days old) by RE563 (Fort Worth, Texas)        

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My "sister-n-law" has a bosch SHX46UC. We went to her house this summer for the hurricanes and again for Thanksgiving. I got to load and use the dishwasher and I LOVED IT!!!!. The silverware basket is in the front, but she keeps it long ways across the front. Her's also splits. However, When I loaded it and used it I had no problem with it. MUCH BETTER THAN A WHIRLPOOL IN THE DOOR, like I have. And it seemed to me that I could get more in it than mine. Porbably cause there was no tower to stack around.

Post# 52632 , Reply# 31   1/6/2005 at 09:07 (4,916 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        
Stabbing and Jabbing

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The Maytag WC-400 dishwasher pictured earlier in this thread came with the instruction book and it instructs the user to load the silverware with the handles DOWN in the basket...

Many others (like the WP tall tub user guide) suggest alternating handles up and down to prevent nesting of items like spoons, etc.

Learn something new every day!

Post# 52636 , Reply# 32   1/6/2005 at 09:55 (4,916 days old) by chachp (Conway, AR)        

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APPNUT and RE563:

The link below has a few pictures of my dishwasher (towards the end). You can see how the silverware basket fits in the lower rack. Unfortunately, it does not split. Recently, I was in Best Buy and noticed the IDENTICAL machine branded under the Siemens name. I noticed the lower rack was slightly modified and the silverware basket was split and could be placed along the front or the side. I thought about looking into replacing my lower rack with that one.

Other than that, I like the dishwasher. I always push it to the limit, and have never been disappointed with the performance. It is also so quiet, you really don't know it's running. I have had guests open it while it was on because they didn't hear it running. It's always pretty funny when it happens because they open it so quickly they usually get a little squirt in the face.


Post# 52647 , Reply# 33   1/6/2005 at 13:06 (4,915 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

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That 3 push button Maytag DW was our second DW, my parents bought it new in 1972 in harvest gold.

Post# 52654 , Reply# 34   1/6/2005 at 13:52 (4,915 days old) by chachp (Conway, AR)        

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I guess we did get off track a bit didn't we? Sorry.

I had a top load Maytag dishwasher around 1981. I always liked the flexibility of the top load because you could get a lot in the bottom rack and not be concerend with things shifting as the rack goes in and out.

It eventually began to clean very poorly. I was living in an area with very hard water and I think the water intake clogged I didn't know enough at the time to try to clean it out. If I added water after every fill I could tell it was washing better but it was a pain. I replaced it. I sure wish I still had that machine. I recall seeing a photo on one of the member's pages of the exact machine I had.

Post# 52683 , Reply# 35   1/6/2005 at 18:05 (4,915 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Ralph, In the year or two I"ve been looking at Bosches, I've never seen a basket that big in the lower rack. That would drive me crazy. You do an awesome job of loading, but I bet our rssident Bosch cramming expert TCox6912 in New Orleans could give you some pointers. I'll make sure he see this thread.

Post# 52693 , Reply# 36   1/6/2005 at 21:10 (4,915 days old) by scott55405 ()        

I love my new (yes new!) Kenmore Elite Talltub KA Superba clone. Its silverware basket runs along the righthand side of the machine, and there are things in the top you drop the items through that prevents them from nesting. I love those! They lift up, and serve as a cover if you want to use a section as a small items holder.

It has 3 sections, one big one in the center, and two smaller on either end. You can split them up but mine are all together.

This is a wonderful machine in every possible way.


Post# 52696 , Reply# 37   1/6/2005 at 21:35 (4,915 days old) by westie2 ()        

Yes I agree with Scott. We have almost the same but the controls on on the front. It replaced a 25 year old Whirlpool that in the end would drive us out of the house although it cleaned well. This holds more and is so quite. Have to walk up to it and place you hand on it to know it is doing its job. The Whirlpool had the in the door basket we were very leary of the basket's but is great. Also nice to be able to take out the top rack to clean the big pots.

Post# 52716 , Reply# 38   1/7/2005 at 06:40 (4,915 days old) by chachp (Conway, AR)        

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It's amazing all the options available since I bought my machine.

My sister recently replaced her 24 year old (and never repaired) Kitchen Aid Superba with a new one. It was still running well, but she was remodeling her kitchen and wanted a new one. Her new one looks very much like Scott's machine on the inside. I don't remember the controls but I do remember how much I liked the rack configuration. She does have the hidden controls like Scotts, and I know she has the delay start because she uses it every day.

Her old one had the lights on the left and the buttons on the right. Like the machine on the right in the attached picture. I can remember the Soak and Scrub cycle. It would heat the water, wash for a minute or two and sit for a little while. Then it would repeat it a number of times. While it was sitting you could hear the water heating in the bottom of the tub. I sure wish they made machines these days with that kind of quality. That machine was built like a tank.

Post# 52720 , Reply# 39   1/7/2005 at 07:53 (4,915 days old) by RE563 (Fort Worth, Texas)        

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Great pics--Yep, for sure that none spliting silverware basket would drive me nuts as well.

Would love to see an inside of an old Maytag toploader. All the pictures i've seen of them are only outside of the machines--never any of the racking inside.

AAAHHH--the good ole KitchenAids--those are one of my first loves. Built like a tank, cleaned everything and every quick cycles. Full loads of dishes washed, rinsed and dryed in 45 to 59 mins. And to think back then people thought those cycles ran long--LOL

Post# 52728 , Reply# 40   1/7/2005 at 09:11 (4,915 days old) by peteski50 (New York)        
Kenmore Elite Talltub

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Congrats on this beautiful dishwasher. I hope to chat with you soon.

Post# 52804 , Reply# 41   1/7/2005 at 21:40 (4,914 days old) by tcox6912 ()        
Packing it

I have indeed become the Bosch "cheerleader". When I remodeled my home last year, I put in one of the new Kitchenaid dishwashers ... was so disappointed in the washing ability that I gave this new machine to my sister and got myself another Bosch (I had one in my last home and loved it). I can pack some serious dished into this machine and I never pre-rinse, but I get great results every time. Todd

Post# 52822 , Reply# 42   1/8/2005 at 03:48 (4,914 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
washing ability

I'm, surprised your KA(WP) disappointed in washing ability, seems like most any modern dishwasher does at least a good job of washing these days, what in particular was disappointing about the washing ability? And I assume your sister has lower standards and hasn't complained. What did it replace at her house?

Post# 52837 , Reply# 43   1/8/2005 at 07:36 (4,914 days old) by chachp (Conway, AR)        

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Interesting. I have a friend here in Little Rock who has been complaining about her 2 year old Kitchen Aid dishwasher. She says it does a very poor job of cleaning. I asked the obvious questions like what kind of water she has, what soap she uses, what cycles she uses. She says she has had the repair people out a number of times and no one can figure out why it cleans so poorly. Had it been me, I would have insisted it be replaced but she didn't do that and now she feels it's too late.

I would have agreed with you KM1978 had I not heard of my friends problems. I wonder if both my friend and Todd just got a lemon. I have always had good luck with Kitchen Aid dishwashers. As I mentioned earlier in this post, my sister recently replaced her 24 year old model with a new one and loves it. Her old one was a Superba and it never had a repair. It was still running strong when she replaced it.

Post# 52844 , Reply# 44   1/8/2005 at 10:32 (4,914 days old) by fnelson487 (St. Charles, Il)        

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I too am a die-hard KitchenAid fan. I have owned Superbas since my first KDS-17 in 1977 in Chicago. When I moved back from California a few years ago, I bought the TOL tall tub KitchenAid. Quiet indeed. Cleans ok but doesn't dry like the flow thru of the older models. Finally found this one and had it shipped from Palm Springs to Chicago. The installer said he had never seen a new $1,200 dishwasher replaced with a 30 year old machine. I guess I buck the trend. I love this KDS-17. Elegant and washes like there is no tomorrow.

Post# 52845 , Reply# 45   1/8/2005 at 10:41 (4,914 days old) by scott55405 ()        

That is a fabulous dishwasher! I have been to Fred's house and he has many wonderful appliances and vacuums! :)

Post# 52846 , Reply# 46   1/8/2005 at 10:51 (4,914 days old) by fnelson487 (St. Charles, Il)        
PS - How about this KitchenAid

fnelson487's profile picture
Thanks Scott! Thought I would also include this picture of the KDI-14P that I also had installed in my laundry room off the kitchen after the KDS-17 was installed. Alas the drain valve is faulty but Greg in Omaha is coaching me through getting it apart to repair. It's a shame because the machine is like new. I also had a Maytag WU 900 (all buttons) in CA that I really liked. Cleaned fabulous but sounded like a jet engine on takeoff in the kitchen.

Post# 52862 , Reply# 47   1/8/2005 at 14:18 (4,913 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Speaking of KA, my buyers don't want the KUDS22, they want the new GE moved over from the new house (which kinda had been mentioned to them as a possibility).

I could have the KA installed in the utility room as a spare/complement to the F&P. I think the KA has much more personality than the GE. :-)

The GE can be seen in the background here:

Post# 52893 , Reply# 48   1/8/2005 at 22:47 (4,913 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Well durn dem buyers!! I was kinda hopin' ...

Post# 52897 , Reply# 49   1/8/2005 at 23:35 (4,913 days old) by appliguy (Oakton Va.)        
Is that a Pilot light????

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In the pictures of the white and avacado Maytag Portables I noticed that there seems to be a little red light on the left side of the control that a pilot light (as they called them in the 1950's) that lets you know when the dishwasher is on???? As for the belt drive Maytags...we had a 1979 U201 (I believe that is the correct model number), which was the next step up from the bottom, in Harvest Gold and that thing was not only noisy but on any cycle less than regular it wouldn't wash worth a crap (and it didn't do that good of job on the regular cuycle either, come to think of it). It was built like a tank though and we had it until October 1996 when the timer went out a week before my sisters wedding. I recently found the reciept from Memco for it and was shocked to realize my folks paid over $300 1979 dollars for that mess. My mom told that she didn't have it installed two weeks before she had to have the service guy come out and replace the heater fan because it was bent and kept making a knocking noise during the drying cycle. If I am ever able to get a vintage dishwasher it will be GE, Frigidaire, or Kitchen Aid all the way. PAT COFFEY

Post# 52909 , Reply# 50   1/9/2005 at 10:06 (4,913 days old) by RE563 (Fort Worth, Texas)        

re563's profile picture
I never had any of the problems appliguy mentioned with my old Maytag. Yes, It was louder than the dishwashers on the market today. But that Maytag never, ever let me down with cleaning. I'm one who doesn't believe in pre-rinsing before loading and that Maytag cleaned like a charm everytime. I would have a hard time choosing between a vintage Maytag or KitchenAid tho. Both were fabulous machines

Post# 52912 , Reply# 51   1/9/2005 at 13:18 (4,912 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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The Maytag Jetclean dishwashing system has never let me down either and I like the "upside down" loading, the capacity is tremendous for a vintage dishwasher. This avocado machine is a great cleaning dishwasher too and noticably quieter than the belt-driven design but part of the fun of a vintage machine is the noise and sounds of it getting the dishes clean.

Post# 52929 , Reply# 52   1/9/2005 at 19:29 (4,912 days old) by appliguy (Oakton Va.)        
We must have got a lemon

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After reading Greg and Roberts posts and talking to a neighbor who had the same dishwasher we had, only hers was a year newer, I surmise my folks just ended up with a plain old lemon. My neighbor loved hers too and the only reason she got rid of it is because like ours the timer went out. She replaced hers with a 1998 Whirlpool which she likes ALMOST as much as her old Maytag. PAT

Post# 52985 , Reply# 53   1/10/2005 at 12:36 (4,911 days old) by partscounterman (Cortez, Colorado)        
Mixed reviews

My Mothers girlfriend built a house in 1975 and put in the middle of the line Maytag dishwasher. She complained all the time about it. She said it didn't clean near as well as her old GE portable. They way she griped about it, I don't know why they didn't just rip it out and put in something different. I am also not aware of what other factors were involved with her dissatisfaction, such as water temp and hardness. I just know she did not like her Maytag DW.

Post# 53026 , Reply# 54   1/10/2005 at 20:20 (4,911 days old) by swestoyz (Cedar Falls, Iowa)        

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Cory and I just picked up this little ditty - saved her from the lethal crusher! It looks exactly like yours, but mine is white instead of SS. Was it an option on this model to get a variety of colors, or were you limited to just SS or white? I've always wondered if you 'picked' the color of a Kitchen-Aid as you would a car, or a fridge? Also, it needs a new motor - does the motor in a KDS-17A match with most others from the era? Thanks for the help!


(Cor - post a pic if you don't mind....)

Post# 53034 , Reply# 55   1/10/2005 at 21:39 (4,911 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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When my family bought a KDI-17a back in 1975, the machine didn't include front panels. The buyer selected panels from a choice of colors, including stainless steel (which is what we got), brushed chrome, a frame for a custom wood panel, and the other standard color choices of the era. I know there was an extra charge for stainless, but I don't know if the 'base' price included a choice of white, avocado, gold, etc., or if there was a charge for *any* selection.

Post# 53114 , Reply# 56   1/11/2005 at 16:30 (4,910 days old) by fnelson487 (St. Charles, Il)        
KDS-17 Front Panels

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Ben - One of the beauties of the KitchenAid dishwashers of this era was what they called Vari-front panels. They generally had a rainbow of front panels to choose from of colors that were popular at the time. My first KDS-17 in Chicago was order with a edged-coppertone front which matched the first kitchen it was in and when I moved and took the KDS-17 with me I ordered harvest gold. Yikes!!! how tastes change. One of the options was a front panel that you could add your own panel to. This generally involved inserting a wood panel to match your cabinets. St. Charles Kitchens also matched formica to their cabinets - quite classy. I believe that KitchenAid was the first to offer this. Back in those days it was the height of the custom kitchen to have a built-in flush mounted KitchenAid with a front that matched the cabinets. The dishwasher blended in to the cabinets with the top panel the only indication that it was a dishwasher. Similar to the Sub-Zero and other built-in refrigerators of today. I have a brochure for the KDS-18 with no less than 10 front panels showing. The KitchenAids of this era also offered a stainless steel interior as an option - way ahead of its time. If you check out the KitchenAid site I believe that you can still get front panels for this machine. I was lucky enough to find one with a stainless steel front that blends in perfectly with my kitchen. Any other front can be powder-coated or painted to match.


Post# 53115 , Reply# 57   1/11/2005 at 16:36 (4,910 days old) by fnelson487 (St. Charles, Il)        
Oops - Didn't answer the motor question

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Ben - If I did this right the link is to and all the parts that are still available for the KDS-17. Amazing! And yes, the motor is still available.



Post# 53195 , Reply# 58   1/12/2005 at 10:01 (4,910 days old) by david (CA)        
maytag dishwasher

step mom had a maytag she used for years, but she said it was the sorriest dishwasher she ever owned. Went back to a kitchenaid. I don't think it was so bad, she just had a bug in her head about it. She hates her Buick LeSabre also. I can't find anything wrong with it. Go figure.

Post# 53295 , Reply# 59   1/12/2005 at 23:24 (4,909 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        

She's probaly one of those people who drive me crazy that say they say they don't like something, but can never tell you exactly what it is when you try and pin them down to specific.

Post# 899195 , Reply# 60   9/17/2016 at 23:53 (643 days old) by chlyn001 (Minneapolis)        
Maytag WP600, vintage 1966, and I use it prob twice a week.

Sorry I don't have any pics, but maybe later. But I DO have an old dishwasher I got at a garage sale probably 25 years ago. 50 bucks I think I paid (coulda been 40) for a good looking portable WP600 Maytag (vintage 1966). Guy said it had been sitting for 10 years and I figured at that price, I'd give it a go. Leaked once, and the appliance service came out and said it was an unrepairable pump problem. Being a skeptical sort, I took it to a Maytag dealer who diagnosed it properly as just a tub seal leak. (He also gave me the manual for the thing, telling me he hadn't seen one in 20 years.) So I fixed it myself with a little epoxy and sent a bill to the "appliance service", and they paid it too! (The crooks!) Anyway, the dial is a little bit worn, and the "ON" lite is not working, but the machine itself just goes on and on and on. Dishes come out clean as new too. I have it hooked up directly to the hot water, and the racks are needing a little paint or silicone once in a while, but otherwise, I have little to complain about. It's a tad noisy, but I just close the kitchen door if I have to. You think I got my money's worth?

Post# 899229 , Reply# 61   9/18/2016 at 07:03 (643 days old) by brucelucenta ()        
Kenmore Elite KA clone

I too have a TOL Kenmore Elite dishwasher, 2014 model I think. It has the same rack design as the one pictured and the top piece that flips over on the silverware basket is great to separate and hold the silverware to be properly cleaned. It does a really great cleaning job on everything and is whisper quiet. You cannot even hear it run. I do think the loading set up could have been better, but I have learned to deal with it. The only thing I regret is that the TOL Elite did not have the window in it until recently. Otherwise it is the same dishwasher. Best dishwasher for ease of loading and the amount you could load into it, was a Maytag made TOL Jennaire dishwasher. I could load odd pieces and stack things in it. Everything would come out clean everytime. It still had the tower shower in it, but still cleaned the top rack really well.

Post# 899237 , Reply# 62   9/18/2016 at 07:39 (643 days old) by rollermatic (cincinnati)        
i have that dishwasher

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that is pictured in post 52218 by gansky1 of this thread.

I have a thread on here somewhere showing many pics of it and am trying to find it a good home! mine is harvest gold and I got it in cinti about 5 years ago.

maytag bear I see you are looking for one, I am in ohio myself and if you or anyone here want it it's free for the taking! runs great, doesn't leak a drop!

needs a good home!

Post# 947491 , Reply# 63   7/10/2017 at 15:55 (347 days old) by ALLIEKAT81 (Southern, NJ)        
is this allowed?

Not sure if this is allowed or not, but As I am not a collector, I wanted to see if anyone was interested or knew anyone that may be. My fiancee and I recently moved into a house that was built by his grandfather. There was a Maytag model number WU400 series 1 dishwasher here. It isnt what i need. It runs amazingly, my only complaint is that I cant wash the things i need to wash in it as it isnt as tall as new models. We are located in Southern NJ Near Philadelphia PA. I dont want much for it, but if I dont get a bite soon, my Fiancee is insisting I put it out with the trash. It is now Monday and trash runs thursday. If I have a bite before then, i can store it for a short while in the garage. I would hate to throw away this beautiful tough machine. Thanks everyone.

Oh, one last thing... It is harvest gold, has 3 buttons and a turn dial and was not portable. It was hardwired into the electrical as well. When we removed it, it was done by an electrician. We damaged cabinets before being willing to hurt this beauty.

Post# 947495 , Reply# 64   7/10/2017 at 16:12 (347 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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can you post some pics....inside and out

and a price...

Post# 947509 , Reply# 65   7/10/2017 at 16:55 (347 days old) by Gyrafoam (Roanoke, VA)        

I have one of the early DD, RR machines and used it a a daily driver for a while. I think it did a great job of cleaning.
My only dissatisfaction was that I could not fit a large spaghetti pot in the upper rack, and the lack of forced-air drying. Spoiled by years of old KAids.

Post# 947544 , Reply# 66   7/10/2017 at 19:46 (347 days old) by Alliekat81 (Southern, NJ)        


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