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Home Depot Admiral washer
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Post# 192891   2/22/2007 at 16:04 (6,127 days old) by bobbyderegis (Boston)        

Hi All!
I was in Home Depot the other day and noticed all the Norgetags were on clearance, and the BOL Admiral Norge was an absolute giveaway, at $195. The quality is crap, but the capacity was huge and the price was right, so I threw it on the truck. Hooked it up today and found it is fairly quiet, has a brisk but wide agitation stroke(not quite as violent as a Shredmore), fills to the top on "super", and stops spinning within 1 second from a fast spin. It has no spray rinse, and the tub spins at the beginning of the drain. Granted it is crap, and could never replace any of the golden oldies, but IMO, not a bad machine for less than $200. The matching dryer as some good features as well, for short money. I might try to find one tommorow, but I have a feeling they will be all sold out. Anyone have one of these Admirals, and what do you think?
Bobby in Boston

Post# 192896 , Reply# 1   2/22/2007 at 16:20 (6,127 days old) by westytoploader ()        

Hi Bobby,

Ross/Westyslantfront has a Norgetag pair, which you'll see in Tucson this March (!) in his laundry room. I had to go back there and play with it for a little while during the last wash-in (I don't think anyone else touched it the entire time), and while I didn't care much for the plastic tub, it wasn't a bad machine. I agree that the agitator speed is just right...brisk enough to be effective but not too bad to where it would shred. Really moved some water. And it does have that lightning-fast spin brake, but without the infamous "BAM, SCREECH!" like the older Norges.

I have to wonder if this design will continue to be produced with the Whirlpool takeover, or if they will just scrap it entirely. The Norgetags may be cheaply made, but at least they're not as bad as those SAV series "Amanatags"!


Post# 192902 , Reply# 2   2/22/2007 at 16:39 (6,127 days old) by toggleswitch (New York City, NY)        
Couldn't resist could ya?

toggleswitch's profile picture
~The quality is crap, but the capacity was huge and the price was right, so I threw it on (the bed of) the truck.

~I had to go back there and play with it for a little while.

Sounds like some of my old BFs.
(Ducks and runs.)

Post# 192913 , Reply# 3   2/22/2007 at 17:39 (6,127 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

gansky1's profile picture
They are fun to play with - that long stroke agitation is very different from most of the t/l washers, or, what's left of them.

That dryer is absolute junk - only 4400 watts so it's rather slow.

Post# 192914 , Reply# 4   2/22/2007 at 17:42 (6,127 days old) by trok_99 ()        

Although I have heard horror stories regarding this design, I can't complain a bit.

I built a new house in 1998. When I moved in, I donated my previous Helical Drive Maytag to my sister and I bought the first generation Atlantis MAV8000 w/ plastic tub. It was top of the line, held a huge load. I thought the machine washed very well but unlike my previous Maytags, the cabinet was held together with clips not screws. There was spin vibration that I was not accustomed to out of Maytag. I sold that house in 2002 with the Washer and dryer. I spoke to the new owners this past summer and they love the machine and has had no repairs. They have 3 kids under 12 years old.

Then first revision and the intro of the stainless tub made me look again. Much more sturdy machine, cabinet wise. They changed the stepped down agitation to the colors cycle only. I was impressed and had my mom buy the top of the line then, MAV8600 in 2000. Never has has a repair, she loves it and is washing daily for my parents and grandparents.

In 2002 I bought the then latest and last revision MAV9700. They got rid of the pushbuttons and renamed the cycles back to Regular and Permanent Press and have a 6 position speed selector. They got rid of the "load sensing" auger which would not rotate in cold water or on Gentle speed with a new triple screw, free wheeling(like everyonn elses) auger. Never been repaired, I love it. It washes a huge load rinses well with a 6 min rinse. I knew it was going to be the last of the traditional top loaders and I want to keep it forever, I hope it lasts.

To take wear and tear off of it, in 2005 I bought a LG 2432 which I run manually on rinse and spin because there is no water level check on rinse. Then I can add as much water thru the dispenser as I want. The rinse is 4 mins long so if i stand there and catch it before it drains I reset it 4 times for a 16 min wash, let it spin, then rinse with lots of water 3 times.

When I need to wash automatically, I use the Atlantis.

Post# 192927 , Reply# 5   2/22/2007 at 18:56 (6,127 days old) by coldspot66 (Plymouth, Mass)        

I have to say the washer is DECENT...but hate the plastic tub, it tends to hold odors and doesn't seem to spin the clothes as dry as a porcelain tub or SS. Plastic pulleys and lightweight cabinet are not to my liking either, they don't handle unbalanced loads well....but people are seduced by that BIG tub and opening. It does agitate well!

And then there's the dryer.............HUGE drum, small lint filter and less heater wattage make for a VERY SLOW dryer, though easy to service!!! It could be so much better.

Post# 192935 , Reply# 6   2/22/2007 at 19:43 (6,127 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Austin, I also was around Ross' Maytag. I actually started several loads back there!!

Post# 193032 , Reply# 7   2/23/2007 at 07:10 (6,126 days old) by seeitrun2006 (Commerce, GA)        
New Maytags

I was in Home Depot yesterday also. It only had 1 Admiral washer left on clearance. I also saw the new Whirltags on the Home Depot floor. Although they are Whirlpools DD from the control panel down they appear to be much more study then the Maytag machines they replaced. The center dial timer is a little confusing the first time you look at it.

Over all I like the machine. When our GE fails I would have no problem replacing it with the Whirltag.

Post# 193036 , Reply# 8   2/23/2007 at 07:32 (6,126 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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We must have had some Home Depot energy yesterday, I was there too! There were none of the Maypools on the floor, but there were three models of the Craptags left - no Admirals.

Post# 193068 , Reply# 9   2/23/2007 at 10:55 (6,126 days old) by hydralique (Los Angeles)        
I'd recommend the dryer . . .

Two years ago our old dryer bit the dust in a major way . . . the drum fractured and a wheel popped through. We needed a new one fast, so looking for a cool vintage unit was out (we were even hanging laundry to dry on the orange tree in the backyard, above the tub, on doors, etc). Home Depot had the Admiral with free delivery, so we bit. So far it hasn't caused any trouble and seems to dry quickly and efficiently. I did check the BTU rating before purchase and while it is a bit lower than the Maytag or Whirlpool units it is pretty close. It has a good drum light too which is nice.

Several months ago our gas meter was replaced as a regular upgrade by the gas company due to new seismic requirements. The technitions who do this do it all day every day, and after the gas is back on they test all the pilots and electronic ignitions in the house. I was very surprised when out of the blue the tech mentioned how smoothly and quietly the burner ignited on the Admiral. It's still a BOL machine, but for someone who isn't too picky I can't imagine being disappointed.

Post# 193087 , Reply# 10   2/23/2007 at 12:40 (6,126 days old) by seeitrun2006 (Commerce, GA)        
Home Depot trip!

I've home all week recovery from Gall Bladder surgery last Thursday. I was suffering from an extreme case of Cabin Fever yesterday the reason for my trip to Home Depot. It's only about 4 miles from my house.

I go back to work on Monday. Thank God!

Staying at home full time is for the birds until I retire in about another 15 years.

Post# 193097 , Reply# 11   2/23/2007 at 13:23 (6,126 days old) by panthera (Rocky Mountains)        

panthera's profile picture
I hope you feel better soon.
The Admirals I have seen at homo-depot did not seem especially worse or better than the rest of the stuff.
I think 99% of the extra money you pay for TOL or MOL stuff in the US is probably just bling-bling and not really better quality. It is all the same stuff inside.
In some cases, you are better off with the tried and true - after all, even Whirlpool improves their very worst quality sh** so they don't have to repair things under warranty.

Post# 193608 , Reply# 12   2/25/2007 at 21:07 (6,124 days old) by andrewinorlando ()        

The new Admiral's have adopted the Whirlpool design platform, except they have a plastic tub now.

Post# 193609 , Reply# 13   2/25/2007 at 21:09 (6,124 days old) by westytoploader ()        

Plastic-tub DD Whirlpool, interesting. Who would have thought?

Post# 193612 , Reply# 14   2/25/2007 at 21:17 (6,124 days old) by westyslantfront ()        

Hi guys. My Norgetag dryer is gas and drys quickly.
As for the washer, the action is gentler than a shredmore.
I have no complaints about the pair.


Post# 193761 , Reply# 15   2/26/2007 at 16:36 (6,123 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

johnb300m's profile picture
have you guys noticed that many of the latest Maytag dryers are actually SpeedQueen/Alliance dryers?

Post# 193919 , Reply# 16   2/27/2007 at 09:37 (6,122 days old) by bobbyderegis (Boston)        

Hi All.
I have played with the Admiral for a few days now, and the fact that there is no spray rinse on any of the cycles drives me nuts. The wrinkle free cycle is stupid, too. A slow wash speed, high speed spins (long) and a fast action rinse. How the hell does this prevent wrinkles? BTW, good to hear from everyone. Life has been a little nuts, so I haven't been on the site much. Toggles, remind me to slap you when I see you! :-)
Bobby in Boston

Post# 193927 , Reply# 17   2/27/2007 at 10:25 (6,122 days old) by hoover1060 ()        
No spray rinse?? Fast Spin for wrinkle free?

The no spray rinse would bug me too, and having had a washer with a wimpy spray(Amana) and now the Maytag A608 with a good spray rinse, there is a difference! I'm no rocket scientist on this either, but it would seem to me a slow(er) spin would be more suited to "wrinkle free"

Sounds like you may have discovered the "EUREKA" of washers!:-D (ducks and runs fast)

Nice to have you back on the site Bobby!

Post# 194391 , Reply# 18   3/1/2007 at 21:17 (6,120 days old) by coldspot66 (Plymouth, Mass)        

Was in Homo Depot today and saw the "new" Admiral washers & dryers. I have to say not bad...$257.00 for a 2 speed (I think)washer with super capacity and dual action agitator ain't too hard to take. But the white inner tub looks like painted steel, not porcelain.

Post# 194447 , Reply# 19   3/2/2007 at 09:16 (6,119 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

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Finally there are two models online on the Home Depot site. I must say I like the design of this control panel.

Post# 194449 , Reply# 20   3/2/2007 at 09:16 (6,119 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

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Wrong thread!! LOL

Post# 197984 , Reply# 21   3/17/2007 at 08:21 (6,104 days old) by paulg (My sweet home... Chicago)        
Admiral in Chicago

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In Chicago, the Home Depot stores have (what looks like)the newer-design Admiral washers. Plastic tub. Whirlpool design? (Appears so, you decide.)
At least the Admiral logo has changed and is correct now. The original Admiral used at least six different "fonts" over their 40 year history. All were well done and elegant. However, Home Depot's appliances carried a garrishly distorted facsimile of Admiral's logo which I didn't particularly care for.
This time, they're using the latest Admiral (Rockwell International era) logo circa approx 1975 and it looks good.
(I'm hearing a resounding "WHO CARES?"... Well I do.. :)

Post# 197996 , Reply# 22   3/17/2007 at 09:37 (6,104 days old) by magic clean ()        
Yup, the basket is polypropylene

& the mechanism is the traditional direct-drive.

Post# 198125 , Reply# 23   3/17/2007 at 23:54 (6,104 days old) by dadoes (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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I saw an Admiral at Home Depot this afternoon, next to a lineup of Whirltags. But a salesman was hanging by it with a customer so I didn't get a look, dunno if it was a Whirlmiral.

Post# 198886 , Reply# 24   3/21/2007 at 19:55 (6,100 days old) by paulg (My sweet home... Chicago)        

paulg's profile picture
ADPOOL isn't quite as funny.

Post# 198946 , Reply# 25   3/22/2007 at 06:34 (6,099 days old) by bryan71 ()        
Agitation Arc

Is the agitation arc any different than the Whirlpool/Kenmore DD arc? I was hoping these new Maytag/Admiral machines would be a little more gentle on clothes.

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