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Miele W3985WPS
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Post# 241073   10/8/2007 at 14:49 (4,332 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        

Hi Folks,
Here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure. Please excuse the quality I'm not the best photographer LOL.


Post# 241074 , Reply# 1   10/8/2007 at 14:51 (4,332 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Navitronic Display

Cottons 95ļC with Pre-wash, Water plus and 1800RPM Spin.

Post# 241075 , Reply# 2   10/8/2007 at 14:54 (4,332 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Control Panel


Post# 241076 , Reply# 3   10/8/2007 at 14:55 (4,332 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Full View

Main Wash just under two hours left to run.

Post# 241103 , Reply# 4   10/8/2007 at 18:34 (4,331 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

David, that's one neat machine! How are you finding it so far?

One tip I have - rather than using the prewash, if you use a biological detergent try using the Soak cycle. I've found that the soak cycle will shift stubborn dirt better than a prewash will, as it gives a lot of time for the enzymes to clean the laundry much like the bio cycles of yesteryear, though the prewash cycle is still good if there are loose bits of debris such as sand or mud on the laundry.

The Express programme is also fantastic - we must use that for 50% of our clothing and it washes and rinses well in only 37 minutes... does a fast 1600rpm spin too and it's the only quick wash cycle I've used personally that works pretty well for the time it takes. Plus the fast spin means the dryer often finishes within 2 or 3 minutes of the washer finishing the express cycle!

Best of luck anyway!


Post# 241104 , Reply# 5   10/8/2007 at 18:43 (4,331 days old) by thor (Buenos Aires)        
Hot + cold water

David, I thought Miele washers sold in England had valves both for cold and hot water supply. I saw this at all the Miele sold in Harrod's a few years ago. I noticed your machine is only connected to the cold water supply. Was this your choice or this model has just one water valve for cold water?


Post# 241106 , Reply# 6   10/8/2007 at 18:48 (4,331 days old) by lavamat_jon (-)        

Emilio - for the last 10 years at least Miele machines in the UK have only had a cold fill connection. I'm not sure about pre W800 and W900 models, but from 1997 onwards Miele's in the UK have been exclusively cold fill only.


Post# 241107 , Reply# 7   10/8/2007 at 18:59 (4,331 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

The 2 high end models are Hot and Cold Fill.

The low end models are cold fill only.

My W2888 is hot and cold fill

The W2515 and W1511 are both cold fill only.

I can only assume that hot fill is directed to countries that expect faster wash times. A Cottons Wash at 60deg with no options selected, takes between 37 to 42 minutes on the W2888 depending on how the load sensing figures things out. With intensive selected, a small load takes about 1:20, a large load 1:54.

The same cycle on the W2515 takes 44 minutes usually. With intensive it always takes 2:05.

Post# 241108 , Reply# 8   10/8/2007 at 18:59 (4,331 days old) by thor (Buenos Aires)        

Thank you Jon for clearing this up. I now realise I am mistaking what I have seen during different trips to London. I have been to London many, many times through the years, and now that I think of it I recall having seen older Mieles with two water valves, mainly at Harrod's. Funny, but the concept just stuck to me and to this day I was sure I had seen this in newer Miele washers. Oh, tricks middle age can do!


Post# 241257 , Reply# 9   10/9/2007 at 13:34 (4,331 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
I'm very pleased

Hi Jon,
I am absolutely delighted with the Navitronic, excellent wash, rinse and spin performance. I have done three loads so far, a load of my white T-shirts, a load of towels and a load of darks and everything has come out perfect, and the towels are soft again too. I am highly impressed with the machines quietness even at top 1800RPM spin it is barely audible. The 1800RPM spin is held for 3 minutes, in fact this is the only machine I have found that can match the Dysonís excellent spin performance.

Hi Emilio,
You will only find cold fill machines in Europe these days, the UK did favour hot and cold fill for many years but has now gone cold fill only like the rest of Europe. Both my Dysonís are hot and cold fill, but Dyson washers destined for sale in continental Europe were cold fill only. The idea is that only the water needed is heated within the machine which saves energy also heating from cold helps to remove protein based stains such as blood and egg.

Hi Nathan,
Your cycle times are indeed shorter than European models, is that the norm on Australian front loaders?


Post# 241263 , Reply# 10   10/9/2007 at 13:48 (4,331 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture

That's a wonderful machine! Congratulations! And I'm happy for you that the performance is excellent. My older Miele W715 has a max. speed of 1400rpm which was then the topspeed. It also keeps that speed for 3 minutes. In that way a topspeed is really effective.

Happy washing!


Post# 241268 , Reply# 11   10/9/2007 at 14:18 (4,331 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Spin Performance

Hi Louis,
Yes spin duration is vital to spin performance, although my Dysonís spin at 1400RPM the large drum diameter and the 6 minutes at top speed make for outstanding spin performance.
I remember the early fast spin Hotpoint's and others that claimed 1400RPM spin speeds but they just peaked at 1400RPM and then stopped, because the claimed spin speed was reached it was legal under The Trade Descriptions Act 1968. Thankfully the EU energy labels put an end to that nonsense.

Hi Jon,
I will try the soak cycle next time, soaking is a highly effective way of removing stains.

Post# 241278 , Reply# 12   10/9/2007 at 14:53 (4,331 days old) by matchboxpaul (U.K)        
Hi David

Congratulations on the new machine.

Have never had much experience of Miele machines, but it looks absolutely stunning and I bet the 1800rpm is impressive.

Enjoy your expensive new toy.

Post# 241281 , Reply# 13   10/9/2007 at 14:57 (4,331 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

It doesnt seem to be the norm here. Most modern machines seem to run around 50-70 minutes on a normal cycle. I find it quite annoying that it is as quick as it is. I'd like a cottons cycle that runs to about an hour. The intensive option is too long for the soil level of most of my clothes but the normal option is a bit short.

It is a selling point to a degree. Michaels mother crows over her neighbours with their cheaper machine. They replaced a Hoover FL machine from the early 80's and are very dismayed at it now taking 80 mins for a normal cycle. She just keeps reminding them, that if they'd bought a proper machine it could be done in 40 :) I'm not sure how they keep talking to her.

After years of always adding a third rinse, I've banned water plus and make do with the standard two rinses. There hasnt been any real change in rinsing performance, I just now save another bucket of water per load. I like that the new machines can do a third rinse by default on cycles under 60deg and still use around the same amount of water.

Post# 242052 , Reply# 14   10/12/2007 at 15:44 (4,327 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your good wishes, yes I'm very impressed with the machine and yes the spin performance is outstanding.

Hi Nathan,
50-70 minutes used to be the norm for most machines sold here in the 1970s - 80s and they always washed well. I like the Express cycle on the Miele its great for a small load of lightly soiled items, most laundry is not really dirty these days.
Two rinses are usually more than adequate especially when the laundry is well spun after the main wash, also if you live in a hard water area it greatly helps with rinsing. I use water plus myself as our water is from the Silent Valley reservoir in the Mourne Mountains, the Mournes are 100% Granite which is a very stable rock and does not leech minerals into the water. Also the high rainfall in Northern Ireland means water is plentiful so deep rinses don't cause any real issues.


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Post# 242143 , Reply# 15   10/13/2007 at 03:15 (4,327 days old) by robm (Buxted)        
Distribution and stableness

robm's profile picture
Hi David

That's looks like a beautiful machine, I'm quite jealous.

Given that many makes now take ages to distribute the clothes before spin, how does this machine fair? I know you've had the Insight and own an Aqualtis like me, which tends to take ages to distribute sometimes, how do they compare? Also how would you rate their stability during spin? And also how do they compare on noise?

Sorry for so many questions.


BTW that's a beautiful part of the world you seem to live in there.

Post# 242188 , Reply# 16   10/13/2007 at 12:06 (4,327 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Distribution & Stability

Hi Rob,
Yes the Miele is very good at distributing the load and does not seem bothered if its not perfect, the tub suspension is quite elastic and well able to cope with a less than perfectly balanced load. I would definitely say the Miele is the smoothest and quietest of the three during spin, the Insight and Aqualtis are about the same.
The Electrolux was very good at balancing with no messing about, it was a fantastic machine except for its poor rinsing ability.
I no longer have the Aqualtis as it was returned due to discoloured paintwork. I really liked the Aqualtis and it washed, rinsed and spun brilliantly. The Aqualtis was a bit more fussy about an imbalanced load but not too bad really, it would drop momentarily back to tumble speed and then up to distribution speed again, this would continue till it was satisfied the load was in balance. I would honestly recommend an Aqualtis to anyone they are great machines for the money, and very quiet even during spin. I am surprised your Aqualtis is so fussy maybe Indesit Company have revised the balance algorithm on the latest models, you Aqualtis can be updated with the latest Software but it would have to be done by a Hotpoint Engineer.


Post# 242726 , Reply# 17   10/16/2007 at 09:54 (4,324 days old) by tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

Funny, I can't think of any time I have had raw egg soil on any item in the laundry; nothing even similar.

David, Congratulations and thanks for sharing. Is this Miele's newest offering in the UK? It looks like it has wonderful features, but the linear readout and the colors on the panel, both the lights and the dark colored border give it a very warm look that makes me think of a radio from the pre war period.

Post# 242757 , Reply# 18   10/16/2007 at 13:29 (4,324 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Raw Egg

Hi Tom,
LOL I only mention Egg as it is very good for explaining set in stains as Egg setts almost instantly when exposed to hot water.

The Miele W3985WPS Navitronic is their current top of the line model, it has their fastest spin at 1800RPM.

Yes it does look a bit like an old radio; I used to have a 1940s radio by Pye Radio Limited London, unfortunately the cabinet was eaten away by woodworm and the poor thing fell apart. The sound quality of that radio was amazing, warmer and purer than any modern electronics can produce.


Post# 242765 , Reply# 19   10/16/2007 at 14:18 (4,324 days old) by aldspinboy (Philadelphia, Pa)        

aldspinboy's profile picture
David congradulations on the miele my faverite frount loader! Qwestion.... How does the clothes feel after a 1800 rpm final spin, and how long does a normal load takes in the dryer at max speed? Is the water level on water plus give u a high level in the wash phase & rinse or just the rinse phase? and are u pleased with the level? Absuloutly stunning machine! Nice washers u have. best Darren k

Post# 242794 , Reply# 20   10/16/2007 at 16:41 (4,323 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        

Hi Darren,
The spin performance of the Miele at 1800RPM is excellent. It's difficult to directly compare US and European dryers as US dryers are very powerful indeed, but a 6Kg load of towels takes between 55 and 65 minutes in my Bosch Condenser dryer, I would say the same load would dry in 30 minutes or less in a US dryer. The Water-plus option seems to effect only the rinse level on Cottons cycles anyway, I believe it raises the wash and rinse levels on Synthetics cycles. Yes I have no complaints about the water levels on the Miele and the rinsing performance is excellent.

Thank you for your comments, yes I'm pleased with my small collection.


Post# 242857 , Reply# 21   10/16/2007 at 21:20 (4,323 days old) by westtexman (Lubbock, Texas)        
Very Interested In What's On TOP of Your Machine . .


Your Miele is AWESOME. I aspire someday to have a proper Miele as well.

I noticed that you are using SA8. Is that a UK version, or is it the same as what we have over here in the US? I guess more specifically, does your SA8 already contain percarbonate bleach, or do you add it separately? I love the US version of SA8, but I have to add bleach separately for my whites.


Post# 242907 , Reply# 22   10/17/2007 at 04:47 (4,323 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

newwave1's profile picture
Excellent machine! congratulations! 1800rpm! I cannot imagine what that is like & how dry things must be! I would love to see pics of the rinse level!

How are the dysons? Would love to see more of those too!


Post# 242931 , Reply# 23   10/17/2007 at 09:21 (4,323 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Amway SA8 Premium with Bioquest

Hi Bryan,
I believe it is identical to the US version except for the packaging. The box reads Amway SA8 Premium with Bioquest cleaning system, also there is no HE branding as this would mean nothing to most UK customers. 99% of laundry detergent sold in the UK and indeed most of Europe is low sudsing and has been for decades.

SA8 over here already has Oxygen bleaching agents and OBAs included but for whites I like to add a measure of Amway SA8 Solutions All Fabric Bleach(Oxygen based), also for very heavily soiled laundry I add a measure of Amway SA8 Solutions TriZyme. Any stains that are not shifted by that combination are there to stay LOL.
I'm very impressed with SA8 and it's the only powder I have found that can outperform Biological Ariel. I don't use non Biological detergents except for washing Wool or Silk as enzymes can damage Wool and Silk fibres.


Post# 242932 , Reply# 24   10/17/2007 at 09:34 (4,323 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Miele 1800RPM Spin

Hi Darren,
Thank you. Yes I'm pleased with the Miele and it does spin very well, shirts and finer fabrics are dry enough to iron right out of the machine.

The Dyson's are fine thanks. Yes I must try and do some videos but its finding time to do them.

How is the Ultima going for you, it's a very smart looking machine? I loved my WF860P when I had it but a word of warning though, don't wash trainers in them as they can knock the paddles off the drum. I never had any problems with the paddles in my WF860P but I have lost count of the paddles I have changed for customers and I often hear the story " I was just washing my trainers".


Post# 243007 , Reply# 25   10/17/2007 at 16:17 (4,322 days old) by mrwash ()        


that machine ist great, I gonna buy it next year. Do you have the possibility to upload a video?

That would be so cool, so I could see, that it will be the right decision to buy that machine.

Post# 243168 , Reply# 26   10/18/2007 at 11:02 (4,322 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Miele Videos

Hi MrWash,
Yes I have video capability but the problem is finding time to do the videos. I will do some as soon as I get some spare time.

Yes I'm well pleased with the machine but I do find it small on capacity.


Post# 243170 , Reply# 27   10/18/2007 at 11:11 (4,322 days old) by mrwash ()        

In Germany, Miele won't produce machines with greater capacity. Thats what I was told, when I wrote an e-mail to Miele, asking if they will produce greater machines.

Well, I would be very happy to see some vids. But take your time. I think vids from the machine will fortify my decision to buy it ;-D

Post# 243172 , Reply# 28   10/18/2007 at 11:20 (4,322 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Miele Navitronic W3985WPS

Hi MrWash,
Yes the machines smoothness and quietness is very impressive, it is extremely quiet even on top 1800RPM spin. There is no Motor noise whatsoever only the drum whirring round at high speed.


Post# 243175 , Reply# 29   10/18/2007 at 11:30 (4,322 days old) by mrwash ()        

I`m gonna visit the Miele-musuem in the german city GŁtersloh this year. There's is a model of your machine and it has a glass-wall, so you can look inside and see how it is built. I will upload some pictures after the visit.

Post# 243177 , Reply# 30   10/18/2007 at 11:57 (4,322 days old) by 2drumsallergy ()        
Miele Museum

Hi MrWash,
That would be great thank you. I will look forward to the pictures.
Enjoy your visit.


Post# 243179 , Reply# 31   10/18/2007 at 12:07 (4,322 days old) by mrwash ()        

Hey David, that's no prob. I also look forward for the vids. I think I visit the museum in november (hope so).

Greetz, Flo

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