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Maytag SAV2655AWW-Residue-Shut Off Faucets?
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Post# 305892   9/26/2008 at 17:28 (3,674 days old) by joe89 ()        

I have some questions about a Maytag SAV2655AWW Washer.

I have noticed a white residue on the cloths after
washing. It may be lint. It may not be? I looked at
the manual and it is recommended to clean the washer
every 60-120 days by running the wash cycle on hot
rinse with detergent and bleach. It's never been done.
I don't know if this will help but I'll try it.

Also I have the faucets turned on all the time because
one leaks a lot while it is turned. It doesn't leak once
it's open full or turned off. I read that they should
be turned off to prevent the unlikely possibility of
damage from escaping water, according to the manual.
Will it hurt to leave them on? Otherwise I will have
to fix the faucet.

Can anyone shed some light?

thank you!

Post# 305923 , Reply# 1   9/26/2008 at 20:30 (3,674 days old) by volvoguy87 (Cincinnati, OH)        
SAV Amanatag AAAAArrrruuugggghhhhhh!!!

volvoguy87's profile picture
1st, the valves. Most people do not close the valves like they should. It is a VERY rare occurrence that the hoses fail, but when it happens, the damage can be tremendous. Using washing machine hoses with a braided metal skin reduces the risk significantly.

2nd, you should either replace the valve, or replace the washers inside. Either way, it's not too horrifying a job. Read up on it and you ought to be able to do it yourself.

3rd, white residue on your clothes. Is it an even coating or in patches? How hard is your water? It can be detergent residue because you may be using too much detergent and your water may be too hard to allow all of it to sufficiently dissolve and rinse. Try running a cycle with no clothes BUT do not use any detergent! Use hot water without detergent and if you get a bunch of suds, your washer had lots of detergent residue in it. If you want to add anything, maybe some water softener like Calgon. When washing clothes, the water should feel slippery.

4th, Your washer is not a real Maytag. The SAV series washers are actually an Amana design. Unfortunately, they do not have a great reputation and are known for being a royal pain to work on and having a weak main seal which dumps the wash water on the floor when it fails. If you can replace it with a Maytag Dependable Care with the porcelain tub, you should be good to go for a few decades.

Best of luck,
(I had an Amanatag once and replaced it upon its demise with a Maytag A208 Center Dial from Jan. 1980 and haven't looked back.)

Post# 306158 , Reply# 2   9/27/2008 at 18:17 (3,673 days old) by joe89 ()        

It's my mother's washer and she doesn't want to buy a
new one because it's an amanatag :-)

If I don't fix the faucet right away it will only
be a possibility it will ruin the amanatag, correct?
So what do I have to lose. It's an amanatag as you
say :-)

I will try to fix it eventually.

Post# 306162 , Reply# 3   9/27/2008 at 18:52 (3,673 days old) by redcarpetdrew (Concord, CA (But my heart will always be in sweet Nevada!))        

redcarpetdrew's profile picture
When you do the shut off valves, replace them with ball valves if possible. Ball valves are like the gas shut off valves where you just turn it 1/4 - 1/2 turn and it's off. I very seldom see them fail. I agree, stainless steel braided fill hoses are the way to go to prevent a fill hose water excursion.

Unfortunately, the SAV's do have a bad rep (I've repaired quite a few that threw the main seal due to a badly milled upper trans housing) but not everyone did it. She can keep using it but watch out for the signs: A loud roar when spinning, water leakage from underneath, the washer starting to shake and walk around, etc...


Post# 306280 , Reply# 4   9/28/2008 at 17:05 (3,672 days old) by joe89 ()        

Thank you both.

Is it really that bad?
It says Commercial quality, Lifetime tub
on the front :-)

How can I find what year it is?
Model SAV2655AWW
Serial 14115763GC

Post# 306315 , Reply# 5   9/28/2008 at 20:50 (3,672 days old) by coldspot66 (Plymouth, Mass)        

Step AWAY from the Amanatag.................DANGER WILL ROBINSON!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!!!!!!!!

Post# 306318 , Reply# 6   9/28/2008 at 20:54 (3,672 days old) by coldspot66 (Plymouth, Mass)        

White residue could be lint...especially on dark colored clothes. I think there is a filter that sits below the inner tub on the washbasket hub....I have seen them get pretty gunked up with lint and soap scum.

Post# 306332 , Reply# 7   9/28/2008 at 21:52 (3,672 days old) by joe89 ()        

Amanatag Washing Machine Squeak

Post# 306337 , Reply# 8   9/28/2008 at 22:33 (3,672 days old) by volvoguy87 (Cincinnati, OH)        
Hey, you found my video!

volvoguy87's profile picture
That was my Amanatag not too long before it was replaced with my A208 (now residing with Calssiccaprice). I borrowed a friend's camera and filmed that to show what my problem was.

The squeak only happened during agitation. The squeak was caused by the brake slipping and the tub indexing (turning during agitation) a little bit. The repairman my landlord sent over lubricated the brake pads which stopped the squeak but did nothing to stop the indexing. If I recall, these aren't supposed to index. Eventually, they replaced the snubber. It also made some truly horrifying clunking and banging during spins.

Maytag had a well-deserved good reputation at the time that washer was made. Maytag washers and dryers were the best money could buy. They washed the best and lasted the longest. Unfortunately, they had a real lemon with the first series of the Neptune front loaders. They needed a larger capacity conventional washer than they had at the time and they needed it FAST! Some time prior to all this, Maytag bought Amana. Maytag simply took the larger Amana design, cheapened it, and put it into production as the SAV series. The SAV Amanatags were cheaper to produce and had a very large capacity. People thought they were high quality because they had stainless steel tubs. Sadly, they tend not to hold up at all well and don't really wash that well.

At the time the Amanatags were in production, Maytag also was still making their Dependable Care line. They were smaller capacity, more expensive, and had porcelain tubs. They looked like they were lower quality and lower end washers. Looks are deceiving, however, because the Dependable Care line was the classic Maytag high-quality washing machine that built their good reputation.

If possible, sell the Amanatag and get a used Dependable Care before that Amanatag floods your house. Sadly, when Whirlpool bought Maytag, they ceased production of the Dependable Care line. A used Dependable Care is better than anything you can buy new today. The closest you can get is a Speed Queen but they are very expensive (worth it though). A used Dependable Care will outlast anything by GE, Frigidaire, or Whirlpool/Kenmore/etc. (toploaders only, I HATE frontloaders). Even among new front loaders, a used Dependable Care is likely the best bargain in terms of cost vs. years of service you can expect.

That Amanatag was a squeaking time bomb, glad I defused it with a real Maytag!

Post# 306353 , Reply# 9   9/29/2008 at 00:30 (3,672 days old) by joe89 ()        

All I have to say is:

how's the matching dryer? :-)

Post# 306422 , Reply# 10   9/29/2008 at 10:47 (3,672 days old) by volvoguy87 (Cincinnati, OH)        

volvoguy87's profile picture
We had the matching dryer and it was fine. Not as nice as a classic Whirlpool/Kenmore 29" with the lint screen on the top back right corner. Nor was it a classic Maytag.

The Amanatag dryers have a large capacity, reasonably quick drying time, and mine even had a light in the drum which was VERY nice. Those dryers are OK and do not have the same reputation as the washers. Replace the washer, but there is absolutely no reason to replace the dryer.

Besides, it takes forever to line dry clothes in the rain,

Post# 306427 , Reply# 11   9/29/2008 at 11:06 (3,672 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

Oh No! Not another Amanatag! I would have thought that they'd all have failed by now...

Those WP/Kenmore dryers are fantastic. We have one and the automatic settings really do a good job sensing when the clothes are dry. We bought ours in 1993 and have not had one problem with it yet.

Post# 306531 , Reply# 12   9/29/2008 at 20:15 (3,671 days old) by joe89 ()        

There is nothing wrong with the washer now.
My elderly mother think's I'm nuts when I
tell her about it. She doesn't want to spend
anything. When I show her what the history is
she thinks I've been online too long :-)

She has had about three Maytags over 50
years or so with a Kenmore in between.

What about the warranty if it does fail?

All parts 2 years.

The drive motor and parts of solid state
controls 5 years.

All parts of transmission 10 years.

Inner washbasket lifetime.

Post# 306579 , Reply# 13   9/29/2008 at 23:13 (3,671 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

But see what happens when you try to "collect" on that warranty.

Post# 306599 , Reply# 14   9/30/2008 at 02:27 (3,671 days old) by mayfan69 (Brisbane Queensland Australia)        
Do a search on google Joe

mayfan69's profile picture

Do a search on google and you will find many complaints about these washers...maybe print some off and show your mum.

Below is an example....



Post# 306600 , Reply# 15   9/30/2008 at 02:28 (3,671 days old) by mayfan69 (Brisbane Queensland Australia)        
Do a search on google Joe

mayfan69's profile picture

Do a search on google and you will find many complaints about these washers...maybe print some off and show your mum.

Below is an example....



Post# 306606 , Reply# 16   9/30/2008 at 04:58 (3,671 days old) by joe89 ()        

I did do a google search and did show her.
She still won't accept it.

She did buy it at a locally owned appliance
store. One of those locally advertised ones
that supposedly have a longtime good reputation.
She purchased her prior Maytag there.

Post# 307041 , Reply# 17   10/1/2008 at 20:26 (3,669 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        
Tell her....

that the squeaky sound reminds you of a dog's squeaky toy, or of that of a woman having sex. That'll do it!

Post# 307042 , Reply# 18   10/1/2008 at 20:28 (3,669 days old) by joe89 ()        

Right :-)

I just emailed the local appliance store about it.

Post# 307045 , Reply# 19   10/1/2008 at 20:35 (3,669 days old) by jaytag ()        
SAV Squeek

I picked up the same style washer 2 mos ago and the washer had the same squeek, I quickly sold the pair.

Post# 980793 , Reply# 20   1/31/2018 at 20:31 (260 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Just sold and delivered my newly spiffed up Whirlpool Direct Drive to a woman whose garage had just been flooded by an Amanatag...she paid me $20 extra to, "make it go away now."

Now I have the thing, any parts besides the wash basket worth saving?

Post# 980879 , Reply# 21   2/1/2018 at 16:53 (259 days old) by stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

stricklybojack's profile picture
Damn, should have sent this beast to the scrapper.
I spent the morning in the hot sun trying to liberate the wash basket to use as a fire pit.
It is CEMENTED in place. Still stuck, left it for another day. This thing has the cheapest shell wrapped around an incredibly substantial base. I guess the large tub size demanded HD components under the hood. That motor is a boat anchor.
Given the timebomb nature of this design I doubt there is a market for any of this detritus on EBay.

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