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Speed Queen Debuts Their Residential Laundry Line!
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Post# 46865   10/13/2004 at 01:31 (7,128 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Well guys and gals, the day some have been waiting to arrive is here; Speed Queen launched sales today of their washers and dryers for home users.

Have provided a link to SQ's new website below where one can download manuals,product specifications, intallation information and look up local dealers.



Post# 46867 , Reply# 1   10/13/2004 at 01:53 (7,128 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        
SQ Appliances

Tried their dealer locater-for me in Greenville,NC-the nearest dealer is----Atlanta GA- Too far for me. Too bad.They are going to have to establish a better dealer network.You would think the SQ equipment would be sold thru a local appliance store-Ie Greenville appliance or Creeches applaince-the independent dealers near me.

Post# 46868 , Reply# 2   10/13/2004 at 02:11 (7,128 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Since release date was just yesterday, give things time, remember we all wanted SQ to be choosy who sold the units. *LOL*

Have included a link to the brochure which has some nice cut out/side view snaps of the washers and dryers.

Did you notice SQ has a double stack dryer, which comes in both gas and electric versions? How cool is that? This is what comes from a commercial laundry appliance maker applying their now how to the residential market, and thinking out of the box. Take that Maytag! *LOL*


Post# 46875 , Reply# 3   10/13/2004 at 06:18 (7,128 days old) by jaxsunst ()        

The locator said that there are no dealers in the area -sign-. As if I needed another reason not to like Memphis.

Post# 46899 , Reply# 4   10/13/2004 at 15:20 (7,127 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Love the 'Q'

mrb627's profile picture
I love the 'Q' on the front of the cabinet. Very retro.

Post# 46906 , Reply# 5   10/13/2004 at 16:40 (7,127 days old) by imperial70 (MA USA)        

I can't wait. However there is only a Distributor available in the Northeast in CT. No dealers yet. Looks like I'll have to wait. :-)

Post# 46913 , Reply# 6   10/13/2004 at 19:00 (7,127 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Looked at the info on your SQ link-very-VERY interesting-At this stage---the ONLY new laundry equipment to buy.Like the METAL inner and outer tanks in both the TL and FL washers.No cracking plastic here.Something interesting-a question why do they use SS inner and outer drums on the FL washers?You would think they would do the same on the TL units.These will be worth waiting for--I would think a dealer network should be established soon-esp with the quality of the products they have.Just hope "Amanatags" bugs have been eliminated from them.
And yes-I like that double stack dryer for household use--very nice-I would have to assume you would need two 220V 30A outlets to run them.Time to call your electrician!The double stacker would save LOTS of time on washdays.In some households though-those on demand billing-it could be a problem.You wouldn't want to run both at the same time in that case.Yes-the quality of this product should have the Maytag folks quivering in their boots...SQ has a machine for either TL or FL washer fans.

Post# 46919 , Reply# 7   10/13/2004 at 19:43 (7,127 days old) by alr2903 (TN)        

Yay the washer door is hinged on the right. Dear Santa

Post# 46922 , Reply# 8   10/13/2004 at 20:57 (7,127 days old) by Brent-Aucoin ()        
Great Link! Thank you!

What great looking washes!
I will need to check these out when they hit Atlanta.
I love the look of them.
I like the Stacked Set!
Who is gettin a set?

Post# 46923 , Reply# 9   10/13/2004 at 20:57 (7,127 days old) by agiflow-action ()        

I hope the toploaders agitator isn't a corckscrew.I hope they are using either a straight vane or a surgilator knockoff.

Post# 46929 , Reply# 10   10/13/2004 at 21:38 (7,127 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Well a telephone call to the local distributor gave a list of stores, but none have the SQ line in stock yet, but could place an order if I wished. As this was only the first day or so of release, didn't expect much.

Distributor told me I was more than welcome to visit the showroom to see the display units, and may just do that. Sadly cannot order dirctly from the distributor as they refuse to sell retail or even wholesale to our builder or decorator.

From the looks of things SQ is selling these units more on their commercial roots than as laundry appliances which will "coddle" your laundry. They do not have fancy displays, nor will they speak to you in several languages. But should hold up well for those seeking a true work horse washer/dryer unit.

Will report back more after I stop into the distributor's office for an afternoon of tire kicking.


Post# 46933 , Reply# 11   10/13/2004 at 21:59 (7,127 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        
SQ Agitators

When looking at the SQ doco in Laundresses links-the SQ TL machines have a choice of the old and tried and true SQ straight bladed agitator-not fancy but it works well. Their other line is a WP Surgilator like agitator-with the "wavy" or undilating type blades.As Laundress pointed out and like the businesslike appraoch SQ equipment has-no fancy lights,buttons dials and what not-the machines are just designed to clean your clothes-and another thing SQ specializes in only laundry equipment-nothing else-no stoves,fridges,etc.I also like the LACK of electronic control panels.These may be cool-but can be a liability when they break or they are lightening prone.Yes-I am glad SQ hasn't taken the corkscrew DA agitator approach like all the other washer builders have done.

Post# 46934 , Reply# 12   10/13/2004 at 22:05 (7,127 days old) by arrrooohhh (Sydney Australia)        

I hope that they use the wavy vaned agitator. The best looking TL agitator in the market IMHO!

I also wonder if these will be coming to Australia under the Kleenmaid name?

Post# 46935 , Reply# 13   10/13/2004 at 22:05 (7,127 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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If you happen to be in NYC, stop by the office of SQ's regional distributor, Goldman Appliances. Try a search using the dealer locator on SQ's site with zip code "10028".

They seem very welcoming to people stopping by and looking at appliances, including the new SQ line. FWIW, the also rep EuroTech.


Post# 46941 , Reply# 14   10/13/2004 at 22:15 (7,127 days old) by agiflow-action ()        

Thanks Launderess, I would consider it. I like the fact that even the TOL TL is not fancy and overdone.Three dials and an extra rinse switch.
Smart looking FL's too. Let's all hope SQ has a winner here with this new residential line.

Post# 46949 , Reply# 15   10/14/2004 at 02:02 (7,127 days old) by arrrooohhh (Sydney Australia)        

I like how manufacturers are moving on from the white on white control panel. And this Speed Queen has the best control panel graphics I have seen for a while!

Post# 46959 , Reply# 16   10/14/2004 at 06:58 (7,127 days old) by spiralactivator ()        
Long live the Queen!

And they have a little COLOR on the panels! Not white-on-white! Could it be the Laundry Dark Ages are finally ending?

Post# 46989 , Reply# 17   10/14/2004 at 12:34 (7,126 days old) by CleanteamofNY ((Monroe, New York)        

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I just wished that they bring back the chrome trim control panels! I don't care for the all plastic look-a-like panels, it's just too plain and boring!

Post# 46992 , Reply# 18   10/14/2004 at 13:17 (7,126 days old) by agiflow-action ()        
chrome trim

I thought the same thing, just looks great in any era! Wish manufacturers would bring it back.

Post# 47051 , Reply# 19   10/15/2004 at 19:31 (7,125 days old) by david (CA)        
speed queen forever!

Hi -haven't been to applvle in a while, like the new format. Just thought I had to put my two sense in about this- great to see the SQ resurrection from the washer dead. It was a truly marvelous machine. With all of the goofy crap on the market now, I don't know which to buy. A straight forward machine like this is what I've been looking for. Now if we just had old style frigidaires.....

Post# 47072 , Reply# 20   10/15/2004 at 21:32 (7,125 days old) by jaxsunst ()        

You made a valid point. I think the success of these machines will be the fact that they are basic straight forward machines. Personally, I like the old style logo on the front and the attempt at a vintage look timer with the round script.

Post# 47087 , Reply# 21   10/15/2004 at 23:59 (7,125 days old) by agiflow-action ()        

I notice with the new Roper washers,...they are going back to the round script also. Ahh! Maybe just a little stroke or two longer ;)

Post# 47099 , Reply# 22   10/16/2004 at 00:58 (7,125 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        

It might help if we would e-mail Alliance with words of encouragement and suggestions, especially about distribution/availability.

Post# 47106 , Reply# 23   10/16/2004 at 01:29 (7,125 days old) by agiflow-action ()        

the thing that hurts, is that , all the little mom and pop appliance stores are being pushed out.What do we have here in the Notheast? P.C Richard,Home Depot and Lowes....OOps forgot Sears. No such thing as small town anything least not here!

Post# 47108 , Reply# 24   10/16/2004 at 01:34 (7,125 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
Independent dealers

Larger metropoliton areas still seem to be able to support independent dealers against the onslaught of Lowe's, Home Depot, et all. Hre in Los Angeles, there are at least 2 large indendent dealers, Carlson's in Santa Monica, and Pacific Sales, both of which do heavy TV advertising and claim to match the Big Box stores on price.

Post# 47111 , Reply# 25   10/16/2004 at 02:09 (7,125 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

launderess's profile picture
In NYC there are several small/non big box appliance retailers, and most it seems will be carrying the SQ line.

Think SQ will do well with the top loaders and dryers, especially the double stacked dryer which works well with a top loading washer set up. The front loading washers seem skimpy on cycles and offerings for their price. When compared to the Bosch Nexxt and Whirlpool HE lines, the SQ front loader just does not have all the frippery most seem to look for in washers today.

OTHO those who want fast wash cycles, large capacity with built for the duration construction, may appreciate the SQ front loaders.

There is a reason coin op front loaders tend to be so simple. It makes them way easier to repair, easy to build/maintain and fewer things to break down. Lack of a motherboard and complex computer electronics means on balance a SQ machine should keep going for ages without the problems that plague washers that have low quality motherboards.

SQ more likely than not will add changes to the line as feedback comes in from stores and the market/customers. While it would be nice to contact SQ and "welcome" them back into the fold, think it is important not to jump on them with "why didn't you do this, or why don't you do that"? It is early days yet and we hope SQ will be in the home appliance market for a long time, there will be ample time in the future to sort things out.

As for competing against Maytag, have you seen what is coming out of their plants these days? Willing to bet the SQ top loaders will beat the pants of most if not all the current Maytag top loading line. More so since it seems the "Dependable Care" line is/has been phased out. Do not have numbers at hand, but think SQ will be able to claim the longest stroke in a top loader, if Maytag has tampered too much with what is left of the Dependable Care line.

SQ can also trade on their brand name, which consumers will know from commercial/coin-op laundry appliances, if they are not actually old enough to remember the last time SQ laundry appliances were sold for home use.

MSRP are just that, I'm sure dealers will cut deals, especially if one is buying more than one appliance, like fitting out an entire kitchen/house.

Think SQ set the MSRP of these appliances to not anger commercial customers who are the market for the "Commercial Homestyle" line. Afterall why would they want to pay more for essentially the same products?

As for lack of supply, remember SQ really never stocked a huge inventory of their commercial washers. Usually enough of each model was kept on hand to fill orders/planned orders. Although SQ has hired more workers, it is going to take awhile to get plant(s) up and running and establish retail distribution channels. FWIU, not many commercial dealers were interested in the CHS washers (they would order them if you wanted), but made their bread and butter in Alliance Laundry's other more robust laundry products. Commercial dealers also probably are not interested in selling one or two units at a time, and or are geared to the planning and installation of a laundry. Not to mention after-market repair/serivce, all of which is where probably some real money lies.


Post# 47235 , Reply# 26   10/17/2004 at 16:20 (7,123 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        
SQ in AU

Hi arrrooohhh,

SQ has always been available in Australia as Speed Queen and Kleenmaid (The Overpriced version).

I was getting Kleenmaid parts from a commercial SQ dealer a couple of weeks ago (They are 20% cheaper from SQ rather than Kleenmaid) and they had the current model SQ on display.

A TOL SQ was $1200AUD ex Tax compared to a Kleenmad at about $2300AUD Inc.

The SQ machines over here and the Kleenmaids, look like the commercial SQ machines, rather than the ones designated for home use in the US. The ones on display have the straight vane commercial agitator in the coinops and the home use ones have a surgilator type agitator.

The tranny is belt driven and looks like a maytag, and the pump is now direct drive off the main motor.

The biggest issue in AU with the Kleenmaids and SQ is the paint. The top is only powdercoated, not porcelin and the paint has a habit of falling off. It just lifts and peels.

Great machines though, and otherwise go forever. I just replaced the lower seals on a 15yo Kleenmaid to give to mate who needed a big machine. Once you get the machine apart the seals are really simple, and the parts kit comes with step by step instructions.


Post# 47303 , Reply# 27   10/18/2004 at 09:42 (7,123 days old) by PeterH770 (Marietta, GA)        

peterh770's profile picture
Maytag has no plans at this time to discontinue the "dependable care" washer for the coin-op line. The domestic models are still available by special order. Most coin-op owners prefer a Maytag orbital tranny TL washer to SQ.

Post# 47345 , Reply# 28   10/18/2004 at 20:40 (7,122 days old) by angus (Fairfield, CT.)        

Peter - as a "mat" owner - what do you think about these SQ top loaders for home use? I recall there was discussion about "seal" problems and I was curious if you felt they were a wise investment.....

Post# 47379 , Reply# 29   10/19/2004 at 07:06 (7,122 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
Orbital Maytag vs SQ

'mat owners where you are may prefer Maytag, but I get the feeling it depends on the area. I haven't seen a laundry in the Los Angeles area that doesn't have SQ machines in YEARS. When I was growing up in the Sixties there was quite a variety of brands in the laundromats. Maytag, GE, Frigidaire, Speed Queen, and in the early 60's, Philco-Bendix. Then gradually they ALL became Speed Queen equipped.

Post# 47397 , Reply# 30   10/19/2004 at 09:22 (7,122 days old) by PeterH770 (Marietta, GA)        

peterh770's profile picture
SQ at home should be a great, durable machine. I think it is the only trustworthy USA made toploader out there for home use.

The type of coin-op machines you see in any given area depends on the agressiveness of the distributor. Most coin laundry owners are not brand loyal (unlike me) and will purchase equipment according to price. If you see alot of SQ, then chances are that the SQ distributor in that area is probably very strong and competitive. But on the coin-op message boards that I haunt, Maytag is the preferred TL for coin store installs.

In my area, we have a very strong SQ distributor and a very strong Dexter distributor. There are a few Wascomat and Maytag stores around, but not many -- again, mostly because these two brands are priced higher. GE and WP are extremely rare, but those two companies make their money from domestic sales, and do not concentrate on commercial sales.

Post# 47439 , Reply# 31   10/19/2004 at 22:15 (7,121 days old) by Jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
SQ Commercial 3 years old

jetcone's profile picture
hi everyone: I bought the commercial version 3-4 years ago for my tenants. It has served them well! It is the front control panel model and their favorite feature is the "roulette coin box" The owner can set the machine to offer a "FREELOAD" every 1 - 135 loads. I put mine up at 135 and they get a free load almost every month! The thing that amazes me is the water usage it is the lowest of any HE machine I have ever seen.
RObert is always joking the HE machines just use a WetNap to create the washing action but when you look inside the SQ clothes look damp! never wet! But it does a great job cleaning which surpises me everytime! And my tenants were thrilled to see the Staber leave and the Speed Queen come in. If this home unit is built like the commercial and it seems it is then it is one solid machine!


Post# 47447 , Reply# 32   10/20/2004 at 02:11 (7,121 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Do the machines have that 9 minute wash cycle? If so are you saying laundry comes clean with such a short wash cycle? How about hot water? Do you tenants get a nice "hot" wash with these units?

Inquiring minds want to know. *LOL*


Post# 47466 , Reply# 33   10/20/2004 at 11:02 (7,120 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

foraloysius's profile picture

Are your European roots Scottish or English? Setting the Freeload option to the max of 135 let me believe they must be Scottish!!!

Slap me anytime!!!

Post# 47489 , Reply# 34   10/20/2004 at 14:54 (7,120 days old) by Jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
I am caught between two worlds

jetcone's profile picture
Hi Louis:
I am caught between my MacDonald mother and my Charles father so I am right smack in between. But the Scottish often wins out as it HURTS everytime the tenants cheer at their FREE LOAD! Tt comes right through the ceiling on the 3rd floor!
I just knash my teeth!
Laundress I wil try to check the manual tonight on the wash cycle but I am packing to go visit john in DC and may not get to it before I go.



Post# 47544 , Reply# 35   10/21/2004 at 10:26 (7,119 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        

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Oh my goodness Jon, we need to work on your British roots!!! BTW, are you entitled to wear the MacDonald tartan?



Post# 47770 , Reply# 36   10/25/2004 at 14:55 (7,115 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Speed Queen In New Jersey

launderess's profile picture
Agi-Flow Action

Spoke with the NYC/NJ area (Goldman Appliances) dealer for SQ today and was told they have a display of their entire product line at the Short Hills Mall.

Not sure how much SQ is there, but you could contact them and ask.


Post# 47783 , Reply# 37   10/25/2004 at 18:02 (7,115 days old) by agiflow-action ()        

Thank you Launderess, yes i have seen that location listed in the areas closest to me.I have a vacation coming up,so i will probably take a ride up and check out the models that they have. Let's hope they make a good home product.


Post# 47790 , Reply# 38   10/25/2004 at 19:28 (7,115 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

launderess's profile picture

Much as I want to like them, the SQ front loaders seem cycle "challanged" IMHO for the money. Being as that may, they are manually controlable enough I can work around things and do custom cycles if need be.

Now, the top loaders are a different story. The TOL washer is a dream, and if I had the room would be there in a heartbeat.

By the way if anyone really wants a SQ front load washer with long cycles and heater, some guy is always on eBay with government surplus LTS84 washer/dryer sets (rear controlled washer). Downside he is located in CA and not sure how well the units are packed before shipping. Upside the set only goes for $450.


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