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Hoover twin tub portable washing machine
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Post# 81701   9/5/2005 at 15:11 (4,763 days old) by Nineatena ()        

I have a Hoover portable twin tub washing machine that is at least 30 years old. I need replacement belts for this machine it is Model T1003 serial 50636. It was working until the drive belt came apart the other day leaving the inner elastic belt. I would like to replace this belt and also the other 2 belts.

Post# 81704 , Reply# 1   9/5/2005 at 15:25 (4,763 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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From one Hoover TT owner to another, I "feel your pain".

Sadly Hoover TT's went out of production in the United States 30 or some odd years ago and many of the small applinace repair shops either discarded what they had and or sold out of stock. Up until recently a few places I'm told did have the odd part, but whenever I contacted them the answer was the same, sold out.

Unless a member can furnish you with the parts you require, the best solution would be to order them from Great Britian, where Hoover only recently stopped producing twin tubs. Several online dealers have spares for Hoover TT's and most parts like belts will fit United States models. Have posted a link to one site below, but you can search on "Google" for others. You will have to find the British counter part to your model, but believe most belts are "yellow" or "red" dot for spinner and pump belts.

You may also try the Yahoo group "Twin Tub Empourium" or "Hoovermatic", (may be off on spelling/exact names), for more assistance. These are forums made of mostly those in the UK whom love/use twin tub washers. Posting is not as lively as this forum, so it may take several days before a response to your query is posted. You can however search postings for ideas and solutions to your problem.

Finally, was once told certian Hoover vaccumm cleaner belts would work on the Hoover TT. Have never tried it and am not sure so cannot give an exact answer. You could always find a Hoover dealer that has a decent collection of new and old Hoover vaccum belts and take yours over to see if a match can be made. Oh yes, check eBay, as various UK vendors/persons auction off Hoover parts. If you are going to order parts from across the pond, better off ordering a good stock to lay in supply while you are at it. Since Hoover UK stopped producing Hoover TT's parts will slowly die out as they have in the United States. Original Hoover pumps are already rare if not nonexistant.

Best of luck,



Post# 81708 , Reply# 2   9/5/2005 at 15:30 (4,763 days old) by fixerman ()        

I can't tell you what belt numbers you need for your machine but E. James company has replacement belts. They do list serveral for Hoover (I think they misspell it "Hover" on their website). They have an Toll free 800 number to call. Maybe they can tell you what belts you need


Post# 81843 , Reply# 3   9/6/2005 at 12:55 (4,762 days old) by hooverwheelaway ()        
Still Available!

In the US, there's prettymuch nothing available for the twin tubs any more. I work at a Hoover Sales and Service center in Milwaukee, and we had the spin belts (and sold a pretty steady stream of them) in stock until about a year and a half ago (part # 14123). In July of 2004, when Hoover's parts distribution center was moved to TN from OH, and merged with Maytag's dist. center, a HUGE amount of old parts were discontinued. I almost cried when the printer at work shot out page after page after page of parts that were to be no longer available.

Sometimes if I have nothing to do at work, if we're ever slow, I'll read old service manuals, and double check old parts in the computer to make sure they're good and inactive. In my reading, I found that there was a replacement for the original black, stretchy spin belt (#14123). It is a clear polyurethane belt (#38527002). And it's STILL AVAILABLE!

My boss, who has worked for a Hoover Service Center for 26 years, told me that the poly. belts didn't end up working very well for the old metal tub machines, but worked wonderfully on the later plastic tub machines. ((See service bulletin photos as well))

If anyone is interested in obtaining a belt, feel free to contact me via e-mail, and I can get you the specifics.


Post# 81844 , Reply# 4   9/6/2005 at 12:57 (4,762 days old) by hooverwheelaway ()        
Memo #1

This is the original memo discussing the replacement for the black stretchy belt (14123).

Post# 81845 , Reply# 5   9/6/2005 at 12:59 (4,762 days old) by hooverwheelaway ()        
Memo #2

Here's another memo from a few years later... when they realized the poly. belts weren't working on the stainless tub machines.

Post# 81855 , Reply# 6   9/6/2005 at 15:53 (4,762 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
E. James Company

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Don't chuck those UK Hoover part listings just yet.

Spoke to E.James earlier and the first snag is the part numbers listed under "Hover" do not match anything in their system. The nice young many I spoke with said someone would have to ring me back to say if the parts in question were in stock. Whomever will be ringing me back would also say IF they would sell the parts to me directly, or refer me to one of their local supply dealers.

Methinks ordering from the UK would be eaiser, no muss and no fuss.

HooverWheelAway (Fred),

Do you have a copy of the Hoover service manual for the 0510/0512 series you are willing to sell? Thanks.


Post# 81876 , Reply# 7   9/6/2005 at 19:11 (4,762 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Ok, here is the scoop:

Nice young lad called me back and they have only one spin belt in stock, all the others are NA. Lad stated he didn't know if they would be getting more or not. He still did not have approval to sell me the one, and will have to wait for him to get back to me later in the week on that matter.

Have a thought: Since it seems this company makes their own product, why don't we United States Hoovermatic lovers get together and present one nice large order? Company may think since the Hoovermatic's are so long out of production no one is using them any more, so why stock parts? Indeed the young lad seemed surprised how much I knew about the washer, and that they had such a dedicated following. Company seems to prefer dealing with suppliers/dealers directly, so maybe one of the members who is "in the loop" could make the presentation/place the order.



Post# 81896 , Reply# 8   9/6/2005 at 19:51 (4,762 days old) by fixerman ()        

I am a dealer and could look into getting an account with them. It depends if they require a certain amount to be purchased. Sometomes these places want quantity orders. I'm know there are others here who could do the same. Maybe someone here already does have an account with them.

Post# 81960 , Reply# 9   9/6/2005 at 23:43 (4,762 days old) by hooverwheelaway ()        
Service Manual


I have a general Hoover service manual, and it has a chapter on the 0510/0512 series. It gives instructions on how to take them apart, wiring diagrams, etc...

I only have the one large, complete service manual...but I would be more than happy to make a copy of the twinnie section for you, or anyone else who would like one. There is also a chapter on the later 0500 series machines and the T series (with plastic tubs), I do believe. Shoot me an e-mail and we can work out the details. I suppose I could just scan them and e-mail them off to people..whichever is easiest.

Let me know.


Post# 81962 , Reply# 10   9/6/2005 at 23:48 (4,762 days old) by hooverwheelaway ()        

I think that ordering a bunch of the various belts wouldn't be the worst idea (if a company would even get in on making some more). I know another member (hoover1060) is getting his twinnie delivered in the near future--and one can never have enough spare parts. And if all who own a twinnie would want to go in on a set of belts, maybe, hopefully, there would be enough to justify a company to run some more.

I love using the twinnie, and plan on keeping it for a long time... and would be heartbroken if a belt broke which I didn't have a replacement for.


Post# 82308 , Reply# 11   9/8/2005 at 19:13 (4,760 days old) by bpetersxx (earth)        
hoover parts

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check out ebay

Interesting how a lotta parts are appearing

I think this site is viewed by lots of people who see what the members need in parts to fix there apliances.

Post# 85387 , Reply# 12   9/26/2005 at 21:49 (4,742 days old) by psless ()        
My new 0510

My father recently passed away and left me his 0510 twinnie. It seems to run great but the wash tub belt has a bunch of slack in it. The spinning mechanism in the wash tub doesnt have much torque because of this. Is this the way the machine is supposed to work? It seems like there isnt enought torque to really wash the clothes. Any input would be great. I am also intertesed in the service manual. I am willing to pay for it. is my email

Post# 85413 , Reply# 13   9/26/2005 at 23:35 (4,742 days old) by launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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Sorry to hear about your father passing, very sorry indeed.

Which belt are you speaking of, there are three:

Pump, Spin and Impeller

Your model is the same as mine and no, there shouldn't be much slack at all. My impeller spins quite fast and easily does the spin belt. Had to change my knackered pump, but put the original belt back on and things work a treat.

When laundering the wash action should be quite splashy and fast. When spinning the spin tub should also be quite fast as it is rated to spin at 2,800 rpms. Changing the impeller and pump belts are rather easy,once you find the proper belts. Changing the spin belt is a bear of a job and am hoping never to have to do it.

Regarding service/parts manual:

Would also like one as it seems a good idea to have one on hand for these units, just in case. With parts hard to find a "score card" would greatly help in tracking down spares. Not to mention these units are very simple machines. Armed with the proper tools and parts, repairs should be a doggle.

An easy solution might be to make the section on Hoover TTs into a PDF file. PDF's are easier to send via email and everything stays the same as the original. If you do not have a PDF maker on your puter, will allow you to make three for free.


Post# 983304 , Reply# 14   2/18/2018 at 19:07 (214 days old) by olamoree (Ft. Lauderdale)        
Hoover T1003

Hi, I have an old reliable Hoover T1003 here in Costa Rica that I brought from the US... cost me $10. It is great for small loads. About the belts... This machine has 3 belts. One for driving the disk for the washer part... IF you find the original, it will cost about $30, BUT, you can just measure or take the old one to a v-belt place and "almost" make a match for about $3. You notice that the motor sort of "hangs" so the belt length must be close, but several sizes will work. The two on the spinner and pump are more of a problem. For the spinner, I found one that works and lasts a long time but looks tiny. It has the following numbers: Crest T716882 84578 2-5A 41 Those are the numbers on it... it is skinny and "coged" on the inside and looks tiny for the pulleys but it works like a dream. As for the water pump belt, the original is a round "stretchy" fabric covered one of which I am on about #4 (when I got this machine in the early 70's I stocked up on belts!!) BUT there is a v-belt that will work fine if you drill two new screw holes 1/2 inch from where they are now (the belt is slightly longer than the original and is a v-belt) and slide the 3/16 bolt as far as it will go. The belt I found works is called PIX-X'set 3L 170 and says it is made in India and cost $1. The pump.. it has its problems so I take it apart every few years, use silicon grease on it and you can put it back together with a dab of non-hardening gasket paste and it doesn't leak. When you open it, you want to scrape away all the minerals that accumulate in the base of it inside as when it is not running, water stays in the pump and evaporates leaving mineral deposits. Sometimes the big pulley that drives the disk in the wash tub gets hard to turn. Just take it all apart and apply silicone grease on the shaft and its good for another 5-10 years! Great little machine and worth the effort to keep it going. BTW I also have a 1952 Easy washer with spin dryer that still works for throw rugs and such. Then there is the 1972 Frigidaire washer/dryer combination. Just replaced the clutch disks in it 3 years ago so it is good for another 20 years or so. Oh, and my 2005 Kenmore Elite failed permanently when the inner tub rusted out where it connects to the drive shaft. Saved the motor and drive and some other parts from it. Now it appears that most if not all washers have a printed circuit board as the main control and must be avoided! Just to replace the PC board costs over $250 here in CR while the washer costs $350 new! Remember, vintage is great.. even I am vintage at 80! Good Luck!

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