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Post# 512149   4/18/2011 at 12:42 (4,807 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Hello. I have recently been on holliday and there they had a Whirlpool 6thSENSE. I have a brochure with it in but i want to know more about it like when it was made as there is no date on it or the brochure and additional info


Post# 512157 , Reply# 1   4/18/2011 at 14:03 (4,807 days old) by dj-gabriele ()        

I'd say 2005-2006, month more, month less.
Pure crap, almost the same as my Whirlpool washing machine, I'd never ever recommend one of those

Post# 512164 , Reply# 2   4/18/2011 at 14:43 (4,807 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

i find whirlpool to be a fairly reliable brand.
what's worng with yours?

Post# 512267 , Reply# 3   4/19/2011 at 01:05 (4,807 days old) by dj-gabriele ()        
Whirlpool a fair brand!? Give me Chinese cr*p everyday!

3 bearings (read full tub) changes in 2 years, the machine alternatively underfills and overfills, noisy, bad rinsing, absurdly long cycles, zero stain removal.

And this was for my machine in Bologna.

My father went trough TWO dreamspaces, the first when it came out and the second a year after. On the first one the door self-destroyed, if was found on the floor, then the circuit board failed (the whole machine was replaced).
On the second one, the machine is so crap that when spinning (if ever, even with a full load), it shakes like a hurricane, despite being level on a poured reinforced concrete floor with ceramic tiles, the cycles are absurdly long too and it never manages to rinse anything the way it should. Compare it with the current Candy and we're two worlds apart.

And I won't even get started about talking about my former Whirlpool microwave and oven... reliable, hahaaha, what a joke!

Post# 512295 , Reply# 4   4/19/2011 at 05:16 (4,807 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

whirlpool are actually made in france and if you look at reviews they are of average scores. yours is more or less a reject par model

Post# 512328 , Reply# 5   4/19/2011 at 08:58 (4,807 days old) by FL1012 ()        
Long Cycles

I've heard critisisms of the long cycles on Whirlpools. Around 2.5 - 3 hours seems commonplace. I've also heard several running and they seem to whine loudly throughout the cycle, which would annoy me.

However, they seem okay from a build perspective, to my non-technical eyes at least. The machine pictured is at least 6 years old, and there's quite a few like that still running, which isn't bad for a modern & fairly cheap machine.

They retailed at prices between that of Beko & Zanussi, and seem to be built somewhere between the two aswell, possibly nearer to Beko from what i can establish. If i was picking a reasonable price washer from new it'd be:

1. Zanussi
2. Beko
3. Whirlpool

in that order. I'd certainly put them above Indesit/Hotpoint & Hoover/Candy for reliability & length of service.


Post# 512357 , Reply# 6   4/19/2011 at 11:29 (4,806 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

I agree that they are noisybut never knew that they were made in France.

another pic...

Post# 512361 , Reply# 7   4/19/2011 at 12:04 (4,806 days old) by hoover1100 (U.K.)        

The one my Mum had was made in Italy. Hers was an AWM5125/S, from the same range as the picture above, hers was from 2006, so I'd guess this one would be from around then too.

It was Ok, far too basic so the cycles were 3 hours long with no way of reducing to a realistic length; either 3 hours at 40/60/95, 1hr45 at 40 on the synthetics cycle with a slow spin, or a 30min cool wash which did next to nothing.

I think some of the more basic/special edition models are outsourced to a Chinese company.

The washer/dryers used to be made by antonio merloni, need I say more!?

I'd personally recommend Gorenje or Bosch as better alternatives in a similar price range.


Post# 512364 , Reply# 8   4/19/2011 at 12:13 (4,806 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        
wow, wow ,wow

whats this about whirlpool being made all over the shop???? I know they are American so why are they then made abroad????

Post# 512367 , Reply# 9   4/19/2011 at 13:22 (4,806 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

rhe current ones are made in france as are he dryers. my aunt and uncle gave me thire old and broken whirlpool awz 650 dryer that lives in my garden shed an that's made in france. the dishwashers are made in germany

Post# 512369 , Reply# 10   4/19/2011 at 13:34 (4,806 days old) by donprohel (I live in Munich - Germany, but I am Italian)        
Whirlpool Europe

Whirlpool entered into the European marked by acquiring the home appliances division of Philips (which included the brands Philips, Bauchnekt and some other Italian brands).

As far as I know, Whirlpool maintained the same structure of Philips: the headquarter in Northern Italy and plants in Italy and France (amongst the others).

By the way: this "Antonio Merloni is c@p" sounds like the much discussed "Candy is c@p"...

Post# 512388 , Reply# 11   4/19/2011 at 15:32 (4,806 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

whirlpool europe also bought out french brand laden

Post# 512403 , Reply# 12   4/19/2011 at 17:15 (4,806 days old) by dj-gabriele ()        

I confirm, my machine is made in Italy
while the Dreamspaces that my father had were made in Germany.

And even on the dreamspaces, there is no way to reduce the cycle time that on the second machine was 3:20 for the cotton 60C wash! Unbelievably long.

And trust me, they're no better built than anything from Candy or Indesit!

Post# 512738 , Reply# 13   4/21/2011 at 02:28 (4,805 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        
looks like youve had a time with whirlpool

to me the dreamspaces that your father had why did he buy a second one if he was not happy with the first one???

Post# 512749 , Reply# 14   4/21/2011 at 04:47 (4,805 days old) by dj-gabriele ()        

The second was given free as a replacement as the repair was uneconomic.

Post# 512758 , Reply# 15   4/21/2011 at 06:31 (4,805 days old) by irishmark (Ireland)        


i worked for whirlpool for the last 5 years as a service partner,....there older laundry/dishwashing were actually great but now there using a seald wash unit which has a problem with the bearing seal...a washing machine could be a week old and the bearings would go,all the laundry is made in italy..washing machines that is,the dryers and h axis washer is made in france,dishwashing is between poland and germany,microwaves are german,ovens are both german and italion...there ovens i have rarley replaced elements,but the door glass tends to explode and shatter everywhere,..the washing machine in the picture is late 03 as the range was changed in 04,...being honest the new whirlpool stuff i wouldnt touch..its really beoming disposoble and the quality is 0...the only quality washer at a realistic price is bosch to be honest

Post# 512841 , Reply# 16   4/21/2011 at 12:34 (4,804 days old) by ariston4life ((Dublin) Ireland)        

ariston4life's profile picture
howya mark glad to see your still on this site...find any intresting machines lately? as always im still dying for my ariston haha

Post# 512850 , Reply# 17   4/21/2011 at 14:46 (4,804 days old) by supermaticjames (Donegal, Ireland)        
I know of an Ariston!

Hi there, I have seen an Ariston in a local yard, it isn't rust and seems repairable. It's not my thing so I haven't saved it. If your are near Co. Donegal you will be able to drive and get it no bother.

"irishmark", I thought you had no "time for washing machines"?


Post# 512874 , Reply# 18   4/21/2011 at 17:31 (4,804 days old) by ultimafan ()        

We have a whirpool and its quite good! Its the built in model of the same time period, it balances well, and washes OK. Compared to exploding washers by certain manufacturers, I'd say to buy Whirpool as a budget machine, although I love their new Aquasteam range with matching tumble dryers, I certainly won't rule out buying them if I had the money and needs in the future!

Post# 512917 , Reply# 19   4/21/2011 at 20:48 (4,804 days old) by FL1012 ()        

....when you say new Whirlpool stuff, would you include the one pictured below? I'd heard these had premature bearing failure, but there's a few that seem to be lasting okay too - around 4-5 years, which isn't awful considering the price they cost new.

Are Whirlpool washers notoriously bad now, or not really any worse than other modern machines like Hotpoint & Hoover? I always placed Whirlpool as somewhere between Hotpoint & Zanussi for quality, which obviously means theyre not bombproof, but pretty par for the course these days.


Post# 513017 , Reply# 20   4/22/2011 at 09:47 (4,804 days old) by nrones ()        
A little what I know from here...

I was never interested in Whirlpool appliances.. I have their vented dryer, just because I actually got it really cheap on a closing down deal of my favourite appliance shop where I used to go.. I payed it 180e brand new... I just couldn"t get a cheaper deal. I don"t like it as I mentioned in a Dryer thread of mine that used to be here, because I think it needs long to dry (for a vented one) and also clothes sometimes feel a little bit toasty even on low heat.

So, as I said I am not interested in Whirlpools much, I don"t ask much questions about them, but what just came to me is that their euro-top loaders are great, washing machines and dishwashers no, both breaking down fast or not washing well...not to mention still Antonio-merloni washer-dryers... so here, they are placed as a fourth worst brand (speaking for my country only!) (after Indesit, Haier and A.Merloni that we have here). However, I heard their repair service is ok :)


Post# 513074 , Reply# 21   4/22/2011 at 14:25 (4,803 days old) by koalas ()        
french adv;

here is a French adv. of this machine, from 2000.
See you

Post# 513168 , Reply# 22   4/23/2011 at 02:51 (4,803 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        
Very nice machines

You got there guys. do you know much about whirlpool???

Post# 513204 , Reply# 23   4/23/2011 at 10:09 (4,803 days old) by ultimafan ()        

I'd defo go for a Whirpool over the stuff Haier, Indesit and Candy put out, at least they still have screwed drums. My Whirlpool, which also has the same drum as the others above, has its metal paddles as opposed to plastic ones. I like this drum, it for some reason reminds me of the old style Hoover drums (that being said, I know Hoover used to be owned by Maytag, and now Maytag and Whirpool seem to have idential appliances over here).

Post# 513210 , Reply# 24   4/23/2011 at 10:26 (4,803 days old) by dj-gabriele ()        
@ ultimafan

In Europe, Hoover is owned by the Candy group since 1994.
Elsewhere it is just a name of Techtronic Industries, a Chinese conglomerate

Post# 513249 , Reply# 25   4/23/2011 at 13:55 (4,802 days old) by ultimafan ()        

Thanks, I know that Candy acquired Hoover in 1995 due to that free flights fiasco, it was in that BBC programme "Red Letter Days" which was talked about on the forum a couple of weeks ago. That's why I thought that the Whirlpool drum looked like Hoover's ecologic/new wave, as it was with maytag until 1995, and maytag seem to be with Whirpool now.

Of course, I have a total disdain for Whirlpool washer dryers as they are designed by Merloni and look like a Servis. I nearly had a heart attack when I saw one being sold for 500 on the web, talk about a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Post# 513250 , Reply# 26   4/23/2011 at 13:57 (4,802 days old) by ultimafan ()        

In terms of ranking when it comes to washing machines, I place Whirlpool above Hotpoint and Zanussi, and just below Bosch and Siemens. Of course Indesit, Haier and the million other brands it comes under come last in my book.

Post# 513356 , Reply# 27   4/24/2011 at 04:05 (4,802 days old) by FL1012 ()        
Metal Paddles.....

I had noticed that all but the most recent Whirlpool's seemed to have metal paddles. Seems very old skool when you think even Zanussi (who i do rate quite highly) moved over to plastic paddles in the 90s.

I've always had decent service out of Zanussi/Electrolux group appliances (we've had at least 12 of their products of varying years throughout the family) so i'd have to try Whirlpool before ranking them above Zanussi, but i do think theyre under-rated & better than most equivilent price appliances.

Not that i agree with Which? tests a great deal, but i do believe their reliability ranking is pretty accurate & i think it places Whirlpool around Average, below Zanussi/Miele/Bosch but above Hoover/Indesit/Hotpoint. Anyone who has Which? membership & can correct/confirm please do so - i cancelled mine as i got sick of them saying one Hoover machine rinsed perfectly and another near identical one rinsed poorly, which was clearly complete rubbish!


Post# 513474 , Reply# 28   4/24/2011 at 18:05 (4,801 days old) by Rolls_rapide (.)        
one Hoover machine rinsed perfectly and another near identic

Maybe they were correct.

Some of those new fangled computer controlled machines might skip part of the rinse and spin sequences, hence the inconsistent results.

I had a Hoover "New Wave" that sometimes completed its rinse-spin sequences according to the book, yet other times it would abort the faster rinse-spin stages.

Post# 513484 , Reply# 29   4/24/2011 at 20:15 (4,801 days old) by FL1012 ()        

....that may be the case with Hoover, tho it was just one of a few examples i'd seen. Generally i didn't trust their testing very much as i'm sure it was like many tests (such as car road tests in car magazines) - it all depends on the expectations of the user.

I prefer it when something is hard fact. Ie, 3 washing machines, all bought in April 2007, all made to do 7 cotton cycles per week, one lasted 18 months, one lasted 3 years, the other is still working. Anything away from that starts to get abit iffy as one machine could've done more loads per week, one could've been overloaded too much, etc, yet the one that's abused gets slated as it fails first.

Post# 513580 , Reply# 30   4/25/2011 at 10:45 (4,801 days old) by nrones ()        
I didn"t actually know that pre-Candy hoovers did that!

The rinse thing...
I know you guys will probobly love to point out that Candy"s are stupid macines, no sensors, just having a stupid program going round without any correction.
Machines like that are Indesits, but as far as I know, (and I know well since I have them) I"ve literally NEVER seen my Candy (especially the GrandOPlus) doo the exact rinses even on same programs! It at least changes water level, but sometimes interm. spins are either lowered to 600 but then they last longer (in case of unbalance or sudslock) or ramped up from 800 to 1000 (if it needs a better rinse). Also it usually doo 3 normally but sometimes with no option makes it 2 or 4, again depending on how water dirty was - or something else. Not to mention mine experiment where I selected Aqua+ and in 4th rinse aded Persil liquid detergent.. machine did 5 more rinses after that (although I really incontroled put amount of persil for 2 wases), so that makes 9 rinses with no-stoppig machine - that deffinatley made me belive in SmartActivaSensors, but shame I didn"t filmed it :(

And I am quite amazed pre-Candy hoovers did that--seems that new machines are having some Hoover genes at least xD



Post# 513941 , Reply# 31   4/26/2011 at 13:47 (4,799 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        

optima's profile picture
A few years back i could not fault whirlpool washers. Most of the problems started when they changed the drum design & started putting plastic drum lifters in them. since then the main problems we have come across are the bearings failing & they has been alot of problems especially on the door interlocks ie doors not opening after the machine has finished on the higher spec machines.

Post# 513968 , Reply# 32   4/26/2011 at 15:09 (4,799 days old) by ultimafan ()        

why oh why oh why does Candy and Hoover come into a totally non-Hoover thread. Keep them out of this thread!! This is about of my favourite brands.

actually optima, there are still some machines with metal paddles, like the built in whirlpools, and I think some models may still have that drum. Out of all the italian brands, it is the best, or at least the most tolerable. What

Post# 513989 , Reply# 33   4/26/2011 at 17:19 (4,799 days old) by nrones ()        
what a behaviour...

This isn"t the first time I really wish I had power to delete all my posts and "escape" from a thread..

Since I can"t do it I must reply :(
If you read, you would have seen that actually I wasn"t the first one talking about Hoover. People here made a little digression (people do that on forum and it"s completely fine) and talked about rinses, and then I let my self reply with my experience of rinses that, which obviously made you mad, happend with Candy. Sorry because I did that, I again forgot that Candy is a forbidden theme, specially when talking positive about it.

Also as you could see that my 1st comment here was completely neutral, and only about whirlpool.

Even YOU before myself wrote about flight fiasco (that I beleve wasn"t whirlpool).

I am just sorry because you accused me of something I didn"t actually do - I didn"t "started talking about Candy in a non-Candy thread", so your reply is quite inappropriate, at least this time.


Post# 514002 , Reply# 34   4/26/2011 at 17:59 (4,799 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        

optima's profile picture
I think i have joined this site at the wrong time. Your all falling out. Hope its not my fault.

Post# 514004 , Reply# 35   4/26/2011 at 18:19 (4,799 days old) by Nrones ()        
optima, you are great

It is not because of you ofcourse!

It's just that I hate being accused of something I didn't actually doo, and also being accuzed for such a normal thing that everyone does...
Do I need to say more, when person who told me that with capitals, wrote a whole post about free flights Hoover scandal, waaaay before I mentioned it - pointless really but never mind....

Now I have a question about Whirlpools...what do you think of their toploaders, but european way..they are most sold here, so Im just curious :)

Post# 514009 , Reply# 36   4/26/2011 at 18:36 (4,799 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        

optima's profile picture
Well dex where i live here in Cumbria we dont really sell many drum action top loaders only if a customer is short on space so i carnt really give a verdict i think the top spin speed is a 1000rpm. but we do sell quite a few more american agitator ones we have lots of guest houses & hotels around here but we must point out that the usa top loaders dont have heaters built-in so they must have a good supply of hot water.

Post# 514169 , Reply# 37   4/27/2011 at 13:15 (4,798 days old) by ultimafan ()        
i owe some apologies....

I apologise if my post was offensive. I had a bit o a rough day which didn't help. I must have skimmed through the thread pretty quick so i guess my post was way off the mark. I referenced hoover as it was once linked to maytag and maytag is now with whirlpool. I have seen the threads whete war has broken out with hoover and have stayed out as it heats up quite a bit, but ive done it myself so i apologise to nrones optima and anyone else who may hhave taken offense but i think we should discuss the problems of hoover in another thread. Back to the point whirlpool have appered onthe maytag asko machines

Post# 514202 , Reply# 38   4/27/2011 at 16:53 (4,798 days old) by nrones ()        
It"s ok! :D

I have a question... since Optima mentioned that people for hotels mostly buy Whirlpool American style top-loaders (as far as I understood).

I don"t understand why do they do that - why can"t they buy normal washing machine, I don"t know much about american top loaders, but hear all the time that they are inefficient, and kinda washing worse than front loaders - I can"t guarantee it because I"ve never seen top loader action in person.
So why would hotels waste? What is a benefit of using American top-loader in such places where there are tons of laundry to wash? Do you know something about it?

thanks alot indeed,

Post# 514227 , Reply# 39   4/27/2011 at 18:43 (4,798 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        

optima's profile picture
Dex American style top loaders have very quick wash times & they can hold quite a large amount of laundry. They are ideal for towels,sheets & bulky items which is why they are a good choice for hotels & schools. Plus places like that tend to have plenty of hot water available. They dont rate very high on energy efficiency & they have a very slow spin speed of about 550rpm.

Post# 514345 , Reply# 40   4/28/2011 at 08:13 (4,798 days old) by nrones ()        
Above all

Are they reliable? Are they breaking down fast?

Also, you mentioned slow spin.. where are they drying such low-spun clothes? Maybe they are using a spinner...
And yet one more question :P What do you think about wash performance of such a quick time, and bunch of water that is dissolving detergent?


Post# 514407 , Reply# 41   4/28/2011 at 13:18 (4,797 days old) by ultimafan ()        

Top loaders are usually rugged compared to front loaders when it comes to the way they work. They do take pretty large loads, making them good for bulky towels and bedding. Not sure if this is true, but it probably has lesser balancing issues compared to putting a load of towels in a front loader, which could be washer suicide sometimes! I'm thinking back to when I visited relatives in the US a while ago, and their top loading washer was good because you could vary the load for small/medium/large, (which I'd rather have than sloppy auto-half load detectors), it had relativly short wash times, and had no fuss spinning.

I may be a bit obsessed with the microchip controlled washer with massive digital displays, but I wouldn't mind buying a simple top loader (not a horizontal axis one, as that kills the idea of having a top loader) which uses shedloads of water when I want it to, washing a large load, and less when I wash less.

I've put a link for a Whirlpool professional US top loader, it looks great and costs a mint, yet it spins at only 640rpm, plus it is G rated for energy, shocked me actually, as I thought it be at least 1000rpm. Hotpoint did some great top loader machines in its prime in the 80s-90s.


Post# 514409 , Reply# 42   4/28/2011 at 13:31 (4,797 days old) by optima (Cumbria England)        

optima's profile picture
Yes they are reliable. We delivered one today for a customer but i was a little concerned because the customer had there own water supply so when we plumbed it in i tried it out to test for any leaks. I soon realised that they had a very low water pressure supply so it is going to take forever to fill because these washer take one hell of alot of water. I think the wash performance on a scale of A TO G is about D & the energy efficiency is the very worst at G.

Post# 514421 , Reply# 43   4/28/2011 at 14:42 (4,797 days old) by nrones ()        
wash performance is bad

That is something that must be excellent on every machine.. Otherwise I don"t understand the point of buying a WASHING machine.. I would never have such machine if it has low wash performance!!

Post# 514424 , Reply# 44   4/28/2011 at 14:54 (4,797 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Not owning the machine I cannot tell you much about it but we as a family think that it is such a poor machine and it's cotton cycle takes what feels like two decades (it was timed and took 1.55mins)but our wma 63 takes 55mins. The hotpoint takes less time so that will tell you the whirlpool is obiosly not trying its hardest. Before it was a FL1012 wich was a seriosly older machine yet it washes better than another morden zanussi.

Sorry that I have not been posting, stupid pc wouldent connect to internet



Post# 514428 , Reply# 45   4/28/2011 at 15:05 (4,797 days old) by nrones ()        
You mean frontloader?

The one from the pictures you posted above?
Sorry, we just transfered a little to Whirlpool top-loaders - that Are very quick, however not washing good.
I hope one you used at least washed well in 1:55, too bad it hadn"t had a quick wash button.. It would have been nice :)

Post# 514430 , Reply# 46   4/28/2011 at 15:12 (4,797 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        
they do...

but I am affraid to say that the machine is in cumbria miles from here but digging for info in my brain says it has a 30 min quickwash with 1 wash, three rinses and 2 spins.AWFUL!!!!!!!

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