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Whirlpool Dishwasher Fill Valve Failed
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Post# 521215   5/29/2011 at 06:39 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Well I got home from work on Friday and long story short I went to dry my hands with paper towels which sit on the holder above where the dishwasher is, and my socks got wet. I freaked out and for a good reason. My 2007 Whirlpool DU1055XTSB2 was dripping out from the bottom of the door. It had not been run for 2-3 days. I opened the door and the pan was totally full of water and overflowing. The fill valve apparently got slightly stuck and was allowing the water to leak in through the fill hole until it overflowed.

Wood floors and water do not mix.

Post# 521216 , Reply# 1   5/29/2011 at 06:41 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Here is the floor about 2 hours after having a fan on it... the finish had lifted and flaked off...

Post# 521217 , Reply# 2   5/29/2011 at 06:42 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

1 day after... with dishwasher removed.

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Post# 521220 , Reply# 4   5/29/2011 at 06:47 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

I think I can get replacement flooring, this is standard size and Maple. The entire floor has to be sanded and refinished though... after 4 years of being installed. Sigh!

Post# 521221 , Reply# 5   5/29/2011 at 06:49 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

I believe some of what built up in the valve inlet contributed to it's failure. If any of you have Whirlpool or Kenmore dishwashers, the front of the valve does come off with 4 screws and you can clean out the little filter just like on a washing machine. This was after 4 years of use.

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Post# 521224 , Reply# 7   5/29/2011 at 06:56 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

New parts are on order, and I've also ordered sound insulation that goes inside the front panel and toe-kick that came on more expensive models. There is already sound insulation on the sides of the dishwasher but I have it removed in this photo. I also took the drain pump and soil sensor out from the bottom while I had access to it to clean it up - the soil sensor was kind of nasty and there was a lot of gunk inside the drain motor magnet area. I may take out the wash unit later this weekend if I get bored. Good time to service things while I have it taken out.

Overall I'm very happy with this dishwasher, it cleans very well (with Finish Tabs) but not the new Cascade (garbage!). I'd love to have a Miele Dishwasher but it's simply not in the budget right now, and especially for a $25 fill valve that failed most likely to water conditions. I'm betting a piece of sand or small piece of calcium got through the packed screen and didn't let the valve seat completely, which ended up leaking water for 2-3 days until it overflowed onto my waterproof vinyl flooring.... er wood floor... sigh.

Post# 521249 , Reply# 8   5/29/2011 at 09:15 (4,578 days old) by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        

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All these tall tub models are experiencing a high rate of this type of failure. If you can find a new valve for $25 let me know where, they are usually $60-70. It also looks like you my have a dip-tube failing in your water heater, that may be what all that white stuff is in the screen. Sorry about your floor damage, but this is why I would never put a wood floor in a kitchen, I see this type of damage several times pre week at my customers homes. I am surprised that insurance companies don't refuse to pay for floor damage to wood floors in kitchens and bathrooms. A wood floor should never be installed in a built up fashion in front of refrigerators [ even if they don't have ice-makers, they still can and do leak ] DWs and even sink cabinets.

Post# 521261 , Reply# 9   5/29/2011 at 10:47 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        


I flush out my water heater about every year, and so far I just get some calcium deposits from it. Next time I drain it, I will take out the anode to look at it's condition. The water heater is only 4 years old.

Here is a link to the part I need from - very affordable.



Post# 521276 , Reply# 10   5/29/2011 at 12:32 (4,578 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

It looks like you have a high calcium level in your water.
Be happy that you had true hardwood floors instead of that laminate stuff. If you had, you probably would be replacing the entire kitchen floor! Laminate & water definitely don't mix!

Post# 521287 , Reply# 11   5/29/2011 at 13:59 (4,578 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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The RepairClinic link lists the part number under their stock/item number, not the manuf part number.

Looked up the model DU1055XTSB2 at SearsPartsDirect, which does include the manuf part number as 8563405 @ $38.85. carries it for $20.88 (shipping $6.50).
Part # W10158387 (8563405) at
(Whirlpool part W10158387 at RepairClinic brings up the same item # 1481084 as your link) lists it for $20.86

Post# 521303 , Reply# 12   5/29/2011 at 16:06 (4,578 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        
Sand and pebbles on tap.

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How awful, I've seen this same trouble before with the WP d/w's and have heard of several LG's & others that drip water from the circulation pump seal that makes a slow-death for wood floors.  


Looks like a water softener would be a good investment once this trouble is over!  Recent water quality report in our MUD bill listed hardness at an average of 9-13 grains through the 2010 year.  The time of  year and where your water comes from (either the Missouri river, Platte River, wells, etc.) can make these numbers worse.  Sarpy County seems to have worse trouble with water as most of theirs is drawn from the Platte R. or wells, my parents in Gretna had theirs tested when they moved and it came out at 17 grains.  I had a Culligan water softener for a while that recharged whether it needed it or not and that pitiful thing used 3 bags of salt a month.  Now I have a GE softener I bought at Sam's with demand-recharge and low water & salt cycling so we only use 1/2 to 1 bag each month.  With all the vintage machines as a priority plus all the other benefits, it was a money saving investment in the long run.  I think it was around $350 or so, plus install but it looks like you're handy enough to get that done :-)

Post# 521335 , Reply# 13   5/29/2011 at 19:10 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        


A water softener is definately on the top of my list. It has been for some time because I hate descaling the shower. The hard water here is pretty bad in my opinion, and after I clean the shower with scrubbing bubbles, I have to clean it again with Lime Away to get rid of the hard water spots. I think I'm also going to switch to a braded water line on my dishwasher so I can go in every couple of years and remove the water valve to clean it out. The copper line is just a pain in the ass and I hate compression fittings. You don't even want to know how many F bombs I let off when we first moved in hooking up the refrigerator - those compresion fittings kept leaking on me I was like what the hell!

I also decided while the dishwasher is out of service waiting for parts, that I would tear it apart and clean and inspect everything. All in all it looks like it's aging very well. There was a ton of fluff and carpet fibers (no idea) stuck inside the mesh screens inside the chopper assy, and the thermistor / soil sensor and inside of the wash pack really needed a good cleaning. There seemed to be kind of a build up of grease in it, so I washed it all by hand in the sink with hot water and dawn. The dishwasher is now in the garage for testing. I have it running in service mode to make sure it does not leak anywhere.

I was extremely detailed on all gasket to tub sealing surfaces to make sure reassembly did not create any leaks. I have to say these whirlpool dishwashers are super easy to work on, and appear to be well constructed for the price point.


Post# 521337 , Reply# 14   5/29/2011 at 19:11 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Danger my ass... more like danger to my wood floor!

Post# 521339 , Reply# 15   5/29/2011 at 19:12 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

All clean

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Post# 521341 , Reply# 17   5/29/2011 at 19:14 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Cap (Yes I discharged it before tinkering)

Post# 521342 , Reply# 18   5/29/2011 at 19:16 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Thermistor (Black Tip) and Soil Sensor lower bulb and eye I guess...

Post# 521343 , Reply# 19   5/29/2011 at 19:18 (4,578 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Heater holes and wash pack sealing surfaces super clean before reinstall.

Post# 521370 , Reply# 20   5/29/2011 at 22:36 (4,577 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
I have that SAME dishwasher (white)

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Bought in April 2005. I came across this thread and it's funny because I have my water bill on the desk right beside me and it has the water quality report. I've never really known how hard the water was here in Lexington. It comes from the KY river (I think) and it says that the hardness levels leaving the water treatment plants in 2010 ranged from 52 (soft) to 450 ppm (very hard) or 3.0 to 26.3 grains per gallon....I'm thinking Lexington is on the high end of that........

Andrew.....You've taken that entire dishwasher apart. You seem to know WAY more than I do about repairing and DIY

Post# 521379 , Reply# 21   5/30/2011 at 00:20 (4,577 days old) by arbilab (Ft Worth TX (Ridglea))        

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450ppm? Try ours, 1000ppm. And I've had worse.

Apparently Euro has a different scale (pun, get it?). Guess "million" wasn't metric enough for 'em.

Post# 521380 , Reply# 22   5/30/2011 at 00:45 (4,577 days old) by A440 ()        

That's a lot of work.

You must really like this machine....


Post# 521534 , Reply# 23   5/30/2011 at 19:52 (4,577 days old) by vacfanatic ()        
Replacement Dishwasher Ordered

After I took it out to the garage and ran a few test washes, there is a leak in the vent seal that was apparent when I first took the door cover off when I took the dishwasher apart. It had a buildup of what looked like dried egg yolky substance, so I thought oh well might as well clean that assembly and the gasket. Well cleaning it made it leak LOL

That gasket is $27, but I just took it apart and put a nice bead of silicone on it, and problem fixed.

Then I noticed the bottom left of the door gasket was leaking a bit and fine mist was blowing out from the wash action, and eventually had a few drips on the outside of the bottom pan. I tried to reposition and reseat the seal, but same thing. The door seal was $17, so I put in an order for it.

I'm going to sell this repaired unit on Craigslist. The new unit should be here in a couple of weeks :)

Whirlpool Gold GU3200XTXB

Fully Integrated Dishwasher with Nylon Racks, Direct Feed Wash, Hard Food Disposer, NSF Certified Rinse, Energy Star Qualified and 57 dBA Quiet Partner IV Sound Package: Black

ENERGY STAR Qualified Dishwasher
Whirlpool Corporation is leading the charge to conserve energy and save you money. Most Whirlpool dishwashers have earned ENERGY STAR Qualification, reducing water consumption by 32 percent.

5-Level SheerClean Direct Feed Wash System
Gain extra room for more dishes by using a direct feed wash system without use of a tower. Channels water up and out of the back and top of the dishwasher to powerfully clean from five different angles.

Hard Food Disposer
Breaks down food particles. A self-cleaning filter in the wash module assures efficient cleaning, cycle after cycle.

Quiet Partner IV Sound Package
Whirlpool brand dishwashers offer many levels of quiet operation with this system of sound-reducing insulation.

Control Lock
Disables buttons on the control panel to help prevent unwanted starting or stopping the dishwasher.

Glass Xpress Cycle
Washes glassware or lightly soiled items in just 30 minutes.

NSF Certified Sani Rinse Option
Sanitizes dishes by eliminating 99.999 percent of food soil bacteria, as certified by NSF International.

Soak and Scour Option
Gently soaks, powerfully cleans and then soaks again to remove tough soils from dishes so you don't have to.

Cup Shelves
Bi-level shelves allow safe stacking of coffee mugs or can be used as stemware holders to secure your delicate glassware.

Flip Away Plate Holders
Maximize loading flexibility. The adjustable tines can stack plates, hold cereal bowls or flip completely away for large pans.

Fold-Down Tines
Cushioned tines keep dishes securely in place in the upper rack and easily adjust for flexible loading. You can easily make room for larger cups, bowls and containers by folding the tines down.

Light Item Clips
Conveniently secures lightweight items such as plastic ware and lids, so they stay put during the cycle.

Nylon Rack Coating
Durable nylon coating resists rust and prevents scratching.

More Features
Super Capacity
Direct Feed
Temperature and Soil Sensors
5 Cycles
6 Options

Post# 521538 , Reply# 24   5/30/2011 at 20:35 (4,577 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Wish I had known. I have a family member who works for Whirlpool in Greenville OH and gets an employee discount.

Post# 521548 , Reply# 25   5/30/2011 at 22:43 (4,576 days old) by vacfanatic ()        


Thanks - however I made out with it for only $375 from AJ Madison and got free shipping on the deal - no sales tax and have $100 in rebates too. MSRP for this is 699.

I of course would rather of had a Miele but I'm kind of funny when it comes to my kitchen appliances. They need to be the same brand or it bothers me. :)

I'll post more about it and her unboxing when it gets here.


Post# 521555 , Reply# 26   5/31/2011 at 00:06 (4,576 days old) by mixfinder ()        
Set up a Set for Me


You are the very first person besides myself I have met who has brand OCD.  I like all majors to be one brand (I am presently transitioning from GE to Frigidaire) my counter top appliances are all Sunbeam.  My cookware is Farberware Advantage, all the tumblers come from one set, cups all match, 36 place settings of one silverware pattern, shoes are Cole-Haan.  I can't stand mismatched table service, brands or sets.  I just feel better when everything matches.

Post# 521739 , Reply# 27   6/1/2011 at 02:03 (4,575 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
Me 2

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I'm weird about that too. Everything is Whirlpool here. Not by my choice....It's what the builder used..But I hated the dishwasher so I sold and got a new WP dishwasher when I moved in.....I think for some strange reason it would REALLY annoy me to have mismatched brands, even though it's silly when you think about it...

PS......You know what I did like the first month of living here? I was looking under the above the range microwave and unscrewed the bulb the WRONG way and it broke off into the outlet.....The light has never worked since. I was so Pissed at myself. I can't believe I did that.

Post# 521806 , Reply# 28   6/1/2011 at 12:52 (4,575 days old) by stevet (West Melbourne, FL)        
Exchanging like for like?

Andy, I am glad you were able to rehab your original machine and was sorry to see what it did to you flooring. I will always keep an eye on my Kitchenaid Clone for valve failures but our water is definitely a whole lot "softer" than yours appears to be.

But I have one observation that maybe you can set me straight on.

You have a Whirlpool machine and it is now basically about as good as the day it came out of the box and you are now replacing it with what is, essentially, the same exact machine you already have.

I am familiar with the DU1055's as they are a good mid level machine and are very popular, They have all the cycles anyone would need, but the racks leave much to be desired in my opinion. My sister's machine is the same model as yours in white and replaced a Frigidaire that came with the house back in '96. It is light years better than the Frgidaire so they are happy.

Your new machine is definitely sleek looking with the integrated controls and stainless tank. But again, except for the nicer racks, it is mechnaically identical to the 1055. Please remember that while Stainless steel is nice , and inherently quiter, it will show every bit of the lime and other minerals you have in your water regardless of how much rinse agent you use.

You can tell me to take a hike, but I think you should reinstall the 1055 and invest the money you were going to spend on the WP Gold DW on a water softening system. It will provide much greater return on investment in the long run than the dishwasher will! Not just for the dishwasher's sake, but for all your plumbing and water using appliances.

If you want the snazzy racks, then check out the machines on CL and see if you cant pick up a Kitchenaid or Kenmore which has the larger bottom rack which takes up the space in the door where the silverware rack currently goes and puts one on the right side of the bottom rack. If it has the adjustable upper racks, it will have the dual outlet feed tube that will easily replace the current one you have and provide more versatility in the upper rack.Many of the upper racks will also have the fold down shelves for the cups on the sides like the new one too.

If you do get the new machine, then save the old one for spare parts as you can expect no more life out of the new one than the old one since they are basically the same. Any part or parts you salvage from it will be worth more than anything you can sell it for on CL or Ebay. And you will find so many machines of that type and vintage from all brands. In addition, they don't command high prices so you will not recoup your time and effort's costs.

Post# 521815 , Reply# 29   6/1/2011 at 13:46 (4,575 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

I'm fully aware that I'm exchanging it for a very similarly built model. Since I have all whirlpool appliances in my kitchen, I want to keep with Whirlpool for asthetic and resale reasons if I ever sold my house. The dishwasher didn't fail because of a design issue, it's because of the water quality that plugged up and trashed the water valve. I do have plans to get a water softener this summer.

The DU1055 Needed the following parts:

New water valve
New rinse aid cap
New air vent gasket
New door seal

Provided the fact that I'd have to spend about $100 in parts, and the uneasy feeling with it having 3 spots it was leaking, I decided to use the circumstance to upgrade to a better model. I had wanted to get one of the better models some time ago that was quieter and had the stainless interior.


Post# 521818 , Reply# 30   6/1/2011 at 13:57 (4,575 days old) by mixfinder ()        
Stuck in the Outlet

Kill the power for the microwave and then one old house wife's trick it to stick a potato agaisnt the remnants of the base and unscrew it.  It never worked for me.  I catch the edge of the tin with a needle nose and then like the tin around a can of Spam keep pulling and unrolling the threads until the base comes free.  An old electrcian's trick is to rub the base of the new bulb on each side of your nose which is always oily, before re inserting the new bulb.  The amount of oil is said to keep the bulb from sticking.

Post# 521853 , Reply# 31   6/1/2011 at 18:46 (4,575 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

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Andrew-- I completely understand your desire to move on to a new machine. I had a wonderful TOL Maytag dishwasher that cleaned like a champ, but after an electrical failure in it filled my kitchen with smoke, I had it repaired (the machine had a recall on it), then promptly sold it and got a TOL LG, which is the best dishwasher I've ever owned. Unfortunately, unlike new LG washers, their dishwashers are notoriously unreliable. Mine has had 2-1/2 years of very hard use, and so far no problems, knock wood.

Anyway, I simply didn't trust the Maytag, anymore. (This was a pre-Whirlpool Maytag).

Your new Whirlpool looks great. I've always liked machines that offer an alternative to putting the silverware in the bottom rack. My LG has a cutlery/silverware rack, which leaves all that cavernous space open in the bottom rack. I had a portable Whirlpool from 1986-89 with the silverware rack in the door. It was a good dishwasher, but I didn't like the tower in the center of the bottom rack.

Let us know how you like it, and post photos when the newbie arrives. I recently steered some friends to a new Whirlpool and they love it.

Post# 521863 , Reply# 32   6/1/2011 at 19:30 (4,575 days old) by pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        

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well for me it my 5 year with my kenmore diswasher and i can say that i am very satisfy with this model and when it go i would buy the same model and my brother bought for him and is girlfriend the whirlpool dishwasher you bough and i can say he is very satisfy with it as well. Sorry if the picture is a bit blurry

Post# 521915 , Reply# 33   6/2/2011 at 04:46 (4,574 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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At least you're upgrading to the stainless interior

My next DW will have two things that my current one doesn't

1) Stainless interior
2) Fold down tines

As for hard water stains showing on the stainless interior. I think you can use Lemishine (citric acid) or white vinegar to get rid of it. But you're getting a water softener so I guess that won't be an issue

I've never had a water softener anywhere I've ever lived. Perhaps our water isn't as hard here as I think, but it is hard. I can't use tap water with my ultrasonic humidifier.....White dust EVERYWHERE.......And if I use the heated humidifier with one use there is caked on white crud on the metal part that heats the water........I honestly don't think I've ever been to anyone's house here in Lexington that has a water softener.........I wonder why? I guess they are for extreme hard water conditions only?

Oh wait. I take that back. I remember being in Greenville OH with a friend and we went to their aunt's house, she had a huge basement and she was a total HOARDER....It looked like a grocery store down there, and I remember seeing a water softener among the thousands of products.

Post# 521942 , Reply# 34   6/2/2011 at 09:00 (4,574 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

I'm excited for the new one to come. I'm going to be picking out a Water Softener this week as well. Need to do some research on them. Will probably be using potasium vs salt though.

Post# 523301 , Reply# 35   6/8/2011 at 09:14 (4,568 days old) by vacfanatic ()        
Softener Installed - Dishwasher Reordered

Well I got the water softener in, and yesterday I left work to take delivery of the dishwasher. Apparently something smashed into the front of it and tore the box open and dented / abraded the paint on the door. The delivery driver apparently is blind and thought I wouldn't notice. I refused delivery and called AJ Madison and requested a replacement ASAP, with expedited shipping.

Just my luck!

Anyway, here is to soft water - and showers are fun now, and so is washing hands!

It is made by Ecodyne, but is branded Whirlpool. 30,000 grain capacity for just under $400.

Post# 523302 , Reply# 36   6/8/2011 at 09:15 (4,568 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 523303 , Reply# 37   6/8/2011 at 09:20 (4,568 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 523879 , Reply# 38   6/11/2011 at 08:20 (4,565 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

I called AJ Madison yesterday and they shipped out a replacement Dishwasher - I hope YRC doesn't trash this one or I will be seriously pissed. :)

Anyway, the water softener is working perfectly and what a huge difference it has made. I just have to finish putting in the whole house sediment filter today and that part of the project is a wrap.

I have an extremely stressful and mind torturing job as a project manager, so I generally only work on this stuff on the weekends. My basement finishing project has been in progress for a year and a half or better now, but I'm just about finished. :)

Will post pics of the Whirlpool Dishwasher unboxing when it gets here, hopefully late this coming week.

Post# 524531 , Reply# 39   6/14/2011 at 20:30 (4,562 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

ive got an ultrasonic humidifier qnd i uset normal tap water, the tank scales up but i dont have the legendery lime scae dust issue

Post# 524532 , Reply# 40   6/14/2011 at 21:03 (4,562 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

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Andrew, you're going to love having softened water---for bathing, laundry, and automatic dishwshing. One side effect of mechanically softened water: Laundry detergents don't rinse out as well as they do in hard water. I've learned to live with a bit of suds in the final rinse. But that minor trade-off is well worth all the positives!

Sorry to hear about your bashed up dishwasher. Hopefully the next one will arrive unscathed!

Post# 524596 , Reply# 41   6/15/2011 at 05:05 (4,561 days old) by vacfanatic ()        


I already have noticed a huge difference for sure with the soft water. I took the shower head off our main shower and it was all full of green hard water scale - had to descale it with several cleanings with Lime Away, but got it all out. I still need to Lime Away the entire shower but that will be for another day. I will not miss hard water!

I also flushed out the water heater 3 or 4 times today. Also took a peek at the whole house sediment filter while the water was flowing to flush out the water heater out it's drain valve. The there is already sediment and what looks like a piece of plastic bag or maybe teflon that came in from the city supply.


Post# 524710 , Reply# 42   6/15/2011 at 16:53 (4,561 days old) by laundromat (Hilo, Hawaii)        

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I found two Sears Kenmore (made by Whirlpool ten to fifteen years ago)one black and the other white. The black one was used but in fair condition. When I connected the unicouple, no water entered the cavity but,the solinoid worked. I could here the buzz sound. I disconnected the inlet hose underneath and found this horrific gook that built up and clogged the filter screen. I used a straight screwdriver and an exacto knife to scrub and scrape the residue off. once I did that and reconnected the intake hose, it worked fine. Now, I check the intake on a month to month basis.

Post# 525701 , Reply# 43   6/20/2011 at 00:53 (4,556 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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I wonder how this stuff builds up in dishwashers with all that extreme hot water and detergent splashing and going through everything?

Interestingly enough (KNOCK ON WOOD) any place I have ever lived the dishwasher has never gone out.

Growing up (GE push to the sink dishwasher)

Grandma Whirlpool 1983 I think.....She passed away 2 years ago and now her home is rented and it's still working

Lived in Knoxville for a year and there was a Magic Chef dishwasher from 1995 to 1996 and I hated that Dishwasher, but it worked

Moved to Lex in 1996 and there was a mid 90s Kenmore, worked great. Rented another house from 1997 to 2000, another Kenmore, worked great. Another apartment from 2002 to 2004, a GE that looked to be from the 80s, worked good, no issues.

My current home a whirlpool (like Andrew's) that is still going.....though it will make a grinding sound while washing periodically, but it always goes away for a few months, then will make that grinding sound again for a bit, then it goes away.

Andrew, has your new DW arrived yet? Hopefully you won't have any issues this time.

Post# 525725 , Reply# 44   6/20/2011 at 06:28 (4,556 days old) by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        

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Mark you may have some thing floating around in the grinder area like the small plastic button or foot from a chopping board that came off in the DW. It probably won't hurt anything but if you are really curious you can open it up and check. Just don't take the whole DW apart LOl.

Post# 526133 , Reply# 45   6/21/2011 at 21:17 (4,555 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Well got the floor fixed as close as it will get for now - eventually might refinish the entire floor once the rest of it needs it. For now, it won't be too noticible unless you look for the patch.

The replacement dishwasher is coming tomorrow - the YRC driver will be a dead man if it's damaged again - I've been without a dishwasher for almost a month, and I don't hand wash dishes. LOL

Will post some unboxing photos soon :)


Post# 526135 , Reply# 46   6/21/2011 at 21:25 (4,555 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

The stain at first would not take, so I rubbed it in harder and then it ended up too dark. Oh well, I knew it wouldn't be a perfect match. At least it looks better than it did. I had to re-poly 6 rows of board out from the cabinet. The poly sheen was a perfect match.

Like I said in the future, I may end up sanding and restaining the entire floor which would give it a more even coverage obviously. It is just too much work right now for such a small area of damage. Most of this damage will be under the toe kick of the dishwasher that is black, so that will also help limit how noticible the repair is.

Post# 526346 , Reply# 47   6/22/2011 at 22:26 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Well here she is :) Running the first load in it. I'll be honest, I hate washing dishes by hand, so everything you see + about another 1/2 load that won't fit, has been sitting on the counter for the 3+ weeks. Everything was rinsed off, just not clean.

It's way quieter than my old one, and I really like the stainless interior.

1 change I see is that the detergent dispenser, it has 2 slots in it to allow the initial rinse water to get inside and start to disolve the detergent.

Post# 526347 , Reply# 48   6/22/2011 at 22:27 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 526348 , Reply# 49   6/22/2011 at 22:29 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 526350 , Reply# 50   6/22/2011 at 22:29 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 526351 , Reply# 51   6/22/2011 at 22:30 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 526352 , Reply# 52   6/22/2011 at 22:31 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 526353 , Reply# 53   6/22/2011 at 22:32 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 526354 , Reply# 54   6/22/2011 at 22:33 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 526355 , Reply# 55   6/22/2011 at 22:35 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 526357 , Reply# 56   6/22/2011 at 22:37 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Here are the 2 slots on the top side of the dispenser when the door is closed. Allows water to fill the main wash dispenser.

Post# 526358 , Reply# 57   6/22/2011 at 22:39 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Here is the last shot. Floor didn't turn out as well as I wanted, but it looks better than it did. Eventually will strip, sand, and refinish the entire kitchen floor.

Post# 526403 , Reply# 58   6/23/2011 at 06:54 (4,553 days old) by magic clean ()        

congrats on your new dishwasher. The slots in the main wash cup of the detergent dispenser; permit water to flush through in the event the lid cannot fully open. This can occur when a "mis-loaded" item blocks the lid. There is a diagram of this in the use and care.



Post# 526546 , Reply# 59   6/23/2011 at 19:13 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        


Thanks - I do enjoy it - and it seems to wash very well. Also now that I have soft water, it seems as though glasses and dishes are very smooth feeling when they come out - hard to explain I guess, but my water really sucked before!

Here are a few shots of the post wash.


Post# 526547 , Reply# 60   6/23/2011 at 19:15 (4,553 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Post# 526617 , Reply# 61   6/24/2011 at 07:43 (4,552 days old) by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        

combo52's profile picture

I would keep an eye on how well that works as it looks like it may allow the detergent to wash out too soon. I would wait for the lid to open and see if your detergent is still there. KA tried this nonsense to improve rinsing on the later KD24 machines where they removed the det disp gasket from the lid of the DD at the factory. At first we thought they had just been left off, but then they told us that it had been done on purpose to solve other washability problems they were having. Then when the inside of the DWs starting developing a white film and the dishes had the same film on them they started selling us the gaskets that they removed and suggesting that they be installed.


But in any case I would keep a good eye on the DWs performance, however now that you have soft water it will probably be much better than the last one. I hate to sound like old timer but having had a TT KA DW and a TT WPDW and a TT GE DW installed in my kitchen I will never have one again. They just don't do the job that the standard machine does. Yesterday I installed two the the standard KM ultra DWs, we buy about a dozen per month and I guess when WP stops making them I will stop selling DWs and let it be someone else's headache


The frist one we installed replaced a 12 year old hi end black MT that leaked so long after the botched attempt at the RA dispenser recall that the motor was finally ruined. Good thing the customers kitchen was on a concert slab or the floor would have been destroyed. The 2nd KM UW DW we installed replaced a 1976 KDS-18 its a little tired and will get parted out and scraped, it does have nice brushed chrome panels on it if anyone wants to go SS with thier KD 18-23 DW let me know.

Post# 526622 , Reply# 62   6/24/2011 at 09:00 (4,552 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

mark_wpduet's profile picture
Oh cool!

You finally got it! LMAO..........You didn't wash dishes for three weeks.....

It looks GREAT! I like it

Gosh, I was kind of hoping they redesigned that detergent/rinse aid dispenser. I haven't been able to use Rinse aid for the past two years because it leaks down the door...When I googled that problem a LOT of hits came up, so I thought it was a design issue. Mine didn't start leaking until year 4.

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