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Bosch New Line for 2011/2012
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Post# 537052   8/15/2011 at 03:27 (4,718 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

I have been looking around the German Bosch website today, and came across Bosch at the IFA, information for Press.
I was looking through and came across some fantastic new line of Bosch Washing Machines.
I don't know much information about them, and I am suspecting they will Launch in Germany in September, though here in the UK we will get them next April/May? They look very similar to the American Vision Line, with Hoover/Electrolux time manager display!
Let me know what you think of them, and in terms of quality they look very well built.
There are more Photos on the Link.

This photo is Model WAY32840 Washing Machine, with i-Dos.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO glenfieldmathk1's LINK

Post# 537053 , Reply# 1   8/15/2011 at 03:29 (4,718 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

This Photo is the dryer:
Model WTY88700, with Heat pump & Self cleaning condenser

Post# 537054 , Reply# 2   8/15/2011 at 03:33 (4,718 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

And now the non i-Dos washing machine:
WAY32740 (as you can see the i-Dos buttons have been replaced with Auto Stain removal)

(I wonder what the Siemens will be like)
Please post your comments on these, and opinions:)

Post# 537055 , Reply# 3   8/15/2011 at 03:35 (4,718 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

I suppose the Title of the Forum should have been 2011-2012-2013
as in the UK we may get them April/May 2012-April/May 2013!

Post# 537056 , Reply# 4   8/15/2011 at 03:42 (4,718 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        
An Attempt to copy Miele...???

... After reading Further and translating, It reads they have new Stuffed animals & Shoes cycles, and the new motor design allows for improved agitation and longer spins at full speed. Plus it comes with 10 years warranty, like Miele.
Miele also recently added stuffed animals & Shoes, plus Miele offers 10 Years Warranty!

Post# 537063 , Reply# 5   8/15/2011 at 04:39 (4,718 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
These are pretty much the same as last year's models - nothing too exiting. New display and drum LED light on both the washer and the dryer and new doors. The dryer now also has speedPerfect. A full 8kg load spun at 1000 rpm takes 170 minutes to dry using ecoPerfect - wow. But these dryers are very energy efficient indeed and have an "improved cooling system" - whatever that means. Interestingly, the manual says to actually rinse the two lint filters as part of the regular cleaning. There is also now a 45 cm dishwasher with varioSpeed, 3rd rack and longer upper (middle) rack. A second spray arm was added under the rack so they could make it longer.

Post# 537070 , Reply# 6   8/15/2011 at 06:24 (4,718 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

I have seen those dishwashers as well, and think they are wonderful! I suspect two arms is more powerfull isn't it?

Plus I have seen the new Siemens Tumble dryer on the IFA Berlin website, and it is rated A-60%! New washers are on there as well.

Post# 537101 , Reply# 7   8/15/2011 at 08:39 (4,717 days old) by aquarius8000 ()        

Now they look good!

Post# 537106 , Reply# 8   8/15/2011 at 08:52 (4,717 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

awful!! i perefer the current styling, i hope siemens stay the same :)

Post# 537119 , Reply# 9   8/15/2011 at 10:17 (4,717 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

Siemens have changed as well, Though they still look a bit more like the old ones, just a light up dial, and a new door, with no handle to open it! Plus another new display, but its much more like the older ones! The Siemens ones state IQ900, so I am suspecting the current IQ700 - the ones which you like with current styling may stay or be modified a little.

Siemens machine pictured(non iDos)
Link to IFA Berlin and Siemens Description

CLICK HERE TO GO TO glenfieldmathk1's LINK

Post# 537120 , Reply# 10   8/15/2011 at 10:20 (4,717 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

Siemens Heat Pump dryer
Just thought I would get the photo of the A-60% Dryer!

Seems to have the Dynamic wash load direction they use on the washing machines:)Maybe that's the trick to getting there A-60% (Bosch's are A-50%)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO glenfieldmathk1's LINK

Post# 537122 , Reply# 11   8/15/2011 at 10:26 (4,717 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

if i had that siemens dryer my mam would deffinantly have more bridget jones moments with it lol

Post# 537126 , Reply# 12   8/15/2011 at 11:07 (4,717 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        
Oh why's that?


Post# 537129 , Reply# 13   8/15/2011 at 11:11 (4,717 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

she is more used to a traditional timed dryer, yesterday she dident close the dryer door and she hit the start button and it bleeped and dident start so i closed teh door and then it started, she is still getting used to it :)

Post# 537132 , Reply# 14   8/15/2011 at 11:22 (4,717 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

oh right:)
Ok then.
My Mums the same with our Hotpoint VTD20, she thinks the end of cycle circle is the sensor drying circle, i have told her lots of times, but she always dopes it, then says 'the dryers not working':)
Thanks for responding:)

I would suspect these Siemens/Bosch would tell you if the door is open as they have LCD displays not LED ones:)

Post# 537137 , Reply# 15   8/15/2011 at 11:34 (4,717 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

my dryer has an lcd screen, and if the door is open and you press start it will beep twice and the numbers on the screen will flash

Post# 537138 , Reply# 16   8/15/2011 at 11:36 (4,717 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

Oh I thought the Heat pump ones had an LED Screen:) just on a orange background. Obviously I was wrong, well I think the new ones instead of flash will actually say on the screen 'Door open' or 'Door not closed'

Post# 537165 , Reply# 17   8/15/2011 at 13:50 (4,717 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
This would be the new 45cm dishwasher. The spray arm is called DuoPower - I hoped for something along the lines of AEG's oscillating spray arm but... Oh well. It also features the brushless EcoSilence Drive and takes 10 place settings.

Post# 537167 , Reply# 18   8/15/2011 at 14:11 (4,717 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

logixx's profile picture
Yes, about the new motor on the washers: it's called EcoSilence Drive with BLDC technology and inverter technology. The dryer has a better door seal and design to further prevent lint for transferring onto the load when unloading and an improved filter that is "even more gentle to the laundry".

By the way, the A-60 % must be a type: both Bosch's and Siemens' homepages say the dryers are rated at A-50%.

Post# 537168 , Reply# 19   8/15/2011 at 14:30 (4,717 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

It might be a typo!

what does BLDC mean? (Quieter, stronger)?

As for the dishwasher, that looks truly amazing, and great for space saving, small kitchens:)

As for looking at the manual for the Bosch washing machine, I am surprised the Towels cycle only allows 3.5KG. I would have thought it would have at least 5KG. Maybe they are still experimenting with that load size-I am sure 3.5KG would surely create more unbalanced spins with such a big drum.

Maybe like Miele they can perform PC updates, so they could add more programmes in future (to the More[Weitre]programmes)-that would be a good idea!

Post# 537359 , Reply# 20   8/16/2011 at 12:53 (4,716 days old) by dave886 (united kingdom)        

i like them the design, its very sleek, and it looks like its built to last but i can tell these going to cost a bomb

Post# 537405 , Reply# 21   8/16/2011 at 16:47 (4,716 days old) by ariston4life ((Dublin) Ireland)        

ariston4life's profile picture
i want that bosch washer... and ive never been that impressed with bosch but as soon as i seen the first photo of the thread i was like WOW....

Post# 537516 , Reply# 22   8/17/2011 at 08:46 (4,715 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

Bosch DW have a very large market share here. They sell much better than Miele, not only because of the more moderate price, but because the perception here is that it is much, much easier to find parts and qualified service. Americans will shy away from brands (mostly from overseas) if it's hard to find qualified service repair companies. Bosch is commonplace enough that major discounters such as Best Buy and Lowes sell Bosch DWs.

Not so for the washers. I think Lowes sells them, but they are not as common here as Bosch DWs. A previous generation of 70 cm (US sized) washers received poor reviews and did not sell very well. I also have several friends with Bosch wall ovens who HATE them (seven year old oven has needed four service calls, etc.) and regret having purchased them, but even they will be the first to say that Bosch makes superb DW. Their reputation here is that they have perfected DW technology, but their quality in other appliances is not always so outstanding. Note: their Euro sized washers here enjoy a good reputation, so you'll see them in areas like New York City, with many apartments where laundry must be in the kitchen, but Euro size is not as popular when the home has a US-sized dedicated laundry area.

Post# 537615 , Reply# 23   8/17/2011 at 15:10 (4,715 days old) by Rolls_rapide (.)        

Might mean "Brushless Direct Current" motor.

Post# 538052 , Reply# 24   8/19/2011 at 09:25 (4,713 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

@ariston4life Yes I agree with you, as soon as I seen it I was like, wow-so much better designed than the last ones:)

@PassatDoc Yes, here in the UK DW's have a larger market as well, Bosch sell more dishwasher choice than there washer choice:)
I love American style laundry, but here in the UK/EU we tend to stick with smaller models in the kitchen/Bathroom! Hence the smaller footprint, and quite large, but much smaller than US, capacity!

@Rolls_rapide I suspect so!

You can download instructions for the washing machine by typing in WAY (yes just WAY) into Bosch's instruction manual section of their website. Link below:)

CLICK HERE TO GO TO glenfieldmathk1's LINK

Post# 538070 , Reply# 25   8/19/2011 at 11:13 (4,713 days old) by lavamat_jon (UK)        

Nice to see Bosch have returned to the old fashioned instruction booklets!

Post# 538075 , Reply# 26   8/19/2011 at 11:47 (4,713 days old) by mieledani (Madrid, Spain)        

Where are these machines made?

Post# 538443 , Reply# 27   8/21/2011 at 03:51 (4,712 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

I suspect Germany!
Who Knows-though I suspect the Siemens is certainly made in Germany.

Post# 538801 , Reply# 28   8/22/2011 at 14:36 (4,710 days old) by mieledani (Madrid, Spain)        

The question is: Is it possible to buy here in Spain a Bosch or a Siemens machine made in Germany (not in Spain)?

I'm afraid that I prefer machines made in Germany!!!

Post# 539154 , Reply# 29   8/24/2011 at 04:08 (4,709 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

Good question. I don't really know, I suspect they will all be made in Spain, though Could be they are made in Germany and Imported. I know some in Germany are made in Spain-so maybe some made in Germany are sold in Spain!

Post# 540131 , Reply# 30   8/28/2011 at 11:54 (4,704 days old) by splittub (Europe)        

Do the new machines from Bosch still have a split outer tub, or are they welded like the ones in the new AEG Protex range?

Post# 540543 , Reply# 31   8/30/2011 at 03:56 (4,703 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

Well that's another good question, I suspect it is the same tub that's used in the current Logixx machines!

Post# 540546 , Reply# 32   8/30/2011 at 04:20 (4,703 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        
Further research performed

I have performed some further research into the Bosch Home professional washing machine and came across the 1600 spin model.
This was a German site and after translating the Euro into a pound, I found that the German shop is selling it for 833.52
This shows to me that they have improved quality a lot, with the current Uk logixx selling round the 600 mark!

Post# 540624 , Reply# 33   8/30/2011 at 14:52 (4,702 days old) by dascot (Scotland)        

Cost doesn't equal quality, unfortunately. Though I suspect they have some things that the current machine doesn't, it may not cost much more to build, but they can charge more and make more profit from it...

Post# 540626 , Reply# 34   8/30/2011 at 15:02 (4,702 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        


Your right, but why are they offering 10 Years parts+Labour as opposed to just 2 years?
As I said before, I think they are trying to outdo Miele!

Alright they could just charge more to make profit. But certainly going to be better quality than those High Priced Hotpoint machines.

Post# 540631 , Reply# 35   8/30/2011 at 15:20 (4,702 days old) by dascot (Scotland)        

I don't disagree. Will see when they get here what prices are and warranty is etc., as that may change between the continent and the UK...

Post# 540643 , Reply# 36   8/30/2011 at 16:17 (4,702 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

It might do.

They may not even come here to the uk, it will be a huge step from the current Logixx machines if they do!

Post# 541805 , Reply# 37   9/5/2011 at 14:14 (4,696 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        
Now they've made it to the Product pages

The washing machines & tumble dryers have now made it to the German Bosch website in the product page.
Here's a link to the 8KG Exclusive washing machine.

Plus also noticed some of the dryers have changed, with the handle on the side of the door at the side-like Siemens & the Avantixx style.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO glenfieldmathk1's LINK

Post# 541938 , Reply# 38   9/6/2011 at 03:14 (4,696 days old) by mrwash ()        

But they still have those variosoft-drums. Very bad as the holes are so sharp that they might damage the clothes. I have touched the drums multiple times and I have to say that it is much sharper than any other "care" drum that I have seen so long.

Post# 541995 , Reply# 39   9/6/2011 at 12:06 (4,695 days old) by joe_in_philly (Philadelphia, PA, USA)        

joe_in_philly's profile picture
I used google translate to read the page in English - it changed the country of manufacture from Germany to USA!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO joe_in_philly's LINK

Post# 542897 , Reply# 40   9/11/2011 at 03:23 (4,691 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

No, they are made in Germany
Even the pictures all state it.
Think that's just a fault with Google Translate-My one doesn't even work any more!

Post# 542899 , Reply# 41   9/11/2011 at 03:25 (4,691 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        

The Variosoft drum is very gentle compared to a micro hole drum.
The recent ones were better designed-holes slightly smaller.
The holes don't really put me off, as if your washing delicates-use the delicates cycle-the machine tumbles longer in the direction where everything is gentle.

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