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New Appliances from Gorenje, LG and Panasonic
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Post# 544716   9/20/2011 at 13:37 (4,681 days old) by l86810 (Southend, UK)        

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Hi Everyone!

Ive noticed a bit of an influx of new machines recently.
I think most of them came to light at IFA 2011.

I've attached links below

Post# 544717 , Reply# 1   9/20/2011 at 13:39 (4,681 days old) by l86810 (Southend, UK)        
Gorenje introduces the new WashEXPERT concept washing machin

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The WashEXPERT concept washing machine boasts unique touch control using a neat colour LCD display. The innovative electronic control module offers a totally new washing experience and truly simple washing, as it allows selecting washing modes with the simple slide of a finger across the colour display, or by logical subsequent touches of images and icons.

The main menu allows access to four washing modes: SIMPLEwash, AUTOwash, PROwash and MYwash. There’s also an additional “EXTRA” menu for stand-alone functions. This is washing simplified, allowing different approaches and customisation to washing. Best of all, it’s a simple chore anyone can handle. The user has only to select the desired image of the laundry on the display; WashEXPERT takes care of the rest.
When the SIMPLEwash tab is selected from the main menu, photos of five categories of laundry appear on the interactive colour display: cotton, wool, synthetic fibres, mixed fibres, and delicate laundry. Choose the laundry according to the fabric, and then gently tap the display to select the predominant colour of the fabric, how heavily the laundry is soiled, and how delicate it is. Then simply press the START icon.

Selecting the AUTOwash washing mode opens up a range of five different colour categories: white, bright, vivid, dark, black. After choosing the colour category, a logical series of laundry categories opens: business and casual clothes, bed clothing, underwear, overcoats, baby clothes, curtains, knitted clothing, sport clothes, delicates, work clothes and household linen. WashEXPERT then offers a washing mode appropriate for and fully tailored to each category. Choose the one that best suits the sorted laundry. Select how heavily the laundry is soiled and the type of any major stains, and press the START icon.

By customizing AUTOwash, SIMPLEwash and PROwash programs you can save any or all of them to MYwash, which stores all your favourite programs, customised to your personal needs and habits. Selected and saved washing combinations can be retrieved any time there’s a similar batch of laundry in the laundry basket. WashEXPERT – you’ll want to give it a try.


Post# 544718 , Reply# 2   9/20/2011 at 13:41 (4,681 days old) by l86810 (Southend, UK)        
New Gorenje Washing Machines for Perfect Laundry Care

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SensoCARE fully costumized washing

Four washing modes – NormalCARE, EcoCARE, TimeCARE or AllergyCARE allow optimum care for your laundry, fully adjusted to needs of the modern user. Intelligent SensorIQ technology with numerous integrated sensors that constantly monitor the washing process, makes sure the use of energy, water, and time is always optimal. Based on collected data, the intelligent SensorIQ technology automatically adjusts and optimizes the washing process according to the selected program and the type and weight of the laundry; the latter is enabled by the TotalWeight control automatic laundry weight sensor.

UltraWHITE program for Sensational Whiteness at 30°C

One notable feature in the array of different programs for special care of the laundry is the UltraWHITE program for preserving the whiteness of delicate laundry. With this program, Gorenje is among the market's pioneers in delivering completely white and shiny clothes at no more than 30°C. The UltraWHITE program is adjusted for the care of white delicate laundry like synthetics, silk, nylon, and lace, which could not withstand washing at higher temperatures. It provides excellent care at no more than 30°C, owing to more intensive tumbling rhythm and more water. Normally, white laundry washed at such low temperature would gradually take on a washed-out look and loose its white sheen. With the UltraWHITE program, however, white laundry truly stays white.

In addition to the innovative UltraWHITE program for white laundry, Gorenje's new generation washing machines offer other programs specially tailored for particular types of laundry, such as PerfectBlack, BioWash, NightWash, QuickWash, and two user-defined programs MyFavorite allowing simple adjustment by the user.

PerfectBlack – washes at 30°C using liquid gel to keep the black laundry truly black.
BioWash – intended for everyone who prefers washing their laundry the natural way, e.g. with the BioBall laundry balls or with soapnuts.
NightWash – intended for washing during the night. Its adjusted tumbling rhythm and spinning cycle make the operation more silent.
QuickWash – this program washes at 30°C in just 17 minutes.
MyFavorite – two program slots are available for user-defined programs. Define the type of laundry, washing temperature, and other desired settings, and simply save them.

OptiDrum – Ultimate Laundry Wellness

The OptiDrum provides laundry with a wellness treatment – and even better care. Innovatively designed drum interior made of stainless steel is completely adjusted to efficient motion of the laundry during the washing process. Large drum volume with a capacity of up to 9 kg allows full comfort even when washing larger amounts of laundry. Drum perforation is carefully thought out so that the size, shape, and number of holes provide lower water and power consumption. Wave-like 3D ribs gently move the laundry towards the rear of the drum and then lift it towards the top. Tilted design of the interior door glass also contributes to this process. OptiDrum ensures laundry gets the best possible care available.
In addition, there's the special StainExpert function for efficient elimination of the most common stubborn stains. The user simply has to choose one of the four offered groups of stains – fruit, coffee, wine, and organic stains – and the StainExpert delivers an effective wash. Self-cleaning SterilTub function makes sure the washing machine is always clean, that a high level of hygiene is maintained, and that laundry always has a pleasant smell. All models offer the StartDelay function to delay the start of the washing program by up to 24 hours. Moreover, some models also offer the EndTime function that allows setting the time when you wish the washing cycle to finish.


Post# 544719 , Reply# 3   9/20/2011 at 13:42 (4,681 days old) by l86810 (Southend, UK)        
LG 12kg Washing Machine

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(see link for details)


Post# 544720 , Reply# 4   9/20/2011 at 13:47 (4,681 days old) by l86810 (Southend, UK)        
Panasonic 10kg Washing Machine with StainMaster

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Panasonic Continues Revolution in Intelligent and Efficient Home Washing

With intuitive controls, innovative design and intelligent washing features, Panasonic’s new washing machine is designed around you and your lifestyle
Panasonic’s new VX3 washing machines - NA-140VX3, NA-168VX3 and NA-148VX3, to go on sale in the UK and EIRE from September 2011, push the boundaries of design innovation to provide a new way of doing your washing: with ease, while being eco-friendly and providing excellent results in every wash. The newly designed machine lets you view and control every aspect of your wash and the advanced StainMaster technology intelligently removes 23 of the most common stains. In addition, the flexible, efficient washing cycles minimise time, energy and money used for washing.

Be in control of every wash

Panasonic’s new VX3 washers are designed so that washing clothes is no longer a burden on your busy life. The advanced StainMaster technology provides 23 stain treatments to choose from to get rid of the toughest common stains – from coffee and make-up, to red wine, the washing machine does the hard work for you. A new intuitive LCD screen on the front of the machine shows the programme you are using, the time left on the cycle as well as the temperature and spin speed, putting you in total control of every wash. The screen’s error function, which shows the solution to any problem, means you’ll never need to check the instruction manual.

Save time, water, electricity and unnecessary noise

The more laundry you can fit into the washing machine, the more you can save on time, water and electricity. With a load capacity of up to 10 kg and a large 34 cm aperture, you’ll easily be able to fit an average family’s dirty clothes into just one wash with the NA-140VX3, NA-168VX3 or NA-148VX3. Pushing design innovation to it’s limits, Panasonic’s VX3 washing machine provides a quiet, efficient washing experience that fits seamlessly into your home. Powered by a brushless Inverter motor and with a silent arch wall design to absorb sound and vibrations, the machine reaches a maximum noise level of just 53dB during the wash cycle, and as low as 71dB during the spin. While in addition to a variety of wash programmes, the Eco/Speed mode allows you to save both time and money: reduce the time of your wash by 40 percent with “Speed mode”1 if you’re in a rush; or use 50 percent less energy and 30 percent less water with “Eco mode”2.

With flexibility to meet your needs

With Panasonic’s NA-140VX3, there’s no need to always use the same washing mode as you might have done before. With a large selection of easy-to-use, intelligent cycles, you’ll get the optimum wash performance to suit the situation. Choose a 15°C wash for lightly soiled cottons and linens to save energy, use modes specifically designed to take care of your fabrics including shirts, sportswear and bedding3, or pick the Rapid 15 programme which washes clothes that just need a quick rinse in 15 minutes. The washer’s 3D sensor and Perfect Sense technologies will intelligently recognise the amount of clothes in the drum, and automatically adjust the rotation speed and water required to give you the most energy-efficient and thorough wash. While with the HydroActive+ feature, the machine will shower your clothes from five directions for a rapid, and energy efficient wash.

Intelligent Living

Subodha Bhatt, Laundry Product Manager at Panasonic UK comments: “Panasonic’s design philosophy is simple – we are committed to making products for the home which are designed around both you and the environment. In our VX3 washing machines, we’ve managed to pack advanced features, innovative design and an eco-conscious philosophy into a stylish machine that will fit smartly into your home and lifestyle. It’s A+++ energy label is a guarantee that it will help minimise your home’s energy consumption, while it’s high performance design, flexibility and ease of use mean washing has never been so efficient and intuitive.”


Post# 544736 , Reply# 5   9/20/2011 at 14:51 (4,681 days old) by glenfieldmathk1 (Glenfield-Leicester-UK)        
Pansonic is simply a copy of Siemens/Bosch!

See my New Bosch/Siemens thread created some months ago!!

The Panasonic & Bosch are very similar:)
Plus Panasonic have copied Siemens Stain removal and decided its there own intelligent idea, I don't think so!!!

Still they all look good. I am wondering is the LG got an even bigger drum than before?

Well done for creating this thread!

Post# 544912 , Reply# 6   9/21/2011 at 11:24 (4,680 days old) by gorenje (Slovenia)        
I'm ashamed :-)

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Thank you Adam (l86810) for the infos.

I'm ashamed, because I didn't know about the new range of gorenje appliances. It's been a while since I last looked the gorenje home page.
Very interesting!

In fact the Panasonic washer remind a lot the Bosch/Siemens washer.


Post# 544926 , Reply# 7   9/21/2011 at 12:08 (4,680 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        

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Dont worry Ingemar, its only just changed, looks a very different range!! are we seeing the Maytag Asko influence??

CLICK HERE TO GO TO chestermikeuk's LINK

Post# 544927 , Reply# 8   9/21/2011 at 12:08 (4,680 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Gorenje Drum

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Post# 544928 , Reply# 9   9/21/2011 at 12:11 (4,680 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        
Gorenje Tumble Dryers

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Heat Pump Technology and Ionisation

CLICK HERE TO GO TO chestermikeuk's LINK

Post# 544941 , Reply# 10   9/21/2011 at 13:10 (4,680 days old) by newwave1 (Lincoln, United Kingdom)        

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Those touch screen gorenje's look gorgeous! Though now i have a new job a new LG is in order I think...unless i'm tempted to something else!!


Post# 544952 , Reply# 11   9/21/2011 at 14:16 (4,680 days old) by nrones ()        
Gorenje - "new" features

but only if we look at the brand itself. There are new things compared to their previous machines, but if we look at the general.. maybe a Sensational whiteness is the only actual new thing we can see

All other programmes already existed, they just gave them the new name.. All of other manufacturers do that too, but Gorenje seems to do that A lot. I mean when LG made a jetsystem in their washers, they made it at least spray clothes differently, than Electrolux (that is father of jetsystem), while Gorenje made exactly the same one, now you can see that there is SensorIQ (remind of something? ah yes - Siemens!), StainExpert (wow, Siemens too)..

If we look at the design throughly, we can see that the shape of the door is exactly the same as Bosch Vario Perfect (not the new one), just handle is the difference, and that apart from the dial, control panel is AEG protex (especially display).

SIMPLEwash - irony? Instead of (Cottons-40-Start), you have to (Cottons-light soil-main colour blue-not delicate-start), doesn't seem so simple to me, but what can I do...

The next thing, since gorenje is very popular here, we are getting approx. once a week their newspaper flyers.. What really annoys me, is that they are constantly making something out of nothing! I mean recently they made their machines so "special" because of a Delay Start function, the same thing goes now with OptiDrum - Ultimate Welness for laundry? just an ordinairy drum with a little curved paddles, I mean what should Miele say for a honeycomb drum, or Siemens for VarioSoft when THIS is Wellness for laundry? Miele and Siemens are space shuttle or what?

I mean generally, when you look at all this, it seems like a great machine (although I always get to like them on picture, but disappoint when I touch them), nice features, looking and everything, but I pay a huge respect to ideas and innovations - which Gorenje (when it comes to laundry only) barely make - just copy. And just because of my respect to creative people who invented Jetsystem in Electrolux, ASR in Siemens, designed the display on Protex, came up with the IQ name for Advertising, I just couldn't stay quiet. All manufacturers "copy" from each other, but not this much. (from my perspective)

Sorry if anyone feels offended/angry.


Post# 545061 , Reply# 12   9/22/2011 at 05:12 (4,680 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        

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True there are only so many features, designs & styles that you can build or style a washing machine on...for me I like Gorenje for the simple styling, robust build (in a world where you cant repair anything) and the buisness model, supporting the independant dealership and not selling their soul to the multiples and discount "Give me Away At Any Cost" Candy Hoover managed that in one fell swoop....

Gorenje design their machines still with a mechanical build and feel, and you need sturdyness and suspension to build the worlds fastest spinning front loader @ 2,000rpm

"Electrolux (that is father of Jetsystem)" NOT QUITE - that goes to Whirlpools 1950`s models, ZANUSSI developed the feature for their euro models...

If you look back at the history of patents and designs its amazing what has been before and just re-hashed for the new modern machines...

I do like the fact that many engineers I know support and own Gorenje machines because of the fact that you can get spares and can "Work" on the machines themselves when out of guarantee, and that the machines are easy to work on!! AND the fact that they give their laundry and 2yr full parts & labour guarantee and a 5yr on their TOL De-Lux models, how many other mid range machine manufacturers do that!! For me the whole package adds up!!

Post# 545080 , Reply# 13   9/22/2011 at 08:06 (4,679 days old) by nrones ()        
And, again, UK is the only country in the world...

First, my apologises to Whirlpool, I didn't knew that about 50s.

Gorenje here has the most sold washing machines (almost 40% of the market) they are like Hotpoint in UK here. They can be bought everywhere, in every store, small or big, in every part of the country, and every month there is at least 2 models that are on discount, and as I said, we're getting a lot of their ads, newsletters I just don't know what were you talking about in that part.. by the way, I hope you feel better now, when you got another chance to slag Candy off - those chances are hit these days on this forum :)

Yes, what you said about history and design is absolutely true. But every of "famous" brands (Candy, Electrolux, Miele, Bosch, Whirlpool etc) except Beko and Vestel maybe, they all given their part in something. They had something first, however I just don't know what Gorenje ever made first in washing machine industry.. If anyone can suggest something, I would be happy to get informed :D

Engineers? I respect them, but if you go in the repair service here, they all have them mostly because spare parts are cheap, however not because they're not breaking. Actually, I was in GorenjeService, because I needed some spare part for my WA583, and I found out that they had 3 serial mistakes (2 washers - 1 dryers) in past 2 years.. They were all related to bearrings (washers failed in 6 months, and dryers drums just dropped down on the floor), how could that info reach UK, when 1 in every 100 thousand households have a Gorenje washer there?

TOL models (1800-2000rpm) are different, they are made very sturdy, metal tubs, high quality etc, but that is only 3-4 models!

About the guarantee - when I was in Gorenje, an employee told me that company functionates on "low profit per unit" system, and that in all their calculations for profit per unit, they counted that every 3rd will break in the 5year gtee period. In Serbia, the law orderes that EVERY HOUSEHOLD APPLIANCE, small or big must have at LEAST 2 years guarantee, Gorenje in Serbia has 5 years(parts and labor) for all of their large appliances, and our dear, beloved "sold soul" has a 5 year parts and labor guarantee too


Post# 545127 , Reply# 14   9/22/2011 at 12:51 (4,679 days old) by gorenje (Slovenia)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 545131 , Reply# 15   9/22/2011 at 13:08 (4,679 days old) by chestermikeuk (Rainhill *Home of the RailwayTrials* Merseyside,UK)        

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Please dont assume I hate Hoover Candy with a vengeance (and I have never Slagged them off - your words) like some people have portrayed on this thread - I dont!! I`ve been advocate of them and still am, (probably one of the few who have regularly given user reports on them, I supplied all Hoover Candy appliances to one of our members who regularly has wash ins and these appliances get well well used and are (Vision 964) going stong,I have many friends who work still for them...

BUT - They did sell into the multiples at the expense of the Independants who had supported them for years, it was pile it high and sell them cheap - then when the multiples wanted a change they came running back to the independants - too late damage done -they lost a lot of ground and cheapened their machines in the process!!

I like the fact that you are energetic and passionate about products in your country, its good to discuss stuff and learn about different opinions and just in case you dont know I`ve been selling appliances 30yrs and seen a lot of changes and manufacturers come and go!! Just dont assume everyone hates you and wants to bash you and the products you like!!

Heres some Oovah old and new and a little AEG from the Penkerage bagwash!!

Post# 545148 , Reply# 16   9/22/2011 at 14:08 (4,679 days old) by nrones ()        
I don't know why

my every comment sounds like I am energetic, yelling at people (if I were talking). Maybe it's because I am not living in english speaking place, so maybe I don't have enough words, or knowledge how to make writing and you people feel that I am not about to kill someone. Maybe it's because you remember me the most from Candy explosion threads (where I truly was angry), but I really didn't mean to make people feel like I am energic, angry, (red in face) etc. So just for you to know, I didn't write that comment because obsession or fascinaton and love to Candy (the matter of fact Candy wasn't even mentioned in the first reply), it is just my personal feeling about Gorenje, and their new machines...

You know me probobly best from people who joined this thread, you so well know that I wasn't/will be in Candy just as a visitor. And if I just saw MY idea and project in any other brand, that would be a competition to mine's brands product - then I would have got very "energetic". That is the reason "I couldn't stay quiet, (and the part you didn't copy in your reply name) because of a respect to creative people at Electrolux or Siemens that created etc etc"

I love that you have 30 years of experience, and you probobly know every single year of UK market and most of products of it, however some things that are in UK for "WOW", are here normal, or ordered by law, and it does go other way around!

I was just afraid - and it turned out to be, you all think, that I think Gorenje is utter rubbish - I don't!! If you look at their machine it looks quite nice, but for my personal reasons, I respect some other things, most of people don't.
And the Sarcastic comments came, after months of every week receeving adverts (that I read thorougly) and constant making something of nothing (as the drum, or delay start function) - I mean it's advertising campagin that can always change, but I really dislike current one!

Now, those were my oppineons/resons, I don't feel like you hate me, but neither I want every time I write something negatve to turn out I am trying "to get more points" for Candy, or other stuff.

By the way - Feel free to write what part of my "review" you disagree, or where you think I wasn't right - debates are good, and I promise, I will work on my english, or whatever I need to, for you to feel I love debates, not fighting, screaming etc, I promise.


Post# 545149 , Reply# 17   9/22/2011 at 14:12 (4,679 days old) by nrones ()        
Simple WASH

Now look what I found on the intenet!
Probobly - Gorenje SimpleWASH! (of 80s) Look carefully - no buttons! The simplest machine I've ever seen, just turn the dial to desired number, and pull! :D

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