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Maytag Washer/Dryer Brochure
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Post# 551797   10/25/2011 at 12:31 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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My customer brought this brochure to me last Friday.  He states that it came with his Maytag A712 washer, and, he has never needed a repair to date.

There are 12 pages to this brochure.

Post# 551798 , Reply# 1   10/25/2011 at 12:32 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551799 , Reply# 2   10/25/2011 at 12:33 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551801 , Reply# 3   10/25/2011 at 12:33 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551802 , Reply# 4   10/25/2011 at 12:34 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551803 , Reply# 5   10/25/2011 at 12:35 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551804 , Reply# 6   10/25/2011 at 12:36 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551805 , Reply# 7   10/25/2011 at 12:36 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551806 , Reply# 8   10/25/2011 at 12:37 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551807 , Reply# 9   10/25/2011 at 12:37 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551808 , Reply# 10   10/25/2011 at 12:38 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        

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Post# 551809 , Reply# 11   10/25/2011 at 12:39 (4,646 days old) by GadgetGary (Bristol,CT)        
Back page

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Shows Maytag Full Sized stacked washer/dryer

Post# 551830 , Reply# 12   10/25/2011 at 13:43 (4,646 days old) by rp2813 (Sannazay)        

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Great brochure! A 612 or 712 washer and companion 712 dryer offer a very tempting pair of modern-ish looking machines to replace my Affinity team, which will be junk sooner rather than later.

Post# 551851 , Reply# 13   10/25/2011 at 15:21 (4,646 days old) by rapidry1000 (San Francisco)        

I also have never had a repair for my A512. I paid $499 as a floor sample.

Post# 551866 , Reply# 14   10/25/2011 at 17:35 (4,646 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

The A512 was what we had back in 1986 or so. This was the set we got rid of because we thought it was too boring. It never had any problems, but it just didn't roll clothing over fast enough for our tastes. We replaced it with a shredmore (WP) in 1993. So we gave it a chance for about 7 years or so.

Post# 551894 , Reply# 15   10/25/2011 at 20:05 (4,646 days old) by DirectDriveDave ()        


I love all the options you got on the A712!

One concern I see with the Power Fin agitator is, does the fabric softener go right into the lint filter when dispensed?

Post# 551900 , Reply# 16   10/25/2011 at 20:25 (4,646 days old) by peteski50 (New York)        

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Gary thanks for these great posts,

Post# 551908 , Reply# 17   10/25/2011 at 21:32 (4,646 days old) by scrubflex (bronx, new york)        

I have this brochure.

Post# 551913 , Reply# 18   10/25/2011 at 21:49 (4,646 days old) by mayfan69 (Brisbane Queensland Australia)        
I've got this brochure

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I had this brocure sent out from Maytag years ago, plus all subsequent brochures up to the LAT 9800 Dependable Care Series when Maytag refused to send out any more brochures!


Post# 551957 , Reply# 19   10/26/2011 at 06:24 (4,645 days old) by kenmore700bill (Lodi NJ)        

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I have the A512 Fabric-matic one speed in my home in North Jersey which I got from my cousins mother in Maryland about 10 years ago and have been using it for the past 9 years, I also have the S1000 with gas dryer electronic control panel at my shore house which I got from a customer of mine about 7 years ago and is used as daily drivers. The only thing I did was change the belts in both of them about 5 years ago, and about 2 years ago the S1000 had a small puddle on the floor which i thought was the pump and was the clamp for the Beach dispenser hose that had to be changed out... Both machines are work horses even though they are one speed machines.
The only question I have is how old are these machines?

Post# 552069 , Reply# 20   10/26/2011 at 15:53 (4,645 days old) by pulltostart (Mobile, AL)        

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Too bad these aren't still in the stores....


Not sure which is more-striking - the appliances or the model's hair style.



Post# 552071 , Reply# 21   10/26/2011 at 16:03 (4,645 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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My sister/bro-in-law have a 512 pair, included from the seller with their first house. Had a few minor repairs over the years. Last one I did, he brought it here to investigate why the belts kept coming off ... worn/broken motor pulley.

Post# 552302 , Reply# 22   10/27/2011 at 16:15 (4,644 days old) by seeitrun2006 (Commerce, GA)        
These models are 1985-1986

My wife and I married in October 1986. I bought the A512 washer and DG512 dryer brand spanking new in March 1986 prior to our marriage in October. They were in use until October 2005 when the dryer literally died on the spot. The washer died in November 2005.

These were no doubt the best washer and dryer set we ever had. Since then we have had a GE (non-filter flo) washer and GE long vent dryer. We used the GE washer for about two years. We did not like the GE washer and ended up giving it to a family in need of a washer. We bought a Whirool duet washer to replace the GE washer. The Duet is a good washer but still not as good like the Maytag was. The GE dryer is still in service going strong.

I still miss my Maytags! :(

Post# 552313 , Reply# 23   10/27/2011 at 17:51 (4,644 days old) by cehalstead (Charleston, WV)        
fabric softener

The fabric softener funneled through a center hole in bottom part of the lint filter, dumping into the center of the agitator and then into the tub without ever touching the working parts of the lint filter.

Post# 554367 , Reply# 24   11/5/2011 at 19:33 (4,635 days old) by washabear (Maryland)        

Wonderful brochure!

A bit of trivia: The model in the brochure is Kathleen Noone. She played Ellen Shepherd on All My Children and also had a role on Knot's Landing.

Post# 560261 , Reply# 25   11/29/2011 at 19:30 (4,611 days old) by fordtech ()        

Fantastic washer dryer pair. I got the 712 set in 1985 and was dumb enough to replace them with the Neptunes in 1991. I should have at least kept my wife from giving them away to my sister in law who later dumped them in a garage sale for 50 bucks... grrrr. Oh well, spilled milk, the Neptunes are excellent machines too.

Id love to find a pair like them again though. I have the service manuals I purchased for them that I never had to use and the brochures too... still reminiscinig those days.

Post# 560278 , Reply# 26   11/29/2011 at 20:34 (4,611 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Checked the models/serials on the sister's Maytags a few weeks ago. LA512 (April 1984) and LDE482 (May 1984).

Post# 560510 , Reply# 27   11/30/2011 at 22:54 (4,610 days old) by LLMaytag (Southern California)        
Beautiful Machines

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I figured this brochure was from the mid brother and his wife had either the A312 or A212 and a few years ago finally replaced idea why. I suspect they wanted a larger tub and now have a direct drive Kenmore/Whirlpool, UGH!

I'm glad I'm not the only to have noticed that hair and blouse! My word! So wholesome!

Post# 562177 , Reply# 28   12/9/2011 at 16:07 (4,601 days old) by fordtech ()        

I just noticed my reply stated that I replaced them with Neptunes in 1991, it was actually 2001. 16+ years without a repair.

Post# 685090 , Reply# 29   6/22/2013 at 14:35 (4,040 days old) by patti (California)        
Maytag A410

I have an old Maytag A410 that I bought new. I have had 30+ years of service. My repairman is suggesting replacing it with an A512. Can you tell me which machines had the sliding water level control? I really like that option.


Post# 685137 , Reply# 30   6/22/2013 at 21:54 (4,040 days old) by thefixer ()        

I have the D512 dryer. 26 years and has never needed a repair.

Post# 685142 , Reply# 31   6/22/2013 at 22:22 (4,040 days old) by wayupnorth (On a lake between Bangor and Bar Harbor, Maine)        

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My LA511 and DE410 will be 30 next year and have never cost me 1 cent in repairs in all those years. Certainly worth the extra I paid for Maytags back then.

Post# 685192 , Reply# 32   6/23/2013 at 09:33 (4,039 days old) by queeny77 (BERWYN, ILLINOIS)        

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this is the last control panel design for the helical trans,have seen some orbitals in this design also.

Post# 685317 , Reply# 33   6/24/2013 at 03:27 (4,039 days old) by alr2903 (TN)        

Beautiful brochures. Gadgetgary Thank You for posting.  Hair and clothes on the model obviously influenced by our Late Princess Diana.  The Lady in the brochure would fit right in with the "Sugarbakers" on "Designing Women".  How can you look at a vintage Maytag ad and not want at least one?  Arthur

Post# 685589 , Reply# 34   6/25/2013 at 14:45 (4,037 days old) by westie2 ()        

Just dawned on me hat the lady in the pictures is actress Kathleen Noone that was on All My Children and played Ellen Shepard Dalton. Wow brings back memories.

Post# 685591 , Reply# 35   6/25/2013 at 14:59 (4,037 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        
Kathleen Noone

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I also recognized her.

Post# 714137 , Reply# 36   11/9/2013 at 11:47 (3,900 days old) by apostoln ()        
direct connect a212

I started having a problem with my A212 in wash cycle. The unit doesn't agitate just keeps going in same direction. Spins fine though. Coupling must be good, lid switch must be good. Motor must be good and transmission too I would assume. What makes the motor reverse direction for agitation? could it be the timer control? where can I get a wiring diagram for the timer control?

Post# 714150 , Reply# 37   11/9/2013 at 12:42 (3,900 days old) by rustyspaatz ()        

Thanks for sharing these. Brings back memories.

"Not sure which is more-striking - the appliances or the model's hair style."

"Just dawned on me hat the lady in the pictures is actress Kathleen Noone "

Was she also on Knots Landing? That was my first thought. I think she was Gregs sister?

Post# 714207 , Reply# 38   11/9/2013 at 17:05 (3,900 days old) by washdaddy (Baltimore)        

Try to see if you get in touch with member "Combo52". He's been in the appliance business for years and will be able to give you the guidance you seek.

Post# 714209 , Reply# 39   11/9/2013 at 17:16 (3,900 days old) by chetlaham (United States)        
Thank You!!!!

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I remember theses so well. Brings back memories for sure. I loved collecting the Maytag brochures as they were my favorite.  

Post# 779112 , Reply# 40   8/24/2014 at 16:46 (3,612 days old) by Patti (California)        
Maytag A810

Hi Everyone,

I have an opportunity to buy a Maytag A810 washer and dryer in good condition. Can anyone give me an idea of what they are worth? Please email as I need to do something right away.


Post# 802317 , Reply# 41   1/4/2015 at 22:53 (3,479 days old) by 70series ( Connecticut.)        
Lady In Pictures

Yes, that is Kathleen Noone, who in addition to playing Ellen Shepherd on All My Children, played the role of Claudia Whittaker, Greg Sumner's scheming sister on Knot's Landing during the last three seasons.

Patti: Hope you were able to find the Maytags you wanted.

Post# 802341 , Reply# 42   1/5/2015 at 02:17 (3,479 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        
One of my teachers

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had the S1000 stacked unit with the digital controls. I bought my mother an LSG7804 in 1994 with mechanical controls and she's still using it....the only repairs it's had are a new washer timer and dryer blower fan! Even still using the same gas igniter!

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