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New washer and drywer
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Post# 559907   11/28/2011 at 11:38 (4,559 days old) by pinkge ()        

Hello Guy's,I'm new to this sight,I come from the Vccc club.I'v received a very nice email from Rob Seger,directing to your club.I need some advice on a new front loading washer and dryer set.What brand would everyone suggest.It must be a stackable.My presently pair are Frigidarie Gallery.They are 11 years old and have been very reliable,but now things are beginning to happen;slow to go into the spincycle and makes a noise the whole time.The dyer makes this squeek and thumb/boom nosie.I keep my fingers crossed each time I do laundry,hoping they make it another time.
I would like another pair of Frigidaire,but,very open to suggestions and other brands. Thanks for your help,Michael

Post# 560086 , Reply# 1   11/29/2011 at 00:53 (4,559 days old) by qualin (Canada)        
Here I am preaching again...

If you want a front loading stackable unit which will do the job and will last you a very long time, may I recommend the Speed Queen ATE50F? (If you want gas, get the ATG50F)

You'll pay a bit more for it than other manufacturers, but it'll be worth it.

To summarize the points as to why you should get one:
- Has a steel outer tub and a steel base. Other manufacturers use plastic.
- Commercial grade components you can find in Speed Queen Washers at the Laundromat
- Integrated metal baffles in both the washer and dryer, no plastic!
- 3 years parts and labor warranty on everything. That's 3x more than any other manufacturer.
- Designed to be serviced, not disposable.
- Serviceable by anyone who knows their way around a commercial washer. (Not locked into any special service channels.)
- Easy to use controls, no complicated electronics. Knobs Knobs Knobs! :)
- The washing machine is 3.3 cu.ft and the dryer is 7.0 cu.ft. That's bigger than some stackable combos. Bigger than your Frigidaires!
- One of the few washers left on the market to offer a warm rinse. Perfect for preventing your permanent press fabrics from wrinkling.
- No tub clean cycle. Doesn't need one. Everything is steel, so nothing can attract mold, mildew or bacteria.
- Delicate Cycle has a 500 RPM spin speed, Regular has 650 or 1000 RPM speed, depending on how balanced the machine is when it goes into spin. That's lower than what other manufacturers offer, but that also gives you better longevity.
- Dead quiet when washing. (My own personal experience.)
- Made in Ripon, WI which means you would be supporting American Industry (If that matters to you) and best yet, parts are easily available and obtainable.

Alliance laundry systems makes Speed Queen. All Alliance Laundry Systems does is make washers and dryers. That's it. They don't make stoves, fridges or dishwashers, they just do laundry. That must mean they're doing something right!

The only disadvantages to this would be:
- Price. Well, you get what you pay for.
- No Vibration Reduction Technology means that they work ideally on a concrete floor or a floor with a very solid surface. If it's being used on a wooden floor, you may find it to be noisy during spin.
- You may find the dryer a little high to get to if you are short. Nothing that a stool wouldn't fix though.

Whew! OK, that's my sales rant for the evening.


Post# 560092 , Reply# 2   11/29/2011 at 02:21 (4,559 days old) by mieleforever (SOUTH AFRICA)        

Hi, depending on how much you are willing to spend, i would suggest to go the Miele way, the washer and dryer can be stacked, I would go for the 7,5 kg machines with the matching dryers.

We own a pair and really nothing can compare to them.


Post# 560098 , Reply# 3   11/29/2011 at 06:16 (4,559 days old) by kenmore700bill (Lodi NJ)        

kenmore700bill's profile picture
I personally am a top loader person, my buddies from the club here in New Jersey have been trying to talk me into getting front loader machine. The set you have ( i am assuming it is the mechanical control dials)my co-worker has and it is a workhorse...What you will need to think about is that today you set that manual timer and the load of clothes are done in the 30 top 40 minutes. My Buddies NEW machine the shortest cycle I have seen on Frigidare is 60 minutes and that does not include the balancing act it needs to do before fast spins.(Digital computerized timers no mechanical ones,you can not control the machine) Another thing to concider is you can set your water level and see that small or large water level today you will wash with just wet clothes no water sloshing around. I would say just get your machines serviced spend that money and keep what you have. I personally would not go front loader today without doing my homework on them. If I had to go front loader it would be the older GE / Frigidare because of the options I have.
If I have offended you front loader lovers I apologize, and just to keep the recorsd straigt I would think twice bout buying a top loader with the electronic cycle selection knobs they have and the cycle time suspense, I understand some of them also do a balancing act before spinning...
Today I put a load into the Maytag and know within 30 minutes they will be in the dryer and have a complete wash - spin -rinse - spin...but that is another story.

Post# 560214 , Reply# 4   11/29/2011 at 14:53 (4,558 days old) by golittlesport (California)        
If you are happy with your current Frigidaire

golittlesport's profile picture
skip the Affinity line and look at their basic 3.3 machine. It is a bit larger than the machine you have and the normal cycle is 45 minutes; quick wash is 30 minutes. I have a similar model, no longer available, and have been very satisfied with its perfomance. These machines would be the same footprint as the set you have, which may be something to consider if space is tight. Many stackable front loaders are taller, wider and deeper than these Frigidaire models.

This machine does not have a heater, but has nice features for the price and can often be found on sale at the major chains.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO golittlesport's LINK

Post# 560231 , Reply# 5   11/29/2011 at 16:02 (4,558 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0500 CDT.))        
SQ or Miele

whirlykenmore78's profile picture
I would think the 2 best options would be the Speed Queen or Miele. Speed Queen simply because of it's laundromat proven tough build and simple controls. It is a commercial washer adapted to home use. Being made in the USA is also a plus. Service is always available through most home and commercial laundry machine dealers. Miele is the Mercedes-Benz of washers. They are also a very high quality machine but more complex. Cycles will be longer. An advantage for washing tough to clean loads is that the Miele has heaters and can get up to 70C. I would look at both and decide. These are expensive machines in either case but will not dissapoint and will last.

Post# 560416 , Reply# 6   11/30/2011 at 14:24 (4,557 days old) by Jsneaker ()        
IF you MUST have a front-loader...

Welcome to our club, Michael! I would recommend a Samsung front-loader(higher in height than usual and extremely fussy with spin-balancing-see my pic I have one,) or Whirlpool NEW-style Duets. They are direct-drive and fit under a counter, so they are 36"high pretty much. Go to the appliance mfr's websites! I can send you by email(if you wish) the user manual from MY Samsung WA448AAW. I don't know that this model is still available, but you could get the jist about Samsungs in general.

My cousin has Kenmore equivalents equivalent that are similar to golittlesport's link, for 6 years now with no problems. Last year I bought an Electrolux "I-Touch" washer and sent it back after a month-it was BAD! I exchanged it for the Samsung which has been reliable so far since July 2010. Smaller Miele's are WAY too expensive, but good, and forget Speed Queen front-loaders! They may be sturdy but are not worth the high expense for the very limited flexibility and cycles they don't have. I believe you would end-up frustrated with them as I was with the Electrolux! Hint: if using a FL, use the "Towels" cycle for extra water in all fills. That is my favorite cycle. Also remember, most front-loaders take about an hour or more to wash. I end up waiting over a half-hour extra for my Samsung to finish washing while the dryer's done in 35 minutes. I wouldn't buy another front-loader again designed like today's, but a Kenmore regular agitator
top-loader, but probably nothing else but Whirlpool-makes. Forgive me if I am so verbose! Good luck with your selection, and don't hesitate to contact me!


Post# 560538 , Reply# 7   12/1/2011 at 02:40 (4,557 days old) by qualin (Canada)        
To JSneaker

I thought I should just counter your response.

I own a Huebsch, which is the Canadian equivalent of Speed Queen, so I've got first hand experience owning one. It doesn't have the spin-balance problems your Samsung does, it "Just does it" regardless of what's in the tub.

The reason why these machines are so expensive is because of the quality of the components they use inside of the machines. The PDF file I'm including in the link is for Huebsch, but it's from the same manufacturer. You can vastly see a difference between the comparison between a Whirlpool FL and a Speed Queen FL. The high price is for all of the extra steel they are using inside the machines. :)

Cost shouldn't be a factor when deciding on purchasing a machine. Buying a cheaper machine now could cost one more in the long run. What one should look for is quality, durability, functionality, supportability, effectiveness and usefulness. Out of all of those things, there are very few manufacturers which come out on top.

As for their limited flexibility, Mine has only a few cycles. Regular, Permanent Press, Delicates/Bulky, Rinse and Spin and Spin Only. That's all we really need.

As far as my Huebsch is concerned, it fills up to a preset level and then as the load absorbs the water, the washer adds more to fill up to that predetermined level. There isn't a need for a separate towels cycle because it's all automatic, like it should be. :-)

Another thing you mentioned was that most front loaders take an hour or more to wash. My Huebsch does a regular load in 40 minutes. If I want an extra rinse, it takes 45 minutes. That's only 15 minutes slower than my old top loader. They don't call them "Speed Queen" for nothing. :)

I think at first the limited flexibility of the cycles is an initial turn off, but when you think about it, how many cycles do you really need anyway? A front loader is very easy on clothing, so the need to have different cycles isn't as necessary as one would need with a Top loader. For example, the Delicates cycle on my Huebsch has a noticeably shorter tumble in each direction and the pulse spin / final spin is slower. It cleans woolens without felting them. That's what we need.

My only beef with my Huebsch is that I wish it did have some kind of a setting which would allow for a high water level so I could get better cleaning action with comforters. Other than that, it still gets my comforters wet and that's good enough for me. (A friends LG had a water level so low, the center of my comforter was dry in the middle. We had to wash it again using the water+ option and that helped.)

Sorry to hear about your issues with Electrolux. My father bought one of their upright vacuums back in 1985. It's been nearly indestructible. My Mom still uses it, I recall it set my father back around $2k in mid 1980's dollars. You get what you pay for!

As for the Miele's, they are fairly expensive but I think that's because they come imported from Europe, so there are extra costs involved. I'd probably recommend the Miele W3033 washer and the T8003C, but keep in mind that these are European capacities, which means the washer has only a 2.52 cu.ft tub capacity.

The way I see it though, the Speed Queens are better value for the money over a Miele. However, if having lots of cycles is your thing, then I'd pick a Miele.

If you were going to stack Miele's, make sure that the appliance shop you buy them from can professionally install them for you so they're stacked properly.


Post# 560741 , Reply# 8   12/1/2011 at 22:53 (4,556 days old) by vacfanatic ()        
Miele Approved!

I own the Miele W3033 and T8003 vented dryer, love them both. Washer was $1999 and Dryer was $1550, so definately an investment. I've clocked just over 1,500 hours on the washer according to the service mode and zero problems. :)

Vote for Miele here! I've got a lot of washing videos demonstrating the wash action and controls of my W3033 - will do some of the dryer soon but it's not as entertaining as you can't see inside the drum when it's drying :( - check out the video link I provide below - this is a queen size thick blanket and you can see the W3033 handles it with ease, and uses more than double what most front loaders on the market today use here in the US.

*Note the ton of detergent I used was before I had a water softener - 25gpg vs 0gpg now



Post# 560776 , Reply# 9   12/2/2011 at 06:29 (4,556 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

mrb627's profile picture
Did you ever get your dryer installed? One of the reason's I avoided the Miele was because nobody was very impressed with the dryer's capacity. The salesman at the dealership said to expect to split one wash load into two dryer loads to avoid wrinkling. Seemed like a lot of extra work for the expense.

What are your impressions on the dryer?


Post# 560849 , Reply# 10   12/2/2011 at 15:37 (4,555 days old) by vacfanatic ()        
T8003 Capacity

Hi Malcolm,

Here is my take on the dryer. Per the service manuals, the capacities of the W3033 washer are 5.5kg, and the T8003 dryer is 6kg. I never cram my washer really full - I knew I was getting lower capacity machines when I decided on this set.

I normally wash with 1/2 to maybe 3/4 capacity of the washer, so I don't find that drying is an issue. Mostly I find that if you over-dry and over-load anything in any dryer it will wrinkle, as well as leave the stuff in for too long after the cycle has ended. If you see in the picture, the dryer drum is plenty big for what I would say 1/2 to 3/4 load would need. If you overload the washer, I'd expect the dryer to wrinkle a bit but so far have not had any issues. This dryer also reverse tumbles to keep things from tangling during the cycle. This is especially handy on sheets which I found rolled up into a ball in all of my other dryers.

I don't always consider purchases on reviews online or from word of mouth. (My local Miele dealer for example told me that the Miele SEB-236 has a flat belt, not cogged). Take everything with a grain of salt :) I also keep up on my laundry through the week so I don't try and cram it all in on the weekends.

I'll do a video maybe next week of a wash to dry cycle and show results of the T8003.


Post# 561021 , Reply# 11   12/3/2011 at 17:27 (4,554 days old) by pinkge ()        
Washer and dryer purchase????

Thank you,gentleman,for your advice on my hunt for new washer and dryer,and Thank you,Welcome to your club.Must say,after going to the appliance stores,Best Buy,HHGreggs and a couple mom and pop stores I'm more confused as ever.Will let all the info,sink in.Will keep you posted...Michael

Post# 562269 , Reply# 12   12/9/2011 at 23:16 (4,548 days old) by Jsneaker ()        
To Bud About Huebsch/Speed Queen

I know you highly praise your washer. I remember back in 1997 in GA with my sister, I saw my FIRST Amana front-load washer. I vowed to buy one because it looked like an "old-fashioned sort-of goody". I shortly found out early 1998 still down there, that the Amana FL's were taken off the market because of over-sudsing problems! I was so upset about that, and always asked when they would return, to no avail. I would have to try a machine like yours out first. I am skeptical as to how they do perform, and have watched videos on You Tube of them. I decided on the Samsung, because the SQ was given a very poor rating. Besides, my Samsung was the first appliance that ever cost me over 1000.00! I simply couldn't afford more, and my brother & I split the cost. I made monthly payments on an appliance for the very first time in my life! It took 10 months interest-free to pay it off. So far, it works well. If you wash about 12-15 pounds at the most, it is the ideal load size for the best performance. I can wash my full-size bedpsread, a set of full-size sheets and my mattress pad with no problem on "Towels" and they get soaking wet and clean!

Post# 562334 , Reply# 13   12/10/2011 at 03:58 (4,548 days old) by qualin (Canada)        
To Jsneaker

I love the washing performance of my Huebsch. It's considerably better than my old GE Toploader. We noticed right away how much cleaner our clothes smelled coming out of the tub and how it got out stains the GE couldn't.

I'm used to seeing the water level dance around on the inside of the glass with older traditional style front loaders and when I didn't see that, I thought something was wrong.

But, the clothes got wet and I could hear lots of splashing noises so maybe those people in Ripon, WI know a thing or two.

I really wish that Huebsch had put an adjustable water level selector on the console so I could have those 1/4 full tub washes for large bulky items. It doesn't seem to need it, but it would be nice. As well, having an extended spin switch for longer spin times would be a nice to have. It gets the items dry enough for the dryer but having iron-dry ready items straight out of the washer would be nice. Again, it doesn't need it in all honesty.. that's what the dryer is for!

The key thing was that, I've got a friend of mine with an MOL LG.. When I put in my comforter, the center of it was still dry after the wash cycle! We had to run the cycle again using the "Extra Water" option. Then it got wet.

In the case of my Huebsch, washing the same comforter, it got it wet in the center without any issues... that's a good sign in my eyes.

I'm glad you enjoy your Samsung. I'll be honest, Samsung has some absolutely great ideas when it comes to engineering machines. (Like their VRT and powerfoam technology, but the latter could be up for debate.)

Over-sudsing in front loaders is a stupid issue because it all comes down to the soap being used and the amount. I think it was an issue of poor documentation.

I believe that Pre-2008 (Not sure?) FL SQ's had the issue of using an 8 minute wash, which is ideal for a laundromat but not exactly all that ideal for domestic use. They've lengthened that to 20 minutes on the regular cycle.. that really makes all the difference.

I like how it can clean a batch of clothing in about 40 minutes, (45 with an extra rinse) which makes me wonder why other front loaders take 1-2 hours to do the same size or smaller load.

Post# 562773 , Reply# 14   12/12/2011 at 11:16 (4,545 days old) by RevvinKevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        
Cost shouldn't be a factor.... (my two cents)

revvinkevin's profile picture

Yes cost shouldn't be a factor for a quality appliance, very true, however for a lot of (most) people it is. For me to go out and drop $3500 for a Miele W & D for example, will never happen simply because I can't justify the cost. Miele's are quality appliances (I have a Miele wall oven I'm VERY happy with) however for me the limiting factors are cost, capacity and cycle time.

Speed Queen's look to be solid, quality built appliances and I would consider them if I were in the market for a new one, however there are a few things I don't care for.

First and foremost I want to be able to CANCEL (not just stop) the cycle if I need or want to. The SQ FL does not give you that option, once you start that's it.    I'd also like the ability to start the machine in the middle of the cycle if I choose, but I suppose doing a "rinse & spin" a couple times would achieve what I'm wanting to do.   However that would be annoying to have to reset it rather then let it run.

Yes you can say there are limited options for cycles, but I also agree, how many cycles do or would you actually use?   The cycle options for me are fine, but I want a little more flexability.   For example spin speed.   The info says there are 3 different spin speeds, 450, 600 & 1000.   I want to choose between those speeds for what ever cycle I use, not have it determined only by the cycle used.


I have one of the last WP built Kenmore Elite TOL steam washers and while it is loaded with a bejillion cycles, options and spin speeds, I find I only use two cycles on a regular basis and a 3rd occationally.   However I do often change the "soil level" (it adds wash time) and "spin speed" depending on what I'm washing.




= = = = = = = = =


Question on the top load Speed Queen:  Does anyone know what the "Fabric Selector" switch does on the TOL model?  How does it vary or change any given cycle?



Post# 562776 , Reply# 15   12/12/2011 at 11:56 (4,545 days old) by cehalstead (Charleston, WV)        
fabric selector switch`

the fabric selector switch lets you choose the wash and spin speeds and not have to use the ones selected by the timer dial. i wish i had known about that model when i bought my speed queen, but still, i am very happy with my machine.

Post# 562787 , Reply# 16   12/12/2011 at 12:32 (4,545 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

Hi Malcolm,

I've got the older 5KG Miele set and a Full washer load is a very full load in the dryer. It doesnt seem to affect wrinkling however at least when compared to other euro style machines. For a normal mixed load, I dont iron any more than I would for line drying, which means nice polo shirts. Everything else is foldable.

If I have to tumble dry dress shirts, I split those loads in two and dont do more than 5 at a time.

The big issue when drying a full washer load is Time, the dryers we get here are only 2400watts and all are condensor models. I think the best dry time I've ever managed is about 1.20mins plus a 30min cool down, the worst with the condensor installed in the middle of a very hot rainy summer was about 3.5 hours, that only happened a few times before I gave up on condensor drying and removed the condensor unit :)

The dryer isnt as big as what you're used to in the US, but the capacity is what the rest of the world pretty much uses without issue. Speed Queen is the only company that now sells a full size dryer in AU, all of the other brands have given up.



Post# 562800 , Reply# 17   12/12/2011 at 12:58 (4,545 days old) by vacfanatic ()        

Here is my T8003 where I'm loading in 6 pair of jeans. They all came out fine for me, no wrinkling. This machine is about 1/2 the capacity of my old LG but it's light years ahead in quality and durability. When I would first start my LG it would sound like a freight train because the rollers are garbage in it after just a year of use.

I've also got a lot of other videos of my Miele washer in use on my YouTube for reference. Don't let it's size fool you on it's abilities!

Only things that are definately not do-able in my Mieles are bed comfortors and duvets. Those have to go to the laundry mat now. (Small price to pay if you ask me!)



Post# 562951 , Reply# 18   12/13/2011 at 02:15 (4,545 days old) by qualin (Canada)        
To RevvinKevin

I feel I should correct you..

You can cancel any cycle on a SQ FL at any stage in its progress. You just move the Cycle selector to "Off" and the machine stops what it's doing and in 2 minutes, the door unlocks. (Probably a safety thing)

That's how I temper the machine for a hot 60 C wash.

Unfortunately, I find that I can't pause the cycle, only cancel it.

The manual recommends that if I want to soak my clothing, just start the regular cycle, wait until the fill stops and the agitation starts, then select "stop". To restart the cycle, just push start. :)

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