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WCD-64 Update!
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Post# 47816   10/25/2004 at 23:37 (7,109 days old) by cadman (Cedar Falls, IA)        

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Okay guys, they're home!

First question..what's the "PUSH" button do? No mention of it in the under-lid instructions. We cleaned 'em up and applied power. Neither dial lights up, so either the bulbs are burnt out, or (after a first glance) the low end didn't get lamps? As far as the dryer goes, it spins with gusto, but it's gas (wish it were electric) so I couldn't check on the heat output. I heard that conversion kits use to exist for gas/electric conversions; true? Only thing the dryer will need is a timer, the dial never moved.

The washer- didn't get water hooked up to it yet, but we were able to get it to pulse at one dial setting, and spin with two different speeds at other settings. I think I may have a little electrical work to do to make sure the water valves are opening. Beautiful enamel and neat controls : )

Post# 47817 , Reply# 1   10/25/2004 at 23:38 (7,109 days old) by cadman (Cedar Falls, IA)        

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Look at the color! This is my first pair!

Post# 47818 , Reply# 2   10/25/2004 at 23:39 (7,109 days old) by cadman (Cedar Falls, IA)        

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And the obligatory agitator shot- Does the tub remain stationary while the agitator pulses?

Post# 47822 , Reply# 3   10/25/2004 at 23:47 (7,109 days old) by zipdang (Portland, OR)        

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Beautiful set!

Post# 47825 , Reply# 4   10/25/2004 at 23:54 (7,109 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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Beautiful set - congrats on the great find! Your "Push" button is for the motor overload protector.

This dryer is going to be dedicated to gas use only but if you don't have gas to your house, you can probably convert it to LP gas input and use it with bottled gas from the grocery store like a grill. There should be a pull down latch for the top panel of the dryer - that's where the gas valve, pilot & burner are.

Have fun !!

Post# 47826 , Reply# 5   10/25/2004 at 23:57 (7,109 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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Yes - tub will/should remain stationary during pulsation. Take a look underneath - through the access panel in the rear of the machine and see if there are belts or rollers... This could be one of the first Rollermatic washers built in '64.

Post# 47837 , Reply# 6   10/26/2004 at 06:31 (7,109 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
dryer type

Trust me, unless you are in one of those rare places where electricity is cheaper than gas or natural gas is not available, you'll be glad it's a gas dryer when the bills come.

"As far as the dryer goes, it spins with gusto, but it's gas (wish it were electric)"

Post# 47839 , Reply# 7   10/26/2004 at 08:36 (7,109 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

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Hi Cory, that's a wonderful find, congratulations and thanks for the great pictures! Yes the wash tub remains stationary during wash and rinse otherwise it would throw water out and down the drain.

There is no way to convert the dryer to electric. Let us know if we can help with advice for the restoration.

Post# 47844 , Reply# 8   10/26/2004 at 09:22 (7,109 days old) by PeterH770 (Marietta, GA)        

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Just wonderful! So stately looking as a set! Congrats!

Do you guys think this is one of the first, original Jet Cone installations, or is it a replacement? I bet it is Multimatic under the hood.


Post# 47845 , Reply# 9   10/26/2004 at 10:39 (7,109 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

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My guess is that it's one of the first Rollermatics.

Post# 47846 , Reply# 10   10/26/2004 at 10:47 (7,109 days old) by golittlesport (California)        

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Beautiful set! Congratulations!

Post# 47879 , Reply# 11   10/26/2004 at 21:10 (7,108 days old) by cadman (Cedar Falls, IA)        
It's a Multimatic-

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Took a peek underneath and sure enough, two belts- Multimatic, did these normally have a jet cone like this? Or did these come along with the Rollermatics?

Great news, it works too! Both water valves function for both wash and rinse temps and it makes it all the way around the dial. I did the first load, some towels, and the thing almost walked across the floor at the start of the spindry until I rebalanced them, would this be a sign of weak suspension components or is this typical?

And the only problem with the dryer is that the pointer never moves, but the timer motor runs, guess that's why they ditched the set. I really cleaned that unit up and the controls are just mint!

Thanks a lot guys for all the compliments! Neat stuff : )

Post# 47880 , Reply# 12   10/26/2004 at 21:15 (7,108 days old) by cadman (Cedar Falls, IA)        

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Hope I'm not overloading this thread with pics...

Post# 47888 , Reply# 13   10/26/2004 at 21:43 (7,108 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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The jet-cone replaced the original pulsator found in multimatics. Friends with a WI59 did the same thing. It's beautiful!!!!! Another solid-tub Frigidaire saved!!!

Post# 47897 , Reply# 14   10/26/2004 at 23:49 (7,108 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        

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Wonderful set - how cool that the washer works too! I'm surprised there isn't an off-balance cut off, perhaps it was disabled at some point. Most Frigidaires, especially those with the Jetcone pulsator, work best with a full load. Don't be afraid to fill 'er up!

Post# 47915 , Reply# 15   10/27/2004 at 09:21 (7,108 days old) by Gyrafoam (Wytheville, VA)        

Really cool to see that console again! Mom had the Imperial with that console---a double set of push buttons as I recall. Mom's had the 3-ring agitator with the hard plastic twist-on cap (that we never put back on!). What a great find! Hope you have fun! -Steve

Post# 47921 , Reply# 16   10/27/2004 at 12:56 (7,108 days old) by davenp ()        

Totally AMAZING SET! I'm very jealous :)

What are the three knobs in the middle for? I assume temp and load size maybe? Forgive the newbie here, never seen one of these before :)


Post# 47925 , Reply# 17   10/27/2004 at 15:47 (7,107 days old) by Gyrafoam (Wytheville, VA)        
Memo to

If you enjoy seeing the clothes "Roll-over" during the wash cycle, and do not want a bunch of suds covering up your view, get some "FAB" detergent POWDER (not liquid--different formulae!). It comes in a few nice fragrances and has the advantage of creating almost NO suds at all, even if you use extra! I use it in my Frigidaire 1-18 and the "Unimatic" for that reason. Enjoy those machines! -Steve

Post# 47932 , Reply# 18   10/27/2004 at 17:45 (7,107 days old) by drmitch ()        

Beautiful set Cory, the suds look good. Any clothes in it yet? You should be very proud of these! The radarranges would look good sitting next to these also! Enjoy!

Post# 47937 , Reply# 19   10/27/2004 at 18:10 (7,107 days old) by westytoploader ()        

Great looking washer; looks like a lot of fun and very sudsy too! And what does the Multimatic tranny sound like? I've never heard one in action.

Also, check out the wide lint-chaser holes on the Deep-Action agitator as well as the different colored cones & cap!

BTW, the "PUSH" button is the motor reset switch if I'm not mistaken.

Post# 48153 , Reply# 20   10/29/2004 at 22:46 (7,105 days old) by Jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
Beautiful pre August 1964

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Cadman you washer is made before August 1964.I am pretty sure of my research so far that it was during August when everyone was on vacation the plant shut down and they converted the manufacturing machines over to Roller Matic production. My 1964 was made in late August 1964 and it is one of the first Roller Matic washers.
The Jetcone was introduced for the whole 1964 line up so that is probably an original agitator. You will be able to tell a conversion from a factory this way: When removing the Jetcone there will only be 1 nut and a plastic disk holding the Jetcone down on the shaft.
By late, very late 1964 or early 1965 they increased the size of that agitator nut to accomodate a second nut inside it that held down the pulsator directly.
Later machines and conversions always have two nuts holding the Jetcone to the shaft.
The reason was Frigidaire soon discovered one nut was not enough to prevent a brand new problem with the Jetcone -- that was Cone Hop! On the older style after a time the middle cone (light blue) would slowly chip away at the upper (dark blue) cone and then it would slam back and forth on wash. A VERY loud noise--- unmistakeable believe me! Before they had a fix Frigidaire created a quick field fix. They produced a small kit that contained a rubber gasket that could be inserted in between the two cones to stop the noise and it would hold maybe a year before Cone Hop reappeared but by then they had created the 2 nut system.

The 1964 has styling details on the panel ends that are unique to that year alone! No other Frigidaire ever had them! They have embossed speed lines on the end caps of the backsplash!

Enjoy cadman!!! Hey Send me your serial number so we can compare them!


Post# 48158 , Reply# 21   10/29/2004 at 23:38 (7,105 days old) by cadman (Cedar Falls, IA)        

cadman's profile picture
Jetcone, Wow, Impressive!

Just last night while polishing the machine up I was admiring those endcap speed lines thinking they looked very distinctive. I just went down and had a look at the metal tag on the rear. In the silver box where I'd expect a serial number there's absolutely nothing printed; is this the spot to check?

Next I took a peak under the bleach cup and noted what appeared to be a single nut looking almost like it was part of the tapered assembly directly below it. I didn't have my long extension to see if I could budge it. With the conversion, was the second nut hidden below the tapered cone covering it? This is interesting... : )

Post# 48159 , Reply# 22   10/29/2004 at 23:59 (7,105 days old) by agiflow-action ()        
True beauties

Nice machines is an understatement.I like the control panels of this particular era of Frigidaire machines.
These models i am guessing are the precursor to the upswept porcelain tops Frigidaire would use until 1970.

Post# 48160 , Reply# 23   10/30/2004 at 00:02 (7,105 days old) by partscounterman (Cortez, Colorado)        
Thanks cadman & jetcone-I'm gettin' my fix!

Back in MN, when I worked at the dealer, I took all these vintage appliances for granted-the grave yard out back held so much beauty the one became jaded-ho-hum another avacado LK, another tired out A806s, oh yeah, look at that poppy 1-18 nice old '65 WP supreme wish i had the room.
Maui, though very favorable for people, is not kind to appliances. If I saw a frigidaire set here in that gooda' shape, I'd pass out on the spot! The good thing is here everybody keeps the washer practically outside-in the garage, out on the lanai, back round the side of the house so you mostly get to see what everyone washes & dries with.
So cadmen, thanks for sharing the pics of the great Frigidaires built a month before I was born. I love the agitator shots! The dial lights up! I may start weeping!
jetcone- I love the complete history of every washer, The detailed info on the exact production dates thrills me to no end.
btw-on my bike ride back to my shop today, I went past some ones washer and the lid was up. It looked like a newer whirlpool product-probably a kirkland-signature from costco cuz that where everone shops in paradise.....Anywhoo
I noticed that it said under there "How to use your Automatic Washer" and I thought it was great that they made the distiction and didn't just say ..Washer"
So even today, you can buy a washer that tells you its an AUTOMATIC Washer.
Oops gotta go-Dennis is giving me stinkeye

Post# 48185 , Reply# 24   10/30/2004 at 15:33 (7,104 days old) by Jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
Cadman Nut Warning!!

jetcone's profile picture
The nut you are seeing is the one holding the whole assembly down. This is important. If you don't need to remove it then don't. All these 1960's Frigidaires had an achilles heel with that nut wether they were original or conversions. The problem is water and soap scale work their way up underneath and seize that nut on the agitate shaft. If you don't soak it with rust penetrant for days and days or you don't heat it hot somehow then when you go to remove it the agitate shaft will turn with the nut and break the special bearing down at the bottom of the transmission. RESULT you are throwing away the whole transmission. If yours is the Multimatic then those have very strong bearings unlike the Roller-matics and you will probably not have this problem.

You can tell what you've got easily just by looking so "if it aint broke dont fix it". The original nut goes straight down to a large flange which covers the inside bottom below the bleach cup. The new nut does the same except it bells way out before the flange because like you guessed the second nut is buried inside that big nut you see under the bleach cup. So if you look at the hex head and then past down the hex to the flange and the nut doesn't bell out then you have an orignal Jetcone agitator. Also on the agitator the original Jetcones had slits for the recirculation on the upper cone. The conversions all had huge 1 inch openings to create the "jet" action at the overflow rinse.
I just looked at your Jetcone and it is the replacment so I am guessing your machine developed Cone Hop early in its life and the whole thing was replaced. SO I will wager you will see a bell shaped nut down under your bleach cup.



Post# 48188 , Reply# 25   10/30/2004 at 15:48 (7,104 days old) by Gyrafoam (Wytheville, VA)        
Response to Westytoploader

My Mothers '64 Three-Ring was very quiet during operation PROVIDED we remembered to replace the pulsator cap! (Most of the time it could be found tossed into a giant red and white box of "Fluffy All"---used as a measuring cup.) Without the cap on, it made a wonderful splashing sound with each pulse of the pulsator---I will never forget that sound---I loved that washer-----------. -Steve

Post# 48189 , Reply# 26   10/30/2004 at 15:56 (7,104 days old) by Gyrafoam (Wytheville, VA)        
Thank you to Jetcone!

It is really nice of you to share such in depth knowledge of the history of the '64 Frigidaires! I wonder if you could weigh in on the rest of the history of the solid-tub "roller-matics". I have more than a few (I wish now I had not taken them for granted--) and I really loved them. My favorite was (I think) a '69 Imperial. It had infinite speed settings for pulsation and spin. I loved that feature because I could slow the pulsation down a bit---more like a "Unimatic"--- and get what (I thought) was better "roll-over". That machine had a little door on the console for additives and if the machine was off balance in the spin the little door would put up quite a racket rattling against the console! I would love to have that one back again!!!! Thanks again---and tell us more when you can!!!!!!!! -Steve

Post# 48190 , Reply# 27   10/30/2004 at 15:59 (7,104 days old) by Gyrafoam (Wytheville, VA)        
Correction to last post!

Third sentence begins with "I have more than---"(wishful thinking!) should read I HAD more than----"! -Steve

Post# 48222 , Reply# 28   10/31/2004 at 05:50 (7,104 days old) by Jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
Oh Steve don't tell me that

jetcone's profile picture
That Infinite control machine was a WXL model. NO ONE has ever seen one in the club except you. I have only seen the tech manual so I thought the machine was a prototype and never produced. Oh if you only had it now what a rare machine!!!

The WXL used a Hall effect sensor to sense the speed of the unit. The operator controlled the speed by turning the verticle control which actually controlled a magnetic clutch on the tranny. Stronger magnet faster wash etc. That Hall effect sensor was eventually used on GM's early electronic ignition systems to sense the speed of the engine from the shaft of the distributor. If I remember correctly on the WXL the sensor was used to maintain the speed dialed in by the operator so that the machine ran steady. Its been along time since I read that manual. I also think the High Top cabinet models had these infinite control units in them.
What I would give for one of those machines I have kept my eye peeled for 25 years for one and have never even seen parts for one.

I think they were only produced in late 68 or 1969 then Frigidaire switched to the 1-18 platform in 1970.

Do you have any pictures of her???


That had to be the rarest Frigidaire ever made is there any chance you could get it back??

Post# 48227 , Reply# 29   10/31/2004 at 07:24 (7,104 days old) by Gyrafoam (Wytheville, VA)        
Reply to Jetcone

I moved to Tampa, Fla. for a little while in 1974 (Grandmother was sick) and I sold that machine to a neighbor. I lost touch with the neighbor and when I moved back the neighbor was gone. I never saw them again. I loved that machine! It had little dials under vertical (slide) type indicators. There was a little red pointer inside and with the dial you could run the pointer up or down vertically. With the light on, the console, it looked kind of like the cockpit of the Lockheed L-1011!!! Like so many of the machines I have had (and taken for granted) I sure wish I still had it!!! I used to watch if for hours-----the only time in my life I can ever remember looking forward to wash day!! (I know, I know,--even though I love playing with the machines, I don't like to do wash--- usually letting it pile up into a mountain of clothes and running out of things before I do it!) Any way I don't have a picture of it ---the thought never occuring to me I might want to see it again-------DUH. Please continue your educational series on the machines!! Thank You!!!!!!! -Steve

Post# 48236 , Reply# 30   10/31/2004 at 08:51 (7,104 days old) by appnut (TX)        

appnut's profile picture
Hey, Steve does laundry like I do. Wait until ya run out. LOL I did see the High Top pair, in "avocado" at a late 1960s Texas State Fair in the GM Pavillion.

Post# 48307 , Reply# 31   10/31/2004 at 23:42 (7,103 days old) by gansky1 (Omaha, The Home of the TV Dinner!)        
WXN - 1968

gansky1's profile picture
There is a mechanism for that machine out in the shed that Peter and I brought back from the SD farm trip two years ago...never played with it though, I guess you could install it in a rapidry cabinet and rig up a switch for it. I might be the closest anyone ever gets to having one again.

Never seen the cabinet washer but Don S. and I saw a cabinet dryer while out hunting last year. It was in a shop and being used as a storage cabinet and TV stand.

Post# 48439 , Reply# 32   11/3/2004 at 00:20 (7,101 days old) by david (CA)        
gas frigidaire dryers!

Hi Cadman
I really love your new machines. They are beautiful. Hope you got your problem fixed. I'm not much of an appliance mechanic, but I enjoy the talk and history our knowledgable members have. Will tell you tthat your dryer is a rarity in my book. I've seen many WP, KM, Maytag, Norge dryers that were gas in people's homes, but most frigidaires were electric. Does it have a pilot or were any dryers made then using electric ignition? Supposedly my neighbor's 64 westy had electric ignition after she ashed the gas man to light it after a move across town and he discoved it was pilotless. Well, anyway congrats again. Enjoy!

Post# 48446 , Reply# 33   11/3/2004 at 06:26 (7,101 days old) by laundromat (Hilo, Hawaii)        

laundromat's profile picture
I had a WXL model in Baltimore at my cousin's house in Dundalk.The main problem was the cluth kept going bad.It also had a built in liquid detergent and liquid fabric softner dispenser on the left side of the control panel.The speed for agitation could be "tuned in" from soak or 0 PPM to about 330 PPM.The speed for spin could be "tuned in"from a slow 75 RPM to a whopping 1,010 RPM BKA Rapidry.The washer had a see through window lid and automatic electronic dispensers for liquid detergent and fabric softner located on the left side of the illuminated control panel.There was also a WXP model (HIGH FASSION) that had the same features but added a cabinet above the washer and matching dryer(DXP)I had the dryer for a few yrars and loved the design.The FRIGIDAIRE emblem on the agitator of these models was silver (aluminium).Chuck

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