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1975 Vintage Kenmores (Matching Set) for Sale in New York City
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Post# 672460   4/13/2013 at 13:29 (4,021 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        


Not my first post here, and I actually came here when I was servicing these machines for my grandparents when they were alive. Unfortunately, both have now passed away and it's time for someone else to enjoy these machines. Both are of course, Whirlpool made for Sears Kenmores.

A little background on them, which may be interesting :). I went with my grandparents to Sears in 1975 as a kid in a stroller (I'm dating myself now..LOL). I remember it well. My grandparents had just moved into their house and we were going appliance shopping. In fact, I remember getting a pretzel at the Sears snack counter, now I'm REALLY dating myself.

The time has come to clear out their house (sad....) and I thought I'd list the two machines here for everyone to see. These were the first machines I learned to how to fix myself, so they are special to me! If you're interested, drop me a line.

Washer: Now only good for parts (thanks to the tenant who tried to "fix" the machine). I sold the console on Ebay (even had a rebuilt timer in it!) There is rust in the tub. I may have some parts for it left, email me with your needs. The model # is 110.7256110.

Dryer: Natural gas model #110.77455110. This machine works great and I replaced the igniter with the upgraded kit in 2003.

If there's any interest, drop me a line and perhaps we can work something out. Obviously, the dryer has to be picked up :), and I live in one of the New York City boroughs, and yes you can park here and it's actually like the suburbs :).

I hope that someone can use these machines (or parts). I feel better that they go to someone that appreciates these machines as I have done for years! I will shed a tear when they go because they have been a part of my life forever!

Thanks and hope you enjoyed the story. I have photos if you want to e-mail me at


Post# 672463 , Reply# 1   4/13/2013 at 13:37 (4,021 days old) by RevvinKevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        

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Post# 672507 , Reply# 2   4/13/2013 at 16:31 (4,021 days old) by akronman (Akron/Cleveland Ohio)        
dating yourself

akronman's profile picture

When you were in a stroller, I already had my drivers license. That's age for you.


Post the photos right here, it's easy

Post# 672534 , Reply# 3   4/13/2013 at 17:33 (4,021 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Age Before Beauty :)


Yes, I'm sure some folks feel that way. These are "vintage" to me, and to my nephews (who are teenagers now) they are "major vintage". Nothing they've seen has dials like this.

I'm going to attempt to put some photos in the post now. Thanks....

Post# 672535 , Reply# 4   4/13/2013 at 17:34 (4,021 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        

Another picture. Check out that woodgrain :).

Post# 672536 , Reply# 5   4/13/2013 at 17:34 (4,021 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        

Model # plate...

Post# 672537 , Reply# 6   4/13/2013 at 17:36 (4,021 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        

Clean lint screen.

Post# 672540 , Reply# 7   4/13/2013 at 17:38 (4,021 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        

The next time I go over the house, I'll take some photos of the washer. Again, that unit would be good for parts.

I have the motor, lid switch and fill valve out and here at home. The rest of the machine is at my grandparents and I'll have to go and take photos of whatever someone is interested in.

Thanks and hopefully someone is interested...


Post# 672624 , Reply# 8   4/13/2013 at 23:00 (4,021 days old) by 70series ( Connecticut.)        

Wow, that's the 74 All American model. My aunt and uncle had that model dryer in gas from the Spring of 1975 until about 1992/1993. Very quiet motor on this model.

Post# 672674 , Reply# 9   4/14/2013 at 08:02 (4,020 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
All American Kenmore

70 Series:

Yes, I thought someone would like this machine. It works beautifully. And yes, the motor is very, very quiet. Well made machine. I really hate to see it go. My mother has a 1990 LG4441XWW0 (going off the top of my head on the model...) and this one is quieter.

The end of cycle buzzer even works! LOL. When I replaced the timer on their matching Kenmore washer, THAT buzzer came back to life. I sold that console after the tenants destroyed the washer. I have it up as a parts machine in a different post.

I love these old machines. They work well, they last and when you do have a problem, they are easy to fix and parts are reasonable.

Back in 2003, my family wanted to toss this and get a new one, because it stopped working. I knew better. I said, "Whoa, let me have a look". I found the original igniter had crumbled to pieces.

I bought the upgraded Whirlpool kit and for $35 and a half hour's time, I had it working again. My family was elated. LOL.

So was my grandfather---he passed away in 2012 at 101.5 years old! I was very close with my grandparents and fixing their machines was one of many things I'd do for them to save them money and keep them happy.

Hope someone can use the machine!


Post# 672687 , Reply# 10   4/14/2013 at 11:09 (4,020 days old) by chaskelljr2 (Washington, D. C.)        
The Sears Kenmore "All American" Clothes Dryer....



(Enthusiam Now Tempered)

What I saw in the picture above is the 1975 "All American" Dryer.

We got ours in January 1976. At the time, my Mom was working at Sears, and being that the Dryer was priced at $220.00 (for the Electric one, I believe), with her employee discount, the Dryer came home for $160.00. And as I previously stated, we got the Electric Mondel.

And as pictured above, ours also had a Solid-State Sensor inside the drum, had a Full-Width Door, and had the 2.5 Hour Wrinkle-Guard. The only thing it didn't have in relation to the earlier versions of this Dryer was a Drum Light.

Ours was paired with first, a 1966-67 Kenmore Model 400 (I believe) 24" 1-Speed, 1-Cycle Washer (1967-78), and then a 1976-78 Kenmore Model 70 Large Capacity Washer (2-Speeds, 4-Cycles, White Tub and White Penta-Vane Agitator with a matching White Fabric Softener Dispenser on top of it, 4 Water Levels and 3 Water Temperature Combinations, and an Off-Balance Switch/Buzzer)(1978, and when my Father retired from the Government in 1992, and they sold the house afterwards, both the Washer and Dryer were still working then, and the left the set inside the house).

Whoever took a picture of that Dryer and then scanned it up onto the site for all of us to see, I just want to say Thank You.

Now, let's see what Washer this Dryer was paired up with.


Post# 672712 , Reply# 11   4/14/2013 at 14:02 (4,020 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
The "Married Pair"


I am the poster of that dryer. It belonged to my late grandparents. They bought it new at Sears in 1975, and yes a family friend (what us Italians call an "Uncle") worked at Sears for many years, and I'm sure that's how we got it. This is a gas version.

It was paired with a 110-72562110 washer, which as I noted above was DESTROYED by the tenants (supposed "friends" of my cousin) with an attempt to "fix" it. If the Samsonite gorilla tried to fix this machine, he/she would have done a better job than this guy. I think I will post the photos for all to see. I was PEEVED when I found it in pieces like that. On the washer, I'm selling what's left of it (console and controls gone---sold on Ebay a few months ago.

The dryer works like new as you stated. Yes, I will be very, very sad to see it go, but I'd rather it GO to someone that will buy it and use it!

Thanks and I'm glad you enjoyed it....


Post# 672771 , Reply# 12   4/14/2013 at 19:40 (4,020 days old) by 70series ( Connecticut.)        

Hi Charles: I just knew I would see your post today, as I know this model dryer had special significance for you too. Like yours, my aunt's did not have the drum light either. I will say I don't ever remember a Kenmore with a quieter motor than this model.

Ponchoguy: Good luck with the sale of this dryer; it does need to be preserved. Hopefully someone in the group will grab it, as well as what is left of the washer.

Post# 672783 , Reply# 13   4/14/2013 at 20:02 (4,020 days old) by chaskelljr2 (Washington, D. C.)        
1975 Sears Kenmore "All-American" Clothes Dryer


And you were right. This model has a great significance to me. I looked at it as an Upper-Mid Priced Dryer that was available at an accessable price. Sans the Drum Light, it had all the TOL Features one could ever want in a Dryer (at that time, and even now).

And yes, even though, I didn't have access to a Lady Kenmore Dryer to test ours up against, I will agree with you and say that THAT Dryer was one of the quietest ones that I have ever used.

I think that the 1987 Sears Kenmore Model 80 that I have used with my Grandmother wasn't as quiet as our 1975 Model, and that was supposed to be a more Deluxe model.

And if you shopped for a Washer that was at the lower end of the line, you could actually have a matching pair with deluxe features for a modest outlay.

God, I miss that Dryer terribly, as I bet now, it is probably in heaven right along with my parents.

Talking about going down memory lane???


Post# 672797 , Reply# 14   4/14/2013 at 21:30 (4,020 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        

70 Series:

Yes, I hope that someone will buy it. I will feel then it will go to a good home. I don't think back then you could buy a "cheap" machine. Everything was American made, and the parts lasted. When you had a problem, parts were easy to get and of course if you knew that Whirlpool made them for Sears, you could avoid the Sears parts markup.

My parents had a 1980 Kenmore machine, which I recently sold the parts for on Ebay. My mother has a 1996 LSR7233EQ0 Whirlpool and where that's not "vintage" as much as these, it has been very good to us and it's easy to fix. I've fixed it probably 4 times since we've had it.

These older machines are very well made. What I normally do is scout discarded machines for parts. If I see them curbside, I raid them for parts.

I do hope once again that someone will buy it and put it to good use!


Post# 673002 , Reply# 15   4/15/2013 at 19:20 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Further Treats

Howdy folks,

Here are some photos of the matching washer, model #110-72562110, which as you can see had some attempted "repair" by someone that shouldn't handle tools at all (hint: wasn't me....).

I also found some of the manuals for both machines! Enjoy and I hope that someone is interested in them!


Post# 673003 , Reply# 16   4/15/2013 at 19:20 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
More Manuals...


Post# 673004 , Reply# 17   4/15/2013 at 19:22 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Yet More...


Post# 673005 , Reply# 18   4/15/2013 at 19:23 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
More, more


Post# 673006 , Reply# 19   4/15/2013 at 19:23 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Yes, there's more


Post# 673007 , Reply# 20   4/15/2013 at 19:24 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Not Done Yet..

Nope :)

Post# 673009 , Reply# 21   4/15/2013 at 19:25 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Wait there's more...

The washer....

Post# 673010 , Reply# 22   4/15/2013 at 19:26 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Not Done Yet :)

Even more....

Post# 673011 , Reply# 23   4/15/2013 at 19:27 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Hold On :)


Post# 673012 , Reply# 24   4/15/2013 at 19:29 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Not Done Yet...

This is what happens when novices that shouldn't handle tools get involved...the Samsonite gorilla could have done a better job...and for the record, I had that agitator off as recent as 2010 and it came right off with no damage or "persuasion" as the tenant attempted to do.

Post# 673013 , Reply# 25   4/15/2013 at 19:30 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Yes, more...


Post# 673015 , Reply# 26   4/15/2013 at 19:31 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Almost there


Post# 673016 , Reply# 27   4/15/2013 at 19:32 (4,019 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Hope You Enjoyed the Show :)

:) Anyone intersted in purchasing the dryer or for any parts off the washer?

Post# 676225 , Reply# 28   4/29/2013 at 11:14 (4,005 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Bump :)

Just giving this thread a bump as perhaps someone is interested and I'd like the dryer to find a good home and parts from the washer used to keep another "classic" going.....

Post# 688851 , Reply# 29   7/11/2013 at 21:52 (3,932 days old) by ponchoguy (NYC Suburbs)        
Gas Dryer Sold


The gas dryer has been sold. It will surely provide stellar service to the next owner as it did for my grandparents. It was truly a remarkable machine!

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