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Kenmore washer
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Post# 764440   6/18/2014 at 16:56 (1,823 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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a machine given to me after someone bought a house, and wanted it out of the kitchen, otherwise going to the I couldn't say no to a new toy....

its a Kenmore, ExLarge capacity, one speed, 3 levels/temps....PENTA-VANE, which does a nice job!

yet as Gordon has taught me, its doesn't have a porcelain top/lid, or a filter of any type...

the date code comes up as May 1982

oh, I wonder if I should bring it to the wash-in as show and tell!...

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Post# 764447 , Reply# 1   6/18/2014 at 17:17 (1,823 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Holy Plastic Lid Hinges...

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Post# 764497 , Reply# 2   6/18/2014 at 21:10 (1,823 days old) by Kenmoreguy64 (Charlotte, NC)        

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VERY cool washer Martin!

That is the first 22301 that I've seen. I knew they existed but have never come across one, not even on the sales floor. The most common machines from this era were the two-cycle version which had timer set temps, and the two speed three cycle model with the walnut console and white knobs.

Plastic lid hinges indeed! Maybe a dozen or so models used these from 1980 thru 1983 models. They were replaced on all production in sometime in 1984, and reverted right back to the 1950s hinges that had continued to be used in upper models.

I have lots of respect for that Penta-Vane. It is more than adequate, and the fins look neat sloshing through water when not on the highest water level!

Have fun with that machine!!


Post# 764574 , Reply# 3   6/19/2014 at 12:20 (1,822 days old) by cleanteamofny ((Monroe, New York)        
Memory Lane!

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Martin, that's the same machine we had in our kitchen growing up before I replaced it with black console Kenmore, last of the DAA before the direct drive kicked in.
Also the lint filter is mounted on the basket like the current late models DAA
Check out the pumping vane under the skirt, she wears high hills during the wash and rinse.
Baby Kenmore motor died at the age of 15 Avocado Green. :-((

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Post# 764594 , Reply# 4   6/19/2014 at 14:27 (1,822 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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Larry, I pulled the agitator out, rather clean machine for the most part, but the FILTER ring is not there, just empty holes......even Whirlpool of that time offered the manual filter

suprised for a single speed rather BOL unit, that it is ExLarge capacity....

find it odd with the design of the PentaVane that the vanes are not as large as the ones of the standard capacity straight vane....

Post# 764640 , Reply# 5   6/19/2014 at 18:36 (1,822 days old) by Kenmoreguy64 (Charlotte, NC)        
Basket mounted filter...

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The basket mounted filter, Whirlpool's passive filtration system, was not included on models until the 70/700-series in this era. This machine is a 300 series. Even two of the three 500 series two speed machines had no filter, but it was in the 500 series spot that the waterfall manual filter first showed up, historically. The three 1981 and 1982 60-series models had manual filters, even two 1981 70 series DAA models had manuals. It wasn't until the "Heavy Duty Plus" 70-series portion of the line that the basket mounted filters were offered beginning in 1982. The under-skirt filtering vanes on the agitator were added to the Penta-Vane when it changed from gold to white. All white ones had these little fins whether the machine had a filter or not.

Martin - there have been a number of BOL-ish large capacity models, there was even a 1982 large cap one knob wonder. It was the same basic machine but one cycle and no temp or level adjustments. Sears did a lot of this with their plastic panel line going back to the mid 1970s, but I don't think they sold in huge volume. None had any sort of filter until the 500 MOL models. One that was a decent seller is my 1981 200 series machine, maybe I'll have to include a picture.

As to the vanes, they could be larger if there were only three of them. I think part of the design constraints that engineers have to look at when developing an agitator is how much overall drag it puts on the drive system. Using super-tall vanes, such as in the big Roto-Swirl or the original bakelite large cap agitator, worked but it puts a huge amount of turbulence in the wash basket. I've head that the originals were also hard on gearcases since it is the same unit as used in standard tub models and thus is not made beefier in the bigger machines. Engineers apparently found that five shorter vanes did more for creating controlled circulation currents that promote rollover than three big fins did (which did more thrashing) without modifying the running gear of the machine.


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Post# 764651 , Reply# 6   6/19/2014 at 19:34 (1,822 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture are right, this PentaVane does wonders on the exlow and medium settings....but there are times when using the highest fill, that it needs a little extra kick IMHO....but thats me when it comes to these belt drives

thats one thing that I always liked about the Surgilator, especially the DoubleDuty...three heavy vanes that came all the way up to the cap....

I got to see the one JohnL has with the large capacity and the three vane bakelite....that was some serious washing.....but again, as noted, it was changed as to reduce wear on the tranny....

this is one of those machines that would benefit from a VariFlex, by changing the vanes, you could alter the wash action in a one speed machine...

this set up just seemed rare, one speed, basic cycles and options, but capacity that a family needed on a budget...

considering I only used the Normal cycle for everything, this machine would have been perfect for me back then...

I liked that designation of PermPress I and Gentle I...where it gives a single cold down rinse instead of two...

Post# 765567 , Reply# 7   6/24/2014 at 11:00 (1,817 days old) by mistereric (USA)        

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Very neat machine. I like the plastic consoles from this era.

Post# 765673 , Reply# 8   6/24/2014 at 19:23 (1,817 days old) by chaskelljr2 (Washington, D. C.)        
@ Gordon:

So, this model came in a 2-Speed/3-Cycle Configuration also??


So let's just say, if we would've gotten the Washer pictured above, but in the 2-Speed/3-Cycle version, and would've matched it up with the Dryer pictured below, then we would've gotten an almost somewhat Deluxe Pair at an Entry-Level Price.

The Panels would've ALMOST matched.



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Post# 765983 , Reply# 9   6/25/2014 at 19:56 (1,816 days old) by Kenmoreguy64 (Charlotte, NC)        

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Charles -

Yes, as you know your dryer is a 1975 model. Most of the plastic top models in 1975 didn't have an insert on the console where the dryer is woodgrain and the subject washer has the ebony decal. By 1979 however, there were several models per year that would fit your bill and "almost" match the dryer.

1979: In standard capacity, there was a 2sp, 3cy 500 series. I have one, I'll post a pic after this. There was also a 1sp, 3cy 500 large capacity that looked nearly identical to the other '79, and is about the same as Yogi's washer above except it had a manual filter. These used the 1970s print font.

1980: Standard tub 2sp 3cy 400 series with only one water level, otherwise similar to the '79 standard model. Also a large capacity 2sp 3cy 3-level three temp machine just as we're decribing. Looks identical to the 1979 standard model except water levels are ex hi, med, and ex lo whereas the standard's were hi, med, and lo.

1981: Large capacity model identical to the features in the 1980 large tub except new print font for 1981 on the console (like Martin/Yogi's) and had a manual filter. There was also a 1981 model which had the walnut console and white knobs but only one water level and no filter(bizarre model).

1982: Martin's model in a 1speed, and a 2speed otherwise identical machine but the walnut console and again, white knobs. This time with three levels. This model sold well as it was sold in catalogs for $299 when the entry black panel machines were priced at approximatley $400.

Let me go look for some pics...


Post# 765985 , Reply# 10   6/25/2014 at 19:58 (1,816 days old) by Kenmoreguy64 (Charlotte, NC)        

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This is a 1979 standard tub 500 series. Stock number is 29551 if you're curious.

Post# 765988 , Reply# 11   6/25/2014 at 20:04 (1,816 days old) by Kenmoreguy64 (Charlotte, NC)        

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Behind the 1964 Lady K dryer is a 1982 500 with the walnut console - the 2sp model. On its right is a 1981 200 series, and on its left is a 1974 2sp large capacity 200 series. Nice machine for a 200 series as it came with a porcelain top and lid, the two speeds, a manual filter, all in a 200 series. In 1976 KM redefined the series content and future 200s were nowhere near as well equipped.

Post# 765991 , Reply# 12   6/25/2014 at 20:12 (1,816 days old) by Kenmoreguy64 (Charlotte, NC)        
Shots of the 1981 200

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I figured I'd share some views of the 1981 200, and try the new photo system

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Post# 766000 , Reply# 13   6/25/2014 at 20:50 (1,816 days old) by chaskelljr2 (Washington, D. C.)        

Yep..... Sure Enough Gordon!!!

Were it me, if I still had my 1967 24" Kenmore (I guess..... Model 300 (??)), I would've went ahead, and got the Dryer in 1975 (just like my Mom actually did), but I would've eeked a couple more years out of that 1967, and then when 1979 rolled around, I would then trashed that 1967 Kenmore, and gotten the 1979 Kenmore you just mentioned.

And yep, they would've almost matched too.

I still would've opted for the 2-Speed/3-Cycle Model too.

Thanks Again, Gordon.


Post# 1023638 , Reply# 14   2/5/2019 at 08:48 by Jay1775 (Harrisburg)        
Kenmore 110.86620100 dryer and 110.81621100 any good?

Hi there all. I am going to look at a Kenmore 110.86620100 dryer and 110.81621100 washer and would like to know if they any good in terms and of reliability and functionatality? Also are there parts still out there for these dinosours? Basically the units would be used in our home for my wife and I.

I will going to look at them tomorrow and they look to be in great shape and for $100 for the set. Any pros and cons on them? I have owned some newer washers and they have not lasted no more 4-5 years. This has pushed me to look more closely towards the vintage ones that have survived the test of time.

Your comments and opinions would mean a lot to me. Also are there manuals for these?

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Post# 1023659 , Reply# 15   2/5/2019 at 13:32 by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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a nice sturdy set.....very clean, well taken cared for...

direct drive washer.....although in a 24" cabinet, large capacity....for the most part, all that is used is the Normal/CottonSturdy cycle, warm wash, cold rinse for just about every load...

yeah, parts are still available for both....

nothing fancy about them, yet, less things to go wrong....

I would probably open up the dryer and clean out all the lint build up, check the belt for cracks or wear...looks to be time dry only, no sensor drying, but you will get the hang of where to set it for every load....

and for the washer, I would switch out that agitator for a Dual Action one...some day may need a motor coupler, or a pump, that's about the most that would go wrong with one of these....

if you post the model and serial numbers, we can date those for you....

these will last you a long time....

Post# 1023672 , Reply# 16   2/5/2019 at 15:13 by Jay1775 (Harrisburg)        
Thanks Yogi for the information.

I will pick the pair up tomorrow at 1pm. I will post the serial number for both of them. At that time if you can point me in the direction of the correct belt, agitator as you recommended other parts that are good to have on standby I would gladly appreciate that.

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