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GE Partio Cart
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Post# 776075   8/7/2014 at 16:33 (2,242 days old) by bluejay (Havre de Grace, MD)        

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This is awesome and so is the pricetag.  I'd love to own one of these at some point.  The seller does indicate they will help arrange shipping, which is nice to see on eBay, since most people listing appliances don't want to bother with shipping.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO bluejay's LINK on eBay

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Post# 776082 , Reply# 1   8/7/2014 at 17:27 (2,242 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

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I would assume shipping that thing past Potato Country would not be cheap. It does look almost new but it's still sort of a novelty. It doesn't appear they have the umbrella. A 220 volt outside portable appliance scares me. 2 or 3 years ago one of these was advertised on the local Craigslist. The owner said they won it on "The Price Is Right." I know if I had that thing I'd hate to use it and get it dirty, at least the charcoal grill part.

Post# 776100 , Reply# 2   8/7/2014 at 18:58 (2,242 days old) by verizonbear (Glen Burnie )        
Is there such a thing as a 220 GFI outlet for outdoors????

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Interesting concept, precurser of the modern outdoor kitchen

Post# 776148 , Reply# 3   8/7/2014 at 23:23 (2,241 days old) by jamesclarke (Dallas, TX)        

I have one of these. I am updating the electrical.

Post# 776150 , Reply# 4   8/7/2014 at 23:30 (2,241 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
THAT is a flashback:

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I think the last time I saw one of these was around 1973 at a waterskiing trip. Someone had it in back of a truck to cook for our lot. Wow...

Post# 776151 , Reply# 5   8/7/2014 at 23:33 (2,241 days old) by bluejay (Havre de Grace, MD)        

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I realize it's kind of impractical, but I kind of want one. I would never pay that much for one though...

Post# 776154 , Reply# 6   8/7/2014 at 23:44 (2,241 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
Some set designer

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...would probably pay that much to use this in a film/TV show....they'd never find one to rent...and a rental at a couple hundred a day wouldn't be cost effective.

Post# 776159 , Reply# 7   8/8/2014 at 00:13 (2,241 days old) by bluejay (Havre de Grace, MD)        

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I'd buy one for a couple of hundred, but I would put it to use, so $1400 is WAY out of my budget.

Post# 776162 , Reply# 8   8/8/2014 at 00:37 (2,241 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
a definite pipedream...

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for anyone looking for that amount of I say, it's gonna sit and await a film set designer or a diehard collector at that price.

Post# 776164 , Reply# 9   8/8/2014 at 00:41 (2,241 days old) by bluejay (Havre de Grace, MD)        

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There have been a few of these pop up over the last few years on eBay. They usually sell for around a grand if memory serves.

Post# 776166 , Reply# 10   8/8/2014 at 00:45 (2,241 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
rather spend 2/3 less

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for a good '64 GE 40" range

Post# 776202 , Reply# 11   8/8/2014 at 04:37 (2,241 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

At how big the thing is--looks like you would have to tow it to where you want to use it with your tractor---then connect up your PTO powered tractor genset to power it!220-240V just doesn't seem practical for a portable machine like that.Be easier and cheaper just to use your grill.$1400 is just too much for something like this-its strictly a novelty.Again-just buy a grill.Guess this could also be the predescessor to the "outdoor" kitchen.

Post# 776244 , Reply# 12   8/8/2014 at 09:59 (2,241 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
YAY Another GE Partio Cart

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These are awesome outdoor cooking centers, we already have two of them, one could probably bargain with them a little as it seems to be missing the umbrella, but my first one also came without the umbrella. But when you consider what you could easily pay for an ugly new grill, even this price is a great deal.

And the PC allows you to have a large thermostatically controlled griddle, two easy to control top elements that can actually boil a large pot of water for corn, crabs, etc and two burners that keep a perfect temperature for slow cooking and keeping food warm. It also has an excellent GE oven for perfect baking, two long counter tops, with outlets for a blender for making drinks etc.

No new grill from Lowe's can do any of these things regardless of the price.

The GE PC is very easy to roll around and comes with a 50' cord so most folks can use their dryer outlet to power the PC. The unit is very well protected against rain, and since it is permanently grounded it should pose no hazard using it even in the rain while standing in wet bare feet. Yes you could get a ground fault breaker if one wanted, but I certainly will not brother for either of ours, this appliance was UL approved for use in wet environments and when you look at how it is built you can see it is safe.

John L.

Post# 776279 , Reply# 13   8/8/2014 at 13:37 (2,241 days old) by HooverWheelAway ()        

Ugh, I reaaaally want one of those someday. There was one at an estate sale a few years ago (in the middle of winter) that we should have gotten. I completely agree with everything you say, John... You really get a lot for the money, comparatively speaking. The only thing that's somewhat prohibitive would be the size of it. If you have a tiny back yard like we do, it would be a monster to store, and bring in for the winter. Ah well, someday.

I know an AW member in Seattle has one, as well... he's been posting pictures of it in use on Facebook.

Post# 776285 , Reply# 14   8/8/2014 at 14:16 (2,241 days old) by scoots (Chattanooga TN)        
I am rarely surprized ...

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But I had no idea this kind of appliance even existed. I can live without it, but I'll be thinking about it for the rest of the day.

Post# 776287 , Reply# 15   8/8/2014 at 14:28 (2,241 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

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I suppose the grill section is great for die-hard charcoal fans but here where the weather allows you to cook outside almost every day (a bit uncomfortable at 120+ degrees) gas is so much easier and more convenient. I know how wimpy most side burners are on portable grills but the built-in BBQ type usually aren't. My DCS burners are more powerful than the Thermador star units in my kitchen. The draw back is that "low" is not low enough and things can overcook and burn. I guess the wattage wouldn't be the same but one of those electric griddles would probably suffice.

The big advantage for me would be the "real" outdoor oven. I have been looking for an outdoor natural gas oven for a long time with no luck. Viking and similar brands are way too pricey. I was thinking of just buying a 24" gas stove on C-list. Something vintage with a good oven would be nice. I realize these are not intended for outdoor use but my patio is almost like another room and is not affected by the little rain we get. Does anyone have any suggestions?

I'd still love to have one of those Patio Carts. Since the casters look substantial it might be able to do double-duty as a hot dog vendor cart and pay for itself.

Post# 776302 , Reply# 16   8/8/2014 at 15:34 (2,241 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

Have always thought these were interesting adaptations of the Mark 27 range, though I can't see myself having one.

It shouldn't be any more trouble to install a 30 or 50 amp. 240 volt circuit and receptacle than it would be for a dedicated 120 volt circuit. A little more expensive due to heavier wiring, DP breaker and receptacle, but not much more for labor.

Post# 776314 , Reply# 17   8/8/2014 at 16:57 (2,241 days old) by cadman (Cedar Falls, IA)        
I must say...

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I've been tempted to drag one home. There was one being offered in Iowa a couple years back but I just couldn't align on a time to pick it up (antique store going out of business). I think if I ever did add one to the stable, a mini-garage/shed to store it in would make the most sense. Install a dedicated outlet, a small roll up door, and stash the tiki torches and lawn chairs in there and you're set for an instant patio party! : )

Post# 776369 , Reply# 18   8/9/2014 at 01:51 (2,240 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Maybe there is some thought to this thing after all.50 ft cable to reach your dryer outlet.That would be nice.The thing still looks like it could be a lot to lug in and out.But it would be good for those dedicated outdoor cooks.

Post# 777195 , Reply# 19   8/13/2014 at 21:21 (2,235 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

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Well, there were no takers so it's been relisted at $200 less...there's your 220 extension cord.

Of course you would need proper outdoor cooking attire. A tweed sport coat, cashmere sweater vest along with a shirt and tie are essential when flipping burgers on a charcoal grill. I can't tell, but that's gotta be a GE percolator.

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Post# 777198 , Reply# 20   8/13/2014 at 21:23 (2,235 days old) by bluejay (Havre de Grace, MD)        

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They don't look like they're having that much fun...maybe need to add something to the coffee. :)

Post# 777203 , Reply# 21   8/13/2014 at 21:33 (2,235 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
Movies and advertising were such a lie back then...

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I don't remember ANYBODY "dressing" for this sort of activity. And nobody I knew vacuumed her house or did the laundry in full petticoats and heels.

Post# 777209 , Reply# 22   8/13/2014 at 21:50 (2,235 days old) by bluejay (Havre de Grace, MD)        

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I know people dressed like the folks in the ad for parties; we have a bunch of old family photos from the 50s and 60s and my relatives are dressed similarly (sans Partio cart); I'm glad jeans became acceptable in the mainstream, although it's fun to hear stories of my dad's teenage years. Apparently only hoodlum teens wore them back then. Granted dad is from Maine; not sure if his experience was the norm for the country.

Post# 777235 , Reply# 23   8/14/2014 at 00:29 (2,235 days old) by jamesclarke (Dallas, TX)        

I got mine two years ago as a house warming gift to myself. Cost me $300 and it was out if Arkansas.

Post# 777265 , Reply# 24   8/14/2014 at 03:49 (2,235 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Clothes like that for an outdoor cooking party?Are you kidding-UNCOMFORTABLE as heck--HOT!!!And that loose clothing just might catch fire if it gets too close to the burners!Those people are so overdressed they look so MISERABLE!!They are not having fun!

Post# 777266 , Reply# 25   8/14/2014 at 03:51 (2,235 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

Also noticed the lamp under the unbrella-did that come with the Patio cart? Kinda neat.And the light looks sort of yellow so it won't attract bugs.

Post# 777297 , Reply# 26   8/14/2014 at 07:34 (2,235 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
Dressed For Outdoor Cooking ?

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That is a pretty funny and staged picture at the same time, they certainly are not cooking the lady on the right is even using the wrong burner for that small Wear-Ever Hallite skillet. Can you imagine someone that had a GE PC and after seeing this picture actually dressing this way when they used it for the first time, LOL.

I once ran a warranty call on a WP refrigerator and when I got to the customers home she had the brochure sitting on the counter next to the refrigerator opened up and the food in the refrigerator was arranged exactly the same way right down to the Jello in the individual desert glasses, I guess she was trying to either impress me with how well she was following the directions or thought you had to load the ref exactly like the brochure, LOL.

I do think that I have the best job in the world, every day I meet lots of great people, and I go into all kinds of really cool houses play with great dogs and best of all work on all kinds of fun appliances, I never get tired of it or dread going to work.

John L.

Post# 777469 , Reply# 27   8/15/2014 at 14:51 (2,234 days old) by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

Maybe they just returned from a night out on the town, opera, etc.

Post# 778264 , Reply# 28   8/19/2014 at 20:29 (2,230 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

twintubdexter's profile picture $995...they even have both rotisseries and the cover...looks like the original GE tongs too. I wonder how much to ship? Any owners want to wheel theirs on to the bathroom scale?

Photo looks like a Smart Car

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This post was last edited 08/19/2014 at 20:51
Post# 778271 , Reply# 29   8/19/2014 at 21:43 (2,229 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        
Reply #14

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Same idea here, Scoots.
John L. fuels the fires of desires. :-)

Post# 778309 , Reply# 30   8/20/2014 at 07:09 (2,229 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
GE PartioCart

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These are heavy, but easy to move, I would guess it is in the 300-400 pound range, a shipper like Jackie could move one of these easily as long as the truck has a lift-gate or ramp or you have 3 or 4 guys to lift on and off a PU truck.

Jason and I loaded my first one that I got in LI, NY in the back of my 94 T&C mini-van, we did unbolt the wheel assemblies so it would fit. Jon C. brought the other one down from Cape Cod on his Ford PU truck.

It is nice that it has the orignal cover, my 2nd one has the cover and umbrella the first one had neither one. You can use almost any outdoor patio umbrella with the PC. Good luck hope someone in the club gets this one, it is really a high quality well built appliance.

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