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Sunbeam CoffeeMaster C-30A
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Post# 824993   5/25/2015 at 00:09 (1,246 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        

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I've had this for years and it's used occasionally.
Of course the rubber gasket has gotten so hard that it's difficult to separate the bottom from the top. But impossible now to put the two together without hot water ect.
I've looked online for gaskets, and found
Has anyone replaced their gasket, or used this Co?
The glass tube in pic 2 is the only filter it's ever had, or that I've used?

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Post# 824994 , Reply# 1   5/25/2015 at 00:19 (1,246 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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I purchased a new gasket from Dayseal for my Cory glass vac pot. While it was more pliable than the old gasket it was too slick to make a good seal once the pot heated up. Therefore, the upper bowl wouldn't stay in place after the water had risen to the top unless I held it down. This made it difficult to make a pot of coffee. I haven't had any experience with the replacement gaskets that they sell for the Coffeemaster, maybe they work better than the Cory. As for the filter rod you have, its a Silex, and they work OK, but I like the Cory glass rod better myself. They are readily available on Ebay. I have also used the Yama filter in my Coffeemaster and they are great, you can buy these online at Sweet Maria's.

Post# 825011 , Reply# 2   5/25/2015 at 02:27 (1,246 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        
Thanks Eddie

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for the info.
Is your Cory a stove top?

Post# 825012 , Reply# 3   5/25/2015 at 02:37 (1,246 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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You're welcome Stan! Yes, my Cory is a stove top. I personally like the Coffeemaster C30A better. Its way easier to use.

Post# 825013 , Reply# 4   5/25/2015 at 02:37 (1,246 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        
I've Bought The Coffeemaster Seals from Dayseal

The first one lasted about a year. Good fit, but a little softer than the original.
What happened about a year later was it started to deform. Eventually it wouldn't hold the seal. Dayseal said that my Coffeemaster was too hot and sent me instructions about how to turn the heat down on it during brewing. I just moved on to a Cory Glass pot and never fooled with the Coffeemaster again. The Cory pot is much easier to clean and can be thrown in the dishwasher.

Post# 825014 , Reply# 5   5/25/2015 at 02:45 (1,246 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        
Wonder if

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I tried sanding mine down a little?

Post# 825042 , Reply# 6   5/25/2015 at 08:01 (1,246 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

I've heard soaking in glycerine and warm water wil soften it up too. I remember my orginal seal transfered a rubbery taste to the water. That's why I replaced it.

Post# 825114 , Reply# 7   5/25/2015 at 17:30 (1,246 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

A real Coffeemaster filter makes much clearer coffee than the glass filter. If you go doing anything about replacing the filter, remember that there is a stainless steel spring in it with fins that fit down into channels in between the inner and outer folds of rubber so don't throw that away. One day you might find a good gasket and you would need the spring to make it work.

Post# 825148 , Reply# 8   5/25/2015 at 20:09 (1,245 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        

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This is the only filter I've ever had, so I'm not sure what you mean?
Do you have a pic?
If I put hot water in the existing gasket, I can put it together. After brewing while hot, it come apart easy enough.
Ordered a new gasket from Dayseal, We'l see!

Post# 825151 , Reply# 9   5/25/2015 at 20:20 (1,245 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

Do a Google search for Coffeemaster filter. It was a disc of fine stainless steel wire with 180 wires per inch.

Post# 825154 , Reply# 10   5/25/2015 at 20:46 (1,245 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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Try ebay for Coffeemaster filters. I've purchased all of the the ones I've ever used on ebay. If you get the filter frame for the cloth filter you can use a small french press filter in place of the filter clothes, which are difficult at best to find. If you desire a clearer brew than the french press filter alone provides, place a 3" paper coffee filter on top of the french press mesh. I personally prefer using the mesh without the paper as I don't care for the flavor imparted by paper. It is true as Tom said, you get a clearer brew with the cloth filter, but you can't beat the ease of cleanup when you use a Cory glass rod, the New Cory filter rod is the best, also check out ebay for these. They filter much better than the Silex glass rod, I've used both and the Cory is better. In fact, in my experience I've noticed less sediment in the finshed brew using the Cory rod as opposed to the mesh filter alone. It's fun to experiment using all the options until you find the one you like best. Also, keep in mind that if you do use the cloth filter you have to clean it after each use, and don't use soap or detergent, it will adversely effect the flavor of your coffee. When I used the cloth filter for a while, I would rinse it out throughly, then place it in a small jar of water in the refrigerator. Once a week boil it in water with baking soda, the rinse well. It's a hassle! Hence the glass rod, LOL. BTW, if you can get the top bowl off when the pot is hot, I'd just contiue to use it this way, after all you have to take the top bowl off before you can pour the coffee anyway, and presumably you would be doing this while the pot is hot, so save the $, and spend them on getting a filter set up that you like.

Post# 825165 , Reply# 11   5/25/2015 at 22:38 (1,245 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        

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Eddie and Tom for the info and advice with this.
I've thought the same thing Eddie about leaving well enough alone. What I've been doing is..
After use, I clean, and get the gasket hot enough for me to get it together with the glass rod I have in place. And it's stored that way. When I'm ready to use, it's too hard to get apart, so I measure out the amount of water and pour it down the top, making sure it runs down to the bottom, then I put the grounds in the top, plug in and go.
Of course when it hot it comes apart. Its when it cold that I fight to pull apart, or worse to get together.

Post# 825175 , Reply# 12   5/26/2015 at 00:27 (1,245 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

You may also want to do a Ebay search on Sunbeam Coffee Filters too. I have found some of the cloth ones available without the mention of Coffeemaster in the auction. They were the correct filters.

Both of my C-30 Coffeemasters came with cloth filter frames. I do have a metal mesh filter for a Sunbeam Coffeemaster C-50 though.

Post# 825181 , Reply# 13   5/26/2015 at 01:02 (1,245 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        
Thanks Allen

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I did as you suggested, and see how it works.

Post# 825864 , Reply# 14   5/31/2015 at 00:31 (1,240 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        
Hi Guys

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got the new gasket and am having a hell of a time getting the old one off!
I should have ordered the smaller inner seal as well, guess that's may be next. It's so hard that I'm trying to boil it to soften and work off a little at a time.
Any other suggestions?

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Post# 825866 , Reply# 15   5/31/2015 at 00:41 (1,240 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

To remove mine I just grabbed the edges of the rubber seal with my fingers and then with my thumbs pushed outward on the metal center while pulling back with my fingers and the metal part just popped right out.

Post# 825873 , Reply# 16   5/31/2015 at 01:57 (1,240 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        
Couldn't get

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Anything to pop out LOL
This thing was so dry and hard!
Had to keep it hot in order to get any pliability. Took a while, but got it out. But looks like I've got to order the smaller rubber piece too.
Then remember how it all went together !

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Post# 825936 , Reply# 17   5/31/2015 at 11:51 (1,240 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

What smaller rubber piece?

Post# 825943 , Reply# 18   5/31/2015 at 13:15 (1,240 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        
Hi Tom

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The smaller piece is in pic 2
Its actually called a secondary seal.
When I ordered the larger one, it was recommended that the secondary one be replaced too.
I can see why now, there was no way I could have gotton the main gasket of with out destroying the secondary. They both felt like Bakelite

Post# 825969 , Reply# 19   5/31/2015 at 15:21 (1,240 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

Originally, that was all one piece with pockets for the spring between the inner outer rings and a pocket for the small metal plate in the middle in the inner part of the ring. I used to replace them on mine when I could still get the originals from Sunbeam.

Post# 825970 , Reply# 20   5/31/2015 at 15:39 (1,240 days old) by stan (Napa CA)        
Thanks Tom

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That explains part of the problem I had getting the old one off.
As it was coming loose, it looked the way you described.
Here a pic of the new gasket. I thought the secondary gasket was Bakelite until it started coming apart!

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Post# 975014 , Reply# 21   12/22/2017 at 13:51 (304 days old) by ricless (Oklahoma)        
Seal intallation?

How did you reassemble? when I got my seal, it does not fit the base well and has too much room for the threads to engage. Also, I see on another thread that you left out the spring (thing with the teeth).

Post# 975339 , Reply# 22   12/24/2017 at 17:10 (302 days old) by Stan (Napa CA)        

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Been a while, so I have forgotten.
I do remember getting one seal and I didn't need the teeth thing.
If u post some pics maybe I'll remember.

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