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Moved to a new place
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Post# 859918   1/4/2016 at 03:27 (996 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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So, a while back, I mentioned that I moved to a new place.

I figured I'd post random pictures of things regarding the place and... well.. getting adjusted.

There are a lot of food posts. Oddly, since I've moved out of the studio apartment with no counters, I've started cooking again.

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Post# 859919 , Reply# 1   1/4/2016 at 03:28 (996 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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Post# 859920 , Reply# 2   1/4/2016 at 03:29 (996 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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Post# 859922 , Reply# 3   1/4/2016 at 03:30 (996 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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Post# 859924 , Reply# 4   1/4/2016 at 03:45 (996 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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I have a table and chairs coming... ... Until working at a place that sells furniture, I didn't realize that Furniture stores wait 6/8 weeks for freight to come in. I ordered my table before Thanksgiving, hoping to have it for our family meal... That didn't happen. (I have the top in the garage, I'm waiting for the 6 chairs and trestle for it.)

Also, I took the kenmore dishwasher out and put my Maytag in, because I want to list the Maytag for sale, since its not very old, and I want people to see that it works.

The kenmore suite of appliances is going to a family member that needs them. I think I am going to get an Electrolux Induction slide-in range. For the price, you can't beat the features. The fridge will be a Samsung Chef Collection T-Flex 4 door fridge that is Counter-Depth. It is Dual compressor, triple evaporator. As far as the microwave, I think I am going to have Vent-a-hood make a cabinet-mount unit that has the magic lung and recirculates. (Basically it would be a prh9 with a recirculating kit attached to the exhaust that would vent into the crown of the cabinets. There is no external ducting that is easily accessible.) The hood may not happen at all, it would be nice though... If anything, I'd probably do the matching electrolux convection OTR or if I do get the hood, a panasonic inverter countertop microwave. I am still trying to decide which Miele DW to get.

Also, the gentleman that made the cabinets is in the process of making another matching pantry to go on the wall where that sunburst is. That will free up the cabinet next to the fridge and allow for a Miele Steam oven and Miele Speed Oven down the road. When that happens, I'll sell the electrolux range etc and get the Miele 30" induction range. (This is my goal for the year.)

Anyways, I am so glad to be out of that basement apartment. I had two windows in that apartment, one that looked out to parked cars and the other that looked out to a window-well cover. A lot of my depression issues went away when I got away from that place. I was there for over 5 years... I am so glad to be above ground!!!

I'll post more as things change. I've slowly been gathering stuff and now I am in the process of going through a lot of stuff to get rid of what I don't use any more.

Post# 859925 , Reply# 5   1/4/2016 at 03:51 (996 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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For reference, that floral rug that is in the dining area in front of the liquor cabinet was in my old place. That rug covered exactly HALF of my living area. The other half was my queen sized bed and a dresser.

There was a bathroom that was accessed from the middle of the space and a kitchen that you walk through to get into the living space. The kitchen had a double bowl sink, a base cabinet with 4 drawers and there was an upper cabinet that hung above the sink and counter. Behind that there was a 30" range, space for my maytag dishwasher and my Frigidaire sxs. Next to that was a niche that had two 6' tall shelving systems that held my dishes and dry goods.

Post# 859937 , Reply# 6   1/4/2016 at 05:54 (996 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Your place is larger than my house---and a double garage to boot! Congratulations and continue to have fun cooking. While my diet has undergone significant changes (no more pasta, rice, or homemade bread, waaaaah!) I'm gradually finding new recipes to try and still enjoy the process of making food.

Post# 859940 , Reply# 7   1/4/2016 at 06:38 (996 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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Congratulations on the house. It looks like you found a nice place! Sounds like a big improvement too.

You made me hungry with all these food pictures!!

Post# 860045 , Reply# 8   1/4/2016 at 17:12 (995 days old) by pulltostart (Mobile, AL)        
Nice house

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Congratulations on moving out of the tiny house!  Looks like you have a LOT of room in this house.


The food looks yummy.  Are you trying to challenge Kevin????



Post# 860055 , Reply# 9   1/4/2016 at 18:05 (995 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Joshua, congratulations!!  It's all just so beautiful.  I'm particularly partial to all the stained wood around the door and window frames as well as interior doors.  And that was quite an array of food.  How many meals was all that cooking for?  If I'd seen soiled dishware and utensils in the photos of the dishwasher loads, you would have receive BobLoad certification for each one.  The photos to me appeared they were taken after the cycles had been completed.  Bob

Post# 860091 , Reply# 10   1/4/2016 at 20:06 (995 days old) by dartman (Portland Oregon)        

I Wanted/needed a garage, didn't happen you lucky guy. Looks like a nice big, but manageable, house with all the important stuff done.
My place is 1400sf and 4 br in a manufactured home on its own small lot. Same as yours all the critical stuff was done and I got a great deal and bang for buck for what it was.
I got all the Kenmore appliances too, including a almost identical stove except mine has regular burners and is black and stainless steel.
Been very happy with the stove and dishwasher, Sears must give great deals to builders and rehabbers.
So nice to have your own place, enjoy it and you can slowly upgrade and change things you don't like as funds free up.
We used my first decent refund for buying the house a year later to buy a new nice washer, last year we got a dryer and who knows this year, there are other things I want to upgrade.

Post# 860093 , Reply# 11   1/4/2016 at 20:10 (995 days old) by DADoES (TX,U.S. of A.)        

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Looks nice!

Post# 860113 , Reply# 12   1/4/2016 at 20:59 (995 days old) by washman (Butler, PA)        

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looks good.

Post# 860142 , Reply# 13   1/4/2016 at 22:40 (995 days old) by gusherb (Chicago/NWI)        

Nice place! That's a nice upgrade going from a studio to a house!

Post# 860159 , Reply# 14   1/5/2016 at 01:19 (995 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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Thank you guys for the comments.

I know I shouldn't have my priorities the way I do, but I'm dead set on having a nice place with nice things because I am so tired of not having things and stuff. It sounds stupid and immature, but I want to come home and have a nice house, have a nice kitchen, have nice appliances to play with and use and have nice furniture. I don't have anyone with me besides my cat CJ, so I want things to be comfortable for me so that I actually want to be there without someone by my side. I'm sure a partner will come along at some point, but I just got so tired of not having space or things.

As far as some of the comments, the food is carious things I've cooked since I moved in. I am a hardcore food porn addict.

As far as the appliances go, I absolutely hate that range. That has got to be the worst glass top I've ever used. I'm sure it wasn't like that when it was brand new but all of the appliances here are 10 years old. This place was built in 2004 and finished/sold in 2005. The stove really only cooks on high. There is warm heat or blazing. No inbetween.

On the flip side, that kenmore dishwasher would wash the tar off a road paver but it was so loud, had a plastic tub, the racks bound up when you'd try to pull them out and the dispenser door was melted so you had to finesse it to get it closed.

What caused me to fall in love with this place was the wood work. All of the doors are solid, the wood work is all hand stained, the windows are marvin tilt n wash windows (and there are so many), the cabinets through the entire place were made by a local guy in his small shop and the ceilings are 9' high. I also have a covered patio in the back.

I am having the carpet replaced because the bedroom carpet is torn. I want the wilsonart laminate floors replaced as well, they look like a sticker in person.

I know I'm picky and have a lot of wants, but keep in mind most of this is long term.

When I get my old singer sewing machine going, I want to make some curtains or window scarves or something to dress up the windows.

(When I first got the keys I came home and opened all of the windows. There was such a wonderful breeze going through the house, I just sat in the kitchen and sobbed. It had been 5 years since I was able to open a window.)

Anyways, thanks again for the comments.

Post# 860162 , Reply# 15   1/5/2016 at 01:56 (995 days old) by Midcentnurse (Lake Charles, La)        

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Congratulations! That's the best thing you could have done for yourself. I'm sure you will enjoy it for many years down the road :)

Post# 860163 , Reply# 16   1/5/2016 at 02:00 (995 days old) by Midcentnurse (Lake Charles, La)        

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Post# 860202 , Reply# 17   1/5/2016 at 08:30 (994 days old) by Midcentnurse (Lake Charles, La)        

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And I love you want to put a vent-a-hood in. Despite the gnarled ordering process, my own fault, I can't wait to get ours in.

Post# 860205 , Reply# 18   1/5/2016 at 09:07 (994 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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I don't think it sounds stupid or immature to want a nice place to live. It can become immature, I suppose, if taken to extremes, but I don't see anything I'd consider extreme above. And it does make sense to me that you are thinking "long term."

Perhaps--and this is just a perhaps--you have some "programming" that you got somehow that is causing some problems now? I know one of my grandmothers--who lived in small town Midwest America--always bought cheap, and I'm sure her influence influenced me. I know for certain my father--despite professional grade salary--always has bought cheap, and every time I don't buy cheap--even if it's something as modest as an organic apple at the grocery store--I feel his disapproval... Just something to think about that may or may not apply to you.

Post# 860228 , Reply# 19   1/5/2016 at 12:49 (994 days old) by chachp (Conway, AR)        
I am the same way...

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....when it comes to having "things".  I think I was programmed somewhere along the line that having things created some sense of warmth or homieness or something.  I don't know how to articulate the feeling it has for me.


When I got transferred to Arkansas in 2002 I sold off just about everything but my kitchen stuff and my clothes.  I wanted a fresh start or so I thought.  I hated living in our townhome with empty rooms and before I knew it they were full again.  I like warm, comfy furniture that kind of swallows you when you get into it.


My other half is one who grew up buying "cheap" with no regard whatsoever to how it's made or looks.  In his mind the cheapest is best.  I couldn't be any more opposite.  I don't always buy the most expensive but I always look for the best quality I can get with the money I have.  I will go without for a little longer so I can buy quality vs. buying cheap just to get something.  This is probably one of the few things we squabble about.  


However, there is hope.  When we were packing to go away for Christmas he came out of the spare room with a Coach duffle and asked "is it OK if I use this?"  I thought "my work here is done!"  


P.S. The duffle came from the Coach outlet. I don't buy cheap but I do buy smart!!!

Post# 860291 , Reply# 20   1/5/2016 at 18:45 (994 days old) by LordKenmore (The Laundry Room)        

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> but I always look for the best quality I can get with the money I have.

That makes sense.

One problem with buying cheap is that the item may not perform as well as something more expensive. It also may not last as long. And yet...some people seem oblivious to this.

Although the challenge in today's world is figuring out when "more expensive" buys something that's more worthwhile. Imagine Washer A and Washer B, both made by the same company, except Washer B is $500 more. Does that $500 buy anything worth having? Or does it just buy useless features, and a life span/washing performance that I can get just as easily in Washer A?

And, of course, one has to question whether extra cost advantages matter enough to justify the cost for one's circumstances. I hope my next place has a dishwasher. At that time, I'll probably need/want to invest in more kitchen stuff so I can run full loads. At the same time, I'd like to have some really good cookware. But does it make sense to have a wall of cabinets groaning under All Clad or whatever? (Unless I win the lottery, or start cooking very seriously.) At this point, I'm assuming I'd be more likely to get a few pieces of top flight cookware for when I seriously cook. Then many more pieces of cheap (but not cheap in the nastiest sense) stainless steel, which seems likely to be good enough for quick cooking of simple meal, reheating, or even steaming vegetables for my Candlelight Supper.

Post# 860320 , Reply# 21   1/5/2016 at 20:32 (994 days old) by dartman (Portland Oregon)        

All the appliances, and the cabinets were new when I moved in here, even have the manuals for all of them so in 10 years the cabinet styles and layout hasn't changed much.
I'll stick with them for now, the stove is much nicer then the old bol Whirlpool in my old rental. Would be nice to get a bigger more quiet dishwasher but like said it cleans very well if loaded right.
We already had a nice now older 21sf Amana top and bottom fridge that still works fine. Was too tall for the space meant for it so just knocked out the storage shelf at the top and it fit, a perk of being my house.
Wish I could figure out where the shelf went as I'd just re mount it higher and use it again.
My house all the trim is painted cheap crap so I bought a 12" sliding dual bevel compound miter saw cheap so I can redo and ad nice light wood trim that matches the kitchen cabinets that we really like in light maple or birch.
I like the trim you have too and will do something similar someday. Need to replace the bathroom vanities too but they're functional for now so they can wait plus all the plumbing comes up through the floor so limits some of the possibilities.

Post# 860355 , Reply# 22   1/6/2016 at 00:28 (994 days old) by warmsecondrinse (Fort Lee, NJ)        

"Oddly, since I've moved out of the studio apartment with no counters, I've started cooking again."

I don't think it's odd at all. Why would you be motivated to do something when you didn't have a proper work space? Now you have proper facilities; of course you more interested.

Regarding reply #14: I don't think your priorities are out of order or stupid/immature at all. It sounds like you got some of the same brainwashing I got growing up. You are doing more of the work and paying more of the bills than everyone else combined. Therefore YOUR preferences are the top priority.

You go!

Post# 860483 , Reply# 23   1/6/2016 at 21:03 (993 days old) by vintage1963 (Ohio)        

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The house is beautiful and the food looks great!!! There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting, having, and getting nice things, especially when you have done without and want your life to be comfortable. If you are the one working working and paying for it, then everything is your call. I remember when I bought my first house. I had so many emotions because I never thought I would be able to do it. So, be proud and enjoy your new home! I look forward to seeing more pictures!!

Post# 861140 , Reply# 24   1/11/2016 at 00:13 (989 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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So we have this G6365SCVi SF that FedEx damaged when they were transporting it...

I decided that I'd purchase it and have the parts replaced. It needs a new door assembly, seals and racks.

While testing it to find all of the issues, I decided I would try installing it to see how it fit with the stupid plumbing issue in the back. (Hindsight, I should have taken pics of the cavity with nothing in it so you guys could see what I am talking about.)

Anyways, I ran a small load first to find where the leaks are coming from (that's what the towel on the floor is for). There is a very slight leak but I'm hoping all the pieces I need will take care of that.

The second load was ran on Grates and Filters, with my Twinstar silverware, a broiling pan and a few other things. I will post how the broiling pan looks after the rather lengthy cycle finishes.....

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Post# 861241 , Reply# 25   1/11/2016 at 16:28 (988 days old) by fisherpaykel (BC Canada)        
new home

Congratulations, Appnut was first to comment on that nice natural wood trim, windows and doors but I second his thought-it looks great. Wow, and how you have taken an interest in cooking again! Enjoy.

Post# 861262 , Reply# 26   1/11/2016 at 18:21 (988 days old) by miele_ge (Danbury, Connecticut)        
congrats on your new home!!!

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I think it is great you want to create a nice pleasant place with the comforts important to you (and CJ of course!). It is nice to come home after a long day at work and be in a space you love. I am a firm believer in the saying "if you don't take care of yourself, it is harder to care for others." Just remember "Moderation in all things..... INCLUDING MODERATION!" :-)

Very interested to know what you think of the Miele dishwasher.

PS Don't rush to do everything at once... take your time to get the feel of living in the place. We moved in to our home 16 years ago and we are still not "done" and I find that my ideas have changed as to what I want to do after living here a good while.

Post# 861269 , Reply# 27   1/11/2016 at 19:00 (988 days old) by warmsecondrinse (Fort Lee, NJ)        
Vintage1963 has hit the nail on the head!

If you're like me (and most members I've met, btw), you've been making countless small sacrifices, making do, offering compromises, patiently accepting things, etc. Even if it honestly doesn't bother you, 5-minute tasks consistently take 7 or 8 because virtually nothing is arranged in a way that works best for *YOU*. ...And in my case 90% was never acknowledged... Go figure.

The only opinion that matters is yours. Do not feel guilty about wanting to make your life comfortable.

Right now I'm looking for a small dining room table. I want a glass top and what the marketing people call "counter height". That is, I want my table top 36" off the floor. Ask me if I care of the "proper" height is 30" ... I totally do not.

Arrange your place for YOU and don't apologize.

Congrats and enjoy,


Post# 862271 , Reply# 28   1/16/2016 at 21:18 (983 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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Had some cheese dip i left out to dry etc... Wanted to see what would happen with the g6365. This was the pots and pans cycle.

I did turn the increased wash temp, water plus and second interim rinse on after this load was ran.

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Post# 863615 , Reply# 29   1/23/2016 at 05:43 (977 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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I really do love the 3rd rack. It makes things a lot easier.

I am a single person, so I don't have a ton of silverware to wash... But I have plenty of other things...

Tonight, I decided to make some red curry chicken and rice. I use a lot of dishes lol.

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Post# 863639 , Reply# 30   1/23/2016 at 09:20 (976 days old) by fan-of-fans (Florida)        

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Nice place. I agree the stained trim and doors look great (you don't see that very often anymore) and it looks like your ceilings are pretty high. Looks like a nice laundry room and garage too.

Post# 863682 , Reply# 31   1/23/2016 at 13:46 (976 days old) by appnut (TX)        
avocado & yellow bowls

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In the middle rack---what are they--brand and size?  I love them!!

Post# 863822 , Reply# 32   1/24/2016 at 12:10 (975 days old) by vintage1963 (Ohio)        

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I sent you a message.

Post# 864753 , Reply# 33   1/30/2016 at 01:08 (970 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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More pics.

I have been using the pics i take of my dishwasher loads to sell the units to people.

I bought the corelleware off facebook for 10 bucks. The colored bowls and plates came from my mom.

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Post# 864829 , Reply# 34   1/30/2016 at 16:13 (969 days old) by frigidareu (Brunswick, Ohio)        

Congrats on your new place. Love the flooring. Your laundry room looks to be a decent size, and nice and bright.
That domino game that your family is playing is a lot of fun. Played it with my family on Christmas Eve.

Post# 864831 , Reply# 35   1/30/2016 at 16:25 (969 days old) by gusherb (Chicago/NWI)        

That Oversized-Utensil rack is such a handy feature. I'm always playing around with ours to make sure everything fits properly and would love a feature like that.

Post# 866244 , Reply# 36   2/8/2016 at 22:19 (960 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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So... I have a complete addiction to kitchen things.. Cookware, flatware, dinnerware, cutlery, cutting boards, bakeware and so on... And tonight, I've come to realize my complete obsession to my enameled cast iron pots. I've got three, two tramontinas that I bought at walmart and a Le Creuset that I bought on ebay. I plan on getting a few larger pieces, probably tramontina, but I am in love.

Of all the pans I have, I use my enameled pans the most. They never get put away. I use them to boil, to sear, to slow cook, to roast and anything in between. I use them more than my crock pots.

On top of that, I love using my enameled pans with induction. I have gotten so used to using the instant power of induction that I probably can never go back to a traditional cook top. I love that I can use an enameled pot with an induction burner and all of a sudden have a very versatile slow cooker.

Anyways, I came to post pics. :P I went to my mom's and raided the leftovers. I used a can of black eyed peas, a can of rotel tomatoes, two cans of mushrooms and half an onion and three cloves of garlic added to 4 slices of diced bacon that I was rendering down. I added a cube of chicken bouillon, three bay leaves, some poultry seasoning, red pepper flakes, salt and pepper, 4 cups of water and ... half of a baked chicken. Mom's fridge is empty lol. She doesn't eat left overs and made too much food yesterday. All day I have been craving chicken and rice so I figured I'd throw something together. Oh, and she had a very large tub of chocolate chip cookie dough that is near its end of life that needs to be used... I made a large cookie :-)

OH and I finally got my table put up!!!

I hope all is well with everyone.

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Post# 866465 , Reply# 37   2/10/2016 at 11:42 (958 days old) by cuffs054 (MONTICELLO, GA)        

JK, my stove looks just like yours, two IC and almost never use the stove anymore.

Post# 866730 , Reply# 38   2/11/2016 at 21:22 (957 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        
Out with the new and in with the old...

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So, the damage on the G6365 was too much to be worth doing a repair. He was sent back. :(

I did, however, find a new old stock Advanta G2020. For the price that I got it for, I couldn't pass it up. The dishwasher is from the 2005-2008 era.

I did add the third rack to the unit, I am also thinking about getting the bottom rack for a modern rack to put in him.

This unit had the original double waterproof system...... That was an interesting install.... in the middle of the night... .......... Thank the lord for sharkbite to copper connections.

He uses more water.... a lot more water... and runs all three arms at full speed. I'll have to see if he cleans as well as the new guy.

I've had to do a few repairs the last few days on new units because FedEx Freight can't seem to deliver things without damage. It is interesting how the platform for this machine has remained the same for so many generations, but they keep making improvements etc. They don't just change everything and make new parts not work on old machines.

Anyways I hope all is well!

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Post# 866785 , Reply# 39   2/12/2016 at 09:34 (956 days old) by chachp (Conway, AR)        
Nice machine

chachp's profile picture

Josh, there aren't many machines I would pull out a vintage Kitchen Aid for but this is one of them.  I'd love to try one with the third rack but I have a number of very tall glasses and I wonder does that third rack get in the way?


A friend of mine bought one of those Samsung Waterwall dishwashers with the rack and he said it's a real pain because it takes a lot of room and if he drops down the middle rack then his plates don't fit.


That's one of the things I like about the Kitchen Aid racks that one side can be low and one can be high.


I had a Dacor in the kitchen for a while that I had picked up on Craigslist but I hated it.  The machine cleaned well but the racks were awful and nothing seemed to fit right.


I almost bought a new Miele a couple of years ago but hate to spend the money because I know I would want to go back to an older Kitchen Aid at some point.


BTW, I still love my knives.  It's about time I send them in for a sharpening.  Anyone want Cutco knives, Josh is your guy!

Post# 866800 , Reply# 40   2/12/2016 at 11:04 (956 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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I'm glad you are still loving your knives :-)

What I love about Miele's middle basket is you can still tilt it to one side or the other. The 3d tray, which the g6365 had, allows you to slide the basket to one side or the other for tall glasses. This dw didn't come with the tray so I added the one I had on hand but guess what I just ordered on our last appliance order lol. I should have a 3d tray in the next few weeks :-)

Also, the feed for the middle basket comes from the side wall of the DW, not the rear interior.. So the bottom basket pushes all the way to the back wall and there is nothing to hit when you load big pans etc.

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Post# 867362 , Reply# 41   2/15/2016 at 23:25 (953 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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I miss my G6365. :(

My first rejects... I'm not sure if I loaded the older style racks wrong or what the heck happened here... This was on a pots and pans cycle even... Am running another load of dishes. Will put these in a different spot to see what happens.. By the looks of that white soup cup, I wonder if the wash arm didn't get stuck. There is no way that grease would stay there with the heat that was in the DW...

I made chicken noodle soup from scratch yesterday, ran the DW for 3 loads.. Maybe he was pissed at me...

Oh well....

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Post# 868806 , Reply# 42   2/24/2016 at 09:20 (944 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Did I see?

Beef stroganoff?
Congratulations on your new home!

Post# 869153 , Reply# 43   2/26/2016 at 01:55 (943 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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I'm almost certain no beef stroganoff, though it does sound good!

So aside from working at an appliance/furniture/flooring store, I do computer work on the side.........

Thank goodness I have this large table lol.

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Post# 869170 , Reply# 44   2/26/2016 at 04:51 (943 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
re;, Stroganoff

One of your pics is of a cubed beef, lamb, or pork dish in a creamy looking sauce.

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My uncle has to go to Mayo for some tests and then a series of surgeries. Grandma loves this dessert so I am going to take it to the farm tomorrow after work.









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