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New Electrolux Laundry
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Post# 862893   1/19/2016 at 17:21 (977 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

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Post# 862894 , Reply# 1   1/19/2016 at 17:28 (977 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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I wonder if this mixing feature be TOL only?

Okay so I figured it out by myself. See link below.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Stricklybojack's LINK

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Post# 862897 , Reply# 2   1/19/2016 at 17:34 (977 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

Are these already for sale?

Post# 862904 , Reply# 3   1/19/2016 at 17:58 (977 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Still More.

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Post# 862907 , Reply# 4   1/19/2016 at 18:15 (977 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Mixing? That"s why I always wash in hard cold water and use only the cheapest liquid detergent money can buy...what, what?

Post# 862908 , Reply# 5   1/19/2016 at 18:17 (977 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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Thanks for sharing. Over here, it's called ÖkoMix and has been in the market for quite some time. Several manufacturers have their own version of this system already.

Post# 862910 , Reply# 6   1/19/2016 at 18:19 (977 days old) by murando531 (Huntsville, AL)        

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Doesn't a simple recirculation pump already do this job fairly well?

Post# 862924 , Reply# 7   1/19/2016 at 18:52 (977 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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The idea is to premix and dissolve ("activate") detergent before it hits the clothes. Some washers just spin the drum after the detergent has been dispensed to achieve the same thing.

Post# 862926 , Reply# 8   1/19/2016 at 19:09 (977 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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Post# 862934 , Reply# 9   1/19/2016 at 19:28 (977 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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I'm looking forward to KBIS2016.  Think it begins this weekend.

Post# 862940 , Reply# 10   1/19/2016 at 19:56 (977 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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There are some new products at

Post# 862959 , Reply# 11   1/19/2016 at 22:11 (977 days old) by murando531 (Huntsville, AL)        

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It definitely looks nice. I love the controls and the in-dial display. Looks almost like our Nest thermostat.

Are Elux's washers still belt driven? From the video on there looks to be a motor at the back similar to what older front loaders used.

Post# 863004 , Reply# 12   1/20/2016 at 05:32 (977 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Love the console and Nest thermostat-style control knob with readout in the center of it.  My Maytag mixes auto-dosed detergent with water and sprays it over the load.  Will Electrolux's more sophisticated version of that, with its third, dedicated pump be more effective? Can't wait to see test results from CR,, etc.


The relatively inexpensive price point is a bonus:  $999 for the TOL.  Compare that to Maytag, LG, Whirlpool and others whose TOL sell for $1400-1600.


Note to Electrolux:  Do something innovative with the Frigidaire line!  They're quickly becoming the WCI of the front-load washer universe.



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Post# 863005 , Reply# 13   1/20/2016 at 05:39 (977 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Priced Right!

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They certainly are priced right.
Wish they had more confidence in their machines to put a longer warranty with them, but then the pricing would be higher, I suppose.

Not a lot of options around the dial, either.
And no talk of reverse tumbling on the dryer. Wonder if they eliminated it.


Post# 863026 , Reply# 14   1/20/2016 at 07:35 (977 days old) by henene4 (Germany)        

Be happy not do deal with the ÖkoMix wash times we have here... 3:45h for a normal, not even efficent hot cottons cycle ;D

Post# 863032 , Reply# 15   1/20/2016 at 08:52 (977 days old) by dave886 (united kingdom)        

ok basically it is the electrolux (samsung) eco bubble

Post# 863033 , Reply# 16   1/20/2016 at 08:58 (977 days old) by henene4 (Germany)        
Not quite

It's really not about foam as the Samsung is.

Post# 863037 , Reply# 17   1/20/2016 at 09:24 (977 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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Here's the press release with Hi-Def pictures


Post# 863046 , Reply# 18   1/20/2016 at 10:01 (977 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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Too bad I don't see a bulky cycle -

It's also interesting that sanitize is a "modifier" and not an actual cycle. What's up with that? I'm guessing you just choose a cycle and select sanitize and it extends wash time and activates heater.

Post# 863048 , Reply# 19   1/20/2016 at 10:11 (977 days old) by logixx (Germany)        
Other versions

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Post# 863064 , Reply# 20   1/20/2016 at 12:26 (976 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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That is a SHARP looking laundry set.
I like it better than the current Elux models.

Post# 863068 , Reply# 21   1/20/2016 at 13:07 (976 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Too bad I don't see a bulky cycle

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I suppose if the water is pumped up and over the load, there really isn't much of a need for a bulky cycle.


Post# 863069 , Reply# 22   1/20/2016 at 13:08 (976 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Had this over here...

For at least 3 years in the Samsung Eco Bubble

Post# 863077 , Reply# 23   1/20/2016 at 14:18 (976 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Lock / Extended Refresh

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I assume Lock must be control lock and not an indicator that the door is locked.

What is extended refresh? Strange verbiage for 'we toss the finished clothes about every now and again until you get off the couch and move them to the dryer'


Post# 863081 , Reply# 24   1/20/2016 at 14:41 (976 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        
Extended Refresh

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From my understanding, it'll do an additional rinse and spin if you lollygag too long to unload the clothes so they don't get musty.

Post# 863089 , Reply# 25   1/20/2016 at 15:36 (976 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

My series 60 Elux has a Sanitize cycle and separate Sanitize temp setting (154 F I believe). Sanitize as a temp setting is available on some of the cycles other than Sanitize: Allergen, for example, allows you to select Hot or Sanitize as the temperature. On the actual Sanitize cycle, one must select the Sanitize temp. I discovered this when playing around with the options before running an Allergen cycle, which I find is the best cycle for pet dander. Sanitize as a temp is also available on the Fast Sanitize cycle, which is a Specialty Cycle (not listed on the dial; push "specialty cycle" and control knob will scroll through these extra cycles).

Here is the manual:

Scroll to page 19 to see which options are allowed on a given cycle.

I would definitely be interested in these Lux machines, but I bought the 60 series in late 2014 and plan to keep them until they fail mechanically and are too expensive to be fixed. Earlier in this thread, I mentioned a rebate, which was from some national association of independent retailers and not from Electrolux itself (unless Elux was laundering the money). Given that the rebate was being offered 18 months before the Lux rollout, and actually ended Nov 30, 2014, I doubt that it was a ploy to sell off all the 50/55/60/70 inventory, since if they'd cleared out all the old machines, there would be nothing to sell for over a year.

My original Frig 2140 FL/dryer are still going strong over at my neighbor's, and they will be ten years old in March. My neighbor's old TL broke down, he was between jobs, so I gave him my existing pair and bought the new Elux pair. The Frig pair has never had a repair or maintenance issue.

Post# 863239 , Reply# 26   1/21/2016 at 08:24 (976 days old) by peteski50 (New York)        

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I am happy :) they got rid of that pop open Door!

Post# 863999 , Reply# 27   1/25/2016 at 13:40 (971 days old) by Iheartmaytag (Wichita, Kansas)        
Pop open door.

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Is the reason I passed on Electrolux when I bought my Maytags. 

Though it looked nice, I was afraid that it would be a trouble point down the line.

Post# 879135 , Reply# 28   4/30/2016 at 14:15 (875 days old) by stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)

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"Editors Choice...
A before and after of the Heavy Duty cycle. After two hours, it's one of the most impressive we've ever seen. The stains starting from the right are: sweat, oil, blood, cocoa, and red wine."

CLICK HERE TO GO TO stricklybojack's LINK

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Post# 879141 , Reply# 29   4/30/2016 at 15:40 (875 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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Post# 879192 , Reply# 30   5/1/2016 at 07:56 (875 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

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I have seen the dryer with a white rear bulkhead and others with a stainless rear bulkhead. I wonder if certain big box stores will get the cheapened version with white while independent dealers get the stainless.

I wonder if other options may be missing from the BB versions too.


Post# 879280 , Reply# 31   5/1/2016 at 22:44 (874 days old) by thomasortega (Los Angeles - CA)        

I just know I want to cry every time I look at any Electrolux washer nowadays (here or in Brazil).

Good bye experienced engineers and designers. Hello cheap trainees.

Post# 879312 , Reply# 32   5/2/2016 at 08:47 (874 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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Why do you say that, Thomas?
Has Elux laid off its engineering staff?
Are they outsourcing design?
What do you know?

AFAIK, WP and GE still have armies of legit engineers and technicians.
Although, I do know that WP will farm out some eng. work to other design houses as well.

Post# 879507 , Reply# 33   5/3/2016 at 19:21 (872 days old) by norgeway (mocksville n c )        
If I have a front loader!

It MUST say Bendix or Westinghouse!! I want to see water up on the window!!

Post# 879514 , Reply# 34   5/3/2016 at 19:59 (872 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        
They look interesting:

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Would like to see a side by side comparison with my Speed Queens before I pass judgement. Though I am quite sure of the outcome. LOL!

Post# 879527 , Reply# 35   5/3/2016 at 23:09 (872 days old) by helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Water level

When HE front loaders first appeared and the water level did not go up the window, I did not believe they could clean. Through direct experience I have learned that, contrary to what I thought, the lower HE water level actually cleans better, counterintuitive as it might be. If the water is deep and up the window, the clothes only roll around in the water at the base of the tub. In an HE FL, the clothes are sopping wet, much more so than they appear while tumbling, and they fall and slap on the tub, which forces water and suds through the garment much more effectively than when the fall is softened by standing water in the old school FLs. It's the same washing principle as the tried and true centuries old method of repeatedly slapping a sopping wet and sudsy garment on a smooth stone. However, if there are too many suds, the clothes will not get clean because the excess suds break the fall and impede the flow of water through the fabric. Also, the new HE FLs do not tangle and ball clothes up because they alternate clock and counterclockwise rotation. Clothes tangled and twisted up will not get clean because all surfaces are no longer exposed. The new HE FLers are totally superior to the old school ones. Now that I've had an HE FL, I can see that people who complain about poor cleaning in their HE FL are using too much detergent and/or overloading.

JMO... ...for what it's worth.

Post# 879535 , Reply# 36   5/4/2016 at 04:46 (872 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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I agree with everything you said. The ONLY thing I would change is the water level for rinses would be a wee bit more. I'm not sure why they are not but they seem to the exact same level as the low water wash (at least in my old Duet FLer) Ideally, it would be super lower water wash with concentrated detergent, with a slightly deeper rinse) in my mind at least. But I suppose multiple shallow rinses along with interim spins between rinses are just as good. I don't know.

Post# 879548 , Reply# 37   5/4/2016 at 07:57 (872 days old) by helicaldrive (St. Louis)        

Meant to say that. JMO, but the standard default 2 or 3 rinses are not enough. Need 2 or 3 more. At that point, the clothes are cleaner and better rinsed than in an old school TL. Never thought I'd say and think that!

I've often thought the FLs could rinse much better and with less water if they'd do a short or pulse spin, tumble (not spin) spray the clothes, pulse spin, etc., about 10 times in a row, and then provide one final rinse bath as an option for fabric softener users. In other words, it would rinse the clothes the same way we rinse out our washcloth in the shower. And it could be faster too, with better balancing technology than current.

I'm very happy with my SQ FL, but still, there's definitely a lot of room in which to design a more efficient and better HE FL washer than we currently have.

Post# 879992 , Reply# 38   5/8/2016 at 14:40 (867 days old) by hanna-mary ()        
Deciding which Elux washer to buy

I'm preparing to purchase my first front loader and I'm considering either the newest TOL EFLS617S or the earlier model EIFLS60J has been more expensive than the newer model. I understand that these newer Elux models have not been out long enough for customer reviews, but for those who are familiar with the earlier models and what appear to be changes in this newer model, I'm trying to figure out whether there are differences that might make the older model more appealing in spite of the higher price tag. I would prefer to have some control over water levels and temperatures...or are both models so fully automated that there is little control in either? Some have mentioned that the "Touch to open door" on the older model was a deal breaker. Has that bothered others? I would appreciate your thoughts as to whether the "feature changes" to the newer model make the older model a more attractive choice even though it is more expensive...or am I just beating this subject to death? Thanks.

Post# 880005 , Reply# 39   5/8/2016 at 16:19 (867 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Spring Door

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Unfortunately, the spring loaded door was a great feature for other brands to sell against. A salesman I spoke to said he would tell the customer to open and close the door ten times in succession. A couple of times out ten, the door would need to be pushed more than once to open it. Bottom line, the customer would purchase the machine the sales guy was pushing that week.


Post# 880130 , Reply# 40   5/9/2016 at 20:28 (866 days old) by hanna-mary ()        

Malcolm, I appreciate your feedback and after a visit to the dealer today, I decided that I can live with the spring-loaded door and I purchased the battle-tested Elux 70 versus the newer 617. As it happened, the sales rep has an Elux 70 which was very helpful as we compared specs between the two since the 617 was just put on their display floor on Friday and has not sold yet…nor has the staff had a chance yet to get fully up to speed on it.

I flip-flopped at least twice while comparing features and thinking it over, but finally decided on the 70 because it has a track record with satisfied customers and has an “add water” feature that the 617 does not. I would have liked the newer “pull door and drawer” of the 617 and the “fresh water rinse”…however I had concerns about the new “SmartBoost” feature that premixes water and fabric softener and requires a third pump. The “SmartBoost” feature may turn out to be a real plus, but I was uncomfortable that it hasn’t been tested yet in the market place.

I purchased the Elux 70 for $1,025 at a local appliance store here in Rhode Island and they have 8 left in stock.

Post# 881167 , Reply# 41   5/17/2016 at 10:11 (859 days old) by stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Dryer gets raves too at

CLICK HERE TO GO TO stricklybojack's LINK

Post# 881314 , Reply# 42   5/18/2016 at 11:42 (858 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Nice To See...

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that it performed so well. No mention of reverse tumbling in the review. Not thrilled with the white painted rear bulkhead. It will stain denim blue before too long.

I noticed that these cannot be found in the brick and mortar stores.


Post# 881670 , Reply# 43   5/21/2016 at 13:50 (854 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Seen it.

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Just got home from running errands. Stopped by my local big box store and put my hands on the 617 model. The pair were on the floor without the pedestals. Man, they looked small and difficult to deal with unless you purchased the stands. The rotary dial for cycle selection has a very high quality feel about it. Lexus like. I also noticed that all manufacturers seem to be moving to the painted read bulk head in the dryers. Most are painted a dark gray rather than white. Seems like a terribly obvious cheapening of the appliance, IMO.


Post# 882023 , Reply# 44   5/24/2016 at 23:22 (851 days old) by PassatDoc (Orange County, California)        

Sorry to jump in late in the discussion. I have the earlier 60 model and am very happy with it---except for the touch to open door which is a needless add-on. Wide choice of cycles. You can increase water levels with the Max Fill option. Some of the cycles, in particular the Allergen cycle, include Max Fill by default, and it can added to many other cycles. Big enough to wash a queen size comforter (the largest size I own). So far, in the two years I've owned it, it has been able to clean everything I've thrown at it. I bought it and its matching gas dryer for just under $2200 with sales tax in Nov 2014. However, utility rebates totaled $150 and manufacturer rebates totaled $250, so net cost with tax and after rebates was $1800.

Post# 884378 , Reply# 45   6/10/2016 at 06:11 (835 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Video Review

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Saw another video review of the Electrolux 617 set. The reviewer dinged the ELux because it didn't have wifi support or a remote phone ap. Seriously?


Post# 885710 , Reply# 46   6/17/2016 at 12:07 (828 days old) by stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Sounds like a plus to me..

Post# 886071 , Reply# 47   6/20/2016 at 02:51 (825 days old) by toploader1984 ()        
New electrolux

Saw these on display at sears, very nice, except i dont see any button where you can turn on the interior light while the wash cycle is in progress, thats a deal breaker for me, i think older e lux's you held down the rinse/spin button for 3 seconds?

Post# 886072 , Reply# 48   6/20/2016 at 03:41 (825 days old) by brucelucenta ()        


Post# 886208 , Reply# 49   6/20/2016 at 22:51 (824 days old) by newluxcare ()        
no light during wash

These machines are way better than the older models. If a light is a deal breaker, that is a silly reason.

Post# 886220 , Reply# 50   6/21/2016 at 05:41 (824 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

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Are only needed when the machine has dark tinted windows, which is so stupid, IMO.


Post# 886277 , Reply# 51   6/21/2016 at 11:49 (824 days old) by toploader1984 ()        

It just seems silly to spend over 1k on a machine and the light can't even be activated (when the outgoing model could be) other machines out there all have lights that csn be turned on ie lg whirlpool ge and electrolux's own frigidaire line, obviously you do not watch the machine like all of us on here do, so yes it is a dealbreaker for me, i already have an lg front loader which does not have a light so why would i buy another one..... Besides i shouldn't have to explain my reasoning to you.

Post# 886284 , Reply# 52   6/21/2016 at 12:04 (824 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

Now now now now. let's be nice to one another. Even though nobody ever is to me. Besides, I'm pissed that my LG made machine doesn't have a light either!!! I also just missed out on a Kenmore Elite dishwasher with the glass in the door!!!! I was cheated I tell you!!!

Post# 886307 , Reply# 53   6/21/2016 at 14:20 (823 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

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Isn't the glass door on your LG machine clear? Or did you get smoked?


Post# 886426 , Reply# 54   6/22/2016 at 12:30 (823 days old) by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

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I don't have a light in my LG washer and yes it has the tinted plastique door lens. But I can still see inside and if I want, I can get a flashlight and shine it into the washer and see what is going on and its on for as long as I want it to be. See problem solved. My sister in law has the LG washer that is a model up that has the square doors and she has a light in it that one can turn on during the cycle....but it will shut itself off after a period of time.

Post# 886511 , Reply# 55   6/23/2016 at 00:37 (822 days old) by toploader1984 ()        

I use a flashlight to watch my lg too, if i got another front loader it would have a light, every washer out there that has a light can be turned on during the cycle why electrolux doesnt? Seems stupid to me.... Isnt that the whole reason for buying a machine with a light in the first place and upgrading to the 617?? Its like buying a car with heated seats only to find out you CAN'T turn them on while the car is driving, seems silly to me.

Post# 886512 , Reply# 56   6/23/2016 at 00:37 (822 days old) by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

AS for lights, I wired up a set of LEDs from those cheap 9 led flashlights to a cheap power supply and permanently mounted them on the inner glass.  Light when I want it.  I used hot glue, but in the future I'll use epoxy.

Post# 886728 , Reply# 57   6/24/2016 at 10:45 (821 days old) by newluxcare ()        

Keep using that flashlight, you will need it for more than looking in the window of your LG washer. LG is pure garbage, Samsung is pure garbage, Whirlpool is pure garbage. Korean junk...enjoy haha

Post# 886758 , Reply# 58   6/24/2016 at 12:42 (820 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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I removed the tinted door on my German Duet - took all of five minutes. Unfortunately, these tinted lensed have become an integral part of the door and you can't just pop them out anymore

Post# 886764 , Reply# 59   6/24/2016 at 13:06 (820 days old) by mamapinky (blairsville pa)        

Newluxcare, did we just meet in another forum? Different name but same attitude. Cheryl

Post# 886765 , Reply# 60   6/24/2016 at 13:11 (820 days old) by brucelucenta ()        

Opinions vary greatly about everything. Too bad some people have no tact at expressing their's. I have had an LG made front loader and dryer for over 2 years now and it is the very best set of machines I have EVER had. And I have had and used about EVERY kind of washer and dryer ever made including speed queen.

Post# 886818 , Reply# 61   6/24/2016 at 21:03 (820 days old) by newluxcare ()        
Cheryl ?

What are you talking about? What forum? Where do I sign up?

Post# 886822 , Reply# 62   6/24/2016 at 21:40 (820 days old) by newluxcare ()        
New Electrolux Laundry

When you work for Electrolux you can also brag about the newest and best washer there is. Try getting parts for your LG and Samsung washers, there are many who are still waiting. They are disposable appliances, exactly. Whirlpool on the other hand cares about longevity.

Post# 886849 , Reply# 63   6/25/2016 at 03:01 (820 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        
"Whirlpool on the other hand cares about longevity"

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Their European branch must have missed that policy then!

Post# 886860 , Reply# 64   6/25/2016 at 06:24 (820 days old) by henene4 (Germany)        

They have a verry cheap position over here though.

And the LG/Samsung thing is easy said. Look at some of the common spare part sellers online. They stock a lot of the common parts.

And if WP cared about durability, what about the Cabrio lineup?

Post# 886892 , Reply# 65   6/25/2016 at 10:23 (820 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Frigidaire front-load washers, made by Electrolux, are at the bottom of the list for reliability according to CR. I traded out my 2010 TOL Frigidaire set for Maytag 8100's (made by Whirlpool). The Maytags are unquestionably the better machines.

Post# 886915 , Reply# 66   6/25/2016 at 14:12 (819 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Technical Literature

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I'd love to see the technical operation literature on the Electrolux. I hate that some of these newer machines don't perform as expected with options deliberately mislabelled but do something completely different...


Post# 887082 , Reply# 67   6/26/2016 at 20:59 (818 days old) by newluxcare ()        

The only documentation I have is the parts breakdown of the 617, showing each parts location. The longevity comment on Whirlpool applies to parts availability, not life of the machine.

There are some reports that customers are in true belief their machine is not working out of the box. It takes almost 5 minutes for the 617 model to mix the detergent with water before it is dispensed into the drum. It truly is an effective way of stain removal and a more thorough clean.

True sanitary washes are done using Heavy Duty or Whitest Whites, also the new series offers better rinsing. Many improvements under the hood in the new series vs the old.

Post# 887110 , Reply# 68   6/27/2016 at 05:08 (818 days old) by henene4 (Germany)        

As mentioned before, they are the US version of the ÖkoMix models sold by AEG over here. The idea seems verry good, but one thing perplexes me: AEG is known for its long cycle times over here. 2:40h usualy. And the ÖkoMix system premixes detergent and water, so the cycle time should be shorter due to faster soaking and activation of the detergent.

However, all machines equipped with that system have normal Cotton cycles that take at least 3:30h, usualy even more. These are times that are normal for the Eco cycles, but not the Normal cycles. So, that would be a deal breaker for most, if they'd know before buying.

Post# 887152 , Reply# 69   6/27/2016 at 11:48 (818 days old) by splittub (Europe)        

From the video, it looks like this Electrolux washer does not have a sealed tub, but a split one (see from 0:25 to 0:30 and also 0:39 to 0:42). Does this suggest that the split tub is making a comeback on some Electrolux machines now? (Or is that just what Electrolux wants us to believe? ;))

Post# 887395 , Reply# 70   6/28/2016 at 23:22 (816 days old) by washingpowder (NYC)        

Not entirely sure how much it differs from my current Electrolux. The machine would fill with a bit of water, start the recirc pump and continue filling.
Guessing it's just a marketing trick..

Major improvement I'm looking out for is the ATC.
Figured out that on warm setting, it would fill with hot water and then add enough cold to bring down the temperature to desired level.
Not a problem with some fabrics, but would want to wash darks assured they won't be saturated with 120F water and concentrated detergent first, then brought down to 90F.
Worst, same protocol applies to the delicate cycle.
Action gentle enough for a woolen sweater (on cold) - but anything that could benefit from a warm wash is going to be tumbled in hot first.
Only way to have your clothes never touch hot water is either:

Setting the machine to the "stain treat" cycle, which is a profile wash - but can't be selected on most cycles that feature gentler treatment; or

Setting to "max fill" empty, then cancelling, adding clothes, re-selecting the cycle with "max fill off". Works for small loads only though; subsequent fills due to fabric saturation will result in intermittent sprays of hot and cold water - and most of it is directed through the basket flume - right on the load.

Post# 888525 , Reply# 71   7/7/2016 at 09:39 (808 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Good Pricing

mrb627's profile picture

Over the Holiday weekend, I ventured into my local big box store. The Elux-617 pair were stickered $748 each in that granite/black color. Pedestals were 225 ea.
I would have pulled the trigger on the spot if the checkout line was more than an hour deep. I had other places to be and couldn't wait.


Post# 888546 , Reply# 72   7/7/2016 at 16:08 (807 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Keith from Roseville,

your early post war kitchen is in fine condition for it's age of roughly 1944-'45.
That's when the GI house I grew up in was built. A one and a half story bungalow also?

Post# 888803 , Reply# 73   7/9/2016 at 20:38 (805 days old) by mtn1584 (USA)        
Saw them in Sears today.,,

Beautiful looking machines. Why are they made in Mexico???

Post# 888852 , Reply# 74   7/10/2016 at 10:22 (805 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

mrb627's profile picture

Cause that's where the factory is, silly... LOL!


Post# 888934 , Reply# 75   7/11/2016 at 05:24 (804 days old) by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
re; the factory

is in Mejico (Mexico) because it costs a fraction to assemble them there. You see a cement block shack costs less than a nice factory built double wide, or a stick built American home. Same for a wood stove or a propane cook top, dirt floors, and a wash tub over a quality stainless steel kitchen sink.
I don't think it's too much to ask for, not like an expensive fire clay farm house sink, or 24k gold plated plumbing fixtures.

Post# 889008 , Reply# 76   7/11/2016 at 15:30 (803 days old) by mtn1584 (USA)        

You getting them or what? What will you do with the Imperials?

Post# 889020 , Reply# 77   7/11/2016 at 17:07 (803 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Considering It.

mrb627's profile picture
Not sure if I will keep the imperials, sell them, or just let the delivery guys haul them away.


Post# 889123 , Reply# 78   7/12/2016 at 11:24 (803 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

The folks at sure like it!

CR tested the model up--the 617-- and gave it a composite score of 63 (for comparison, CR's highest rated washer, a Samsung, received an 85). Washing performance received an Excellent. Energy/water usage, capacity and noise were Very Good. The dings came with resistance to vibration (Good) and gentleness to fabrics (Fair). Cycle time was 85 minutes (heaviest soil setting on the Normal cycle; warm (75-degree) water).

Interestingly, the E-Lux 417 was the lowest-rated front-loader, scoring only a 33. Major dings for energy efficiency (Good) and gentleness (Poor). Washing performance was Excellent. Since water efficiency for the model was Very Good, I'm guessing the energy score is reflective of the maximum spin speed. A Frigidaire was the second-lowest rated machine.

Again, for purposes of comparison, the top-rated Samsung received Excellents in everything but noise and vibration, which received Very Good. The behemoth Samsungs and LGs won't even fit through the doorways inside my house.

The Electrolux is a standard 27" wide and has 4.4 cu. ft. drum, nearly identical to my Maytag 8100.

Go for it, Malcolm. Electrolux isn't available in my village and I'm kinda finished with the whole Frigi/Lux brand. I lucked out and got a TOL Frigidaire double-oven range before they de-featured it; they've done the same to their front-load washer line. It's a shame. Looks like Electrolux wants Frigidaire to be their 'budget' line. 😫


This post was last edited 07/12/2016 at 12:04
Post# 889281 , Reply# 79   7/13/2016 at 17:13 (801 days old) by imperial70 (******)        

I don't see overnight dry as an option. Don't get me wrong, I like them but would like to see a cycle that keeps the laundry tumbling with moving air to keep it fresh if I should forget it.

Post# 889376 , Reply# 80   7/14/2016 at 11:59 (801 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
No OverNight Dry Option

mrb627's profile picture

But there is an extended refresh option which is supposed to engage an additional rinse cycle if the clothes have been sitting too long in the machine. Unsure of the frequency or number of times that would happen.


Post# 889447 , Reply# 81   7/15/2016 at 02:18 (800 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

askolover's profile picture
Is there anything wrong with your Imperials? I thought you liked them.

Post# 889456 , Reply# 82   7/15/2016 at 05:24 (800 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

mrb627's profile picture
My SQ's are fine. Just bored and looking for a new toy...


Post# 889498 , Reply# 83   7/15/2016 at 12:54 (799 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

"Just bored and looking for a new toy..."


Truuuuuuu!  My God, the number of appliances I've turned loose into the world just because some new flashy model winked at me.  


Seems a shame not to pass your Speed Queen set on to someone.  Does the dealer you work with sell used appliances?  Maybe you can get some trade-in allowance for them.  I've always found someone who needs an appliance and said, "Come and get it; it's yours."  There are former laundry pairs and dishwashers (and a couple of ranges, as well) scattered all over this village.  I know most of the people they've gone to, so I see the exes from time to time, LOL.

This post was last edited 07/15/2016 at 13:16
Post# 889507 , Reply# 84   7/15/2016 at 14:32 (799 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
God Yes!

mrb627's profile picture

I have a Kitchenaid DW in the house across the street. Third owner since I installed it, but it is running.

My Amana TL set is at my Aunt's house not far away.

My Frigidaire FL set is about 25 minutes away, owner's moved and refused to leave them for the new owner's.

So, like a few on this site, have been spreading the love...


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