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Vintage Miele dishwasher NEVER USED!
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Post# 869647   2/28/2016 at 18:24 (1,353 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        

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I have just purchased on ebay a never used still in the box Miele G 560 dishwasher. I getting it shipped up from Melbourne. The owners bought it but never installed it. The house is going to be demolished. Maybe it was an estate sale. This model was Miele's first model with electronic touch controls. It is at least 36 years old!
Can't wait to give it a go. This model used 48 litres in the Universal programme.

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Post# 869654 , Reply# 1   2/28/2016 at 19:16 (1,353 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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I'm sure you know this, but when you get it, let it sit with hot water in it for a bit... That way the seals can moisten up.

I can't wait to see more pics!!

Post# 869714 , Reply# 2   2/29/2016 at 05:58 (1,352 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

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Good Lord.

How anyone could never install a High End Appliance like that.

Congratulations. I would love to see the Racks and the Washing System when you get around to it.

I wonder what the Spray Ports look like ???

Post# 869798 , Reply# 3   2/29/2016 at 15:28 (1,352 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

Hi Rod,

That's excellent you got it. I'd been eying it off, but I'm not supposed to be buying dishwashers anymore.

I cant wait to see it in the flesh.



Post# 869818 , Reply# 4   2/29/2016 at 16:54 (1,352 days old) by jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
Super find!!

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WOW 36 years in the box. 

Nathan, whats that?? You've been sidelined by hubby ???


Post# 869821 , Reply# 5   2/29/2016 at 17:04 (1,352 days old) by RevvinKevin (So. Cal.)        

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Wow Rod, that is awesome, CONGRATS!!!


Isn't it wonderful when these unused gems find their way back out into the world?


I look forwards to seeing more photos of it!



Post# 869822 , Reply# 6   2/29/2016 at 17:05 (1,352 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

My collecting needs to be more targeted these days, I've gotten rid of my 5 dishwashers and promised not to collect anymore.

If this had been the washer in box, I would've been on it in a heartbeat :)

Post# 869834 , Reply# 7   2/29/2016 at 18:47 (1,352 days old) by appnut (TX)        
I've gotten rid of my 5 dishwashers

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I hope they went to club members.


What is the Universal Program--daily loads, an auto sense program?


Can't wait to see the rest of it either.  Congratulations!!!

Post# 869851 , Reply# 8   2/29/2016 at 20:10 (1,351 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
Came across it by accident!

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Hi everyone,

I usually do my daily browse of ebay and it was a few days that I hadn't. Just my luck that I found this beauty. I got a freight company to bring it up to Sydney next week for $150, not bad.
Jkbff, yes I was thinking that and I read somewhere else about putting in some hot water to soften the seals.
Toploader55, I know right? The bottom spray are is awesome! I have the brochure somewhere, I'll dig it out and post some pages of that model.
Brisnat81, I've got some vintage Miele washers to get rid of. If you're interested let me know. I have the washing machine with the same control panel. The timer needs an overhaul, it gets stuck at the end of the cycle and doesn't reset.
RevvinKevin, it's great when these things come back to life.
Appnut, the Universal programme is like Normal. They called it Universal because it was designed for mixed daily loads.

Post# 869902 , Reply# 9   3/1/2016 at 02:36 (1,351 days old) by turnamat (Germany)        

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This has been the first dishwasher with electronic controls in Germany 1977-78!Very expensive at that time but a great quality,there are still some around on eBay here!
Best results when You run it on cold water only and let the machine heat the water,like we always did over here!


@Appnut:Auto Sense wasn´t available at the end of the 70ies!
The Universal program is just a normal wash for daily dishes from glassware to pots and pans.It´s available in 2 different temperatures(If I remember right,its 65 and 55 degrees C,or like the older Mieles have 60 and 50 degrees C)depending on the soil!

Post# 869909 , Reply# 10   3/1/2016 at 04:23 (1,351 days old) by marky_mark (Sitges, Barcelona)        

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Congratulations on your new acquisition!  I really love that dishwasher.  I have seen one in the flesh at Al's place in the UK (Vacbear58).  I would love to have one myself.  Does this model have the automatic water softener, which is filled with salt and automatically regenerates periodically just like in all modern European and some American dishwashers?  Or is it the older model with the manual water softener where you need to occasionally fill the separate plastic container with brine and attach it inside the dishwasher, then run the softener cycle?


Hi turnamat! Looking forward to catching up with you again next time you're here in Spain!  Same goes for any other members who happen to be visiting España!

Post# 869911 , Reply# 11   3/1/2016 at 04:43 (1,351 days old) by turnamat (Germany)        

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Hi Mark!
It´s the manual water softener!
After filling the plastic container and put it on the softener connector,You have to select the"Enthärter aufbereiten"programme.

Looking forward to the next meeting,too!


Post# 869924 , Reply# 12   3/1/2016 at 07:06 (1,351 days old) by jetcone (Schenectady-Home of Calrods,Monitor Tops,Toroid Transformers)        
Oo oo oo

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I wanna go to España !!


Post# 869936 , Reply# 13   3/1/2016 at 07:58 (1,351 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, Friesland, the Netherlands)        
Water softener

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IIRC the 560 was the last model to have the external water softener. The cheaper models from that era already had a built-in softener AFAIK.

Post# 869941 , Reply# 14   3/1/2016 at 08:43 (1,351 days old) by panthera (Rocky Mountains)        
I had one in Munich for many years

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And loved it. The 70C program washed everything clean, clean clean.

A few things I noticed about mine over the years, might be useful for you.

1) The electrolytic capacitors in mine started to go in 1989. That was unusual and Miele replaced the boards for free. Still, good for you to consider - your new in the box dishwasher is now well past the service life of those caps. Easy to recap and I suggest you do, especially the line and noise and board caps.

2) I ran mine on 3-Phase, if you have it, do. Beyond words fast and hot. But, if you have the service for it, you can still run both elements.

3) "Intensive 70C" does a hot wash followed by a cold rinse followed by the really hot wash. By 2000, I was seeing the enzymes in the detergent for the final wash degrade and be nearly useless because they'd been reformulated to work in cooler water. If you are going to use that cycle, you might want to add the second detergent load after the first wash.

4) The water-softener apparatus built into the lid is fragile. Oh, and you know this already, but don't let the salt crystals lie on the stainless steel bottom.  Program #8, to regenerate the water softener does not rinse any which have spilled out off.

5) Add a liter or so of water into the regeneration outlet before you start - it will have evaporated by now and has to be in there before you begin.

6) Be patient with the regeneration cycle. It can take what seems like forever to start and then even longer to finish, especially just before the end.

7) Those touchpads lock and ignore input once the program has started. At least, mine was designed that way.

8) Because of the design, the top rack wash arm has enormously more power than today's anemic trash. If you wash delicate or fragile items, load them in the upper rack as though you were loading them in the bottom of a 1950's impeller driven dishwasher.

9) Clean the damn filter after every load. One and only (and a minor one at that) thing I didn't like about this wonderful machine.

I ran mine several loads a day for 15 years and it was the best dishwasher I ever owned and I had three top of the line Mieles.

You're going to love it.

Post# 869968 , Reply# 15   3/1/2016 at 11:33 (1,351 days old) by Tomturbomatic (Beltsville, MD)        

"I'm not supposed to be buying dishwashers anymore."

That is so sad, but comically stated at the same time. I am sorry for your situation, but love your indomitable spirit and sense of humor. May they always be with you.

Post# 871423 , Reply# 16   3/9/2016 at 04:46 (1,343 days old) by Mielerod69 (Australia)        
The dishwasher arrived today

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The machine arrived and is in perfect condition. This model has been modified for the AU market even back then. The water softener has been removed even though there is a cap in the bottom of the tub. The programmes have changed a bit since the machine's first release. Intensive is now 65 degrees not 70 and Economy is now 55 degrees not 65. Unfortunately no instruction manual :-(
Look at that bottom spray arm, awesome, and the turbothermic drying system.

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Post# 871656 , Reply# 17   3/10/2016 at 01:56 (1,342 days old) by brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

Hey Rod

That's really beautiful, I'm assuming the sticker on the front means it has white panels under the coffee? It would've been a little bit more industrial looking than the brown and coffee coloured Mark 8 Dishlex that would've been around at the same time.

Its interesting that it still has the softener regeneration function, even without the softener, the modern Bosch that Michael's mum has, has the cap in the floor with nothing under it when you unscrew it.

I'm also taken with that top rack and in reality how little its changed in 30 years, the layout is identical, it just has flexible dividers these days.

Its a beautiful machine, are you going to water test it or keep it new? What are you running in the kitchen these days?



Post# 871664 , Reply# 18   3/10/2016 at 04:32 (1,342 days old) by Mielerod69 (Australia)        

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Hi Nathan,
I got a copy of the manual from Miele today and it does mention the water softener function in it. I rang Miele to get the container for the salt as this regeneration process is a little different to the modern machines. Do you believe that part is still available in Germany?
The turbothermic function is interesting. There are three settings. 0 - switches the drying off and it dries using residual heat. 1 - normal setting using fan and heating element. 2 - adds 4.5 liters of cold water in the cabinet to accelerate the drying process and reduce steam when opening the door at the end of the programme.
The Economy programme does a main wash and then goes straight into final rinse, no drying. Sounds like today's quick wash programme.
Going to hook it up and do a water test. I'll try my handy work at videoing it.
I'm currently using a G 2834 SCi.

Post# 871924 , Reply# 19   3/11/2016 at 15:48 (1,341 days old) by RevvinKevin (So. Cal.)        

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That is amazing, again CONGRATS!


Rod, does this dishwasher have a hot & cold water connections or cold only?   I know it's fairly common for a European clothes washers to have only a cold fill and heat the water itself, but I have never seen a DW that does this, if in fact this one does.


On that same note, I've never seen a DW that offered a "cold rinse" option!


Also very interesting that a dishwasher has an electric door release (another first for me), but then that's Miele for you! wink



Post# 872084 , Reply# 20   3/12/2016 at 14:53 (1,340 days old) by Hoover525 (Sydney Australia)        
Here's mine in action, going without a service since 198

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On the Universal 65 programme

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Post# 872085 , Reply# 21   3/12/2016 at 15:01 (1,340 days old) by Hoover525 (Sydney Australia)        
I meant service free since '83

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This was installed at my place in 1983. Only modification I've done is install the water proof system with solenoid at tap end. The electronics just never die, especially compared to later Mieles.

I also got a microwave at the same time. Again, no problems. Love this stuff.

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Post# 872088 , Reply# 22   3/12/2016 at 15:08 (1,340 days old) by Hoover525 (Sydney Australia)        
Another DW pic

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One more of the dishwasher and the kitchen

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Post# 872101 , Reply# 23   3/12/2016 at 16:39 (1,340 days old) by mayfan69 (Brisbane Queensland Australia)        
Very nice indeed Rod

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Very nice indeed there Rod.

Who couldn't resist a never used appliance! Hope it works fine for you.


Post# 872122 , Reply# 24   3/12/2016 at 17:03 (1,340 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
Cold rinse

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Hi RevvinKevin,

The 'cold rinse' is like 'rinse & hold'. The dishwasher has only one inlet hose and can be connected to either a hot or cold water supply. It has an 1800 watt heating element.

Leon it's really amazing when you come across a vintage product that has never been used. I'm sure you will find a vintage washing machine new in a box some day. Your collection brings back some childhood memories for me as many of our neighbours had the machines you have in your collection.

Post# 872137 , Reply# 25   3/12/2016 at 17:32 (1,340 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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What a score!

Post# 872168 , Reply# 26   3/12/2016 at 21:04 (1,339 days old) by mayfan69 (Brisbane Queensland Australia)        
BNIB appliances

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Hi Rod,

I did actually manage to snare one BNIB (brand new in box) appliance: a 1990's Hoovermatic twin tub.

Certainly not as vintage as your dishwasher though.

Also, if you're ever in town and keen to view the collection, just let me know.


Post# 872429 , Reply# 27   3/14/2016 at 04:45 (1,338 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

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What a Beautiful Machine.

Just look at the thought that was put in to the design and placement of those Spray Arm Nozzles.

The "Shaped" Sprays always look better made than those punched out round holes.

Congratulations on such a beautiful machine.

Post# 875029 , Reply# 28   3/30/2016 at 17:59 (1,322 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        

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Hi everyone,

I have finally uploaded a video on the dishwasher.


Post# 875033 , Reply# 29   3/30/2016 at 18:25 (1,322 days old) by mielerod69 (Australia)        
Another video

mielerod69's profile picture
of the interior and programme start up


Post# 875043 , Reply# 30   3/30/2016 at 20:11 (1,322 days old) by toploader55 (Massachusetts Sand Bar, Cape Cod)        

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What a handsome machine.

Almost sounds like a KDS 18 or 20 series when it's filling and the pump is priming.

Love those Spray Arms especially that lower one with those specifically shaped and directed nozzles.

Post# 1037772 , Reply# 31   7/10/2019 at 18:55 by mielerod69 (Australia)        
Back in service

mielerod69's profile picture
My parent's 1994 G590 starting playing up so I decided to give them my G 560 dishwasher as their daily driver. I have connected it to hot water which is set at 50°C (120°F) so it shortens the cycle. They normally use Economy 55 and it takes less than one hour. That cycle uses a respectable 24 litres of water and cleans really well. I have put in a baked-on lasagne dish and it came out spotless. Need to reglue the door release button cover.

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