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Lenor = Downy
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Post# 891442   7/28/2016 at 16:44 (2,821 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Hello everybody.

Here in the UK, Lenor fabric conditioner has had a packaging redesign lately. It now shares a logo with USA Downy. See pictures below. I personally like the new design.

I bought a bottle of `Summer Breeze' and was very surprised that the scent has changed too. This has been the same for as long as I can remember!!

I did quite enjoy the previous Summer Breeze but found it a little strong. However, this one is absolutely to my liking! The scent is lighter and really appropriate for a FS. It goes beautifully with either Ariel or Daz powder, haven't tried any other combinations yet.

This also really reminds me of `April Fresh' Downy which I had a bottle of a good few years ago. If it's not the exact same scent recycled, it certainly has similarities to my nose. I remember thinking how much the April Fresh Downy was reminiscent of (now defunct) Yellow Bold powder, and I think this is too. Of course scent is quite subjective though.

I was wondering if anybody else had tried this (and if so what their opinion is), or if someone could confirm if any of the other Lenor scents have altered?

Take care


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Post# 891443 , Reply# 1   7/28/2016 at 16:57 (2,821 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Apologies, the title of the thread should have a question mark at the end since I am debating rather than stating a point.

Post# 891454 , Reply# 2   7/28/2016 at 19:16 (2,821 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Oh I hope I like it

I love the smell of the Yellow one, hope I like the new one.

I haven't bought any Lenor for a couple of months (have a massive bottle of the yellow and 2 big bottles of the blue).

Will pick some yellow up when next shopping.

I actually have a big (180 load i think) bottle of Downy April Fresh, (about 2 years old) so will compare the scents. April Fresh is one of my faves of all time, but interestingly, I can't recall it being similar to yellow Bold- but can only just recall that scent.

I know P&G have had a shake up of the scents of detergents in last few months,

Ariel has changed.

Daz has changed (and it now is very close to USA Tide, but not ORIGINAL Tide scent, to me, it's closer to Tide Clean Breeze).

Also Fairy has changed and it smells like the Daz scent before the recent change (and I'm not all that keen on that scent :() However, for softness, nothing comes close to Fairy detergent, so will keep using it.

So I do think P&G recycle/swap scents around, so it could well be as you say.

Also bit of trivia (if you didn't know) they were going to rename Lenor to Downy in 2002, but they abandoned the plan.

Post# 891455 , Reply# 3   7/28/2016 at 19:23 (2,821 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Might actually,

Go on a shopping spree and get a bottle of the blue, yellow and green Lenor's. To see if any/all scents have changed, and get back to you :)

I do have a bit of a detergent/softener thing, so have literally bought/used nearly every branded laundry product going, only a few that I haven't as have not liked it at the store.

Will have a sniff of the purple lenor, but I am not all that keen on the purple one, so unless a dramatic change, probably won't buy.

As a side note, I like Comfort's purple one, although it smells naff all like lavender (even though it's called lavender something - lavender bloom i think).

Post# 891490 , Reply# 4   7/29/2016 at 00:55 (2,821 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Hi Liam

Sorry to have orchestrated a fabric conditioner shopping trip!! I often end up donating stuff to good causes as I just end up with way too much.......

I'm going back a bit further than you when I had April Downy, and our friends across the pond have said that has changed recently too (for the worse is the general consensus) but it could well have smelled nothing like yellow Bold. My sense of smell is a bit crazy. Maybe a bit like Daniella Westbrook's `one nostril' after doing too many drugs, I think I have the laundry scent equivalent of nose abuse. Not wishing to trivialise drug addiction.........

So Daz has changed too? Don't think the new one has made it to Essex yet as I bought a couple of days ago and it was the same. I'll look out for that one. Has it also had a redesign? A bit of trivia for you is that I remember someone on here saying the citrus version smells very close to original USA Gain.

The purple Lenor I always thought smelled like Radox or some sort of foam bath. Perhaps a bit of a granny smell? I bought the green Febreze one (old packaging) recently and really like the simple fresh scent, but it's just a bit strong for our needs.

Completely agree with your comments about the Comfort.

Yes, I heard about the planned name change from Downy to Lenor. Do you remember that gloopy `fabric enhancer' stuff started life as `Downy' over here, before going to Lenor and then finally being dropped? I quite liked that product. However I don't think the brand `Downy' would work here as it's also a vile term of insult used towards people with Down's syndrome. At least that's why I always assumed they dropped it.

Let us know your findings after the shopping spree!

Post# 891495 , Reply# 5   7/29/2016 at 02:40 (2,821 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, Theres a Lady on Stage)        
Sadly Downy "April Fresh" Fabric Softener Of Today

launderess's profile picture
Smells nothing like the stuff of old. That is what one recalls from the 1970's through say early 1990's. At least here on this side of the pond.

Being as this may in an odd twist Tide with a "touch" of Downy does have a scent more like Downy fabric softener of old. So P&G does still have that formula kicking around.

Post# 891530 , Reply# 6   7/29/2016 at 11:11 (2,821 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Yes the packaging changed on the Daz too. I bought some, (possibly about a month or 2 back) and still had some Daz left (in the old packaging) and the secnts were definitely different to my nose.

Could be suffering the same as you, I have sworn before that different scents of softeners in the same range (eg Comfort Exhilarations) were starting to smell the same on the finished wash (scent abuse lol)

Out of interest, what type of good causes take unwanted product off your hands? To be honest, I have managed to scale down to where is not too much of a problem now, but over last few years, the amount of nearly full products I have trashed has been criminal. I do give to family members, but they can only take so much at a time.

I am going to try to keep the collection scaled down, so I don't end up in the same position and purchase very judiciously, but I fall for new products every single time.

Post# 891552 , Reply# 7   7/29/2016 at 13:35 (2,820 days old) by spoodles (Cheshire, UK)        

Yep, I got some new Lenor Summer Breeze last weekend and it really does have a Downy scent to it. I've always liked Summer Breeze but I think this might be the best version they've ever had. Had a sniff of Spring Awakening in the shop and it didn't seem to have changed but I rarely use that one, so maybe it's had a tweak as well.

For some reason they've made the new extra large bottles less concentrated than all the other sizes, so they only have 83 washes instead of the 116 they had before, they've done it with Fairy softener too. They've also brought back the "Parfumelle" name for the premium Lenor range.

Post# 891557 , Reply# 8   7/29/2016 at 15:02 (2,820 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Launderess, lovely to hear from you. I do hope you're not getting too many nuisance calls (especially if on the slimline cordless telephone) for the Chinese takeaway, it being Friday evening!

I too always sigh when they change the classics and wonder why they have to. When there is so much shelf space for new fangled tart's handbag type scents, why not leave the old ones alone?

Liam, well blow me if Daz hasn't changed!! Stuck the old nostril in the box and you are quite correct, it's different. Hadn't even noticed.

Good causes I donate (for washing tea towels etc).....local launderette for the punters to use........and have also donated to a refuge for homeless gents too.

Spoodles, I'm pleased I'm not going totally mad and you too can whiff something Downy-esque in the Summer Fresh. It is great though, isn't it? I hope they leave the formula alone for a bit.......

Post# 891701 , Reply# 9   7/30/2016 at 15:39 (2,819 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Hi Nick,

Right, went to Morrisons today and got a bottle of the Yellow Lenor (They did have the blue and green as well, but all bottles of them are still under the old logo at the moment), and...

You're completely right, it is as close to Downy April Fresh as you can get (without it actually being Downy AF).

I really like it (from the smell in the bottle), will be doing some laundry tomorrow (been out all day today for Horse Riding Gala and visiting the MIL).


Post# 891794 , Reply# 10   7/31/2016 at 08:15 (2,819 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Almost forgot...

Now that I know about Lenor Yellow.

If you want to "boost up" that Downy AF scent, if you use Lenor Unstoppables "spring" scent - in the almost red cap (NOT the pink-y cap which I think is called "bliss").

The spring scent is sold in the US (i dont think bliss is) and spring is sold to go along Downy AF.

Post# 891796 , Reply# 11   7/31/2016 at 08:28 (2,819 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Thanks Liam. Have never been down the unstoppables route but am open to giving them a go alongside non fragranced (or no) liquid FS. I'll pick some up tomorrow when I go shopping.

I hope that you enjoyed the new yellow Lenor (if you've done laundry yet today) as I personally think it's even nicer in use than in the bottle.

Post# 891800 , Reply# 12   7/31/2016 at 08:58 (2,819 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Got some in now, but it's a load that cat use FS :( LOL

Next load will be the one.

I know chemical overload is frowned upon on here, but I can't deny, I love the Unstoppables (don't like Comfort's version though).

There is only one scent in UStops I don't like which is "Lavish" (gold cap) - it's very similar to Lenor "Gold Orchid" FS, very summery/suntan lotion, coconutty smell - just not to my taste and is the only one I have given away from the whole range.

Fave so far is "Fresh" (blue cap) followed by "Uplift" (green) then "Spring" (red). "Bliss" (pink) is ok too.

Super-duper excited anyway, as we have just got "Dreams" (black cap), they have that in the US, and I've been hoping for ages that we get it, so I can try it and we finally have!! :)

Post# 891803 , Reply# 13   7/31/2016 at 09:09 (2,819 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

I started out only using Ustops either with no softener, or unscented, as was worried about scent clash.

However, I did start experimenting on scent combos, and luckily, only had 1 combo I could not bear (which was some years back, think it was Gain "moonlight" flings + lenor Fresh Ustops + Costcos lavender scent gems FS (it was so strong wearing a top made me ill).

But, Ariel Pods + Fresh Ustops + Morrisons own brand "summer" FS makes a really really good combo, it's a clean-y/almost sporty (but not aftershave sporty) type scent, it's a scent that you could just never create with detergent and softener alone.

Post# 891848 , Reply# 14   7/31/2016 at 17:35 (2,818 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        
Ooh pleased to see a thread on this!

Absolutely love the new Summer Lenor! I have a bottle of Downy April Fresh here that I got in May and the smell is really similar, not the same as the Lenor has a summery twang to it but the smell is lovely. Not overpowering, sweet or sickly, just pleasant and lasts a little bit before fading. So far none of the others have changed, just the Summer Breeze but I love the new logo too, far nicer than the old one and they've got rid of the 'super concentrate' thing too! On finished laundry it smells so divine without an overpowering fragrance, and it pairs very nicely with Ariel.

When in Home Bargains yesterday though the old 116 wash bottles have now gone to 83 washes but still hold 3l (or thereabouts). A bit odd really, unless Lenor are now offering a slightly less concentrate version like Downy does in the US.

Liam, loving the unstoppables! I try to stay off them but I really can't, adore the blue one, the green one and the red one. Must try the spring with the new Lenor Summer, did try them with Spring Awakening and the result was lovely! The new Dreams ones are absolutely brilliant, apparently they smell of lavender and vanilla but pair brilliantly with Lenor Moonlight Harmony.

In the US, the dreams ustops are part of the Sweet Dreams collection, wish they'd launch that here! I would love it!

Lenor and Downy are essentially the same product, just with different scents for each market. Like Liam says, they nearly scrapped the Lenor name and was just going to have Downy, but they decided against it after they thought markets who associate the product with Lenor would not like it to be called Downy. Also interestingly, I read that a 40/44 wash bottle of Downy/Lenor has enough softening agents to soften a football pitch worth of fabric!

Post# 891851 , Reply# 15   7/31/2016 at 17:42 (2,818 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

I've got to say, I am loving P&G laundry stuff right now. Ariel powder smells very similar to the Essential formula (does anyone else think this, when I sniff the box I swear I've smelt the fragrance before but can't remember where from) and the other products in the range are brilliant.

Post# 891913 , Reply# 16   8/1/2016 at 06:43 (2,818 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Oh good,

Great to hear the dreams ustops are nice, haven't got any yet as only in ASDA out of the main chains I believe, and I haven't been able to get to one..

Ariel has got a great scent to it, and it does look like PG "rotate" fragrance formulas, so could well be another scent you have smelt before, even if not Ariel Essential.

I too love PG products, never, ever had a bad one from them.

Post# 891951 , Reply# 17   8/1/2016 at 09:25 (2,818 days old) by Hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        
Dreams Unstoppables

I got mine from Wilkos for 4 for the big one if that helps. Do you have one nearby? They have both sizes but like I say the 375g are 4. I have also noticed they have now launched a 700g bottle of Unstoppables! I also got the new Lenor from Wilko also for 1.75.

Ariel a scent is really nice and clean, it hasn't smelt this way for at least 10 years or so. It would be nice though if they called it 'Ariel Essential' again though! I agree with you though, I've never been disappointed from a P&G product.

Also, Bold has changed fragrances. The packaging has had a redesign and has the new Lenor logo stamped on the box, the lavender and camomile has toned the perfume down so it's a lovely pleasant scent and not overpowering. The blue one also smells different and is a clean fresh scent. They have also launched a green Bold to replace the orange one.

Post# 891956 , Reply# 18   8/1/2016 at 09:41 (2,818 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
You're kidding me?

They haven't brought green bold back have they? Was under the "active fresh" label last time and LOVED it!!! I actually was gutted when it went. Wonder if it is anywhere near active fresh, really, really hope so.

Yes I do have Wilkos nearby, will see if I can get there before Asda (although planned for Asda for tonight).

Thanks, didn't know about all these new prods. I don't have the space, haha I will make space.

Post# 891961 , Reply# 19   8/1/2016 at 10:04 (2,818 days old) by Hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

If Asda have the new Bold box have a look on the back, the pearls are advertised on the back and there is a pack of pearls with a green label. I'd love to see a yellow Bold back again as well but at least there is a new green one.

I found out about these new products by going to Asda, they're the best for new laundry stuff. I really love the smells though, it seems P&G have toned the fragrance down or at least made it more bearable which is great.

Post# 891964 , Reply# 20   8/1/2016 at 10:20 (2,818 days old) by spiraclean (UK)        

spiraclean's profile picture
If the green Bold is the same as the old Active Fresh, I will be ON THAT. Back in the day that was my go-to product, and I really was not pleased when it disappeared from the shops.

Haven't bought Ariel for a few years now, because the scent just got too sharp, for want of a better description. Had a sniff of the new Ariel Colour recently though and was pleasantly surprised to find it now has a milder, more floral fragrance. Don't know if the regular Ariel is the same, but will have to check that out.

Post# 891965 , Reply# 21   8/1/2016 at 10:22 (2,818 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Just searching online, the new green bold is apparently called Plumeria and White Orchid.

Tesco are also showing a Bold "Gold Freesia" but no picture?

Is the new green one on sale at Asda yet?

Post# 891988 , Reply# 22   8/1/2016 at 11:25 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Do you mean this Bold? The Silk Flower and Gold Freesia:

Asda also have a new one called Sparkling Bloom and Yellow Poppy, you never know though, the green Bold could smell like the old Active Fresh, much like the blue one smells of Ocean Clear yet they call it Lotus Flower.

Post# 892005 , Reply# 23   8/1/2016 at 12:14 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
I do,

Mean that one. Sorry, I was looking through MySupermarket, not Tesco.

I really, really hope so. Active Fresh was a consolation to losing Ariel Alpine, when Active Fresh went, that was it :(

I do like most of the scents on the market, but Alpine/Active fresh is/was a really "clean" smell and sporty (but as mentioned upthread, not like an Avon Aftershave sporty).

Going to be hunting that bad boy down :)

Post# 892006 , Reply# 24   8/1/2016 at 12:22 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

It also looks like Bold may have tweaked their formula for the capsules/pods.

When they started out with the Bold "with a touch of Lenor";

The Powder, Liquid and Gel were all called Bold with a touch of Lenor FRESHNESS, the Pods (Pearls) were called Bold with a touch of Lenor FIBRE CARE.

Reason for this (and of course not advertised as most would not give a hoot) is because the Pods had the cellulase enzyme in it (as you prob know cellulase is an enzyme which works on a fibre, not dirt level. Digesting stray fibres/pilling, keeping fabrics looking newer).

However, on the new Pods packaging, it says touch of freshness, so wondering if it has changed?

Cellulase is the most expensive enzyme to use, and besides the Bold Pods, was only contained in the Ariel Gel and Pods - no other product whether P&G or Unilver, contained it.

Of course, only going off what is online.

Will have a proper look when I get to store (don't like going until later at night).

Post# 892014 , Reply# 25   8/1/2016 at 12:58 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

I used to love the smell of Blue Bold, but the new version is a really clean fresh smell. The previous version had a sweetness to it whereas this new one smells a lot like the old Ocean Clear/Aqua. Hopefully they have brought back Active Fresh also.

You can still buy Ariel Alpine, they sell it in France and sometimes have it in the bargain stores.

That's interesting about the Pearls. I do like using them and they work really well, but because the latest Bold logo has the 'touch of Lenor freshness' line built in to the logo itself perhaps this is why it doesn't advertise fibre care? Also, because like you say most people couldn't give two hoots so they decided to not bother putting it on the packaging.

Post# 892042 , Reply# 26   8/1/2016 at 15:11 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Right went to Asda, and got some of the "Dreams" Ustops got 2 of the small ones, so gives more than just one of the bigger ones, and was only 2pence more to do it that way (3 each). Also saw the big bottles of Ustops as you mentioned, wanted some, but could not justify it as I already have a couple of bottles in the scents that the big bottles come in (Fresh and Spring).

No Bold Green unfortunately, looked everywhere and could not find it (prob will show in next week or so).

Also sniffed the Bold Poppy Gel (pretended not to like it as 2 "gangsta" teenagers were walking past at same time lol). It does seem nice, but would need to smell it again - it seemed the new Poppy one is only in Gel and Liquid (could be wrong, but of course PG and Unilever are pushing liquids over powders as they are cheaper to manufacture and more expensive at sale point).

I did however, get some of the Blue Bold Powder under the new design - 40 wash box on offer @5, opened it and you are 100% right, it is very similar if not the same as Aqua/Ocean Clear - the powder itself even looks the same - a LOT more blue/green and pink specles in it than the previous formula.

So holding high hopes for the green and praying that it will come in a powder version.

Yeah you're right on the labelling, probably easier to keep it consistent, only way I will know is when they put up the full ingredients list on

I don't get to bargain stores anywhere near enough, will try to keep an eye out for Alpine (or book a ferry) :)

Post# 892046 , Reply# 27   8/1/2016 at 15:20 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Ooh that's good then! I haven't stopped sniffing the stuff I've washed with dreams, it's sooo lovely!

That's good about the Bold too! I can't get the new design powder but got the liquid and that smells very similar to Ocean/Aqua so good to hear the powder is too. I do like Bold, I find it gives a decent wash so it's nice to know they've gone back to using the older perfume. Interesting they made it look a lot like those formulas as well, must get oneself down to Asda pronto!

For the Ariel Alpine, try They will most likely deliver to the UK as I was going to buy some, but found some in BargainBuys instead. :))

Post# 892054 , Reply# 28   8/1/2016 at 15:56 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Will definitely take a look at

Let us know how you find the powder Bold when you get some.

I too will be stalking Asda for a while (and maybe the other chains), for the green one.

I do really like the smell of that Dreams, will prob run a load with it tomorrow.

Post# 892055 , Reply# 29   8/1/2016 at 16:01 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Going on is quite an eye opener, lots of different varieties of detergents we don't get here! Would love some Ariel Alpine though!

Will do regarding the Bold. Quite excited about it possibly being like the Bold of old and not the latest incarcerations that smell like tart's handbags.

Post# 892063 , Reply# 30   8/1/2016 at 16:27 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

It really is better than the one we have just had, and in full agreement that the first thing that hit me when I smelt it, was the older scent - no sweet afterkick that I can detect, will see how it smells on clothes once washed.

Have got some in the machine at the moment, but it is only trainers. It does seem a tad foamy, but I have one of those (stupid) Samsung Eco bubbles, and annoyingly, I can't turn off the Eco Bubble option on this machine (I could on a previous one).

I possibly have put a tad too much in (about 25ml). But I am in an extremely soft water area, (so along with the eco bubble and the fact it's trainers not fabric), I do have to be really judicious in dosage, so possibly just got it a bit out.

Post# 892067 , Reply# 31   8/1/2016 at 16:45 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

That's really good to know! I have always liked the blue box but like you say the sweet afterkick doesn't do it much justice, so pleased to hear it doesn't have that anymore. Hopefully the green one will be just as good.

I do like to see foam, but sometimes it can disrupt the washing process. Thankfully though that has never happened to me. I never know how much powder to put in though, our house doesn't have mains water, it runs off two wells that collect rainwater and I have never had a proper answer as to whether rainwater is hard or soft so I tend to put the dosage in that gets the recommended number of washes and that has always worked.

Post# 892071 , Reply# 32   8/1/2016 at 17:03 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Can help you there,

As rainwater falls, it is naturally soft. However, as water makes its way through the ground and into our waterways, it picks up minerals like chalk, lime and mostly calcium and magnesium. Since hard water contains essential minerals, it is sometimes the preferred drinking water.

That information is from APEC water council.

So depending on what your water comes into contact with until it enters your home, this will determine hardness.

However, if it is working as is with what you're doing now, then no point changing.

I know that for 95% of washes, I could instantly HALVE the recommended dose, but to be honest I don't, as I still don't trust that small of an amount will clean (don't know why). Other reason is I would never finish laundry products, and in case you didn't notice :P , I like buying different ones and trying them haha.

Post# 892073 , Reply# 33   8/1/2016 at 17:09 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
More speckles

Pic of the actual powder, just smelt it again, it is definitely Bold of old.

  View Full Size
Post# 892074 , Reply# 34   8/1/2016 at 17:15 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        
Ah thank you!

The wells are in fields and both of them are in the same field, but the water that comes out of the well (as sometimes we get it directly out of the well) looks crystal clear and not murky at all. The kettles never get furred up which is a good sign I guess.

Like you I could easily use less detergent but I'd get backed up with it and it would take forever to use! It's hard enough trying to find the smaller boxes of powder these days as it is. It doesn't feel right to use less than 100ml or so (less than half a scoop) of detergent, I actually do miss it sometimes where you would dose 175ml+ for 1 load, as the box wouldn't last so long!

Thanks for the pic. Yeah it definitely looks like the older variations of Bold, the version previous had less pink bits in it.

Post# 892075 , Reply# 35   8/1/2016 at 17:24 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
No worries

Yes definitely if your kettle is not furring up, then you're soft water.

It's not as good for drinking (or teeth) but soft water defo has it's advantages.

I have absolutely no water marks in kitchen or bathroom, no scale or fur. Appliances last longer and don't need to use vast amounts of soap/shampoo, washing up liquid or detergents for good results - although at times for detergents that would be handy :)

Post# 892077 , Reply# 36   8/1/2016 at 17:31 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Unfortunately detergents take a while to use in soft water agreed but I definitely prefer it.

Ooh there's been so many detergent changes recently! It's quite addictive because it makes you want to go out and buy all of them but you have to restrict it.

Back onto the Summer Breeze Lenor, I washed a hoodie in it today (along with some Miracle Acdo) and it's here in front of me and I am constantly sniffing it! The smell is so refreshing and lovely, I like that it still has elements of Summer Breeze yet has a very strong April Fresh twang to it.

Just saw your comment upthread regarding the spring unstoppables, must try them with the Summer Breeze, bet that combination would be lovely! :))

Post# 892079 , Reply# 37   8/1/2016 at 17:38 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

It's going to be the "soap rush" of 2016, it is really good though for people like us who are into laundry stuff.

I've not yet tried the summer fresh, but will do so (along with dreams/blue bold and hunting down green bold haha).

Will also have to try it in combo with spring unstoppables - yes the spring bottle in the US actually have wording on them, saying to team up with Downy April Fresh.

If you click on link and enlarge pic, you'll see it


Post# 892080 , Reply# 38   8/1/2016 at 17:42 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Yeah it seems like they created the Spring ones for the April Fresh.

I love looking at Walmart for laundry stuff, so much to choose from! Would really love to try out the Tide/Downy/Bounce 'Sweet Dreams' and also the Unstopables Fabric Conditioner, which is paired with the scent beads. :)

Post# 892086 , Reply# 39   8/1/2016 at 18:04 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Well if you ever wanted to


All you do, is copy the name and the weblink (from any American/USA site) onto the order form on My American Shopper, they calculate the shipping cost and customs fee, you pay them. They buy it and then ship it on to you.

I have used them 3 times over the years and they are really good. I have bought TONS of Tide/Gain, Downy (naturally) and even 2 full bed sets, which are much cheaper and easier to shop for at Walmart.

If you don't want to do it that way, they offer a US shipping address too.

So you shop on american website using the US address you're given, the retailer ships it to that american address (usually the address is MyAmericanShopper offices) then it;s forwarded on to you.


Post# 892088 , Reply# 40   8/1/2016 at 18:07 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

The shipping address option, use

Example (this is my USA address)

7950 Woodley Ave. Unit A
Suite# 117696
Van Nuys, CA
Phone 818-647-1403

Post# 892089 , Reply# 41   8/1/2016 at 18:09 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

I've never actually used the shipping address option, as my american shopper is good enough.

Also, you may need to add your USA address to you bank account/credit cards, so that you can shop online on US sites, and so that the "billing" address and shipping address match up.

Post# 892091 , Reply# 42   8/1/2016 at 18:18 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        
Thank you for those!

That looks really good! Is it expensive? I've ordered from US amazon a few times but there are very few international shipping sellers. It would be brilliant if that was affordable though. :))

Post# 892098 , Reply# 43   8/1/2016 at 18:40 (2,817 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

When working out like for like cost

Of course the biggest impact is weight, so things like laundry pods/dryer sheets and unstoppables are going to be cheaper to ship than liquid/Powders.

But the exchange rate works in our favour too, eg a 102 wash box of Tide is about $18 on walmart, which to us at the moment is 13.65 - so 102 washes of Tide for less than 15

When you place your order, it includes the cost of the products, the customs fee, and shipping costs.

They then review the order and will normally come back with an adjustment, as usually when ordering laundry type products, the shipping can be a bit higher, but it has never be more than $15-20 more.

But you're under no obligation to continue the order when they come back with the adjustment, you can still cancel and receive refund.

In january, I ordered 2 bedsets, which each included a base fitted sheet, a flat sheet and 2 pillowcases, they equated to 60 for the 2, including shipping (but not customs, I opted to pay this seperately @ 16).

However, they are the best I have ever owned, they are big (of course as US) and they fit the bed properly, the fitted sheet has never come loose during the night.

I have a UK Superking bed, which is a US King Size, it was just 10x easier to shop for bedding in America than here.

But if you dont want to go down this route, then thanks to ebays global shipping program, shipping costs have become much more reasonable too (provided the seller in question opts to use the GSP when listing their item) they can still choose their standard delivery service and charge what they like. Whereas ebays GSP automatically dictates the shipping cost and cannot be changed by the seller.

I got 2 massive (100 wash I think) bottles of Gain liquid detergent, and paid about 35 for both, including shipping. So 200 washes of Gain for 35 = 0.17pence a wash, considering when not on offer, Ariel here is 0.37pence a wash, did not think this was too bad.

Post# 892198 , Reply# 44   8/2/2016 at 10:01 (2,817 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

That's very interesting to know, thank you! :))

Will have to give it a try sometime.

Post# 892228 , Reply# 45   8/2/2016 at 14:21 (2,816 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Currently in the American Shopper basket, I have a bottle of Downy Infusions Sweet Dreams and a bottle of April Fresh and it comes to 33.95 in total. Cheaper than Target offering UK delivery.

Post# 892241 , Reply# 46   8/2/2016 at 15:37 (2,816 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

That's good to know it is cheaper.

I just been to Tesco's to hunt out green bold, they dont have any either :(

However, I did smell the Lenor's with the new logo (standard blue, febreeze green) couldn't see the purple one with new logo, but still had a smell and did seem different to my nose. So they do all seem to have been changed (the standard blue is only a slight tweak)

The green febreeze one is now a liquid version of the "fresh" unstoppables. So got one of them, so wasn't a completely wasted trip.

But I NEEEED some of the green bold, so will keep looking.

Post# 892245 , Reply# 47   8/2/2016 at 15:49 (2,816 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

The new Febreze one sounds lovely! I'm off to Asda tomorrow so will look out and have a sniff. Will also look for the Green Bold also. Wonder what the Lenor 'parfumelle' smells like? I did used to like the Ocean Escape variety so will have a sniff of that.

I've been on ebay and they have 60 loads Downy conditioner for about 18 which is decent enough price so might get one from there. The seller has April Fresh and Clean Breeze, they both sound lovely but may go for the Clean Breeze.

Post# 892248 , Reply# 48   8/2/2016 at 15:58 (2,816 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
I like

Clean Breeze too, but it has been about 6/7 years since I had some.

There were so many Lenor's at Tesco, would have got thrown out (and have got a headache) if I smelt them all :)

I will keep an eye out for Parfumelle, and will smell Ocean Escape too.

The only Lenor's I never liked was Gold Orchid, and the Black Diamond Lotus (but will brave a smell to see if they have changed too).

Post# 892254 , Reply# 49   8/2/2016 at 16:28 (2,816 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

That's what I worry about, plus normally with the amount of conditioners now you'd get a high :))

I wasn't sure on Gold Orchid, to me it smelt a lot like body lotion with bronzer in it. I did like the Diamond and Lotus, even though they changed the scent when they reintroduced it around last October.

Post# 892262 , Reply# 50   8/2/2016 at 17:03 (2,816 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

That's exactly it with Gold Orchid, it's a suntan lotion/coconutty "summery" smell.

The Black Diamond was awful - I THINK it was after relaunch when I got it, it was horrid, did about 2 washes with it and then poured it away.

Odd, because I loved Bold's White Diamond and Lotus Flower in the White Box.

Post# 892263 , Reply# 51   8/2/2016 at 17:05 (2,816 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

I wonder if Gold Orchid has changed?

That's it really. They discontinued the Diamond and Lotus when they went to Super Concentrate, I loved the smell of it. They brought it back last year but it didn't smell the same, the newer one smelt like Head & Shoulders Apple shampoo more than anything and it was okay, but not like the older one.

Post# 892634 , Reply# 52   8/5/2016 at 13:01 (2,813 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Bought some Bold, omg it really does smell like the older ones! I haven't stopped sniffing the box since I got it.

Also picked up the new Lenor Febreze, it's like as if you've just melted some Unstoppables in water it smells exactly the same!

Post# 893327 , Reply# 53   8/10/2016 at 10:02 (2,809 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Didn't see you latest post, glad you finally got some.

Now, I have only used the new Bold powder a couple of times, and am thinking PG marketing may be at play here. Even though it is the Bold scent of old, it is nowhere near as strong as the one we just had.

Thinking this could be for one of 2 reasons -

Bold now advertise their products to be used alongside Lenor fabric softener AND Unstoppables, so toning down the strength of the scent in the detergent would push people to do this - in the description in the link.

Or, to push people from powders to liquids and pods (not got any of the new scent liquids/pods yet, so can't compare scent strength).

I have yet to actually use the new Lenor Febreeze FS (hazard of too many products and not enough washing lol).



Post# 893364 , Reply# 54   8/10/2016 at 15:18 (2,808 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Tell you...

What though, the softener has been very much improved - ran a load of towels (and usually they are very unforgiving of a 2in1). They are actually quite soft. So whilst the scent has definitely been toned down (to my nose), the softener has vastly improved.

Post# 893557 , Reply# 55   8/11/2016 at 17:19 (2,807 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

I've used the new Bold liquid and have definitely noticed the scent is a lot lighter like the powder, so definitely not just the powder that has had the scent toned down. They have recommended to use Lenor + Unstoppables for a while now, but surely though a lot of people would look at the Bold and think 'why would I need to add more Lenor when this supposedly has it in?' As it has the Lenor logo incorporated in the Bold logo and it would be scent overkill to use Bold, Lenor and Unstoppables in the same load. I did it once with Blue Bold, Spring Lenor and Fresh Unstoppables, said result meant I felt ill when I wore the clothes.

The pods probably have the strongest scent, they did in the last incarceration so it wouldn't surprise me if the scent was stronger in the new pods than the other Bold products. That said, it is nice to use Bold which leaves clothes with a nice pleasant smell that just smells clean and it reminds me of the smell after a heavy downpour.

Haven't tried out the new Febreze Lenor either, but do agree regarding it's improved softness. Towels don't feel icky and like they have a coating on them anymore and things like sheets are so soft and snuggly.

Post# 893562 , Reply# 56   8/11/2016 at 17:47 (2,807 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

For letting me know the liquid is the same in scent strength.

Re the pods, yes agree, I have noticed that the Pods tend to be the strongest scented. I find the Pods and Gels to be the sudsiest too (whether Bold/Ariel/Fairy) - so maybe they just don't rinse out the same.

I have a few full bottles of the Gels, and I think I have come to the conclusion that I really don't like them. They leave a real heavy detergenty stink in the machine after a few consecutive washes. I am METICULOUS about keeping the washer clean, possibly to the point of obsessive (even though I do plenty of 60 and 95 washes, I still run the machines "eco drum clean" cycle at least once a week and wash the detergent drawer at least once a week too). Even with all of this, I still get quite the stank in the machine after using the Gels - AND to top it off, the machine was brand new in February. So I really think the Gels and Pods just don't rinse that well, hence the stronger scent.

Earlier on, I said the Bold powder was very foamy, it is, but ONLY with things like trainers and flip-flop washes (have a few pairs of flip flops that I wear round house as we are a no shoes house, so wash these every few weeks). However , done about 4 full loads with the Bold Powder and using the recommended dose, there was not a sud in sight - this is even with my Samsung's bubble feature as it can't be turned off. So the powder seems great.

Post# 893766 , Reply# 57   8/13/2016 at 14:14 (2,805 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

I don't mind pods, but I washed a half load with an Ariel one and the smell was pretty strong. Thing is, whilst they do clean well, they are a bugger to rinse out and yes they do have the strongest scent, regardless of whether they're Ariel/Bold/Fairy etc.

Also agree with the gels, they're the worst for rinsing. Also, even though they boast a 'no mess' dispensing system, I always find stray gel has found it's way out of the container, resulting in a sticky lid and a mess. They also leave my Hoover stinking too, plus the laundry stinks of the product despite using the recommended dose.

I went on mumsnet and read some more of rabbit123's (the Unilever worker you linked into another thread) posts and it's interesting to read that liquids are harder to rinse out than a powder, due to the liquid being denser than water and powder dissolved into water makes a less dense formula that is easier to rinse out of clothes. It's surprising considering liquids are promoted as being easier to work with than a powder and are better for quick washes etc. But then again I have never really had trouble rinsing out powder, even with handwashing and only rinsing once.

Post# 893785 , Reply# 58   8/13/2016 at 17:27 (2,805 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

The pods do clean well, I was actually surprised by Bold Pearls a couple of months back, had a big chocolate stain from pudding cup and I was sure I was going to need a powder, the pod though shifted it right out.

Rabbit123 on Mumsnet is really knowledgeable, and will regularly educate users on MN about the differences, there was one about Non Bio liquids being the worst formula to use machine wise (no bleach, no enzymes - basically a liquid soap with OBs) one user didn't like that lol.

I think I mentioned upthread, interestingly she will use ANY branded powder that is on offer when she buys (whether PG or Unilever - I assume she got it free when working there), but she insists on it being a powder, NEVER a liquid or pod.

Completely agree on the Gels making a mess, they have made some right messes in their time with me, I had the pull the lids off and wash them. What I have done now is I have taken the dosing caps off and store the bottles "upside down" so they can't leak. They just don't close properly - especially when they start to become half empty and the bottle becomes mis-shapen from the squeezing.

Oh also if you're interested, Lenor have come out with a new scent called Floral Romance - it's pink one, I am not sure it is the Lenor "in the pink" from a few years back, but it smells nice all the same. I picked some up - I HAVE TO STOP ;p.


Post# 893841 , Reply# 59   8/14/2016 at 06:01 (2,805 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Agreed the Bold pearls are good, they've surprised me also with their stain removing power and the ability to leave everything really soft.

I find it funny on mumsnet when the members say they use a Non Bio 'because bio makes them or their little darlings itch' and then they say they use Vanish because stains are hard to get out! They don't know they're adding the stuff they are trying to avoid into the wash! Another one is when they use a sensitive detergent, but use Lenor Unstoppables and the stinkiest fabric conditioner they can find, and wash all of their clothes on a 15 minute cycle 'because I'm a busy mum and have no time' there is no point. The amount of people on there who use non bio is ridiculous, there was somebody from the White Goods Help website who posted on there saying biological and powder detergents were the best ad mostly everybody else just didn't bother listening to him.

I saw in a post of hers that she said she will buy any biological powder, but the one she buys depends on which one is on offer. It must be interesting to work in the laundry sections of either Unilever or P&G, testing out new formulas, fragrances, stain removal capabilities etc.

Did see the new pink Lenor when I first bought some new Summer Breeze, was really excited at the idea of it smelling of the old in the pink, but it's a nice smell anyway. Tried to get some of the perfect black Surf but Sainsbury's didn't have any!

Post# 893843 , Reply# 60   8/14/2016 at 06:21 (2,805 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

Pink Lenor?! I have to find some, that stuff was amazing!

Rabbit123 is really resourceful, and it makes me cringe when people who moan about having rediculously irritable skin buy unstopables to use with something like Fairy and then wonder why their skin is irritated and itchy. I use non bio be it Fairy or persil or Ecover, because most bios I have used be it Ariel or a supermarkets own brand, used to give me a nasty pinhead rash over my back and feet and I just stick with what I know is fine with me, also i never notice any difference with stain removal between bio or non bio myself.

Also, since both of you like Bold, The Original Factory shop were selling XXL boxes of the lavender powder and bottles of Comfort sun fresh, not sure how much though

Post# 893852 , Reply# 61   8/14/2016 at 07:15 (2,805 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Would be really interesting to work in the industry.

I am not sure they have launched the Surf Vivid Colours and Perfect Black yet, I haven't seen it anywhere. Will keep an eye out for it and say here if I see it anywhere.

aegokocarat, the Pink Lenor is really nice, only seen it in Wilko's so far, if you have one nearby. Thanks for that - Love the original factory shop; it's been ages since I have been (our local one has only just reopened as it had to be refurbished after the floods at Christmas last year).

Post# 893860 , Reply# 62   8/14/2016 at 08:57 (2,805 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

I've seen the Vivid Colours liquid in Tesco, but it's 5 so not paying that! The only major difference you could tell so far was that the ingredients list no OBA's, other than that it's the same.

I have found like you aeg that most Non Bios actually keep up the cleaning and stain removal power of biological detergents, I guess I prefer to use biological powder, not even for a particular reason.

Post# 893885 , Reply# 63   8/14/2016 at 11:37 (2,804 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

I'm sure I've seen the vivid colours stuff in Sainsbury's too, and I THINK Ocado are stocking it as well (Ocado fetish lol)

Post# 893886 , Reply# 64   8/14/2016 at 11:42 (2,804 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Ah right,

Thanks for that, I hadn't seen it. However, being honest, as much as I love detergents - Surf is the last one I choose usually. So it may not have registered when scanning the shelves. Will keep eyes peeled on next shop. I wouldn't pay 5 either.

Can't beat Ocado for product range.

Non Bio - I haven't noticed any difference in stain removal either.

Post# 893887 , Reply# 65   8/14/2016 at 11:44 (2,804 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

To MySupermarket, Surf Perfect Black is 3 at Sainsbury's.

Post# 893905 , Reply# 66   8/14/2016 at 16:19 (2,804 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Ocado is the best for product range agreed, they stock everything! They don't deliver to my address though :(

Yeah that's why I went to Sainsbury's, in order to get some for 3, so annoying really they had neither. It's weird how the new range is formulated, the liquids are biological yet the capsules are non biological. Apparently that will mean it's the first time Surf has been without enzymes for 30 years.

Regarding Surf, I actually really like their products. The Sunshine Lemons powder is my favourite and have always found it cleans to a very good standard. Interestingly though, the Sensations liquids and capsules have three enzymes in their formulations; Mannanase, Amylase and Substilin, whilst the Sensations powder only lists Protease in it's formulation like other Surf products.

Post# 893909 , Reply# 67   8/14/2016 at 16:32 (2,804 days old) by Zanussi_lover (Nottingham, UK)        
P&G Detergent Scent Shakeup

zanussi_lover's profile picture
I saw earlier in the thread that Fairy Non Bio has changed. I hope they haven't changed the perfume of Fairy Non Bio Powder, as that has a lovely delicate smell and really its the only powder that makes my clothes feel clean, soft and not itchy against my skin with a fresh subtle perfume, and without adding any conditioner to the wash.

I've seen on the Fairy non bio Facebook page that the Fairy gel has changed the perfume, as it says New Scent on the bottle. I've yet to smell this before I buy it. I found Fairy Gel has a very strong musky unpleasant aftershave smell and if they have made the scent more subtle then I will purchase it as a colour detergent.

I bought some new Blue Bold Lotus Flower and Water Lily powder and Liquid and I agree both have lovely scents, much better than the sickly sweet melon afterkick that was in the previous version, this has a clean ocean fresh spa minerals scent which does remind me slightly of Bold Aqua of the early 2000's, but unfortunately, it gave me a red rash on my neck so shall be donating it to my mum and dad for use on their washing. I have yet to sniff the updated lavender one.

I tried a box of Ariel powder too, this has quite a pleasant toned down mild scent though its nothing really like Ariel Essential, or the Grassy scented Ariel we had until 2005. I stopped using Ariel after 2005, as they turned the perfume into a piney citrusy strong perfume and smelt very strong and unpleasant until last year. But the scent doesn't last on clothes, which I wish it would do. Ariel Alpine (Circa 1998-1999) was gorgeous, my mums friend used to use Ariel Alpine Powder and i wanted her to wash all my clothes in it.

I'm not a fan of any Fabric Softeners apart from Fairy Almond Oils and Ecover (Yellow Cap) Sun Fragrance, the new Lenors again smell very sickly and chemical and aren't really to my personal taste, but each to their own.

Post# 893910 , Reply# 68   8/14/2016 at 16:37 (2,804 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
No way

Have they done a non bio Surf?

Is this for the new one's - Vivid Colour/Perfect Blacks?

So they will have no Bleach as liquid, No OBs as aimed at colour's and no enzymes? How are they going to clean? Lol

Regarding Surf, it isn't that I dislike it, it is just for some reason Surf and Daz tend to be the last one's I chose not even 100 percent why.

Will normally chose

1st Ariel (not 100% why this is my fave, as no glaring reason as to why it is better than others)
2nd Bold
3rd Fairy
4th Persil

However, do go through phases of what I really like at times, so positions 2,3 and 4 can change haha - there has been times when I have been using Surf quite a bit, then not so much. In fact a few months back, I bought some Surf capsules for the first time in about 12 years (have bought the Powder and Liquids in that time)

I am heavily swayed by offers in Supermarkets though, I NEVER pay full price, eg 45 wash box Persil usual price is 11! No way would pay that, the last Persil I got was 5.50 and the one before that was 4! I would really really want to have the product to even contemplate full price and even then, don't think I would (but due to the amount of products I have at any given time, thankfully I never have to, I don't think I have ever run out of detergent in all my adult life :/ ).

Post# 893911 , Reply# 69   8/14/2016 at 16:40 (2,804 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Zanussi_lover, I haven't smelt the new liquids or pods, but the Powder scent has definitely changed to my nose. I actually could swear it is Daz's previous scent (the one before what Daz has just changed to now).

Post# 893916 , Reply# 70   8/14/2016 at 17:10 (2,804 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

My nan has a more recent box of fairy powder and the ingredients composition seems to have changed, I.e (because this bits all I can remember) 5-15%oxygen based bleaching agents and (some sort of) surfactant. Funny you should mention Fairy gel because I dont mind the smell but I used to buy it a bit too often and I got sick of the smell, Fairy, Ecover and Ecozone laundry products are what I usually buy on a regular basis, also, Ecozone have 2 new softener scents now, so I'm itching to try those as I usually buy their Simple&fresh scent or either one of the Ecover or fairy softeners, though, Essential Waitrose Pure softener smells gorgeous!

Post# 893917 , Reply# 71   8/14/2016 at 17:20 (2,804 days old) by Zanussi_lover (Nottingham, UK)        
P&G Detergent Scent Shakeup

zanussi_lover's profile picture
I saw earlier in the thread that Fairy Non Bio has changed. I hope they haven't changed the perfume of Fairy Non Bio Powder, as that has a lovely delicate smell and really its the only powder that makes my clothes feel clean, soft and not itchy against my skin with a fresh subtle perfume, and without adding any conditioner to the wash.

I've seen on the Fairy non bio Facebook page that the Fairy gel has changed the perfume, as it says New Scent on the bottle. I've yet to smell this before I buy it. I found Fairy Gel has a very strong musky unpleasant aftershave smell and if they have made the scent more subtle then I will purchase it as a colour detergent.

I bought some new Blue Bold Lotus Flower and Water Lily powder and Liquid and I agree both have lovely scents, much better than the sickly sweet melon afterkick that was in the previous version, this has a clean ocean fresh spa minerals scent which does remind me slightly of Bold Aqua of the early 2000's, but unfortunately, it gave me a red rash on my neck so shall be donating it to my mum and dad for use on their washing. I have yet to sniff the updated lavender one.

I tried a box of Ariel powder too, this has quite a pleasant toned down mild scent though its nothing really like Ariel Essential, or the Grassy scented Ariel we had until 2005. I stopped using Ariel after 2005, as they turned the perfume into a piney citrusy strong perfume and smelt very strong and unpleasant until last year. But the scent doesn't last on clothes, which I wish it would do. Ariel Alpine (Circa 1998-1999) was gorgeous, my mums friend used to use Ariel Alpine Powder and i wanted her to wash all my clothes in it.

I'm not a fan of any Fabric Softeners apart from Fairy Almond Oils and Ecover (Yellow Cap) Sun Fragrance, the new Lenors again smell very sickly and chemical and aren't really to my personal taste, but each to their own.

Post# 893919 , Reply# 72   8/14/2016 at 17:40 (2,804 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

The non-bio applies to the Vivid Colour/Perfect Black capsules only, the liquids are biological and list enzymes on the ingredients list. The capsules bag states they are non bio, it's odd one contains enzymes and the other doesn't.

That's exactly it! The capsules have no bleaching agents/enzymes/OBA's so they will leave stuff pretty dingy looking after a few washes. Going by the ingredients on the bottle, there is barely any difference between the colour variants and the normal Surf liquids, but I guess the companies prey on consumer's thinking 'I will buy this Surf for my whites, this one for my colours and this one for my black clothes.'

Following on from that, I bought some Ariel Colour & Style pods the other day, despite having a few regular ones left over, and they are both exactly the same! Same colour (normally the colour variants have a purple liquid as the base whilst the normal ones are green), same smell and they both list Optical Brighteners in the ingredients!

I feel the same about Ariel lol, there's no specific reason why I choose it, I just do. I will normally choose Ariel, Surf, Fairy or Persil, and sometimes supermarkets own (normally though this only applies to Aldi/Lidl detergents).

Supermarket prices are shocking! Why on earth would you pay 11 for Persil, like you I wait until it's on offer. As Morrisons is my local supermarket, they normally have it for 5 which is a good deal, same with Ariel/Fairy, 40 washes for 5.

It seems, all of my other fabric conditioners have been pushed to the side in favour of new Lenor Summer Breeze. Since I bought it I have not used anything else, it's so good!

Post# 894021 , Reply# 73   8/15/2016 at 11:44 (2,803 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

In my experience, given that I use Ecover and Ecozone non bio liquids which dont contain OBA's or enzymes, I havent noticed any difference between those or a product contaning OBA's, and if anything, I think it all comes down to how you actually wash your clothes anyway. NB I've been using Ecover and Ecozone liquids for a while and alternate between those and Fairy.

Post# 894046 , Reply# 74   8/15/2016 at 15:54 (2,803 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

That's true, it really does boil down to how you actually wash your clothes, and apparently OBA's are both not required in laundry products, and they can also cause harm to the body according to some websites.

Post# 894216 , Reply# 75   8/16/2016 at 18:55 (2,802 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, Theres a Lady on Stage)        
Laundry/housekeeping manuals

launderess's profile picture
Were advising women (and anyone else doing laundry) going back to the Victorian era, if not before, that bluing was not needed if the wash was done properly. The main use of bluing was to cover up the yellowing that came naturally to textiles made from cotton or linen. Secondary use was to cover up bad laundry habits and or slovenly housekeeping. That is the yellowing caused by wearing/using thing longer than one should before going to the wash, and or not doing that process properly. The yellowing of shirts underarms, pillow slips and bed sheets, that sort of thing.

The whole "Persil washes whiter" originally came about because that soap contained oxygen bleach. Combined with hot or boiling water you could get some really bright wash.

By the 1950's or so post war housewives were being "advised" by adverts and whatever to step up their game. In theory mod cons and new products made housekeeping easier than it had been for previous generations. However instead of relishing in this fact, the war on dirt was raised up a peg or two. It now was not just enough to get one's wash clean and "white", but "whiter than white". Happily chemists came out with OBAs; fluorescent dyes that make one's wash glowing (literally) white.

This being said OBAs cannot nor will not cure poor laundry habits. Also the same thing about bluing applies; wash that is done properly really does not need fabric whitening agents (OBAs). The only niggle with this comes in that much cotton and even linen cloth is treated with OBAs when made. These dyes are not very long lasting which is one reason why you find them in laundry products; to replace what is taken away by laundering. If you don't use an OBA containing product after a period of time it *may* seem as if things are dingy, even if properly clean. This is due to missing the reflective properties of the fluorescent dyes. To remedy this if one wishes just wash in a detergent or use a fabric softener with OBAs.

As for skin have never heard of OBAs causing health risks per se; if they could penetrate the skin to that degree the things would be classified as a drug. The main gripe with OBAs from some is that they "attach" or whatever to skin. This may be true but is also rubbish. We all shed cells as that organ self renews; whatever residue from OBAs would soon enough be sloughed or whatever off.

Post# 894280 , Reply# 76   8/17/2016 at 04:42 (2,802 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

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Well, there have been serious concerns about OBA`s health effects.
Said it a hundred times before.
Biggest concern I believe is the OBAs might revert back into something like diethylstilbestrol, a terrible endocrine disruptor.

To stay more on topic it`s good to hear P&G has changed a lot of their scents recently.
I found the German equivalent to Bold waterlily and lotusflower smelled exactly like "urine cake with a touch of hubba bubba chewing gum". Actually not unpleasant but way to strong.


Post# 894281 , Reply# 77   8/17/2016 at 04:48 (2,802 days old) by mrboilwash (Munich,Germany)        

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Further read on diethylstilbestrol, which is not exactly the same chemical as used in OBAs but it`s still somehow related to the stilbenes found in detergents.


Post# 894285 , Reply# 78   8/17/2016 at 06:06 (2,802 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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RE: detergent scents, I recently found French Skip in one of the various pound/discount stores and bought a few boxes. Skip is Unilever's leading brand in France. Despite the blue box, this is biological and it smells NOTHING like our Persil Bio. It's got this lovely retro soapy scent too it. I've not tried it yet, but I'll be putting it through it's pases at the weekend. I really do miss the days when washing powder just smelt like washing powder.

I always seem to view detergents in levels:

Premium level: Persil & Ariel
Sub-premium level: Daz. Radion used to be here too once upon a time
Lower level: Bold & Surf (though I'd rather use Surf over Bold anyday!)
Eco detergents: Method, Ecover, BioD etc
Sensitive: Fairy, Simply, Surcare

Store brands sit in various levels depending on performance.

My detergent of choice is always Persil Bio powder. I kind of view it as the original detergent and for some reason associate it very strongly with good housekeeping/laundry. Crazy I know, but Persil has never let me down. Bold would be my last choice of detergent. I've always found Bold to give very poor results with too much focus on scent than cleaning. I try to avoid heavilly scented detergents anyway due to the nature of the chemcial scent boosters used, many of which are listed on the EU banned and regulated substances legislation.

Post# 894286 , Reply# 79   8/17/2016 at 06:07 (2,802 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Post# 894338 , Reply# 80   8/17/2016 at 12:20 (2,801 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Yep, view the same way.

Daz is a more economic, "toned down" version of Ariel and Surf the same for Persil.

I don't dislike either of the two per se, just I will 98% of the time go for the others.

Daz is great for whites (as they advertise) as it is packed to the 9s with bluing agents (as laundress said above). The one thing with Daz though is I swear it makes clothes look "bobbly" sooner (I haven't used it consecutively enough to prove, and won't as I don't want to deck my clothes). Sister in law uses nothing but Daz and her clothes seem really bobbly, so it seems to re-inforce my view.

Surf seems no problems, but just don't seem to use all that often.

Get what you're saying about Persil - it's a British Institution (And would dare say Hyacinth Bouquet used it as all Persil Powders carry the Royal Warrant lol).

As it says in the documentary about Persil Power
Persil was all about the home, and being a good mother, it played more on emotions, whereas Ariel was "here is a detergent that will remove stains - job done".

Also if you watch/have seen the Persil ads vs Ariel ads on Laundry Lab you can see that difference.


Post# 894349 , Reply# 81   8/17/2016 at 13:26 (2,801 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Even down to the packaging and scents of the detergents, Ariel well and truly went for the scentific approach as opposed to the more happy families approach. Like the guy says in the Persil power doc, it's a brand that's always stood for care as well as cleaning.

Post# 894357 , Reply# 82   8/17/2016 at 14:27 (2,801 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Even today.

The Persil Box has the "splodge" marking, but there is also kids on a bike on bio, and a dad and baby on the non bio.

Ariel just has the "atom" logo and the word ARIEL lol

Post# 894525 , Reply# 83   8/18/2016 at 11:02 (2,801 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        
Tried the Skip

And it indeed smells lovely! Such a clean, soapy scent that is hard to find now. Plus it was good value and in a lovely little box!

Persil is definitely a detergent that is associated with care and family, mainly due to the marketing. I do like their powders and the S/M Bio also, but it really is a British Institution, much like other British things such as a cup of tea or Coronation Street, Ariel doesn't seem to have the same feeling towards it. To me, Ariel has always been the more modern and scientific washing powder, whereas Persil has been used through generations and has always been associated with washing whiter and being a good mother. This shows through the product packaging. On an Ariel Box, there is the atom looking logo with Ariel underneath, that's it. With Persil (the non bio one anwyay) there is a father and a baby on it, which still shows Persil is associated with care.

Post# 894549 , Reply# 84   8/18/2016 at 14:05 (2,800 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        
Spring awakening

Today, I impulsively bought an 83 wash bottle of Summer breeze with the new Lenor branding. I used to love Summer Breeze and Spring Awakening right up till they made them "super concentrated" and I found the smells in the bottles really horrible and used to get irritation on my hands from handling wet washing washed in either of the scents, I did actually contact P&G to give feedback about that....
anyway, I've been curious since I started reading this thread about Spring Awakening and when I had seen that the larger bottles (also, probably the smaller bottles?) aren't "super concentrated" now and are a bit more diluted as to what the products smell like. It was on offer in Wilkinsons and I picked it up to have a smell, it still has a similar smell to the previous formula but has less of a chemically twang to it, I got in and washed a load of bedding in it and a load of general washing with it, the smell isn't really "sour" or "bitter" like the old formula, to my nose its more subtle and clean smelling, also, I didn't experience any irritation to my hands. I think I could happily buy it again, reminds me of being a really young teen and doing my washing because my mother always bought Spring Awakening.

Post# 894587 , Reply# 85   8/18/2016 at 16:49 (2,800 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

I just realised, I said Summer Breeze, I meant I bought spring awakening lol

Post# 894704 , Reply# 86   8/19/2016 at 13:13 (2,799 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Will have..

To try some of the new Spring Awakening; I have smelt it since the redesign and it seems that it had only had a slight tweak (as opposed to Summer Breeze and Febreeze Fresh, which you can tell straight off is a different smell).

Still have 2x 76 wash bottles of SA, along with the new one's I have amassed over the course of this thread :) So will try and hold off before trying the new SA.

Would make sense that the smell seems less potent and more like the less concentrated version from a few years back, as you mentioned the 3L bottles going to 83 washes from 116.

Talked about the new Lenor's and the ones I weren't keen on (Gold Orchid and Black Lotus) but not mentioned the one I LOVED the most - Lenor "Natural Balance", does anyone remember that? I really really liked it.

Post# 894705 , Reply# 87   8/19/2016 at 13:17 (2,799 days old) by liamy1 (-)        



Post# 894726 , Reply# 88   8/19/2016 at 15:18 (2,799 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Will have to try Spring Awakening next! The 83 wash bottle does have a slightly less strong smell than the normal one which is good. Nearly got an SA today but held off because I still love the Summer Breeze. When I went to get a bottle of 83 wash SB from B&M's the other day, they had both the old 116 wash and new 83 wash for the same price. Could imagine that would confuse some people!

Also, the other Lenors, now under the 'parfumelle' range smell exactly the same as they did before. Had a sniff of the new logo Gold Orchid, Ocean Escape and Diamond/Lotus flower and they smell the same so if you didn't like the scent before they're not worth bothering with.

In regards to Fairy's scent changing, I had a sniff today and it still has the baby soapy type scent, but it appears to have a Daz type undertone. Smells pleasant actually, still a nice clean smell but ever so slightly different. The bleaching agents in it though have gone back down to 5-15% from 15-30%, not sure if anyone else has noticed!

BTW Liam, Savers have 1.9L bottles of the new Pink Lenor (76 washes) for 2.75 if you're interested :))

Post# 894733 , Reply# 89   8/19/2016 at 17:09 (2,799 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Thanks, I will have to have a look, as the one I bought at Wilko was 3.50!

Yes, my B&M has the 116 and 83 washes mixed in together too, should imagine most people will go for the 116 wash, leaving all the new scents for us :).

Won't bother with the GO and BL scents then, suppose the GO isn't terrible, just not my cup of tea (MIL was doing some washing when I last visited, and was using Gold Orchid, and she uses far too much conditioner as is - she rinsed through my Downy AF and CB when she lived with us a few years back). The BL was horrendous.

To be honest I hadn't noticed the bleach content changing, although it seems Ariel swaps between 5-15 and 15-30% percent quite a bit.

Post# 894734 , Reply# 90   8/19/2016 at 17:17 (2,799 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

3.50 is too much for just a bottle of Lenor, but then again ALL detergent prices are so high it's no wonder lots of people just buy whatever is on offer. Savers are good for stuff like that though, they normally have big boxes of Daz/Surf for 3.99 and big Ariel liquids for 4.99.

Lol actually the new scent was the one that was gone, I got the last one! Can't say whether I prefer this version or the normal super concentrate version, both are really nice.

I'm actually waiting for somewhere to have Ariel Colour liquid on offer. Love the smell of that one but I'm not paying 6.98/7 a bottle!

My mum has the same habit, pours way too much Lenor SA into the drawer. I had to put her washing out the other day but was seriously considering putting it through the wash again. You know when you've OD'd on fabric conditioner and your clothes come out feeling greasy and slimy and disgusting? That basically, the jeans that were washed felt horrible.

Do you like that Ariel has so much bleach in it? It was 5-15% a few years ago which was a nice amount to have in it. When they upped it to 15-30% was a bit wary of it fading clothes quicker, but if anything it doesn't. Which did say though Ariel powder is one of the best detergents for not fading clothes, but then again oxygen bleaching agents are normally colour safe aren't they?

Post# 894742 , Reply# 91   8/19/2016 at 18:27 (2,799 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Will have...

To have a look at savers in future, yes detergent prices are sky high. I remember Tesco carrying the 85 wash box of Ariel for 20! This was a good few year back though.

I like the idea of higher bleach for the whiteness, I got to admit, I haven't noticed the fading either (and I did see in which that they say Ariel performs better than all the others on colour fading).

The clothes I want to keep looking brand new, I will almost always wash in a colour care detergent, and if not a colour care, at the very least a liquid.

I believe oxygen bleaches are good for colours in the main, and of course, will have no affect on completely man-made fibres. But as laundress says, if the detergent is capable of removing a dye-based stain (coffee, tomato, curry etc) then over time, it will remove colour. But then again, the friction alone from washing will remove colour, so no colour detergent will completely stop colour loss, it just delays it.

The only place I know with Ariel colour liquid on offer at the moment is OCADO - 7 for 60 wash. Makro online has 100 wash bottle for 11.99 - but if you can get for 5 at savers, then it may not be a good offer.

Post# 894744 , Reply# 92   8/19/2016 at 18:52 (2,799 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        
Ariel for 20

And at a similar time the 10 wash size went to something crazy like 4.50! Shocking!

It's more the washing process though that will remove colour and cause wear than the detergent used. Like you say, if a detergent is capable of removing a dye based stain it will remove loose colour particles. The only thing you really notice fading with is jeans, but turning them inside out helps, alongside using a colour safe/liquid detergent.

That's a shame it's not on offer currently, Ocado don't deliver to my address unfortunately. The bottles at Makro are too much, too many washes and it will take forever to use up (lol). Savers only do the regular liquid though, but they do have the 24 wash one for 3.99, may have to go there too as haven't been in a while.

Apparently, P&G have launched a 500ml bottle of Ariel liquid for sale in convenience stores/Spars/Costcutters etc. That would be interesting to get a bottle of that!

Post# 895063 , Reply# 93   8/22/2016 at 12:36 (2,796 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Small bottles

I haven't seen it yet, but will keep an eye out. To be honest, I always go for the biggest pack I can get (probably not the right thing for me, as I swap and change all the time, but I don't feel I am getting value for money with the smaller packs and bottles).

Had a message from Lenor this morning (and a voucher :) )

They have released 3 new scents of Lenor (according to the message).

Floral Romance - the pink one mentioned upthread

Soft embrace - not seen yet

Pearly Peony - not seen this either yet, but if it is like Bold Cherry and Peony, should be nice.

They are not on Mysupermarket, only seen the pink one on Wilkos site (and bought some in wilko store). So will be looking out for them to sniff :)

Post# 895081 , Reply# 94   8/22/2016 at 14:39 (2,796 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

How did you get a voucher? :))

And those new scents sounds interesting, will have to sniff them!

I vary with different sized packs, do like to buy small boxes of powder every so often but normally go for 40 wash sizes as sometimes the smaller packs aren't big enough for my mind.

Post# 895089 , Reply# 95   8/22/2016 at 15:35 (2,796 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

I just sent them a message asking if they would consider bringing back Natural Balance (because of this thread).

They messaged back saying with the usual bumf, saying it's great to hear you like our scents and that they are memorable (as I am sure NB went 10+ years ago)

Went onto say, I'm sure you understand that any decisions on new or reintroduction of scents can't be shared as it is business sensitive information.

Then mentioned the new scents and offered to send a voucher, (from past experience, it is usually 3 for trying a product and 5 for sending a dodgy product back - which for me was the head and shoulders issue with BandM and Home Bargains).

So just message them, asking something, or complementing them etc, MOST (but not all) of the time, they will offer to send a voucher.

Don't ask them for coupons, or discounts as they will just refer you to their site where they put coupons up on all PandG products (sometimes there is some great coupons on there, eg got 2 boxes of 30 ariel pods for 3.50 a box, 2 bottles of 76 wash lenor for 1.75 and 2 bottles of flash bleach - FREE). Sometimes the coupons arent great - it varies.

Post# 895094 , Reply# 96   8/22/2016 at 16:01 (2,796 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Did they remember having a fragrance called NB? Because there were a few comments where people have requested it and Lenor replies saying they couldn't remember it.

Found this though:

Yeah I've done that before. That latest was last year when I sent them a message saying that the Lenor I was using had clogged up the fabric conditioner section of the drawer and they replied mentioning maintenance washes and they sent a 7 voucher to spend on P&G laundry products.

Supersavvyme is great agreed but it's a faff trying to print off the vouchers, once you do you do get some excellent bargains. Last time it was a 1.1L Lenor for about 75p.

Post# 895101 , Reply# 97   8/22/2016 at 17:02 (2,796 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
They didn't...

Mention the name, lol. However, if any further issues, send them the advert I linked for NB :)

This was the response


Thank you so much for getting in touch with us. Its great to hear you like our fragrances so much that sometimes you just cant forget them.

However Im sure you understand that if there was to be any new products, or re-introduced products wed be unable to share this with you, as it would be business sensitive information.

I nevertheless appreciate you getting in touch to share your interest, as we really appreciate your feedback so Ill make sure its passed on.

Id like to let you know however that we do have some new scents that you might enjoy including Soft Embrace, Floral Romance and Pearly Peony.

If youd like to give one of these a try Id be happy to send you a voucher to help. Just let me know your address so I can send it out.

Once again thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. I hope to hear back from you soon.

Best wishes,


Consumer Relations

Post# 895122 , Reply# 98   8/22/2016 at 18:52 (2,796 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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Here's the new design for the Lenor detergent bags P&G just launched here. The liquid detergent looks similar now.


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Post# 895200 , Reply# 99   8/23/2016 at 05:22 (2,796 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Do you think I should send them an email/message too? My mum mentioned a fragrance Lenor did called Alpine Spirit that she loved, but they stopped making it around the time they stopped making Ariel Alpine.

Logixx - that new Lenor packaging is lovely! How does the detergent perform? I'm thinking maybe the blue one is like the Bold we have in the UK fragrance wise, but it could be different.

Post# 895214 , Reply# 100   8/23/2016 at 07:04 (2,796 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Definitely worth sending them a message - ask them about NB too, as the more people who ask for something, the more likely they will bring it back :)

Post# 895226 , Reply# 101   8/23/2016 at 08:10 (2,796 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Yeah okay will do :))

Oh BTW, what did Natural Balance smell like? It sounds rather nice.

Post# 895282 , Reply# 102   8/23/2016 at 12:29 (2,795 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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The Lenor detergents are average performers. I did check the formula of the Summer Rain & White Lily universal powder and it comes with four enzymes, oxi bleach and bleach booster. Should get most normally soiled laundry perfectly clean. As always, the liquid leaves more scent on the clothes than the powder.

Post# 895294 , Reply# 103   8/23/2016 at 13:54 (2,795 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Natural Balance....

It was STUNNING (by far my fave at the time, used with Persil capsules when they first come out - looked like ufo's and you used 2, not 1)

But you know, although I can smell it in my nose now, I could not for the life of me describe it written down :)

I will try - it was neutral "clean" smell, wasn't floral, wasn't fruity, and wasn't citrus or alpine-y.

The advert says it's natural herb-y, which I am not sure I agree with, but I loved, loved, loved (yes that much :P) it.

Post# 895298 , Reply# 104   8/23/2016 at 14:11 (2,795 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Forgot to mention, have you tried Wilko's own version of ustops.

I got the green bottle, and they smell really nice, just started a wash now with them, so will let you know how they are.

Wasn't too sure on the pink one's smell.

Best of all, they have matching fabric softeners.

Hope they smell as nice on clothes as they do in the bottle.

Post# 895315 , Reply# 105   8/23/2016 at 15:26 (2,795 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Wondering actually if Lenor detergents is actually just Bold under another name, except Bold would have softening agents whereas the Lenor probably wouldn't. Would be interesting to try some at some point.

It's great seeing some of the adverts and all of the different scents they used to do. One that caught my eye was Carnival Fresh, can imagine that would smell tropically! Do you really miss the regular Lenor? Used to love going to the supermarket and getting a 1L bottle for about 79p (of course I was only little then but it would be my job to get the Lenor lol), in those blue bottles with the different coloured lids dependent on which one you bought. Then there was the cartons you could buy also and the easy iron version that cost more. I do miss regular fabric conditioners and big boxes of powder that would be about 30 washes worth, IIRC, the dosage for Daz/Ariel powder was about 175ml, which compared to now seems such a lot.

Ooh, also came across Lenor's YouTube channel, and the videos are almost exactly the same as the Downy ones. One video in particular has the new Soft Embrace fragrance, and that one is part of the pure care collection.

Post# 895323 , Reply# 106   8/23/2016 at 15:38 (2,795 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

Thing is, I LOVE eco products and I like the smells and have great success with them, but there are brands like Lenor, Persil, Comfort and Fairy that I just cant not buy lol
I tend to like light clean smells myself, so I tend to buy pure or classic smells, every time I used to use Lenor summer breeze towards the end, blue parts in my drawer would be green o.O
I've got a 76 wash bottle of Lenor cotton flowers coming tomorrow with Ocado (it was on offer, 2.66 IIRC) and so was the 76 wash bottles of Summer breeze and spring awakening, mum wanted me to order her a bottle of SA. Anyone else remember Lenor coming in cartons? I can remember when I was really little my mother and gran buying it in orange juice style cartons lol

Post# 895354 , Reply# 107   8/23/2016 at 17:57 (2,795 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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I did compare Bold 2in1 Crystal Rain and White Lily to Lenor Summer Rain and White Lily and, indeed, Bold has Betonite in it to soften the fibers while Lenor does not. Lenor, on the other hand, has four enzymes versus one in Bold.

I'd probably rather group German Dash and UK Bold (and US Gain) together.

Post# 895361 , Reply# 108   8/23/2016 at 18:26 (2,795 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

That's interesting. Do they smell the same at all? May have to get some of the Lenor detergent as it looks really good.

Post# 895437 , Reply# 109   8/24/2016 at 05:22 (2,795 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Remember the Lenor coming in Cartons, in fact when I used Natural Balance, I only ever had it in Cartons, until I saw the Facebook post that hoover linked, I didn't know Natural Balance came in a standard bottle (I was about 15/16 at the time of using NB, so wouldn't have bought or used as many detergents or softeners as I do now :P).

Post# 895438 , Reply# 110   8/24/2016 at 05:27 (2,795 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Imagine a detergent called Lenor, associate so much with a softener, not detergent :)

Oh and yes, US Gain does have a very Bold "undertone" to it, I have a few different versions of Gain here and one particular (Gain Flings in the Moonlight Breeze scent) smells exactly like Bold Lavender and Chamomile AND the Peony Cherry pods, but strangely they smell different on the finished wash.

Post# 895483 , Reply# 111   8/24/2016 at 09:29 (2,795 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

I can always remember my nan and mum trying the Fabreeze or Alpine freshness one out one evening when I came home from nursery, I can remember walking into my nans kitchen and smelling the washing she had drying on the radiator and seeing the carton on top of her Zanussi washer :)

Post# 895534 , Reply# 112   8/24/2016 at 13:46 (2,794 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

We used to get the Alpine Lenor in Cartons from either Kwik Save or Somerfield, it did used to smell lovely but we never had it often, normally favoured Spring Awakening.

It's weird to see Lenor detergent I agree, I fully expected it to be Bold under a different name but surprisingly it's not.

AEG - I recall mum trying the Febreze Lenor around 2002 ish, called Stayfresh around that time and it came in a turquoise coloured bottle with a grey lid. But again soon went back to the Spring version, normally in huge 5L bottles as opposed to the ones from the shop.

Found this too, how I wish I could walk down that detergent aisle :(

Post# 895542 , Reply# 113   8/24/2016 at 14:55 (2,794 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Right, now had a chance to run "new" Bold through it's paces and come to the conclusion that it has been vastly improved.

As mentioned upthread, the scent is not as strong, but the cleaning is great; has no problems removing stains - coffee, blood etc.

Definitely softens better than before.

And is very low sudsing on standard fabric full loads.

Using the blue bold with Wilko's own Ustops and matching fabric softener, gives it a Downy April Fresh scent oddly.

Post# 895543 , Reply# 114   8/24/2016 at 14:56 (2,794 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

And going to sound like an advert now, but on 2 particular "brights" loads, the clothes really did look brighter and cleaner - although my laundry is always perfect.

Post# 895572 , Reply# 115   8/24/2016 at 18:12 (2,794 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

That's really interesting about the Bold, I haven't had the chance to try it out yet but it definitely has improved by the sounds.

Post# 895616 , Reply# 116   8/25/2016 at 06:37 (2,794 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

OMG!!! Kwiksave! I'm glad someone other than me can remember it lol
I used to regularly use the Fabreeze one when I was younger along side Ariel with fabreeze liquitabs, I loved the smell lol

Post# 895619 , Reply# 117   8/25/2016 at 07:00 (2,794 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Definitely aeg! My mum used to go there a lot alongside Somerfield, always recall going in there with the bright yellow walls and the trolley being piled high with special offers. It was actually one of the main supermarkets in town alongside Somerfield, Sainsbury's and a large Iceland, the town was gutted when the store went. :( We also used to go to Safeway which was fun, but of course they soon became Morrisons.

Liam - sent P&G an email as I'd dropped a big bottle of Lenor on the floor and they are sending a voucher out (lovely of them to do that). Enquired about Natural Balance and they said they would pass this on but they said to look out for the new fragrances, in particular Pearly Peony as it's supposed to smell very natural.

Post# 895625 , Reply# 118   8/25/2016 at 08:38 (2,794 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

My mum always used to shop in Asda, Lidl, kwiksave and the co-op when I was little, she used to always use Bold, either the yellow one or the blue one and use blue lenor or Asda's own brand blue softener, unless she was in the co-op, in which case she always used Co-Op's own brand 2in1 and Lenor. I can always remember Kwiksave having a kind of warehouse type feel to it which I actually kind of liked lol

Post# 895638 , Reply# 119   8/25/2016 at 09:58 (2,794 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Thanks for that...

Will keep an eye out for Pearly Peony :)

Post# 895659 , Reply# 120   8/25/2016 at 11:33 (2,793 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

aquacycle's profile picture
I remember KwikSave very well - infact our local KwikSave had wooden shelves! We also had a KwikSave Food Giant which was a bit like Costco selling food in bulk.

We also had a Fine Fayre but that's probably before your time, Tom

Post# 895696 , Reply# 121   8/25/2016 at 14:19 (2,793 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

The Kwikies in town had been there since the 1970's, apparently it was one of the first stores to open and it remained there until Somerfield bought them in 1998 and the store became Somerfield for a time. Then sometime in the early 2000's the store changed back to a Kwik Save (hence why it was one of the newer look stores with yellow walls and non food sections) and Somerfield moved to another part of the town. When the store reopened as a KS, I recall we went along to the opening day and Chris Gascoyne (Peter Barlow from Corrie) was there and he gave me a balloon!

Interestingly, my hometown is also where Iceland originated from.

Liam - definitely look out for the Peony one, apparently it is really nice. :))

Post# 896699 , Reply# 122   9/1/2016 at 06:42 (2,787 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Pearly Peony at Tesco:

Soft Embrace Lenor seems to be part of the pure care collection:

Also, new Unstoppables fragrance!

Post# 896725 , Reply# 123   9/1/2016 at 08:49 (2,787 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Got some Green Bold, saw it in Tesco last night, so had to pick some up.

It was only in the Pearls; no powder or liquid - I so hope a powder comes along.

It smells ok, but it is hard to tell the true smell with Pods - will let you know once I have done a wash with them.

I had a look at the Lenor - Pearly Peony didn't jump out at me :(

I did smell the Black Lotus Parfumelle one though, it did seem a little milder.

Post# 896731 , Reply# 124   9/1/2016 at 10:10 (2,787 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Got one in now, it seems low sudsing, like the rest of the new line of Bold.

However, the scent seems a tad stronger than I remember Bold Pearls being; it's on a 60o wash now, and can smell the scent as soon as walk into the kitchen.

Post# 896740 , Reply# 125   9/1/2016 at 12:48 (2,786 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Tesco near me has had them a while but they don't jump out at me at all.

The new Lenor Ocean Escape is lovely though, smells really nice and milder than the previous version.

Post# 896750 , Reply# 126   9/1/2016 at 13:53 (2,786 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Didn't manage

To smell the Ocean one, will try that next time.

Well, the green bold wash is done, and it's not the same as the active fresh from years ago.

It's in that region though, and definitely has the "bold" smell about it - as to me, no matter which bold scent used, I can tell it's bold as they all have a similar underlying scent theme.

If they do a powder, will try it.

Post# 896895 , Reply# 127   9/2/2016 at 14:37 (2,785 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

I've managed to sniff some of the new range today in Sainsbury's (because they've expanded their range and now I can get all my Ecover stuff!! :D )
And some of them are pleasant but the new summer breeze I'm a bit unsure about, does it smell different on washed clothes than it does in the bottle?
Also! I got a box of Fairy recently and it does smell different but it still smells perfectly lovely to me, very detergenty and clean. I did notice the ingredients composition has changed and so have the recommended doses, I'm wondering weather its also low sudsing now too?

Post# 897514 , Reply# 128   9/6/2016 at 17:43 (2,781 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Done a few more loads with Ocean Escape and it is rapidly becoming my favourite, it is so lovely, softens really well and smells fresh and clean without an overpowering cloying scent.

The Soft Embrace one smells clean, but it's from the pure care range so didn't get that one. Had a sniff of the new Moonlight Harmony and it is definitely different, has a clean undertone to it's fresh lavender and chamomile scent.

What does the Fairy smell like now aeg?

Post# 897652 , Reply# 129   9/7/2016 at 15:18 (2,780 days old) by Michael (London /England)        
Comfort blue sky

Sorry to be a bore... the only conditioner I ever use is comfort blue sky...all the others are too overpowering for me personally, and in case of interest...Half price in Waitrose...1.50 for 2 litres

Post# 897659 , Reply# 130   9/7/2016 at 15:47 (2,780 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

You're not a bore, you just stick to what you know. :))

Post# 897834 , Reply# 131   9/8/2016 at 23:08 (2,779 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
I did

A new thread on it, but just in case you didn't see it.

:O :/


Post# 900404 , Reply# 132   9/25/2016 at 06:45 (2,763 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Tried Bold powder today, the blue one and it really is good! The bedding has come out of the machine clean, stain free, white, soft and smelling really nice! The scent isn't overpowering either, just a light pleasant smell, even though I do have a cold. :))

Post# 900420 , Reply# 133   9/25/2016 at 09:46 (2,763 days old) by GRWasher_expert (Athens)        

Did you use and fabric conditioner,or the Bold did itself all the softening job?

Post# 900426 , Reply# 134   9/25/2016 at 11:17 (2,763 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Hello, no I didn't use fabric conditioner as this Bold is the newer packaging one so I wanted to see how goo it is, and it has definitely improved from the last time I used it. The stuff I washed is indeed soft, it seems Bold has improved in that aspect.

Post# 902437 , Reply# 135   10/10/2016 at 01:58 (2,748 days old) by Hotpointwfwt02 (Manchester)        

hotpointwfwt02's profile picture
Are you the guy on Youtube with the Hotpoint 18580 and the Zanussi FJDR1466W that you no longer own? His name is Nick Wilson and is called nickwilsonUK. Which Hotpoint Ultima in 2004 did you own as I was wondering for months and did it do powerstream and have the Powerstream feature or the induction Super Silent motor and was it a Super Silent Ultima and could you describe it to me. I've been guessing and I'm probably guessing which model number it was?


Post# 902512 , Reply# 136   10/10/2016 at 14:34 (2,747 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Hello, Janak.

Goodness, I had completely forgotten about those `YouTube' videos!

I'm really sorry but I can't remember the model of Hotpoint. I bought a washer and dishwasher in the same colour and both were a complete shambles! The washer was so violent on spin that sparks flew off the door glass as the drum hit it, and the dishwasher blew all the electrics! I don't think I had either for longer than a few months. The Hotpoint did have an induction motor. I think it was a 1600 spin. I don't think it had a jetsystem type thingeee? I think the colour was Satin Aluminium? Basically a kind of Matt Silver. Very fetching to look at, but honestly a POS.

Replaced with Zanussi (both) - tbh the dishwasher wasn't much better and after only two years was washing in cold as heater went. Hooked up to the hot line instead, which worked OK in the short term. However the Zanussi washer I must say was really good.

I'm really sorry I can't remember the model of the Hotpoint.

Sorry to everyone else for going off topic too.

Post# 902595 , Reply# 137   10/10/2016 at 23:50 (2,747 days old) by Hotpointwfwt02 (Manchester)        

hotpointwfwt02's profile picture
Nick I'm guessing it is a WMM75 or a WF865. Which one out of those 2 was it? Was it the one on the left or the one on the right?

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 902597 , Reply# 138   10/10/2016 at 23:52 (2,747 days old) by Hotpointwfwt02 (Manchester)        
Forgot to mention

hotpointwfwt02's profile picture
How long did your old Hotpoint Ultima from 2004 spend on full 1600rpm

Post# 902599 , Reply# 139   10/11/2016 at 00:00 (2,747 days old) by Hotpointwfwt02 (Manchester)        
YouTube vids

hotpointwfwt02's profile picture
I've been wondering if your going to upload some vids again on YouTube of your Siemens and Bosch and other washers you recorded years ago as you've not uploaded in 10 years.

Post# 902671 , Reply# 140   10/11/2016 at 15:21 (2,746 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        
Thank you

Hey there, excellent detective work! You sure know your Hotpoints!

Yes it was deffo photo `1 of 2'. I think the other picture was a later model.

I'm really sorry but I can't remember how long it held the top spin for. Maybe a couple of minutes?

I hadn't planned on doing any more videos, though maybe I will if I get a minute. I only have one machine, an integrated Siemens 1400 spin, though I really like it. It's about 4 years old now and since I sometimes run it all day I do wonder if something might go wrong soon. So far, so good though!

Post# 902734 , Reply# 141   10/12/2016 at 02:51 (2,746 days old) by Hotpointwfwt02 (Manchester)        
Your welcome

hotpointwfwt02's profile picture
Hey Nick, the powerstream feature wasn't a jetsystem. Powerstream is where it distributes anti clockwise a couple of times in the Cottons main wash which pulls water through the clothes to provide decent performance that the Hotpoint WMA series models do. It spins clockwise. And on the final spin on the Cottons 40*C and 95*C with and without time saver it spends 10 seconds on full speed and the same on Cottons 60*C with time saver. But however the Cottons 60 without the time saver does 1 minute on full speed. They use DC motors. They are my favourite machines and I'll tell you all about my washing machine collection. And how is the rinsing on the Siemens? Does it do seal level high rinses?


Post# 903286 , Reply# 142   10/16/2016 at 10:47 (2,742 days old) by hotpointwfwt02 (Manchester)        
Forgot to mention

hotpointwfwt02's profile picture
The Hotpoint WMM's do the Powerstream aswell. The WMM's are Satin Aluminium WMA's. The WMM75 is basically a Satin Aluminium WMA76.

Post# 921552 , Reply# 143   2/15/2017 at 14:55 (2,619 days old) by aegokocarat (United Kingdom)        

Sorry for resurrecting a thread!
I've recently purchased a bottle of the Lenor Parfumelle Pearly peony fabric softener, 3.50 for a large 72 wash pack!
The scent is very subtle and "luxurious" so to speak, it has a slight vanilla undertone to it, its gorgeous!

Post# 928891 , Reply# 144   3/25/2017 at 18:09 (2,581 days old) by Indesit-lover (Wigan)        
Fairy non bio

Today I got a box of fairy non bio and it's still same powdery type stuff with the same original scent
I saw a few of you was worrying in case it changed so just letting you guys no it asnt and not to worry

Post# 953875 , Reply# 145   8/21/2017 at 15:06 (2,432 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Just two days ago we decided to demolish and rebuild our garage. For this reason I had to sort out my stash of detergents and FS. All the old (gone off) stuff was chucked and a bunch of duplicates donated. However, was still left with this! Oops, I did it again...........

  View Full Size
Post# 953886 , Reply# 146   8/21/2017 at 16:17 (2,432 days old) by MrAlex (London, UK)        

mralex's profile picture
Nickuk - Im jealous! Where did you get the Tide? I can only find it at the uasfoodstore in Holland Park or Amazon for 21

Post# 953940 , Reply# 147   8/21/2017 at 23:41 (2,432 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Hi Alex

I got the Tide HE liquid (original scent) from Amazon UK just a few days ago. It was about 17 I think? It's a nice liquid which cleans really well. Smells good and has had a similar scent for years. The closest scent comparison (randomly) is Persil non bio liquitabs.

Unlike most Euro liquids, however, this does not leave much scent on laundry once the cycle is complete.

Post# 954187 , Reply# 148   8/23/2017 at 10:59 (2,431 days old) by nickuk (chelmsford UK)        

Scent of Tide liquid not really comparable to anything in UK now - (in my opinion) Persil non bio liquitabs have tweaked scent since I last used them....become a little have more in common with the weirdly pungent scent of Persil Non Bio S+M. There is still something of the Tide liquid about them, but far less than before.

I suspect it's all part of the `wash in cold water with liquid and we'll cover up the remaining filth and germs with stink' way of thinking.

The reason most people's door seals in the UK are black with mould.

Eugh. Anyway I've gone off topic.

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