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Best smelling washing powder
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Post# 899387   9/19/2016 at 08:08 (764 days old) by GRWasher_expert (Athens)        

Which brand of washing powder do you think that has the best fragrance?
Between greek detergents I believe that Skip active clean smells the best.Ariel and Dixan also smell sympathetically,but Skip has a special fragrance that smells like cleanliness and freshness to me and clothes are smelling fresh for a long time after being washed.Other powders(Omo,Neo-mat,Essex etc.) have very faint smell that almost disappears until the end of wash.Which powder do you think that is the best smelling one of your country?Do you prefer an intense or a more discreet aroma?

Post# 899403 , Reply# 1   9/19/2016 at 09:40 (763 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Best scent

Really hard for me to pick, as I like a few.

Here in the UK, would say Persil does have the strongest scent and it is a distinctive smell. I like the non-bio liquid and capsule smell, along with the colour capsule smell.

I like the smell of Ariel too, like their 3in1 pods scent the most probably.

Also partial to a bit of Bold; although they have 5 or 6 different scents at the moment, it has a distinct base smell and I can always tell a Bold smell regardless which scent has been used.

Usually like quite a strong smell on laundry, but do have periods where it can really get to me, so tone it down for a bit.

Post# 899585 , Reply# 2   9/20/2016 at 05:26 (763 days old) by twinniefan (Sydney Australia)        
Aldi Almat

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We tried Aldi's Almat powder recently, the Arctic Breeze fragrance and I find it nice and light and not overpowering.
It also dissolves quite well, not had any problems with powder streaks.

Post# 899604 , Reply# 3   9/20/2016 at 08:18 (763 days old) by dixan (Europe)        

I don't like heavy scented powders. The perfect powder for me is the one that leaves no scent after drying.
The perfume compositions, used in detergents, are the cheapest possible. I don't want them on my clothes and in contact with my skin. You know that these perfumes are the major allergens. Not enzymes, perfumes.

Post# 899618 , Reply# 4   9/20/2016 at 10:48 (762 days old) by Paulc (Edinburgh, Scotland)        

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I'm in agreement with you regarding synthetic scents used in laundry and cleaning products, I prefer a "clean" smell rather than something overpowering.

Anyway, my current favourite smelling detergent is Splosh camomile and lavender. It's a concentrated formula that comes in a sachet. You refill the self dosing bottle and once you have four empty sachets you post them back to the company to be recycled. It's a great idea and really cuts down on waste. The detergent is superb and contains five enzymes. The scent, isn't overpowering , you're only left with a slight hint after laundry is dried. They also do a cottonflower version which smells quite "summery" .

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Post# 899624 , Reply# 5   9/20/2016 at 11:04 (762 days old) by GRWasher_expert (Athens)        

Interesting.What company produces it?Is it available only in Scotland or it can be found in other countries too?Can you find it in supermarkets or it is sold only by post?

Post# 899640 , Reply# 6   9/20/2016 at 11:42 (762 days old) by Paulc (Edinburgh, Scotland)        

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Only available in the U.K. Via post at the moment as far as I know. Here's a link to their website.


Post# 899689 , Reply# 7   9/20/2016 at 15:58 (762 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Shockingly, I actually really like the scents of some of the cheap detergents. Easy & Sainsburys own both smell great, although the former is piss poor at washing

Post# 899691 , Reply# 8   9/20/2016 at 16:00 (762 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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I do agree with Skip Active clean. It smells amazing.

Post# 899704 , Reply# 9   9/20/2016 at 16:43 (762 days old) by hoovermatic (UK)        
Easy and Skip

Glad I read your comment about Easy - I ALMOST bought some the other day! Poundland regularly have Skip but in smallish boxes and I have tried it and really like it - the performance and the smell. I suppose one of my fave fragrances is Daz and blue Bold but if I could, I would bring back the smell of Drive from the 1970's!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO hoovermatic's LINK

Post# 899706 , Reply# 10   9/20/2016 at 16:53 (762 days old) by Paulc (Edinburgh, Scotland)        
Oh, if we're going for retro smells

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Wisk and Persil bio liquid when they were first on the UK market are still my all time favourite detergent smells.

Post# 899711 , Reply# 11   9/20/2016 at 17:17 (762 days old) by hoover8pulse (Wales/Shropshire Border)        

Ariel powder has a nice smell, quite a bit like the Essential powder. What I've noticed though, is using it with the new look Lenor, at the end of the wash there is very little to no scent of Ariel on the clothes at all, you can only smell the Lenor which is a lot different to using previous Lenor which you struggled to smell because of the Ariel. So it seems Lenor now tames the Ariel scent a lot which is a really nice change.

Post# 899733 , Reply# 12   9/20/2016 at 20:24 (762 days old) by GRWasher_expert (Athens)        

Was Wisk ever sold in the UK?I thought it was an exclusively american brand.Speaking of american detergents,I have a great curiosity how american Tide powder smells.Does it smell any like our Ariel or it has a completely different perfume cocktail?Are generally american compact powders more fragrant or more discreet than european ones?

Post# 899740 , Reply# 13   9/20/2016 at 20:54 (762 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Yes Wisk was sold in the UK, back in the mid-80's.

If you go on the Laundry Lab on youtube, there are some adverts for it (linked Laundry Lab below).

USA Tide smells absolutely stunning (it is one of my faves, but too cost prohibitive to buy all the time).

It doesn't smell anything like Ariel.

It's a hard scent to describe, it's slightly sweet - but not overly so. It had fallen out of grace with many US folk though, as it is no longer the original scent they grew up with.

I like the whole Tide line; Used Original scent, Clean Breeze scent, Mountain Spring Scent in the powders. Original and CB in the liquid and Alpine Breeze in the Pods.

However, the best smelling US detergent is HANDS DOWN - Gain Original Scent - love the stuff, have 2 massive jugs of it.

American's usually call for milder scented laundry products than Europeans, a lot actually like no scent, hence the various "free and clear" lines, that you almost NEVER see in Europe.

The Laundry Lab channel on YT is great, he uploads adverts for laundry products in the UK, I think he is on here too. Click on the Wisk playlist, they are the adverts for UK Wisk.


Post# 899749 , Reply# 14   9/20/2016 at 21:42 (762 days old) by rapunzel (Sydney)        

I've always liked the traditional ColdPower scent. However, Costco's Kirkland laundry powdered detergent is nice too. It isn't heavily scented, but has a fresh, clean smell to it. I also use it to wipe my tiled floors. Aldi's Almat is okay too and I don't mind their Trimat detergent either. Most other detergents smell too strong for my liking and I don't want my clothes to reek of Frangipani or Honeysuckle with Vanilla etc. - it's too much for my olfactories. Softly for woolens and other delicate fabrics is also quite pleasant. For years I've desisted from using dryer sheets and fabric softener. Recently I used Ajax laundry liquid, which was quite nice and didn't leave clothes too heavily scented.

Post# 899758 , Reply# 15   9/21/2016 at 03:38 (762 days old) by AquaCycle (West Yorkshire, UK)        

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Wasn't Wisk the first liquid detergent available in the UK? It wasn't much good either from what I know.

Post# 899765 , Reply# 16   9/21/2016 at 05:51 (762 days old) by Paulc (Edinburgh, Scotland)        

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Was the first liquid detergent in the U.K. , it smelled lovely but it wasn't good at cleaning. Persil bio liquid performed much better.

As I've mentioned before, my mum used to be a tester for Lever Bros, she was given Wisk cold wash liquid to test, that was so awful it never made it onto the shelves.

Post# 899769 , Reply# 17   9/21/2016 at 06:23 (762 days old) by Gyrafoam (Roanoke, VA)        

Dixan would be my first choice.

Post# 899823 , Reply# 18   9/21/2016 at 12:07 (761 days old) by spiraclean (UK)        

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Really do like the Sainsbury's own brand powder, this has now become my daily driver. Rather than trying to smell of anything exotic, it just has a straightforward detergent-like scent, which in itself is a nice change from the norm. And despite being exactly half the cost of Ariel, everything still comes out equally as clean and white. The only real difference I've noticed is that it's less apt to oversudsing, and rinses out more easily.

Another product I like, that often gets overlooked, is Bio Tex. While it has always been marketed as a stain removal and soaking powder, it is basically just a bleach-free triple enzyme detergent, not much different to any regular colour care powder. That sort of makes it redundant now, but I still use it because it does have a very retro, clean and soapy scent.

Post# 899875 , Reply# 19   9/21/2016 at 16:34 (761 days old) by hoovermatic (UK)        
Forgotten gems

I had totally forgotten about Wisk - that smelled fabulous but you're right, it was AWFUL at cleaning. I was a waiter in a big hotel in the 1980's and my white shirts used to come out of the wash the same as they went in.

Aussie Cold Power from the 80's/90's was my favorite detergent when I lived there although I also loved Radiant and Omomatic - not sure if the later is still made.

The other UK detergent that was really great was Persil Colour liquid when it came in those cardboard cartons, like juice cartons. I remember a friend of mine asking what detergent I used because of the smell and he was instantly converted.

Another long since gone guilty pleasure was Co-op Blue Powder. As sudsy as hell but smelled amazing in a hot wash using a twin tub.

Post# 900226 , Reply# 20   9/23/2016 at 19:14 (759 days old) by thelaundrylab (Hampshire UK)        
80s Kid...

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Well I'm with Paul, Persil & Wisk liquid, smelt lush and it lasted forever on your cleaned laundry. Loved the retro smells whilst growing up during the 80s & 90s when detergents were the pinical of its time with there scents... Ariel, Ariel Ultra, Persil, Persil Micro, even Bold 'All In One' Ultra was great. When Ariel liquid first came out it had a strong scent which again smelt lush and lasted forever. Fabric softeners, like Comfort Silk, Lenor Spring Fresh & Summer fresh, where a favourite too.

Forward to today, Ariel powders for both for whites and colours are pleasant. Persil liquid bio & colour are a favourite and some Surf products have impressed me too. Own brands like, Waitrose, Sainburys and M&S powders have been in my top three regarding pleasant smells and clean just as well.

Fabric softeners... aren't as good as they use to be and I have become extremely fussy. Comfort Pure, Fairy Liquid are a keeper, which I buy regularly. I have recently found out 'own brands' softners work really well for me, nothing to overpowering, which leaves a long lasting smell... my top three softeners are M&S, Co-Op and Sainburys.

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Post# 900429 , Reply# 21   9/25/2016 at 11:54 (757 days old) by zanussi_lover (Nottingham, UK)        
I was an 80s kid too :)

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I also experienced the retro 80s and 90s era of lovely smelling detergents, they even smelt lovely in the early 2000's

My favourite retro scents were

Ariel Automatic/Ariel Ultra/Ariel Futur/Essential/Quickwash Action Powder (1988-2006) - Lovely smell, I could easily use these without conditioner and you would get a lovely fresh scent on laundry, Ariel Alpine Powder was gorgeous, my friends mum used to use it (Circa 1998/1999) and gave me a white t-shirt to put on and I couldn't stop smelling it, it smelt gorgeous.

Daz Automatic - My Aunty used to use this, and like Ariel had a lovely scent, the scent changed in 2005, when they changed the packaging, but I miss the old scent, and regularly bought this as a teenager, as it was cheap and had a nice smell.

Bold All in One Automatic (Spring and Summer Meadow Fresh) - My mum regularly bought this, she used the blue box more than the yellow, and it smelt lovely.

Persil Automatic - My nan used this, she swapped to Surf in 1999, had a retro soapy scent, I always remember pouring a cup of Persil Automatic into the drawer of her Bendix, and turning the dial to 95 and pulling it out when washing her cafe tea towels.

Surf - I liked the smell of the the Lemon/Sunfresh and Cotton Fresh Scents (1999-2002) My gran regularly had one of the boxes in a different scent by her Bosch after the Bendix broke down. I also liked the scent of Surf Breeze, when they had Surf Sunshine/Tropical/Breeze/Spring (2004-2007) Also loved the Lavender and Oriental Blossom one too, which the scent changed in early 2015, as it was replaced with a new surf lavender scent that I don't like.

Comfort - Original Comfort Blue, Comfort Vitality, Comfort Sunfresh, Comfort Silk, Comfort Lily and Riceflower, Comfort Wild Pear and Ginko - All of these smelt gorgeous (and in dilute bottles)

Lenor - 1990s, Lenor Spring Awakening, Summer Breeze, Alpine Spirit, Oriental Blossom, Clear Dawn, Delicate Fresh - Dilute bottles in 1 and 2 litres with different coloured caps on - I also loved Lenor Stayfresh which came in a dilute bottle with a greeny blue cap as well as the Mango and Orange in the Pink one which was discontinued about 7 years ago.

Modern Scents -

Ariel Bio Powder - Has a pleasant scent now but not like 80's/90s and early 00's Ariel, used to be overpowering and gross from 2006-2014 but they changed the scent and made it more mild and clean smelling rather than a piney citrus pungent odour.

Fairy Non Bio Powder/Liquid - Lovely smells, and love the softness and gentle scent (one of my favourites on whites, especially sheets and towels as I don't use conditioner anymore so it softens nicely.

Surf - I love the Surf Tropical/Surf White Classic Fresh Scent - Tropical is Fruity and Floral like the old version when it was first released in 2005, and the Surf Classic Fresh is like a mix between old Surf Breeze and Surf Cool Fresh from about 10 years ago.

Daz - Classic soapy detergent line dried cotton fresh scent.

Bold - I love the new Water Lily detergent in the blue box, that has classic retro scents which remind me of early 2000's Bold Aqua and Ocean Clear, and I like the lavender one, both are mild, refreshing and gentle to my nose which is good as I don't like strong smelling over perfumed detergents. I used to love the Bold Lavender Powder when it was first launched, but they changed it and added scent boosters and it smelt very chemical smelling, as did the blue one, but now they smell mild.

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Post# 900457 , Reply# 22   9/25/2016 at 16:09 (757 days old) by Michael (London /England)        
Fairy snow

How I remember the AMAZING smell of Fairy snow in mums Hotpoint twin tub...was great on a boil wash! Also persil in the twin tub smelt great...I bought a new Ariston single tub off ebay a couple of years ago and have done a boil wash with persil, but its not the same as I remember!.
Comfort blue was always our prefered conditioner or softlan was another

Post# 900512 , Reply# 23   9/26/2016 at 08:19 (757 days old) by GRWasher_expert (Athens)        
Ariel bio powder retro scent

I also loved the scent of Ariel powder,both regular and alpine,in the late '90s-early '00s.It was a bit overpowering,but it was wonderful.Now there is a much more toned down scent.

Skip also used to have a different scent in those times.It was a bit soapier and not too strong.Nowadays it has a stronger scent that stays on the clothing for a long time and often covers fabric conditioner scent,but I like it.I miss very much the late '90s Skip tablets scent.They smelled soooo great!

On the other side, Dixan powder has the same scent it had 15 years ago,it didn't change at all.

Post# 902689 , Reply# 24   10/11/2016 at 17:24 (741 days old) by anthony (uk)        

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i always liked the smell of fairy Snow but these days i dont like my laundry to smell of anything.What i really like is that smell of fresh air when laundry has been out on the line .Cant beat getting into a bed with fresh line dried sheets on it

Post# 960969 , Reply# 25   10/6/2017 at 16:43 (381 days old) by DaveAMKrayoGuy (Oak Park, MI)        
Whenever I don't forget to add it:

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Here is a WORST SMELLING, Fragrance, (to ME!) SUAVITEL Fabric Softener:

Reminds me of what they use to clean with in Israel, particularly at the Senior Complex that my in-laws stay at, and when we go down the long series of hallways (the tunnel) from my mother-in-iaw's assisted living facility, to the more severe even-MORE-assisted living facility, that my father-in-law is being cared for at, among the smell of dirty laundry and garbage, what I hope to them is a nice smell, that to me reeks enough to make me retch, and has me wondering if what we have here would turn anyone there on or off...

(I don't know if we have a thread for best/worst smelling cleaning/detergent product/fragrances; only found this one, here...)

-- Dave

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Post# 960975 , Reply# 26   10/6/2017 at 17:14 (381 days old) by whirlyfanatic (Trinidad and Tobago)        

Ima say Ariel in trinidad

Post# 960983 , Reply# 27   10/6/2017 at 18:29 (381 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

I loved when detergents had a chemical smell to them. Many now are too flowery and sweet smelling. Some of the best smelling detergents were AJAX, Cheer and Ivory snow when it was soap flakes.I can remember Tide of the seventies as that was what my mom used to clean a lot of work denims. The smell I remember being good but not as good as Cheer or Ajax.

Current Tide is OK in the original formula now. Still causes loads of suds though.

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Post# 961002 , Reply# 28   10/6/2017 at 19:48 (381 days old) by thomasortega (Los Angeles - CA)        

Tide original scent powder (USA) (before they created a not original original)
Skip (argentina) prom the 90's until 2003 or 2004.
Omo Maquina (Brazil)

Softener: Comfort classic blue (Brazil) Downy pink or downy blue or Final Touch (USA)

Foam bath: Algemarin (Germany) (best scent ever and I love the dark blue water in the bathtub). 2nd place is Badedas Vital Bad Classic (Germany, bought a huge bottle today, somewhat close to Algemarin but Algemarin is still far better)

Post# 961404 , Reply# 29   10/8/2017 at 22:44 (379 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

Having just tried out Persil for the first time, i find the smell very nice. Leaves a light scent on the clothes.

Post# 961412 , Reply# 30   10/8/2017 at 23:35 (379 days old) by Maytag85 (SoCal )        

Gain Powder/Liquid is my favorite laundry detergent/fabric softener. I don't mind Tide Liquid, but my mom swears that Tide Powder fads clothes, and my grandma swears Tide Powder fads clothes as well.

Post# 961447 , Reply# 31   10/9/2017 at 05:59 (379 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

askolover's profile picture

Tide pods with Febreze, Mexican Ariel powder, and Persil

Post# 961588 , Reply# 32   10/9/2017 at 19:47 (378 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
but my mom swears that Tide Powder fads clothes, and my gran

Well it will - your Mom and Grandmom are right.

Almost any top line powder will eventually fade clothing as they contain oxygen based bleaching agents; something liquids don’t contain. Of course oxygen bleaches won’t fade colour anywhere near as quick as chlorine based bleach will. But all the same, they will eventually fade them.

Post# 961640 , Reply# 33   10/10/2017 at 02:24 (378 days old) by dixan (Europe)        

I find Henkel's Persil (a.k.a. Dixan) best smelling: clean, subtle and it doesn't leave any scent on clothes. Ariel's smell is too strong and sharp; my eyes are watering from Ariel. OMO (a.k.a. Persil in UK and Skip in some other countries) is somehow better, but still too strong.
I also like Henkel's Persil/Dixan, because it contains two types of cellulase enzyme and makes fabrics nice and smooth. Unilever and P&G detergents don't contain cellulase at all.

Post# 961653 , Reply# 34   10/10/2017 at 05:17 (378 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Tide Detergents With Cellulase Enzyme

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Probably not an exhaustive list but:

Previously one could tell which Tide (or P&G top shelf detergent elsewhere such as Ace) had cellulose by the *Cotton* logo on packet.

My vintage box of Tide Ultra powder has such a marking. Early Tide With Bleach powder did as well.

Post# 961747 , Reply# 35   10/10/2017 at 13:45 (377 days old) by liamy1 (-)        

Don’t know if this holds for the rest of Europe, but Ariel 3in1 pods and Excel Gel both contain Cellulase (powder and liquids do not). Until recently, Bold pods contained it too.

Given away by the fact that the Bold powder, liquid and gel were called “Bold with a touch of Lenor FRESHNESS” whereas the pods were “Bold with a touch of Lenor FIBRE CARE”

That has changed now though, they’re all “touch of Lenor freshness”.

UK (Lever) Persil doesn’t contain Cellulase in any format (Surf doesn’t either).

Would imagine this is because Cellulase is the most expensive enzyme (or so I have read).

Post# 961761 , Reply# 36   10/10/2017 at 14:36 (377 days old) by dixan (Europe)        

Sorry, you are right.
I don't use liquid detergents and capsules and I don't care about them even if they contain cellulase that's why my post was kind of misleading.

Post# 961766 , Reply# 37   10/10/2017 at 14:48 (377 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
Ah,, I see

Although I will always prefer a powder, I do occasionally use a liquid (just not exclusively), the ones I really don’t like are the Gels, they make your washer stink after a while, I don’t know why they have proven so popular.

I am meticulous about keeping my washer clean, easily do at least one drum clean cycle a week and lots of washes at 95 or 60 degrees, but no stopping those gels stinking it up. It doesn’t help that as much as I like Ariel, their liquids and gels just don’t have all that nice of a fragrance anyway (Persil UK liquids however are spot on).

The powder Ariel smells ok and I actually like the smell of the pods.

Post# 961777 , Reply# 38   10/10/2017 at 15:28 (377 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

The US version of Persil 2in1 I am trying for the first time smells very nice I think. Leaves a light scent on the clothes.

Post# 961801 , Reply# 39   10/10/2017 at 17:49 (377 days old) by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        
"The powder Ariel smells ok..."

rolls_rapide's profile picture
I don't like it.

My mum uses it, and it smells okay in the wash. It smells okay in the packet too, just a tad strong.

The problem is later, once the articles are dry. Drying one's mitts on a hand towel, or worse, drying dishes with a dish towel, releases the most god-awful stench. I'm sure there's some kind of Febreze odour release stuff in the formulation.

I, on the other hand, have been using Daz, and I rather like it. It doesn't have the same 'over the top' smells as Ariel.

Post# 961813 , Reply# 40   10/10/2017 at 19:38 (377 days old) by liamy1 (-)        
It smells okay in the packet too, just a tad strong.

I really haven’t noticed a problem with it.

On the other hand, Persil bio (although a very nice smell) is and always has been 10x stronger scented than Ariel IMO; it is the only detergent that fills the entire car with its scent on the way home from the store, (a Mokka, so not a small car)

You’re right on the Daz, I really like it, just a bit miffed that they took oxygen bleach out of it; I know there is the Daz Ultra Whites, but only Ocado stock this and only they have for a while, so I don’t know if it just the run off the old formula to be discontinued as I haven’t seen it on sale anywhere else.

Post# 962100 , Reply# 41   10/12/2017 at 09:10 (375 days old) by GRWasher_expert (Athens)        

I think that UK persil bio smells like our Skip active clean.Am I right?

Post# 962112 , Reply# 42   10/12/2017 at 09:47 (375 days old) by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        
Daz versions...

rolls_rapide's profile picture
Asda in my area stock both the 'Whites & Coloureds' (no bleach), and 'Ultra Whites' (with bleach).

It's Tesco in my area that stocks 'Whites & Coloureds' and '65 Years' (both no bleach). Dunno what Tesco's merchandisers were thinking of...!

Post# 962116 , Reply# 43   10/12/2017 at 09:55 (375 days old) by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        

rolls_rapide's profile picture
I've never tried Skip. I've never even seen it on sale around me.

If Skip has a sort of 'mouldy toadstool/mushroom type fragrance', then yes, it might be the same.

I thought though, that somebody on here said that Skip had a nicer fragrance?

Post# 962120 , Reply# 44   10/12/2017 at 10:15 (375 days old) by dixieland (Memphis)        

I love the alpine-esque fragrance of Persil Universal powder (heading to Munich in a few weeks to replenish my stash - YAY). Funny but after an overseas trip I always come home and wash my clothes and bedding using Tide. I suppose it is the "smell of home" to me.

Persil Universal (Germany)
Tide Original (USA)
Sunlight Lemon Fresh (Canada)
Ariel (UK)
Persil bio/non-bio (UK)
Roma (Mexico)

Post# 962184 , Reply# 45   10/12/2017 at 17:09 (375 days old) by johnrk (BP TX)        
Persil and Oxydol

I went to the local Wal-Mart last night and purchased the three variations of Persil liquid that they're selling now. The replies on here have piqued my curiosity.

BTW I actually saw a jug of liquid Oxydol there! I didn't know they still made that stuff; it says 'Oxydol with Enzymes' on the label. Of course, I bought it; a small bottle was exactly $1.

Does anyone on here know what's going on with Oxydol?

Post# 964782 , Reply# 46   10/29/2017 at 04:06 (359 days old) by sweetpea68 (Heber Springs, ar)        
Persil and Oxydol

sweetpea68's profile picture
I researched Oxydol liquid some time ago, finding the formula, company, rights or name had been sold and is now not the same as it once was. I do believe the Oxydol with Biz powder might be at least close to the same as the older version, if You can find it. I can only find it in one local store and it's priced higher than it should be. My apologies for not being able to give the exact information I had found, but surely, researching will give YOu the same answers.
good luck! :)

Post# 964794 , Reply# 47   10/29/2017 at 07:58 (359 days old) by joeypete (Concord, NH)

joeypete's profile picture
Has the best prices I've seen for Oxydol...if you stock up you get free shipping once you spend $35.. I've never used it, but I have heard good things about it. It's made by the same company that makes Biz, which is a great product too.

Post# 964795 , Reply# 48   10/29/2017 at 08:00 (359 days old) by iej (Ireland)        

Skip isn't one product - it's a Unilever brand used in several countries.
Some of the French Skip and UK/Ireland Persil products are absolutely identical other than the label. There are a few exceptions to that.

Some of the French version small great and others are designed to be very neutral.
France generally has WAY more detergent and softener options than the UK and Ireland.
For whatever reason, we are caught in a bubble or Unilever and P&G without any other main stream non on brand makers in the market.

I don't know if other nom French versions of Skip are necessarily the same product. So it's hard to hard to generalise.

The same applies to Omo, Ariel, Tide and Persil - they're all used on products that aren't necessarily the same formula in each market.

Tweaking scents is also very easy and can be done to maintain familiarity with a historical location product line, when though the new products may be a completely different formula.

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