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New Commercial MT washer pics.
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Post# 970313   11/27/2017 at 20:04 (355 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        

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So I had some free time today so I went to my nearby Warner's Stellian Appliances and took a look at the new Commercial MT VMW. Here are the PICS I took. Sorry my finger got in the way of 2.

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Post# 970314 , Reply# 1   11/27/2017 at 20:11 (355 days old) by Gyrafoam (Roanoke, VA)        

Thanks for posting those images. Very interesting.

Post# 970323 , Reply# 2   11/27/2017 at 22:26 (355 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

Thanks WK78. I didn't get a chance to see the Maytag matching dryer when I visited the appliance store Friday . Pretty nice.

If I didn't have the Speed Queen and I was looking for a washer this would be on my very short list. I honestly think the wash action is even better than a speed queen...but will it be as reliable?

BTW KM78.. What did you think of the build of the Maytag?

Post# 970327 , Reply# 3   11/27/2017 at 23:05 (355 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        
RE, Build of the MT

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Whirlpool has definitely taken notice of Alliance's success in building a solid TL AW. The new MT is a much more robust, better washing version of the VMW platform and the first VMW I would not pass off as a flimsy piece of shit. Still it is NO SPEED QUEEN! Just as the SQ is no Whirlpool DD.

Post# 970333 , Reply# 4   11/28/2017 at 00:16 (355 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

Good answer. I agree. However I do think that this Maytag's wash action makes speed queen claim to fame with their 210 degree agitation stroke rather redundant now.

Having a speed queen almost 5 years now.. and don't get me wrong I like the nostalgia factor of the machine and it's wash action and belt drive noises, but if I had a choice of this or a DD Kenmore, I would have gotten another Kenmore.

My DD Kenmore was much more flexible with wash and spin speeds and water Temps. I had a choice of warm rinse on my 2003 Kenmore DD washer.It was also a better rinser
than the SQ.

One thing the Speed Queen has that is superior and that is their suspension system----second to none.

Post# 970348 , Reply# 5   11/28/2017 at 03:45 (355 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Thanks for sharing the photos, Nick. To call the console utilitarian would be an understatement. Too bad there isn't a water level selector. Otherwise, it's a direct-and-to-the-point machine that offers a more traditional washer to a broader consumer base. Speed Queen still doesn't have as many dealers / outlets as Maytag.

Post# 970390 , Reply# 6   11/28/2017 at 11:50 (355 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

This machine doesn't appear to have a way to correct an unbalanced load. It just goes into spin banging off the cabinet a few times and just goes for it.

This is the first washer on the VMW platform I have seen that doesn't stop and fill with water and redistribute the load. That's good. I really want to get one but I can't justify the expense as I already have a Speed Queen.

Post# 970398 , Reply# 7   11/28/2017 at 14:35 (355 days old) by chetlaham (United States)        

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Keep your Queen, as we all know that suspension system is like no other ever made. Dare I say better than Maytag Orbitals? Seriously, one thing that I have noticed is how much the tub vibrates during spin, but none of it seems to get transferred through the floor. On the previous DD I could feel that machine run through the entire first floor.

Post# 970403 , Reply# 8   11/28/2017 at 15:03 (355 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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Huh. Interesting color combination ;-)

Post# 970404 , Reply# 9   11/28/2017 at 15:05 (355 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

I know. The tub will vibrate spinning but you don't feel it through the cabinet. My washer is in a basement so it's on concrete. No problems.

Post# 970406 , Reply# 10   11/28/2017 at 15:15 (355 days old) by chetlaham (United States)        

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Even then I don't heat the cabinet rock.

Post# 970411 , Reply# 11   11/28/2017 at 16:19 (355 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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Judging by the lid diagrams, it looks like the only way to get a partial tub of water is on Normal.
All others are a full tub.
No load sensing.

Post# 970418 , Reply# 12   11/28/2017 at 16:41 (355 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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My MVWC415EW does load sensing on all the cycles, Bulky cycle included. The difference is that on the Powerwash, Deep Water and Bulky cycles they will fill to a higher level, but not to the top automatically, they fill to the higher level required for the size of the load. I was very skeptical of the auto load sensing too, but my experience in a year of use is that this machine fills to the required level for every size load on every cycle, if this make any sense.

The few times Iíve used the Normal cycle it seemed to fill with an appropriate amount of water too. The best way I can discribe the water levels, is that it uses enough to get the load completly saturated, with about an inch or two water covering the load, unless Bulky is selected, that cycle fills to the highest level, if the machine senses its necessary, like if Iím washing two pillows, or a comforter that fills the basket.

If this new Maytag Commercial machine is using basically the same system as my Maytag I really donít think that a water level control is necessary., Iíve come to trust that my machine will fill with enough water and Iíve not been dissapointed.

And, yes, there is no doubt that these washers use more water than a new FL, and they donít conserve water like a new FL, but they arenít nearly as water hungry as a traditonal TL either. They basically use about the same amount of water that an old time FL, like a Westinghouse would. I really love my Maytag, And if I want the same amount of water that a traditioanal TL would use I can get it on the Bulky cycle. Its really the best of both worlds.

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Post# 970446 , Reply# 13   11/28/2017 at 18:47 (354 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

I think it does Eddie. There are two videos of the normal cycle with this machine and the water levels are clearly different.

Here's one:

The other:

Post# 970451 , Reply# 14   11/28/2017 at 19:06 (354 days old) by henene4 (Germany)        
Probs fill time sensing

Might do fill time sensing. The more absorbent, the longer the fill takes, the higher it fills. Rough load estimats without "wasted" time sensing seperatly.

Post# 970454 , Reply# 15   11/28/2017 at 19:08 (354 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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Patrick, it sounds like my machine, so I have a feeling that mechanically they are similar, with the Commercial machine having a 1/2 hp motor as opposed to the 1/3 hp motor in the home models. Mine doesnít fill this much on Turbowash or Deep Water, the two cycles I use the most frequently, or on Normal. I would get a fill like this on the Bulky cycle. But the washing and rinsing performance doesnít suffer from the slightly lower fill level.

The model in the videos probably fills more because it is geared to the commercial market.

I think that Maytag and Whirlpool are moving in the right direction with their TL lineup.

Post# 970472 , Reply# 16   11/28/2017 at 21:28 (354 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

Maybe i shouldn't ask...but here goes. How did Whirlpool get around the 2018 restrictions ? Just a rhetorical ---I don't need to know I'm just glad they did ! LOL

Post# 970477 , Reply# 17   11/28/2017 at 21:57 (354 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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I was going to ask, but according to the vids, this is not the case of load sensing, like my Cabrio...once the tub lifts, that is the point of enough water, and agitation begins...

as mentioned, yeah a water level control would be a needed option....if I wanted to wash a 1/2 load of delicates, I have no choice but to fill the tub full of water...even a simple 1/2 or FULL selection would be enough...

another feature needed......Soil Level.....not even a short/quick cycle

but sorry, for that price tag, and for what your getting, should be closer to half...

even the Cabrios had timed dispensers for all 3.....

but I guess we should be thankful they didn't toss in one of those Downy Ball's like they did the first time....

the biggest question is going to Longevity....

plus the matching dryer is 100.00 more than the washer?...WTH? is nothing more than this one on sale at HomeDepot for 399.00....I ask you, whats inside that dryer that cost 500.00 more?


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Post# 970480 , Reply# 18   11/28/2017 at 22:15 (354 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

Since when do dryers cost as much or more than a washer ? Crazy. Been seeing this trend since the introduction of the cabrios.

I have doubts though that this Maytag will influence the rest of the Whirlpool line of washers. It's only one model for the home---they need several models with options others have mentioned. Could you imagine ! A beefed up VMW and agitation that will put the new SQ washers to shame if early reports are accurate..

Post# 970484 , Reply# 19   11/28/2017 at 22:28 (354 days old) by johnrk (BP TX)        

I'm like you; dryers seem overpriced. No doubt that the manufacturers are working to add enough dryer gimmicks to impress the kids and millenials.

Post# 970494 , Reply# 20   11/28/2017 at 23:27 (354 days old) by foraloysius (Leeuwarden, the Netherlands)        

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The dryer is the 27 inch model, not the 29 inch one with the filter on top. The 27 inch dryer was always a bit more expensive than the 29 inch with the top filter. Still way too overpriced IMHO.

Post# 970515 , Reply# 21   11/29/2017 at 02:02 (354 days old) by chetlaham (United States)        
2018 regs

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X2. Unless the new administration rolled them back already?

Post# 970539 , Reply# 22   11/29/2017 at 06:29 (354 days old) by joeypete (Concord, NH)        

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X2. Unless the new administration rolled them back already?


Not yet...once they're done rolling back pollution standards to ensure we get as much exposure to chemicals as possible, I'm sure they will tackle washing machines. :-/

Post# 970546 , Reply# 23   11/29/2017 at 07:38 (354 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

Chemical pollution and water usage are two very different things. What does one have to do with the other?

Post# 970549 , Reply# 24   11/29/2017 at 07:54 (354 days old) by agiflow2 ()        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 970550 , Reply# 25   11/29/2017 at 07:54 (354 days old) by joeypete (Concord, NH)        

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It's called sarcasm. ;-)

Meaning the current admin have bigger fish to fry than allowing consumers to use more water in their washing machines, unless it means more money in their pockets of course, which it doesn't. The DOE and EPA work under the same umbrella basically.

Post# 970560 , Reply# 26   11/29/2017 at 08:53 (354 days old) by agiflow2 ()        


Post# 970598 , Reply# 27   11/29/2017 at 11:28 (354 days old) by volsboy1 (East Tenn Smoky mountains )        

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I just bought a new washer and I was looking at the Maytag commercial washer and it had a black agitator they called Flex vane .

It reminded me of the old Maytags ,I think . I know I have seen that agitator somewhere else.

It seems that everybody has taken notice of Speed queens alchemy of washers that last and there looking on with envy.

Post# 970616 , Reply# 28   11/29/2017 at 13:17 (354 days old) by wishwash (Illinois)        

These look to be high quality machines. I'd buy one if it weren't for the ugly control panel and lack of water level selector.

Post# 970634 , Reply# 29   11/29/2017 at 14:51 (354 days old) by washerdude (Canada )        

This commercial model does contain different major parts inside. Comparing a 3.6CF Maytag which is equivalent to this model. Both machines have different part numbers when you compare say the gearcase in the non commercial unit against the commercial unit. The following major parts are different:

1. Motor
2. *Gearcase*
3. Mode shifter

I'm sure there are many other parts within the commercial unit that are different mainly due to them being more stronger.

Post# 970636 , Reply# 30   11/29/2017 at 14:59 (354 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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that could be true...and false...

something like a belt or pump for a GE or Whirlpool.....the same part can have upwards of 4+ part numbers, don't know why, but changed as the years have gone by.....

we have seen that all too many times....

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