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New Speed Queen FL set
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Post# 978138   1/13/2018 at 14:34 (303 days old) by mieletag (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)        

Well, I finally made the plunge and bought a new SQ front loader set. They are great! This replaced a 24 year old Maytag matching near TOL DC set. Still have them, but wanted to get the front load before they quit making them, wanted the older style control panel too. These were display models from the same dealer that I bought two AWN542 washers, a SQ dryer, and a AFN51 washer, all of which are in storage new in box, lol.

The only problem I am having is the door seal on the washer will drip a drop every now and then. Door is aligned, glass is clean, seal is clean and has no imperfections. I removed and re-positioned the spring wire retainer, helped some, but still will occasionally drip. I am leaving the door ajar and the drawer open on the off cycle. Thinking the seal may be a bit compressed from sitting closed in the showroom.

The dealer really did give me a deal on this set, they told me they almost exclusively sell the top loaders only from SQ, they also sell GE, Whirlpool, Maytag, Kitchenaid, Amana, and Frigidaire.

Excuse the dated laminate wood paneling and tile floor, house was built in '69.

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Post# 978169 , Reply# 1   1/13/2018 at 16:40 (303 days old) by Imperial70 (******)        

Very nice looking laundry pair. Very attractive. Could it be a pinhole or a hairline slice in the boot? I've seen stranger things from bellows type seals.

Post# 978171 , Reply# 2   1/13/2018 at 16:55 (303 days old) by RP2813 (The Big Blue Bubble)        
"they almost exclusively sell the TLs only from SQ"

rp2813's profile picture

Well, that won't be happening for much longer.


Nice set.  I think you're right about the seal having been compressed by the door being closed for such (a) long period(s).

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Post# 978197 , Reply# 3   1/13/2018 at 20:22 (303 days old) by jcturbot (Central MA)        

Congrats, nice looking set. I agree about the older control panel looking better as well.
Keep us informed how they are performing.


Post# 978222 , Reply# 4   1/13/2018 at 23:14 (302 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        
Congrats! You've made a very good choice.

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I have the same set and they are WONDERFUL! Everything gets clean the first time, it uses enough water that the load is saturated and a hot fill is actually hot (except on the Normal/Eco cycle). Due to being Commercial machines these are easily the best built washers ever sold for home use. There is a very good chance they will last for the rest of your life and you won't need another set. Smart buying!

Post# 978246 , Reply# 5   1/14/2018 at 06:45 (302 days old) by Easyspindry (Winston-Salem, NC)        

I LOVE my SQ FL washer. You've made a good choice.

Mine leaked a couple of drops of water from the door when I first got it. I made sure the seal was clean, and the leaked stopped with use. It was a couple drops a couple times and that's all.

I'd like to know about your dryer. Is it gas or electric? I'm going to need to get a dryer before long. Mine is gas fired. I keep hearing that the SQ dryers get too hot. I'd like to get your take on this.

Thanks and good luck.

Jerry Gay

Post# 978247 , Reply# 6   1/14/2018 at 06:47 (302 days old) by potatochips (Nova Scotia)        

Congrats! Work has a pair of the MOL machines, they clean and dry very well. The door also leaked a bit on ours as well. If you looked at the right angle on the cabinet, you could see the very small trail of water/suds that ran down from the bottom of the door.

Post# 978288 , Reply# 7   1/14/2018 at 13:24 (302 days old) by mieletag (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)        

Thank you all for your kind words!

Unfortunately, I am sad to report that last night, while doing a medium load of whites, being about the 11th or 12th load total, I heard a peculiar knocking noise when the drum was rotating clockwise. I know what sound the balancing balls make, but this was much louder and deeper, almost like an engine with rod knock.

When it went into spin, it is much worse at high speed than when it is ramping through its resonant frequency speed.

After the load finished, I removed the front access door and did an empty medium speed spin. The noise was definitely from the rear of the machine. Now, if I spin the tub by hand, it will clunk/knock once and then all I hear is the balancing balls. The tub does not seem to have any play in any direction. I took the back off to see if the basket pulley bolts were loose, but they are not. While the back was off, I ran it in rinse/spin just to see if I could localize the sound, and it is assuredly from the back, I fear from either the trunnion or the rear balancing ring, hopefully not the bearing or water seal. Also, there was no loose objects or support wire bras washed in this unit. I am very meticulous about removing things, as I didn't want the porcelain chipped/scratched on the Maytag.

As far as if it is balanced, yes it definitely is. It took me two hours to use a carpenter's level to get it as level as humanely possible, and then I put the rubber pads on the feet and made small adjustments after. And both the front shipping brace and rear basket stabilizers were removed before leveling.

Thanks again,


I will be transporting the washer back to the dealer 30 miles north of here this week as I don't want them to rush fixing this thing.

Post# 978291 , Reply# 8   1/14/2018 at 14:01 (302 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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And so your SQ FL washer saga begins.
My SQ FL has been working for many months consecutively, something I am grateful for because
it certainly was not ever thus. Meaning, I had a bear of a time getting my machine's defects sorted out, and I am still hesitant to even talk about here least I jinx my recent record run without major incident with our SQ.
Calling SQ is not recommended, it may upset you that you have given them the amount of money you did. The upset will stem from their general attitude of dedicated blame-shifting-unhelpfulness.
Hopefully you got a good dealer who will make things workout for you.
Most importantly, almost no one gets a replacement machine from SQ. Do not entertain ANY thoughts in that direction it will only cause pain. But they do throw part-after-ever-loving-part at the thing until the warranty runs out.
My guess is they have iffy suppliers, and there are some shoddy goods in the parts pipeline cause my SQ is on it's 3rd or 4th computer foolin'.
You may fair better, many do. But there are many others like me who have had trouble with the recent (last 3 years design) SQ FL machines.

There is a program wherein SQ will have any warranty part needed in your dealer hands ASAP.
There is a phone number I was given, that your dealer MAY NOT BE AWARE OF, the two dealers I worked withe weren't. My machine was last fixed with parts direct from SQ and I think that helped.
No bogus counterfeit, rebuilt, or wrong part that works, "good enough". As a matter of fact SQ went over my repair invoices and found the wrong pump had been used on one of my many repair visits and scheduled a return visit so that that working but incorrect pump could be swapped out.

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Post# 978369 , Reply# 9   1/14/2018 at 21:46 (301 days old) by mieletag (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)        

Well, if anyone knows what this sound is, it would be greatly appreciated. Sorry about the poor camera work.


Post# 978374 , Reply# 10   1/14/2018 at 22:42 (301 days old) by whirlykenmore78 (Prior Lake MN (GMT-0700 CDT.))        

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Sounds like a pulley or belt issue. But I'll wait for the experts as mine has not made that noise.

Post# 978380 , Reply# 11   1/15/2018 at 00:02 (301 days old) by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        

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Another question is why is an empty machine shaking so much?

We need you, John!

Post# 978404 , Reply# 12   1/15/2018 at 03:38 (301 days old) by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

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My thoughts exactly.  My Miele spins perfectly smooth when empty as does the Asko.

Post# 978413 , Reply# 13   1/15/2018 at 06:37 (301 days old) by jcturbot (Central MA)        

Watching your video and seeing all the movement with a empty wash drum...could a shock absorber possibly be loose or blown?


Post# 978434 , Reply# 14   1/15/2018 at 10:19 (301 days old) by ea56 (Sonoma Co.,CA)        

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you said in an earlier post that you were going to drive your machine 30 miles to the dealer for repair. You better be sure to CORRECTLY, reinstall all the shipping braces, especially if this may be related to the shocks. Because with the things I've been reading about SQ recently on this website it wouldnít surprise me if they were to maintain that YOU voided your warranty by transporting the machine without first properly securing the tub. They may even try to say that YOU caused the problem in the first place,

I know that there is a large SQ following here, many that have just become disenchanted with the Alliance Company due to their treatment of honest Eugene, from Lorianefurniture. Personally, if it were I dealing with this from a washer that is less than 1 mo old, and Iím sure the pair cost at least three grand, I would want the dealer to take back BOTH machines in exchange for another pair and brand. If SQ is ceasing the sale of their FLís, then in the near future there may also be a lack of support for this and other issues that may arise.

Be prepared for some push back on this, but stand firm. Alliance seems to have recently shown its true colors, in my opinion they no longer deserve the benefit of the doubt.

And furthermore, this website has gone along way over the years in promoting SQ and helping to spread the word about their quality. To see and hear about the way they have treated their dealers that are members of AW and have revealed the truth about their new TLís tells me a whole lot about the loyalty of Alliance to the very voices that have championed their products and helped them immeasurably with goodwill. I say dump them. Just my two cents.

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Post# 978548 , Reply# 15   1/16/2018 at 08:14 (300 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Might be OK

I have two SQ FLs. Both began making that sound after some time when new, though not quite as much, and it went away after awhile. Itís one of the balancing balls. Try using it on high speed spin rather than low.

And the swaying,even with an empty tub, is a normal part of its balancing routine. It will sway back and forth, then slow down and then faster up and down, then slow again and side to side. It is balancing the balls when doing that. Even when empty. But the end result is an extremely smooth spin. Very different from other brands but it produces an extremely quiet and smooth spin after that routine.

Keep using it. I think the sound will go away as the balancing balls break in and distribute.

Also, a single hair can make the seal leak. It must be perfectly clean and lint free. Clean it with a wet cloth.

Hope all turns out fine for you. I donít think thereís anything wrong with it. I love mine.

Post# 978549 , Reply# 16   1/16/2018 at 08:17 (300 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Short answer

Is bear with it. I think itís just breaking in. The balancing balls,that is. Thatís not a major mechanical sound/problem. Both of mine did that for awhile.

Post# 978553 , Reply# 17   1/16/2018 at 09:24 (300 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
Noisey New SQ FL washer

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Keep using the machine for at least 10 or 20 more loads and you will get a feel for weather there is really any problem.

Also check with the dealer before attempting to return it for service, this machine is designed for in-home-service, transporting it back to the dealer is generally ill advised as you may cause other problems.

It is ridiculous to consider returning the washer at this point and neither SQ nor the dealer is under any obligation to take back the dryer as well, they are completely separate appliances, even in the worst of cases the washer could be replaced.

John L.

Post# 978554 , Reply# 18   1/16/2018 at 09:42 (300 days old) by chetlaham (United States)        

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Its not just Loraine, but a member named out of all things; speedqueen. That and the fact they are deleting negative reviews where they can. Thats 3 strikes for me.

Post# 978778 , Reply# 19   1/17/2018 at 22:12 (298 days old) by mieletag (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)        

Thank you all for the information. Sorry for getting back to you so late. Work has been very hectic recently. I did take the machine to the dealer, with all shipping braces in place. (front and back) I own an appliance dolly, so no problem there.

I removed all shipping braces in front of tech, it was getting late, so he was not able to look at it immediately. Ice and snow have kind of hampered many things around here, and he is a tech from their main dealer, which is around 40 miles north of the one I bought it from, so that coupled with all the ice in our driveway is the reason I took it to them, plus they don't have as much time constraints for being paid on warranty call time.

I haven't and probably will not give up on this machine yet. I guess I should have kept using it, it was just a little alarming as it seemed to be getting worse, especially since I never heard it before that load.

Thanks again everyone, I'll keep you posted.

Post# 978796 , Reply# 20   1/18/2018 at 03:37 (298 days old) by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        

speedqueen's profile picture
I'm really starting to think that these SQ FL machines just aren't really suitable for household customers.

Between weird issues like Strictlybojack had due to certain sub-grade parts and ridiculous 1-3 month breaking in periods where the machine sounds like a broken piece of industrial machinery. How come no one ever hears about this sort of thing happening to a Whirlpool, LG or Electrolux? If this were an LG, would we be telling the person to wait a month or would we be telling them high tail it up to the store and demand a refund? I suspect the latter. I cannot recall hearing of any other FL machine that comes from the factory making all kinds of noises.

Despite what my account is named, I would call this unacceptable. If we say that 50 members here have these machines, we already know of TWO machines that came from the factory with problems, that is a defect rate of 4%. That is a clear lack of quality control, and I might add that I went extra high on my estimate of the amount of members with FL SQs.

Post# 978808 , Reply# 21   1/18/2018 at 07:02 (298 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
Speed Queen Reliability

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So far their has only been one serious problem reported with a SQ FL washer on this site [ the guy in Washington State [ I think ] who had some type of bearing, spider or seal problem after doing 20 loads a day for several years ] and we never really got all the details so it is hard to comment on exactly what happened.


The ONLY service issue we have seen in the last decade that affected a good percentage of machines is a bad component on the main power-motor board that caused the machine to require the board being replaced. This happened on the redesigned larger FL models and has not cost anyone a cent, SQ even assured us that if we have a customer that has a failure of this board past the 5 year warranty that they will give the customer a free board.


In over 40 years of selling new washers and dryers we have never seen a more reliable washer or one with so few problems that a consumer can buy for home use.


John L.

Post# 979213 , Reply# 22   1/20/2018 at 18:24 (296 days old) by jcturbot (Central MA)        

It looks like your Speed Queen might be not be the only one with this issue-

Check out from 29:18 on...

Kirk even mentioned that this is "normal" for the Speed Queen FL's he has sold.


Post# 979217 , Reply# 23   1/20/2018 at 18:43 (296 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

Reason for discrepancy in cycle time for extra rinses: If you select both 2nd and 3rd rinses you actually get four rinses. That's why the cycle time jumped from 66 minutes when the 3rd rinse pad was engaged to 74 minutes when both 2nd & 3rd were selected.

Post# 979267 , Reply# 24   1/21/2018 at 00:56 (295 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

This post has been removed by the member who posted it.

Post# 979268 , Reply# 25   1/21/2018 at 01:01 (295 days old) by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

stricklybojack's profile picture
If the sound made at 29:18 in the video above is what you're worried about, I can tell ours has ALWAYS made that sound.
That doesn't mean it supposed to be that way...I dunno.
These SQ's are simple but generally sturdy...with a couple few glaring exceptions.
I always figured that sound would be what one would expect from a semi-commercial machine like this.
The larger the load the more of that sound you get.
I am trying to buy a nearly new SQ TL tomorrow. It's priced far less than what one repair visit will cost me starting next month when my SQ FL goes off warranty...if it's repairs thus far are any indication.

Post# 979271 , Reply# 26   1/21/2018 at 01:21 (295 days old) by Imperial70 (******)        

I don't think that the sound in this video has anything to do with what I say next.
But for the record.That front loader looks severely overloaded. After the fill The clothes should tumble freely. They are not tumbling freely in this video. Just an observation.

Post# 979278 , Reply# 27   1/21/2018 at 06:37 (295 days old) by jcturbot (Central MA)        

Actually pressing both 2nd and 3rd buttons gives you 5 rinses total.That is one of the reason I like this machine as the rinse cycles are rather short with the two rinses it uses during the Normal cycle.

If the load is small two rinses will suffice. If larger you have 3/4/5 rinse option.


Post# 979317 , Reply# 28   1/21/2018 at 11:52 (295 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

So the buttons should actually be labeled 3rd and 4th rinse, with a 5th rinse if both buttons are engaged. I wondered about that, as my 9 Series top-loader has (actual) 2nd and 3rd rinse options, with a 4th rinse when both are engaged.

Post# 980265 , Reply# 29   1/28/2018 at 14:58 (288 days old) by jcturbot (Central MA)        

Any updates on your Speedqueen?


Post# 980673 , Reply# 30   1/31/2018 at 00:56 (285 days old) by mieletag (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)        

Sorry for not getting back with you. It is still waiting on parts, not sure what parts, just glad I still have the Maytag DC yet. I'm sure it will be fine after it is fixed. Thanks again!

Post# 981173 , Reply# 31   2/4/2018 at 00:00 (281 days old) by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Normal sounds

Mine has always operated that way. But the smoother spins at 48:00 and 1:00 are more typical. The machine is overloaded.

Itís not struggling with that many clothes; itís just that they arenít going to wash and rinse well with no room to tumble and slap against the drum.

Ordinarily I fill it full like he did and when the clothes are wet, tumbling action is perfect if they compress down and come halfway up the window. Jeans, though, donít compress when wet. JMO but 4 pairs of jeans tumble well enough to get clean yet there are still enough clothes in it to balance well.

JMO. No matter what one person thinks about laundry, someone else will disagree.

Post# 985859 , Reply# 32   3/8/2018 at 17:31 (249 days old) by mieletag (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)        

Finally, today was the day!

Technicians came today with a whole new inner basket assembly. Upon removing the original, it was clear that the basket was out of round. Now, I will give Speed Queen some credit, around here, front loaders, especially Speed Queen front loaders did not sell well, so this pair was sitting on display in a very active showroom for some time.

It almost looked like some dents in the basket.

But anyway, it is all put back together, I watched the disassembly, very, very straightforward. It is now running smooth as silk.

Thanks to all!

Post# 985862 , Reply# 33   3/8/2018 at 17:45 (249 days old) by jcturbot (Central MA)        

Nice! Good to hear all is well again.


Post# 987072 , Reply# 34   3/17/2018 at 23:21 (239 days old) by mieletag (Cape Girardeau, Missouri)        

Just wanted to do a little update to the update.

I really want to thank Helicaldrive, combo52, jcturbot, and Stricklybojack. I feel foolish for taking it in the first place. As all of you said, the sound was normal.

Then, the first tech unknowingly fudged up the front cover, and possibly damaged the inner basket.

I have to admit, the other week after they installed the new basket assembly and front cover, after about the same number of loads, the dreaded knock came back.

I really had to wrestle with myself letting it keep washing loads.

Well, I am here to tell you, after about 6 more loads after the noise came back, it is now completely gone and smooth as a baby's you know what.

I just wish I would have listened to all the current owners and very knowledgeable dealer about this in the first place, I shouldn't have questioned sound judgement.

Thanks to all again!

Chris L.

Post# 987106 , Reply# 35   3/18/2018 at 07:12 (239 days old) by jcturbot (Central MA)        

I picked up a brand new AFNE9BSP113TW01 model just about four weeks ago as I needed something while my Bosch Nexxt was getting a bearing replacement.

After about 12-16 loads mine also made the same noise as yours, just a light knock on slow spin and after about 3 more loads it was gone.

I guess it's just one of the quirks of owning a FL Speed Queen.


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