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Speed queen front load video series
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Post# 987454   3/20/2018 at 19:32 (183 days old) by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        

Hey everyone, just giving the heads up, I finally got the speed queen front loader hooked up and will be doing a series of videos, including a review and the ketchup test. Stay tuned!

CLICK HERE TO GO TO Lorainfurniture's LINK

Post# 987507 , Reply# 1   3/21/2018 at 05:27 (183 days old) by jcturbot (Central MA)        


Always good to see a SQ Front Loader review and see what others think of this Washer. Looking forward to your ketchup test too.

That one Pod was a little overkill for those three microfiber towels but even with the one rinse used on the Quick Wash cycle (2 is default on other cycles),it appears to rinse out pretty well. You can get up to 5 rinses with the Second and Third rinse buttons both selected.

I had purchased the very same model SQ FL a month ago and have been testing each cycle out and will post my thoughts here as well.


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Post# 987521 , Reply# 2   3/21/2018 at 09:22 (183 days old) by chetlaham (United States)        

chetlaham's profile picture
Making popcorn, Thanks :)

Post# 987631 , Reply# 3   3/22/2018 at 06:35 (182 days old) by littlegreeny (Milwaukee, WI)        
Thanks, but...

Thanks for creating and posting these reviews but would you help us understand why you'd spend so much time filming and editing videos for a washer that is only available for another week?

I'd love to see a video series like this for the LG you personally use.

Post# 987634 , Reply# 4   3/22/2018 at 07:14 (182 days old) by speedqueen (Harrison Twp, Michigan)        

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He posted videos of a 1978 Kenmore, which hasn't been available with the same agitator in 40 years, as well as a KitchenAid that hasn't been available with the large base DA agitator in at least 10, what is wrong with a washer that is still available for another week?

Still interesting to see how an SQ FL cycle works versus other manufacturer's machines. These are still available for purchase by commercial users as the Horizon commercial soft-mount FL. Technically you could buy one without a coin box and use it for residential use.

Here is a link to the SQ commercial version, note the controls tab, you still can get one with a dial type selector control.


Post# 987681 , Reply# 5   3/22/2018 at 13:32 (182 days old) by littlegreeny (Milwaukee, WI)        

Good point speedqueen. I was just wondering what his thoughts were behind posting these videos. My thinking is he'll get everyone excited about this washer but then there is no way to buy one, unless you happen to find one in stock somewhere or get your hands on a used one

And his reviews of vintage machines make sense since they don't build them like they used to and he recommends people consider used machines.

Post# 987688 , Reply# 6   3/22/2018 at 14:06 (182 days old) by jkbff (Happy Rock, ND)        

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The stacked set will remain available, as well as the on-premise home style machines.

Post# 987726 , Reply# 7   3/22/2018 at 19:30 (181 days old) by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        
The answer why

1. The washer is still available and will likely be available for many more months. At $1500+. They arenít flying off the shelves. I believe last year I sold a total of 6.

2. It was my last one and once I sell it, I will never be able to get another new one.

3. It will go down in history as the last residential washer ever built with true quality parts and ease of repair.

4. Iíve actually been meaning to do this review for months, but just got around to doing it.

Anyway, what do you guys think about the lighting?

Post# 987739 , Reply# 8   3/22/2018 at 22:05 (181 days old) by littlegreeny (Milwaukee, WI)        

Now I understand why you're taking the time to create these videos. I think the lighting is good.

BTW, I see why you like these so much. The wash action and balancing routine is top notch.

Post# 987762 , Reply# 9   3/23/2018 at 05:34 (181 days old) by logixx (Germany)        

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The lighting is as good as it can be. A dark wash load and a white doorframe/cabinet inevitably create problems for most cameras. Most people will direct light right into the drum to alleviate this issue - or just wash bright laundry.

Post# 987764 , Reply# 10   3/23/2018 at 07:15 (181 days old) by combo52 (Beltsville,Md)        
Current Generation SQ FL Washers

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Thank you for this video Eugene, I really enjoy seeing them.


There is nothing like these anywhere in the world for home use at such a reasonable price with a full 5 year warranty


They sound and act like a real washer and they don't waste time trying to decide whether to spin or not.


It is truly a sad day that SQ is going to stop sales of this machine for residential use, there are still about 15 of these in warehouses in the DC area, we still have a rear control electronic model in the box and a gas stack and a SS pair [ electric dryer ] on the floor. Last year we sold 33 SQ FL washers.


Two weeks ago one of our customers got a new SQ FL to replace an LG FL washer that had only been used about 100 times because the machine reeked of cheapness and she found out is was Chinese built, I saw her husband last night and he was saying how happy she was was with a real washer again. Anyone want a deal on an LG FL Washer, LOL.


John L.

Post# 988360 , Reply# 11   3/26/2018 at 18:02 by jcturbot (Central MA)        

Any idea when that Ketchup stain test will be coming?

I'd like to see a comparison to the LG3770 you are currently reviewing as well as against it's SQ Top Load sibling.


Post# 988380 , Reply# 12   3/26/2018 at 19:31 by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        

Well, there is two complications.

1. Whatís left on the towel after my wash is usually a reddish orange. After a few days it turns a bit yellow. So now I canít compare any towels until they are completely dry/ yellow.

2. Iím still trying to figure out how to present it. Should I do one video on all my ketchup results? One for top load, one for front load? I canít really compare at the end of my ketchup video due to problem #1.

What do you think?

Post# 988525 , Reply# 13   3/27/2018 at 19:51 by jcturbot (Central MA)        

I see the issue-
Instead of the Ketchup test maybe a ground in dirt and/or grass stain test?

Set up both machines with similar settings and see how they compare.


Post# 989184 , Reply# 14   4/2/2018 at 08:19 by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
There wonít be any stain left to compare

Based upon my experience with my SQ FL, I believe that if you use Whites cycle with prewash, maximum soil setting, both second and third rinse selected, cold water, Persil 2-in-one for the prewash and Persil power pearls for the main wash, with Clorox in the main wash, AND put it in with a full load of white towels so thereís decent tumbling action, the stain will come out completely. Betcha.

Usually the SQ FL waits until the main wash to add the Clorox, so the enzymes get a chance to work in the prewash before being fried with chlorine, but sometimes it empties the Clorox in the prewash, so now I wait and pour the Clorox in the drawer quickly when it starts filling for the main wash. You could also dilute it in a measuring cup and wait until 5 to 10 minutes after the main wash starts, and add it by pouring it into the main wash detergent compartment.

(I never use cold water except for tomato stains, which seem to get permanently set with anything but cold water. Cat puke/bile, though protein based, comes out with the above method with hot water and thereís no need to use cold).

Bottom line, if you know what youíre doing you can get that stain out completely in the SQ FL, but not in either the new or old SQ TL. The FL really does clean better than the TL if you load and dose correctly. :-)

(Probably with the other FL makes, you could wash that towel alone and get proper tumbling and cleaning, since they sense the load and use less water with fewer items so you still get tumbling action. The SQ of course does not sense, just fills up all the way, and so a single item just rolls around in too much water and does not get clean.)

As always, laundry is subjective and some people out there will disagree with this, but try it! I betcha itíll come out completely with my method.

Post# 989227 , Reply# 15   4/2/2018 at 19:55 by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        

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coulda had one, didn't want one, heebee jeebees...

Post# 989229 , Reply# 16   4/2/2018 at 20:04 by jcturbot (Central MA)        
AFNE9BSP113TW01 sensing

One of your SQ Washers is model # AFNE9BSP113TW01 correct?

You stated that "The SQ of course does not sense, just fills up all the way, and so a single item just rolls around in too much water and does not get clean."

I have heard that SQ FL do not water-sense before and this is not what I have found in repetitive washes this last month with my model AFNE9BSP113TW01.

I have my machine draining into a sink which is measured in gallons from 1-8 so I can get an exact water measurement.

I did my normal 8-9 LB mixed load tonight and the Washer filled for 2 minutes 23 seconds.
It used 5 1/2 gallons for the Wash load and 6 gallons for each of it's 2 Rinses so total water used was 17 1/2 gallons.

I then did a load with 4 of my Son's Nike Elite cotton socks, one pair of Rebok sports shorts, and one pair of Russell sports shorts. The shorts were 93 & 100% polyester.The Washer filled for 1 minute 25 seconds and used 4 gallons for the Wash and 3 1/2 gallons for each of the rinse loads so 10 gallons of water total.

Lastly, I then threw in one cotton hand towel which filled for 1 minute 37 seconds and used less than 3 gallons for wash as well as rinse loads so under 9 gallons total.

I can say for at least this model, it does indeed measure for different loads.


Post# 989235 , Reply# 17   4/2/2018 at 21:50 by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
Maybe the answer depends on

What we mean by sensing...

Mine is the model you cite, except R instead of B.

All I can tell you is that mine strives to fill so that the water level just spills over into the boot. And it seems to have a sensor that shuts off the water when it hits that level. However there can be some variance. If the detergent foams up a lot during fill, the water shuts off a little prematurely, when the foam hits that level but before the water gets that high. And at times a load can absorb a lot of water right after it shuts off, so the water level will be lower. Either way, everything still gets clean. Rarely, if a load soaks up so much water that the tub goes dry, then the water will come back on and fill it up to just spilling over the boot. Random splashing can also affect the water level and make filling stop a tad earlier. Itís not super accurate or consistent from load to load. And Iím sure that affects water usage a bit. But it always puts in enough.

The variance in water usage also depends upon how much water the load absorbs.

Anyway,my point was that if you put one item in the SQ, itís going to fill more or less to the door boot and the item will just roll around. An LG, Samsung, WP or Elux will keep turning the water on and off and weighing/sensing, with the result that the item will get wet and there will be only a little puddle of water in the tub, so the item will tumble and slap against the tub and get clean. Not so in the SQ.

That can be good and it can be bad, depending on what you want. If you want to wash one item in the SQ and get it clean, well, the result will be meh and youíd be better off with the other FL brands. But if you want to wash a few really dirty items, say two pairs of jeans, in a lot of splashy water, youíre in luck with the SQ. If you want your washer to get straight to it and fill without 5 to 10 minutes of weighing and sensing and filling up cup by cup, youíre in luck with the SQ. It just depends on what you want. The other FL brands seem to take more time being conservative with the wash water, but then at rinse time theyíre much more generous with water than the SQ. Neither is better or right or wrong. Just depends on what you want.

Post# 989246 , Reply# 18   4/2/2018 at 22:59 by Helicaldrive (St. Louis)        
What I meant to say

I donít agree that the SQ measures for different loads. Itís not that sophisticated. It depends upon what measuring for different loads means in your mind.

The amount of water it uses will vary by load, but not because it is actively measuring or sensing or weighing like the other FL brands do.

The SQ fills with water until it is full. Very simple. How much water it takes to make it filled to the water line will vary, and it depends upon how many clothes are in it, how quickly they absorb water, and how much water they absorb, depending on fabric type.

How much water it uses for a rinse fill depends on the above factors, plus how much water was extracted from the clothes during the preceding spin, which varies depending upon how long and fast it spun before the rinse fill, which varies greatly depending upon how well it balances, which also varies.

Of course it used less water for the load of four socks and two synthetic shorts, versus the 8 to 9 pound load. Itís not because it measured the load, itís just because the former load (small and synthetics) would absorb virtually no water at all, so it will hit the filled point with much less water than when there are 8 or 9 pounds of clothes in there, or say 15 pounds of towels.

If thatís measuring for different loads in your mind, then indeed it measures. But thatís not my idea of measuring for different loads like the other brands do with their specific weighing and sensing routines.

Itís a nice machine and I am happy with it, but itís different from the other brands, which could be good or bad depending on what you want. I am long since over the mind set that there is only one best and perfect brand or model of something out there.

Post# 989254 , Reply# 19   4/3/2018 at 01:00 by Brisnat81 (Brisbane Australia)        

Hi helicaldrive,

What you describe is how FL washing machines determine the right amount of water and have done so for years.

They fill until the pressure switch is satisfied and if clothes absorb water they keep topping up until the switch has the right depth of water.

My Miele set that weighs the load will always fill to the same height during tumbling. If itís full of synthetic gym wear and you turn the machine off the water level wonít rise much, with a full load of towels, if you turn the machine off the water will then come up over the bottom edge of the glass.

Iím not quite sure what youíre expecting the speed queen to do, or what youíve experienced before. My Mieleís that weigh use the weight to suggest detergent dosing, wash time and tumble patterns, the water level on the Mieleís is locked into 3 or 4 preset levels depending on cycle and options.



Post# 989282 , Reply# 20   4/3/2018 at 10:25 by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        
Stain Removal

When we purchased our Duet, I purposefully stained an old white t-shirt with numerous different stains. Everything almost came out using the Whites cycle, heavy soil, extra rinse, with Tide liquid. The only stains that remained were mustard and used engine oil. They were significantly lighter, but still were visible. It has never been my experience that cold water removes tomato stains well, and even warm still struggles unless you are using something with LOTS of enzymes.
Eugene, thanks for all the videos. I certainly appreciate them. It is quite sad to see that this is the last SQ residential FL.

Post# 990113 , Reply# 21   4/9/2018 at 22:12 by Stopmeister72 (Irving, TX)        
Increasing water level

stopmeister72's profile picture
Just got my stainless version today😀
Saw somewhere on another post that someone mentioned that there were dipswitches on the control board that could raise the water level. If this is true, would you share some specifics as how to do that?

Post# 990114 , Reply# 22   4/9/2018 at 22:35 by Stricklybojack (San Diego, CA)        

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Post pics of your stainless model please.

Post# 990165 , Reply# 23   4/10/2018 at 07:47 by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        

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Here is the link to the manual.
Check the contents page for dip switches.



Post# 990184 , Reply# 24   4/10/2018 at 11:06 by Stopmeister72 (Irving, TX)        

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Thanks Malcolm!
Here are some pics of my new machine. Had requested twice that my dealer
Find out about raising the water level before and do it before it got to me, but he didnt followup.

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 2         View Full Size
Post# 990233 , Reply# 25   4/10/2018 at 17:50 by peteski50 (New York)        
Speed Queen!

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That is one awesome front load washer you got and it is ashame they stopped making them!
Best Of Luck with it

Post# 990234 , Reply# 26   4/10/2018 at 17:58 by Stopmeister72 (Irving, TX)        
Water level

stopmeister72's profile picture
Hey, thanks Peter!
Here are a couple pics of the wash water level after dip switches 2 and 3 are turned on. Cant tell that much difference.

  Photos...       <              >      Photo 1 of 3         View Full Size

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