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Electrolux frontloaders - reworked
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Post# 994317   5/15/2018 at 19:31 by henene4 (Germany)        


Second generation, with a detergent drawer compatible with pods, for what ever reason.

Post# 994318 , Reply# 1   5/15/2018 at 19:47 by thomasortega (Los Angeles - CA)        

Marketing.... Pure Marketing

More specifically Millenial marketing.

Because it's too difficult to toss the pod in the drum. One needs a college diploma to do that, so now people don't need to think, just toss the pod in the drawer.

In no time, detergent manufacturers will create a new technology, even "easier" to use, but unfortunately "a little bit" more expensive (just 25x the price).
The detergent will be a powder with a scoop in the box, then a second box with the pods. The user needs to carefully dose the powder detergent using the scoop, then use a scale to make sure the dose is accurate for each pod, then fill each of the the pods (10 pods if you have a large load, 4 pods for small loads). Then you place the pod in the dispenser drawer.

But don't worry, this new technology is much better than simply dosing the powder and pouring it in the dispenser. Because the dispenser has an exclusive place to put the pod and also because our grandparents used to do that, so, if it's different, it's obviously much better than jurassic things our grandparents did.

Post# 994333 , Reply# 2   5/16/2018 at 00:13 by Johnb300m (Chicago)        

johnb300m's profile picture
Ok, I'll bite.
It's not pure marketing, or to dazzle starry eyed Millennials
Here's why.

I don't use pods in my Maytag frontloader because A) they're expensive and stupid.
B)...and this is important....because the pods break up upon wet tumbling, and powder/chunks get all over the boot and under the glass, where "maybe" throughout the wash, water and clothes will swipe them away and into the drum.

This way, the pods can be dissolved, and used in Electrolux's special water/soap mixing chamber, and then sprayed uniformly over the clothes.

Post# 994334 , Reply# 3   5/16/2018 at 00:36 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

Wow, got to say I've been using pods for well over a year and never saw anything like John describes.


I can't comprehend why tossing a pod in the drum is so hard either.

Post# 994337 , Reply# 4   5/16/2018 at 02:25 by thomasortega (Los Angeles - CA)        

John, there should be somethign really wrong with your washer or with the way you're loading it.

Start by tossing the pod in the drum (it will fall on the back) then load the washer.

It just needs a few drops of waterto start dissolving, and they dissolve really fast.

Once i made a test using a fabric softener cap and some water. It dissolved completely, with no agitation at all, in less than 30 seconds.

Pod being trapped on the door boot, eventually if you load the washer and then toss the pod over the load and near the door.

Anyway, pods are really stupid. IDK why some people love them.

Post# 994338 , Reply# 5   5/16/2018 at 03:26 by arbilab (Ft Worth TX (Ridglea))        

arbilab's profile picture

Or like so many teens are doing, you can eat the pod and wash clothes from the inside out whilst wearing them.

Post# 994344 , Reply# 6   5/16/2018 at 06:48 by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

I used pods/pacs exclusively for a couple of years and loved them. Simple, easy, convenient, cleaned well. They dissolved properly in my 2010 Frigidaire front-loader, as water began entering the tub as soon as tumbling began. On a couple of occasions a pod migrated to the boot before being fully dissolved. I thought--and still do--that pods will increase their market share in the future. Look how they've taken over in automatic dishwashing.

The only reason I went back to liquids is because my 2015 Maytag had an auto-dosing system that was even more convenient. My decidedly non-HE Speed Queen top-loader would probably need two pods for large loads, which would get pretty spendy. Never had to use more than one in the FrigiLux front-loader.

The pod dispenser in new Electrolux front-loaders is a great idea. It eliminates the possibility of staining (if the pod gets trapped in the center of a large load) or winding up partially dissolved in the boot.

Post# 994345 , Reply# 7   5/16/2018 at 06:49 by Launderess (Quiet Please, Thereīs a Lady on Stage)        
Only Pods in my stash currently

launderess's profile picture
Which have powder are those "booster" stain release pods from Tide. Mainly oxygen bleach and other things.

In any event at least in the AEG Oko-Lavamat yes, the darn thing most often gets caught in the boot leaving powder on glass, and or in same.

Sometimes after five or so minutes all is dissolved and dispersed; other times not.

Think issue is many front loaders use so little water that pods with any sort of powder just cannot dissolve properly.

Post# 994357 , Reply# 8   5/16/2018 at 09:29 by Rolls_rapide (Scotland, UK)        

rolls_rapide's profile picture
The instruction manual (downloadable) seems to quite informative, which is a good thing, but... appears that this is another of these 'no filter access' machines!

Bloody daft idea. Lint can and does get shed by items. It can accumulate and block the pumps - even those which have a pre-strainer, as the odd loose thread or fibre can still make its way through the strainer allowing the 'worm' to grow as is accretes particulates. Sooner or later, a clogged recirculation or drain hose will likely occur. I recently had to unblock the spray jet manifold on my Panasonic machine, as one of the three outlets was clogged with cotton lint. Frequently (monthly), the pump filter has the same debris which obviously does make its way through the pump filter.

I would say from experience, that the older Zanussi method of recirculation was probably the best: a decent sized filter, with a decent diameter of hose leading to one outlet only. This minimised blockages and was easy to clear. Whether this Electrolux employs anything similar is anyone's guess.

Post# 994367 , Reply# 9   5/16/2018 at 11:59 by GELaundry4ever (Killeen tx USA)        

Tossing a pod in the drum of the machine is simple, period!

Post# 994374 , Reply# 10   5/16/2018 at 13:02 by johnb300m (Chicago)        

johnb300m's profile picture
Thomas and GELaundry, you're missing the point.

Yes the physical activity of throwing a pod into a hole is very easy.
But on many machines, the pod parts and powder get all over the boot before it's fully dissolved. Not all front loaders have spray jets that wash down the boot and window.

ALSO, do you guys know that Electrolux has a feature that pre-mixes the detergent prior to injecting the solution into the wash?
Throwing in tabs negates that feature.
So Elux devised a solution to allow laundry tab use, while still using the water/detergent pre-mixing feature.

Post# 994377 , Reply# 11   5/16/2018 at 14:03 by Pierreandreply4 (St-Bruno de montarville (province of quebec) canada)        
my toughs and my 2 cent here

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if you notice here in Canada most he detergent for washers are liquid detergents you rarely see powder laundry dertengents these days since on store shelves they mostly focus on liquid laundry detergent or pods and the brand of washing machine mention in this thread might be Electrolux but not all brand of washing machine are the same gelaundry4ever next time you enter an appliance store if you see en Electrolux washing machine open up the dispenser drawer and compare it with a brand like whirlpool or maytag and you will see a big difference.

Post# 994389 , Reply# 12   5/16/2018 at 18:34 by Infusor (Usa)        

Electrolux front loaders are on the bottom, lowest scoring front loaders at only 33, junk.

Post# 994391 , Reply# 13   5/16/2018 at 18:55 by thomasortega (Los Angeles - CA)        

They are actually excellent washers...

I worked for electrolux and I can make a list with 1 thousand reasons to hate the brand, but I have to be fair and admit they are very decent washers.

One thing we've all learned here... If the CR ratings are poor, the product is great. If the ratings are great, the product is usually an Eco-Nazi  POS.

Post# 994406 , Reply# 14   5/16/2018 at 21:48 by Infusor (Usa)        

Gee that's funny, everybody on here wants to bash the new speed queen in the name of " consumer reports" and when i say otherwise i get attacked. But whe i say something in the name of consumer reports it gets dismissed 🤣🤣 i agree with you though. Consumer reports does not like anything american.

Post# 994414 , Reply# 15   5/17/2018 at 01:07 by thomasortega (Los Angeles - CA)        

Electrolux is swedish... LOL

But with the speed queen, no, the washer is a POS, PERIOD.

No, I'm not a purist, I am a designer, I love innovation, i love modern washers... and Yes, I HATE that speed queen model. I like the company a lot, i admire the previous models... but that specific model is the worst washer ever made.

Post# 994415 , Reply# 16   5/17/2018 at 01:09 by thomasortega (Los Angeles - CA)        

And for me brands are not like football teams or religions.... I don't have a favorite brand, I now hate electrolux and above you saw me defending one of their washers because it's true, that washer is good. It's nof fantastic, it's not the best thing in the world, but it's not a POS like the 2018 Speed Queen.

Post# 994438 , Reply# 17   5/17/2018 at 11:16 by Infusor (Usa)        

Al you people are biased thats why. All you do is nothing but complain about everything. Electrolux is a piece of junk. Period. Just a rebadged frigidaire. The most unreliable poorly built front loaders on the market. Imported crap.

Post# 994451 , Reply# 18   5/17/2018 at 14:13 by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
Infusor ....get off the cross, someone needs the wood......

Post# 994453 , Reply# 19   5/17/2018 at 14:21 by henene4 (Germany)        
"All you do is nothing but complaining!"

... he complains and the complains some more.

Frigidaire is owned by the Electrolux company and used as lower end brand.

And funny they are the lowest scoring front loaders... 10 out of 10 means horrible apparently!


Post# 994458 , Reply# 20   5/17/2018 at 15:43 by stchuck (Winfield, il.)        

Infusor - your recent posts are an absolute joy. Here's a thought- maybe it's time to take that joy to another forum? Think of the excitement in finding someplace new to bestow your unprecedented wisdom.

Post# 994459 , Reply# 21   5/17/2018 at 15:47 by vacerator (Macomb, Michigan)        
Not all are the same

design, are they? I am under the impression in Europe, they are different than some here stateside. Electrolux purchased White Consolidated, and thus acquired the Westinghouse design (also badged Kenmore) front loader, and did that morph into the Frigidaire Affinity series, or the higher end ones built in South Carolina?

Post# 994466 , Reply# 22   5/17/2018 at 16:54 by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        
Frigidaire/ Electrolux

I actually think that they perform pretty well. Itís just the design (from a repair standpoint) sucks. They were one of the first to eliminate the coin trap door on the front load washers, their affinity dryers with the $$$$ heating element that breaks all the time, stoves that have 8 fucking control boards. Seriously wtf is the point, and if you are going to do that, at least spend an extra 5 cents on the upgraded communication wires.

And their refrigerators........

Post# 994477 , Reply# 23   5/17/2018 at 18:36 by Infusor (Usa)        

This post has been removed by the webmaster.

Post# 994486 , Reply# 24   5/17/2018 at 20:12 by Lorainfurniture (Cleveland )        

You mad bro?

Post# 994489 , Reply# 25   5/17/2018 at 20:51 by stchuck (Winfield, il.)        

I don't think as a group we need to be continually insulted and subjected to someone that sounds very mad and expresses such a dislike to the posters as a whole. I didn't get to read the last gem as it has been deleted but those posts are changing the whole feel of this forum. In my opinion, fully acknowledging freedom of speech, the content and tone of his recent posts truly goes beyond what should be acceptable. I am glad to see it deleted as I was getting to the point of saying forget it, not worth being a part of this forum if this is what it has come to.

Post# 994491 , Reply# 26   5/17/2018 at 20:58 by nmassman44 (Boston North Shore Massachusetts)        

nmassman44's profile picture
So itís not just me then. I saw the tirade on the SQ threads and thought what the hell is this guy ranting about then he posts a memo from Alliance about the bad press the new SQ washers were getting online, from CU and others and I thought now I get it. I got to the point where I thought ya know this guy is a tool and trying to change someoneís opinion on something he doesnít agree with , wonít go well here. And obviously it didnít...bless his heart....

Post# 996777 , Reply# 27   6/10/2018 at 18:58 by rinso (Meridian Idaho)        

rinso's profile picture
My husband and bought our first front-loader in 1997. It was an Electrolux-made Frigidaire. The tub bearing lasted 5 years. Because neither of us are always very bright, the next set we bought was and Electrolux Wave-Touch pair. Not one single repair in 7 years, until the tub bearing failed. We then bought a Fisher-Paykel Aqua touch set with the top-loading dryer. Loved them, and only one minor repair on the dryer in 10 years. Now we are 2 years into an LG top-loading front control washer and matching dryer. It was all we could afford. Pray for us.

Post# 996884 , Reply# 28   6/11/2018 at 19:28 by stchuck (Winfield, il.)        

Overall I absolutely loved my wave touch washer and dryer set but the rinsing did not seem adequate.

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