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My new Electrolux 527 washer and dryer
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Post# 1025019   2/18/2019 at 15:31 (1,838 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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These two were delivered on Saturday and the plumber came to hook the dryer up to the gas line. Here in Massachusetts , by law, one has to get any gas appliance connected by a plumber. So I have been putting them thru the paces getting laundry done. I will have to say that I am impressed by both of them. The washer does an amazing job washing and the dryer does an equally impressive job drying. The normal cycle on the dryer defaulted to the Eco option and that made the dryer run a lot longer than I cared for. But thankfully I can switch that option off and the dryer becomes a different animal. This dryer has a tad more finesse than the LG dryer that I have. That said here are a few pics...

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Post# 1025020 , Reply# 1   2/18/2019 at 15:38 (1,838 days old) by eurekastar (Amarillo, Texas)        

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Very nice!  I've seen some good reviews on that pair.  I look forward to hearing a comprehensive review too!

Post# 1025034 , Reply# 2   2/18/2019 at 16:57 (1,838 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        

Nice looking machines. When you run a hot wash can you give us the temperatures used for hot water


Post# 1025043 , Reply# 3   2/18/2019 at 17:57 (1,838 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Congratulations Mike.  Did the gas guy or the delivery guys make any comments about you already have a set and you were getting a 2nd set?  

Post# 1025047 , Reply# 4   2/18/2019 at 18:41 (1,838 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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The delivery guy said to me they wonít fit where they were going...I measured 4 times...and as can be seen, they fit. The plumber when he came last Friday to disconnect the Old dryer , he asked why I was getting a new set since there was a set there already. I said because I am used to two washers and two dryers and I said because I same guy came today to connect the new dryer and we helped him...Scott and I put the dryer on top of the washer after the plumber attached the piping to the new dryer, then after we raised the dryer, he had to connect the line to the main gas line...he was in and out in 30 he even took care of a drip leak we had near the washer. He was happy for the check we gave him and the help.

Post# 1025053 , Reply# 5   2/18/2019 at 20:48 (1,838 days old) by peteski50 (New York)        
Electrolux 527!

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Congrats on the real cool set!

Post# 1025095 , Reply# 6   2/19/2019 at 12:01 (1,837 days old) by golittlesport (California)        
Beatiful set!

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I like the light in the washer. Enjoy! You have two very good sets there.

Post# 1025099 , Reply# 7   2/19/2019 at 12:52 (1,837 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, Thereīs a Lady on Stage)        
Licensed plumber must install gas lines...

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Same here in NY; this goes for ranges, stove, ovens, hot water heaters, dryers, etc...

Do or did people do such things on their own? Yes, of course, but that has become more difficult lately.

After two deadly explosions (one taking out nearly an entire East Village corner), and discoveries of widespread theft of gas, meter tampering and other offenses ConEd and other local gas utilities have cracked down.

Everything must be inspected, signed off and so forth according to law before gas will be turned on. People have had to go weeks or months without hot water until the installation is signed off.

Post# 1025235 , Reply# 8   2/20/2019 at 21:16 (1,835 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Some observations that I noticed while using these machines. The washer does "dumb down" the hot water temps by adding some cold water...I would have to say its in the 120 ball park. My water heater is set at 140, but the Sanitize water temp is a nice 152 and it does kick on the onboard heater.
The washer does not pussyfoot getting into spin. The washer will balance the load and get on with it. It does do a "graduated spin" much like my Miele used to do in the final spin. The washer does recirculate the water onto the wash load. The port is right at the top of the door opening and is quite effective I might add.
Linting is not an issue with the washer as well. I don't know if there is a lint filter in the system, but it does work.

The dryer is interesting. Before I bought this dryer, I did look at the top of the line 627, but I didn't need the "Predictive Dry" feature they were touting, plus is was $150 more for that plus a stainless steel drum. So when the dryer was delivered I noticed that it had the Predictive Dry embossed in the lower door opening of the drum, plus the tag inside. I was surprised at how well it performs. With my LG dryer when the countdown gets to the 6 minute mark it will sometimes add 10+ mins more to the countdown because the load is not quite dry. The Electrolux dryer turns the burner on at the start of the cycle to get the process going and after 90 seconds, shuts the heat off and the countdown that would be lets say 55 mins in Normal cycle , jumps to 62 mins...and doesn't add anymore time..if that makes sense. I am finding that the Normal dryness setting is good but it does leave some pockets and waist bands little issue with me since that tells me that they are not over dried. I did try the next notch up with was High dryness and that really made sure things were bone dry.
The other thing is that the temps are spot on and the burner cycles on and off frequently to maintain the temps in the drum. One thing I will have to say is that this dryer has a huge drum. 8 cuft of it. This is the biggest capacity dryer I have had the pleasure of using. Loads emerge wrinkle free and the capacity matches the washer's. The dryer also has a "Variator Baffle" that keeps loads moving and keeps sheets from balling up...
Overall I am quite happy with them so far. Oh and there are no sensor bars in the drum opening at all...

Post# 1025265 , Reply# 9   2/21/2019 at 09:40 (1,835 days old) by roscoe62 (Canada)        
"Variator Baffle"

Is this an extra baffle in the drum like the Maytag 8.8 cu.ft. ?

Post# 1025298 , Reply# 10   2/21/2019 at 18:14 (1,835 days old) by Tomdawg (Des moines)        
Curious to see which one you like better in the long run.

I am building a new house this year and Iím torn between the LG 4370 and Electrolux 627. I see what you have is very similar to what Iím thinking of buying. So far younlike Electrolux better than LG?

Post# 1025302 , Reply# 11   2/21/2019 at 19:53 (1,835 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Well with the LG washer, I had to put water hammer arrestors at the inlet hose connections because the washer opens and closes the valves rather quickly causing water hammer in my pipes. The Electrolux washer does not do that. My water pressure is very high here and when the LG is running the water hammers are needed since ithe noise is annoying not to mention having to replace toilet valves, but thatís a story for another day.
The LG washer does a very good job washing, but on some loads like long sleeved shirts and jeans,..this washer is merciless with tangling. The dryer is very good but the drum size does not match the capacity of the washer...if I wash a capacity load, I have to reduce the load into two to dry them with out wrinkles plus the dryer in my opinion and experience tends to take much longer with an oversized load.
The Electrolux dryer matches the washer capacity. The LG s are very reliable and I have had them for 4 years now with no issues. How the Electrolux machines fare is to be seen , but they do enjoy a very good reliability grade.
I would have to say itís up to what one wants and needs in a laundry team.

Post# 1025343 , Reply# 12   2/22/2019 at 10:36 (1,834 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        
The heater on the 500 series

Does the heater run on every cycle? I just read a thread on another forum that mentioned that the heater on the 600 series washer only runs if you select heavy soil, or sanitize.

Post# 1025346 , Reply# 13   2/22/2019 at 11:22 (1,834 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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I have noticed that the washer will turn the heater on to maintain a set temp. I have not used the Sanitze temp water heater is set to 140F so getting to 152 wouldn't take long.

Post# 1025422 , Reply# 14   2/23/2019 at 17:39 (1,833 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        

That's good to hear. The one I heard about was the new model so it is probably acting on newer Energy Star standards. I wish that program was altered or paused for washers. I think we've gotten all we are going to get from washers, and now dryers are starting to be impacted negatively also.

Post# 1027419 , Reply# 15   3/18/2019 at 15:17 (1,810 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        

How are things going with your new washer and dryer after one month?

Post# 1027424 , Reply# 16   3/18/2019 at 16:32 (1,810 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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So far, no issues to report. I am finding that clothes are coming out cleaner especially whites using the Whites cycle. I have noticed that using the Hot water temp and Heavy soil setting will turn on the heater and boost the water temp to around 140F. I use Normal cycle for just about everything else. The washer is very quick getting the job at hand done. I am loving the lighting in both washer and dryer.
The dryer capacity is awesome. I am loving the no tangling /balling of sheets in both machines. The washer rarely tangles shirt loads and jeans. My LG washer is a nightmare with all shirt loads. I often have a tangled mess to undo before the load can be dried.
I would definitely buy the Electrolux machines again if I had to.

Post# 1027450 , Reply# 17   3/18/2019 at 23:18 (1,809 days old) by Tomdawg (Des moines)        
Clothes coming out cleaner than LG?!?

do You think itís bevause of the pre mixing of detergent? You would think itís the same since LG uses turbo wash to pump and mix all the water.

Post# 1027479 , Reply# 18   3/19/2019 at 07:44 (1,809 days old) by Marky_mark (From Liverpool. Now living in Palm Springs and Dublin)        

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Glad you like your new set! One thing I notice is that the ďtime dryĒ appears to have an ďautoĒ option. How does that work?

Post# 1027492 , Reply# 19   3/19/2019 at 10:20 (1,809 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
I really like these

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I'm totally clueless which my next front load washer will be when my current duet dies. It still may be years before it dies, but I just don't see how it can last that much LONGER it's 14 years old now! If it died today, my mind would be totally blank on what to choose.

LG, New Whirlpools, New Maytags, Electrolux.. No clue.

Post# 1027520 , Reply# 20   3/19/2019 at 21:38 (1,809 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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The auto setting at the top of the dry times for timed drying only illuminates when a sensor cycle is being used. It just lets the user know that its in an Auto dry cycle...which I use every time. I have been using the Normal Cycle with Normal Temp and Normal dryness with great results. The clothes are not overdried at all. I find that the dryer tends to keep a very tight temperature range and cycles the burner on and off frequently to maintain said temps in the drum.
The washer does recirculate the water in each segment of a cycle like wash and the rinses. It also has a place in the dispenser drawer for detergent pods. I bought Tide Pods some time ago and used them in the LG washer and I would always find some part of the pod in an item in the wash. I dont notice it until the load is dried and i find the wadded up remnants on an item , so I gave up on them. The Electrolux washer dissolves the pods, and there is a limit of 2 per load and it says so right on the slot for them. The pods further dissolve in the sump area before being jetted onto the load in the wash cycle. I bought these machines after watching the YouTube videos that Kirk Rivas posted about them and I have to say I was very impressed by the washer's performance.
One thing though is that liquid fabric softener is a must for the final rinse to kill any suds that survive the rinsing process. And rinsing is thorough I find even though there is just one spin after the wash cycle. The rinsing involves a water level that comes up to the glass of the door. It then moves the load thru the water, drains it completely then refills. In the final rinse it will do the same but, partially drains the water, then refills back to the level, tumbles the load thru the water , then drains the water. Going into spin is in steps, but once the load is balanced this washer doesn't pussyfoot around and gets right up to high spin. One the cycle is done, the door unlocks right away and a signal is given and the light in the drum comes on...a nice tough I might add. The dryer does the same at the end of a cycle.

Post# 1027557 , Reply# 21   3/20/2019 at 17:11 (1,808 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        

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One thing you will need to be CAREFUL of is checking pockets since the Electrolux doesn't have a cleanout access door like the LG does. I check pockets religiously and I've managed to wash some change and a small screwdriver over the years...but luckily they stayed in the drum.

Post# 1027565 , Reply# 22   3/20/2019 at 21:26 (1,808 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Oh that's one thing I am good about is checking pockets for everything. The LG does have the access area for the drain/ recirculate sump. I have only cleaned it once and nothing was in it...

Post# 1027632 , Reply# 23   3/21/2019 at 18:04 (1,807 days old) by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
New Electrolux Washer and Dryer

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Hi Mike glad you are enjoying your new Washer and dryer, it does sound like EL has done some good design work. We have seen very few problems with the last few generations of EL-FD FL washers, I only wish they had done as well with their dryers, while they seem to work pretty well† they are too cheaply built and have too many problems, I would put them on a par with LG & SS, which are basically cheap copies of WP built machines.

The major problem we have been having so far with the new dryer you have is clogged blowers and items of clothing and fabric softener sheets getting pulled into the duct below the lint filter and into the fan.


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Post# 1027652 , Reply# 24   3/21/2019 at 21:55 (1,807 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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Thats interesting John, but the fan blades on the dryer I have look nothing like that generation. The dryer I have has the double sided filter that opens up like a book. It drops into the intake for the fan. So far I have not had any issues with clothes or softener sheets getting beyond the filter assembly.

Post# 1027653 , Reply# 25   3/21/2019 at 21:58 (1,807 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

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And the vent on my dryer is short at about 4 feet at the most so suction and air movement is not impaired by a long vent. This dryer can vent up to 100+ ft and when the dryer is running I can hear the airflow running thru it and the burner roar when its on.

Post# 1028559 , Reply# 26   3/31/2019 at 16:55 (1,797 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        
How many rinses

I am wondering how many rinses your washer does on various cycles and what cycles will allow an extra rinse. Does the extra rinse give you a total of two rinses or three? I've seen some video's of the dryer but haven't seen the washer in action yet.

Post# 1028667 , Reply# 27   4/1/2019 at 13:28 (1,796 days old) by roscoe62 (Canada)        
@ nmassman44

So are you liking these more than the LG set?
Are you finding these cleaning better, or rinsing better, is the load spun dryer from the washer for the dryer making drying time more efficient?
It says online with the dryer feature it heats up and doesn't add time on the end of the cycle to complete drying, like other machines.
I'm looking at getting a gas dryer so I'm interested in knowing if this dryer is more efficient, I have an LG set right now, the dryer is electric, so I'm considering buying this set to replace my LG's.
Any help would be appreciated.

Post# 1028688 , Reply# 28   4/1/2019 at 19:32 (1,796 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

nmassman44's profile picture
The rinses on the Normal cycle plus I use the extra rinse option gives me three rinses plus a final half rinse meaning it will drain the final rinse water half way or partial drain then it fills with more water and tumbles the load in the water and then drains the water away.
The Electrolux washer , I find, does a much better job at washing than the LG. Donít get me wrong now, the LG washer does a great job washing, but it sometimes doesnít remove certain stains. I do use Persil in both machines, but it seems like the Electrolux washer drives the wash load thru the wash water in such a way that itís much more effective in its task if that makes sense.
The Electrolux dryer that I have is gas and I am very happy with its performance. The dryer has Predictive Dry and its alwaˇs spot on with its guesstimate , sometimes the load will dry faster than what it thought and will adjust accordingly. One thing I noticed is that this dryer does not overheat or overdry a load. If I use the Eco option, the dryer will lower the temperatures even more resulting in a much longer cycle. I used that option once and with the following load, took the option off and the dryer dries faster. I use two cycles, Normal with Normal Dry and Normal Temp for most loads and Heavy/ Towels cycle for Towels. And the settings for High heat and High dryness setting.
The drum is a full 8 cuft and I have to say it has plenty of tumbling space for loads. Wrinkling is no issue with this dryer and it matches the washer capacity wise. This dryer is very efficient with gas and I find that the burner does burn the gas completely so no yellowing of Whites has occurred. The dryer also keeps a tighter temp range and cycles the burner on and off frequently and more so as the load dries. This set is very full featured. One thing that the Electrolux washer has is a light in the drum, the LG I have doesnít have a light. The LG dryer I have does have a light. The Electrolux washer has the spot in the dispenser drawer for detergent Pods, the LG doesnít and they never dissolve right in the LG. This is my experience with both sets, your mileage may vary...

Post# 1029036 , Reply# 29   4/5/2019 at 10:37 (1,792 days old) by duttyb11 (Mountain City)        
Solid Soil

Does the solid soil setting use more water in the wash cycle? What is it for? Have you tried it?

Post# 1029292 , Reply# 30   4/8/2019 at 16:28 (1,789 days old) by jerrod6 (Southeastern Pennsylvania)        

Do you find that your dryer pushes clothes into the door while tumbling?

Post# 1029320 , Reply# 31   4/8/2019 at 21:51 (1,789 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

nmassman44's profile picture
On the dryer I wouldn't say that the clothes are pushed to the door area. The clothes do get into that area and the variator vane reaches all the way to the front and back of the drum and moves the clothes away and back into the drum to tumble properly into the airstream. I do know that the 627 has 3 identical vanes like the two shorter ones like my dryer has, so it might be an issue in that model without the variator vane.

Post# 1058817 , Reply# 32   1/25/2020 at 22:08 (1,496 days old) by Tomdawg (Des moines)        
Itís been almost a year

How are the Electrolux set? Using lg set more or less?

Post# 1058874 , Reply# 33   1/26/2020 at 16:31 (1,496 days old) by nmassman44 (Brooksville Florida)        

nmassman44's profile picture
So far no issues to report on the Electrolux machines. I use them for our clothes since they are faster than the LG machines. With the LGís I use them primarily for towels and sheets. The washer can be painfully slow since it has to take time to balance and stuff. I can wash close to three loads in the Electrolux washer compared to just the one load in the LG time wise.
No issues at all with the dryer as well. Despite what some may say, and you know who you are, this generation of dryer has been issue free so far. In fact when we move to Florida I plan on getting the same model machines there...I would take them from here but where we are moving there is no natural gas service...itís all electric. If I had gas service I would take them. Propane is out of the question.

Post# 1058967 , Reply# 34   1/27/2020 at 09:19 (1,495 days old) by johnb300m (Chicago)        

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This is splendid news to hear that they are treating you well.
Iím eyeballing Elux too when I either move or my Maxima dies.
Iím not feeling the WP with their sealed tubs and plastic fantastic windows now.

Post# 1059008 , Reply# 35   1/27/2020 at 17:48 (1,495 days old) by Tomdawg (Des moines)        
Faster than LG

To make sure we are on the same page, Electrolux is still faster than LGís turbo wash too?!
Glad you are liking them!


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