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Bosch dishwasher panic
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Post# 1043596   9/2/2019 at 15:44 (1,641 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Sunday night I was sitting back as the Bosch SHU43U dishwasher was completing its long (pot scrub, 105 minutes) cycle.

Suddenly I heard a racket. I had the kitchen door open for ventilation. It looks out on a secure courtyard. It sounded like maybe an animal, perhaps a raccoon, was trying to tear apart the corrugated fiberglass wall next to the steps. Yikes!.

I jumped up from my nearby desk in the family room, and peered out the door. No sign of raccoons or other interlopers. The racket continued, and it became obvious it was coming from the dishwasher. It only had a minute to go!

So it was in a final drain part of the cycle. I opened the door, took a peek, and then closed it again and pushed the on button. More racket. Sounded quite bad, like grinding.

OK, I thought, it's drained enough, cycle is over.

This morning I realized I'd have to fix the damn thing unless I wanted to go back to handwashing the dishes. NEVER! I'd rather shell out $500 and get a new dishwasher, if necessary.

I was thinking maybe a bit of broken glass might have found is way into the drain pump. I don't remember breaking any glass inside the DW, but you never know.

Fortunately the Bosh has a relatively easy drain pump impeller to access, without having to pull the whole DW out of its cubby hole. Just a T20 bit needed. Which of course, I got. Stuck that on the end of a mag extension, put that is a 20 volt portable drill (overkill). Emptied the DW of the now clean dishware, pulled both racks and the lower spray arm. Pulled the cylindrical filter (never have quite figured out how that's supposed to work), as well as the coarse metal screen filter.

Found a whole coffee bean half in the sump. Hmm. That shouldn't happen. But, who knows? Removed the drain pump impeller cover. Easy. Used some forceps to remove some soft debris. Then I saw what might have been the cause: a blood glucose test strip. Must have stuck to the bottom of some dishware that got loaded into the DW.

Got out the nearest wet vac (Bissell Little Green Machine) and sucked out all the sump water it could. If there was glass in there, maybe it would be extracted as well.

Inspected impeller and drain cover. The cover was a little chewed up inside, like something had pummeled into it. Put it all back together, ran a brief drain test. Sounded good. Then stated up a full 105 minute cycle with a minimal load.

Emptied the Bissell drain receptacle. Didn't see any glass, just some food bits. OK, well, the test drain seemed to be quiet so it might be fixed.

Full cycle still running as I type. I think it's fixed now, we'll see. Don't think it will need a new drain cover. We'll see.

So this is my labor day so far!

Post# 1043613 , Reply# 1   9/2/2019 at 19:22 (1,641 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Coffee beans....

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Sometimes a small pebble or something is mixed in with coffee beans. If it makes way into grinder creates a nasty and loud racket. First time occured couldn't understand what had happened, but there was only one thing for it; to tear thing down and find cause.

Now know what to do on the off chance it happens again (it does, but rarely).

This and or you just get the odd petrified coffee bean. *LOL*

Glad issue is sorted, nothing like finding out a quick repair saved the day.

Post# 1043617 , Reply# 2   9/2/2019 at 19:50 (1,641 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Don't think the coffee bean was the problem, as it was outside the pump impeller cavity.

More likely the test strip was the culprit. Or it could have been some glass bit. I now recall a glass broke in the DW a few months ago... thought I got it all out... time will tell!

But I was able to run a full cycle today with no unacceptable noise.

Pebbles in coffee beans? I'd take the product back and claim it broke a tooth, just to see the reaction. LOL.

Post# 1043622 , Reply# 3   9/2/2019 at 20:05 (1,641 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
It happens

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According to posts on various coffee sites one keeps up with the odd stone in a container of whole beans isn't unusual.

Post# 1043655 , Reply# 4   9/3/2019 at 00:18 (1,641 days old) by tolivac (greenville nc)        

One of my friends found a SCREW in his coffee beams the hard way---He was grinding coffee in a blade type grinder when it made a horrible racket-he found the half in long machine screw in the container of the I guess besides pebbles screws can get into coffee packages,too.The blade in the grinder was badly nicked and bent.Since those are cheap-he boaught a new one.The screw didn't fare out so well in the grinder,either.Was surprised to see that when he showed me.

Post# 1043660 , Reply# 5   9/3/2019 at 02:03 (1,641 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Well that's just screwed up!

Had to say it!

The interesting part is that I stopped grinding beans about three months ago. I had purchased a shit load of K-cups a while ago, and realized I'd have to start consuming them before their use by date (which I think is this October). So the little grind and brew single serve machine got put on the shelf in favor of a Keurig machine I bought a year or two ago but never used. The Keurig is fine, but I confess I'm getting a little tired of the Costa Rica Paraiso blend. Oh well, it will pass. I only drink a cup a day, you see.

Personally never encountered pebbles or screws or other non-coffee entities in bags of roast coffee beans, but there's always a first time for most anything. I'm guessing a burr grinder would be a bit resistant to pebbles and such, but I'd rather not find out.

Post# 1044493 , Reply# 6   9/11/2019 at 02:11 (1,633 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Just wanted to reassure everyone that the Bosch SHU43CU is still working just fine after unclogging the drain pump.

Not that it was bothering any of you.

Post# 1044521 , Reply# 7   9/11/2019 at 12:21 (1,632 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

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You know we always like follow-up information, Rich! Glad it was (relatively) easily taken care of.

Post# 1045049 , Reply# 8   9/16/2019 at 02:00 (1,628 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Dishwasher still fine!


However... now the garbage disposer is acting up... I lost the plastic ring for a salad dressing bottle down there. It got a bit chewed up, but I was able to retrieve it OK. But now the disposer is making weird sounds, like a bearing has gone out. Not sure. It's one of those imported high rpm units ("Titan") from Costco. Been working fine for about 20 years now. Fortunately I have a spare new in box that I was thinking of adding to the patio kitchen sink, but that will be some other time. I'll be crawling under the kitchen sink in a few days to replace the current unit.


Such fun!


Post# 1045059 , Reply# 9   9/16/2019 at 06:31 (1,627 days old) by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
Noisy Disposer

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I would keep using it for a while, then some little bit of plastic etc gets caught in the shedder ring and can make a loud sound, if this is the case it will work it self through.


You can hasten this process and clean your disposer by grinding lots of ice [ Do Not Run Water At First When Grinding Ice ] after the ice is ground turn on the water to flush [ The drain may be clogged with ice for 10-30 seconds but will quickly melt and flush the drain ]


John L.

Post# 1045127 , Reply# 10   9/16/2019 at 20:55 (1,627 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Thanks, John.


I tried loading the disposer with ice but it's still making bad noise. Sometimes it would spin up fine, but when power shut off, it would make a bad noise/vibration. Or, it would spin up fine but once material introduced, start making the bad noise/vibes.


To me this sounds like a bearing going bad. I don't think it's due to debris. The plastic lid piece didn't get any chunks torn out of it, and I was able to retrieve it intact, save for some abraded edges. For the time being I'm using the disposer only sparingly if at all. I'll have to set aside an afternoon for the replacement.


These things are on sale at Costco on a regular basis for about $90, so other than the hassle of pulling the old one and installing the new one, it's no big deal.  And I think I got at least 20 years out of the one in there now.


Tomorrow I get to replace the fabric on the 10'x20' tent garage, which takes precedence over the disposer.



Post# 1045147 , Reply# 11   9/17/2019 at 06:01 (1,626 days old) by combo52 (50 Year Repair Tech Beltsville,Md)        
Noisy Disposer

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Hi Rich, it does sound like you are ready for another disposer, disposers can be really easy to change, we have changed several thousand over the past 40+ years.


John L.

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Post# 1045241 , Reply# 12   9/18/2019 at 01:33 (1,626 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Yes, it's relatively easy, except for the laying on the back and reaching up inside a relatively cramped cabinet. I'm managing OK w/o the disposer action. It will grind a little but I'm trying not to burn it out. The new one will probably go in on Thursday... gotta go to the DMV for a "Real ID" driver's license renewal tomorrow morning. I've heard horror stories about these renewals taking all day. We'll see.


Post# 1045288 , Reply# 13   9/18/2019 at 11:46 (1,625 days old) by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        

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Good luck on the Real ID.  I did this in Iowa in April.  It was quick and painless as I had the required documents.  Needed birth certificate, SS card and then two forms of residency (lots of choices for these)...I used current unexpired DL and a voter registration card.


The first two are the same things you need when starting a new job so most people have them available.


I was chatting with the DOT clerk about it, she said that the only people that have real issues are women that have been married multiple times and have to provide certified marriage certificates/divorce decrees to account for the name changes back to their birth certificate.


Men have it easy!



Post# 1045302 , Reply# 14   9/18/2019 at 14:48 (1,625 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Well, to my surprise, the Real ID process went fairly quickly.


My appointment was at 9:20. I arrived at 9:15. Waited in thew wrong line for a few minutes. The line for people with appointments was not clearly indicated. I was out of there by about 10:30. New paper "driver's license" in hand. The only hitches were that the lady processing the stuff wasn't sure if I could keep my motorcycle license. She wanted to know if I wanted to take the motorcycle test again. I said, yes, I want to keep my license of course, why not, but I shouldn't have to re-take the exam. I showed her my old license with the M1 cert, and the paperwork I got from the DMV. She fiddled with her terminal and then said, "Oh, I found it". Then she sent me off to get my picture taken, didn't say much else. I got the photo taken, and the photo lady said, "Now take this back to the previous window so she can issue your new license". I took it back and told her I'd been sent back, and she said, "Yes, that's what I told you, to come back after your photo". I simply said, "I didn't hear that" but didn't argue about it. I was just glad to be out of there in about an hour.


Brave New World.


Post# 1045466 , Reply# 15   9/19/2019 at 23:57 (1,624 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Back to the disposer... I was too busy taking care of other things, and was supposed to replace the disposer today.


However, yesterday I ran it and there was no bad noise. ! I'm not sure, but perhaps whatever debris was causing the noise has been flushed away.


We'll see. I've not been using it as much as I normally do, so this might just be a fluke.


Will update as more info comes in.


Post# 1045525 , Reply# 16   9/21/2019 at 01:05 (1,623 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Well, it looks like the disposer is back to normal now.  Ran it a few times today, no more deep rumbling, moaning, and groaning. So I figure John L.'s advice saved it, or at least didn't make it worse ;-).


Thanks John!...


Update to update...


Oops, I spoke too soon. I was cleaning up after dinner and the disposer started making extremely loud noise/vibration. So I think that spare one is destined to be installed sooner than later.




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Post# 1047554 , Reply# 17   10/12/2019 at 19:22 (1,601 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        
Finally getting around to replacing the noisy disposer

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Actually, "noisy" is a bit too mild of a description. It will run for a bit and then sound like it's trying to rip itself out of the sink hole. Entertaining but kind of destructive. So I've holding off on the replacement process, just running it in short spurts, getting lucky with it not leaping out of its mounting.


But today I finally got started on the replacement. Did I say it's easy? I was lying. Of course all plumbing work is a PITA and this is no exception. Took me a while to get the old one out... but it's out now. Then I saw and remembered the weird sink flange in this kitchen sink. It's got this graceful radius curve going on, but that means the disposer sink drain gasket doesn't have a whole lot to seal against (It's flat). I forgot I had used a ton of plumber's putty to help seal it up. Which was fine, I don't think it leaked for all these years. But it's still PITA. Now I get to scrap the old dried up putty out and put some new stuff in, and then insert the new disposer flange and gasket.


All this while my left ribs decided to start one of those shooting pains. Oh such fun.  LOL. I used to get those occasionally while running in school PE... now they come and go at will.


Anyway, just taking a breather. It took me about 20 minutes to locate an old plastic tublet of Oatey Plumber's Putty. I had wisely vacuum sealed it and it's still malleable, so it will probably work.  The fun part comes with lining everything up and then dealing with the weird Titan "quick mount" nonsense. Well, I did it before, I should be able to do it again.




Post# 1047568 , Reply# 18   10/12/2019 at 22:23 (1,601 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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Well, some pain killers later, and the disposer is installed. I wound up using a big tea tin and a small plastic cutting board to raise the disposer to the correct height to fit the disposer to the "cushion mount" soft rubber gasket on the bottom lip of the sink flange, so the "hopper projections" on the disposer fit into the locking ramp on the "Speedmaster" locking mount ring.




Now all I have to do is to attach the "Silver Guard" magnets to the throat of the disposer sink flange. This is supposed to protect against metal objects getting into the disposer and screwing it up. Of course, real silver isn't magnetic, and stainless steel often is only weakly attracted to magnets. But it should work on things like knives or really cheap flatware.











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Post# 1047570 , Reply# 19   10/12/2019 at 22:42 (1,601 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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PS-The old Titan was 3/4 HP. This one is 1-1/4 HP. I don't know if it makes any difference, the old one never jammed or slowed. Maybe I was running it wrong?




Post# 1047632 , Reply# 20   10/13/2019 at 19:31 (1,600 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

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I took some photos of the sink drain hole and flange, before and after installing the new disposer...


As you can see, there's quite a drop-off due to the curvature of the sides of the drain hole. Compounding this is that the flange that comes with the disposer is kind of flimsy - quite thin stainless backed up by thin plastic. The old was was quite dented by simple usage soon after install, as I expect this one soon will be also.


Somewhere I have a kit for modifying the Titan to accept a more traditional flange, but  I decided it would be more work than I was prepared for. Plus I'm not sure where I stashed it :).


Anyway despite the numerous dents, the old one didn't seem to leak even after 20 years. Knock on plumber's putty.


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Post# 1047640 , Reply# 21   10/13/2019 at 20:43 (1,600 days old) by IowaBear (Cedar Rapids, IA)        

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Finished result looks great.  My disposer has been in place for 17 years now and the rubber part in the flange just looks terrible.  Kind of ratty and torn in places.

Post# 1047642 , Reply# 22   10/13/2019 at 21:19 (1,600 days old) by SudsMaster (SF Bay Area, California)        

sudsmaster's profile picture

You could probably order a new flange.


Which reminds me: the old disposer flapper and "throat" were not very nice. Full of gunk. I have in the past used a special brush to scrub it, but it's kind of unpleasant. Is there any other way to clean those parts?


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