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TC5000wn vs Maytag mvwp575gw
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Post# 1044006   9/6/2019 at 14:40 (1,628 days old) by PinkPower4 (USA)        

As a Maytag owner, Kirk's video was painful to watch. I am so glad he took the time to do it. It does confirm what most of is already know. Maytag has an edge in cleaning performance, but the Speed Queen has an edge in build quality. When not overloaded, the Speed Queen has good wash action. When not overloaded, the build quality on the Maytag is not as noticeable. But, it's not the same. Even a regular load could get unbalanced. What if the person isn't close enough to hear the banging? Hmmmm.

Does anyone think the Speed Queen 2021 models will go back to a tub and agitator that move separately?

Post# 1044035 , Reply# 1   9/6/2019 at 19:04 (1,628 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Well, there is the Classic Speed Queen that came out about 2 months ago.  

Post# 1044042 , Reply# 2   9/6/2019 at 20:30 (1,628 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

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Here are full-cycle videos of the two washers referenced by PinkPower4. They were made by Kirk Rivas.

The Maytag (MVWP575GW), with a 3.5 cu. ft tub and a dual-action agitator, does an amazing job of turning over the purposefully too-large load. Then things go south on the final spin. Using additional deep fill rinses to try to rebalance a load makes my blood boil. Why not just let the machine kick out and display an unbalanced load error? Another water-saving possibility: Extend the rinse agitation to 6-8 minutes. That would give the load time to balance itself prior to the final spin.

I have a weekly tank exchange with Culligan. Each tank softens only 600-700 gallons of water. With the Maytag's protocol for handling unbalanced loads I'd be out of soft water in three or four days!

The second video is the new Speed Queen classic TC5000. It has a slightly smaller tub (3.2 cu. ft), no dual-action agitator, and does not turn over the giant load. I wash similarly-sized loads in my 2017 Series 9, but add about 2 to 2-1/2 gallons of water with a bucket for the wash period—enough to bring the water level up to the balance ring (or whatever it's called) and it turns the load over several times in its 13-minute wash period without a problem. I let the rinse cycle fend for itself. Have never had an unbalanced load issue with the SQ.

PinkPower4: Get the Speed Queen TC5000. The agitator is not locked to the tub, as in the TR series. The tub is moving in the video, but only in one direction, which is called ‘indexing.’ Most SQ’s do that with large loads. Mine does it, too, although a little less than when it was new.

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Post# 1044064 , Reply# 3   9/7/2019 at 07:01 (1,628 days old) by PinkPower4 (USA)        

Frigilux, I thought your post was well written. Thank you for posting the links to the video. I had planned on coming back to do that when I was on a pc.

I have already purchased the Maytag mvwp57gw over a year ago. The Speed Queen 2017s had sold out, and the TR series wash action would not work for the type of loads we do. :-( .

I sincerely thought about purchasing the TC5000wn (appnut, this is what I want) when it came out, so I checked on the price. It seemed like a lot of money to spend when the Maytag has been working well for us. The TC5000wn was priced higher, had less features, and had more electronics than the "Classic" AWN432 it replaced, which is what I really wanted. I am a single parent on a budget.

I checked again. It has since went up in price. The TC5000wn unit with sales tax and delivery varies from over $1200 to $1500 now where I live. Up until I saw this video, I felt I had made the right choice to stick with what I have (just over $800 with taxes and delivery).

I did not realize this is how the Maytag dealt with an unbalanced load. That is completely unacceptable and greatly concerns me since the TC5000wn is likely the last good washer I can buy. I believe the results reflect what would happen in real use situations where the washer is overloaded or people are trying to wash stuff like pet beds and bed pillows that do not belong in it. I agree with suggestion, the washer should stop and sound a buzzer instead.

For people who are careful and use the washer properly, I think the Maytag holds about 14 lbs. of dry clothing? My loads for the kids and myself consists of 6 small adult jeans OR 24 to 30 T-Shirts OR 6 bath towels (1 or 2 are usually the x-tra large ones) OR 5 pair business casual pants & 5 polos. The small Sterilite sorter hampers from Walmart make a perfect size load. I don't fill the tub over 3/4 full with loosely placed items around the agitator. I am the only ones who operates the washer too. I hope that helps others who already have this washer or cannot get the TC5000wn for whatever reason.

For others who may run into the situation I have trying to purchase locally, how can someone find out if an online retailer is authorized dealer?


Post# 1044067 , Reply# 4   9/7/2019 at 07:37 (1,627 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

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PinkPower4: I managed to skim right past the first sentence of your original post--you already own the Maytag! Except for the unbalanced load protocol, the Maytag appears to do a great job. I was really impressed with its ability to turnover the huge load shown in the video. As long as you load carefully--and you're already doing that--then problems with unbalanced loads should be less of an issue. And you certainly made the right decision in avoiding the SQ TR series, which debuted in 2018 to much criticism for its disappointing wash action.

Personally, I've had front-loaders as my daily driver since the mid-1980s, but upon moving to an apartment building in the summer of 2017, I was concerned that a front-loader would shake/vibrate on the wooden floor of the laundry area, so I sold my beloved 2015 TOL Maytag pair with the house. The Series 9 Speed Queen is fun because it allows an 'old school' washer experience without the problem of finding parts/service for a vintage machine.

Now that I know the floor in the laundry room can handle a front-loader, I'm tempted to gift the SQ pair to a friend and get a front-load pair. Many of the huge capacity front-loaders are too deep for the space I'm allotted. A Speed Queen FL pair would fit, but I just can't see spending almost $4,000 for them. I'm more tempted by the new LG 3900 pair, which fit both the physical space and the budget (about $1800 for the pair).

We'll see. I've grown to enjoy the SQ top-loader, but I'm a front-load guy at heart.

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Post# 1044287 , Reply# 5   9/9/2019 at 12:13 (1,625 days old) by mark_wpduet (Lexington KY)        
Hey Frigilux!

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Please correct me if I'm wrong.....but didn't you have a Frigidaire FL washer with recirculation (before you got the Maytag pair) I could be thinking of another member who posted but I think it was you. And for whatever reason, you ended up selling that and getting the Maytag pair? Then you moved and got the SQ TL pair? I remember you weren't really thrilled with having to go with a TL'er. I'm pretty sure when my Duet dies, I'm getting an LG as well. But until then, who knows. This Duet could last several more years as it shows no signs of dying. I just got a new dryer. It's crazy the washer lasted longer than the dryer...But I think the dryer just needed a control board, otherwise, it was fine.

It's sad the new Maytag old school (new) TL's aren't built as well as the SQ's, but they perform much better. I'm trying to remember back the years growing up with a TL washer how many times we actually had to stop an unbalanced load, and I literally can only think of that happening MAYBE 3 to 5 times at MOST. It was very rare.

Post# 1044292 , Reply# 6   9/9/2019 at 12:44 (1,625 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

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Hi Mark— You are absolutely correct: In 2010, I purchased the redesigned Frigidaire front-loading pair and it did a great job, despite using significantly less water than the 2002 Frigidaire it replaced. They also—finally—produced a dryer with a drum size near 7.0 cu. ft.

Up to this point, I’ve never kept a laundry pair for its full, natural lifespan. I’d get “new washer fever” and have to try something else. The Maytag pair was the best I’d ever owned, but they wouldn’t fit in the space I have at the apartment. I’m on the upper floor and was concerned that a front-loader would vibrate and shake on the wooden floor; thus, the SQ top-loader.

Having lived here for a couple of years, I’m pretty sure the floor of the laundry area can withstand the forces of a well-designed front-loader. While I’m having fun with the vintage experience of the SQ top-loader, the new LG 3900 may bring on another case of The Fever. A young man who lives in the apartment below me—I’ve known his parents since he was a tyke—is in need of a washer and dryer, so I may gift the SQ pair to him. He is raising an active son who just turned 13, so the SQ would be perfect for him.

We’ll see what comes of it. I’m a little more careful with money than I used to be—although just a little, LOL.

And congratulations on the purchase of your new Whirlpool dryer. We both like matching pairs, but you got a great price for the dryer and as long as the washer is working, it makes sense to hang on to it.

Post# 1044658 , Reply# 7   9/12/2019 at 18:04 (1,622 days old) by dylanmitchell (Southern California)        

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I'd have a hard time choosing between the TC5000WN and Maytag MVWP575GW, but I wouldn't upgrade the Maytag if it's still working well. In San Diego, you can get a TC5000WN for $1,029.00 and the Maytag for $800. Not sure where you are. Shipping ranges from free to $75 depending on the store. I remember paying around $900 or $950 for my AFNE9RSP113 in early 2018. It cost less and has more features than the TC500.

To verify a dealer I go to the companies website and search location to see if are listed, e-mail the company and ask if X dealer is an authorized retailer, or call and ask if X dealer is an authorized retailer. I prefer to print a PDF copy of the companies site showing the authorized dealer listed or get an e-mail from the company saying X dealer is an authorized retailer so I have a record.

Post# 1044660 , Reply# 8   9/12/2019 at 19:01 (1,622 days old) by ea56 (Cotati, Calif.)        

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Regarding the unbalance issues of the Maytag MVWP575, I had a Whirlpool Cabrio in 2010 with an impeller, the WORST washer I ever owned! I always wash heavy items like jeans and bath towels together with a few smaller items mixed in and after over 50 years of doing laundry I know how to properly load a washer. That Cabrio never could balance these these loads, but would fill over and over again in a futile attempt to balance the load. I was running up and down the stairs babysitting the SOB, not automatic in my opinion. And I never would have realized this was happening if I hadn’t noticed that the time remaining indicator would continue to add time when it went to spin. And also that these loads were taking up to 2 complete. If the damn thing does’t want to spin, the machine should STOP and give a signal, not just waste hundreds of gallons of water.

Conversely, the Maytag Centennial I recently replaced never failed to spin, period. And the Roper that replaced it is just as reliable. They may not be built as sturdily as the SQ, but I like the performance and the larger capacity and I’m willing to accept the reduced longevity, but thats just me.


Post# 1044677 , Reply# 9   9/12/2019 at 23:10 (1,622 days old) by Frigilux (The Minnesota Prairie)        

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Eddie- Did your Maytag Centennial have a dual-action agitator (like your new Roper) or was it the skinny pole agitator with the impeller-like base?

Post# 1044678 , Reply# 10   9/12/2019 at 23:13 (1,622 days old) by ea56 (Cotati, Calif.)        

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Eugene, the Centennial had an agipeller, the impeller base and skinny pole. It really was a good performer, just didn’t last.

I like the performance of the less expensive Roper even better, especially the dual action agitator.


Post# 1044840 , Reply# 11   9/14/2019 at 00:48 (1,621 days old) by Spinmon (st. charles mo )        

Yep,the SQ can't turn over an obvious overload. But,what was the crunching/slipping sound at times on the Maytag during wash? Auger-dogs or worse? The straining sound of the 'Tag's motor on this test and others I've seen/heard lead me to think this drivetrain is NOT happy. And then the undamped suspension won't allow a slightly o o bal load to spin.

The SQ's drivetrain sounds like it could handle a big load,but the auger-less agi and maybe smaller tub thwart wash turnover.

Load properly AND wash longer,happier,and confidently with SQ IMO.

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