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1959 Kenmore "Frog Eye" Washer - Texas
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Post# 51463   12/20/2004 at 18:47 (7,057 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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"This is a genuine 1959 Kenmore Frog Eye washer. in good condition. works perfectly. model no. 110.5914500 -120 volts -60 cycles -75 amps "

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Post# 51465 , Reply# 1   12/20/2004 at 20:01 (7,057 days old) by gregm ()        
' 59 ????

I don't think that is a '59, maybe a '55 or '56. I always thought Kenmore had white inner tubs .... this one looks dark gray like the Whirlpools used. Doesn't look like a "fat roto-swirl" agitator either ........ interesting cap ......... maybe not original ??

Post# 51466 , Reply# 2   12/20/2004 at 20:02 (7,057 days old) by gregm ()        

hmmmm, gheez, forget to mention above that maybe with that model one would sure think it was a '59, but I have a '59 Kenmore and it doesn't look anything like that .........

Post# 51469 , Reply# 3   12/20/2004 at 20:30 (7,057 days old) by david (CA)        
Turbo wash?

75 amps? I think maybe 7.5 amps. 75 amps could run 2 electric ovens!

Post# 51470 , Reply# 4   12/20/2004 at 20:57 (7,057 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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I doubt it's 1959 either, but it COULD be. Maybe a 1958. This had to have been a pretty basic model. Not even a water level knob. An aunt of mine had a very similar looking washer. Timer face was same color. And yes, her's had the same color tub. Only more expensive models had the white porcelain tub. And that agitator cap is original. My aunt's had the same narrow straight vane agitator. Her's did have a water level knob too unlike this one.

Post# 51471 , Reply# 5   12/20/2004 at 21:02 (7,057 days old) by westytoploader ()        

WOOHOO!!!! 1 hour from my house...if no one else is interested I'm on it!

Post# 51473 , Reply# 6   12/20/2004 at 21:33 (7,057 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Go Westy Go!

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Was actually thinking of you when I saw the listing on fleaBay.

Post# 51475 , Reply# 7   12/20/2004 at 21:49 (7,057 days old) by coldspot66 (Plymouth, Mass)        

The straight vane agitator and darker colored tub was used on lower end models, although this has the "modern fabric" cycle. I do know that '55 models had the back opening lid so it could be late 50's. Also the timer knob is similar to the LK '58????

Post# 51478 , Reply# 8   12/20/2004 at 22:16 (7,057 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        
From the 1959 Fall/Winter Sears Catalog...

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Now go for it Austin, this would be a wonderful vintage addition to your collection and while you still can get some belt-drive Whirlpool parts.

Post# 51483 , Reply# 9   12/20/2004 at 23:17 (7,057 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
In Today's Money

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Just so people know, $190 in 2003 money is about $1,100, and $210 is about $1,200. Yet there are those who would complain about the high cost of today's appliances. Mind you. highly doubt many washers and dryers built today have anywhere near the quality construction these baby's had.


Post# 51487 , Reply# 10   12/20/2004 at 23:36 (7,057 days old) by westytoploader ()        
Odds are good this time around...

The good news is that my Whirlpool/Kenmore Repair-Master from 1963 covers this model (how to remove the control panel is crucial) and I have all the necessary tools (including a multimeter for electrical testing), so we should be in good shape. I'm glad I have a repair manual to go by so I won't be diving into this project blindfolded (from now on I'm not buying ANYTHING I don't have a repair manual for), so to speak. It works; that's the most important thing, but still, changing the drive belt will be a must. Now, as always, I have a few questions:

1. Where can a 3-prong 120V cord be found? I see dryer cords by the numbers, but can't seem to locate these.

2. Is Jubilee appliance wax still made?

3. What's the best way to repair any scratches or chips?

4. If the cabinet is worn, what will restore the "porcelain" finish?

5. What about dulled chrome?

6. Any other advice is appreciated!

I think that pretty much covers it; IMHO this looks like a better, much more promising project for a beginner. If I bid and win the auction, this '59 will be kept inside the house (not the "death shed"), GENTLY used, and hopefully it will outlast me! I'm hoping that in another year or so, this will be my only vintage automatic; I'm keeping only my vacuums, tabletop washers, and of course my Maytag and this machine.


Post# 51489 , Reply# 11   12/21/2004 at 00:32 (7,057 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        

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First let me say I'm rootin for ya!

Next, if by "Jubliee" kitchen wax you mean the liquid in a bottle, it has been discontinued for ages. You are not the only one searching for it either. Seems to be a cult out there and every now and then bottles show up (old store stock/estate sale).

SC Johnson has a spray version, don't know if it will suit your purposes though.


Post# 51495 , Reply# 12   12/21/2004 at 04:26 (7,056 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
Jubilee and electric cord

Jubilee is NOT discontinued (there was a thread on this in the old site) and be be directly ordered from Johnson.

The three prong cord WP used from the time they started using them is still available, it's the same for virtually ALL the full-size machines. Wouldn't surprise me if it's still the same on the DD models

Post# 51507 , Reply# 13   12/21/2004 at 08:24 (7,056 days old) by agiflow ()        
six vane agitator?

My mom had a lower end KM in the mid sixties with this same agitator.Where do they get six vanes from?Do they count those cigar shaped humps on the base vanes?

Austin i hope you get this machine,...i'm rootin for ya.


Post# 51508 , Reply# 14   12/21/2004 at 08:36 (7,056 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

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Austin, go to Home Depot or Ace Hardware and get a $5 3-prong 13amp replacement cord. I keep a bunch of them in my workshop.

Pat, I'm sure Kenmore was counting the 3 vanes plus the 3 humps on the agitator base to make 6 vane. It's a bit of a stretch.

Post# 51528 , Reply# 15   12/21/2004 at 18:10 (7,056 days old) by anik ()        

Wow!! I'm new to collecting and I never knew the Whirlpool belt drive machines had been around this long. I took my mom's machine (1990 model Inglis Niagra plus) when it's timer died. It's been working flawlessly since the day I fixed it about 5 months ago. Great machines that just keep going.

Post# 51530 , Reply# 16   12/21/2004 at 18:31 (7,056 days old) by agiflow ()        

Does anybody know how long KM continued these lower end "Frog Eye" models?Maybe when they squared off the cabinets in about 61?

Anyhow,i always thought those black straight vanes had very good washing action.

Post# 51535 , Reply# 17   12/21/2004 at 19:30 (7,056 days old) by rickr (.)        
frog eye,or bulls eye

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My mothers first automatic looked like this,but it had a water level control knob next to the water temp knob. I think hers was a 1957 mol model. I think the first two numbers after the "110." are the model year for Kenmore. This would indeed be a 1959. I have heard people call these the "Bullseye" and "Target" models. The older ones with two knobs in the front of the cabinet look more like the "frog eye" models to me.


Post# 51539 , Reply# 18   12/21/2004 at 20:19 (7,056 days old) by david (CA)        
Pilotless ignition on 59 frog dryer

I noticed the gas dryer offered came with electric ignition(in the catalog ad). Wow, like that was offered back then! Seems like it took other gas dryer makers along time to catch up(three come to mind-Maytag,SQ, and Norge still had pilot lights in the 70's). I believe that Whirlpool and Kenmore must have been the leader in innovations. Incredible!

Post# 51540 , Reply# 19   12/21/2004 at 20:32 (7,056 days old) by westytoploader ()        

I agree Rick; two "eyes" bulging out at an angle from the top of the cabinet...LOL!

I'm hoping the black hex-drive Surgilator that Don sent me will work with this machine...

Post# 51542 , Reply# 20   12/21/2004 at 21:07 (7,056 days old) by fixerman ()        
Pilotless ignition on 59 frog dryer

I believe WP/Kn had the Pilotless ignition as early as 1955 or so. It operated a little different than the later models. The burner had a glow coil, This glow coil ignited the pilot and then the pilot heated a thermocouple which turned the burner on.

Post# 51544 , Reply# 21   12/21/2004 at 21:39 (7,056 days old) by david (CA)        
KM/WP pilots

Hi fixerman-that's very interesting. I guess I would expect them to be slightly different back then. Thanks for the info-David

Post# 51578 , Reply# 22   12/22/2004 at 09:10 (7,055 days old) by zzzzz ()        
Spark ignition?

Didn't the "Frog Eye" gas dryer use spark ignition instead? The mid/late-1960s KM "match-all" dryer my parents owned in my childhood had.

The ignitor I'm talking about was a box a little smaller than a butter cube holding a set of switch contacts mounted on two arms. When energized, the contacts stuttered and arced, igniting the gas. Crude and unusual witth a weird sound, but it worked.

Post# 51581 , Reply# 23   12/22/2004 at 11:04 (7,055 days old) by gregm ()        
jubilee still available

I have ordered Jubilee from SCJOHNSON on line and yes it is still available in spray cans, not sure about liquid form. It is great stuff and has a nice, clean scent ............

Post# 51591 , Reply# 24   12/22/2004 at 12:46 (7,055 days old) by fixerman ()        
Spark ignition?

The spark igniters came later. The dryers I described earlier had a small Glo Coil about the size of a sugar cube with two wires going to a transformer or something. What you describe is a spark igniter but they were cylinder shaped with the two electrodes coming out the end and much larger than a sugar cube.

Post# 51602 , Reply# 25   12/22/2004 at 14:17 (7,055 days old) by compwhiz ()        

Thats the same washer my neihbors used to have. Yet they replaced it due to load capacity. Yet the replaced one is still vintage!

Apperently they still have the dryer!

Post# 51624 , Reply# 26   12/22/2004 at 21:39 (7,055 days old) by westytoploader ()        

Who's "GEfilterfloman"?

The game has officially begun...;-)

Post# 51655 , Reply# 27   12/23/2004 at 15:24 (7,054 days old) by shawn (Waterford Ct)        
Kenmore Washer

This machine reminds me of the washer my aunt had, but I think the one she had the lid opened from front to back also it had a large agitator in it. This was many years ago so I could be wrong.

Post# 51672 , Reply# 28   12/23/2004 at 22:53 (7,054 days old) by appnut (TX)        

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Shawn, you're correct in your memory. My aunt had a washer like that too--hmmboth aunts on my mom's side had kenmores. My dad's brother's wife had a KA12 and a WO65.

Post# 51860 , Reply# 29   12/27/2004 at 14:01 (7,050 days old) by westytoploader ()        

Well guys, I bid up to $250, and so far I'm winning...YAY! In another hour we'll see how it goes.


Post# 51862 , Reply# 30   12/27/2004 at 14:41 (7,050 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
Not No More You're Not

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GEFilterflowMan beat your bid by $5 and change.

Better get on the stick.

Me? Would have snipped.


Post# 51874 , Reply# 31   12/27/2004 at 16:26 (7,050 days old) by Unimatic1140 (Minneapolis)        

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Sorry to hear that Austin, others will come up though for sure.

Post# 51908 , Reply# 32   12/28/2004 at 05:37 (7,049 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        

You'e last bid was an hour before the end. In situations like this you have to "lurk" to the very last minute, then put in the maximum bid that you're willing to pay for item. If you're still overbid, then the other person obviously put in a LARGE bid, probably more than you're willing to spend. If not, then they will have to scramble to beat your bid before the auction ends, meanning they have to either try and find how high your bid is by bidding until they beat you (which takes time while the clock is ticking), or guess at putting a REALLY high bid and take a chance that they'll beat your high bid and you'll have no time to react.

Post# 51911 , Reply# 33   12/28/2004 at 06:21 (7,049 days old) by bethann (Indianapolis)        
I'm sorry Austin!

Kenmore 1978 is right! Don't bid on anything until the end, it will just drive the bid up!
I sure hope GE FilterFlo man isn't a member on this site! If Austin sees that picture he just might start stalking you!
You have got to look at it like this Austin. If you didn't get it there's a reason! Don't be sad.

Post# 51937 , Reply# 34   12/28/2004 at 11:19 (7,049 days old) by Launderess (Quiet Please, There´s a Lady on Stage)        
I Feel Your Pain Too

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Kenmore1978 is on the money with this one.

Austin your final bid was one hour before the auction ended, which gave GEFilterFlow man time to revise his bid. Was hoping you would see my post and go back and snipe, but guess you got busy with other stuff.

In situations like that, especially where you see a dedicated bidder coming back time after time revising his bids to be the highest bidder, you really have to snipe in the last few moments with the highest money you've got.

Don't sweat it though, your time will come, of this I am sure.


Post# 51938 , Reply# 35   12/28/2004 at 12:42 (7,049 days old) by Manoravenue ()        
I feel the need to

I'm fairly certain we've all won items that others would also like to have won and, on the flip side, we've all lost out on items that we'd like to have won. Lots of people have found or won washers/dryers that I'd give anything to have found first, but I didn't behave like this on those occasions. Many times they found what they found because I steered them in the right direction, and that made me feel happier for them. I know for a fact that just about everybody in this club has machines in their collection from yesteryear that would put my somewhat "rinky-dink" collection to utter shame, and I take great pleasure in seeing the photos of those collections and view them with pleasure and as an incentive to improve my collection. This type of fairly "bitter" conversation that's gone on about the 1959 Kenmore doesn't strike me as making for much group camaraderie, at least not from the standpoint of a relatively new member. I wonder, is this the type of discussion that takes place every time somebody in the club happens to lose out on an auction for a washer or dryer?

Post# 51940 , Reply# 36   12/28/2004 at 13:10 (7,049 days old) by partscounterman (Cortez, Colorado)        

I don't see anything "bitter" about the conversation on this thread. It reads to me like everyone is saying "oh well, better luck next time." There is nothing bitter about lending some "emotional" support to a friend that lost out this time.

Post# 51941 , Reply# 37   12/28/2004 at 13:11 (7,049 days old) by westytoploader ()        

I don't feel bad at all despite losing this auction. Why?'ll see ;-)


Post# 51943 , Reply# 38   12/28/2004 at 13:39 (7,049 days old) by Manoravenue ()        

Seems like the "long way around the barn" of saying "better luck next time." Begins to sound too much like the background conversations I hear at work when somebody loses out on the last pair of shoes or some other "must-have" item at a bargain sale. Maybe it's my perception: I just felt that a friendly, congenial, "Hey, congrats to whomever it was that won," would have been a lot more pleasant to read.

Post# 51954 , Reply# 39   12/28/2004 at 18:55 (7,049 days old) by bethann (Indianapolis)        

I would like to know why a member that just joined this site today is making a call on how everyone feels around here! Why in the world is everyone so damn touchy!!! Give me a break!
Are you a member that just made that name up today? Because you act like you know how everyone communicates around here!
If you are you should know what's going on! If your not then your prejudging! We joke around here a lot! And if another member is bidding on something, of course we want them to win it first wouldn't you? So, you just stumbled across this site today? Doubt it!
Can you guy's tell I had a long day at work?

Post# 51959 , Reply# 40   12/28/2004 at 20:16 (7,049 days old) by Manoravenue ()        
Who's asking whom about being touchy?!

I guess I have a differing viewpoint from that of the others. I didn't feel I was making "calls," but that I was asking the reason for that type of "discussion," and for people to consider the way it might come across. Maybe I haven't been around long enough to be part of the crowd and to be on a buddy basis with everybody, but it just didn't come across very well to me as a newcomer. I recall being disappointed when I've been outbid on auctions, but c'est la guerre. Maybe the loss of an auction just served to remind me to be happier with what I already had. And, supposing it had been somebody else who's a member of this club who won the 1959 Kenmore on the Ebay auction; do you think that type of "discussion" would make the winning member feel very good about admitting that he/she won when everybody is "rooting" for somebody else? That's what I meant about the spirit of camaraderie. If we're all in the club because we share a common interest, isn't that the most important aspect, not over-doing the horn-tooting when we make a new acquisition, or over-doing the bitterness when we miss out? My apologies to all if I offended anybody with my observations.

Post# 51963 , Reply# 41   12/28/2004 at 21:16 (7,049 days old) by bethann (Indianapolis)        
Maybe what!

"Maybe I haven't been a member long?" 8 hrs. ?
"Supposing it had been a member of this club who won the auction" I would have thought they would have said something, Like I'm bidding on it too. Fair fight!
So , Are you even the one who won it?
In the hours that you have been a member on this site have you read all of the posts? If you have then I would think that you've figured out that there is not a problem with camaraderie!

Post# 51965 , Reply# 42   12/28/2004 at 21:30 (7,049 days old) by westytoploader ()        

Hi Beth,

Usually I just ignore the "n00bs" for a while. Saves a lot of steam ;-)

Post# 51984 , Reply# 43   12/29/2004 at 07:33 (7,048 days old) by agiflow ()        

We were all nOObs at one time.

Post# 51991 , Reply# 44   12/29/2004 at 11:03 (7,048 days old) by Manoravenue ()        

Bethann claims there's camaraderie in a club where people admit they "ignore the noobs for awhile"? Apparently there's camaraderie only after the "noobs" have proven themselves "worthy"? And, who is in charge of deciding worthiness? Bethann?

Post# 51992 , Reply# 45   12/29/2004 at 11:08 (7,048 days old) by Manoravenue ()        
Fair Fight?

"Fair fight"? Apparently Bethann missed the one posting by the one member who said he/she would have snipered had he/she entered the auction. Snipering doesn't sound anything like any meaning of the word "fair" that I've ever known. Also doesn't sound anything like "camaraderie." Sounds more like the desire to win at all cost.

Post# 51994 , Reply# 46   12/29/2004 at 12:01 (7,048 days old) by westytoploader ()        

Yes, I apologize for the "n00bs" comment. That was way too stereotypical, IMHO.

The point I'm trying to make is that you shouldn't be quick to judge other members when you don't know them that well. And yes, believe it or not, humor is>/em> abundant on this website! :)

Post# 52012 , Reply# 47   12/29/2004 at 21:35 (7,048 days old) by veg-o-matic (Baltimore, Hon!)        

veg-o-matic's profile picture
People, people!

'Tis the Holiday Season. Time for loving each other to pieces, not for bickering.

We're all sorry for Austin. We're always sorry for a member who loses an auction. And not that I'm saying it's right, but I don't see any harm in a little sniping. I do it, and I lose anyway! The unfortunate truth is that's what a LOT of people are doing on ebay.

We really are a fun, friendly gang here. You gotta keep in mind that humor is sometimes hard to get across in a short post. But I believe we all generally post with tongue firmly planted in cheek.

So let's get back to enjoying ourselves and posting them pictures! Nothing like starting the day with a little "appliance porn"!

Ow. Bit my tongue.


Post# 52034 , Reply# 48   12/30/2004 at 11:38 (7,047 days old) by Manoravenue ()        
Happy New Year

My only question would be, and not for the sake of continuing the John and Blanche Bickerson routine, what happens if two or more club members are vying for the same auction win?

My main wish is that everybody has a much happier and healthier year in 2005 than 2004 has been to so many friends and neighbors of mine. For various personal reasons, this year could never have been and I wouldn't have missed anything, but I hope everybody has many reasons to celebrate in '05!

Post# 52062 , Reply# 49   12/30/2004 at 21:35 (7,047 days old) by veg-o-matic (Baltimore, Hon!)        

veg-o-matic's profile picture
My only question would be, and not for the sake of continuing the John and Blanche Bickerson routine, what happens if two or more club members are vying for the same auction win?

John and Blanche would be proud!

Actually, what happens is one of two things: depending on the two parties involved, they either
A)duke it out or
B)slap each other silly.

Dang. There goes that tongue again.


Post# 52125 , Reply# 50   12/31/2004 at 16:17 (7,046 days old) by Manoravenue ()        
That would work, except...

...then Dennis the Menace's mother would cause to send everybody to their respective corners. Maybe it should be likened more to Linus and his blanket and Snoopy's attempts to snatch the blanket away; neither one really won and neither one really lost!

Post# 52136 , Reply# 51   12/31/2004 at 20:41 (7,046 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        
E-Bay bidding

Wasn't rooting for anyone in particular, just advising how E-Bay works, it's a fact of bidding for anything on E-Bay.

Post# 52416 , Reply# 52   1/4/2005 at 15:04 (7,042 days old) by Manoravenue ()        
Bidding versus sniping

Bidding is one thing; sniping is another and it was a little of a disappointment to me to learn they have software known as e-snipe for that very purpose. Sort of turns auctions into warfare and I think the enjoyment aspect of bidding goes out the window in that case.

Post# 52493 , Reply# 53   1/5/2005 at 02:34 (7,041 days old) by kenmore1978 ()        

That's like having a duel with robots. I would never use software like that, I'd try it the old fashioned way with human reaction time. If I miss it, so be it.

Post# 52543 , Reply# 54   1/5/2005 at 13:11 (7,041 days old) by Manoravenue ()        
When I said

I wasn't referring to your comment, I was referring to someone else earlier having said, "If it were me, I'd have sniped." I agree with the robot analogy.

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