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More internet insanity - This time about vac'ing carpets.
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Post# 1157543   8/21/2022 at 15:04 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

This post indicates we are not vacuuming long enough.  It notes most people just give a quick pass and call it done. The suggested times run from slow as if cleaning your carpet to 15-20 seconds per Square foot!  If you have a lot of carpet you might want to clear your day for that job. If you have 2K sq.ft of carpet that could take 11 hours!


I have a very dense plush carpet and most stuff sits on top but I do give it a deep cleaning slowly going over it in one direction then rotating 90 degrees and going over it again. I personally hate oak flooring so most of my home is wall to wall carpet - I know not cool by today's standards but I like it.


Post# 1157557 , Reply# 1   8/21/2022 at 17:32 by DADoES (TX,†U.S. of A.)        

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One of granny's friends many years ago touted that she had been advised by a (Sears?) vacuum salesman that proper technique is s-l-o-w movement but she didn't state a specific linear rate.

Post# 1157559 , Reply# 2   8/21/2022 at 17:57 by luxflairguy (Wilmington NC)        

As a professional housekeeper I can attest to the fact that too many people don't vacuum their rugs long enough or often enough! The tales I can tell! I"m so tired of seeing Dysons, cheap Bissell and Shark "vacuumette" machines being sold as REAL DEEP CLEANING machines! They are not! Give me a vintage Hoover, a current Kirby or a modern Miele or Electrolux(Areus) canister with a power nozzle and those WILL deep clean a rug! A slow vacuuming will clean deeper and more thoroughly than a quick/hurried vacuuming! Recently I cleaned a house with lots of oriental carpets that had always been cleaned with an Oreck with a KIrby. YUCK! I filled 2 bags full of stuff. THe owners couldn't believe how "young" the rugs looked! So many people also never change the belt, which stretch, pput in a new bag or empty the dustbin. Vacuums have become a major "throw away" item! But then there is so little quality left in vacuums!

Post# 1157560 , Reply# 3   8/21/2022 at 18:09 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

Got to say I completely agree.  I'm a big Kirby fan, keep one on every floor of the house. Use a Hoover Spirit from the 80's with a specially made extra long hose for above floor cleaning. The Kirbys may have a bit more suction but I don't like the time it takes to interchange the hose and rug nozzle. When I do heavy cleaning I like to have both readily available. Have to say the suction of the Kirby rivals my smaller shop vac.

Post# 1157567 , Reply# 4   8/21/2022 at 19:30 by bradfordwhite (West Coast, U.S.)        
The best

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Is a top fill VENTED Central vacuum with a dual voltage electric hose and power nozzle for carpets.

Portable vacuums can't compare to the suction that a central vacuum can produce. Most importantly is the health benefits of having the exhaust vented OUTSIDE.

You want all those fine dust particles, carpet-off gassing, and odors OUTSIDE your home envelope. If you have allergies this will go a long way to help alleviate those symptoms.

Even if one lives in a home not plumbed for a CV system, finding a way to make it work so it's vented outside is worth the effort.

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Post# 1157569 , Reply# 5   8/21/2022 at 19:42 by bradfordwhite (West Coast, U.S.)        

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The most ridiculous thing I've seen in recent years are these people who claim they don't like vacuuming, and they've pulled all their stretched carpeting out, or they've built a new home and put in these fakey (often gray) laminate floors
And they have like 3 shedding dogs.

OMG. Like they think having a hard surface floors doesn't require cleaning.
Sorry, that's not how it works. All floors need to be cleaned. Sweeping is not affective and those battery operated things suck up some of the dirt and expel the fine dust particles right up just a few inches from your nose. How convenient.

Installed carpeting is great at sound absorption and it holds dirt in place until the carpet can be properly cleaned.
Hard surface flooring allows dirt to become airborne again and actually makes allergies worse. The noise and echo from rooms that don't have proper carpeting is unlivable.

Post# 1157570 , Reply# 6   8/21/2022 at 19:49 by luxflairguy (Wilmington NC)        

Gee Brad I didn't know your were an EXPERT on everything!
A central vacuum can have lots of suction power but WITHOUT a good carpet nozzle and there aren't many out there, forget it! The biggest fault is the users who think that a quick "run around" will handle the problem and we can then put it away, you haven't cleaned well! I spent 20 years selling central and believe me I know what I'm talking about! Are yo an expert on vacuums and central vacuums?

Post# 1157576 , Reply# 7   8/21/2022 at 20:03 by RP2813 (Sannazay)        
The "expert"

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Give it up Greg.  Just hit "hide."

Post# 1157581 , Reply# 8   8/21/2022 at 20:23 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

I much prefer the weight of the Kirby, it "digs" into the carpet and gets the dirt out like nothing I've used.  I've used a few power head units and they just don't have the heft to push into the pile of the carpet, without that it does not matter how much suction you have.

Post# 1157582 , Reply# 9   8/21/2022 at 20:24 by lakewebsterkid (Dayton, Ohio)        
Slow vacuuming

I have always used the vacuum in 2 directions to kind of back this theory up. I don't particularly sweep fast, but not too slow like advised above.
As someone else mentioned, hard wood floors are nice, but all the pet hair flows around like you wouldn't believe. I prefer a little carpet to keep it trapped until you sweep;

Post# 1157583 , Reply# 10   8/21/2022 at 20:44 by bradfordwhite (West Coast, U.S.)        

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My advise is based on years of experience with the wonderful products and innovations that others have created for us all to enjoy. Specifically vacuums related herein. I've repaired numerous vacuums in the past, installed central vacuum systems, and have even experimented building my own vacuums so I do know how they work.

The original intent of the central vacuum invention was great for sure though over the years the technology hasn't always been so user friendly as it has been in the last 20-30 years.

It is true that there are only about 3 brands of power nozzles that are high quality and a person really only needs one. But a beat-bar floor attachment that's working is better than NO such floor attachment, I think we can agree.

Other than that GREG, you're more than welcome to IM me if you have other questions not related to this thread. You can also create a post in the Dirty Laundry section and please don't clutter up Roberts forums with inappropriate attacks, petty jealousy, or whatever it is you've got going on toward me.

Post# 1157585 , Reply# 11   8/21/2022 at 20:54 by bradfordwhite (West Coast, U.S.)        

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Carpeting is not indestructible by a vacuum.

If one were to put a operating power nozzle in one spot and just leave it there the beater bar would damage the carpet by literally breaking the yarns off in little pieces until there is a noticeable spot on the carpet where the yarns are missing.

Hurrying over vacuuming isn't good either because dirt that is left in the carpet to pile up will act like little sharp edge knives and cut at the carpet fibers. This is especially true of sand and gravel. Sand is after all miniature rock.

Post# 1157586 , Reply# 12   8/21/2022 at 21:19 by bradfordwhite (West Coast, U.S.)        

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Nothing personal...

They are too heavy, too loud, made of metal, over powered, have highly questionable sales tactics, impractical, and over priced. Their carpet shampoo attachment is a total joke. Like most other over priced vacuums you can often find used or slightly used ones on the likes of Ebay or Craigslist for $50 to $150.

If you take a vacuum with too strong of suction and an aggressive beater bar brush that vacuum will break up the fibers of whatever it's vacuuming and the "dirt" it creates will actually be the fibres of the item vacuumed rather than actual dirt.

Kirby has special sales tools that are a type of filter they slide into the machine, they run a few passes, then pull out the filter and show it to the customer so they can say "see how affective it is".

I went to an interview once in 2010 at a Kirby wheel-dealer. The owner was so slippery.

Post# 1157587 , Reply# 13   8/21/2022 at 21:45 by MattL (Flushing, MI)        

I would never pay the price of a new Kirby.  Mine all came from GW.  My series 5 came with every attachment including the shampooer and the person that donated it even included the video and instruction book with the original receipt in the event I'd want it renewed at some point - all for $50.


I'm fine with the weight plus I've picked up 2 other Kirbys for $10-20 each for the second floor and the basement so no carrying up and down the stairs.


I actually have one of those Kirby demo attachment to see how much dirt they remove from "clean" carpet. I've been using the various Kirbys for many years and there is 0 damage to my carpets and I have walked away leaving it running in one spot, again no damage.  You'd have to have some really crappy carpet for it to be damaged.


I have a nice collection of vac's, Hoover Dial a Matics, Bissels, Kenmore uprights and canister with a power head plus a Panasonic hard body among others but the Kirbys are the best performing and are and will continue to be my daily drivers.

Post# 1157588 , Reply# 14   8/21/2022 at 22:27 by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

Some people profess to be a "Jack of all trades", but you know what they say about that!

Post# 1157592 , Reply# 15   8/21/2022 at 23:53 by SudsMaster (California)        

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When I bought this home it 1997, it had wall-to-wall green carpeting of different types. Mostly that awful faux textured look (1970s?), but also some shag like WTW nonsense.


After purchase but before moving in, I took a month off my job, ripped out all the carpeting, sanded, stained, and finished those floors with hardwood underneath, and installed laminate fake wood flooring the one room (master bedroom) with just plywood below.


In the living room I eventually installed a nice thin area carpet inherited from my dearly departed mother. It does currently need vacuuming, but I try to go easy on it.



Post# 1157593 , Reply# 16   8/21/2022 at 23:57 by SudsMaster (California)        

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Also to compensate for the loss of whatever insulation the WTW carpeting provided, I later added fiberglass filled batting under the flooring, between the floor joists. That made a noticeable difference in the winter.

Post# 1157595 , Reply# 17   8/22/2022 at 00:10 by bradfordwhite (West Coast, U.S.)        

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Matt it sounds like you got a great deal and I'm glad you're happy with your Kirby's and the Hoover Spirit.

I remember when the Spirit first came out.
I bought one of the bol orange model with money I saved from my paper route when I was 12 in 1983.

(similar picture.)

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Post# 1157605 , Reply# 18   8/22/2022 at 01:52 by Maytag85 (Sean A806)        

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Since I have Kirbyís in my collection and yes vacuum cleaners are another interest of mine, I usually will go over the same spot 4 times since thatís what Kirby recommended with the 1935 Kirby 1C I read in the comments section on a YouTube awhile back. I always have good results going over the same spot 4 times along with overlapping my strokes and it might take a little longer but always get a lot of dirt off the floor since when I go to empty the bag on my 1965 Kirby Dual Sanitonic 50, I pretty much will fill the small plastic bag I put under the emptor to catch and dispose of the contents from the bag.

Believe it or not, airflow is what actually picks the dirt off of the floor, not suction. Suction is merely a negative pressure and since suction is not a movement of air, you wonít pick up anything off of the floor. Thatís why carpets in most homes that have a low airflow machine look trashed after a few years since there still tons of dirt left in the carpet which is simply unhygienic. Most people think their Dyson or Shark stick vacuum is going to deep clean their carpets and or rugs but again thereís not much airflow which means you arenít going to get the carpets or rugs properly cleaned.

A lot of people like to debate about bagged vs bagless vacuums and there are some bagless vacuums that are decent for what they are but I tend to favor bagged vacuums more since you donít have to empty the dirt every time you are donít using it along with replacing filters on a yearly basis. Bagged vacuums are just easier to deal with since you donít need to empty the dirt out every time you are done using it and thereís no worries about replacing filters on a yearly basis. Some people like to complain about how you have to buy bags for bagged vacuums but if you have are least 6 bags and each one lasts 2 months, that will last at least 1 year easily.

People tend to fall for Dysonís marketing on how ďbagged vacuums loose suctionĒ and that was true with vacuum bags back in the 60ís 70ís 80ís and 90ís but most vacuum bags were only single layer (mainly Hoover) that tended clog with fine dust but since vacuum bags were multiple layers and were HEPA from the 2000ís and on, bagged vacuums donít have the issues with loosing suction like the single layer bags of many years ago. Simply upgrading to bags with multiple layers or HEPA will improve the cleaner abilities of a bagged vacuum.

Post# 1157614 , Reply# 19   8/22/2022 at 09:28 by 48bencix (Sacramento CA)        
With Dogs in the House

I vacuum the whole house once a week, with my 1980's Electrolux canister vacuum. We have all hardwood, tile or vinyl floors. When I moved here the Family Room, which opens via a 8' sliding glass door, to the backyard, was carpeted. We cleaned the carpet with the sink connected Bissel carpet cleaner every few months and the amount of dirt was incredible. Mostly from those dogs walking in and out. Next we removed the carpet and had new commercial glue down carpet installed. That was better but we still cleaned it with the Bissel and yes, lots of dirt. After that we ripped it out and had the Vinyl Asbestos 9"x9" green tile floor for a while. We removed that and disposed of it a the local landfill per local regulations in double bags. Then we had 18" porcelain tile installed. So no carpet.

I had purchased a 1968 Kirby at one point and did enjoy using it on the carpet and even hardwood. I lived in a house with all carpet and fortunately had a built in central vacuum there. I liked that setup and vacuumed the garage with it also. No motorized head on that unit just the brush.

Post# 1157661 , Reply# 20   8/23/2022 at 07:48 by henene4 (Emden (Germany))        

I still can't get that argument.

A sealed system HEPA filtration vacuum expels air cleaner than it sucks up.
If it can catch pollen it's good enough for house dust.

An exhausted system is technically still better - but that's kind of like saying 2 billion dollars is better than 1 billion dollars.
Sure it is, but at that point, does it matter?

I have all hard flooring, a robot vacuum AND a cordless Dyson V12.

The robot runs daily and keeps most dirt in check.
I can get away with vacuuming every 1 or 2 weeks - mostly just edges.

But everyone who ever had carpets professionally cleaned knows that no matter how much you vacuum, there will still be a lot of dust trapped there.

AFAIK there are hypoallergenic carpets that keep dust mites from "existing" so even dust allergy sufferers could happily live with carpet.
But no matter how much you vacuum - a hard floor will ALWAYS be better there.

And yes, slow vacuuming has been taught as the standard for carpeting since the dawn of vacuums.

Just like with laundry - the longer you let the constant mechanical action attack the dirt, the better the cleaning results.

But there is a certain drop off and you will never get 100%.
If you ever had a runner or rug you vacuumed religiously, you would still get more dust out by taking it out an beating it over a clothes line.

Fun fact: Shampooing your carpets, vacuuming them well with true mechanical agitation and/or getting them professionally cleaned regularly WILL increase their lifetime.

Dirty dust and sand have very "jagged" edges and are incredibly hard.
Meaning the longer and the more of it you "tread" in the more damage they do to the fibres by abrasion.

Not having any non machine washable carpets I found that a cordless cleaner actually makes me clean more.
I can grab it, vacuum and store it back before I would have even got out ANY kind of wired/hosed cleaner and plugged it in.
And it is 100% capable of getting my flooring just as clean as a plugged machine.

And another interesting note: Many types of vacuums are actually designed to not be as easy and as as quiet to use as possible.

Many people think a cleaner that isn't loud or heavy dosen't clean.
Cause if you don't hear it, is it doing anything?

A year before her death I bought my grandma a new vacuum because hers started falling apart after 20 years of use.
It was/is the most silent cleaner on the German market - quieter than most dryers.
And it is eary how well it cleans with so little noise. It takes getting used to it. My mums new Miele is technically almost twice as loud and still is incredibly quiet. These new hyper quiet machines are really great for hard floor only flats!

Post# 1157664 , Reply# 21   8/23/2022 at 09:29 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
In my house (my mums)

She always used to use a rainbow D Series Vacuum, she always loved the amount of dirt it pulled out of the carpet, we still use it but not as often simple is because my mum had to recover from a bunch of everything, but we do use it and if we donít want to set it up and fill it up with water and all that jazz, we would use my Kirby G6 2001 addition, as I can physically see itís pulling the carpet up when I pull the vacuum back and both me and my mum we thought that once a month we would vacuum with the Kirby and for every other three vacuums we would use the rainbow D4 Although that honestly doesnít really seem to have come to fruition, Oh well

Post# 1157671 , Reply# 22   8/23/2022 at 13:40 by bradfordwhite (West Coast, U.S.)        

bradfordwhite's profile picture
Vacuums don't just expel dusty air.
They also expel chemical off-gassing that carpeting does A LOT of.
And biological contaminants.
and just general stink.
and heat.
and 100% of all dust regardless of what type of bag one uses.

When you exhaust outside you can use a simple $2 CV paper bag and change it every month if you want.

A hepa bag is woven plastic. They are expensive, don't break down well, and don't trap all those things mentioned above.

An exhaust hole through a wood framed exterior wall can be done with a simple Walmart bit and a cordless drill. Then just slide a piece of CV pipe through and cap with a 90" facing down.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO bradfordwhite's LINK

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Post# 1157672 , Reply# 23   8/23/2022 at 13:47 by bradfordwhite (West Coast, U.S.)        

bradfordwhite's profile picture
Rainbow is really not a healthy option. The worst is when people don't take all the pieces apart after each use, rinse them all off, let them dry....and it starts growing mold inside the machine.

Then the next time one uses it, it spits out thousands of mold spores.

But even when those are working as they were intended, tests have shown they don't trap dust like they advertise.

Post# 1157677 , Reply# 24   8/23/2022 at 16:00 by petek (Ontari ari ari O )        

petek's profile picture
A Hepa filter is only as good as it is sealed throughout the air channels and mounting. . If it's not sealed well then dirty air is going to bypass it.

The best vacs I've ever used have always been the full size Hoovers and Eureka's with their full size brushrolls and beater bars. The older Royals were also very good along with Kirby's. Any of the new vacs with those skinny brushrolls, even my expensive Miele allervac cannot deep clean a carpet nor can it handle long dog air.

Post# 1157686 , Reply# 25   8/23/2022 at 19:28 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
Reply 23

My mum always takes it apart and Rinses the bowl, She puts the separator in the dishwasher and once thatís all done we put the separator back on but we put the bowl on top of the machine weíre not crazy About leaving everything attached and clicked on to the rest of the machine, as we know itís better to leave it all separated and to dry out, I havenít noticed any sort of mould after using it since we brought it used It probably does need a check up to be taken apart and completely cleaned out because theyíre still a bunch of find dust from the previous owner that rainbow isnít really sold or dealt with here in Australia any more, I think you can only get some of the belt from Godfreys the vacuum cleaner giant in this country

Post# 1157705 , Reply# 26   8/23/2022 at 23:27 by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

We got a Rainbow in 1965, and it was used until it stopped working about 15 years ago. At no time did we ever have a problem with it getting moldy, except once when I left water sitting in it for a few days. My mom was very particular about cleaning it after use. She (or I) would remove the part called the separator after use, and scrub it with a brush. The container was washed with detergent and rinsed. It wasn't reattached until completely dry. She knew how much it had cost, so took very good care of it.

Post# 1157707 , Reply# 27   8/24/2022 at 00:31 by ea56 (Cotati, Calif.)        
Re: Reply#23

ea56's profile picture
When I married David he had a Rainbow that he loved. We used it all the time and never had any problem with mold. And we never left it open to dry out or put any of the reservoir into the dishwasher, we didnít have one then. We just rinsed it out with fresh water and wiped it dry with paper towels. Just because some dissatisfied Rainbow owner posts a YT and says it spits out mold spores doesn't make it so. Thereís plenty of opinions on YT that arenít necessarily so.

We sold it for $200, along with several other household possessions in order to come up with the $2500 down payment plus the closing costs on the FHA loan for our first condo. David misses it to this day. It was one of his most prized possessions. The first really expensive thing heíd ever bought for himself.

The day we closed escrow we had exactly $250 left over from the money weíd saved for the closing costs. We went right to Macyís from the title company and bought a new Eureka canister with a power head with that $250. This was in 1987. You could say that the Rainbow helped us to become homeowners and provide a secure retirement for us.

People that own Rainbow vacuums swear by them. We used to just fill it with water and let it run in the middle of the house for awhile the freshen the air and it really did make the air smell cleaner. And you could actually see the dust and dirt that it captured from the air in the water when we emptied it out, even though we hadnít vacuumed the floors, just cleaned the air with it.

We now have a Miele C1 compact canister with a Turbo head and David really loves it. It does an excellent job on our plush pile off white WW carpet. Its light ,maneuverable and has really powerful suction. He does all the house cleaning and prefers a canister, especially because we have stairs and venetian blinds which he dusts with the Miele.


Post# 1157711 , Reply# 28   8/24/2022 at 02:16 by Stan (Napa CA)        

stan's profile picture
I have a friend that has two rainbow vacuums that sheís had for years..sheís in her 80s now and still uses them.
She always empties and washes out after each use.
She swears by them.
Hereís a pic of my old Compact. (I was taking it apart to deep clean it)
I donít have carpet and my vacuum doesnít have a beater just a attachment for floor and one for carpet.
The bag can be taken out and the hose reversed..turns into a leaf blower or a hairdryer LOL
Good enough for me.

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Post# 1157895 , Reply# 29   8/26/2022 at 02:03 by askolover (South of Nash Vegas, TN)        

askolover's profile picture

I have two old blue 70's Tradition that I keep the hose attached to and a G5 self-propelled that I keep the carpet nozzle on.  I just use the one that fits the job.  Love my Kirbys.  I want to try an old metal Royal sometime but can't justify getting ANOTHER upright vacuum. 

Post# 1157935 , Reply# 30   8/26/2022 at 15:20 by Ultramatic (New York City)        

ultramatic's profile picture



Alas, since the husband dislikes carpeting it's none for us.

Post# 1157937 , Reply# 31   8/26/2022 at 15:37 by Ultramatic (New York City)        

ultramatic's profile picture



I can't imagine how a rug can get to this state.


Bonus, he's easy on the eyes too.




Post# 1157965 , Reply# 32   8/26/2022 at 22:57 by CircleW (NE Cincinnati OH area)        

The rug in the video looks like it's been in a building that had a fire. My neighbor's furniture and carpeting looked like that after their basement fire.

Post# 1157968 , Reply# 33   8/26/2022 at 23:34 by bradfordwhite (West Coast, U.S.)        

bradfordwhite's profile picture
Yes, building fire or it's been dredged from the river where it sat a few years.

The hot thing on YT these days is people doing stuff like cleaning carpets or mowing lawns, or power washing, etc.

Stuff that both teaches and is comforting in some way. The vid above is only a few weeks old and already has over half a mill views.

This one's only 2 days old and has over 50K views. That's awesome money for them.

Post# 1158161 , Reply# 34   8/29/2022 at 03:01 by SudsMaster (California)        

sudsmaster's profile picture

Why would anyone vaccinate a carpet?

Post# 1158163 , Reply# 35   8/29/2022 at 03:42 by Adam-aussie-vac (Canberra ACT)        
To prevent stains

Why else would you vaccinate your carpet? And wouldnít you use Scotchgard or something else?

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