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BEAUTIFUL matched set - Older yellow Whirlpool washer and dryer set - $150 (Brookfield
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Post# 783257   9/12/2014 at 16:21 (2,199 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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Here's another beautiful pair. So beautiful, if you don't hate the color (lol)...possibly another set? ..not sure...thanks Malcom and Tom. Meanwhile, maybe someone will get lucky.

CLICK HERE TO GO TO ovrphil's LINK on Milwaukee Craigslist

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Post# 783270 , Reply# 1   9/12/2014 at 16:44 (2,199 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
Photo Pirate?

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Haven't we seen these before?


Post# 783272 , Reply# 2   9/12/2014 at 16:49 (2,199 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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they do look familiar - anyone else ?

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Post# 783297 , Reply# 3   9/12/2014 at 17:50 (2,199 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        
Don't Delete

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I for one have never seen these before and I remember anything that lights up. $75 for each of those is a real deal. That's about a bag and a half of groceries where I live (canned stuff and a few frozen things.) I never really cared for harvest gold when it hit the streets but now I sort of like it.

Post# 783303 , Reply# 4   9/12/2014 at 18:18 (2,199 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        
Someone up here owns these...

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Probably a year ago or so they wrote in with some questions and added a lot of pics. I can't find the post but it's up here...I think they said these were in the house when they bought it and wondered how old they were (circa 1975-ish would be my guess).

Post# 783306 , Reply# 5   9/12/2014 at 18:36 (2,199 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
How about this?

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Knew I had seen that pic before...



Post# 783307 , Reply# 6   9/12/2014 at 18:37 (2,199 days old) by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

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I believe Revin Kevin has that exact set pictured.

Post# 783309 , Reply# 7   9/12/2014 at 18:39 (2,199 days old) by mrb627 (Buford, GA)        
The original

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Post# 783311 , Reply# 8   9/12/2014 at 18:45 (2,199 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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that looks like the exact set...or rather pic...of a member we have here, who just gave up this fact, I think RevvinKevin has them now...

in fact too, Kevin helped do a rebuild on that washer when the previous owner had them...heres the link to our handsome Kevin giving them a hand....


Post# 783312 , Reply# 9   9/12/2014 at 18:46 (2,199 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

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and heres Kevin's link to him being the new owner....

our members rock!


Post# 783314 , Reply# 10   9/12/2014 at 18:55 (2,199 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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This is now a little confusing to me - I happened to "talk" to an member who said he bought this set from this couple. If so, he sold it privately But if it is being sold by this member, he either sold it to someone in the Chicago area or who knows? If Kevin bought them from the member I am speaking of (can't recall his name), then the rest is not clear. But I do know, these belonged to someone who I helped find some washers and dryers within the last year or more. I have the photo of the set but with the couple posing in front of them - the very photo in that link...and that's why this set looked familiar to me.

Post# 783323 , Reply# 11   9/12/2014 at 19:22 (2,199 days old) by funktionalart (Rison, AR)        

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is the original post name I was remembering. So it was more like 4 years ago that I'd seen numerous pics of the set in the house.

Post# 783333 , Reply# 12   9/12/2014 at 19:50 (2,199 days old) by arris (Rochester New York)        

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I don't know where this post came from, but I have had these 2 for about a year. I have done a total teardown on both and am just about finished putting them back together. I got them from Kevin last December.....

Post# 783334 , Reply# 13   9/12/2014 at 19:59 (2,199 days old) by DADoES (TX, U.S. of A.)        

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Lovepuppy had them originally in CA.  Kevin helped with a problem, then obtained the set later.  arris got them from Kevin.

Do I have all that right?

Post# 783335 , Reply# 14   9/12/2014 at 20:01 (2,199 days old) by arris (Rochester New York)        

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Yes Phil you are correct.. I was almost going to contact the seller and ask how he could be selling them, when they are sitting in my basement....Jim

Post# 783337 , Reply# 15   9/12/2014 at 20:14 (2,199 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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Thanks Jim for coming to my rescue here. :-)

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Post# 783382 , Reply# 16   9/13/2014 at 00:01 (2,199 days old) by twintubdexter (Palm Springs)        
So the link posted at the beginning of this is not accurate?

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Post# 783386 , Reply# 17   9/13/2014 at 00:18 (2,199 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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Good comeback, Joe. I second it.

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Post# 783393 , Reply# 18   9/13/2014 at 01:55 (2,199 days old) by PhilR (Quebec Canada)        

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I have a washer that's almost like that but mine isn't shaded. I'm still looking to get a replacement outer tub for it... 

Post# 783462 , Reply# 19   9/13/2014 at 11:37 (2,198 days old) by pumper (SE Wisconsin)        
Something smells.....

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I suspect this is the work of a current or former member who gets his jollies by posting these things then sits back and watches all the frantic emails pour in. There was a Maytag push-button set in nearby Des Plaines IL awhile back that was on Craigslist for ages, and the ad kept being reposted. They wanted I think $159 or $199 for the set. I emailed a few times but then gave up because they never replied. I have also inquired about this Whirlpool set as it's nearby, but didn't get an answer either. I suppose someone in Milwaukee could have the exact same yellow and white sink next to their washer, but I kinda doubt it. I see the ad has now been deleted.

Post# 783485 , Reply# 20   9/13/2014 at 13:30 (2,198 days old) by arris (Rochester New York)        
bogus post

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I notified craigslist today about the posting, I had to unexpectedly have my cat put to sleep yesterday so was not up to doing then, but I did today and I see it's been deleted.. Jim

Post# 783550 , Reply# 21   9/13/2014 at 19:26 (2,198 days old) by ovrphil (N.Atlanta / Georgia )        

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Really sorry and sad about Queenie. She will be in our thoughts, as well as you, Jim.

Glad to hear that person pulled the ad. Ridiculous.

Post# 783561 , Reply# 22   9/13/2014 at 20:15 (2,198 days old) by arris (Rochester New York)        

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Thanks Phil I appreciate the kind words and thoughts.... she was my baby girl had her for over 10 years, I'm missing her meowing wanting to go out or get on my lap and see what I'm eating.. It's amazing how kind and thoughtful everyone on this site is... Jim

Post# 783564 , Reply# 23   9/13/2014 at 20:30 (2,198 days old) by danemodsandy (The Bramford, Apt. 7-E)        
I'm Sorry....

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....To hear about Queenie as well. I lost my best little boy Tony a while back, and even though I have a new cat friend, I still miss Tony terribly. He had a loyalty to me that was astounding, and I did everything I could to live up to his opinion of me.

So, I can understand what you're going through. You'll see Queenie again; she's waiting for you.

Post# 783566 , Reply# 24   9/13/2014 at 20:59 (2,198 days old) by arris (Rochester New York)        

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Here's a picture of Queenie taken 2 weeks ago she loved being outside,but only went out when I was out, she got into a fight with a skunk one night when I turned my back so I had to be careful when she went out.... And again from the bottom of my heart THANKS !!!!

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Post# 783596 , Reply# 25   9/14/2014 at 00:28 (2,198 days old) by bigalsf (Salt Lake City)        

So sorry to hear about your pet.   She was a beautiful cat.  Hope your doing OK.   

Post# 783608 , Reply# 26   9/14/2014 at 03:41 (2,198 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

I wonder why Lovepuppy got rid of them? She was so happy someone could come out and repair them for her. I am sure Revinkevin did a great job on them. I wonder what made her change her mind?

Post# 783617 , Reply# 27   9/14/2014 at 05:34 (2,198 days old) by 70series ( Connecticut.)        

That's the set Lovepuppy named Harold & Madge. (Don't they look it?) I notice the posting has been deleted.

Arris: Sorry to hear about your cat. Having lost pets in my life who were companions, I know how rough that is.


Post# 783680 , Reply# 28   9/14/2014 at 13:55 (2,197 days old) by arris (Rochester New York)        

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Lovepuppy gave up the set because she wanted a larger capacity washer and dryer for her family, she gave them to Kevin and I got them from him. The washer needed a new wig-wag and pump, I've rebuilt the whole washer, from the baseplate center post to the, console bulb.. just about ready to put them back together and install them, the dryer needed a new pully and seals, once I get them all done I will post some pics.
Thanks again everyone for the kind words about loosing Queenie, I also extend my sympathy to all those who have lost pets, they become like family. Queenie had Lymphoma, she had a tennis ball size tumor in her intestine that was removed last Nov and 6 months of chemo, that ended in May. this past Fri she was not acting well, took her to the vets and she had another tumor. The vet( not the vet that normally sees her)thought it was a blockage (inspite of me telling her she had to bowel movements) the vet ruptured the tumor and Queenie started hemorrhaging, so I had no choice other than to put her to sleep. Based on the the new tumor It would have been inevitable having to put her to sleep but, one more day would have been nice to spoil her... so it happened quick, from the bottom of my heart thank you everyone, the members of this site are all great people, so thoughtful and nice.. thanks again... Jim

Post# 783731 , Reply# 29   9/14/2014 at 18:15 (2,197 days old) by whirlcool (Just North Of Houston, Texas)        

Sorry to hear about your kitty. Please accept our deepest condolences. Sometime it is better that it happens fast rather than a long drawn out very expensive illness.

Post# 783864 , Reply# 30   9/15/2014 at 13:22 (2,196 days old) by RevvinKevin (Tinseltown - Shakey Town - La-La Land)        

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Yes that is MY photo of the WP set in "Lovepuppy's" laundry room when I was there to do the repair. 


They have a family now (3 children) and were in need of a larger and more reliable laundry pair.


They did call me asking if I was interested in them, but had to buy them, they did not give them to me.


As Jim has already stated, this pair is living with him in New York, so it's interesting this ad would pop up in Milwaukee.   I suspect Pumper is correct, someone posting photos trying to sell something they don't have to sell.




PS... really sorry to hear about your cat Jim.

Post# 783867 , Reply# 31   9/15/2014 at 13:30 (2,196 days old) by rp2813 (Sannazay)        

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Bogus behavior?





Post# 783906 , Reply# 32   9/15/2014 at 17:49 (2,196 days old) by goatfarmer (South Bend, home of Champions)        

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Maybe the Milwaukee seller has a similar set, or just a set of gold Whirlpools they are selling and found it easier to use someone else's picture.

Post# 784006 , Reply# 33   9/16/2014 at 08:21 (2,196 days old) by Yogitunes (New Jersey)        

yogitunes's profile picture
not so bad of using the pic....but the ad should state that it is not the actual set in the photo, otherwise that is deception, because that is what you would be expecting to get when purchasing....

the set for sale may not be in as good condition as these...

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