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38122     Our new Zanussi ZWG7160P
Created by aeg03 on 01/01/2012

38133     Miele T1520 Dryer.
Created by ctyankee on 01/01/2012

38148     Beko full size dishwasher drying and rinsing
Created by marthalover4eve on 01/02/2012

38149     ver Crystal Jet
Created by aquarius1984 on 01/02/2012

38155     Replacing bearings on Whirlpool WFW9600
Created by MattL on 01/02/2012

38164     LG F1281TD Washer
Created by paulinroyton on 01/03/2012

38186     Mum's new machines!
Created by newwave1 on 01/04/2012

38187     Roper Rinse Rash
Created by lovestowash on 01/04/2012

38195     miele turbo spin -like a jet
Created by bellaboy on 01/05/2012

38199     Nice KA washer and dryer on Mpls Cl
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 01/05/2012

38200     Electrolux pathetic new top loader washer/dryer combo
Created by jlbrazil on 01/05/2012

38204     Keep the '96 DD or Go for a new SQ TL?
Created by spinmon on 01/06/2012

38213     First machine of 2012, my birthday pressie to myself!
Created by supermaticjames on 01/06/2012

38217     How many years do you think that the new whirplools belt drives washers will last on the market
Created by pierreandreply4 on 01/06/2012

38220     Regulatory Capture and Washers
Created by PeterH770 on 01/06/2012

Created by STEVET on 01/06/2012

38225     Rinse water levels
Created by supersurgilator on 01/06/2012

38226     suds saver not working
Created by neilm59 on 01/06/2012

38228     Kenmore Elite washer in Long Beach CA
Created by StrongEnough78 on 01/07/2012

38230     Newer Maytag smell
Created by goatfarmer on 01/07/2012

38244     Henry's Project - Help With Programming
Created by henrypeter21 on 01/08/2012

38245     KitchenAid Test Mode
Created by labboy on 01/08/2012

Created by boschlover1997 on 01/08/2012

38249     A Tale of Two Speed Queens
Created by pulltostart on 01/08/2012

38251     Whirlpool Dishwasher Rinse Aid Indicator Stuck on Full
Created by wenoelephantz on 01/08/2012

38253     2012 Bob Load Offering
Created by lebron on 01/08/2012

38259     Drawer Dishwashers disappearing from stores
Created by verizonbear on 01/09/2012

38260     coin laundry
Created by joefuss1984 on 01/09/2012

38262     Rainshower rinse
Created by supersurgilator on 01/09/2012

38270     Very Vintage One Wash Arm Kitchen-Aid SW on Craigslist
Created by bwoods on 01/09/2012

38274     very very very very strange hoover machine!
Created by washerlover24 on 01/10/2012

38283     OK...Hand over the Clarus Control, or the Catalyst gets it!!
Created by supremewhirlpol on 01/10/2012

38302     LAT9605
Created by joefuss1984 on 01/11/2012

38311     Has anyone tried to repair a water level/temp switch?
Created by cachanilla86 on 01/12/2012

38320     Beko WM5120w - Another problem
Created by zanussi_lover on 01/13/2012

38327     8 month old Samsung front load washer DEAD
Created by mikepaquette on 01/13/2012

38331     KitchenAid on the news
Created by mrb627 on 01/13/2012

38332     LG Dishwasher: BobLoad®
Created by Frigilux on 01/13/2012

38337     Unbalanced problem on Zanussi
Created by aeg03 on 01/14/2012

38361     Question for all aw expert
Created by pierreandreply4 on 01/14/2012

38365     Super-Sized LG Washer +Combo!
Created by mrb627 on 01/15/2012

38368     Commercial Laundry In Belgium
Created by Launderess on 01/15/2012

38371     Maytag Bravos XL Washer
Created by mrb627 on 01/15/2012

38390     Miele Engineer required asap
Created by ozzie908 on 01/16/2012

38394     Miele W30XX / W48XX Mastercare Programs
Created by mrb627 on 01/16/2012

Created by drewz on 01/16/2012

38408     Maytag Dependable Care Washer acquisition
Created by Kenmore71 on 01/18/2012

38411     Not much fuss in the past 6 years with these......
Created by gocartwasher on 01/18/2012

38420     AEG OKO Lavamat 72640 Sold
Created by aeg03 on 01/19/2012

38425     Whirlpool drive coupling upgrade
Created by gocartwasher on 01/19/2012

38436     Y peice set up
Created by andyzanni on 01/20/2012

38446     2000's Kenmore
Created by supersurgilator on 01/20/2012

38459     Is it me or are top load washing machines really bad a washing?
Created by spinspeed on 01/21/2012

38464     Maytag Neptune Dryer #8500
Created by mjs212 on 01/22/2012

38473     Reseting hydrowave
Created by supersurgilator on 01/22/2012

38481     need help with older Gaggenau model # !
Created by monkoustic on 01/23/2012

Created by mieleforever on 01/25/2012

38517     How easy to change bearing on WT761 Hotpoint Ultima
Created by richardc1983 on 01/25/2012

38525     Miele
Created by ozzie908 on 01/26/2012

38531     a sad day
Created by maytagmike on 01/26/2012

38553     Maytag Euroline Washer
Created by slimstar on 01/28/2012

38559     Siemens Ultrasense WFXD8400UC
Created by bingwsguy on 01/28/2012

38565     FL Tub Capacities - I think they are lying!
Created by qualin on 01/29/2012

38568     Maytag performa washers
Created by norgechef on 01/29/2012

38569     initial comments on Asko W6884eco
Created by Hunter on 01/29/2012

38572     New Maytag MVWC200XW: Any good?
Created by dnastrau on 01/29/2012

38576     Bock Extractor
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 01/30/2012

38607     Washer/Dryer Decisions
Created by timborow on 01/31/2012

38612     Maytag performa/ensignia
Created by norgechef on 02/01/2012

38624     Touchscreen MT Neptunes in Mpls
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 02/01/2012

38635     Asea Dishwasher on SF Bay Area CL
Created by rp2813 on 02/02/2012

38642     Two Videos I found of People modifying their FL washer to use MORE water (Samsung)
Created by mark_wpduet on 02/03/2012

38647     Parts Supplier
Created by garyl on 02/03/2012

38650     Bearings - How Long Have We Got?
Created by FL1012 on 02/03/2012

38684     frigidaire HE top load
Created by toploader1984 on 02/05/2012

38686     Living above the Automatic Wash Line
Created by omomatic on 02/06/2012

38696     KM Ultrawash III Portable on Mpls CL
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 02/07/2012

38703     Inside the Candy Aquamatic 3
Created by aquarius8000 on 02/07/2012

38704     Hotpoint DW - Avocado
Created by pulltostart on 02/07/2012

38705     Maytag Neptune TL - Atlanta Craigslist
Created by aladude on 02/07/2012

38710     Whirlpool DD agitator fabric softener dispenser
Created by Kenmore71 on 02/08/2012

38713     ISE 1607W - Asko
Created by northernmary on 02/08/2012

38728     GE Filter Flo fabric softener dispenser
Created by barcoboy on 02/08/2012

38731     what to do?
Created by boschlover1997 on 02/09/2012

38736     Front Load Washer Cleaning Video - Miele
Created by logixx on 02/09/2012

38740     my new beauty <3
Created by washerlover24 on 02/09/2012

38776     Sharp automatic washers
Created by eddy1210 on 02/12/2012

38782     Neptune Drying Center Minneapolis CL
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 02/12/2012

38785     Bosch Tabletop Dishwasher Not Dispensing Tablet
Created by jmurray01 on 02/12/2012

38789     EBAY 2012
Created by boschlover1997 on 02/12/2012

38793     Any Thoughts, Reviews, or Opinions ? (FL)
Created by toploader55 on 02/12/2012

38797     Sir Elton's Travelling Laundry
Created by bajaespuma on 02/13/2012

38798     Another dismal fill level thread
Created by aladude on 02/13/2012

38799     Zanussi FLA1002W motor noise
Created by servisslimline on 02/13/2012

38806     WP DD *FIVE* vane Surgilator
Created by PeterH770 on 02/14/2012

38814     Amana DLW330PAW
Created by akronman on 02/14/2012

38815     Ventless COMBO Reseller
Created by mrb627 on 02/14/2012

38816     HONEY BADGER SAYS "Lets play Whatizzit again"
Created by Jetcone on 02/14/2012

38817     Honey Badger says "Lets play Whatizzit again!"
Created by Jetcone on 02/14/2012

38828     Modern Frontload owners
Created by supersurgilator on 02/14/2012

38829     Which Miele ? W3033 or W1213
Created by hhsuds on 02/14/2012

38831     New dishwasher advice........
Created by customline on 02/15/2012

38832     Advice for UK Dishwasher Users!
Created by jmurray01 on 02/15/2012

38834     Speed Queen AWN432 Question
Created by Pulsator on 02/15/2012

38840     GE Front loader help needed
Created by 58limited on 02/15/2012

38853     My brand new dryer
Created by Maturasigma on 02/16/2012

38861     Here's a good CL posting
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 02/17/2012

38866     Meile W1918 Washer - Bearings or Shock absorbers?
Created by jm on 02/17/2012

38867     Samsung end tune
Created by Maturasigma on 02/17/2012

38869     Somebody Help Me...Stinky dishwasher
Created by ajer72 on 02/17/2012

38891     LG 11KG
Created by dave886 on 02/19/2012

38892     Roper washer problem
Created by norgechef on 02/19/2012

38893     OKAY the Corrected instructions for tweaking your SPEED QUEENS
Created by Jetcone on 02/19/2012

38899     For a Limited Time - GE FL Parts Avaialble
Created by 58limited on 02/19/2012

38908     Any ideas/info - Hotpoint Cassata?
Created by HotpointFan on 02/20/2012

38921     Meile Washer - 10 or 5 Year Warranty in Canada
Created by jm on 02/20/2012

38925     A new machine for my Mom
Created by qualin on 02/21/2012

38927     Maytag Centenial
Created by retro-man on 02/21/2012

38939     Moving Miele
Created by hhsuds on 02/21/2012

38954     SQ AWN432 - Overheat?
Created by LLMaytag on 02/22/2012

38956     AEG Protex Plus 8kg Washing Machine
Created by Pedro on 02/23/2012

38960     Koldfront ? Dishwasher
Created by toploader55 on 02/23/2012

38963     Which dryer to buy?
Created by logixx on 02/23/2012

38970     The Daimler Benz has Arrived...Model 4842
Created by toploader55 on 02/24/2012

38972     Kenmore Oasis Problem
Created by joefuss1984 on 02/24/2012

38973     Ultrawash part help
Created by spookiness on 02/24/2012

38981     Front load water levels part????
Created by MattL on 02/25/2012

38983     Maytag Commercial MAT15MNAWW
Created by bingwsguy on 02/25/2012

38984     Balance issues and the inclined drum
Created by bingwsguy on 02/25/2012

38988     Gorenje WA60125
Created by optima on 02/25/2012

38989     Update from me.
Created by aquarius8000 on 02/25/2012

38991     A new video after a long time...
Created by petarp on 02/25/2012

38993     HELP freaking Haier washer problem
Created by coldspot on 02/25/2012

38999     Help me find a new Dishwasher!
Created by kacyc1 on 02/26/2012

39007     recent model GE dryers
Created by cfz2882 on 02/26/2012

Created by optima on 02/27/2012

39037     Speed Queens
Created by mulls on 02/27/2012

39046     Fisher & Paykel generator
Created by gocartwasher on 02/28/2012

39047     Dryer and Drying Times
Created by roscoe62 on 02/28/2012

39056     Hotpoint WMA58 not heating
Created by dyson2drums on 02/28/2012

39059     Where's BrianL hiding?
Created by Yogitunes on 02/28/2012

39070     Modern Energy Star Dishwashers and Pump Horsepower
Created by verizonbear on 02/29/2012

39076     My Mum's new matching set
Created by AquaCycle on 02/29/2012

39082     Danby TT washers part 2
Created by bpetersxx on 02/29/2012

39085     Topp load speedqueens
Created by bellaboy on 03/01/2012

39086     Cabrio!
Created by jetawayjuan on 03/01/2012

39089     BOL Love....or is it Scotch fever?
Created by firedome on 03/01/2012

39091     new member :)
Created by ariston_mad on 03/01/2012

39092     Kitchen Aid Washer video
Created by StrongEnough78 on 03/01/2012

39101     Normal?
Created by badgerdx on 03/02/2012

39126     New Agitator Top Loader -- Danby DWM17WDB
Created by 300C on 03/03/2012

39130     Very Cool DW video
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 03/03/2012

39132     The new LGs are comming
Created by logixx on 03/04/2012

39140     LG Waveforce Investigation
Created by mrb627 on 03/04/2012

39142     Hi Everyone
Created by lordylord on 03/04/2012

39146     Why are plastic gears so bad?
Created by norgechef on 03/04/2012

39151     Speed queen/Huesbch washers new water level
Created by norgechef on 03/04/2012

39157     Miele W1918 Door Interlock Replacement?
Created by wolff8860 on 03/05/2012

39192     News Flash Washing machines cause cancer!
Created by Jetcone on 03/07/2012

39197     Aeg Lavamat 73470 Sounding Very bad on spin.
Created by Fredriksam on 03/07/2012

39201     Tore into a Whirlpool WFW9750 today, interesting design changes
Created by MattL on 03/07/2012

39203     Maytag Model #A408
Created by toucan on 03/07/2012

39212     GE Nautilus?
Created by joefuss1984 on 03/08/2012

39214     Indesit Whyte White? nylon
Created by aeg03 on 03/08/2012

39215     HOTPOINT WM22A
Created by optima on 03/08/2012

39229     Whirlpool Update
Created by mixfinder on 03/09/2012

39233     KA bites the dust again: A shoppping I will go
Created by petek on 03/09/2012

39237     Pot metal corrosion
Created by estesguy on 03/10/2012

39247     speed queen motor hums but dosen't wash
Created by maypool on 03/11/2012

39250     Free Kitchenaid in Minneapolis
Created by oldskool on 03/11/2012

39252     My "New" Washer AEG 6100
Created by lordylord on 03/11/2012

39253     Introducing the Hotpoint Electronic 800 Super 9770!
Created by supermaticjames on 03/11/2012

39262     Aqualits Problem - Leak ? PCB problem?
Created by mrx on 03/12/2012

Created by lordylord on 03/12/2012

39272     Which is better?
Created by norgechef on 03/12/2012

39300     How to tweak water levels on roper/estate/inglis machines?
Created by norgechef on 03/14/2012

39302     lint, fuzz balls, etc
Created by paulmars on 03/14/2012

39304     Inferno 3500
Created by A440 on 03/14/2012

39306     new whirlpool dishwasher
Created by gotwasher on 03/15/2012

39310     Tweaked water levels in Speed Queen
Created by Jetcone on 03/15/2012

39324     Eudora supernova
Created by hooverzodiac12 on 03/16/2012

39329     The sorriest dishwasher EVER!
Created by norgeway on 03/16/2012

39342     Nice Pair o' Tags
Created by pulltostart on 03/17/2012

39344     LAT8714 AAM - manual
Created by joefuss1984 on 03/17/2012

39345     New belt drive machines
Created by norgechef on 03/17/2012

39355     Strange dryer! Candy&Bosch
Created by superavtomat on 03/18/2012

39357     Maytag Sound Effects...
Created by joefuss1984 on 03/18/2012

39358     Asko T760 dryer
Created by Sandy16 on 03/18/2012

Created by OPTIMA on 03/18/2012

39369     How do you bypass/disable the lid switch on speed queen washers?
Created by norgechef on 03/18/2012

39379     Electrolux IQ Laundry at Five Years
Created by rinso on 03/19/2012

39385     Carnival Magic, Dream Class Cruise Ship Laundry
Created by Pulsator on 03/19/2012

39387     "Laundry Day" - a short film starring my Speed Queen
Created by danmantn on 03/19/2012

39388     Speed Queen - Part II
Created by pulltostart on 03/19/2012

39389     Amana DLW330PAW revisited
Created by akronman on 03/19/2012

39395     Modern Miele Tower
Created by Maturasigma on 03/20/2012

39396     Not your average....W H A T ?
Created by Aldspinboy on 03/20/2012

39401     The New LG TrueSteam is here!
Created by Pedro on 03/20/2012

39404     How do you hook up a washer in an apartment?
Created by norgechef on 03/20/2012

39418     Miele W5740
Created by NorthernMary on 03/21/2012

39421     Whirlpool Electronic-Control Washer/Dryer set for sale
Created by turquoisedude on 03/21/2012

39434     Original Mechanical control Neptunes in Mn.
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 03/21/2012

39439     The Hotpoint WM12 has a new partner - Hotpoint TL21
Created by Aquarius8000 on 03/22/2012

39441     Speed Queen Q logo sticker
Created by Pulsator on 03/22/2012

39451     Nautilus from hell
Created by cuffs054 on 03/23/2012

39452     Speed Queen AWN542 Fabric Softener DIspenser INJURY!!
Created by mtn1584 on 03/23/2012

39454     hoover dynamic
Created by andyzanni on 03/23/2012

39461     New 2010 Kenmore topload DD washer
Created by Kenmoreguy64 on 03/24/2012

39462     Ultrawash noise, pump starting to go?
Created by spookiness on 03/24/2012

39466     Miele W1986 - Water left in FS dispenser.
Created by jerrod6 on 03/24/2012

39474     Speed Queen temperature question
Created by teknikleespekng on 03/25/2012

39481     Kenmore direct drives
Created by norgechef on 03/25/2012

39483     a small question about my 2004 duet washer
Created by pierreandreply4 on 03/25/2012

39485     SQ AWN432 - Overheat - It almost happened!
Created by LLMaytag on 03/25/2012

39488     Whirlpool AWZ 3303 dryer - spare part needed
Created by nrones on 03/26/2012

39500     Commercial Washer & Dryers
Created by gowest84 on 03/27/2012

39502     GE Nautilus Dishwasher GSD4000JOBB
Created by seeitrun2006 on 03/27/2012

39510     What would you ask?
Created by charco68 on 03/28/2012

39527     Whirlpool Gold BOBLOAD!
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 03/29/2012

39528     2010 Whirlpool Pair.
Created by DirectDriveDave on 03/29/2012

39532     Amana TL needs new bearings-- any tips?
Created by MattL on 03/30/2012

39538     New GE 3.9 cu ft. Agitator Washer
Created by mtn1584 on 03/30/2012

39547     Very Cheap Supermarket Branded Washer
Created by Haxisfan on 03/30/2012

39574     Miele G 5935 SCi XXL Diamond BOBLOAD
Created by mielerod69 on 04/01/2012

39577     LG commercial laundry (all models)
Created by commercial on 04/01/2012

39579     Miele W1903 drum will not budge
Created by askemmy on 04/01/2012

39580     Like George Washington, The SP AWN311 is now history!
Created by mercman on 04/01/2012

39581     hitachi auto topload washers
Created by freshlinen on 04/01/2012

39586     Update: What would you ask/Tell me about these Kenmores, plz!
Created by charco68 on 04/01/2012

39591     25 YO Hotpoints are retiring
Created by mercman on 04/01/2012

39599     1-Year-Old Ore. Boy Drowns in Washing Machine
Created by joe_in_philly on 04/02/2012

39603     I need some honest opinions....
Created by norgechef on 04/02/2012

39606     CL - Briva in Denver Metro
Created by aladude on 04/02/2012

39607     MAYTAG 5 years old - I DONT THINK SO
Created by Jetcone on 04/02/2012

39616     Kenmore Washer no spin
Created by wvkenmore on 04/03/2012

39617     Hello from Denmark
Created by Miele_lover on 04/03/2012

39626     Washing machine picture thread
Created by norgechef on 04/03/2012

39634     Speed Queen FL - In need of Service!
Created by swestoyz on 04/04/2012

39637     americana dishwasher - gritty film
Created by joefuss1984 on 04/04/2012

39652     New T.O.L. Maytag Dishwasher bought .
Created by volsboy1 on 04/05/2012

39658     Any permanent fix for Neptune bearing problem?
Created by k1rod on 04/06/2012

39659     Best built modern washer?
Created by k1rod on 04/06/2012

39669     A dishwasher scare
Created by joeekaitis on 04/06/2012

39674     Bosch WOK2001 toploader
Created by lavamat_jon on 04/07/2012

39681     This is not a WIMPY dishwasher motor !!!
Created by volsboy1 on 04/07/2012

39685     Easter Bobloads
Created by askomiele on 04/07/2012

39688     Ebay UK April 2012
Created by henrypeter21 on 04/08/2012

39690     Another exploded LG WaveForce...
Created by logixx on 04/08/2012

39692     whirlpool catalyist washer
Created by sillysuds on 04/08/2012

39700     What is your favorite washer?
Created by norgechef on 04/08/2012

39702     bosch 9 kg washer
Created by bellaboy on 04/09/2012

39703     Zerowatt brand on sale in Australia
Created by ozhoover on 04/09/2012

39708     Lady Kenmore DW
Created by wvkenmore on 04/09/2012

39710     New Dishwasher
Created by atomranch on 04/09/2012

39716     Early 90's Maytag Stack
Created by aladude on 04/09/2012

39717     Bosch Axxis experiences?
Created by mysteryclock on 04/09/2012

39721     Frigidaire Orbitalwash dishwasher??
Created by volsboy1 on 04/09/2012

39723     They Have Finally Arrived
Created by xraytech on 04/09/2012

39728     GE Reliability
Created by rinso on 04/09/2012

39736     Suggestion regarding Repair/Replacement
Created by Blackheart on 04/10/2012

39746     Regulating incoming water on washer
Created by teknikleespekng on 04/11/2012

39751     Maytag Neptune Control Boards (versions?)
Created by k1rod on 04/11/2012

39753     2 + 2 = 4 .... S P R A Y - A R M S
Created by aldspinboy on 04/11/2012

39755     Dishwasher Pre-Wash Cycle
Created by washer111 on 04/11/2012

39759     KitchenAid EQ Dishwasher
Created by rockland1 on 04/12/2012

39764     My new Kitchen and Dishwasher
Created by volsboy1 on 04/12/2012

39770     SQ / Huebsch Dispensers
Created by qualin on 04/12/2012

39775     The Speed Queen arrived today
Created by 58limited on 04/12/2012

39785     Review of Speed Queen AWN412
Created by mercman on 04/13/2012

39797     This is how you load a Dishwasher
Created by Jetcone on 04/14/2012

39799     Broken Handle
Created by optima on 04/14/2012

39801     back again
Created by aegokocarat on 04/14/2012

39806     Modern Energy Efficiency
Created by washer111 on 04/14/2012

39808     Dancing Estate
Created by sambootoo on 04/14/2012

39814     New EU Energy Label
Created by glenfieldmathk1 on 04/15/2012

39816     Does a prewash make your whites whiter?
Created by mielerod69 on 04/15/2012

39822     Do you own a new SPEED QUEEN WASHER AND DRYER?
Created by mtn1584 on 04/15/2012

39826     Speed Queen on the scrap pile..Worth saving?
Created by stevet on 04/15/2012

39832     my new purchase.
Created by washerlover24 on 04/16/2012

39846     Does The Maytag Maxima Steam Washer Have a Built-in Heater for the Water?
Created by gredmondson on 04/16/2012

39849     commercial frontload maytag distributed by hercules.
Created by vintagesearch on 04/16/2012

39856     Someone Wanted A Bock Extractor?
Created by Launderess on 04/17/2012

39861     New (Updated) Hoover Dynamic range
Created by nrones on 04/17/2012

39863     Dish-Drawer Performance - Part 1
Created by washer111 on 04/17/2012

39874     Agitator Barrel Loose on GE Spacemaker Twin
Created by TP72 on 04/18/2012

39885     is it worth it?
Created by norgechef on 04/18/2012

39892     My Bosch dishwasher Bob- Loaded to the max
Created by whitetub on 04/19/2012

39912     alert samsung washer WF7704NA
Created by bellaboy on 04/20/2012

39915     Lime scale In Washer-Dryer!
Created by thelaundrylab on 04/20/2012

39916     Check out this little PINK agitator...
Created by danmantn on 04/20/2012

39926     Neptune needs a belt?
Created by mfduffy on 04/21/2012

39931     beko washing machine
Created by candyricky on 04/21/2012

39954     Dryer advice - Whirlpool or Speed Queen
Created by MatthewZA on 04/23/2012

39985     WHAT is that noise?
Created by logixx on 04/25/2012

39987     How fast is fast enough ?
Created by jmurray01 on 04/25/2012

39991     LG 11KG update
Created by dave886 on 04/25/2012

39994     Glimpses of the future or gimmicks that'll fade into obscurity?
Created by joeekaitis on 04/25/2012

39998     OH GORDON!
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 04/26/2012

40003     hoover electron dryer
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40008     Direct drives have completely stopped production
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40016     The $1000 Kenmore Portable Dishwasher
Created by william637 on 04/27/2012

40019     Anyone ever hear of this brand of washer?
Created by Ultramatic on 04/27/2012

40022     *New* Crosley Wringer Washer
Created by Launderess on 04/27/2012

40024     Maytag Bravos XL TL He and Gas Dryer OK so far
Created by CheertoAll on 04/28/2012

40031     Dishwasher Cleaner Liquids...
Created by jmurray01 on 04/28/2012

40042     Thor washer/dryer combo ?
Created by jocks54 on 04/28/2012

40044     Estate Sale Today In NJ - GE Front Load W&D Set
Created by Launderess on 04/29/2012

40045     Zanussi tumble dryers
Created by aegokocarat on 04/29/2012

40048     Selling my Creda Tumble Dryer
Created by zanussi_lover on 04/29/2012

40058     problem with kenmore 80 series
Created by stan on 04/29/2012

40059     Washers that are easy to disassemble/assemble?
Created by washlogic on 04/29/2012

40088     It happened yet again!
Created by DirectDriveDave on 05/01/2012

40101     New Home,New Washer
Created by electradeluxe on 05/02/2012

40112     MINT Asko 1302!
Created by washer111 on 05/03/2012

40119     A nice looking Frigidaire washer & dryer set.
Created by polkanut on 05/03/2012

40123     ebay May 2012
Created by aegokocarat on 05/03/2012

40124     Have advertisers dropped the IEC fudge factor?
Created by sudsmaster on 05/03/2012

40133     Which are the Best Sellers of your country?
Created by nrones on 05/04/2012

40135     AEG Favorit 55011VI Service Manual
Created by piasca on 05/04/2012

40150     Atlanta News Story about new washers
Created by pulltostart on 05/05/2012

40151     Advice needed.
Created by washerlover24 on 05/05/2012

40199     GE 2200
Created by GadgetGary on 05/08/2012

40200     Introducing the Hotpoint First Edition WMA22
Created by aquarius8000 on 05/08/2012

40203     some new pics !
Created by andyzanni on 05/08/2012

40205     Hoover Softwave 3000 dishwasher on ebay
Created by marthalover4eve on 05/08/2012

40206     Psychological effect caused by spin noise
Created by thomasortega on 05/08/2012

40208     ELECTRA 17055 1200 ELECTRONIC DELUXE
Created by optima on 05/08/2012

40212     Opinions on the early Maytag Neptunes
Created by k1rod on 05/09/2012

Created by marthalover4eve on 05/09/2012

40221     Question
Created by scubash21 on 05/09/2012

40243     Washing machine explosion video removed
Created by thomasortega on 05/11/2012

40248     New Admiral TL?
Created by spookiness on 05/11/2012

40254     My Dishwasher Experience!!
Created by joefuss1984 on 05/11/2012

40274     Maytag Fabric-Matic Bleach Dispenser
Created by Kerry on 05/13/2012

40275     Fillers
Created by liberatordeluxe on 05/13/2012

40277     Maytag LAT9700, DG7500, $100 RI
Created by cmlrobison on 05/13/2012

40284     Maytag parts are on their way :)
Created by norgechef on 05/13/2012

40287     Dish-Drawer Performance, Part 2!
Created by washer111 on 05/14/2012

40288     Miele PW6065 service manual request
Created by grahamW on 05/14/2012

40300     To Rinse or Not Rinse - Dishwasher Story
Created by whirlcool on 05/15/2012

40301     MIELE Waschmaschine W 759
Created by scubash21 on 05/15/2012

40303     New Part To My Job......Working In The Laundry!
Created by markt5004 on 05/15/2012

40306     Free W/D - MI; 14 yr. old Maytag, 17 yr. GE gas dryer
Created by cmlrobison on 05/15/2012

40316     Will it Wash?
Created by washer111 on 05/16/2012

40317     Huebsch Dryer finally here!
Created by qualin on 05/16/2012

40321     Steam generator on Electrolux washers
Created by georgect on 05/16/2012

40322     Electrolux (Washer) update coming this September
Created by georgect on 05/16/2012

40332     Miele EXITS US Large Capacity Marketplace!
Created by mrb627 on 05/17/2012

40336     Filterflo Saved
Created by gefilterflo on 05/17/2012

40339     Hotpoint WMT range.
Created by CandyD10_14X on 05/17/2012

40342     New energy efficiency standards for washers and dishwashers announced
Created by Supersuds on 05/17/2012

40345     Another'Maytag' on PGH Craisglist!
Created by moparwash on 05/17/2012

40347     My new dryer
Created by logixx on 05/17/2012

40355     Bosch WTW86560GB Tumble Dryer
Created by dubstar85 on 05/18/2012

40364     Miele Softtronic w174 Waterproof-Metall
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40373     Thoughts on F.L.'S available here.
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40379     Speed Queen / Huebsch with Tweaked Water Levels
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40382     The 8-quart pressure cooker/stockpot goes in the bottom rack, right?
Created by joeekaitis on 05/20/2012

40399     Speed Queen / Huebsch W/D Wishlist
Created by qualin on 05/21/2012

40407     Speed Queen Service Call
Created by mrb627 on 05/21/2012

40410     Father puts child inside FL washer
Created by thor on 05/21/2012

40413     Parent puts child in washer
Created by maytag63 on 05/21/2012

40418     Now that phosphates are gone in dishwasher detergents
Created by retro-man on 05/22/2012

40424     do this ge washer have a look to the classic desing
Created by pierreandreply4 on 05/22/2012

40425     Bosch Classix Vario-Perfect 6
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40432     Danby TL AGI With Mechanical Timer is Back
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40435     newer GE front load question/comment
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40448     Shopping for new washer & dryer
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Created by mieleforever on 05/24/2012

40461     What's wrong with this CL ad?
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40462     V-Zug Adora SLQ Washing Machine - Steam Cycle
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40467     consumer reports testing
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40469     JetDry Solid - 4 Washes and it's almost gone!
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40479     Why did Maytag eliminate the Dependable Care Line?
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40500     Newest top loaders with NO paddles??
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40502     Servis m6500
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40505     Maytag LAT9900AAW on EBAY
Created by Ultramatic on 05/27/2012

Created by stevet on 05/27/2012

40510     Thinking of getting a GE dishwasher
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40515     Asko experts! Some help?
Created by bajaespuma on 05/28/2012

40520     blomberg top loading dryer belt
Created by aegokocarat on 05/28/2012

40528     For the small oddball loads
Created by qualin on 05/29/2012

40549     Hi Temp Boost
Created by atomranch on 05/30/2012

40550     Will it tangle? Bosch dryer video
Created by logixx on 05/30/2012

40552     Welcoming home a new member on Friday...
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40564     Latest New Designs by Me
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40571     Mueller Special has finally hit the market.
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40574     Speed Queen Video Ripoff?
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40578     fresh designes from steeple
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40585     Bauknecht washer
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40586     Hotpoint is dead!
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40589     Maytag Maxima Front Loader
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40594     Washing Machine Fires Video Clip
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40599     Looking for BobLoad® Certification
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40606     Kenmore Catalyst
Created by dynaflow on 06/03/2012

40607     Lloyds (Electrolux) 825 wahing machine
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40609     Customised hotpoint slimline dishwasher
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40619     The joy of renting (duplex model)
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40621     Our New machine - LG 7kg DD f/load
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40622     My Electronics Project (Proper One)
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40628     A Diamond Jubilee Present!
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40635     Dishwasher on cold water!
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40639     Hotpoint WMA22 bearings change - with a Bang!
Created by aquarius8000 on 06/05/2012

40641     Indesit IDV65 Dryer.
Created by paulc on 06/05/2012

40661     Spin Dryers
Created by liberatordeluxe on 06/06/2012

40666     Maytag LAT something
Created by joefuss1984 on 06/06/2012

40671     what is the set wash time for these top load washer
Created by pierreandreply4 on 06/06/2012

40673     New LG Dishwasher
Created by Frigilux on 06/07/2012

40674     whirlpool AWZ650 help
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40675     Maytag Lineup {Atlantis, Bravos, Performa, DependableClean etc..}
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40685     My appliances
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40692     2012 Crosley (Whirlpool) VMW washer and dryer pair
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40696     Help with GE front load washer...
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40697     dryer is over heating
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40717     WP Dishwasher Was Leaking Rinse aid - now it's not?
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40719     Hotpoint Serial Numbers & Difference Between 95 & WM Series
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40722     Dang - Bosch Nexxt dryer no heat!
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40731     speed Queen Fl not draining
Created by jocks54 on 06/10/2012

40741     Speed Queen FL questions - pre sales
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40754     KitchenAid KUDS02FRBL0 -- new motor?
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40765     New brand of washers on comet uk
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40770     KDI -- 18
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40776     New Servis website
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40777     Can we assemble a list?
Created by chris74 on 06/13/2012

40781     New Wash Plate Action.
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40788     Maytag Commercial TL, high water levels in a Duet and more... it's video time!
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40790     My new dryer arrived!
Created by jlbrazil on 06/13/2012

40792     Zanussi Dishwasher Ebay
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40793     new samsung top load washer!
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40797     montpellier dryers??
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40799     Gorenje Lifestyle & Latest Models
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40800     hoover Electron Dyer Problem
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40805     For Sale: My TOL GE Washer/Dryer Set
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40806     New LG Mega-Capacity Washer & Dryer
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40807     Help, guys!
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40818     New Hotpoint's Without Eco Wash Launched (FUTURA)
Created by glenfieldmathk1 on 06/16/2012

40820     Duet washer
Created by laundromat on 06/16/2012

40833     Miele Professional OctoPLUS Models
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40834     Finally found an LG tumble dryer!
Created by MatthewZA on 06/17/2012

40835     Sangiorgio 290X
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40837     I brought home something new to play with - and they were FREE!
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40838     Recent opinions on F&P Aquasmart / Aerosmart
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40845     This is Hilarious! Coin Ops can be dangerous!
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40858     Winning the Dyson CR01 Battle
Created by ANDYVIVO on 06/18/2012

40864     The Maytag is fixed....
Created by norgechef on 06/18/2012

40882     Working Miele DW only $300
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 06/19/2012

40884     Help Help Miele w 3725 washing machine error code f53!!!
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40891     Hobart FFW Income Power Melting??
Created by mwendig on 06/20/2012

40896     Frigidaire built GE washer and dryer
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40909     GE Washing Machine Filter Issue in Action Line
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40911     I Purchased new AEG Protex Exclusiv Washer
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40912     Favourite Commercial washer?
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40934     Finally we got a new washer!!
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40941     Mueller Special videos
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40943     Just ordered a new washer
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40973     I used a regular front loading washer today for the first time!
Created by StrongEnough78 on 06/24/2012

40985     Lazy engineers?!
Created by newwave1 on 06/25/2012

40986     Hotpoint 9540, used for 6 months!!
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40996     Last of the true Maytag dishwashers?
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41003     The evolution of "Rinse and Hold", Rinse Only on dishwashers
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41004     Titan monotub in Austria?
Created by andyvivo on 06/26/2012

41010     My New / Old Miele W759
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41011     Cool down Miele Minimum Iron?
Created by rudin1969 on 06/27/2012

41027     New electra on comet
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41047     Who makes these dishwashers?
Created by logixx on 06/29/2012

41061     some people may not like this but here we go...
Created by aegokocarat on 06/30/2012

41072     Rca Automatic Washing Machine Model WRW1505RBLWH
Created by greensurfer on 06/30/2012

41076     Which washing action with what kind of load works best?
Created by qualin on 07/01/2012

41088     Cheap Miele anyone???
Created by SeamusUK on 07/01/2012

41091     What to buy?
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41097     Steve Jobs discusses Miele and european front loaders
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41115     Miele Main Bearing... Gone !!!
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41123     A612 shot - Any thoughts on GTWN4250DWS
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41124     New Hotpoint Experience range
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41135     Maytag Neptune dryer restoration
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41144     Who's going to be the first to buy it? Daewoo DWD-M301WP
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41148     Maytag LAT8814
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41151     Random Sightings
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41157     Current Maytag DW lineup
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41166     the aqualtis has had its days
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41167     Eurotech (Antonio Merloni) FL in Detroit
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41169     Quick Question
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41171     GE Adora M/n GTWN5450DWW
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41173     My new whirlpool duet has high water levels is this normal??
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41184     Whirlpool Duet Help! :/
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41189     Digital Kitchenaid Washer
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41194     Too hot for my KA-Frankendryer
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41218     Insinkerator Classic Supreme WSSUP-2
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41220     FINALLY!!!
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41238     Maytag Neptune mah3000aww won't spin.
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41239     speedy queen dryer
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41241     Advice/Make Me Buy Something!
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41242     Increasing Water Levels in Miele w 3033
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41249     Could this be? The New Hotpoint Ultima's
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41276     TDA1085C Motor Controller
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41284     My Hotpoint-Electra is now basically a Zanussi Jetsystem
Created by optima on 07/14/2012

41301     New from Bosch/Siemens
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41316     Let's call her Brenda Boo..Laundromat Story . One.
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41329     Hotpoint Brand Questions
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41336     Help please...
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41363     Whirpool Duet & Rinsing
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41372     Kenmore Compact Electric Dryer
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41375     argos
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41377     currys new washer
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41380     DishDrawer "Disaster"
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41381     Hobart ffw tank cleaning
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41383     LG Turbo drum washer
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41393     New Dishwasher Recommendation Please
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41398     Appliances in our new house...
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41399     lg/frigidaire
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41400     Naughty DishDrawer
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41403     Speed Commercial Top Loader
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41404     New candy grando
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41430     Check out Cylinda (ASKO) 2000/RPM Spin
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41441     In the market for a new tumble dryer....
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41464     GE Washer blues
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41469     ID this Miele washer
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41494     Oasis set for my niece
Created by steve1-18 on 07/26/2012

41500     New (Replcement 4842) arrived today Miele
Created by toploader55 on 07/26/2012

41502     Servis advertising and video
Created by marthalover4eve on 07/27/2012

41508     GE New style racks (for power tower)
Created by MaytagA710 on 07/27/2012

41517     My New Machine - Indesit WIA103
Created by henrypeter21 on 07/28/2012

41531     Speed Queen AWN412 6 Month Review
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41532     what can u tell me about this wp Ka
Created by lebron on 07/28/2012

41545     Killing Off a FL Machine
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41555     Maytag Ensignia/Performa washer pictures and video
Created by norgechef on 07/29/2012

41573     Window door KA Dryer
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 07/30/2012

41590     Norgetag Pump Replacement
Created by elginkid on 07/31/2012

41591     GE Profile Hydrowave with Infusor
Created by DJmankiewiz on 07/31/2012

Created by Pulsator on 07/31/2012

41596     Whirlpool Ultrawash counterpart
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41603     GE dryer question
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41605     Dishwasher Bosch
Created by luis on 08/01/2012

41617     How do you know when the washer drum spider is breaking?
Created by nmassman44 on 08/01/2012

41634     Whirlpool wins point in antidumping case against Samsung, LG
Created by joe_in_philly on 08/02/2012

41640     Sounds like the USA could be getting heat pump dryers
Created by joe_in_philly on 08/02/2012

41646     Frigidaire FL'ers Leap To Upper Rungs At CR
Created by Frigilux on 08/02/2012

41649     FL Washers and Rinsing
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41651     Speaking of Speed Queen...
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41657     Maytag Dependable Care - reopened
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41661     fresh appliance collections from steeple
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41667     Martha's Mieles
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41676     Commercial Laundries/Laundromats & Water Use By Machine Type
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41678     Maytag Won't spin
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41682     GE Takes On DOE/Energy Star
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41685     Suzy Homemaker For The 21st Century: Haier Mini Washer
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41686     Some New Appliances In My New House
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41703     Phil Michell's Washer
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41711     Kitchen Aid Crap
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41730     How to tighten front panel on a TL speed queen?
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41733     H-axis top loading washing machines
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41738     Fisher Paykel GWL11 Service Manual Needed
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41745     NEW Fisher & Paykel Washers
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41747     Maytag Atlantis Success!!
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41761     GE Recalls 1.3 Million Dishwashers
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41770     Hey Stevet, What the hell is this Potwasher?
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41774     Miele Super Capacity Laundry Review
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41782     US size DW's in the UK
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41787     Rust Stains on Whites
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41790     Washing Machine with Steam Option?
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41792     Is there such think as Dishwasher Abuse?
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41794     Giving away whirlpool Cabrio WTW5700XWO
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41800     Uh oh. Intake/Drain fault on Miele G2430SCU dishwasher
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41812     18" Dishwasher advice
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41822     Identify Kitchen Aid DW ?
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41843     New Electra my oppinion.
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41845     IKEA Renlig washing machines
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41846     What was YOUR first washing machine?
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41848     Industrial Washer Failure
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41856     Sometimes you just cant win with maytag..
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41859     R U Kidding ME?
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41876     Maytag Neptune Questions
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41884     Speed Queen AWN 432
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41885     Got My New SQ TL & Dryer Today!
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41897     New magic chef washers
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41909     A Couple of Washers at Walmart in Puerto Rico
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41934     A Lad And His Miele "Little Giant" Washer
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41935     Look Ma, No Hands!
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41943     What Was YOUR First Dishwasher
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41970     My washer & Dryer set
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41979     Miele Little Giant
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41983     A little tip for Neptune owners..
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41988     GE washing machine info needed
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42004     W961wps, waterlevelsaga continous....
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42017     "Norgetag" possible issues?
Created by dustin92 on 08/20/2012

42025     Worth getting???
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42026     Speed Queen Front Decal
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42029     Beware of "Dishwasher Fungus"!!!!!
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Created by mieleforever on 08/22/2012

42042     New Frigidaire Top Loading Washers
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42045     Maytag Commercial Machines
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42048     Washing sheets
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42052     Has the Drum sunk?
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42058     Maytag Dishwasher Recall repair kit available
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42059     Maytag Dishwasher control board repair...
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42064     Indesit Help
Created by Philip0603 on 08/23/2012

42067     How to properly load Kenmore Ultra Wash?
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42074     Lint fire waiting to start!
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42079     Zanussi FC1200W Wiring Diagram
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42083     Super Roto Swirl
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42091     AEG Favorit 55011VI Dishwasher Pump Noise
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42095     Machines of Ill Repute: Volume IV
Created by TechJunkie on 08/24/2012

42097     KitchenAid Dishwasher
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42106     Lighted console Lady Kenmore's ?
Created by tecnopolis on 08/25/2012

42109     New tumble dryer chosen...
Created by Pedro on 08/25/2012

42133     Yuck!!!
Created by dustin92 on 08/26/2012

42144     The Slimdepth Stories: a hunt for a washer that fits!
Created by lavamat_jon on 08/27/2012

42148     Bosch WFF 2000
Created by hoovermatic on 08/27/2012

42155     Straight Vane SQ PolyTuff agitator
Created by nmassman44 on 08/27/2012

42168     whirlpool tumble dryer, urgent help!
Created by aegokocarat on 08/28/2012

42200     German washing machines - Front Fill System
Created by zanussi_lover on 08/29/2012

42205     Panasonic Dryer
Created by logixx on 08/29/2012

42222     AEG washing machin, should I buy??
Created by ian_p61 on 08/30/2012

42228     New From Electrolux
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42229     Machines of ILL Repute: Volume V
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42231     Washing Pillow Case & Sheets advice
Created by aeg03 on 08/31/2012

42233     And For The Price Of A Down Payment On A Home
Created by Launderess on 08/31/2012

42235     Introducing my new hottie :)
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42249     Kenmore agitator fins breaking
Created by nashvegas on 09/01/2012

42252     New Gen - By Gorenje...
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42257     New washer died, what model should I replace it with?
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42261     Never know what you might find on vacation.........
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42269     Cleaned Miele Washer W1903 drain filter, now it leaks!
Created by askemmy on 09/02/2012

42276     How Hard Is My Water (US Only)
Created by whirlcool on 09/02/2012

42287     Amana Masterclean 6000 won't drain
Created by UncleAtom on 09/03/2012

42313     GE has a new line of dishwashers
Created by xpanam on 09/04/2012

42317     A Modern beast of a DW that still kicks ass
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42321     All-in-one portable washer/dryers - OK for just washing?
Created by kreismetal on 09/05/2012

42327     Where to get casters for Haier washer?
Created by zandperl on 09/05/2012

42336     has any members seen the new whirlpool duet steam washer dryer set
Created by pierreandreply4 on 09/06/2012

42337     I got a new dishwasher :-D
Created by logixx on 09/06/2012

42338     Anybody has A Danby 18'' built in DW?
Created by whirlyfanatic on 09/06/2012

42339     What new, non-HE topload washers are still out there??
Created by revvinkevin on 09/06/2012

42349     Cold Water Frigidaire Dishwasher
Created by toploader55 on 09/07/2012

42350     Speed Queen TL pair in Atlanta
Created by pulltostart on 09/07/2012

42356     Question about SQ Springs
Created by supersurgilator on 09/07/2012

42359     Zanussi
Created by Rolls_rapide on 09/07/2012

42366     Spin Balance Control
Created by optima on 09/08/2012

42370     Miele W1986 Cold Water Intake Problem
Created by lee280zx on 09/08/2012

42398     Hotpoint WM12 Motor Fault?!
Created by washboy2005 on 09/10/2012

42407     Oasis TL
Created by westie2 on 09/10/2012

42414     does anybody have a whirlpool cabrio ?
Created by maypool on 09/10/2012

42415     New HE TL washers coming in 2012/13 ??
Created by mysteryclock on 09/10/2012

42427     Hotpoint WM31 - HEC (Replacement motor) - Fault & How long do they tend to last?
Created by glenfieldmathk1 on 09/11/2012

42434     Haier is Bidding for Fisher and Paykel
Created by 300C on 09/11/2012

42444     Tricity Bendix AW1053W & CAW1000
Created by servisslimline on 09/12/2012

42456     Ontario Kijiji Find: Miele PW 5065 / DRYER T 8013 C
Created by grahamW on 09/13/2012

42457     Looks like zanussi are trying one one of hoovers old tricks...
Created by aegokocarat on 09/13/2012

42463     Moisture Sensing Accuracy and Location of Electronic Sensors In the Dryer Drum
Created by verizonbear on 09/13/2012

42465     Speed Queen Sales Pitch
Created by mrb627 on 09/13/2012

42466     new HP washers at Kmart
Created by cfz2882 on 09/13/2012

42469     Pros: Can you tell me about these Kenmores, plz?
Created by charco68 on 09/14/2012

42470     Can you tell me what Speed Queen model this is?
Created by Rebeccah on 09/14/2012

42478     why 10kg loads/ big capacity washers. this is my answer
Created by whichwasher2007 on 09/14/2012

42481     Maytag Neptune MAH3000AWW flooding
Created by Pulsator on 09/14/2012

42482     To pre-rinse dishes or not to pre-rinse...
Created by joefuss1984 on 09/14/2012

42484     Keep it simple, stupid. With Maytag.
Created by logixx on 09/14/2012

42485     Boil washin' a big load of towels in my Duet (video)
Created by logixx on 09/14/2012

42492     Whirlpool of India
Created by Ultramatic on 09/15/2012

42493     My new Beko and I'm actually impressed
Created by robliverpool on 09/15/2012

42497     Creda reversair table top dryer
Created by aegokocarat on 09/15/2012

42499     Black Electronic Kenmore Pair
Created by pulltostart on 09/15/2012

42507     How long can a dishwasher last
Created by robliverpool on 09/16/2012

42509     Beko no nonsense spin video
Created by robliverpool on 09/16/2012

42510     Neptune TL & Drying Cabinet
Created by DADoES on 09/16/2012

42512     Bosch Eco Logixx 7 Dryer - Need help!
Created by mrx on 09/16/2012

42513     Good Morning Ladies and Gents - Nice Hobart Videos For Your Sunday Brunch Watching
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42514     Huwa Automatik!
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42527     Another Commercial Grade Washer that COULD be Used in a Residence
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42535     Why purchase a washer that lasts?
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42536     The Electrolux vs Wascomat Smack Down
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42537     Hospital Laundry Primus Style
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42549     So my dishwasher died and other stuff in the kitchen
Created by confused on 09/19/2012

42560     Washing machine door seals
Created by ozzie908 on 09/20/2012

42565     Is this a weird Beko? or is it me?
Created by aquarius8000 on 09/20/2012

42567     Speed Queen Front Load Machines
Created by Iowegian on 09/20/2012

42579     DD Kenmore water drains/refills
Created by joefuss1984 on 09/21/2012

42600     servis tumble dryer timer
Created by aegokocarat on 09/22/2012

42606     Today's Topic: Boot Or No Boot?
Created by Launderess on 09/22/2012

42610     Hotpoint 9524 Fascia Wanted.
Created by boschlover1997 on 09/23/2012

42621     Front loader with COLD and HOT fill
Created by gorenje on 09/24/2012

42623     Preserving Dishwasher
Created by whirlcool on 09/24/2012

42629     Dryer Sensor Issues
Created by Yogitunes on 09/24/2012

42636     The New HE Toploader Is Now On Frigidaire's Website
Created by whirlyfanatic on 09/25/2012

42645     heres an RCA
Created by alr2903 on 09/26/2012

42648     New Speed Queen TL washers already available in Oz
Created by mayfan69 on 09/26/2012

42652     New Combo!
Created by peteski50 on 09/26/2012

42654     NEW in BOX 1998 Kenmore Washer and Matching Dryer
Created by bendix-ed on 09/26/2012

42671     New machines and goodbye indesit
Created by aquarius8000 on 09/27/2012

42672     Quick update & thanks
Created by Philip0603 on 09/27/2012

42677     are whirlpool duet washers and maytag fl washers with water heaters any good
Created by pierreandreply4 on 09/27/2012

42705     LG truesteam 10kg fl washer
Created by spinspeed on 09/29/2012

42706     Bosch Nexxt W/D set in TN
Created by mysteryclock on 09/29/2012

42712     Older W/D recommendations?
Created by sarahperdue on 09/29/2012

42716     Kenmore 80 Series
Created by stan on 09/30/2012

42736     Kenmore TL agitator model moved and leaked oil
Created by jocks54 on 09/30/2012

42748     Bauknecht Round Washing Machine: The Future of Washer Design?
Created by Frigilux on 10/01/2012

42759     Kenmore DD drain/spin problems
Created by joefuss1984 on 10/02/2012

42766     Panasonic launch Steam Washers and Dryers (EU)
Created by l86810 on 10/02/2012

42773     New Washer Shopping Trip 1.0
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42774     Brown Residue Around the Tub After Every Wash -- Help!!
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42776     New Washer Shopping Trip V2.0
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42777     New Washer Shopping Trip V3.0
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42779     Looking for help with a 2-3 year old Whirlpool washer
Created by RevvinKevin on 10/02/2012

42787     Will I be sorry if I bought this Neptune Combo?
Created by moparwash on 10/03/2012

42795     GE Recalls 62,000 Front-load Washers Citing Injury Hazard
Created by joe_in_philly on 10/04/2012

42797     Candy Alise 65
Created by C2H5OH on 10/04/2012

42798     Duet 9400
Created by DADoES on 10/04/2012

42805     Whirlpool/MT Direct Drive Front-Loaders
Created by iowegian on 10/04/2012

42838     Maytag Dryer MDG800 - 1999
Created by Bravos4me on 10/07/2012

42860     Global Appliances
Created by Tomturbomatic on 10/08/2012

42864     New GE top loaders
Created by logixx on 10/08/2012

42888     Samsung EcoBubble 12KG - Serious vibration issues!
Created by mrx on 10/10/2012

42893     Cabrio In The Lab
Created by gansky1 on 10/11/2012

42906     Found this link on a site with no appliance subject matter at all
Created by Tomturbomatic on 10/12/2012

42910     WP Direct Drive outer tub issue!
Created by Kenmore71 on 10/12/2012

42912     Does cold water washing cause mold?
Created by norgechef on 10/13/2012

42913     Hillarious rant about modern POS GE washers
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 10/13/2012

42914     Speed Queen gas dryer help please
Created by kenmoreguy89 on 10/13/2012

42916     Maytag Neptune belt problem?
Created by Pulsator on 10/13/2012

42920     Out with the old In with the new Sadly not for me :(
Created by Hotpointwf220 on 10/13/2012

42927     An opinion...probably from our UK members: Hoover 'Generation Future' washers and dishwashers....
Created by mayfan69 on 10/14/2012

42929     NYC/Brooklyn appliance repair company?
Created by suburbanmd on 10/14/2012

42941     Is There a FL Washer Available in the U. S. That Heats Wash Water to 206 F?
Created by gredmondson on 10/14/2012

42948     Speed Queen fron the laundromat to the home
Created by julianweber on 10/15/2012

42954     How to disable buzzer on Maytag Performa dryer?
Created by dustin92 on 10/15/2012

42959     samsung WF0702WKE
Created by aegokocarat on 10/16/2012

42968     Today's POD, 10/17/2012
Created by franksdad on 10/17/2012

42969     If your a Dyed in the Wool washer fan, Cover your eyes! RUN, RUN as fast as you can!
Created by tecnopolis on 10/17/2012

42970     New GE Washer on Website...................
Created by mtn1584 on 10/17/2012

42973     Miele T8966WP Heat Pump dryer or Bosch WTP86560?
Created by niania on 10/17/2012

42975     Hot synthetic washes (e.g. White Nylon 60)...
Created by ultimafan on 10/17/2012

42977     SQ FL vs Miele 3033
Created by vsc on 10/17/2012

42978     Here We Go Again Folks! Miele Needs New Brushes
Created by Launderess on 10/17/2012

42991     Xeros "waterless" washing machine
Created by AquaCycle on 10/18/2012

42994     Cover! That embarrassing machine!
Created by Jetcone on 10/18/2012

42999     New range of Haier washing machines
Created by servisslimline on 10/18/2012

43005     Speaking Of Wascomat/Laundrylux Crossover W&D
Created by Launderess on 10/18/2012

43008     AEG Spin Dryer 4528
Created by Aprily78 on 10/18/2012

43029     Hisense Front Loaders. Thoughts?
Created by MatthewZA on 10/20/2012

43040     GE or Speedqueen?
Created by rwindiana on 10/20/2012

43043     November Which 2012
Created by paulinroyton on 10/21/2012

43054     Whirlpool Catalyst-Match Dryer
Created by DADoES on 10/21/2012

43055     KitchenAid Toploader
Created by DADoES on 10/21/2012

43057     Speed Queen Honors Employee
Created by mrb627 on 10/22/2012

43066     How a Bosch dishwasher is Made - Factory Tour Video
Created by logixx on 10/22/2012

43067     Miele W698
Created by ronhic on 10/22/2012

43069     Lots of zanussis on ebay....
Created by andyzanni on 10/23/2012

43086     Water Level
Created by kakidd on 10/24/2012

43097     Compact Front Venting Tumble Dryers - Creda Excell, Electra, Indesit IS31V or Hotpoint Aquarius
Created by richardc1983 on 10/24/2012

43103     Show me your "Rattle Can" makeovers, From rusty but trusty to belle of the ball.
Created by tecnopolis on 10/25/2012

43113     Roadside Find.....
Created by Yogitunes on 10/25/2012

43114     Frigidaire made GE frontloader update
Created by nmassman44 on 10/25/2012

43123     Maytag Neptunes
Created by pulltostart on 10/26/2012

43127     Warm Tub / Motor After Use of Spin Dryer (AEG 4528)
Created by Aprily78 on 10/26/2012

43135     Sometimes, a college student just needs a washer and dryer of their own!
Created by Pulsator on 10/26/2012

43144     Hoover SE220 problem
Created by aquarius8000 on 10/27/2012

43162     Roadside Find #2
Created by Yogitunes on 10/28/2012

43169     Strange Re-Branded Hotpoint on Aussie Ebay...
Created by mattywashboy on 10/29/2012

43172     Kenmore Dryer $350 related to Fred
Created by ovrphil on 10/29/2012

43188     SAMSUNG 14 kilos
Created by chris74 on 10/30/2012

43200     Kitchenaid Dish Washer - $95 (Lexington, SC)
Created by ovrphil on 10/31/2012

43204     Bosch WFL 1662 mystery button - please help!
Created by MatthewZA on 10/31/2012

43216     Maytag drying cabinet
Created by countryboyinar on 11/01/2012

43226     Indesit on Watchdog again
Created by AquaCycle on 11/01/2012

43231     Im so Happy!!!! I bought my first KitchenAid dishwasher today
Created by Jetawayjuan on 11/01/2012

43238     See The Forbidden Cycle - A YouTube First
Created by logixx on 11/02/2012

43239     UK made washing machines to return
Created by zodawash on 11/02/2012

43242     washers of coronation street!
Created by boschlover1997 on 11/02/2012

43244     hotpoint 9534 help
Created by boschlover1997 on 11/02/2012

43248     New Speed Queen Set in Somerville, Ma.
Created by toploader55 on 11/02/2012

43251     Introducing the last British designed Hotpoint... Concepta & Millenium
Created by supermaticjames on 11/03/2012

43252     Lint Filters
Created by pulltostart on 11/03/2012

43257     OK, Don't get me wrong,
Created by geoff on 11/03/2012

43262     Asko Assistance Please :)
Created by asko_quattro on 11/04/2012

43263     Bosch Bash
Created by sudsmaster on 11/04/2012

43266     Updates to the house of laundry care
Created by aegokocarat on 11/04/2012

43281     New range of hotpoints discontinued?!
Created by boschlover1997 on 11/04/2012

43282     Candy CN 63 T
Created by elie55121 on 11/04/2012

43297     Dyson CR01/02 servicing
Created by andyvivo on 11/05/2012

43311     Maytag performa strange noise on spin
Created by norgechef on 11/05/2012

43320     Tricity Bendix WDR1030, is broken and gone :(
Created by aquarius8000 on 11/06/2012

43324     Servis Coming soon
Created by marthalover4eve on 11/06/2012

43332     washer washer and more washers
Created by bpetersxx on 11/06/2012

43347     Help identify a transmission
Created by tnmike on 11/07/2012

43353     Retrofitting Dryer Door
Created by qualin on 11/08/2012

43355     RUMOUR MILL! (MIELE)
Created by dave886 on 11/08/2012

43361     Avant-garde D&M Frigidaire
Created by roto204 on 11/08/2012

43370     Rinse aid question
Created by atomranch on 11/09/2012

43379     Speed Queen front load water level adjustment
Created by julianweber on 11/09/2012

43380     Kenmore 80 series washer spins but wont agitate, WHY?
Created by NatenNeice6775 on 11/09/2012

43387     Whirlpool FL washers accumulate mold, class action lawsuit says
Created by Supersuds on 11/09/2012

43391     Zanussi ZWH7122J
Created by aeg03 on 11/10/2012

43394     Is this a bad location for a dishwasher? -PICS-
Created by stephenk on 11/10/2012

43413     Nothing new here
Created by lebron on 11/11/2012

43416     Classic Machines
Created by r1cardooo on 11/11/2012

43425     Speed Queen washer for sale
Created by Yogitunes on 11/12/2012

43429     Miele Service or Lack of????
Created by washmeup on 11/12/2012

43430     Question about GE timer
Created by ken on 11/12/2012

43446     What Do We Think Of Asko
Created by Launderess on 11/13/2012

43452     Kenmore Ultra Wash
Created by rimpley on 11/13/2012

43456     Bosch Dishwasher
Created by ozzie908 on 11/14/2012

43476     LG STEAM WASHER.
Created by r1cardooo on 11/15/2012

43488     Heat Pump Dryers....
Created by SeamusUK on 11/16/2012

43496     What Does The "Low" Button On European Condenser Dryers Do?
Created by Launderess on 11/16/2012

43497     Beautiful Hobart FT-900 Dishmachine on Ebay
Created by whirlykenmore78 on 11/17/2012

43507     Maytag MTW5600tq2 tranny problems?
Created by warrenkeller on 11/17/2012

43516     Oooh LaLa Almost BOL Kenmore Set
Created by toploader55 on 11/17/2012

43520     Slower heating = lower consumption?
Created by askomiele on 11/18/2012

43525     Ghost Machine
Created by feathers on 11/18/2012

43526     New (to me) Dryer - Siemens Extraklasse 660
Created by AquaCycle on 11/18/2012

Created by pinkge on 11/18/2012

43531     Miele W754S not draining
Created by hobbsy on 11/18/2012

43532     Beko WME7247: Poor rinsing
Created by aegokocarat on 11/18/2012

43549     "Old" LG and new SQ AFN50
Created by Gary on 11/19/2012

43550     Danby Designer Countertop DW for Auction
Created by kb0nes on 11/19/2012

43568     Hotpoint WMA washer dryers
Created by boschlover1997 on 11/20/2012

43583     Hoover NeXtra Repair, I need help!
Created by aquarius8000 on 11/21/2012

43587     Possible new addition....
Created by SeamusUK on 11/21/2012

43591     Speed Queen HERO
Created by mrb627 on 11/21/2012

43594     Review of Speed Queen AWN412 Thread 39785
Created by islandantoinett on 11/22/2012

43601     Holiday Bob Loads
Created by jakeseacrest on 11/22/2012

43607     Whirlpool washer and dryer
Created by maytaga806 on 11/22/2012

43615     My New Washer
Created by paulinroyton on 11/23/2012

43619     FL washer water levels
Created by roscoe62 on 11/23/2012

43620     Credit Card Extended Warranties & Appliances
Created by Launderess on 11/23/2012

43623     Maytag MTW5600 tub holes rusting, what to do?
Created by warrenkeller on 11/23/2012

43626     Just aquired this.
Created by bendixdeluxe on 11/23/2012

43640     LG toploader hopping & dancing in spin
Created by Tomturbomatic on 11/24/2012

43643     KITCHENAID
Created by mulls on 11/24/2012

43652     Something for my Speed Queen AFN50R
Created by pulsator on 11/24/2012

43656     EPA 2013
Created by rwindiana on 11/24/2012

43658     Strange Kitchenaid Washer & Dryer
Created by whirlcool on 11/25/2012

43668     Have Electrolux heating element and power cord new
Created by warrenkeller on 11/25/2012

43674     Fill Drum Only Three-Quarters? Is This The New Trend With Front Loaders
Created by Launderess on 11/26/2012

43675     What can you tell me about this little Whirlpool?
Created by tecnopolis on 11/26/2012

43681     Living with Gorenje products
Created by confused on 11/26/2012

43696     Water softening
Created by commercial on 11/27/2012

43709     Another Miele Ordered.....
Created by SeamusUK on 11/28/2012

43716     Mexican EASY washers
Created by polkanut on 11/28/2012

43724     Replacing Tub Bearings in WP Built TL DD Washers
Created by combo52 on 11/29/2012

43727     Beko tumble dryer fire warning
Created by zodawash on 11/29/2012

43738     Duet and Frontloader lint filter access
Created by applianceguy47 on 11/29/2012

43755     my (secondhand) new dryer isn't heating
Created by burritosaurus on 11/30/2012

43772     Gorenje D82426 dryer
Created by aegokocarat on 12/02/2012

43790     Uh oh.... Dryer Problem After Cleanout
Created by whirlcool on 12/03/2012

43808     Norgetag bahaving badly?
Created by sambootoo on 12/03/2012

43812     LG WT1101CW Anyone know this washer?
Created by foo123 on 12/04/2012

43822     Whirlpool bangs/loud spin. Model:WTW5300SQ0
Created by carmine on 12/05/2012

43824     Hoover/Camdychinese or still Italian?
Created by elie55121 on 12/05/2012

43828     Miele at Sears?
Created by whirlcool on 12/05/2012

43830     Duet Sport Depositing brownish stains on white clothes
Created by lebron on 12/05/2012

43834     MAYTAG LSE7806ADE stacked washer problem
Created by fisherpaykel on 12/06/2012

43836     111 years of Miele Laundry...
Created by SeamusUk on 12/06/2012

43865     Whirlpool DD or BD ?
Created by toploader55 on 12/07/2012

43885     Coin Op Speed QUeen
Created by supersurgilator on 12/09/2012

43894     Speed Queen 432 or 542 and partial drain?
Created by toomuchresearch on 12/09/2012

43911     220v/50Hz American Appliances For Export
Created by Launderess on 12/11/2012

43913     Whirlpool Refrigerators
Created by retro-man on 12/11/2012

43936     Persil Detergent Confusion
Created by cleanlaundryluv on 12/12/2012

43947     Foaming Dishwasher HELP!
Created by seeitrun2006 on 12/13/2012

43958     New SQ arrived - help changing to warm rinse?
Created by toomuchresearch on 12/13/2012

43961     SQ Washer Going Cheap & Fast In PA
Created by Launderess on 12/13/2012

43962     Maytag Washer In NY
Created by Launderess on 12/13/2012

43978     Shock Absorbers For Miele 10XX Series
Created by Launderess on 12/14/2012

43994     *New* Miele w1918 Washer & Matching Dryer
Created by Launderess on 12/15/2012

44001     Here we are again...need help for SQ dryer please.
Created by kenmoreguy89 on 12/15/2012

44007     Center Dial Samsung Washer
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